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Free Candy Made Me Fuck My Daddy!

By Sharon Dick

First Edition, eBook Edition.



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Free Candy Made Me Fuck My Daddy!

By Sharon Dick

Life around the house hadn’t been the same since mom left four years ago. Dad and I tried to make the best of things, but it wasn’t the same. I wasn’t his girlfriend and he didn’t have anyone to celebrate with when he won a jumbo box of candy. My dad loved contest and entered them all, no matter what the prize.

“You going out tonight?” my dad asked with a big smile on his face.

It was another Friday night where I was alone sitting on the sofa in my pajamas with no hopes of anything exciting happening. You’d think having a hot body would guarantee me a boyfriend. Not the case. The bigger my chest grew the less guys felt they could approach me. It was disappointing sitting alone with my dad. “You know I’m not seeing anyone.”

“Good, I have a surprise.” He pushed my feet off the coffee table and replaced them with a huge red heart shaped box.

“What the hell is that?” I leaned in interested in the biggest box of chocolates I’d ever seen in my life. It was over 200 pieces and weighed five pounds. “Where did you get this?”

“In the mail. I won a contest.” He plopped down next to me and opened up the lid. The scent of dark and milk chocolate filled the air.

“You’re awesome sometimes. You know that?” I flashed a flirty grin over to my dad then turned my attention back to the excruciating decision I had. “Which one to eat first.”

“Cherry cream.” My dad made a face and spit out the first piece of chocolate he bit into. “Gonna have to be more careful with my picks.”

I don’t know. Popping a cherry cream sounds good to me.” The words came out of my mouth before I could stop them. Did I just come on to my dad?

As much as I liked to play the bad girl, I was a daddy’s girl through and through. Sure I disobeyed sometimes, but for the most part I gave in and gave my daddy anything he wanted. Nothing pleased me more than pleasing him.

“I’ll try this one.” I picked out a treat, held it between my lips, and bit down gently on the end. “I love the caramel ones best.” The sweet sticky substance broke and I stretched it, wrapping the end of the caramel tail around my tongue. The sensual bite made me feel unexplainably horny.

“That’s nice.” My dad stared over with his mouth watering as he hungrily watched me devour the gooey sweet candy. “Um—real nice.” He cleared his throat and adjusted his crotch. “Want to try another?”

What is my dad suggesting? Calm down daddy. He was awkward, but usually a commanding figure. He was giving off a weird uncertain vibe next to me, but I couldn’t keep my hands off the tempting treats on the table. “Where’s those creamy ones?” I stuffed another piece of candy in my mouth and sucked down on it, hollowing in my cheeks. I’m such a tease. Guys always fall for this shit. They’re so easy to get going, but wait, I’m fucking with my dad.

Yummy.” I wiped the dripping cream from my mouth with my pinkie finger and flashed a seductive look at my dad. Damn he looked ready to pounce. I took it too far. “No more for me.” I swallowed hard and pushed the box away. A few more moments of sexual tension passed between us while he searched the chocolates. I squirmed in place, waiting for him to walk away. Just go to your room or the kitchen. Go anywhere. He didn’t. He just sat picking at the jumbo box of candy.

My glance jumped to my dad’s crotch. His workout pants were thin and doing a bad job at hiding the hard package he was struggling to contain. What’s he expecting to happen here? My stomach turned in knots. He was about to make his move. I could feel it in the air. “I think I’d better go charge my phone,” I said.

“Hold up. You afraid hanging out with your old man now,” he sighed, crossing his arms in front of his chest. “Don’t go.” He tucked my hair behind my ear and grazed his hand down across my chest. “Why hide in your room alone? We can keep each other company tonight.”

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea,” I snapped. Sure I was a tease. I liked to ruffle a guy’s feathers, but exciting my dad? Fucking his lonely ass had never really entered my mind. “I’m leaving.”

“I don’t like your tone.” He clamped his grip onto my upper thigh and squeezed. Keeping his hold tight, he forged his thumb against my pussy and rubbed it in small circles. “You don’t trust me?”

