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Sexy Safari: Prologue

Truth or Disrobe

by Carnie Vawr

Published 2017 on Smashwords by Carnie Vawr


2017 © Carnie Vawr

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It was billed as one of the most dark and foreboding forests in the universe. A vacation meant only for the most wealthy and sexually adventurous. Sexy Safari was actually highly rated among the intergalactic vacation destination packets, and the coil of tents erected in a circle around the tiny campfire was a testament to that. At prices starting around twenty thousand galactic credits, it wasn't a cheap vacation, and the seven tents in all manner of sizes proved that business was good.

The tents ranged from a conservative pup tent, barely big enough for one occupant, to a large fabric cabin with a screened in entrance porch, folding furniture, a complete kitchenette, and the inner glow of electric lighting. One looked like a fresh purchase from a middle end retailer, and another seemed to be a do it yourself project made out of hides and lumber. The brochure made it perfectly clear that even a tent was not required. Guests were encouraged to pack as rugged or as glamp as they preferred.

The fire crackled hungrily, casting a wavering orange light on the Eight women relaxing around it. The women were as varied and exotic as the tents they had constructed in the circle. Like the tents, their attire ranged from rugged sportswear to something better suited for a late night rave. The group was sullenly silent for a band of explorers. Each one was a stranger to the others, with the exception of a pair who had come together and thus were only interacting with one another.

The tour guide, a slender woman in a matching set of gray shorts and a buttoned uniform shirt, poked the blaze and watched the other women with a slight frown. On her shirt was a name badge that read "Vibra," under the round embroidered logo of the Sexy Safari park, which was a tree with a pair of bat wings rising behind it. Her hair was tucked neatly under a brimmed cap sporting the same logo.

With a measured sigh, she picked up a clipboard from the ground beside her. Glittering green eyes glanced over it, as if searching for a solution among the bullet points. She must have found an answer, because she stood, clapping her hands together to get the guests attention.

"Darlings, this is gearing up to be a very long and silent safari. You have all paid large sums of credits for this vacation, so I suggest that you enjoy yourselves and get to know each other. You never know, the person sitting next to you could be the highlight of your journey. It is not unheard of for strangers to pair off and adventure together."

"I know," Vibra paused as if she had just come up with an idea, and didn't have a list of ice breaker activities on her clipboard. "Why don't we go around the circle and introduce ourselves. Share your name, and the adventure you are looking for. I'll go first. My name is Vibra Slithica, I am your guide for your adventure trip. I have been escorting groups through our sexy adventure safari which also doubles as a nature preserve for the past fifteen years."

"What was that?" No one had made a sound. "I don't look that old? Well, you are too kind. I just naturally age well, but thank you so much. Each of you were given a nifty devise which fits conveniently on your wrist. I helped design them, and they will be your guide if I am indisposed or with another guest. Who wants to go next?"

Everyone sat silently. A few members of the group were watching Vibra with mild disinterest. Some were outright ignoring her and staring at the fire. The couple who had arrived together were flirting with each other instead of listening.

Rather than be steamed, Vibra plastered her best customer service smile across her face. "Fine, let's make this interesting. We can turn it into a sort of truth or dare. You have to share one embarrassing fact about yourself or you could choose to remove an article of clothing instead. If the person next in line doesn't find that fact interesting, then they can call you on it. If that happens, then you both must remove an article of clothing. We will continue around the circle until we get to everyone."

"I will go first, to show you how it is done." She cleared her throat, contemplating how to get the attention of the sexual perverts surrounding her. "I am turned on by women who scream when they cum. The louder the better, I say."

Vibra turned to the young woman on her left. "See how that worked? Now it's your turn honey."

The short bookish brunette stood and adjusted the glasses perched on the end of her long slender nose. She was wearing a dainty white turtleneck sweater over a very busty chest. Peaked nipples were raising through the knit, betraying the fact that the night air was chilly, and she wasn't wearing a bra. A short plaid skirt barely covered her from thighs to waist. A bushy black tail swayed out from under the checkered fabric. Tucked into her unruly brown hair, were a set of large triangular wolf ears.

"My name is Cindy Kanis," her voice was soft, barely above a whisper. "I am half human and half alien... er... that is... I believe the alien bit is wolf." The girls ears flattened, and her cheeks blushed with embarrassment.

"My mother had an affair with my father on a safari very similar to this. He was one of the attractions. I am hoping to find creatures similar to my people on this safari. I have been raised by my mother to be cultured and intelligent, but there is a wild place in my soul that I have never been able to get rid of. i find myself drawn to wild places, and the sound of wolves howling. I came here to see if I can find a connection between myself and any of the species on this preserve."

Cindy paused a moment, her face flushing a bright pink. "I... I like to be bitten during sex. I actually have a hard time coming to orgasm if I don't feel something sharp against my skin." Cindy's ears were flat against her skull after the confession. Her tail was tucked up between her knees, and she glanced to her left fearfully.

The next woman in the circle was a thin and small chested. She turned up her nose, and snorted at the wolf girl. "My name is Maddox Lotta, CEO of Lotta Industries. We make fine bio-technologies."

