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Walking Wounded


Jodie Halliday

From the Yesteryear’s Erotica Collection

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Chapter 1

The rustling of leaves caused by the early afternoon breeze was punctuated only by the youth’s footfall as they made their way up through the forest. As they ascended the hill, the mix of brambles and dominating oaks was slowly giving way to evergreens and a floor of old, soft pine needles. Leslie’s cousin was in front of her, slashing at the ground with his stick, knocking small rocks out of the way as he followed the little track towards the campsite which she estimated to be still several hours away. She watched him lovingly as he negotiated the tree roots and loose gravel along the rough track. She had plans for him over the next few days, cousin or not.

Her father’s old green backpack felt increasingly heavy and the straps rubbed against her shoulders as it swung with each step. Cans and bottles made musical sounds as she struggled ten feet behind him, sweating with the day’s long, slow climb. She would be thankful when they gained the pass at the top of the trail after which she was fairly sure there was a very gradual descent over a few miles then a relatively steep forty-five minutes downhill to the campsite where she had planned they would spend the next few days. That’s what it had looked like on Google maps when she had thought up their route anyway. If her printer hadn’t run out of ink she would have brought the map along just to be sure.

The whole forest was secluded, devoid of any other human but most probably full of wildlife which had decided at that time to just watch as they passed through. Brian swished his stick against a Douglas Fir and smiled as the branches swayed back and forth. He turned to her, grinning a little before looking around and continuing on his way. Several minutes later they turned a corner and she heard the sound of water below to her left, pleasing and reassuring but nonetheless out of sight. Brian removed his floppy hat and wiped his brow, turning again to look at Leslie. His smile was still there but he seemed concerned and she wondered if he was tiring of the climb. Neither of them could be considered athletic or the outdoors type and in fact the last time that she had done any particular exercise was when they had walked to the campsite the previous year, even though that was only a couple of miles after getting a lift from her father.

Brian looked up, stretching a little as he held his stomach. He looked briefly to his right, then left, and finally darted into the trees beside the trail.

“Wait there, I’ll only be a minute,” he shouted. His actions were uncoordinated, frantic even, as he shed his backpack carelessly and sprinted out of sight. Leslie watched and shook her head as he disappeared into the trees. She dropped her backpack by the side of the track and found a spot to sit in the sun and where the pine needles were less likely to stick to her skin. Her best sneakers were now shades of brown with blotches of green from the long grass. Mum would be unimpressed since they had only bought them a month ago and they were intended for school in September. She brushed a hand over her legs, pleased with the silky smoothness of her skin. The breeze found its way inside her shorts and felt wonderful as she leaned back on her hands and looked up at the sky.

A scream shattered her reverie followed by a rustling and the sound of tumbling rocks. Almost immediately, and apart from some fainter tumbling noises and a bird squawking, there was total silence.

“Brian?” shouted Leslie, sitting up. “Bri!” She stood, grabbed her pack and dragged it towards the spot where he had disappeared, tearing his pack from the clutches of the brambles. The sound of the stream filled the silence as she stumbled with the added weight, cautiously following his route. She swung his backpack over her shoulder just as the water came into view, undulating between the rocks and maybe eight feet across. “Bri!”

She saw a flash of red through the trees and brambles below and edged her way forward. “Bri, are you OK?” After another few cautious steps she saw him, lying on the rocks beside the river, motionless and in an unnatural position, ten feet below.

“Fuck, Bri!” she shouted, edging forward. She looked for a way down and swung the pack around to ease the pain in her shoulder. Her foot slipped and squealed, reaching out to steady herself on a small branch. Sticky sap coated her palm and she wiped the goo onto her shorts, swearing. She scanned the narrow ledge she was on, trying to work out a way down to him as she shuffled along carefully. Leslie shouted to him again and as she swatted away a fly from her face Brian’s pack dropped from her shoulder, swinging her towards the edge of the path. There was nothing to grab onto this time and her left foot slipped off the track into thin air. She screamed as she went over, her backpack cushioning some of the fall but offering no protection against the brambles that tore into her thighs. Gravity caused Brian’s pack to tumble down onto her, pushing her with greater force through the thorny undergrowth. She saw small rocks and dirt flash by, sunlight through the trees, water, and an approaching smooth, grey boulder.

“Fuck!” she said as she landed on her back, a few feet from her cousin. Seconds later, and with cans clanking, Brian’s backpack added to her misery as it hit her square on the head before coming to rest at her feet. “Oh fuck that hurts,” she gasped, most of the breath knocked out of her and tears welling up in her eyes. The sun shone through the swaying trees above, making her quint. She lay there for a short time, gathering herself, knowing that her breath would return from being winded. She knew she was bleeding even before looking down at her injuries. Two thick strands of blackberry brambles were twisted around her limbs and while they might have slowed her fall she could see blood dripping from several cuts in her arms and legs. Her first thought was that she would need to wear jeans for the start of her first day at university in a few days’ time. “Oh shit!” she shouted as the pain in her back registered. Her head hurt but she was pleased to note that no blood came away as she ran her hand through her hair although her legs had started to sting where the brambles still cut into her flesh. In several places small trails of blood ran over her thighs and down towards her thick socks. Her arms seemed to sting the most and she carefully pulled off a short bramble that had embedded itself in the flesh above her elbow. She kicked his backpack for good measure.

