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Memoirs of a Sex Addict

By Amoi Kin

Copyright 2017 Amoi Kin

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Chapter 16


My fingers hovered over the keyboard as I stared at the blank e-mail page.

“Start typing already,” Kira nudged me.

I glanced at her, uncertain. A feeling of unease swept through my system. “I don’t know about this. What if they actually see it?”

“They probably won’t, Canisha,” Becca assured. “They get tons of fan mail every day.”

“True, but they do read some, and yours might be the lucky one.” Darian patted my unruly black curls.

I glared at her through the computer screen. Though this wasn’t the worst dare (Darian got it bad for her birthday), I just had to ask them to give me a simple birthday present. Luckily, it was my choice of a present, so it didn’t have to be perverted like my friends wanted.

“Hurry up, Canisha. I want cake.” Reese shoved my shoulder playfully.

“Okay, okay.” I typed as fast as I could. The girls tried to read as I went but it confused me to the point where I eventually had to tell them to shut up until I was done.

After I finished typing, I tapped a finger to my lip and blew out a breath. Was this good enough? “I’m done.”

Kira started reading over my shoulder. “Hi. My name is Canisha Tiburcio. Today is my 21st birthday and EV3R happens to be my favorite K-pop band. For my birthday, I was hoping to get one present from you guys. Nothing big or special. Just a movie night with Aaron and Changmin.”

“That’s stupid.”

“Shut up. I didn’t know what to ask for,” I grumbled, crossing my arms.

Becca pushed me out of the way and began erasing parts of my email.


“That’s better.” She smiled evilly and stepped back for the others to see.

Rolling my chair closer, I leaned in to see, as well. “Oh, hell no. I am not asking Aaron to take my virginity.” Erasing the mess Becca made of my email, I wrote what I had before.

“But that’s boring.”

“Suck it, Reese.”

“How about we just add five words to spice it up?” Kira suggested, shoving her way to the keyboard. She ran her fingers along the keys.

Now my email said the same thing but, at the end, it was edited to read, “Just a movie night every Friday for a year.”

“That’s a little…much, don’t you think?” Darian raised an eyebrow.

“At least it’s not something as bogus as asking Aaron to take my virginity.” I shook my head and hit ‘send’. “Hopefully they never see this awkward email.”

“Hopefully they do.”

“Shut up, Becca.”

Chapter One

“Canisha, are you coming?!”

“No!” I shouted before closing my door.

Flopping onto my bed, I let out a sigh. Calculus was a killer. My brain hurt like there was no tomorrow, and I still had to study.

Rolling over, I took my phone from my jean pocket and began checking my email for the study guide my history teacher was supposed to send out to the class. It was already there, and I needed to save it to my computer. I looked over at my desk where my laptop was. It was all the way across the room. So far…

With another sigh, I got up and made my way to my laptop. I picked it up and ran back to my bed, once again jumping onto it, making sure my laptop wasn’t under me.

It felt like years had passed before I got it to connect to the internet. With the document saved, going through the rest of my cluttered mailbox seemed like a good idea since I probably wouldn’t log on for another week or so. I started deleting from the last page since they were the oldest. Glancing at the sender and title of the email quickly, I checked each box, ready to delete them when one title caught my eye.

The email address wasn’t the same as the one I had sent my email to, but it had the same subject. Could it be…?

I clicked on it and scanned through the email. My eyes widened.

Oh, my god. Oh my god. Oh. My. God!

Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath, then reread the email. I couldn’t believe it. Shutting the laptop, I scrambled off my bed and shot for the door calling out the girls’ names as I went, hoping they were still home.


We all sat on the couch in the living room. My laptop sat on my lap and everyone leaned over to read the screen.

“So they’re really coming?” Kira asked.

I shrugged, “I guess.”

“I think it’s a prank.”

I looked at Darian, who was biting her lip. She met my gaze and continued talking. “I mean, they’re famous and all, and I understand them going to visit a sick person about to die but why spare time for someone they don’t know just for a birthday?”

I was shocked. Beyond shocked. Darian never said anything that made so much sense in terms of seriousness. Like ever.

“Darian has a point, surprisingly.” Carelyn nodded in agreement.

“Thank you…wait, did you just –

“Insult you? Yes. But it was within a compliment.” Carelyn grinned.

Darian glared at her in return and crossed her arms, muttering something under her breath.

I rolled my eyes. “So what should I do? I think I should just email the person back and tell them to forget about it.”


All of us looked at Reese. “Just wait. They said they’re coming this Friday, right? So if they come we know it’s legit, and if they don’t, then we know it was a prank.”

