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Extenuating Circumstance: Special Recruits by Candace Mia Extenuating Circumstance: Special Recruits by Sep. 29, 2016 904 words Read a sample
She's the only female recruit, and there's only one place to shower.
Man Among Lesbians: Her First Time by Sophie Sin Man Among Lesbians: Her First Time by Sep. 29, 2016 5784 words Read a sample
She shouldn't. NO. NO. NO. She shouldn't. But, she wants to. Oh, how she wants to. A relationship is in unsafe territory when one partner finds herself attracted to the worst thing possible for a lesbian - a man! A confused threesome affair.
Brighton Cock by Jay Terence Brighton Cock by Sep. 29, 2016 25411 words Read a sample
Brighton Cock is an emotional tour de force which will take the reader on their own personal journey within its pages. Come and join Christopher and Cathy as they both awaken to a new life, rediscovering themselves in the process. Warning: This story is for ADULTS ONLY. Contains graphic M/M sex scenes.
Doing the Neighbors by Jay Harden Doing the Neighbors by Sep. 28, 2016 7635 words Sample 50%
An erotica short story for couples with oral sex between consenting adults and interracial characters.
Raven and June: Volume 3, Episode 1 by Gars Méchant Raven and June: Volume 3, Episode 1 by Sep. 28, 2016 5643 words Read a sample
Ron and Raven have an important business meeting in the City to take over auditing for a major company. June has been planning on going with them so they could have a fun and sexy weekend, just the three of them. But June's work is getting in the way, and she needs to stay home while they're away.
Banged by the Bikers - Part 1 by Lolita Minx Banged by the Bikers - Part 1 by Sep. 28, 2016 4957 words Read a sample
My life was dull, lacking in excitement. All that changed when a group of rough tattooed bikers turned up at the diner where I worked. They were dangerous; a bad influence, and all the hotter for it. I gave them my body, to use as they pleased. They changed my life when they took me, one by one, hard and unprotected.
Cum for Everyone by Jay Harden Cum for Everyone by Sep. 27, 2016 5228 words Sample 50%
An erotica short story with lots of oral sex for couples with interracial characters.
SEX: Amanda’s Virgin Voyage by Ella Gottfried SEX: Amanda’s Virgin Voyage by Sep. 27, 2016 10109 words Read a sample
2 Books Special Bundle: Rough Fits and Messy Finishes...
New Beginnings Conclude by Limey Lady New Beginnings Conclude by Sep. 27, 2016 11980 words Read a sample
Up until only weeks ago Mikki thought she was a straight girl with a low sex drive. Big mistake! A chance encounter at work turns her life upside down. Scales fall from her eyes. Suddenly she’s in love . . . with a girl!
Side Effects 3 by Horny Lady Side Effects 3 by Sep. 27, 2016 4676 words Read a sample
Driven by an uncontrollable lust I've signed up for this exclusive sex party that is in full swing now. Join me and find out what I experience...
The Gardener's Fantasy by Dick Powers The Gardener's Fantasy by Sep. 27, 2016 2701 words Read a sample
In a world far gone a black gardener is treated with a firm hand by the white head of servants on an estate in the deep South. Some would say this harsh treatment would cause harm, but our white master is handsome and his hand sexual in its intent. No black man was given better.
The PET by Mistress Zara The PET by Sep. 26, 2016 23824 words Read a sample
Zoe, a lazy submissive girl decides to give up her freedom and independence for a life of idle slavery kept caged as a hucow by her boyfriend Steve. Little does she know how permanent her situation will become.
Sick by Regina Shiderly Sick by Sep. 26, 2016 2008 words Read a sample
Featuring Dr. Seth Green and Anna Scott. This is what happens when Anna gets sick and Dr. Green has to take care of her. Contains erotic medical and anal play.
You Don't Know Me You Can't Catch Me by Mansi Sheth You Don't Know Me You Can't Catch Me by Sep. 26, 2016 115112 words Read a sample
Read what happens when Christina an ambitious, smart, bold and sexy FBI agent takes the case of Ghost, an international criminal who never got caught after successful robberies in four different countries. Whether she will be able to trap the Ghost in the snare of her sexy and irresistible personality or the Ghost will be able to manipulate and use her for another crime in the city of Miami.
Just Can't Have One Lick by Jay Harden Just Can't Have One Lick by Sep. 25, 2016 2790 words Read a sample
An erotica short story with lots of sex between two consenting adults.