Brian lay silently, wedged between two large boulders. His feet and shins were in the water, flopping around with the current. Blood trickled from two gashes to his head, one to his temple and other at the back. His hands were ripped with small cuts and a small cut to his lip also bled profusely. His shorts were part way down his thighs along with his underwear and his groin and upper thighs were covered in blood. It took several minutes to pull the brambles carefully from her legs after which she clambered painfully over the rocks towards him to take in the situation. Even in her estimation he looked bad and she felt totally inadequate to provide much in the way of assistance. She felt tears forming from the pain and her growing despair, her heart thumping in her young chest as she realised their fortunes had changed totally in less than twenty seconds.

“Oh god Bri, are you OK?” she asked as she knelt beside him, her back hurting from the position. He was silent and she looked around for inspiration, noting the brambles poking through his shorts. She tried to cup her hands in the river to collect some water but her back seared with pain. With one hand on a rock she supported herself like an old woman and threw water over his face. Nothing happened so she scooped several more handfuls and threw it in his general direction. After almost a minute she noticed his head move and she breathed a huge sigh of relief and slid onto a nearby rock to rest.

“Bri, speak to me!” she said, the sight of the free flowing blood frightening her. He groaned weakly but didn’t open his eyes or move at all. “Fuck Bri, this is bad!” With a flash of inspiration she returned to her backpack, removed a T-shirt and let it soak in the river. Bathing his forehead seemed to work wonders and her cousin slowly opened his eyes, drawing labored breaths as blood continued to drip from both sides of his head and his cut lip.

“Bri, you’re hurt bad, don’t move!”

“Oh god, Les, my head!” he growled, eyes tight shut against the pain. He tried to move in an effort to sit up and screamed with pain, heaving as though about to vomit.

“Just stay there, don’t move,” she said, applying the T-shirt once again and mopping up some of the blood from his forehead. His cock and balls were covered in blood and it oozed from every opening of his underwear and shorts. Two more spurts hit his limbs and Leslie moved away a little to avoid getting splashed. She reached around him and pulled at his legs, trying to get them out of the stream. He screamed in pain and as he reached out to stop her he screamed again.

“Leave me! God it hurts so much!” he said, tears flowing down his cheeks.

“Where is it worst?”

“My head, and my shoulder, my left shoulder.”

Leslie removed the T-Shirt from his head and dabbed at her own cuts along her thighs. There were some nasty grazes that threatened to bleed along with some gashes that seemed to have dirt in them already. They stung but the cold water helped to reduce the bleeding so she dabbed at her thighs, trying to remove the sandy-colored grains from the longest gashes. She thought carefully, realizing that they had no phone contact, no other humans around, no way of getting him out of the river bed and back to somewhere safe. She looked back at him, brightly stained with blood which covered his cock and balls and made her wonder whether he had lost his cock in the fall, somehow maybe ripping it off in the brambles. Feeling that this was unlikely she realized though that any plans she had for him and their romantic getaway had been dashed in just a couple of seconds. Her heart raced with the anxiety and the enormous responsibility that was suddenly on her shoulders. She needed to leap into action, to be decisive, create a plan and get stuff done but the order in which that should happen refused to reveal itself.

“Bri, your head is bleeding quite a bit, we’ve got to help you to sit up so I can get something on it. Even if it hurts like fuck, OK?”

He didn’t answer so she tried to think of each movement that would be required to get him sitting up. She thought that maybe his feet in the water wasn’t the most pressing thing to resolve, it was to get him upright even if he was sitting in a foot of water so less blood flowed out of the cuts. She trod carefully around to his right and took hold of his arm.

“Bri, you have to try and sit up. If you can sit on this rock then I can swing your legs around and you can get dry. OK?”

“Hurts so much Les!” he cried through tears.

“I know, be brave and help me, right?”

She squatted down beside him and draped his right arm over her shoulders. Pleased that he didn’t cry out in pain she slowly stood and he slid along the rock to where she had intended. The pain in her back took her breath away but she was sure it was nothing compared to her cousin’s suffering. She was delighted however with what she had achieved and made sure he was stable before applying the wet T-shirt to the back of his head.

“Dizzy!” said Brian, swaying slightly. Leslie pulled the T-shirt away and saw that it was bright red, coloured by far more blood than there had been from his forehead.

“Bri, this is really bad, OK?”

Her cousin nodded, heaved slightly and a slow stream of bright red vomit coursed down his T-shirt and into his lap.

“Bri! Oh my god Bri!”

Chapter 2

The City had been kind and generous to Frank, but the contrast between his office desk with its hubbub and the tiny cabin, hidden in the forest and many miles from any form of civilization provided the level of relaxation that he needed. At thirty eight he was successful, his first IPO more than three years in the past and two new developments under way which were likely to be even more lucrative and possible targets for a buyout. One of those was proceeding normally, backed by a good team and a marketable product which made angel money readily available. The second, a more daring yet far more lucrative venture, had issues. It was this weekend that would determine the strategy for the next two years. Code had been dropped off two weeks late, QA testing was throwing up issues never before encountered, vacation had been taken by two key people at a time when it should have been cancelled and investors were beginning to ask more detailed questions. The code push to production was scheduled for tomorrow evening.

