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It wasn’t until the party was winding down that Abby and Henry finally got a chance to hang out.

Despite being introduced to each other for the first time at the outset of the party, they’d been trading glances all night long. They’d only spoken for a couple minutes total, spread out throughout the evening, each spending most of their time with the friends they’d arrived with so as not to upset anyone. After all, it was supposed to be a party, not merely a hook-up fest, although this late in the night that was what it most resembled.

Luckily, opportunity had reared its wonderful head just after midnight, when by mere coincidence, both Henry’s and Abby’s friends had all simultaneously wandered off somewhere else, leaving them both alone on opposite sides of the living room.

Abby had seized the moment, immediately walking towards Henry, grabbing his hand, and leading him up the stairs without so much as a word of explanation. He went willingly, not sure what had spurred her sudden boldness but not wanting to ruin the moment by hesitating.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her ass as she walked in front of him. It was big and round but still firm and gorgeous and it worked feverishly behind her jean-shorts. Her legs were long and thin but not skinny, fit but not muscular. Her skin was tan, her hips were narrow, her midsection was flat, her arms were thin but toned. And even though he couldn’t see them right now, her tits were incredible. Huge and high and firm and totally natural, they had been practically falling out of her blouse all night long. They were seared into his mind. In fact, all of her was. She had made quite an impression on him this evening. And apparently he’d made one on her too.  

It wasn’t until Abby had led Henry into one of the upstairs rooms and closed then locked the door behind them that he opened his mouth.

“So what are we doing up here?” Henry asked, not wanting to seem like he was presuming too much.

“We’re going to get to know each other better,” Abby said. “A lot better.”

“And how are we going to do that, exactly?” Henry asked, playing coy.

But Abby didn’t buy it. She tilted her head and gave him sly look, one corner of her lips turned up in a smirk. “Oh, I think you know exactly how.”

Henry said, “Do I now?”

She nodded. “From what I understand, you’re quite gifted down below.”

“Where did you hear that?” Henry asked.

“Oh, you know,” she said. “Around. It’s not like you’re shy about flaunting it.”

Henry laughed under his breath, dropped his eyes, and shook his head. “I guess you’ve got me there.”

“My sources also tell me that you know how to use it.”

“Is that right?”

She flashed him a grin and nodded.

“Well, I’m not going to make any promises,” Henry said. “But I rarely hear any complaints. Except when I’m too big for a girl to handle.”

“I can assure you that’s not going to be the case with me,” Abby said.

Henry shot her a skeptical look.

“What?” Abby said. “You don’t believe me?”

“I believe you think you can handle it,” Henry said. “But as to whether or not you actually can . . . well, we’ll just have to see.”

“Yes we will,” Abby said. “But first, I want to see if you can handle these.”

She shook her long, blonde hair back and unzipped her blouse and shook it off, revealing her tits in all their beautiful glory.  

Henry took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“Well, what do you think?” Abby asked.

Henry answered by diving in and attaching his lips to one of her nipples. He started sucking on it like a greedy baby.

“Oh, I think he likes them,” Abby said, giggling.

But she wasn’t giggling for long. Pretty soon she was groaning under her breath as Henry licked and sucked and played with her nipple until it became hard beneath his mouth. He moved onto the other one. It only took a short time for that one to get hard too.

“You’re good,” Abby moaned. “Very good.”

She grabbed a handful of Henry’s hair and lifted his head, pulling his mouth from her nipple. It disengaged with a little pop that made her shiver in excitement. She leaned over and stuck her tongue in his mouth.

Their tongues explored the other’s tonsils for a little while before Abby suddenly pulled back.

“What’s wrong?” Henry asked, giving her a confused look.

“Nothing,” she said. “Nothing at all. I just want to make sure we’re on the same page here.”

“It sure seems like we are,” Henry said. “Unless this is all just a big tease on your part.”

“Not at all,” she said. “In fact, it’s just the opposite.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I have a little rule when it comes to this stuff,” Abby said.

“What kind of rule?”

“It’s simple, actually,” she said. “I’m of the firm belief that life is too short to take things slow and easy. I like to move quickly and definitively. In other words, I like it fast and hard. And even a little rough around the edges. Are you okay with that?”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Henry said, flashing her wicked smile.

Abby returned it without hesitation. “That’s what I like to hear.”

And with that, she ran her hand down towards his crotch and grabbed the bulge in his pants. “Well, well, well, what do we have here? A bit excited, are we?”

“Just a bit,” Henry said.

“Lucky for you, I know just how to take care of that particular problem,” Abby said, staring at him with a little smile on her face. “In fact, people tell me I’m quite the expert.”

“I’m sure you are,” Henry said.

Bending over, Abby worked Henry’s belt with urgency, pulling it off within seconds and yanking his pants downs around his ankles.

Before Henry even had a chance to catch his breath Abby was down on her knees with his cock in her mouth, sucking and bobbing on it with reckless abandon. She didn’t even bother starting slowly; it was full bore right from the get-go.

Abby’s hair flew everywhere as she worked Henry’s cock, her hands all over the place, from jerking his shaft while she sucked him off to cupping his balls to groping her tits to playing with her pussy.

Staring up at him, maintaining eye contact the entire time, she pulled his cock out of her mouth and smacked it on her cheek a couple of times.

“You like the way I suck your cock, don’t you baby?” she said. Without waiting for an answer she went back to blowing him, even more aggressively this time.