I pondered Reese’s words. It wasn’t like it mattered if I rejected it now. If it didn’t happen then that’s that. Though… “But it-”

“You might as well just wait,” Becca cut me off. “If this isn’t a prank it would be pretty awesome to meet Ev3R.”

Gosh. The way she spoke, she sounded more excited than I felt. Then again, all of us were die-hard fans of the group. It was quite embarrassing how obsessed we were with them, and it had been that way since our high school years.

Sighing, I nodded. “Okay, let’s wait and see.” I shut my laptop and looked back at my friends. “Don’t get your hopes up, though.”

All of them nodded, murmuring reassurances. Except one.

“They already skyrocketed through the roof!” Reese clapped her hands together. “This is going to be awesome.”


When Friday finally came, I was a ball of nerves. My heart was racing. I didn’t want to get out of bed, but, at the same, I wanted to jump with joy. The former won over in the end, though. At least, until Kira forced me out of bed to make breakfast for her and all the other lazy girls.

The day passed by slowly from then on. Not even my Korean IV class, the one I enjoyed the most this semester, passed with the speed of light as it usually did. And, to top it off, when I got home the girls made a mess of my room trying to pick out an outfit for me to wear. After two annoying hours, they all agreed on a white blouse that complimented my brown skin tone and a pair of blue skinny jeans. All of it was quite frustrating, until the last hour came.

By then, the minutes couldn’t go by slow enough. But it only made me more nervous than I already was, and excited on top of that. Not the best combo. Because of this, I made the unwise decision to tell Kira I should just run away, as a joke, of course. Too bad she didn’t take it as one. Instead, she locked herself to me, holding me captive in the family room.

The others seemed to share my anxiety though they tried not to show it. They scurried around the house trying to look busy, but it was obvious how they felt.

At exactly six o’clock, the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it,” Darian called out from the kitchen, and at that exact moment, I went into panic mode.

I tried to bolt, but sadly Kira was using her brain and tackled me before I could move two feet. We rolled on the floor as she tried to pin me and I tried to run away, neither of us succeeding.

Suddenly, someone cleared their throat, causing me and Kira to halt our little fight. We both looked to the doorway.

I gulped. Blinked a few times. Then gulped again. Aaron and Changmin from Ev3R stood in the doorway next to Darian, who was looking highly amused.

Kira and I scrambled to our feet. Kira offered a nervous wave as I muttered an awkward, “Hello.”

“Happy belated birthday,” Aaron said in an almost perfect American accent. I never realized how deep his voice was. The sound of it made me shiver. “Hope you don’t mind me asking which one of you is Canisha.”

Kira pointed at me. It was my turn to nervously wave.

I blinked once again and gave my head a little shake. Stop acting like a weird fangirl. Harder said than done, but somehow I managed it. I moved forward and held my hand out to Aaron. “It’s nice to meet you.”

Aaron shocked me by forgoing my hand, pulling me into a hug instead. A bear hug to be exact. He hugged me so tight, my breasts flattened against his chest. Or maybe I should say upper abdomen.

Damn was he tall. And strong. Because he held me so close, I could feel his well-defined muscles. What I wouldn’t give to get a look at those abs he was always flashing on TV.

When he finally let go, he took a step back. And only one step, so I had to look up just to see his face. There was a sudden flash, bringing my attention to two photographers that I hadn’t notice before.

“Ready for the movie night?” He asked.

I bit my lip and nodded. “Is this really not a prank?” I asked, eyeing the people taking pictures. Another person was writing something on a little pad.

He laughed. Damn, even his laugh gave me quakes. “No. This is completely, one hundred percent, real.”

I glanced at Changmin. He still stood in the doorway. Darian had left at some point and gathered the other girls into the foyer. They all watched through the doorway at a safe distance. Cowards.

“I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but I was wondering why you guys even agreed to this. I mean, it’s not like I’m dying or something serious like that.”

“No, it’s not.” A man of average height stepped forward and held out his hand. “My name is Misuki Katanawa. I’m the boys’ manager.”

I shook his hand, not sure what to say.

“We chose this opportunity purely for that reason. To show fans that they don’t have to be dying to meet their idols.” Oh. So this was a PR stunt. Made sense.

Aaron shrugged and offered the dazzling smile I had fallen in love with after seeing his picture for the first time. “Just enjoy.”

I nodded again. I guess I could do that. Hopefully.

Aaron looked back at Changmin. “Not going to speak at all? Not even a greeting?”

Changmin raised an eyebrow in response. With a smirk, he turned on his heels and headed toward the door.

That shocked me. I expected Changmin to be as nice as Aaron and even bubblier because that’s how he was during interviews. Maybe I was just overthinking it. After all, he did come along with Aaron to grant my stupid birthday wish. A mean person wouldn’t do that…unless they were forced to.