Then there was Cynthia and Andrew. The lady with the large breasts and pretty face, and the man with advanced obesity but outstanding coding skills. She in charge of project management, and he a senior developer. Over the past three months since she had joined, the office had ‘met itself to death’ with meetings called by Cynthia to discuss future meetings, stage gates, SDLC, objectives, post-mortems, lessons learned and esoteric possibilities. Andrew had happily joined in, no doubt relishing the way Cynthia’s blouse moved as she waved her arms to punctuate her consultant-speak statements. The team had counted the number of times she said “in terms of” in the last weekly QA meeting and Andrew’s inappropriate tweet last week about her had caught the press, attracting unwanted publicity and wasting hours of management time. Andrew would need to deliver or go. If the code release was uncoordinated then she would have to go as well. It was a huge business risk to have two key staff like them in such a small startup, especially if delivery was in question. Rounding the corner of a very old stone wall he saw his second home in the distance and office thoughts were banished.

Purchased unseen except for an emailed image and specification, it had turned out to be one of his most successful investments. ‘Off the grid’ was a phrase used by too many real estate brokers in place of ‘where nobody wants to live’, but this property truly was disconnected from the pace of life, totally in harmony with nature and the seasons, emulating life how it must have been a century ago.

He walked the few hundred yards with increased enthusiasm, relishing every tree, every turn of the track as the wooden trunks of the log home came into view. He regarded the roof carefully and was pleased to note that it appeared intact, no tree limbs piercing the fabric which was certainly a risk in the area and something that he would not have been able to immediately fix. He retrieved the key from behind the water butt and opened the door. It all looked just as he had left it three months previously: sparse, functional, clean and tidy. Leaving his backpack on the kitchen table he walked into the bedroom and opened the window. A breeze picked up and blew through the cabin, ruffling the curtains by the door. He checked the small bathroom and flushed the toilet, conscious of the use of water each time he pushed the lever.

Back in the bedroom he took off his hiking shirt and shorts, then dropped his underwear onto the pile and wandered outdoors. The sun dried the sweat from his naked body and he smiled at the feeling of the breeze as it explored around his cock and balls. Life was certainly wonderful.

Back inside after a quick break for lemonade Frank checked the radio and inspected the batteries for deterioration. The kerosene lamp needed refilling which was to be expected after all these months, and he made sure a couple of candles were positioned around the cabin for emergency use. Matches and a lighter were also placed so they could be found when darkness descended.

He took a plate from the cupboard above the propane cooker and laid out some bread, cheese and pickles. With a refill of lemonade he made his way out to the back yard and sat on the old wooden seat, looking out through the trees into the distant grey-green mountains. Setting aside his plate he slowly ate his lunch, absently playing with his limp cock as he listened to the calls of the larger birds. Just as he picked up his glass to wash down a mouthful of bread and cheese he heard a short, high-pitched scream. He froze, his eyes darting around at the gaps in the trees, up to their tops to see which way birds might fly. Nothing. He held his breath and listened without moving then resumed eating and casually toying with himself. The scream had definitely been human rather than a bird call or large animal. Not a scream of imminent danger, but an indication of pain and suffering nevertheless. He smiled, wondering if someone had discovered that the code drop had failed regression testing in QA. He could afford to wait another three months for the revision but he wasn’t telling the team at this stage.

A second scream was followed shortly by a third, and he placed the source as slightly to his right, maybe a couple of hundred yards away. That, he thought, was a real nuisance. Part of him felt that he should simply ignore it and consider it nothing to do with him. Another part knew that he should offer help if he could, given the absolute remoteness of the location. The continual sound of muffled cries from within the trees convinced him that she should get closer and see if he could locate the source. Returning to the cabin he dressed with great annoyance, clipped a knife to his belt, locked the door and returned the key before setting off down the sloping back garden towards the source of the screams. He walked carefully, avoiding sticks and loose gravel as the river came into view. Crouching down behind a tree he waited and was rewarded by a shout, probably from a girl and about fifty yards away. With the undergrowth to give him cover he moved forward, looking up occasionally to try to get sight of her. Finally, as the river unwound through a bend to his right, he saw her, crouching amongst the boulders, just at the edge of the water. He noted two backpacks and so was more cautious as he moved closer again.

Thirty feet away he stopped and watched as the young girl seemed to be talking to another person who was partially hidden by the large, grey rocks which lined the banks. She was squatting and had a cloth in her hand which seemed to have blood on it. She cried occasionally and seemed to keep looking around for inspiration or help. Her movements were hurried, anxious and without a purpose. Then he heard her shout the word ‘Bri’ which he assumed was the name of the second person. Frank turned around and slid down the trunk of the tree that hid him, thinking.

He had seen a young girl, and presumed there was another youngster called Bri somewhere, who was probably injured through his own actions rather than from an animal attack. To help them would be the normal thing to do but his resources were limited and he had so much looked forward to having a few days on his own at the cabin, relaxing and wandering around naked without interruption from anyone else. He turned back to her and saw she had long hair and wore shorts and a T-shirt. She also looked to be young and in reasonable shape as she didn’t have that obese outline that half of the country’s children seemed to possess nowadays. On balance he decided to skirt back to the other side of the river and approach them from above so he could determine whether to become involved or not.

Moving carefully, he crossed the river at a natural bridge almost a hundred yards further up river and gained the path above their location. Crouching again, he saw the figure of the boy, lying between two rocks with his feet in the water. He didn’t seem to be moving. That was a bad sign and Frank certainly didn’t want to become involved if the boy had died. There was no phone at the cabin, no roads, no electricity, nothing that might provide life-saving help in an emergency. With just his head poking out over the top of the bracken he watched as the girl used a cloth to wet the boys head. There was movement and eventually a groan. Frank noted the boy’s shorts had fallen to his knees and that otherwise he seemed to be naked at the waist. The sun glistened in the girl’s untidy blonde hair and she had a slender figure that barely dented her T-shirt. He was impressed though as she carefully lifted him up and got him to sit upright on a nearby rock.