Her hands flew around his waist and grabbed his buttcheeks, giving her some leverage as she took his cock deeper in her mouth. She pushed her head forward, taking his entire cock down her throat. She held it there for what seemed like an hour, her eyes looking up at him the entire time, her hands gripping his buttcheeks like a vise, before she quickly pulled her mouth off his cock. It escaped with a pop. His cock glistened in the light, soaking wet with her saliva.

“Holy fuck you have a huge cock,” she said, laughing loudly while she tried to catch her breath. “I could feel it tickling my tonsils. I mean, I’d heard it was big, but it’s one thing to hear about it and another to experience it.”

“Are you sure you can handle it?” Henry asked, taunting her just a bit.

“Oh, I can handle it,” Abby replied, smiling up at him. “I love ‘em big. As big as I can get.”

“Then it looks like you’re in for a treat.”

“You’re damn right I am,” she said, wrapping her lips around his cock once again. She took him part of the way down a couple of times then swallowed his entire cock whole once again.  

Henry decided to take a little control himself, grabbing Abby by the back of the head and pushing her further into him and holding her there, her nose pressing up against his stomach while his cock was all the way down her throat.

About five seconds in she gagged, then coughed, then gagged again, but still he held her head in place. Her eyes were starting to water and her face was red but she still had too much energy to be in any real trouble. She tried to pull her head away but still Henry didn’t let go.

“You can take it,” he said. “Show me how good of a slut you are. Impress me.”

Abby gagged again but stopped fighting.

“That’s a good girl,” he said as she gagged one more time. “Another three seconds and I’ll let you go. Three. Two. One.”

Henry released his hold on Abby and her head went flying back. She gasped for breath as tears ran down her cheek and saliva dripped off her chin and onto her breasts.

“That was very impressive,” Henry said. “I wasn’t sure if you had it in you.”

“I told you I could handle it,” Abby said.

“And you were right.”

Henry helped Abby to her feet then hooked one arm under her legs and the other around her waist and hoisted her up. He carried her across the room towards the couch against the far wall while she giggled like a school girl.

Once they arrived at the couch Henry dropped her on top of the cushions so she was on her back, facing him. She had barely hit the cushions and he was already moving in on her, pulling her pants down, revealing black lace panties underneath. He yanked her panties to the side, exposing her shaved pussy, which was dripping wet. Without so much as pausing for a breath he jammed two fingers into her pussy and started banging her with vigor.

“Holy fuck that feels so fucking good,” Abby said breathlessly.

“You like that, do you?” Henry said.

Abby nodded enthusiastically.

“Then how about another?” he said, slipping a third finger inside her without missing a beat. “Do you like that even more?”

She nodded again and bit down on her bottom lip. She threw her legs back and hooked her arms underneath her knees, opening herself up to him. Loud, enthusiastic sounds escaped from her mouth.

Henry stuck another finger inside her, making it four, and proceeded to bang her with even more intensity, his entire hand practically disappearing inside her as he slammed her pussy.

Abby bounced up against him, impaling herself on his hand. Her legs shook beneath her and she let out a loud scream as she came, her pussy drenching Henry’s hand with its juices.

He pulled his fingers from her pussy and jammed them into her mouth. She sucked on them enthusiastically, cleaning them off.

With his hand still in her mouth, Henry climbed towards her, sliding his legs up onto the couch and sticking his rock-hard cock into her waiting pussy.

Abby groaned but the noise was muted by Henry’s hand, which was still in her mouth. Her eyes widened and her breath rate quickened. He pulled his fingers from her mouth and used his hands to hold her the underside of her thighs down, not allowing her to maneuver herself at all.

He worked her pussy with his entire shaft, slamming his cock into her balls-deep, from tip to base, moving it rapidly and forcefully against her, hammering her with his cock.

“Own it,” Abby said, her voice low and full of need. “Own that fucking pussy. Makes it yours.”

Grunting, Henry tried to do just that, giving Abby everything he had, his full 200 pound weight slamming down onto her well-stacked frame, her body quivering beneath him with every thrust.

“Holy shit it’s so fucking big!” she said. There were tears in her eyes but her excitement was clear. She was obviously enjoying herself immensely.

Henry was pummeling her but he wanted more. He shifted his hands from her thighs to her ankles, holding them up against the back of the couch, one on either side of her head, folding her in half. Pressing down on her legs he proceeded to pound her pussy, his cock sliding in and out of her like greased lightning, aided by her incredible wetness.

Abby started to scream, heedless of who might hear them, causing Henry to pump her more aggressively, which just caused her to scream louder. He hammered her for another thirty seconds, then decided to switch things up.

He pulled his cock out of Abby’s pussy then reached down and picked her up. She let out a little whoop of surprise as he spun her until she was upside-down on the couch with her feet draped over the back. Her head was hanging  upside-down, just off the cushions, the top of her head almost touching the floor.

Henry dropped to his knees and sidled up to her and stuck his cock in her open mouth. With his hands on her tits for leverage, he fucked her face, giving her his entire cock, slamming his cock into her mouth, his balls slapping up against her forehead at the end of every thrust.

Abby was making gagging, sloppy sounds beneath him but wasn’t struggling to get away. In fact, she reached her hands around his waist and was gripping his ass cheeks, one in each hand, and pulling him towards her with every thrust.

“That’s right,” Henry said. “Take that cock. Take the whole fucking thing in your mouth.”

He slid one of his hands down her stomach and slipped three fingers into her pussy and started banging away while continuing to fuck her face. Abby’s legs quivered and the sloppy, moaning sounds coming from her mouth got more intense.