Mr. Katanawa shook his head. “Ignore Changmin. He’s not feeling well today but still decided to come.” It hadn’t looked like he was sick but okay. “We just need to take a few more picture of you guys at the house and do a short interview with you. After then, we’ll be done.”

“Okay.” I nodded.

Aaron grasped my hand, making me realize just how large his hands were compared to mine. I guess it was to be expected since he was ridiculously tall compared to my short frame. I remembered their profile saying Aaron and Changmin were both over six feet. Man, did he make me feel like a midget at barely 5’2”.

“And let the fun begin,” he said, leading me out of the house.


Chapter Two

I looked to the guys’ house in awe. I didn’t even know they owned a house in the States. Aaron drove through the iron gates that were attached to brick walls that I assumed surrounded the whole property. The drive was in a circular fashion, centered on a Mexican style house. The house faced east and the setting sun created an unnatural glow behind it. It made me think of how houses probably looked in heaven.

Aaron led me into the house which proved to be very modern. It was so perfect, it reminded me of the showrooms they had in the Ikea stores.

The kitchen opened into the living room, separated by a breakfast bar. Beside the kitchen was an open doorway that showed the dining room. There was a hall off to the left of that, which I assumed housed a bathroom and laundry room. I would check, but I thought snooping on the first meeting would look really bad.

Aaron nudged me toward the sofa before going to the large TV stand. “We don’t have many movies here but there is this one we haven’t watched yet. Now if only I can find it…” When he opened the stand, I saw his definition of ‘not many’ was at least fifty. ‘Not many’ my ass.

True to Mr. Katanawa’s word, the photographers began taking pictures. And more pictures.

Changmin went into the kitchen and began taking out food and drinks from the fridge and cabinets. In seconds, the sound of popping popcorn filled the house. The delectable smell of movie butter popcorn touched my nose, making me crave some even though I wasn’t hungry.

My craving for popcorn made me think of another craving. Seriously, it should be a crime for people to be so good looking, I thought looking between the boys. Both tall, built from lean muscle with handsome faces. Aaron was the more masculine looking of two, sporting more chiseled facial features and a hard jaw line. His light brown hair brushed his shoulders but in no means detracted from his masculinity. Changmin, on the other hand, had a boyish face with softer features and short black hair that just touched his ear and fell over his forehead in that common anime guy look.

If it was just based on looks, Changmin was my typical type. But Aaron’s personality was very similar to my dream boyfriend, so if I was to date one it would be Aaron, though that would never really happen. Although, if I were speaking hypothetically, I would totally just be with the two of them–with their consent, of course, because cheating was wrong. It was how I wished most shows that involved love triangles would end. I could be like Becca and just have a closet full of men, both fake and real (it’s an ongoing joke between us girls).

“Aha! I found it.” Aaron said, pulling me from my fantasy world. Hopefully the photographers hadn’t caught me in my drooling state.

Aaron put the DVD in the player then came to sit by me. “It’s Rush Hour 2. I always wanted to watch it but haven’t gotten the chance until today. I hope you don’t mind watching an older movie.”

I shook my head. “It’s okay. I love the Rush Hour movies. I could watch them every day and not get bored.”

Aaron smiled before turning towards Changmin. “You done yet, Min?”

“Yeah.” Changmin made his way to the sofa, juggling the popcorn bowl in one arm and candy and pop cans in the other. He placed everything on the coffee table then went to sit on the other side of Aaron.

Only Aaron suddenly put his feet up, taking up all the space on that side of the sofa with his long legs, then said in Korean, “Sorry. This spot is taken by my feet.”

Oh. Cool. I understood that. The past two years of studying were paying off. My teacher would be so proud. I smiled thinking of how similar his actions were to how the girls and I acted, though we would simply sit on the others’ legs, not caring. Changmin on the other hand, just glared at Aaron and came to sit by me, muttering something under his breath.

When Aaron turned the movie on, an awkward silence hung in the air. Changmin began drinking one of the sodas while I picked up the popcorn bowl and placed it in my lap. I popped a kernel in my mouth, nearly moaning as the butter melted over my taste buds. I grabbed a handful, ready to shove it in my mouth when I felt eyes on me. I turned to Changmin and sure enough, he was looking at me with an amused expression on his face.

I didn’t know why, but I felt the need to explain myself. “I love movie butter popcorn with an un-denied passion.”

Changmin snorted and took a handful of popcorn, shoving it into his mouth. Annoyance settled over me. I sighed and turned my attention to the screen as the movie started playing.

“Okay, kids. We just need a few more pictures, then we’ll be back after the movie,” Mr. Katanawa said over the TV.