His mind was made up that the boy would live and he approached them carefully, making sure he trod on some sticks to announce his arrival.

“Hey, it’s OK,” said Frank, towering above her on the track.

The girl screamed, jumping several inches off the rock while frantically looking all around for the source of the voice.

“Oh my god!” she screamed through tears.

“What happened?” he asked, noting that the girl was a filthy mess and looked particularly unattractive.

“Jeeze, I thought you were a fucking bear! He fell and hit his head!” Frank maneuvered carefully and jumped down to the river bed.

“He fell from up there?” asked Frank, looking doubtful as he gauged the height at about ten to fifteen feet.

“Yeah, hurt his shoulder and legs.”

Frank walked up to the boy and looked him over “I’m not surprised he did from that height. He’s bleeding quite badly from the wound on the back of his head you know.”

“Yeah, I tried to mop it a bit with this shirt.”

Frank knelt down in front of the boy. “Can you tell me what happened?”

The boy heaved and was sick down his front. Shaking his head he looked up. “Fell, hit my head on the rocks I think. I can’t move,” he said, moaning.

“Well, you can’t stay here. It’ll be dark in a few hours and this place is totally deserted, you know that, right?”

“We’re on our way to the campsite, we’ll be fine” offered Leslie. Frank saw the cuts on her thighs and the inviting darkness between the top of her legs and the opening of her shorts. Her legs were firm, young, and shapely. If it hadn’t been for the tears on her cheeks, blood on her hands and legs, the brambles and dirt in her wet hair she would have been a picture of youth and beauty. He revised his initial view of her from unattractive to reasonable.

“He needs help. He needs to get clean and rest, but not down here.” Looking at Brian he held out his hand. “Can you walk?”

“No, I just need to rest!”

“You need to get out of here, that’s more important right now,” said Frank more forcefully. “Let’s get you moved before you really start to ache from that fall. Come on, stand up!”

“Where are we going?” asked Leslie.

“I have a place a few hundred yards away where you can stay for a while. Look, I’m certainly not a doctor but you’re not going anywhere tonight!” Stupid kids, he thought, as he positioned himself to help the boy up.

With some effort they managed to get Brian to stand and while Frank held onto him, Leslie pulled up his blood-stained underwear and shorts, buttoning them back in place. With one each side they supported him with Frank carrying his backpack, but even within the first fifty feet they had both become covered in blood and mud through contact with his clothing, their hands sticky and red from everything they touched.

Progress after a short stop on the other side of the river became more difficult as they made their way up the steeper incline towards the cabin. Brian seemed to be truly in great pain and small rivulets of blood continued to dribble out from under his shorts.

“What’s your name?” asked Frank as they briefly rested.

“Leslie, and he’s Brian.”

“I’m Frank. Let’s hope we can get him cleaned and comfortable up at the cabin. Like I said I’m no doctor, right? I’ll do what I can for you both.”

With Frank grabbing the hand of his good side and Leslie pushing from behind they managed after almost quarter of an hour to finally get him into the clearing that marked the bottom of the cabin’s back yard. Brian was in tears continually, wailing with each step from the pain in his shoulder and Frank noted that he walked with a limp. All three were panting, filthy and sweating from their exertions as they broke through into the warmth of the grassy area. Although he kept his thoughts to himself, Frank was particularly angry at the intrusion and at himself for offering assistance, his solitude broken by two dumb kids who had been wholly unprepared for a hike in such a deserted section of the country.

“Brian, hold onto the bench seat. Leslie, if I hold him up can you take off his clothing?” said Frank tersely, bracing himself against the young boy. “Hey, cheer up, you’re still alive!” he said, smiling at the look of horror on the boy’s face. Leslie knelt down and undid the button of the boy’s shorts, then pulled down as she gripped the least bloody areas. They came down slowly, squelching now and again as the extent of his injuries was revealed. Once they had dropped to the grass, Leslie reached up, smiled at Brian reassuringly and pulled down his underwear, peeling it away from his skin where it refused to budge. She saw that his groin was simply a mass of cuts and grazes, no doubt unbearably painful. Turning quickly to her side she gasped as her imagination tried to approximate the pain he must be feeling.

Frank kicked the clothing away a little and helped to boy to sit on the old wooden bench. Leslie looked at the older man with concern now that the extent of the boy’s wounds had been revealed. Brian’s vomit-stained T-shirt made sure he wasn’t going to win any prizes for teenage fashion.

“We’re all pretty filthy. Guys, do you mind if I get these clothes off before I go inside?” asked Frank. He was pleased to note that Leslie actually answered that she didn’t mind, while Brian just shook his head and heaved. Standing next to the two teens he pulled his shirt over his head and dropped his shorts, revealing his lack of underwear and his red-stained arms and legs. Even his back had stains of the boy’s blood which had begun to dry in the sun. Leslie looked away from the man’s naked body while Brian didn’t seem to notice at all. As he piled his clothes over by the bench seat he sensed Leslie taking a sly glance towards his groin. Frank unlocked the cabin door and went inside to both heat up some water and lightly stroke himself as he watched the teens out in the garden.