His powerful thrusts escalated. I was shocked still, but couldn’t deny the changes in my body. Sinful urges rushed through me. “I do, daddy. But you have me feeling things I shouldn’t. It feels so wrong, but I can’t stop it.”

“You’re very hot, baby,” he said behind a smile. “What you’re feeling is natural. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.” He pulsed his pelvis. It was more of an involuntary flinch, he was offering me his dick.

“Are you sure, daddy?”

“I ain’t asking you to fuck me. Just imagine I’m your boyfriend and go down on my cock for a quick kiss.” He bounced his eyebrows and winked to coax me into caving in faster. His strong rough hands, reached into his waistband and pulled his massive hard on out of his pants.

My eyes locked on his throbbing head. He was bigger than any others I’d seen. Which wasn’t many. I was a tease, but not a slut. And sucking dicks was as far as I’d taken things with past boyfriends. I hadn’t even had my cherry popped. He’s just asking for a blowjob. Not my virginity. I guess there’s nothing wrong with that.

“What do you say, sweetie?” He shook his cock to tempt me. “Don’t you want to please your daddy?”

There was no doubt I had to comply at this point. My body was alive with anticipation. Every inch of me desired to be taboo on his hard cock. Giving in, I twirled my fingertips over the top of his forbidden tip. Lowering my hand down, I smashed my palm on his head and squeezed his throbbing cock.

“That’s it. Don’t be scared.” He gripped the back of my neck and lowered me down into his lap. There was no backing out.

Separating my lips I took in his massive stick. With his tip just past my lips, he plowed upward. He locked me on by his hold on the back of my head. “Oh, yes, baby,” he groaned, pulsing, growing in size with every thrust.

“Mmmm,” I moaned, opening as wide as I could to help his massive cock invade my eager mouth.

“Good girl.” He twisted his fingers in my hair and tugged me on and off him. “Swallow it whole.”

Damn he was big! I sucked in a deep breath and stretched my cheeks to accommodate more of his shaft. I knew cocks were big, but hell daddy’s was extremely large.

“That’s it,” he groaned, pulling back my hair for a better view. “Fuck you feel good.”

He was right. It did feel good. The thrill of our taboo actions had me my thighs shaking to be explored. I bobbed on his rod, hungry to please him fast. I swirled my tongue around his shaft and sucked in short bursts. I was doing my best to make him cum, so he would do the same for me.

“Oh, oh, oh,” he groaned, forcing me on and off his long rod. “Damn, you’re one good cock sucker, baby!”

My cheeks were aching to taste his creamy seed. Making daddy cum was my whole focus. I popped off, considering my options of seduction. I licked down his shaft along his thick vein to his balls and took one in my mouth to suck.

“Stop playing slut!” He pulled my hair and forced me back on his cock. Controlling my efforts he forced himself all the way in.

I stretched wider, swallowing, gagging on him as he shoved his head harder to push against the back of my throat.

He ripped me off and took a deep breath. “Fuck,” he groaned. “I need to fucking fuck something.” His agitated shaking of my head in front of his crotch made his motives clear. He wasn’t blasting in my mouth and we weren’t stopping at a blowjob.

I took things too far? Why didn’t he cum? “Daddy let me keep going. I’m good at this. I promise.” I begged, hoping to hold on to my virginity.

It was no use. Daddy was out of control horny. I’d heard him in bed with one night stands before. He always took what he wanted. Pulling me up, he spun me around and ground his pelvis behind me. Slipping his hand down the front of my pajamas, he thumbed past my thong and poked a finger into my wet pussy. “Damn, sweetie.” He stretched my pussy lips wide open with two fingers. I was juicing for him, but I shouldn’t have been. “Fuck oh fuck!” he sputtered.

“What are you doing?” I asked low and meek. “I’m a virgin.” I had to loose it sometime, but to my dad? “Don’t fuck me. Just finger me We can both come that way. I know I can.”

“Shit baby. Why didn’t you say something sooner? You can’t stop an erection. I need to fuck a pussy! Hard! Now!”