Henry continued pumping her mouth, moving in and out at a regular, consistent pace, not to quick, not too slow. Then, after she’d gotten into the rhythm, he threw her off by holding his cock deep inside her mouth, forcing her to deepthroat him. He waited until she started to gag then pulled his cock back out. He gave her a couple seconds to catch her breath then stuck his cock back in and throat-fucked her some more.

The throat-fucking caused Abby to produce buckets of saliva. It dripped down her face, got into her nose, covered her forehead, lodged in her hair. And Henry’s cock was a wet, sloppy, disgustingly awesome mess. He decided to put the natural lube to good use.

He climbed to his feet and straddled Abby’s chest, his cock planted directly between her two huge, glorious tits, his ass directly above her face. His fingers were still planted firmly in her pussy.

“You want to fuck my tits, do you?” she said, her voice high and excited.

“Shut up and hold them in place,” Henry said, letting his enthusiasm get the best of him for the moment.

Abby didn’t seem to mind. She did as she was told without hesitation, pressing her tits together so they engulfed Henry’s cock. He proceeded to pumps his hips, sending his cock sliding along the channel between her tits while she pressed them tight against it. He could feel her hot breath on his asshole.

Titty-fucking her felt great, too great in fact, as it was quickly bringing him to the point of no return. It was time to switch things around.

Henry pulled his fingers out of her pussy and stood back up, putting his feet on the floor, one leg on each side of Abby’s head. His cock popped out from between her tits but he remained standing there, her head directly beneath his groin.

He reached out grabbed her ankles, one in each hand, and lifted them up, pulling her upper body further up on the couch until the back of her head was lying on the seat cushion instead of hanging off.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” he asked, looking down at her.

Abby nodded. Her eyes were gleaming, full of anticipation. “Are you?”

“Not as much as I’m going to be in a minute,” he said, adjusting his position until his ballsack was right above her mouth.

“Open up,” he said.

Abby did as she was told.

Henry dropped his balls into her mouth. Staring down at her, he jerked himself off as she sucked on his balls. The feeling was intense, consisting of just the right combination of pleasure and pain.

“Do you like that?” Henry asked. “Do you like having my balls in your mouth?”

Abby said something that sounded like yes but it was hard to tell with her mouth so full.

“Yeah, I bet you do,” he said.

Henry pulled his balls out of Abby’s mouth and replaced them with his cock, shoving it down her throat and holding it there for a couple of seconds before pulling it back out and slipping his balls back into it again. He traded off like this a few times, mixing things up, keeping his sensation heightened.

After a while though, he’d had enough of the sucking and licking and playing around. He pulled his cock and balls out of Abby’s mouth and stood up.

“What’s the matter?” she asked, looking up at him, her mouth turned up in a wicked little smile. “You didn’t like that?”

“Oh, I liked it,” Henry said. “But I’ve had enough screwing around. It’s time to get serious.”

“Does that mean you’re finally going to fuck me like you mean it?” Abby asked, her eyes pools of need.

“I’m going to fuck the shit out of you,” Henry said.

“I can’t wait,” she said.

Henry picked Abby up around the waist and spun her around so she was facing him, her ass on the couch and legs in the air. He grabbed ahold of her ankles, one in each hand, and pushed them forward, lifting up her bottom half to give him a better angle to work with. Holding her legs in place, he slipped his rock-hard cock into her soaking wet pussy.

Abby groaned and took him all the way inside of her without any resistance.

Henry was way too far along to take things gentle, so he slammed into her with everything he had, giving her his cock from tip to balls with every thrust, holding it deep inside her for just a moment at the tail end of every thrust.

“Holy fuck that feels so fucking good,” Abby said, her eyes locked on his. Her hands were playing with her tits, rubbing and squeezing her nipples as Henry fucked her. “I love having your huge cock inside of me.”

Inspired by Abby’s talking, Henry grabbed a hold of her ankles and forced her legs back even further. She was practically folded in half, her legs lying on the couch, one on each side of her body. Holding her ankles in place against the rear cushion next to her head, he pounded her with everything he had, his body hammering down on her forcefully as his cock filled her up.

“Just like that,” Abby said, her voice high-pitched and full of need. “Give it to me just like that. Fill me up with that huge cock of yours.”

She hooked her own arms around her legs, freeing Henry’s arms up. He shifted his legs, putting both feet up on the couch, giving himself even more leverage. With his hands gripping the back of the couch for support, he fucked her with reckless abandon, trying to break her in half.

Abby’s screaming intensified, as did Henry’s groans. His face was just a few inches above hers, and he stared down at her while he hammered away at her pussy. She held his gaze, her eyes wide and excited.

“Hammer me with that huge cock of yours,” Abby said. “Pummel me with it. I want to feel it in my stomach.”

So Henry did, reaching back into his energy reserves and giving Abby everything he had. His cock slammed into her pussy, going balls deep every time, his hips pounding into her body, the tip of his cock pressing against the back wall of her vagina as she screamed and shimmied and shook beneath him, tears leaking out of her eyes, causing her mascara to run down her cheek.

“Holyfuckingshit,” Abby said as her eyes rolled up into her sockets and she bit down on her bottom lip. 

Henry hammered away at her for another half a minute before deciding to mix things up one final time before it was too late. He climbed off of Abby, reached down, and picked her up. Then he spun her around and dropped her on the couch, so her head was lying on the cushion, facing up towards the ceiling and her legs up in the air.