Brian breathed deeply, the dried blood on his head making him look years older. “I’m so sorry Les,” he said.

“It’s OK, you had a really bad fall you know,” she said, still looking in the direction of the cabin.

“My head hurts like hell. I can see two of you.” He breathed in loudly “God I want to be sick again,” and promptly vomited between the wooden slats of the seat and onto the grass.

“We’ll get you cleaned up then you can rest.”

“This is so embarrassing.”


Frank emerged from the cabin carrying a plastic basin which contained some cold water, washing up liquid, a pair of washing up gloves and a couple of sponges. He saw Leslie looking at him, her eyes darting between the basin and just below.

“You should take your top off Leslie before it gets in your hair, it’s really dirty. There’s nobody around for miles, don’t worry.” As suggested, Leslie stood and pulled her T-shirt up over her head and dropped it on the grass. Frank’s stomach lurched as he saw her small naked breasts and the flat, muscled area of her abdomen. “Your shorts are horrible as well, so I should dump them too. Add them to the pile.” Again, Leslie obeyed and dropped her shorts beside her T-Shirt. As she turned to smile weakly at him his eyes were drawn to the unmistakable shape of her pussy lips through her very elegant silky panties. He noted the label which was poking out at the back, then smiled back and mumbled something half-complimentary even though her panties too had large streaks of the boy’s blood across the sides and were totally unsuitable for hiking. He felt blood surging into his groin and looked up quickly at a passing black crow which dampened his enthusiasm for a very short while. He smiled, thinking that this was turning into a very strange day and without a constant stream of crows he might need to have the code drop on his mind far more than he had envisaged, and for very different reasons.

Chapter 3

“So one of us should use the gloves to pull the brambles and thorns off him, while the other runs water over him to try and rinse it off, OK?”

“OK, so you do the water and I’ll use the gloves,” said Leslie, moving into position. Frank looked around at the weird sight in his garden. Three naked people (except for a pair of expensive Dior panties), two teens, blood everywhere, one teen badly hurt, one teen possibly in need of other attention. His cock rose slightly as Leslie began gently wiping the blood off her cousin and her little nipples came into profile against her tanned torso. He swallowed hard as she rung the cloth out onto the grass beside her. The cold water didn’t immediately help much and in fact converted the slightly slippery streaks into a red pool at Brian’s feet. Frank’s cock was misbehaving.

“I’m going to check on the hot water. You should take your panties off too as they’re really dirty. We can wash everything in the river once Brian is resting, I do that all the time,” he said, turning to go inside. From the kitchen window he watched as she stood, looked around as though checking for voyeurs and then dropped her panties into the pile of clothes. During the process she seemed to make her thighs dirty with smears of her cousin’s blood and dark red streak marks stretched from her hips down past her knees.

The water was luke-warm and he gave it another five minutes as he watched the two chatting away. The girl seemed quite relaxed with her nudity, while Brian covered his groin with his hands and swayed in response to the pain. With a basin almost full of warm water he went back out just in time to see Brian have another attack of vomiting which caused Leslie to jump out of the way.

“OK, I’ve added a little washing up liquid.” Frank motioned towards the boy’s cock. “So now if you get the mess off around here we can work our way downwards.” Tentatively, Leslie felt around for his penis and smiled when it emerged between her gloved fingers.

“Wow, it’s kinda shriveled up,” she said.

“I doubt of Brian is feeling very aroused right now, what with the blow to his head and hundreds of lacerations. Pull it out so I can get the water on it, it’s still bleeding in some places.” Leslie tugged his cock and ran her hands around his balls, smiling as she realised that Brian was making deeper breathing noises. “Rub the water around, get the stuff moving. That’s it!”

The boy was in pain from his fall but also suffering as his cock demonstrated signs of life. As they worked the washing up liquid and warmer water served its purpose. Once the boy’s genitals were clean they turned their attention to his legs, then shins. His cock grew steadily and Leslie gave it more attention than necessary. She blinked slowly as she glanced across at Frank and saw that his cock too had grown and was bobbing only a couple of feet away.

“Oh my god!” whispered Leslie, alternating between her cousin and the older man.

“See what you’re doing to us?” laughed Frank.

“Make it stop then.”

“There’s no way a guy can do that.”

Leslie simply shook her head and continued cleaning the boy. At the suggestion of Frank they helped Brian to stand and Leslie steadied him from the front while Frank washed down the back of his legs. The boy’s cock was now rigid and inches away from his cousin’s face. She looked closely at it as it bobbed in front of her, the balls tightening and the veins of his shaft prominent, throbbing. Frank ran the sponge along his legs, between the cheeks of his buttocks and down over the back of his shins. Slowly, they helped him sit again as he fought off another wave of nausea. Pulling him forward so he sat on the edge of the seat Frank raised the boy’s legs, even though this immediately produced a wail from Brian.

“Hold his legs up like this and I’ll clean his bum,” said Frank, rinsing the sponge. With an extra squirt of washing up liquid directly at the boy’s anus, Frank washed him carefully, his finger scratching the crinkled opening on purpose which was rewarded with a groan.

Leslie looked up at her cousin and smiled a little. “Your thing’s getting kinda large Bri!”