The quick series of flashes were irritating and I was glad when they over. Then the photographers, the person I assumed to be the writer, and Mr. Katanawa departed from the house, leaving me alone with the guys.


At the end of the movie, Aaron and I were laughing our pants off, repeating the funniest lines to one another. The comedy had broken whatever awkwardness we had between us.

“I take it there’s a third?” He asked once we calmed down.

I nodded. “Though, it’s not as good as this one.”

“Let’s watch it next week.”

Next week? Were the two really planning on going through with the whole year thing? I felt surprised. I thought this was just a PR stunt. “What do you mean by next week?”

“You asked for a year of movie nights and we accepted it. So, unless we have to work, we’ll be here every Friday.”

What? “You don’t have to do that. This was great enough. The whole year thing was just a stupid dare my friends and I had going.”

Before Aaron would say anything more, Mr. Katanawa came through the door. “You all enjoyed the movie, I hope.” Behind him, the photographers and writer walked in. The photographers began taking pictures again (you’d think they would have taken enough by now). The writer came to over to us on the sofa and sat on the coffee table directly in front of me.

“Hi. My name’s Marisa. I’m writing the article and have a few question to ask you.” The woman took a pen and the small notepad she had been writing on earlier from her jacket pocket. “So what do you think of the guys?”

For some reason, the question had me feeling embarrassed. “They’re easy to get along with and extremely nice.” At least, Aaron had been. I couldn’t say the same for Changmin, who had just sat throughout the whole movie silent as a stone. If it hadn’t been for the fact that he had been eating all the popcorn, I would have assumed he was dead.

“And how was tonight for you?”

“It was fun. Very enjoyable.” Was that a good enough answer? Man, I hoped I didn’t say anything wrong.

“And what do you guys think of Miss Tirburcio?”

Aaron was the first to answer. “She has a great personality and kept things interesting. Fun.”

“Pretty much.” Changmin shrugged.

Marisa wrote on her pad before standing up. “Thank you.”

“Uh…you’re welcome.”

“Okay.” Aaron stood, “Time to get you home.”

I nodded and stood as well. Stretching my stiff muscles, I looked at Changmin. It seemed he wasn’t a man of many words, though the articles were right about him being a bottomless pit. He had eaten most of the popcorn, all but one piece of the truffle cookies, and half the bag of family size pretzels.

“Changmin, you stay and clean up. I’ll be back soon.”

Changmin looked ready to protest but said nothing.

As Aaron led me out of the house, I glanced back inside. This would definitely be the only time I came.


The doorbell’s constant ringing annoyed me to no end. “Someone get the door!” I yelled. My hands were currently covered with seasoning and bloody water from the pork chops I was getting ready to cook.

Apparently, everyone wanted to be lazy, because the doorbell just kept on ringing. Grumbling to myself, I washed my hands and went to open the door. When I did, my eyes widened in surprise.


He smiled sweetly, his amber eyes twinkling. “Hey, you ready for our date?”

I raised an eyebrow. Had I missed something? Like him asking me out, which I didn’t have any memory of.

“I mean our movie date,” he said, scratching his head.

Oh… “I thought we had come to the agreement that one was enough. It was only a dare.”

“I never agreed.” He shrugged just as Changmin came walking up the steps. Pushing Aaron out of the way, he sniffed the air like a dog. Then he looked down at me. “Is someone cooking?”

“I am.”

He gave me a look as if he didn’t believe me then walked into the house like he owned the place. It sucked when you met one of your favorite idols only to find out he was an asshole. I looked back at Aaron who was shaking his head. “Sorry about that. Min is just…”

“It’s okay,” I said, letting Aaron enter before closing the door. I could deal with someone not liking me. It’s not like he was the first, even if he didn’t have any real reason to.

“I think it’s time to come out with the truth.”

The truth? I looked at Aaron curiously. “You see, like you’re a fan of us, we’re a fan of you.” What? No way. “We’ve been following your blog for about three years now and, can I just say, you’re awesome.”

Okay. Don’t start fangirling, I told myself. Do not start fangirling. I was more than shocked. I mean, yeah, my blog had a lot of followers. I just recently passed the 100 million milestone after about ten years, but never expected celebrities to be among my followers.

“Really? Changmin too?”

Aaron nodded. “Yeah. That’s why we really accepted your request. Or, at least, I did. I knew the email address you messaged us from was yours as soon as I saw it since I had emailed you a few times over the years.”

Oh. My. God. I’d been emailing Aaron of Ev3R and never knew it. I didn’t know if I should’ve felt bummed or more excited.

“So, if you don’t mind, I would like to continue hanging out with you. As a friend.”

Well, if it wasn’t an inconvenience, why the hell not? “Sure.”