He rubbed his cock up and down the string of my thong, pushing it in my ass crack while he struggled not to force me too hard. He thumped his fingers in my tight virgin pussy, but I wasn’t ready to have my cherry popped. “Maybe you could put it in my ass?”

“Oooohhhh, that would be a good start,” he groaned in my ear. He pulsed his fingers lodged in my pussy and stretched his pinky to my asshole. “You sure about this?”

“Yes.” I flexed my ass tight, squeezing the tip of his cock between my cheeks.

“I’ll try to be gentle.” He bent me forward over the coffee table. “Let’s get you out of these.” He tugged my shorts and thong down to my ankles. I stepped out of them. While he crouched behind me, he nudged my thighs open with his head and stuck his tongue in my pussy.

It was the first time I’d been kissed down there and just his breath between my thighs turned on all kinds of new tickles in my belly. My knees weakened with every lick he flicked from front to back.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh,” I took quick, shallow gasps, struggling to contain my heat. “Please don’t stop.”

“We’re just getting started.” He handed me a chocolate. “Suck on this baby. Pinch your tits if you want to. Just keep the juices flowing.”

I did as he asked, filling my mouth with the taste of creamy gooey caramel. I was so engrossed with eating I’d forgot I was about to get my ass ripped open. He moved his position and ground his cock in my crack.

“That’s it baby, keep eating your candy. Daddy’s going get his treat.”

“Are you just going to . . .” I stopped suddenly as he forced his thumb in my tight asshole. “Owww,” I cried out, biting down on my tongue.

“Relax,” he growled in my ear. “Damn, you’re tight.” He slapped my ass and stretched my cheeks. Wasting no more time, he explored deeper in my virgin asshole with his thumb. “Suck that candy.” He pushed down on my lower back, and rocked his cock at my crack. “You want it all don’t you?” He stroked his cock under me, slicking it up with my dripping pussy juices.

“Oh, oh, yes,” I moaned. I’d never been so close before. Mentally, I was pulling his cock up into my pussy. “Do it,” I begged.

“Mmmm, you a little horny, baby?” He slapped my ass good. “I warned you. Daddy likes it rough.” He spanked me again. Harder. My ass stung with his double assault. Forcibly taking each cheek by the handful he spread me wide open for a good look. “You want my fat fuck stick in to your asshole. Don’t you baby?” He kissed my smoldering skin, working his way over to his target. Circling around he tasted my back door. When he inserted his tongue, I was both shocked and excited.

Oh,” I sucked in a gasp and held my breath. He kept licking, pushing his tongue in further. Damn, this feels so wrong. But oh, it feels so good. I groaned, clenching onto him. It felt amazing to be teased, but I pulsed for him to get on with it.

“Mmm, you’re ready for daddy now. Aren’t you my love?”

Don’t ask me how, but I could feel him smiling at my ass. He probed more with his tongue. Then added two large fingers into my throbbing pussy which was drenching for more attention.

“Yes.” I sucked in a breath and arched back into him. “Ahhh. Oh, oh, please, please,” I shook. My pussy lips swelled with his furious fingering and I longed for something harder to satisfy my urges.

“Stuff them in. Knuckle deep!” He demanded.

“I can’t.” I worked the tips of my fingers into my wet tunnel. “I’m a virgin. It will hurt.”

“Yes you can, baby. Let’s pop your cherry together.” He wrapped three fingers around mine and inserted them at the door of my opening. “Ready?” Working double time, he shoved his dick at my ass, forcing his way in my virgin asshole. At the same time he tore open my pussy with his massive fingers.

“Ow ow ow!” I cried, tightening up. He kept me stimulated by moving in and out and increasing his speed and depth of his intrusions. The sharp painful jolts of my holes being stripped open soon subsided. I allowed my body to rock with him. It actually felt amazing to be double stuffed so tight. “Mmm, oh daddy.”

“That’s it. I knew you’d like this.” He spanked my ass, plunging his cock forward and back in my slick tunnel. “Fuck me you fucking slut.”