“How old is he?” asked Frank


“Wow, he’s enormous for nineteen,” said Frank, running the sponge up and down the boy’s shaft. Neither teen seemed to object and Frank was pleased they had crossed that hurdle. Frank looked down and checked her gloves were clean. “Help me keep his cock and balls up out of the way and I’ll just finish off here.”

Frank took one leg while Leslie grabbed his balls to allow Frank full access and he once again intruded into the boy’s anus and felt the contractions around his finger. The water dripping off the area was clean so he brought the boys legs down and helped him place his feet on a reasonably clean area.

“Can you make sure his foreskin is clean, Leslie? I’m going to change the water.”

“His what?”

“Foreskin, the top of his penis. We want to make sure he hasn’t got any dirt in there.”

“It looks clean from here.”

“No you need to pull it back and check. Take hold of it here and pull down,” said Frank, touching the boy’s throbbing cock.

Leslie carefully took hold of the thin layer of skin and giggled as it slid downwards. The inside was indeed filthy and while Frank looked pleased with himself for thinking of it, Leslie went to work and cleaned him with her slippery, gloved fingers. Brian groaned and squirmed, rising slightly off the bench until the pain in his shoulder became too much. Frank walked towards the cabin, realising that his cock too was fully erect and he couldn’t have cared less. As he got inside the smell of the sweat and blood on his body became offensive and he hurried to fill the basin with water and get back outdoors. However, the sight of Leslie kneeling in front of her cousin and cleaning his cock was pure poetry and he savored every minute as his own cock throbbed against the cutlery drawer as the little girl alternated between water and wiping. Deciding that both of the two teens were somewhat at his mercy he walked outside, his cock leading the way by six point five inches. As he approached he saw that Leslie was having trouble getting her fingers wrapped all the way around the boy’s stiff member and also recognized that look on the boy’s face of impending orgasm.

“That should be enough, Leslie.”


“It’s clean.” She looked up to speak and reached out to take the basin. Slipping slightly on the grass she missed the basin and reached out instead to brace her fall. She bumped against Brian’s knee and landed almost directly in the middle of the pile of clothes.

“Oh fuck! No! Oh shit!” she screamed as Brian’s underwear stuck to her buttocks. Both Brian and Frank laughed at her bad luck making her angrier by the minute until Brian suddenly stopped and screamed in pain. She stood and peeled off the filthy garment, throwing it further away out of range.

“Don’t they teach you any other words at school?”

“What?” asked Leslie angrily.

“Most of the time you swear like a trooper.”

She looked up at him. “Sorry, it’s just that, you know, today isn’t turning out to be the greatest day, right?”

“OK, it is certainly an unusual day for all of us, but it will have a happy ending.”

Leslie smiled, looking briefly at Brian. “Sorry, you’ve been very helpful. And so kind to us.” She looked down at the man’s half-erect cock, gazing longer than would be considered polite. He stepped towards her and opened his arms. She understood and moved against him and as he wrapped his arms around her he kissed her forehead.

“I promise. We’ll get you back safe and sound,” he said, letting her go, pleased with another hurdle out of the way. He realised that they were both naked, covered in sweat and dirt and no doubt smelled very bad, but nevertheless they had cuddled quite happily. He looked down at Brian who had leaned back with his eyes closed. “He really does have a nice cock, doesn’t he?”

“Why do you say that, that’s kinda weird isn’t it for a guy to say?”

“Not really. It’s very big for his age, and it’s a classic shape. It’s like a classic breast, or bum.”

Leslie smiled. “If you say so.”

“Turn round, I’ll clean your legs up.”

Without question, Leslie turned and Frank rinsed her legs off with the warm water. Her buttocks were firm, without a trace of fat, muscular to his touch just as he thought they would be. Brian opened his eyes and watched as Frank ran the sponge between her legs, across her anus and up over her clit. She wobbled slightly and groaned at his touch. Leaving the sponge in the basin he took the bar of soap and pushed it between her legs, using his fingers to get soap in between her buttocks and over her pussy. She leaned down slightly as he worked, smiling over at Brian before closing her eyes.

“That feels good, right?”

“Mmm,” she said after a pause, noting that both cocks had become fully hard. “You can do that all day,” she said then brought her hand to her mouth, giggling. “Oh my god, I didn’t mean that!”

“It’s OK, it’s a natural reaction. You feel petty aroused, right?”

She was silent, her eyes closed as she held onto his shoulder for balance. Each stroke of his fingers reduced her embarrassment and reluctance to respond, until she grinned down at him. “Yeah. Your fingers feel good.” He slid his middle finger along the valley between her pussy lips and up to her clit. She groaned in appreciation and he moved back and forth, alternating with fingers, water and soap bar.

“Part your legs a little more Leslie, bend over and hold your knees,” he said, smiling in the direction of Brian who was watching in awe. “You can do this for her once you’re mended!” he said, feeling the silkiness of her pussy lips. His fingers moved back over her buttocks and dug in before exploring the valley between. He very briefly slid a finger over her anus and was surprised there was no objection. Pushing a little harder he ran his finger along the length of the valley from her vagina past her anus and up to the small of her back. She purred with pleasure so he varied his cleaning, moving from anus to clit and back again until she shuffled to signal she needed something different. “There, now you’re super-clean.” He rinsed her off again and playfully slapped her buttocks. “All done. Do you feel up to cleaning me off?”

Leslie didn’t answer but took hold of the sponge, wet it and positioned herself behind Frank. He parted his legs a little to give her access.