“Oh, and don’t mind Changmin too much. He’s just not open to new people.”

I nodded. At least he didn’t hate me like I previously thought. Then I remembered the food. “I have to get back to cooking, if you like, you both can join us for dinner.”

“Really? Thanks.”


Chapter Three

4 months later

I smiled to myself as I climbed over the wall that surrounded the guys' house. Changmin is so going to get it, I thought to myself. Ever since May, we’ve been having this kind of prank war going on. It was basically the way we bonded.

The first time he pranked me was with a water gun. As I climbed out of my car after arriving at his house for another movie night, he came out of nowhere and began spraying me with water. At first, I shocked, and kind of pissed, but soon I realized that this was his way of showing friendship. He also began being nicer to me (not in the nice-nice kind of way but in a mean-nice kind of way, if you get what I mean).

Within a month I had been crushing on them both. But crushes were a dime a dozen, so it was completely normal to have a crush on two guys. Also, I liked them both for different reasons. If I had to choose, though, I would probably pick Aaron. He was just too sweet not to like.

As I crept up to the house, I checked to make sure no one was peeking out the windows. I rang the doorbell then quickly hid around the corner. It took about five seconds for me to get my Freddy Krueger mask on and pull the toy knife from my pocket.  Once I heard the door opening, I jumped out of my hiding spot. In the scariest voice I could muster, I shouted, “I’m gonna kill you!”

I was very pleased when a high pitched scream touched my ear. Grinning evilly, I pulled my mask off. Embarrassment came over me a second later.

“Oops. Sorry, Aaron,” I murmured when I caught sight of his pale face. I heard Changmin’s laughter in the background, making me feel even worse.

Aaron shook his head. “It’s okay.” He sighed then looked around outside. “Where’s your car at?”

“I took the bus. I wanted to catch Changmin off guard,” I stated as he let me pass to enter the house. I glared at Changmin, who sat on the sofa, an amused expression on his face. “This isn’t over yet.”

Changmin shrugged. “Come at me with all you got, babe. I’ll outdo you every time.”

What he said pissed me off because so far it was true. If we were keeping score (and I was), It would be about fifty to thirty-seven, with Changmin at fifty, the stupid asshole. I didn’t get why I couldn’t get to him like he could to me.

Rolling my eyes, I sat on the sofa, swinging my legs up onto Changmin’s lap. “Ya!”

“What was that? Sorry, the word “ya” isn’t in my vocabulary.” Changmin went to push my legs off him but I stopped him with an arm. “Touch me and I’ll bite you.”

“You never know. I might like it.”

I laughed and shook my head, muttering, “pervert” under my breath. Yeah, the dumbass was a certified pervert. Some of the things he said were beyond worse than what the girls and I ever came up with. Half the time, it would be the most random shit, out of the blue. He could turn anything perverted. And I meant anything.

Aaron joined us on the sofa shortly after with snacks. “Did you bring your movie?”

Nodding, I grinned evilly to myself. Changmin’s black eyes peered at me curiously but I ignored him and handed Aaron the DVD. Too bad the girls wouldn’t be here to see their reactions. After all, they were the ones who had planned this. I would have taken out my phone to record it but that might be too suspicious.

As Aaron took the DVD to the player, I looked at the snack he had placed on the coffee table. “Where’s the popcorn?”

“No popcorn.”

Crossing my arms, I tossed Changmin a suspicious look. “More like you don’t want to share.”


I sighed and looked at Aaron as he set up the movie. I definitely liked him more. Way more. He wasn’t as sarcastic.

Once he sat down beside me, I took the remote from him. I placed a pillow on his lap before resting my heading on it. All the while I was laughing maliciously in my head. Calm. Be calm. I took a deep breath and looked at both guys. “Don’t get shocked guys.” Then I pressed play.

The introduction was about twenty minutes of pure bull shit. Even though I had already watched this once before, it still annoyed me, but I dealt. At the same it, it built my anticipation for what was to come.

Suddenly a naked couple appeared on the screen, fucking like they that were about to die. Inside, I was a giggling mess. The two next to me gasped, obviously shocked by what they were seeing on the screen. The camera angle changed, giving a perfect shot of the man’s dick sliding in and out of the woman’s pussy. I had to cover my mouth to keep my laughter from bursting out.

Aaron suddenly stood, almost knocking me off the couch, and disappeared down the hall. Changmin, on the other hand, held his emotions in tight, his lips set in a grim line, but I had no doubt the sight affected him.

Not able to hold out any longer, laughter took over me. I sat up and grinned. “Now how’s that for a prank? Are you enjoying the movie?” I asked, laughing some more.

