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By B.L. Quick

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Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Chapter 3
Chapter 4


Chapter 1

Nick and his wife had tried everything – every herbal remedy, position, and treatment. At least it felt that way. Years passed to no avail, afflicting their hearts and, as a result, their marriage. Nick was at his wit's end. Sick of disappointing Samantha and desperate for any solution – no matter how ridiculous.

Cho, a fellow engineer at work, had recommended the shop. The owner was, in Cho’s words, Nick's best hope. In fact, scattered conversations over several weeks and Cho's relentless insistence that Nick make the trip to the shop – that it would be well worth it and a sure fire way to impregnating his wife and ending his problems – had filled his heart with renewed confidence.

So Nick went. The shop, as if satisfying a cliché or Nick's worst nightmares, was located deep down a gritty alleyway in Chinatown, and when he stepped in, he was far from impressed. It was a dim clutter of trinkets and jars – some filled with roots, others with what looked to be parts of animals. The jars sat, barely illuminated by the red lanterns above, on black lacquered wooden cabinets detailed with ornate pearl dragons and cranes. The shop smelled like someone had let take out sit in their car overnight – along with 14 pairs of old shoes, an open bottle of nail polish, stale tea, and a scattering of moth balls. Nick held his breath.

You want this.

The old man had a hoary beard, long eyebrows, and leaned from his chair beneath a green light. Over tea the shop owner listened closely to Nick's explanation, nodding occasionally. Then, without explanation, walked to the back of the shop. Nick could hear him rummaging around. The clinking of jars. The sound of a lighter. A burning smell.

Eventually he creaked back smoking a cigarette with something in his hand. A golden necklace with a crooked golden pendant stuffed with a tangle of brown stuff. It looked organic. Roots? Herbs? The man cleared his throat and explained the process, repeating himself, opening his eyes wide. Nick’s thoughts strayed to observing the strange man in front of him.

He was articulate, the timbre of his voice was warm, his accent was lilting and comforting. Nick relaxed. The man kept repeating "the necklace seeks balance" always with wide eyes while shaking a wrinkled finger his way. However entranced Nick was, he grew more and more sure the method would work – and more impatient to proceed. You need this.

"The entire success of the necklace is dependent on your ability to concentrate, which means when you decide to use it, you have to do everything you can to limit any outside stimuli that could interrupt your focus on what you desire. Complete concentration. No people. No noise. No-"

"No interruptions. I get it. Now take my money and give me the necklace."

The man eyed him sternly for a moment then snorted. "I also need to stress that you will get what you want sooner than later. Things tend to happen quickly."

"Sooner than later. Great. Now take my money and give me the necklace!" Nick gritted his teeth in a feigned smile and shrugged.

The man spit on the table in disgust. "Ugh. You know what, forget it. You're just a customer. I've told you what you need to know. You don't seem to realize how much of a favor I am doing you by taking time to reiterate."

He snatched the money from Nick's right hand and shoved the necklace into his left. "Here. Be careful. Use your head."

"Thank yo—"

"Don't thank me! Leave. And be very careful. The necklace-"

"Seeks balance! I got it." Nick put the necklace in his pocket, turned for the door and headed back out into the snow.

Nick turned and looked at the shop—what an odd man—such fuss over a silly necklace. He twirled the necklace in his pocket.

"No more tests, no more regimens. Work is on my way home and everyone has gone home for the day. I'll just swing in there, lock myself in the bathroom, get this done then go straight home and fuck my wife so full of cum she will have quintuplets."

He laughed to himself.

Chapter 2

Nick entered work and walked through the office. As he expected, everyone had gone home. No one was at a desk. Even the janitors were finished with their work. He walked into the men's bathroom.

Wait. No.

He needed something more solitary. He thought back to the warning: Limit outside stimuli. A stall doesn't cut it.

"There's a private nursing room in the executive wing, I can lock myself in there." Nick ran down the hall to the private bathroom, slammed the door and pressed the lock.

"Okay. No stimulus."

Nick emptied his pockets of wallet and phone, and took off his clothes, neatly folded them, piling all of his belongings on the table in front of him. He turned off the light. He faced the mirror positioned above the table and readied the necklace in both hands. He could barely make out the form in front of him in the darkness.

You already know what you want through and through, so this will be over in no time. He closed his eyes.

Virility. Virility. Virility.