He climbed all the way up onto the couch and turned so he was facing her, the back of his legs touching the rear cushion. Then he pushed her legs down until her knees were pressed against the seat cushion, one on either side of her head. She wrapped her arms around her legs to keep them in place. Squatting, he guided his cock into her pussy.

Abby yelped and followed that up with a deep, guttural moan as Henry gave her his entire cock in fast, aggressive pumps.

He grabbed her knees and pulled them apart, opening her up even more, and proceeded to lay into her, dropping his body down onto her with enough force to cause her to flinch at the bottom end of each thrust.

“Break my fucking pussy,” Abby screamed. “Break it in half! Punish me! Treat me like the slut that I am!”

As Henry climbed those final few steps toward orgasm, he tapped into the last reserves of his energy, and pounded her with all the intensity he could muster. Abby took everything he had to offer, screaming with pleasure the entire time.

“Holy shit I’m gonna fucking come,” Henry said.

“Come on my face, baby,” Abby said. “Make a mess of my pretty little face.”

Henry couldn’t turn down a request like that, so he climbed off of her and stepped forward so one foot was on either side of her head. Squatting, he aimed his cock at her face and jerked himself off. A couple seconds later he shot his load all over her, streams of milky sperm splashing against her nose, cheeks, and into her open mouth.

As Henry stood there recovering, Abby sat up and grabbed a hold of his cock and sucked on the tip pulling the last few drops out of it before dropping her hand away.

Looking up at him with her face covered in his sperm and a big smile on her lips, Abby said, “See, I told you I could handle it.”

“You certainly did,” Henry said. “You certainly did.”







Due to his looks, personality, wealth and fame, Josh Evans has a wide variety of women to choose from. Most of the time, he takes full advantage of this, generally spending each night with a different woman and rarely sleeping with the same woman twice, let alone more often than that.

Part of this is mere convenience—his lifestyle is one of near-constant travel, and he’s rarely in the same city for more than a couple days at a time, and almost never in the same exact place from one night to the next. This allows him the opportunity to pick and choose a different woman every night from the multitudes of gorgeous ones at his disposal without having to worry about hurting anyone’s feelings.

Another part of this is his preferences. He’d rather have sex with a different woman every night, not only for the mere experience of sleeping with as many women as possible, but for emotional reasons as well. During his playing days, Josh had been in a couple of serious relationships. Not only did every single one of them end up in disaster, but they always went through a prolonged death spiral before they reached rock-bottom.

In his experience, the first night with a woman is almost always the best. After that first night is over it’s all downhill. Emotions always seemed to get in the way of good times, making sex less adventurous, less open, and less fun. The way Josh sees it, emotions are a crutch, an unnecessary circumstance of human interaction that eventually led to deceit and despair. Which is why he is always looking for someone new to sleep with. It’s hard to get emotionally attached to someone when you only spent one night fucking their brains out in a variety of nasty, perverted ways.

That being said, there are a few women that he visits semi-regularly. The women themselves vary quite a bit, from an incredibly beautiful auburn-haired American movie star in her mid-30’s to a tall, athletic, black-haired 25-year old Brazilian volleyball player to a short, stacked blonde bombshell pornstar that he’d met shortly after she turned 18. These women, and a few more on his short-list, are all different in their looks and personalities.

But they all have three important things in common with each other:

First, each is an absolute freak in bed, willing and able to get down and dirty and deviant and depraved at the drop of a hat.

Second, they are all mellow, kick-back women with open schedules and no regard for the status quo or any of the petty designations used by the majority of people in the world. In other words, they are like Josh in this regard.

Third—and most important, in Josh’s mind—each of his regulars have a certain emotional aloofness that allow them to avoid any sort of emotional bonds no matter how often they got together. All of them are no more than fuck-buddies, looking to get together when circumstances fell correctly, and none have any desire—hidden or open—to ever be anything different.

The rare few women who fit into these categories are the only ones Josh visits with more than once. Even then he rarely sees them more than two or three times a year, if that. Which is as close as Josh will ever again get to a commitment.




This afternoon Josh is in Houston, Texas, having flown in from Los Angeles on his way to New York. He could have flown non-stop from coast-to-coast without any issues, but decided to set things up so he could spend a couple hours with one of his regulars, a smoking hot ex-NFL cheerleader named Alexa.

After exiting his private jet and traversing the massive airport, he makes his way to the hotel inside the terminal. He bypasses the front desk and heads up to the top floor, where Alexa is waiting in suite 23F. He knocks on the door and she opens up, having checked in earlier in the day.

Josh takes a moment to drink Alexa in with his eyes. At five-foot-eight and just over 130 pounds, she’s a thing of beauty, with long, light-brown hair, naturally tanned skin, big brown eyes, sexy, erotic features with sharp lines and full, sensuous lips. She’s a fitness freak with an athletic build, muscular, with incredibly shapely legs, a flat stomach, toned arms, and a rock-hard but still plump ass. Her tits weren’t huge but not tiny either, and perky as hell. She was a rock-solid woman, and could take a pounding as well as anyone he’d ever been with. 

Alexa is wearing a bathrobe with what appears to be nothing on underneath. A glass of red wine is in her hand, which she hands to Josh after letting him in. They make their hellos and head over to the couch to catch up for a little while. Two bottles of wine later, they’ve exhausted their limited supply of small-talk and are ready to get down to business.

Alexa grabs Josh’s wine glass and sets it on the table to the side of the couch. She stands up and undoes the sash on the bathrobe and lets it fall to the ground at her feet. She is indeed naked beneath and her body is as ridiculous as always.