“Shit,” I expelled from behind my palm. I’d slapped it up to cover my mouth and hold in my screams. Ass fucking my dad felt mind bending good. Damn, I was in orgasmic territory. “Oh, daddy—I’m—I’m feeling so good.” I panted with every harsh thrust. My thumb found it’s way to my clit and I rubbed furiously, heightening sensations running up my spine.

“Cum baby.” Grinding away he fucked me hard. I took over plunging my pussy alone. He used his pussy soaked fingers to pinch my nipples to hard peaks. “Fucking cum you little fucking slut!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I climaxed so hard I thought I’d break my fingers in my tight grip. “Oh, fuck!” I moaned. Twisting around, I looked over my shoulder. Dad was rocking in and out of me with a devilish grin on his face. He shamelessly loved giving me a massive orgasm.

“Let’s try it my way.” He fell back on the sofa and held his cock at the base. “Fall back, sweetie,” he said, tugging on my hips. I was so weak from climaxing. He had to position me on his lap. Twisting me around he lifted my ass and lined up his cock under me. I didn’t even notice he’d bent my knees up onto the sofa, but he must’ve. I was chest to chest with him, my head spinning, and hovering over his stiff rod.

“Oh baby,” he groaned, running his hands up and down my torso. “I still need to come. I still need a warm hug, baby girl. Are you ready to give daddy his big hug?”

I am.” I rocked over him, horny with desire, aching to feel his cock stuff me tight. It was so wrong, but I’d just gotten a taste of sex. I’d come so far. I was sure my cherry had already been popped. What difference would it be if I just let him fuck me? I know I’ll cum again. I desperately wanted to feel the euphoria of love that climaxing gave me. “Do it, daddy,” I moaned.

“That’s my girl.” He quickly gripped me around the waist and forced me down on his massive throbbing dick. To my surprise he buried his cock deep in my dripping wet pussy with one try. He thumped balls deep against the walls of my virgin tunnel. “Holy shit!” he groaned.

“Oh, yes, yes,” I cried bouncing on his taboo cock. He stretched me out wider than our fingers and it hurt, but it also felt amazing. “Oh, fuck.” I clenched on his shaft and set him motion. He held me in place and pumped his shaft up and down inside me. I took him with ease and loved every second.

“That’s it. Oh you feel good.” He drove in and out, harder and faster. “Oh, fuck this is going to be quick. Who’s your daddy, slut!”

Seizing up on his hard, pounding, stick, I ached for another orgasm. My whole body shook with the thrusts of his stretching cock. “Fuck, yes, yes, yes,” I gasped. “I’m cumming again!”

“That’s my, fucking cock loving slut.” He sucked on my tits, biting down and jamming his cock up in me. “Bitch, take it! Come for daddy!”

The pain, the pleasure, the thrill of the moment built up and I exploded as commanded. Arching my back and clamping down on his cock. I expelled, “FUUUUCCCCKKKK!” Emptying all my strength from deep within my body I tensed up surging to an orgasmic peak. I shook, impaled by his cock, riding through the massive explosion of pleasure.

“Hot damn! Mother fucker! Fuck me!” he exploded, digging his nails into my shoulders as he buried his throbbing cock in my pussy. “AAAAAHHHHHHH!!! FUCKING FUCK!” He tensed up, shooting streams of his fertile warm seed into my virgin pussy. “FUCK! FUCK! FUGH ME!”

I felt his strong hold relax under me. We’d done it together. I kissed his shoulder, adding a little nibble. “Wow,” I said, giving into exhaustion too. My head spinning from after bliss, I asked, “Did we just do that?”

“Sure did, baby.” He kissed my neck and flinched his soft cock lodged in my pussy. “That was fucking awesome, babe. You think there was something in the chocolates?”

“If there was. Can we eat some more?” I squirmed on his lap, rocking my throbbing pussy on him.

“Chocolates are like dicks.” Daddy squeezed me tight and thumped his cock. “You can never eat too many. Still hungry?”

My whole body answered yes, so I turned around and popped another gooey caramel filled candy in my mouth. “I’m starving!”

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