He focused on the word in his mind. He imagined the triumphant fuck with his wife, his cock pulsating, shooting thick ribbons of hot cum into her – strong swimmers, and a lot of them; an army invading one helpless waiting egg with no hope for any other contingency but conception. Pregnancy. Knocking her up. Nick’s balls stirred at the thought. All of his troubles, all the years of trying, the fertility treatments, solved right now. Virility. This was the moment, sure in his mind. He pulled the necklace over his head.


Just before his hands released the necklace—there was a buzz. His phone. He looked at the table, the screen lit with a new text from his wife.

don't forget milk on way home

The necklace fell around his neck.

Chapter 3

He stood there for what seemed like a long time.

The screen of his phone went dark.

His eyes adjusted to the dark.

Nick sensed nothing.

"Well, I guess it's happened. I should go home. Maybe I will leave the necklace on just in case."

He reached for his clothing.


He felt a gradual warmth building in his balls. He looked down at his penis. It rose to attention.

"That's more like it!" Blood was flowing. A firm erection. He watched it proudly as his dick pulsated with is heartbeat; it was definitely harder than usual. The necklace was working! His wife would have no chance of walking away without being impregnated. He looked in the mirror, pleased. The heat in his balls intensified to a wonderful ache.

"God, if this keeps going I'm going to cum right here," he laughed, "I should get home. Wifey will be waiting. The milk can wait...Oh!"

Pleasure shot through his testicles. He looked down. They looked larger. He watched curiously as his engorged sac dropped with a sigh. His balls lingered for a moment, swollen and red. Then, in a jolt, they seized upwards, retracting into his pelvis with a pop.

Nick gazed in wonder at his dick, once framed below by two testicles. Now it stood alone. "What the?"

He could feel the heat of his testicles tight within him, claustrophobic, emanating heat in his pelvis. He reached a hand down to inspect the area under his penis and felt the loose skin of his scrotum being pulled behind his balls steadily like a blanket, creating a growing hole as the base of his cock.

He reached a finger in after his balls. He could feel their edges just below the surface, still hot, and slowly lurching their way farther within him. A faint sensation was growing between them. A slickness. He pulled his finger out and inspected it, befuddled. The tip was coated in clear fluid. He pressed it to his thumb – it felt...slippery. He brought his finger to his nose, smelling it. The scent was sweet and oddly familiar.

He plunged his finger back into him, farther this time, chasing his testicles as they continued their journey upward with determination. He could barely reach them. His body produced moisture to accommodate his probing and in no time the passage and his finger became glazed in wetness. He grabbed his dick with the other hand – still as hard as a rock, yet, smaller. His penis barely peaked out of the grasp of his hand -- in fact he felt it being pulled into him as well, and growing more sensitive as it did. Finally, he lost contact with his balls. He could feel them ascending within, condensing. His pelvis felt electric.

It was then he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. The scene was ridiculous. Standing with one hand inside him and the other grasping his rock hard, and steadily shrinking cock. Perplexed, he tried to stand up straight, but the base of his spine bent hard sending his ass jutting out behind him and his shrinking penis farther out of view below.

Before he could process the sudden repositioning of his skeletal structure, something on his chest caught his attention. His nipples. They seemed. Wider? Longer? He felt soreness radiating beneath them. They looked puffy, as if they were sitting on welts. He touched the skin around his nipples. Stiff like mosquito bites -- and sensitive. The welts were expanding, widening his areoles with them. In moments his thick nipples poked from two firm domes the diameter of tennis balls.

He laughed to himself nervously, taken by the changes. "What is this? An allergic reaction?" He tore at the necklace, ripping it from his neck.

Metal hit floor. He looked down, praying for relief, but the welts continued to grow, with every pulse forward they felt more and more wonderful. "Oh...Oh yes!" he moaned. His voice cracked like a teenage boy and a soft undertone took over as he repeated the phrase. It

"Oh, fuck. Yes!" His body retorted in a quick jerk, retracting his dick. It would stop when it was finished. He screamed long and loud, lost in pleasure, and, as he did, the bass drained from his throat, dissolving into a piercing feminine scream that sent a treble echo into the ceiling tiles above him.

"It feels so good." the melodious voice repeated between frantic breaths. "...so good."

