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Jane’s Farewell

Joe Brewster

Copyright 2017 Joe Brewster

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Jane sat with her mature yoga-fit body solemnly perched on the edge of a copier machine. She planted one foot on the shoulder of her kneeling admirer as the earnest young man nestled between her toned slim thighs, nuzzled his face into her trimmed gray pubes, and ably performed oral sex on her.

Party festivities given in Jane’s honor carried on just outside the storage room in which she’d sequestered the two of them. Her office send-off could go on without her. Jane favored attending this more intimate send-off.

Ryan, the capable young rep who’d been her ally since she brought him on board 3 years ago, was now in the midst of honoring his much-older ladyboss with a farewell gesture all his own. The thoughtful young man went down on Jane eagerly, with both zeal and devotion, striving to do everything in his power to create for her the most brilliant orgasm possible. His resulting parting gift would be a stunning climax that she’d hopefully never forget.

Jane could always count on Ryan as having her best interests at heart. Up to now he’d never hinted those interests might contain erotic shadings.

Through thick and thin, while countering the various grievances harbored by his entitled coworkers, he’d backed every one of Jane’s managerial decisions. Ryan had been chastely loyal to Jane in the work place. Much the same way as Daisy, Jane’s faithful retriever (whom she’d adopted after losing her husband 8 years ago) had been loyal to Jane as her solitary household companion.

Ryan faithfully stood with Jane through the petty white-collar skirmishes and, similarly, provided moral support in her fight against the back-channel antics of her office rival, Lexley Holt.

Lexley, a recent Harvard business grad, was close to the same age as 24-year-old Ryan. Therefore seeming a more likely ally of his. Jane, in fact, was 10 years past being twice as old as he. Yet, if the truth be told, Ryan couldn’t stand Lexley. Lexley’s thoughts were consumed with cutting costs and increasing profits to the detriment of the long-term fiscal health of their customers. She had no empathy for people.

Ironically, in celebrating their few small victories over Lexley, Jane and Ryan had never physically shared any show of affection beyond kudos-giving smiles and a comradely tentative fist bump. Now that Lexley had secured her total victory over Jane, by forcing her to take a buyout and early retirement, Jane and Ryan were at last addressing their deeply held sexual feelings.

As the sensual charge of mounting pleasure hummed viscerally within the abdominal warmth of her flat lower belly, Jane cursed her principled stance against partaking freely the sexual favors of her subordinates. She could have had this shy lean-bodied young man as her devoted sexual minion for the past 3 years now. Ugh…but it did make this ultimate hook-up that much more deliciously satisfying.

As far as Jane was concerned the party had been a farce. Jane delivered a mandatory thank-you speech then the party was promptly taken over by Lexley’s faction. They celebrated the new direction the data-obsessed Lexley promised would lead to greater profits for them all. It became Lexley’s party, not Jane’s. That was typical. Over the course of time Lexley had usurped every bit of Jane’s power and authority and now, as a parting shot, she commandeered Jane’s going away party as well.

Jane was just about to make her exit except she hadn’t yet seen Ryan. She wanted to say goodbye. She needed to tell her youthful crony how dearly she treasured his commitment over the years.

Shyness hampered Ryan from approaching Jane in this public setting. He balked at the prospect of letting his deeply felt emotions get the better of him here. He knew he’d never be able to say all the things he wanted to say to Jane either in public or in private. To that end he placed his tender thoughts on paper inside of a bon voyage themed Hallmark™ card.

Jane sought him out as he stood at the periphery of the celebration. She walked Ryan over to a farther wall in a quiet corner space. Jane was then handed the envelope with the card that contained everything she needed to know.

Jane watched the hopeful anxiety written on Ryan’s face as she read his words. They matched her sentiments almost exactly, concluding with three little words: “I love you.”

Jane gazed deeply into the adoring face of her gallant young champion, seeking to divine if he meant those words quite literally. Jane felt confident that he did. She knew she needed to reach out and ease his anxious mind in some manifest tangible way. She yearned with the need to offer this soul-baring young man the freedom to express his heartfelt amorous devotion explicitly, exquisitely, and passionately.

With wanting eyes she lured him into seclusion behind a key-coded door that only she and a few others had access to. Jane, with slow deliberation, softly caressed Ryan’s face in the palms of both her hands and gently held it as she pressed her lips to his, tenderly lingering a brief moment, before hungrily unleashing her greedy tongue inside the warmth of his wet welcoming mouth.

The young man’s passion bloomed throughout his nicely muscled body as his penis quickly grew rigid. Jane bound herself to him in passionate embrace as Ryan’s thick stiffness quickly pulsed to a cock-throbbing climax. Thereby, soiling his khakis.

Jane ceased her soul-searing kiss and, to avoid fouling her skirt on his semen-soaked slacks, stepped away from her starry-eyed lad.

She leaned back against the copier and removed her left shoe, a spike heel stiletto pump.

Jane needed to use Ryan’s sturdy shoulder as a footrest for her bare thigh-high stocking foot. All the better to work herself against his thrusting, flickering tongue.

Jane waited on Ryan to kneel.

He knelt with incredulous pride that Jane had accepted him as a sexual partner worthy of going down on her. Jane gazed down to see his youthful face peering up at her from amidst her thighs, his eyes welling with grateful tears.

She rode his face to a shimmering wet climax.

It was a stunning farewell.

The End

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