“This is so weird,” she said, rubbing the backs of his knees.

“Start at the top so the water flows down.”

She rubbed carefully and slowly got closer to his buttocks, then without warning pushed hard between his legs and wiped his balls. Moving quickly she rinsed him off and even gave his stiff aching cock a quick wipe to make sure it was clean. Brian was smiling at their efforts but careful to sit to minimize the pain in his shoulder.

“Thank you,” said Brian, his chest struggling with the effort from speaking.

“For what?” asked Frank

“For looking after us. You didn’t have to do anything. You could have left us down there but you’ve been so kind.”

“No, I wouldn’t do that.”

Leslie stepped up to Frank and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, her nipples brushing his chest. “That’s from us, to you!” she said happily as his cock pushed against her stomach.

Frank smiled at the thought and motioned for Brian to try and get up. The boy’s limbs were obviously aching now and it was with considerable effort and pain that he managed to get into the cabin and through to the bedroom. Frank pulled back the sheet and spread out two bin liners to protect the mattress. After helping him lie down on the bed, Frank went through to the kitchen to see if he had any bandages.

Leslie looked at Brian and grimaced at the sight.

“I would have died without you two,” said Brian.

“You really smashed your head you know.”

“Yeah, it hurts like crazy.” Leslie sat on the side of the bed and stroked his leg.

“So much for our romantic holiday.”


“Yeah, we were going to spend all three days naked in the tent.”

“Yeah, right.”

“I mean it. Now we’re naked but can’t do anything” Her fingers travelled higher up towards his groin and his cock bobbed up expectantly. She reached out and ran a finger along its length. “It does get quite big, right?”

“I dunno, same as most guys I think.”

She took him between two fingers and pulled his foreskin down. He groaned loudly, his member swelling rapidly once again. She pulled it back up then pulled it down again, half an inch, just like Frank had shown her. “God this is so cool, playing with this!”

“Oh Les!” he hissed as Frank wandered back in.

“You’re going to have to let him come sometime or he’ll go crazy.”

“I just need to sleep,” said Brian, genuinely worn out.

“OK, so let’s try to bandage your cuts, and then make sure you can get some sleep.” He cut the bandage into strips and made a reasonable effort of patching up the bigger gashes. With a smaller plaster or two on the smaller cuts, Frank moved the boy more fully onto the bed and parted his legs. There was extensive bruising and lacerations on his inner thighs and a nasty looking bruise on his left shin.

“OK, that seems to be about all. Time to get some sleep,” said Frank, taking the remaining bandages into the kitchen. Leslie stroked the boy’s leg again, her fingers trailing up to his balls. She grabbed his scrotum and pulled very lightly. Brian shot up off the bed and shrieked in pain.

“Oh jeeze that bleedin hurt!”

“But I only pulled it gently,” she replied as Frank came back in.

“What happened?”

“It felt like glass in my balls when she touched me!”

Frank looked confused but leaned down over him, wondering why there was a sudden pain in that area. “Oh wait, I see something, look here!” he said to Leslie. She leaned down while Brian strained to see what they were looking at.

“Where?” she asked.

Frank carefully stretched the young boy’s scrotum and pointed with his finger. “Here, it looks like a thorn from those brambles” Leslie poked around and agreed that there was something there. She also found another two thorns at the junction of his right leg and his sack, just about where the bramble had been when she found him by the river.

Brian shook his head slowly as his cock once again hardened with Leslie’s touch. “Please, just pull them out,” he pleaded.

“We’d better do it now as the light will fade soon,” said Frank, pulling his balls to one side to give a better view.

“I can get them, I have little fingers and some nails,” said Leslie, leaning closer. “If you can stretch him out a bit then that’ll make it easier.” So while Frank pulled his sack to stretch the skin, Leslie leaned down, inches from his cock and picked at the thorn with her nails, teasing it out from under his skin. She cheered as it came free and Brian exhaled loudly. Frank was interested to notice the faint trace of pre-cum that had formed on the tip of the teen’s cock. He relaxed his grip on the boy’s sack and pulled his balls and cock away from the location of the next two thorns which appeared to be larger and deeper than the first. The little girl leaned between her cousin’s legs and gripped the first thorn between thumb and forefinger. Brian squirmed as the pain increased once again but was elated as she showed him the result of her work.

The boy’s cock was absolutely rigid with pleasure and expectation, bobbing on its own even while four hands worked inches from his manhood. She looked down to her right and saw that Frank’s cock was also hard, resting on the side of the bed. She turned slightly as though trying to find a better angle and slipped her fingers between her own legs, delighted to feel the wetness of her pussy lips and their aroused state. She wiped her fingers on the bed sheet and took less than a minute to remove the last thorn. She looked up at Brian with pleasure, hesitated, then bent down and kissed his cock down towards the junction of his balls.

“Now you can get some sleep!” she said. Brian reached out and pulled her closer, caressing her tight naked buttocks with his free hand. She leaned down and gently kissed his lips before walking into the kitchen to throw the thorns down the sink.

Chapter 4

After waiting for a few minutes to make sure Brian fell asleep, they walked out into the garden and moved the bench seat away from the blood on the ground before sluicing it down with cold water. Still naked, they sat quietly and watched the trees swaying in the breeze and the birds busy hunting for food in the undergrowth. Leslie explained about the romantic trip she had planned for the three days and how Brian’s fall that afternoon had ruined everything. Her explanation was punctuated by increasing deep breaths until Frank turned to her and saw that she was crying. He reached out and pulled her to his side, consoling her with cuddles and light kisses to her head.