As if awakened by his scream, the two cheeks of his ass tightened in a jerk, becoming firm and round. It pumped out behind him, two balloons of supple flesh being blown up, breath by breath, filling tighter and tighter, each cheek trying its best to overtake the another without success, finally pushing together hard, deepening the crack of Nick's ass, and using each other as leverage as they grew wide behind him into an undeniable booty, adding a shelf so significant to his now petite profile that he could balance a teacup on the curve protruding from his lithe back. He sent both hands behind him and in two loud smacks took the billowing masses firm into his grip. The flesh pushed back taut against his grip. He dug into the cheeks with long fingernails.

"Oh god. Yes..." He tried instinctively to push it back to where it came from, leaning back for leverage, tits bouncing--but his new, thick ass wasn't going anywhere. "YES!"

Within his testicles curved and twisted. He could feel a gulf growing between them. His penis was now a pink nub of concentrated nerves. It ached as it peaked out from under its new hood. The welts under his nipples had swollen to the size of small melons keeping his newly sculpted sex out of his view. He grabbed hold of his breasts and pulled them to the side, trying to see the changes below. Their immenseness billowed softly through his fingers. His nipples felt electric.

Suddenly he felt lost. Alive. He tweaked his engorged nipples which only added to the pressure in his pelvis. His balls made one final triumphant twist, sending a jet of pain radiating into the tight new cave within him. They snapped into their new home, prepared for their new work. The pressure was building to a breaking point within him. He was pulling at his nipples as hard as he could, kneading his breasts as he did. He dropped a hand to his crotch and inadvertently brushed his new clit.

Time froze for the faintest of moments.

Like the moment before a nuclear explosion.

Like the eye of a hurricane.

Mouth open.

Eyes wide in disbelief.


He fell to his knees. His entire body exploded into orgasm, rocked with pleasure, every inch of him carried away, testicles performing their final act, expelling flood after flood of semen through his new plumbing. It jetted through his fallopian tubes and into his new uterus. His hair cascaded in a flood from his head, wrapping around his shoulders and down to the small of his back. He bucked on his knees, mad with pleasure, his butt bouncing. The lips below his nose filled out as unhinged feminine moans and gasps passed through them. He let go of his breast with his left hand and clutched for the wall, scratching it with his long nails in search for something to cling to, but there was nothing, and he was left to desperately ride out wave after wave of orgasm until, finally, each of his testicles closed for business, walling out the final swimming traces of his manhood. Their reformation had begun. They condensed into new creatures—ovaries. In a few minutes they would be teeming with eggs.

Chapter 4

The room spun; became silent. His body quaked in random spurts now, all aftershocks from the orgasm. He shakily pulled himself up from his knees – head down, eyes closed, hair falling around his face like curtains. Nick struggled, doing his best to balance the weight between his new hanging breasts, thick ass, and wide hips. Finally he found a precarious footing and pulled himself to the mirror.

He was stunned. Drunk. Aglow. In the dimness a form stood – she was a head shorter than the man that had been in the mirror minutes ago. He saw her curves, rolling in every direction. She was beautiful. He could make out the form of his nipples sitting thick and proud on her perky breasts.

"How?" He grabbed a breast. "Why?"

His new pussy glistened in the dim light, framed beneath the generous round flesh of his ass. There was a wetness between his legs – and a fullness. He tensed the muscles within and his swollen lips pushed apart with a gurgle letting cum dribble out of him. It fell unceremoniously to the floor in a splat. His thin, sculpted eyebrows arched in a wince of pleasure. He tensed the muscles again. This time there was more. It poured hot from his aroused folds.

He kept pushing, shapely legs straddling a growing puddle – the last of his sperm: expelled. Millions remained within. Swimming. Searching. Finally he felt empty. Then he immediately regretted it. It felt good to be full. Or did it? Dropping a hand to his smooth mound, he pressed two fingers inside of him. He shook, still sensitive after orgasm. He pulled them out. Full. Empty. Each felt good in its own way – that is, as long as his pussy could expect both.

He fingered himself again. "Oh god." Eyes and mouth opened wide. "What have I done?" That voice. High. Girly. The fingers within explored the walls of his pussy, pressing what he realized was his G spot. Another pained look of longing crossed his face. "Oh fuck." He pulled his fingers out and his wet pussy lips closed behind them.

"How could this happen?" the woman in the mirror whispered.