I expected him to glare at me. Or to return my grin, letting me know I wasn’t affecting him. He did neither of those things. He pulled me into his lap and crushed his lips against mine before my mind could even register what was happening. He pushed his tongue between my lips and kissed me with such force and desire that I was shaken.

When he pulled away, I was lightheaded, confused, and undoubtedly turned on. I touched a finger to my swollen lips, trying to grasp what just happened.

Changmin just…kissed me.

Quickly, I tried to move off his lap but his grip tightened and pulled me closer, against something hard. His erection?

“M-Min…” For some reason, my voice didn’t want to work.

Changmin was obviously amused by my stuttering. “You decided to play with fire. Why are you so surprised you got burned?” His gaze fell to my lips before he met my eyes once again. My throat felt dry. Sliding his arms under my body, he stood, holding me as if it was no effort. “Let’s see how hot this fire can burn.” He grinned as he strode toward the stairs.

Chapter Four

His lips. His hands. God, they drove me crazy, even when I knew this was ridiculous. Laying on his bed as he hovered over me, I could only think about one thing. But it wasn’t right. No matter how good it felt.

“Changmin, stop.” I tried to push him away though in all honesty, I didn’t have the mental strength. The guy that I liked was kissing me. Who in their right mind wanted to end that?

As his lips brushed against mine, all I could think about was his body pressing mine into his bed. Hard and hot, creating a deep, needy ache between my legs. Making me so desperate.

I could kiss him all night. And day.

When Changmin broke the kiss, I opened my eyes, meeting his gaze. He took each of my hands and held them together in one of his, pulling them above my head. With his free hand, he reached for the buttons on my shirt and began undoing them.

Suddenly, I was snapped out of whatever haze he had over me. “Changmin. Stop!” I struggled against his hold, but he only tightened his grasp. He stopped unbuttoning my shirt, though. Then he gave me this look that I couldn’t decipher.

I didn’t stop him again as he continued undoing my buttons until he had my shirt off. He licked the seam of my lips as he went to removing my jeans. My eyes closed on their own when he slipped his tongue inside. His mouth took complete possession over mine, conquering me with pure desire.

“I want to taste right here.” He murmured against my lips as his fingers brushed along my delicate folds, causing me to gasp.

I could have said no. I should have. But I didn’t want to. I wanted him so much it hurt. So, when he began pulling off my jeans and panties, I helped by wiggling my hips to get out of the confining clothing. Next thing I knew his head was between my legs, his hands pushing against my knees, spreading me wider.

“Changmin, what are you doing?”

 I turned my head to find Aaron standing in the doorway, his mouth gaping. My body flushed with embarrassment. I had no clue what to do. Luckily, my body moved quicker than my mind, my hands grabbing a nearby pillow to cover myself as I moved away from Changmin.

“Just showing Nisha how one can get burned when they play with fire.”

I leveled a glare at the sarcastic jerk. I definitely did not like this asshole. Okay, I did. But he didn’t know that. Yet. Hopefully.

He must if you’re so willing to get naked for him.

 I wasn’t completely naked. I still had my bra on.

“Want to help?” Changmin asked Aaron. “We can reenact the movie Nisha was so kind to bring for us tonight.”

I gaped at him. I mean, who wouldn’t? Was this guy serious? He wasn’t. He couldn’t be. There was no way he was suggesting that we all have sex together. I was dreaming. Yeah. That made more sense than me possibly have a threesome with Aaron and Changmin. I was totally dreaming.

“We…we… What?” Aaron looked completely shocked. He was probably more so than I. Despite being friends with Changmin for over ten years, Changmin still managed to make him speechless time and time again. But, unlike Changmin, he was an open book and it was obvious he was thinking about Changmin’s suggestion.


“What?” He looked at me, blushing. I had to admit, he was adorable, though with his eyes on me, I felt completely ridiculous in the position I was in. I tried moving further away from Changmin but the annoying man put a hand on my hips, holding me down.

“You want her as much as I do. You said so yourself.” They talked about me? About wanting me? “And she wants us, too.”

Wait a second. “Hey. Does ‘she’ have a word in this?”

Changmin turned to me and smiled his lazy, sexy smile that always made me want to jump his bones every time I saw it. Not that I thought I’d ever get the chance. Shivers racked my spine as he kissed down my neck and along my collar bone. A moan escaped my lips.

“I believe I have my answer, unless you really don’t want to, Nisha. I would never force you.”

I bit my lip, looking from him to Aaron. This was crazy. But what was even crazier was that I was considering it. I must have been out of my mind.

You only live once, right?