While Josh admires it, Alexa bends over, sticking her ass in his face. He runs his hand under her legs and starts rubbing her clit while kissing all around her ass cheeks. He drops his head down a little bit and starts licking her pussy, gently running his tongue over it, lapping at it like a dog drinking water.

As Alexa moans, Josh grabs ahold of her ass cheeks, one in each hand, and spreads her ass apart, opening up her pussy to him. He slides his tongue inside her wet sweetness and starts exploring around, his tongue in constant motion, flicking around and sampling various parts of her insides.

One of Alexa’s hands slides down her body and starts rubbing her clit while the other grabs the back of Josh’s head and pulls it in towards her, forcing his tongue deeper inside her. She shakes her ass from side to side, pushing it back against him the entire time.

Josh’s face is drenched with Alexa’s juices and his nose is pressed up against her asshole. Every breath he takes is tinged with the smell of her insides.

A good ten seconds later, she releases his head, giving him a chance to breathe.

After catching his breath Josh moves his head up and starts licking Alexa’s asshole. She lets out a yet little yelp of joy and starts moving her ass in a circular motion, allowing him to keep his head still while she does all the work. He releases her ass cheeks, slides one of his hands down, and slides two fingers into her pussy. They slip in without any effort, her wet pussy easily accepting them.

Josh goes after Alexa’s asshole with more vigor, sliding the tip of his tongue inside of it while his fingers work in and out of her pussy. She reaches back and spreads her ass cheeks, making her asshole gape even wider and allowing him to stick his tongue deeper inside her.

He slips a third finger inside her pussy and bangs away at it while continuing to work her asshole with his tongue as her moans grow more excited. Alexa is starting to make more noise when she suddenly pulls away and spins around and drops down on the couch next to him.

Leaning in towards him, Alexa sticks her tongue in Josh’s mouth and starts exploring. She breaks off the kiss long enough to run her tongue along his face, licking up all of her pussy juices leftover from when he was eating her out before they once again resume making out. Her hands drop to his waist and start rubbing his cock through his pants, getting it hard. She gives it a little squeeze then unzips his fly and sticks her hand through the newly created hole.

Leaving Josh’s cock trapped underneath his pants, Alexa rubs it some more then grabs ahold of it and starts slowly jerking him off, still kissing him on the lips the entire time, her free hand playing with her pussy. Eventually she breaks off the kiss, slips her fingers from her pussy, and sticks them in his mouth. While he sucks her fingers dry of her pussy juices, she drops her head down until it’s lying on his lap.

Alexa pulls her fingers out of Josh’s mouth and gets on her hands and knees, positioning herself lengthwise on the couch, perpendicular to him, her ass well within reaching distance of his left hand. She negotiates his cock out of his pants so it’s sticking out through the zipper hole, her hand gripping the base of it tight enough to restrict the blood flow. Holding the foreskin of his cock tight, she takes the head of it in her mouth and starts to suck.

After working the head exclusively for a little bit, Alexa starts dropping further down, taking Josh’s cock in her mouth until her lips touch the top of her hand, which is still gripping the base of his cock. Making an airtight seal with her lips, she bobs her head up and down, not quite letting his cock out of her mouth before dropping back onto it.

Wet, slurping sounds escape from Alexa’s throat as she sucks him off, her hand still gripping his cock tightly, keeping his foreskin from moving while her mouth works his head, heightening the sensation.

Eventually Alexa comes up for air, leaving Josh’s cock drenched and slippery, glistening with her saliva. She jerks him off, using her saliva as a lubricant, which allows her hand to fly up and down on his cock while still maintaining a good amount of pressure.

Josh grabs ahold of Alexa’s hair and yanks her head towards him, turning her face towards his in the process. While she continues jerking him off, he presses his lips to hers. She opens her mouth and he slides his tongue in and they make out while she works his cock with her hand.

A full minute later, Alexa releases Josh’s cock, undoes the top button of his pants, and slides them off, boxers and all, leaving him naked from the waist down. Then she goes back to work on his cock, wrapping her lips around it and taking it in her mouth.

This time, Alexa’s hand is out of the way, allowing her to go all the way down on Josh’s cock with no restrictions. She does so with ease, taking his entire cock in her mouth until her lips are touching his balls. She holds his cock there, planted in her throat, for a few seconds before pulling off, once again leaving a ton of saliva on his cock.

Alexa takes a couple of deep breaths, then goes back down on Josh’s cock, her hand cupping his ballsack and massaging his balls as she blows him. He reaches out with his left hand and smacks her ass a couple of times, then slides two fingers inside her pussy and starts banging away.

With his fingers inside of her, Alexa goes after Josh’s cock with more intensity, her head bouncing up and down quickly, her hair flying and her hand squeezing his balls more tightly. To relieve some of the pressure, he starts slamming his hand in and out of her pussy more aggressively. But this just causes her to squeeze harder, bringing him right up to the point where pleasure becomes pain. Groaning, he slides his fingers out of her pussy. In return, she releases his balls but continues sucking his cock, albeit more gently now.

Leaning towards Alexa, Josh hooks one arm under her stomach and lifts her up, pulling her lower half towards him. With her head still down next to his groin, he puts his hands on her hips and lifts her bottom half up in the air, positioning it so one of her legs is on each side of his head, her knees pressing against the rear cushion of the couch and her ass directly in his face.

Josh hooks his arms around Alexa’s waist and pulls her ass into his face. He then goes to town on her pussy, his tongue working it feverishly as she continues sucking his cock.