Maddox had raven hair that fell to her mid back. It was so shiny and smooth she could have been taking part in a shampoo commercial instead of glamping in the jungle. She wore a long tight fitting evening dress which moved like imported silk and hugged her slender curves. The outfit was completed with a pair of stiletto heeled sandals.

She glanced down at her long manicured nails as if they might develop a chip or scratch at any moment. "Not that it is any business of yours, but I am here to study the unusual flora of the reservation. In particular, I am interested in certain carnivorous plants that produce powerful aphrodisiacs. My company will pay a lot of money for sample to use in our bio-tech if the rumors are true. An embarrassing fact about me is that I am filthy rich, and I still occasionally take vacations with common people like yourselves."

Around the campfire, the group grumbled. Vibra merely nodded, as if she knew she was dealing with a VIP. "Some would say that is hardly embarrassing," she mused thoughtfully.

"If you don't like my contribution, tough," sneered Maddox. "The next person in line is my personal assistant. You would never question me, would you Pickles?"

The woman she was referring to was kneeling submissively with her hands folded in her lap. She looked up upon being addressed, and grinned broadly at the group. Like Cindy, this woman had ears and a tail, although they resembled a feline instead of a wolf. They also seemed unearthly and unnatural. Unlike Cindy, with her brown and gray coloring, the cat girl's ears and tail were a vibrant green. Her hair was pale blue, an obvious dye job, and tied into three long braids. She was dressed in a ridiculous black and white frilly outfit, which made her look like a fetish maid. Her voluptuous breasts were straining to break free from the fabric casing.

"Hello," she said, far too cheerfully. "I am Hyper Assistant Cat Girl, Pickles."

Maddox continued talking, cutting off the bubbling young woman. "Pickles was once the most boring secretary employed by my company. Her name, back then, was Patricia Rickles. Because her life was so boring and meaningless, she agreed to undergo an experimental procedure in bio-technologies. This procedure increased her strength, senses, and gave her features which are far more attractive than your average human. The same procedure also increased her submissive nature. She has become my obedient pet. She didn't even complain when I changed her name. Now Pickles is my super servant."

Pickles beamed through the entire presentation. She seemed quite proud of the creature she had become, despite the obvious limitations. Undeterred by the fact that Maddox was talking about her as if she were a thing and not a person, she seemed rather proud to be a bio-tech creation.

"You may choose your own embarrassing story to tell the group." Maddox nodded at the cat girl.

Pickles blushed. "When I was still Patricia, and master Maddox ordered me to get coffee, or make copies, she would be very loud and very mean. The louder and meaner she was, the more wet my pussy got." Pickles exposed flesh burned deeply. Pickles and Maddox looked in unison to the next woman in the circle.

The pudgy blond sitting on a blanket buy Pickles was next in line. She shirked from the stares of her neighbors, and stood slowly. She was dressed in shades of gray. Her loose fitting sweatpants were pale gray, but comfortable looking. The dark gray t-shirt, which hung just a little too loosely advertised a science fiction movie that was probably older than every woman present.

She started to speak softly, lowering first her eyes and then her whole face. Dusty blond hair dropped over her forehead, obscuring her features. At that point no one could make out what she was saying, though they all sat politely nonetheless.

"You're going to have to speak up, darling," the guide interrupted, or maybe she didn't. It was hard to tell.

"Sorry," the blond squeaked like a frightened mouse. The blush that diffused across her face caused the freckles peppered across her nose to darken. "My name is Krystal Meeks. I am a biology student at a local galactic university. I am doing my senior thesis on the mating rituals of rare sentient species. I was hoping to find a few here to, well, observe."

She blushed an even deeper burgundy, and moved to take her seat. Maddox, waved her hands wildly at the shy blond, stopping her from sitting. Krystal looked up, her eyes wide and terrified.

Maddox fixed her with a withering stare. "You can't sit down yet. You have to tell us an embarrassing fact about you, or remove an article of clothing. Those are the rules, so you have to follow them.

Krystal didn't look like she could get any more embarrassed. She squirmed uncomfortably, glancing imploringly at the women surrounding her. When none of them spoke up in her defense, she grabbed the hem of her sweatpants and slid them to her knees. Underneath her drab pants she had some very curvaceous legs and a pleasantly round bottom. In contrast to the rest of her dull clothing, she wore a pair of leopard spotted silk bikini briefs. They added a touch of flair, and framed her jiggling ass cheeks.

"Nice butt," called the next woman in line, who had yet to be introduced. "I could spank that ass all night long."

"Um, thank you," Krystal whimpered, before quickly sitting to avoid any further embarrassment or compliments.

The woman who had cat called, stood without any prompting. She wore her vibrant red hair up in pig tails. Her plaid shirt was tied like a bikini instead of buttoned, and the valley between her breasts bounced pleasantly. Her jean shorts looked self cut with ragged edges which the lower curve of her rump exposed for everyone to see.