Freaky Deaky VOL 1 by Ronnie Ron Freaky Deaky VOL 1 by Sep. 25, 2016 11549 words Read a sample
Cheerleaders Adventures by Bledar Tola Cheerleaders Adventures by Sep. 25, 2016 16037 words Read a sample
Addison and her two daughters discussed the other girls trying out for the cheerleading squad. They not only talked about the girl's abilities as a cheerleader but also as a potential lover. There were quite a few cute girls trying out for the squad that Addison and her daughters would like to get in bed.
Sexo por deporte Del bar a mi piso by Iñaki Echeverry Sexo por deporte Del bar a mi piso by Sep. 24, 2016 3816 words Read a sample
¿Es mejor el sexo con amor o con placer? No lo sé, pero lo que es seguro es que hay más placer en el sexo que en el amor. Y nuestro protagonista buscará esa pasión en el cuerpo hermoso de una bella chica en su bar preferido.
The Horny Teen Serialization: Part One by BB Ellioto The Horny Teen Serialization: Part One by Sep. 24, 2016 19661 words Read a sample
First, a randy cougar plays with our deeply sleeping and very innocent jetlagged exchange student. Later, a beautiful teen sadist takes sexual charge. As he strives to prove himself, his painful initiation at her hands under the hot sun on a trampoline will make you sweat as much as he does. Once she teaches him how she likes it, she steers him into an erotic, oiled-up, hours long marathon tryst.
The Lewd Phoenix: Melancholy Joe by Mae B. Fay The Lewd Phoenix: Melancholy Joe by Sep. 24, 2016 4054 words Read a sample
Living in catty-suburbia, she finally snaps. Unfortunately for her neighbor Beverly, her lust-ridden husband is the first casualty in her sensual retaliation...
Futa fighters profile Nikita by Jessica Kat Futa fighters profile Nikita by Sep. 24, 2016 203 words Read a sample
This is a free futa fighters profile for Nikita. Nikita is a strong Asian mixed martial artist. That enjoys competition and futa fighting.
The Caged Beast by Lauren Essix The Caged Beast by Sep. 24, 2016 5838 words Read a sample
This is a cautionary tale! It seems I had been living in a self centered bubble. I was having experiences and living out my fantasies, and for some odd reason forgetting the other individual involved. I don't mean I was stuck up or only cared for myself. What I'm trying to get at is that I was assuming a lot about the other person, and assuming that I had far more control than I did. I was unaware
The Emperior's Secret by Dick Powers The Emperior's Secret by Sep. 24, 2016 2739 words Read a sample
Unbeknownst to the world, the emperor of a great nation had a dirty little secret that everyone knew about, but never reached the history books. This tale tells of a naughty encounter with a member of his staff in the darkness and secrecy of a hidden enclosure. What goes on behind closed doors...
No Difference Used or New by Akhadya No Difference Used or New by Sep. 24, 2016 5521 words Read a sample
She giggled but she did not object to my advances. To facilitate my fondling, within minutes she removed her blouse. The big breasts came out of blouse like popcorns come out of a hot oven. They were big enough to be covered by my hands. I found, they were very hot. I started fondling her breasts slowly.
The Secret: Complicated Love, Part 1 by Sephiri J. The Secret: Complicated Love, Part 1 by Sep. 23, 2016 10757 words Read a sample
Everyone has secrets; some are just bigger than others. Kristina Velez and Luke Carter share a raw emotional connection and passionate physical attraction. But a shocking revelation turns Kristina’s world upside down and forces her to question everything she thought she knew about Luke. Will she be able to trust his words or will the dreadful secret destroy everything they know and love?
Raven and June: Volume 2, Episode 1 by Gars Méchant Raven and June: Volume 2, Episode 1 by Sep. 23, 2016 3367 words Read a sample
June and Raven plan Ron's surprise Birthday Party in the first episode of the second volume in the erotic novel, Raven & June.
The Autoerotic Attache Trips the Censor by Ashlyn Selvatico The Autoerotic Attache Trips the Censor by Sep. 23, 2016 6194 words Read a sample
It was supposed to be her night off. Just ebeker-laced coffee with her alien boyfriend, in the most fashionable club in the Levanian enclave. But it seems like everyone wants a piece of her. And how could she disappoint her fans?
Falling Into Stars: Episode 1: Hawk Lands by Kindred Nights Falling Into Stars: Episode 1: Hawk Lands by Sep. 22, 2016 5010 words Sample 64%
Falling Into Stars: An Epic Space Erotic Romance Episode 1: Hawk Lands It will take more than a genetically engineered Space Marine to keep her from falling into the stars beneath and it'll take a special woman to show him a universe worth living in. Get ready for some of the hottest sci-fi you’ve ever read! This is an erotic romance wrapped under the covers with a thrilling space opera.