Half a minute later, he releases her waist and  puts his hands on her asscheeks and spreads her ass apart, allowing him deeper access to her insides. He slides his rigid tongue as far into her pussy as it will go as her ass bucks and bounces against him, the intensity in which she sucks his cock increasing in relation to the intensity in which he goes after her pussy.

Eventually Josh needs to catch his breath, so he slides his tongue out of Alexa’s pussy, takes a couple deep gulps of air, then dives back in, this time going straight for her asshole. He licks all around it, getting it nice and wet and warmed up, then slides the tip of his tongue inside it.

Alexa pulls her head off Josh’s cock and lets out a deep, guttural moan. Cursing under her breath, she jerks him off with newfound enthusiasm while he tongues her asshole. A short time later her body tenses up for a heartbeat, then releases in a spasm of activity, her legs quivering, her entire body shaking, and her pussy releasing a torrent of juices all over Josh’s face as an orgasm overcomes her.

After Alexa recovers, she rolls off of Josh’s body onto the couch next to him. She climbs onto her hands and knees, so she’s positioned doggy-style, her perfect ass in the air immediately to his right. Sitting there next to her, he turns his body slightly so he can better see what she’s doing.

With a good view now, Josh watches as Alexa runs one hand back between her legs, all but ignoring her pussy, barely rubbing it before depositing her finger into her asshole. She slides it into the first knuckle then pulls it back out and sticks it in her mouth.

Turning her upper body to look at Josh, Alexa sucks on her finger, tasting her ass while simultaneously getting her finger lubed up for the next entry. She drops her head and shoulders down onto the couch, turning her face to the side and positioning her body so she can easily look back at Josh while he watches her.

She reaches back with one of her arms, grabs ahold of an ass cheek, and pulls it open, further exposing her asshole. Her other arm slides beneath her body, her hand appearing between her legs near the underside of her pussy.

But this time she bypasses her pussy completely, her previously lubed up a finger sliding straight into her asshole. She moves it in and out of her asshole a few times, getting it warmed up, then slides a second finger in.

Still looking back at him, her mouth slightly open and her eyes filled with pleasure, Alexa works her asshole with both fingers, moving them in and out and around in circles. She forces her fingers into her asshole until they disappear before slowly sliding them back out.

After sucking her ass juices from those two fingers, Alexa slides a third into her mouth, covering them with her saliva before again running her hand under her body. This time she slips all three fingers into her asshole. She utters a little gasp and bites down on her bottom lip but doesn’t let up, working her asshole with all three fingers, sliding them in and out more and more quickly with every passing second.

It isn’t long before Alexa  is pounding away at her asshole while moans of pleasure escape her mouth. With her other hand she slaps her ass once, twice, three times, hard enough to leave it glowing red. She slows things down just enough to slide her pinky into her asshole too, joining the other three fingers there. She then proceeds to jam her hand as far down as it will go, forcing all four fingers into her asshole past her knuckles until the top half of her palm also disappears.

Alexa holds it there for a few seconds, then pulls down with her hand, stretching out her asshole so much that there’s a little bit of space between the top of her fingers and the top ridge of her asshole. Her free hand is gripping her skin on the back of her thigh, right below her butt cheek, squeezing it as tightly as she can. She finally lets go, gives herself one last slap on the ass, then yanks all four fingers out of her asshole.

She proceeds to lick her fingers clean, sticking them far enough down her throat to make herself gag, generating some good, deep, heavy saliva to work with. She spits a huge glob of this on her hand, then rubs it around and inside her asshole, getting it prepared for Josh.

Catching his eyes, Alexa beckons Josh over, grabbing ahold of her asscheeks, one in each hand, and holding them open for him, exposing her now gaping asshole.

Alexa doesn’t say anything, but she doesn’t need to. Josh knows exactly what she wants.

With his cock rock-hard from jerking himself off while Alexa finger-fucked her own asshole, Josh is already rearing to go. He slips his pants off and climbs to his feet and makes the short trek over to where she is.

Putting one foot up on the couch and leaving the other on the floor to give himself a good angle to work with, Josh grabs ahold of his cock and slips it into Alexa’s asshole. Because of all the warm-up work she’s done, his cock slides in with very little resistance.

With Alexa’s hands still spreading her ass cheeks, Josh gives her his whole cock right from the get-go, moving it in and out of her asshole in long, slow thrusts. She takes his entire cock easily, letting out a little grunt of pleasure every time his cock bottoms out.

Staring straight down, Josh shivers slightly as he watches his cock disappear inside her asshole. He grabs ahold of Alexa’s waist and starts moving faster against her, still giving her his entire cock every time.

Alexa releases her ass cheeks and puts her palms on the couch directly underneath her shoulders. She pushes herself up and locks her elbows out, lifting her upper body until it’s parallel to the couch. Now that she’s in the traditional doggy-style position, she is able to control a little bit of the action. With her new-found leverage, she starts backing her ass into Josh as he brings his hips forward, ramping up the intensity in which their bodies are slamming together.

She’s starting to moan louder now and at a faster pace. Josh’s breath rate is increasing along with hers. Their bodies hammer into each other for a good 30 seconds before Alexa suddenly pulls away.

Before Josh even has a chance to react, she flips her body around so she’s sitting on the couch normally, her head right in front of his groin, which is spread wide open because of the position of his legs.