"Hi ya'll! I'm Rochelle Cootz. My ex boyfriend brought his new girlfriend here for their one month anniversary. She doesn't like me talking to him, because she's scared I'm going to steal him back, which I am as soon as she isn't looking. Anyway, they found a group of lizard natives who revered her like a messenger of the gods. He said it was super hot watching them worship her. I'm not jealous or nothing, but I thought, what the hell? Why don't I see if I can find them? Maybe I could get a snapshot or two and make him jealous. Besides, it sounds like fun, being pampered like a demigod. One embarrassing fact about me is that I am an anal virgin." Rochelle finally took a breath, huffing deeply. She smiled, turning her eyes to the next woman in the circle, and took her seat once again.

The next woman stood, eying Rochelle with a frown. She was wearing what basically translated into black fishnets and underwear. Her face was covered in the darkest makeup money could buy, complete with midnight black lipstick. The only color she sported was pink and purple pixie cut hair.

Her fingers were already fumbling with the back of her netting shirt. "My name is Roxy Black, and I don't believe you Rochelle. That was a crap embarrassing secret. For starters, I don't believe that a boyfriend thieving hussy like you is an anal virgin. You would have given it up in a heartbeat to get that cheating boyfriend of yours back." She didn't remove with the revealing mesh top. To make sure she was following the rules, Roxy flicked the clasps on her bra underneath. She pulled it out from under her net shirt. Her pail breasts pressed against the netting, which gave way loosely. Her hard purple nipples popped through the large holes in the mesh.

Rochelle pouted looking first at the other women, and then the tour guide imploringly. When the guide shrugged unhelpfully, she grunted a curse. Angrily she untied the knot of her shirt sitting between her two breasts. Her tits popped free wobbling back and forth in the cool air. Goose bumps quickly climbed from her shoulders to her nipples, making them perk up like two hard little gems.

"There! Are you happy now?" Rochelle grumped.

"Very happy," Roxy licked her lips. "Those tits were worth it."

Rochelle, looking slightly mollified relaxed in the dwindling firelight.

Roxy took a deep breath, her breasts bouncing animatedly as she spoke. "I am here because I like insects, arachnids, and other creepy crawlies. I'm a xeno-entomologist. I have heard that this preserve has the biggest collection of large and strange insects in the universe. I was hoping to get an up close glimpse at a rare find or two."

"As far as an embarrassing moment in my life," Roxy winked at Rochelle," That would have to be the time I was submerged in a tub filled with coin sized tickle beetles. I was completely naked. It was so intense I had an orgasm. Not just any orgasm, mind you. That was the hardest I have ever come in my entire life." She looked right at Rochelle, "And that is how you tell an embarrassing story."

Roxy sat back down, and the rest of the circle stared at her in silent shock.

The final woman stood, clearing her throat with an agitated cough. She was tall, and her dark skin reflected the firelight in hues of brown and orange. She wore sensible khaki shorts and a cut off shirt that revealed her stacked abs. She was muscular and fit, and her thighs looked like they could crush anyone stupid enough to attempt oral sex. Both the sleeves of her shirt were torn off, and both her arms were metallic underneath.

"My name is Amanda Rake. I am the greatest monster hunter in this quadrant. I lost both of my arms hunting dangerous predators. Both times I caught and slayed the ones who did this to me. Truthfully, I don't mind so much. My new arms are much more useful than my old ones."

Amanda raised both her robotic arms into the air. With a staccato set of clicks and whirs, both her metal appendages were transformed into a pair of fierce looking cannons. Another set of loud clicks and pops, and they were transformed back into arms and hands.

"There is one creature I have never bested, " continued Amanda. "I have heard rumors that a cosmic dragon has made her nest in this safari. I aim to find her and defeat her."

The guide shook her head disapprovingly. "While hunting is not normally condoned on this preserve, an exception has been made for you. You each paid a great deal of money to accommodate each and every fantasy here." The frown on her face meant that she probably didn't fully endorse the idea.

"What is your secret, dear? To be sure, being disarmed by monsters is embarrassing, but I'm not sure it really counts in this instance."

Amanda laughed, deep and maniacal. She pulled off her top, allowing her firm breasts to bob free. "I am embarrassed of nothing! Do you want to see my body? Well, here it is."

She yanked down her pants, revealing her tight muscular butt. Between her powerful thighs was a lightly furred pussy. Every muscle on her body glistened in pronounced relief in the fading fire light. With a derisive snort aimed at the rest of the camp, she turned on the heels of her bare feet and walked to her tent.

She was gone for ten full minutes before one of the seven silent women cleared her throat, breaking the hypnosis. The show now over, they dispersed. One by one they headed off to their respective tents and beds.

Roxi chuckled to herself, glancing at Amanda's tent. "I know the image I will be masturbating to tonight."

One of the other women groaned.

Finally, only one woman was left sitting in the circle. She stared deep into the dying flames, and seemed lost in thought. Her lip curled back into a wicked grin that would have raised the hair on anyone had there been any audience left. Quietly she laughed to herself, as if the fire had just whispered a secret joke to her. Then she doused the flame with a shovel full of dirt.

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