The Visitor Has Company: A Friendly MMF Menage Tale by K.D. West The Visitor Has Company: A Friendly MMF Menage Tale by Sep. 22, 2016 28269 words Sample 20%
Lea, Andy, and Sean are settling in for a nice quiet evening at home — handcuffs, some lube, threeway love at its best— But the doorbell rings, announcing an unexpected guest. The Visitor has a visitor, and who knows what that will bring? Danger? Disaster? Wedding bells? For whom? To whom? With whom? The wild conclusion to The Visitor saga! (MMF, FMF, polyamory romance, bisexuality.18+)
Sexy Sue by Candy Girl Sexy Sue by Sep. 22, 2016 15721 words Read a sample
Are you ready for some sexy hardcore stories? These Sexy Sluts are off the chain! Prepare to hear the hottest tales ever. These adorable little ladies get violated in the most profound of ways! Don't miss out on this dirty escapade!
The Good Girl's Plan by Shelby Horne The Good Girl's Plan by Sep. 22, 2016 4922 words Sample 30%
An attractive widower finds one of his employee's 18 year old daughters crying on his doorstep. She's always been a good girl, sweet and proper, and she tearfully tells him a story about a broken condom, her first boyfriend, and a fight with her parents about a pregnancy test. But as the evening goes on, he will realize that the truth of her visit is far more complicated.
Sun on the Rocks - The Shabby Sheik (X) by Somers Isle & Loveshade Sun on the Rocks - The Shabby Sheik (X) by Sep. 22, 2016 46093 words Read a sample
Watched by a ceiling camera inside a Macao casino, Clarity Nice joins videographer Plum Bailey, boarding Heir Force One, the plane of Sheik Hari Al-Najib, after offering to him a ring that points to an ancient sorority. Rejected by his family, known as the dumbest loss-making machine of the Emirates, Hari heads for the Caribbean to sort his love life and make his first dollar on his own. (x rated)
Fortunately Unfortunate Revelations by Daniel Chucks Fortunately Unfortunate Revelations by Sep. 21, 2016 7307 words Read a sample
A lady's young marriage to an affluent husband suddenly nose-dives after starting off so promisingly! As anyone would expect, she begins her personal investigations to find out what the actual cause of their demise is. But then, how firm can she stand, even after learning from several quarters, that the man she suspects, is only being a hard-working and caring husband?
Apocalypse of Nadragas: Child of Arcos by Anna Renee Hunter Apocalypse of Nadragas: Child of Arcos by Sep. 20, 2016 70420 words Sample 20%
Follow this continuation of the first book 'My Armor is Off' in the Apocalypse of Nadragas series. The Lhydawn struggle to survive in an unforgiving environment ripped apart by the Great Fires. They face a race against time. Sacrifices are inevitable. Another war rages in the battle torn capitol of Ziloime. There's no where left to run. Love, hate, danger, death, life, war, sex, violence.
My Super Sexy Prep Room Teacher Is Also My Super Sexy Sex-Slave: Episode 1 (Part 1) by Byzantine Thomas My Super Sexy Prep Room Teacher Is Also My Super Sexy Sex-Slave: Episode 1 (Part 1) by Sep. 20, 2016 3125 words Read a sample
By far, one of the coolest things my Dad ever did for me was on the Christmas following my 18th birthday, when he bought me a sex-slave. At the time, I thought I was pretty fucking lucky - excuse my French. And I still do. Especially when I found out who my sex-slave was, well, none other than my absolutely gorgeous and super sexy prep room teacher, Miss Rose.
Squatting Sam by Daniel Chucks Squatting Sam by Sep. 20, 2016 5362 words Read a sample
A difficult stern middle-aged female teacher has just been rewarded with the position of principal, for her unyielding penchant for discipline. Now, in the midst of all her refusal to be a little flexible with people, she unexpectedly comes in contact with a new student. Will her strict approach survive the heat? Even with the said student proving the opposite of all she believes in?
Sexo de una noche by Victoria Rousse W Sexo de una noche by Sep. 20, 2016 3732 words Sample 20%
La noche nos invita a destapar la presión que nos aqueja por todos nuestro problemas. Alexandra, sabrá que siempre hay una primera vez para desahogar la presión de la manera más satisfactoria, siempre y cuando encuentres a la persona adecuada. Y eso sólo lo puedes saber con lo que no se dice, con aquello que no necesita palabras y ella comprenderá ese dialogo en esta historia.