Alexa opens her mouth and grabs ahold of his cock and slides it between her lips. She takes it all the way down, holding it in her throat for a few seconds before gagging and pulling away. She takes a couple of deep breaths, then coughs up some saliva and spits it on his cock. She works it in with her hand for a few seconds then turns around and climbs back onto the couch, again positioning herself on her hands and knees with her ass up in the air facing him.

Keeping one foot on the couch and the other on the floor, Josh again slides his cock into her asshole. Because of the copious amounts of saliva leftover from her deepthroating him, it goes in even easier this time. It’s so slippery that he can’t even take things slow, not that he wants to at this point.

Grabbing ahold of Alexa’s shoulders, Josh starts pounding her relentlessly, pulling her entire body back into him as he moves forward. He hammers away at her asshole, his balls slapping up against the underside of her pussy while she screams aloud.

Their bodies colliding creates a ton of energy, causing her plump ass to move in continuous waves from the force long after they come together.

After a little while, Josh puts his other foot up on the couch to give himself more leverage. Squatting over Alexa now, with one leg on each side of her body, he pushes down on her lower back, forcing her to arch her spine and stick her ass further up in the air while he hammers away at her asshole.

Alexa is groaning continuously now, long wordless strings of sound interrupted only by the rhythms of her breathing in the occasional curse word.

Josh grabs a handful of Alexa’s hair and yanks on it, forcing her to arch her spine. She he lets out a little yelp and her groans grow even more intense.

Josh leans back, putting more of his weight on her frame, increasing the tension on her body, forcing her to arch her spine even more to alleviate the pressure. He continues pounding away at her, using his newfound leverage to drive his cock deeper than ever into her asshole.

This time, Josh is the one to pull away, doing so after nearly two minutes of hammering away at Alexa’s ass. Still gripping a handful of her hair, he drops down to the couch, yanking her down along with him. He positions himself so he’s sitting normally, while simultaneously dragging her body down to the floor so she’s on her knees between his spread legs, looking up at him.

Alexa doesn’t need to be told what to do. She grabs ahold of Josh’s cock and sticks it in her mouth, sucking on the tip while working the shaft with her hand, maintaining eye contact the entire time.

After sticking to this routine for a little while, her hand drops away and she takes his whole cock down her throat. He reaches down and holds her head in place, pushing down on it a little bit, forcing her to take every last inch of his cock.

Only after Alexa starts to gag does Josh let her up. She’s coughing and hacking and gulping in deep breaths.

Shortly after Alexa catches her breath, she drops her head further down beneath Josh’s body and uses her hands to lift his legs and spread them apart.

With his asshole now exposed, Alexa starts licking it with her tongue, gently at first, but quickly getting more aggressive, kissing and sucking and sticking the tip of her tongue inside it while working his cock with her hands.

Normally Josh loves getting rimjobs, but he’s too far along to take it for more than half a minute before using his handful of her hair to pull her back up to him. If she’s down there for much longer he’s going to blow his load, and he wants to fuck her ass a little more before he does so. With this in mind, he lifts her by the waist, helping her up onto the couch until she is straddling him.

Looking down on Josh, her face a mask of pleasure, sweat covering her skin and her chest heaving, Alexa grabs his cock and holds it straight up while she drops her ass onto his waist, his cock slipping with ease into her wide-open asshole.

Alexa proceeds to ride Josh like an insane cowgirl, bouncing up and down his waist, impaling herself with his cock. She’s returning his aggression from earlier, giving him her entire weight with every thrust, her body slamming down on him without nothing slowing her down.

Grunting, Josh takes it like a man, even lifting his hips at the last possible second to force his cock deeper into Alexa’s asshole. Her face is a mask of concentration, one half of her mouth turned up in a snarl and her eyes glaring down on him.

Josh feels an orgasm coming on strong, but he wants to make sure that Alexa has another one before they’re done, so he reaches up and grabs ahold of her tits and squeezes them tightly, hoping to transfer some of his focus on something besides the wonderful feeling of his cock moving in and out of her asshole.

Shortly after Josh’s hands grab her tits, Alexa slides three of her fingers into her pussy and starts banging away, her hand moving quickly in and out while she continues hammering away at him, pounding her body into his with reckless abandon.

Alexa’s breath is growing more rapid and her groans deeper and more intense. Josh knows that she’s close to cumming again, he just has to hold out for a few more seconds and then he’ll be able to release without feeling any guilt whatsoever.

Still slamming away at Josh, Alexa slips her fingers out of her pussy and runs them up to her clit and starts rubbing at it intensely.

A couple seconds later, she slams down onto him and holds it there before letting out a little squeal while another orgasm washes through her. Her entire body shivers for a moment, then she slaps her pussy with her hand, sending her juices spraying everywhere.

Once that’s out of the way, she starts bouncing on Josh’s cock once again, a little less forcefully this time. Now that Alexa has cum, Josh doesn’t have to worry about holding out, so he relaxes his body and just enjoys the ride.

Alexa also seems to realize where Josh is at, so she maintains a steady rhythm, moving her ass up and down on his cock without hammering too hard at him, hitting that sweet spot between speed and pressure, not varying things at all, slowly and steadily bringing him to orgasm.

It isn’t long before Josh is right on the verge. He puts his hands under Alexa’s ass and lifts her up off his cock. She immediately drops to the ground, her head again slipping beneath his ass to tongue his asshole while she jerks him off.

After 15 seconds of this, Josh mutters under his breath a couple of times and his body tenses up in anticipation of release. Alexa slides her tongue into his asshole and holds it there, deep in his ass, her hand still working his cock as he cums, shooting his white sperm into the air.