 I knew I was past crazy when Changmin resumed kissing me breathless and I didn’t stop him. Nor did I stop the hand that removed my protective pillow then moved between my legs and began touching me so intimately. Instead, my fingers buried themselves in Changmin’s soft locks as his thumb began massaging my clit. I felt a distinct pressure building in me. When he dipped a finger into my heat, I nearly cried. It felt so good.

My breasts felt heavy. Aching. When his free hand pulled down my bra, freeing my breasts, I moaned with relief. He broke the kiss and dropped his head to one breast, sucking a hardened nipple between his teeth. My hands clenched when he gave it a sharp tug then licked it soothingly. He repeated the process to my other breast, never losing the rhythm he had going between my legs, working his finger in and out of my body as he continued to massage my sensitive clit.

The pressure inside me kept building until it was too hard to breathe. A second finger joined the first and my whole being splintered. Lights danced behind my eyes as my body soared to unknown heights, overwhelming me.

When my body calmed, I reopened my eyes. Changmin held my gaze as he removed his fingers from my body and brought them to his mouth. “Even better than I imagined.”

Something suddenly niggled my memory, bringing my eyes back to the doorway where Aaron still stood. He looked at me with so much desire it made me shiver. Then he was walking toward the bed. Toward me and Changmin.

“Nice of you to join us.”

Aaron ignored Changmin, his eyes never leaving mine. Changmin moved, allowing me to sit up. When Aaron dropped down beside me, I didn’t know what to say. What did one say in a moment like this?

His hand cupped my cheek, his thumb gently caressing it as he leaned in and kissed me. His kiss was so intimate and sweet, it made me realize he probably had actual feelings for me.

I returned his kiss eagerly, giving him complete access to my mouth. He took full advantage as his calloused hands roamed my body, leaving goose bumps in his wake. Becoming a little bolder, I slipped my hand under his shirt, feeling the warm, hard muscle beneath.

He suddenly pulled away from me, making me think I had done something wrong until he ripped his shirt off over his head. His lean muscles were evidence of hard work at dancing, from his strong arms and hard pecs to his six pack, something many women and a few men could appreciate.

His hands then went to the back clasp of my bra and undid it so he could remove the last piece of material from my body. He returned to caressing my curves, not leaving a single inch of skin untouched.

“You are so lovely,” he said before kissing me once more. He pushed me back gently until I was laying down before covering my body with his. Chest to chest. Pelvis to pelvis. His erection pressed against my core through his pants.

My hands moved on their own, seeking to learn every ridge of his body, wanting no part untouched. Wanting those damn, annoying pants off. But my fingers kept fumbling as I tried to undo the button. It was as if they didn’t want to work right.

Aaron’s hand brushed aside mine and soon he was completely naked. We were skin to skin. Everywhere. And I delighted in the feel of him, holding his body against mine with my legs and arms.

“Roll over, Aaron,” I heard Changmin say.

Aaron grumbled something unintelligible against my lips but did as Changmin commanded. I felt a warm breath on my back as he trailed steaming kisses down my spine. Someone slipped their hand between my legs. I don’t know who. I didn’t care. They rubbed my clit in a way that pushed me past distraction.

I wanted more. I needed so much more.

I heard a squirt of a bottle and felt cool liquid touch the small of my back. Hands began spreading it, rubbing it down over my ass and between the cheeks, around the small hole there. The hand between my legs was driving me so crazy that I didn’t even care that a finger was probing my bud.

The same feeling I felt earlier began sweeping me up. I knew I was about to come. A second finger joined the first in my ass, creating a burning sensation that increased my pleasure.

My breath constricted as the intense feelings inside me exploded once more. Once again I saw that starry night sky as sensations rocked my being.

As I was mellowing, I felt a thick cock pushing into my pussy. I gasped at the sharp pain as it filled me, pushing deeper and deeper. I heard Aaron’s voice groaning in my ear. It was him inside me, his hands on my hips pulling me down until his cock was completely buried.

“Hold still,” Changmin murmured in my other ear before I felt something thicker than fingers pushing at my other hole.

I don’t think I can.

I must have said my thoughts out loud because Changmin suddenly said, “You can.” Fingers were once again messaging my clit, splitting my attention in two. They gave me pleasure to balance out the discomfort as Changmin worked his erection into my greased ass.

It was the craziest sensation being filled by two cocks. Feeling stuffed in a compelling way, with a hand on my clit, stimulating a deep-seated desire.

“Min, I can’t wait any longer.”

“It’s alright, Aaron. I’m deep in our little Princess now. You can start moving.”

Not needing any further instruction, Aaron pulled out before thrusting back into my cunt. Changmin was moving, too. In and out. In and out. I bit my lip as a completely new sensation rocked my body. My nails raked Aaron’s chest as the two men threatened my sanity. As they…fucked me.