The Freshman by Jack Morningwood The Freshman by Sep. 19, 2016 3068 words Read a sample
Luke is soon off to college, but an encounter in a public toilet leaves him questioning his life as he discovers a glory hole.
The New Form Teacher by Daniel Chucks The New Form Teacher by Sep. 19, 2016 4582 words Read a sample
A new Form Teacher's earliest observations in her focus-classroom includes a good-looking young student, Stanley. While she does not intend to make an ocean out of less than two drops of what was an obvious crush between them, she still fights with the lust that has come with the attraction. How well can she cope with the young boy's apparent attention, while still being the 'teacher'?
A Family Of Secrets by Daniel Chucks A Family Of Secrets by Sep. 19, 2016 7218 words Sample 30%
Daniel's family is a big one. Not just in population but in deeds and secrets. With acrimony and bitterness everywhere, everyone with a secret would have to guide his/hers meticulously! But with a rival brother, and a hating step-mom all waiting to pounce, for how much longer can Daniel in particular, steer himself away from controversy?
Tool Driver by Jessika Klide Tool Driver by Sep. 19, 2016 11632 words Read a sample
Everyone calls him TD. His name, Thomas David. He’s a spoiled, self centered bastard. A real prick! 'TD stands for Touch Down, Baby. I always score.' And he does. I dubbed him “Tool Driver” because, well yes, he has an incredible tool and knows how to drive it. He scored with me, then said words that rocked my world forever. I'm your stepbrother. Now five years later: DAMN HIM! I hate him so bad!
На вилле Монтанья-Гранде. (Из романа На вилле Монтанья-Гранде. (Из романа "Франсуа и Мальвази"). by Sep. 19, 2016 59078 words Read a sample
Выборка из романа "Франсуа и Мальвази" всего повествования касающегося событий произошедших на вилле.
В Дебрях Магриба. (Из романа В Дебрях Магриба. (Из романа "Франсуа и Мальвази"). by Sep. 19, 2016 83053 words
Выборка из романа "Франсуа и Мальвази" единой частью представляющая из себя голимый боевик... И со слонами даже, индийскими в том широченном диапазоне представившимися югами.
The Last Boy On Earth by Sherry Wood The Last Boy On Earth by Sep. 19, 2016 19403 words Read a sample
Fear the Walking Dead fanfiction A love triangle is challenged by inhuman forces.
The Kidnapper's Touch (The Cabin Crew Series) Book 2 by Callista Cox The Kidnapper's Touch (The Cabin Crew Series) Book 2 by Sep. 18, 2016 5039 words Sample 25%
Sienna and Sally stopover in Amsterdam, where they find themselves in a race against time, but not before one of them spends the night with both guys. Did She regret her night with Frank and Jerry? Was she more than a friend to Sally? Could they find her in time? This book contains erotic language, only suitable for adults.
Little Black Book by Sophie Sin Little Black Book by Sep. 18, 2016 5566 words Read a sample
What all men dread occurs. The wife of 3 months finds the husband's categorized little black book. Wondering aloud at some of the entries, the woman takes things into her own hands in the kinkiest way imaginable and draws out a new fire from her man. One that will change things forever between them. Contains an additional book for your enjoyment.
Special Gift by Bledar Tola Special Gift by Sep. 18, 2016 94677 words Read a sample
Kayla and Cody had been married for five years and they had never cheated on each other. They often looked at handsome young men and hot looking women but it only stirred their own fires and they would end up having great sex together. Kayla led her husband over to their bed by holding onto his stiff cock.
Fantasy by Wild Rose Cherry Fantasy by Sep. 17, 2016 1767 words Read a sample
Take this volume to bed, and let your dreams take off. In fifteen poems, you'll find a variety of lesbian love themes that capture, succinctly, what it can be to love other women. Whether you're a novice to these kinds of fantasies, or if you plan to share these poems with your lover, you'll discover novel ways of seeing lesbians that you might never have dreamed of. (Adult-only material.)
Extracts from The Erotic Books of John Savage by John Savage Extracts from The Erotic Books of John Savage by Sep. 17, 2016 125216 words Read a sample
Free erotic extracts, summaries and cover pictures from John Savage's adult books.
Sinful by Mr Love Zone Sinful by Sep. 17, 2016 1110 words Read a sample
In this book we’re going to take things down a different road, I recently got a review stating that I should change the characters up to call them “husband and wife” because only husband and wives should be doing things like this... So for this book if you happen to picture someone in your mind that is your significant other please don’t... Think of someone else, just make up someone in your mind