The necklace! Kneeling to the floor, his hand searched until his long nails clicked on metal. There it was. He held it in front of his eyes and looked down over his round tits and felt helpless and small – for good reason, the Chinese shop owner would now be a full two inches taller than him.

Nick wanted revenge. He stomped a dainty foot down and his plump ass bounced in agreement. He had to go back and confront the shop owner.

Back to square one. No one would be getting any tonight.

Buzz. A glow of light from the table. He reached for the phone. It was like watching a movie. A woman's hand. Feminine. Smooth skin. Thin wrist and thinner fingers. Long sexy nails. All features were delicate. Reaching. The woman's hand clutched the phone and turned it so he could read the hurried text.

come home somethg vry wrong

The typing icon appeared. Another buzz.


Samantha was in trouble!

Nick scrambled for his clothes, nearly tearing the pocket off his jeans to find his keys before rushing out of the room naked, phone and necklace in hand. A pile of men's clothes remained behind in the nursing room. He bounded down the hall through the occasional triangle of emergency light dotting the corporate hallways of his office towards the main lobby. His new boobs bounced in every direction, pulling at his back and nearly slapping him in the chin, but his thighs were strong.

A series of security cameras coldly documented the escape, recording every bouncing curve of his body into ones and zeros. (In a week it would be watched over and over again on slow motion by the security guard in his office. In two weeks it would be posted on the internet.) The marble tiles of the lobby proved a momentary oasis for Nick's dainty new feet between the itchy conformity of industrial-strength carpet and the hard black asphalt of the parking lot. He pressed the unlock button on his keys and swung the door of his SUV open, leaping to the driver's seat.

His panic was interrupted. There was a problem. He sat perplexed for a moment. There was a problem. The steering wheel was higher, and – Nick looked down – his little legs couldn't reach the pedals.

"DAMN CHINESE GIFTSHOPS! UGHHHH!" He sent a flurry of tiny fists into the steering wheel like a collegiate girl having a tantrum in her daddy's truck.

He wrapped the necklace around the rear view mirror, pushed the keys in the ignition, and turned the truck on in a roar before adjusting the seat to his new proportions. He switched the seat button upwards several times, each slight adjustment causing him to bounce on the pillow of his new booty, then forward until the soft pads of his feet reached the pedals. He looked in the rearview mirror. Two sultry eyes with long lashes gazed back. There was no time. He reached for his seat belt by habit and pulled it in front of him.

There was a new problem: His tits. They were big and in the way. He pouted. This wasn't comfortable. He threw the belt back in a huff, brushed his long hair from his eyes, checked the mirrors, and slammed the car into drive. A dainty foot jammed the accelerator and the SUV jumped the curb, tearing through a flowerbed and directly onto the main road.

The tiny naked woman navigated the boat of an SUV through the dark streets of town. He was lucking out, the lights were green and not many people were on the road.

Just kidding.

The light ahead turned yellow then red. "Damn it all!" Dainty foot jammed break. He came to a stop and drummed his little hands on the steering wheel. "C’mon c’mon c’mon!"

A truck pulled up next to him. He sunk down, trying to hide his new body.

"Well, hey there, sexy!" came a muffled redneck voice. Nick sunk lower, rolling his eyes.

"You want some of THIS tonight, baby." Nick peered over. The redneck was grabbing at his crotch. His friend, the driver, was laughing at the shenanigans.

"Pigs." the girl whispered. She looked back to the light in anger and finally decided this was no place for a lady. "Fuck this!" A dainty foot jammed accelerator and Nick was off through the red light. The engine vibrated the whole car, through the leather seat, into his ass. He bit his lip and smiled. There was something nice about driving as a woman.

In a few miles he swung the steering wheel hard to the left, steering the SUV into his neighborhood, bouncing hard over the speed bumps, and straight into his driveway. He grabbed the necklace and bounded to the front door and unlocked it. He was so worried about his wife, he had momentarily forgotten the state of his body.

A wet patch remained on the leather seat of the SUV.

The house was dark. He stepped in slowly to the entry way. "Samantha? Are you here?" His feminine voice and diminutive presence in the entryway pulled him back to reality. He shook it off, he had to help her.

"Sam? It's Nick." He heard movement in the living room beyond the threshold.


The voice was deep. He froze in fear.

"Nick. Something's wrong." A hulking shadow stepped into the doorway and took a step towards him.

Nick took a step back. The necklace.



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