As his cum splashes down—some of it getting on the couch, some on his chest, some in Alexa’s hair—he spasms again, sending another stream upward.

This pattern is repeated five or six times, with ever-decreasing loads being released from his cock every time, while Alexa continues jerking him off. Her tongue is no longer planted in his asshole and her head is turned towards his, smiling at him with a nasty little grin.

One his cock has run dry, Alexa slides it into her mouth and sucks on the tip of it a little more, causing Josh to squirm out of her grip. Laughing, she eventually releases her hold on him. She climbs to her feet and helps him up off the couch.




Thirty minutes later, they’ve both showered and gotten cleaned up. They make their way to the door and exit the room, then ride the elevator to the lobby and leave the hotel. Josh gives Alexa a little kiss and they each head in different directions, Josh to his jet to finish his trip and Alexa back to her life in Houston. It was a fun little afternoon, sure to be repeated again sometime in the future, but finished for now.







Seducing men isn’t an art form, it’s a matter of simple numbers. Ask enough men if they want to fuck and eventually you’ll find one that will. Usually within a couple of minutes. Especially if you look like Hannah. 5’10, 135 pounds, with long brown hair and a rocking body, she’s hot as hell. She rarely get denied, and when she does, it’s no big deal, she just moves on to the next one.

Now, most people think seducing random guys is dangerous. But it’s anything but. Because Hannah does it the right way. The smart way. No seducing men at a bar, where they’re drunk and dangerous and you have to go home with them. Or at some party where anything can happen. No chance. It’s all about picking the right situation, one where you’re more likely to find a certain kind of man, one that you can trust (relatively speaking) and where help it not far away at all.

Hannah likes hotels. Especially the nicer ones near the airport. Businessmen, usually, with a little bit of a money and a job. Plus a family, which is always a plus, especially considering how most men treat matrimony these days. Most of the time she does her dirty work in the hotel gym. It’s good for a few reasons.

First of all, she gets to show off her body without making it look like she’s doing it on purpose. Shorts and a t-shirt or sometimes just a training bra are a great way to display her assets while also revealing plenty of skin. Plus the men usually aren’t wearing much either, which means they can’t hide anything. The running shorts they usually wear, with the thin material and high cuts make it pretty easy to see what they have going on down below.

Another benefit to the gym is its inherent solitude. A person is usually there by themselves, making it easier to talk without being in danger of getting yourself in trouble because of witnesses. In fact, Hannah will often wait until the later hours of the night to make her move, when one man is in the gym all by himself. Not only does it make the man feel special, but the lack of other people cuts down significantly on the embarrassment factor.

One final added benefit is a simple one; only a certain kind of man goes to the gym. Usually younger, or at least in decent shape, and they usually don’t hate themselves, otherwise they wouldn’t bother making themselves better. Which is always a bonus.

As for the hotel itself, its advantages are pretty obvious. Namely, a room nearby, most likely empty except for the one person staying in it. Private but not too private; a room all to yourself but lots of people in close range, which usually keeps things from getting out of hand. Clean, a bed, a shower, all that good stuff. Plus the transitory nature of hotels is a big plus, especially the near a major airport. Not much danger of getting into an awkward situation down the road, for Hannah or for the man, which is always a big factor in these things. 




Hannah saw Scott in the hotel gym just after 10PM on a Friday night. He was a good-looking man in his mid-thirties, a shade over six feet tall, dark hair, a rugged face, and a well-maintained body.

She’d been prowling hotels in the area for a couple of hours, looking for the right man and the right situation and it looked like she found it.

After catching his eye and then chatting him up a little bit, she made her move, asking him for a spot while she did some squats. He obliged.

And once she was done she put her hand on his shoulder and said in a sexy voice: “There’s something else you can help me out with.”

He gave her a sideways glance, as though he hadn’t heard her right.

“Come on,” Hannah said. “You’re a good looking man. Don’t tell me the is the first time you’ve ever been propositioned.”

“No,” Scott said. “But it’s the first time I’ve been propositioned in a hotel gym before.”

“Fair enough,” Hannah said. “Well, what do you say?”

“I say let’s go give it a shot,” Scott said, smiling widely.

“That’s what I figured you’d say,” Hannah said. “Lead the way, big boy, and let’s go desecrate ourselves a hotel room.”




“Just sit back and relax,” Hannah said after they’d reached Scott’s room.

Scott sat down like he was told but looked like he was having trouble with the relaxing part. He was simply too excited to calm himself down.

“I guess that will have to do,” Hannah said.

While Scott sat fidgeting on the couch, Hannah turned around so her ass was facing him. Turning her upper body so she could look back at Scott, she slowly wiggled out of her yoga pants, revealing her ass 1 inch at a time until her pants were completely off, leaving her in only a red G string.

“Do you like what you see?” Hannah asked.

Scott nodded his head. He looked like he was afraid to talk, perhaps unsure of whether or not his voice would even work.

“Do you want to take a closer look?” Hannah asked.

Scott nodded again.

“You don’t talk much, do you?”

He shook his head from side to side.

Hannah laughed softly. “That’s okay,” she said. “As long as your cock works better than your vocal cords.”

“It does,” Scott said, smiling just a bit.

“We’ll see about that,” Hannah said. She turned around and started walking towards Scott, her tits bouncing beneath her shirt and her nipples poking through the cotton. Stopping just as she reached him, Hannah put one hand on the inside of each of Scott’s knees and gently pushed his legs apart. She stepped in between them and turned around so her ass was facing him, poised just above his groin.

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