“Hey, there there. It’ll be OK” soothed Frank.

“It’s messed up. Now all we can do is go home and he’ll go back to Kansas. End of story.”

“You have tonight here with him, that’s the same as being at the campsite.”

“He’s out cold. Poor boy.” She sobbed and Frank pulled her closer. “Oh I’m so sorry, I’m really very grateful for your help.”

“No problem,” he said as his cock filled rapidly. He knew she was staring at it and in earlier days his increasing erection might have been a source of embarrassment but he ignored it and hoped that Leslie would watch it grow and shrink without being concerned. “It’s funny if you think about accidents. They never have just one cause, it’s almost always a result of lots of little things going wrong.”

She didn’t answer but wiped her nose on the back of her hand and leaned up.

“So why was he vomiting red and yellow lumps?” asked Frank, hugging her a little closer.

“The red stuff is the berries that we found. Maybe the yellow is breakfast?”

“You ate wild berries?” asked Frank incredulously.

Leslie shrugged. “I know, just don’t lecture me.”

“But that’s so basic.”

“Please, I know, OK?” said Leslie defensively.

“So how come you haven’t been sick?”

“He had way more than me, there were so many on the bushes. I wasn’t too happy about the taste though.” She paused for a while, watching the leaves rippling in the light breeze. “I think he ran off to poop, somewhere that I wouldn’t see. On his way back he fell into the river. Dumbass.”

“But guess why there were so many on the bushes?” Leslie shrugged and turned away, disinterested. “Because the birds know not to eat them. So, bad information about the berries led to him trying to be clever, which led to him running off, both of you falling and him having a major accident.”

They were silent for several minutes although Leslie nestled closer to Frank. She looked at the extent of the grass, the flower borders, the pile of filthy clothing and Frank’s cock which changed size and shape almost constantly.

“Is there anything I can do round your cabin to help, maybe some cleaning?” she offered.

“We could clean the windows outside. That would be really helpful.”

“OK, I’ll put some panties on and we can get going.” She reached down and pulled out some plain pink panties from her backpack.

“Oh, is that soup there?” asked Frank.

“Yeah, cream of chicken I think.”

“OK, let’s make some later and we can save some for when Brian wakes up.”

Leslie’s clean (and less impressive) panties remained on the worktop as she bent down to rummage under the sink for cleaning materials. She poked her head into the cupboard and moved some cans around. Frank watched in awe as her tiny buttocks flexed with her movements and the feminine shape of her pussy was framed by her tight, muscular legs. Crowing the display was her tiny anus, winking at him and his hardening cock.

“Anything that looks like it has soap in it and is liquid will do Leslie,” said Frank, briefly touching his cock. As she stood back up she handed him the spray and tilted her head slightly as she wondered if his cock was longer than before. They smiled at each other, accurately guessing the thoughts of the other.

With cloths and window cleaner in hand they made their way to the front of the cabin, careful to ensure that there was still nobody in sight. Frank had no expectations at all that someone might be wandering across his property, but being naked with a young girl would raise questions that he would rather avoid.

Leslie and he took turns to stand on a chair to spray the windows then rub them clean while the other held the chair and as Frank passed the spray down to Leslie he smiled at the joy on her face and the positive change in her attitude since they had first met. She smiled back as her gaze drifted down to his cock at her eye level before turning away quickly with a show of innocence.

“It’s OK, I don’t mind,” said Frank, looking back up to the top of the window as he wiped. He looked back at her but she was silent, staring at the chair. “After all, I’ve been staring at you.” She turned from him with a look of modesty which was quickly replaced by one of delight.

He stepped down and moved the chair to the second window around the side of the cabin. Leslie got onto the chair and Frank handed her the spray, followed by the cloths. She was much shorter than Frank and strained to reach the top panes. On tiptoe her legs were beautifully shaped, lean, muscular and led up to the tight little globes of her buttocks.

“Want me to do those?”

“No, I can probably get them,” said Leslie, leaning closer to the window. As Frank expected, she wobbled precariously as the chair leaned over on just two legs. He reached out to grab her, struggling to keep her standing on the chair as she dropped the cloth. His hand slid quickly between her legs to grip her thighs as she squealed then exhaled quickly as his hand brushed against her pussy. She looked down at him questioningly, as though expecting something to follow on immediately, but Frank simply apologized quite naturally and held her hand as she jumped down.

“I’ll get the top ones so that you don’t break your neck. Don’t want another injured person do we?”

Leslie smiled and handed him the spray, her eyes glancing towards his slightly swollen cock. As he wiped away the season’s grime he knew that her attention was between his legs, quite possibly the first time she had been given an opportunity to study a man.

As they reached the final window, Leslie spotted an old Frisbee in the undergrowth that Frank said he had found in the river years ago. Abandoning the cleaning Frank gave her a brief lesson on the way to throw and then they began a game of counting the number of times they were successful in catching the Frisbee, with extra points for a difficult catch. Leslie made some impressive efforts to catch the thing and Frank was only too aware of her wonderful physique whenever she had to stand on tip toe or one foot to reach up to grab it as it passed overhead. She seemed to catch on to the idea of stretching her opponent and deliberately threw the Frisbee above Frank’s head so he had to jump to catch it, making his cock wobble to her utter delight.

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