Yes. They were fucking me and nothing ever felt better.

Aaron’s pelvis hit my clit with every thrust as Changmin placed love bites everywhere he could reach. A hand squeezed my breast. Fingers wreaked havoc on my hardened nipple.

 It was almost too much to take. An orgasm peaked in my horizon. The abyss called my name and I went crashing into it.



I opened my eyes, only to close them again. The glare of the sun was blinding. Waiting a few seconds, I opened my eyes again, my vision finally adjusted. It was then I took in my surroundings.

At first glance, I knew I wasn’t in my room, or any room in my house for that matter. When my gaze trailed to Aaron’s sleeping face, I realized last night hadn’t been a dream. It really happened. I turned my head to see Changmin on the other side of me, sleeping as well.

What did I do? What did I do!

Nothing wrong. Nothing at all. Everyone was grown, consenting adults.

Then why did I feel so bad? Because I was raised with the idea that sex was only supposed to happen between one man and woman, who were married?

Thank God I was on birth control since no one had used a condom. I thought about it briefly last night but I didn’t bring it up, too swept away. They guys didn’t bring it up, either. Getting caught up in the moment was no excuse for unsafe sex, but I now understood how it was possible.

Shifting my position onto my back, I looked between Aaron and Changmin, trying to figure out how I was supposed to get out of bed without waking them. Cautiously, I lifted Aaron’s arm that was wrapped around my waist and slowly moved it to his side. I froze when Aaron shifted, scared I had woken him. He turned away from me before ceasing to move. I sighed in relief.

As quietly as I could, I slipped from between the two men and off the bed. It was then I realized I had a shirt on. I looked at Aaron’s sleeping form. Definitely him. Changmin wasn’t kind enough to consider my feelings to that extreme.

Though he did more than consider your erotic feelings.

I glanced over at Changmin, who was sprawled out naked, uncaring. To be honest, his body was even better than Aaron’s. His muscles were more defined, including the eight pack he had. His skin was evenly tanned, only blemished by a few barely noticeable scars and a tattoo of wings on his back. His face was more boyish, though, appearing innocent in his sleep and giving no hint to the complete devil he was.

A devil that knew how to wring absolute pleasure out of your body.

Pleasure wasn’t what I was feeling now. Far from it. So far…

My clothes weren’t hard to find. My jeans and shirt, along with my bra and underwear, were folded neatly in a pile on top of the dresser by the door. I got dressed as quickly and quietly as I could.

I left the house as if the devil himself was on my heels, wondering if I would be able to face the guys again when I didn’t even want to face myself.


Chapter Five

“I think we should have a pool party.”

Giving Carelyn a strange look, I asked, “Why?”

“Why not.”

“Maybe ‘cause we don’t own a pool, genius,” Becca said as she entered the kitchen, obviously having overheard Carelyn.

Despite my gloomy feelings, laughter bubbled in me at Becca’s sarcasm.

Reese, who stood at my side, nudged me until I looked at her, a big smile on her face. One could tell she was having many evil thoughts. “Yes. We should have a pool party. And I already have in mind our first invitee.”

I rolled my eyes, shaking my head as I went back to beating the eggs. I wasn’t going to even try to guess, though two names did cross my mind.

Not going there.

“Emilio?” Becca offered.

Reese must’ve nodded because Becca suddenly shouted, “Called it!”

“He’s always looking at Darian anytime she’s around, and don’t get me started on how he won’t shut up about her in Bio.”

Becca tsked. “Too bad it ain’t never gon’ happen. Right, Darian?”

I giggled. Becca’s voice always made me laugh whenever she ‘tsked’ something.

“Damn right,” Darian said in an approving tone.

We all laughed at Darian’s silliness, the high spirits of the girls bringing up mine. As we were making jokes about members of the other sex that were constantly trying to get the attention of one of the girls in the house, the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it.” Darian hopped off the counter and hurried out of the kitchen.

As she left I poured the beat eggs into the hot pan sitting on the stove. After exchanging the cooked bacon in another skillet with uncooked, I flipped the pancakes that were cooking on the stove top skillet.

I don’t know what it was about cooking, but it always seemed to work out my stress, which was why I always volunteer to cook for the others as long as I wasn’t busy.

“I smell something really good.”

My whole body froze at the sound of his voice. I glanced towards the open doorway of the kitchen and sure enough there he stood. Leaning against the doorframe with his arms cross, he looked like he owned the place. Nothing new there. There was a small lift on the side his lips, the usual slanted grin he was always giving everyone. The only difference was the way he was looking at me. If one could have sex with only their eyes, he definitely had that mastered. I wanted to look away, but even more so keep looking at him. What was wrong with me?

Aaron joined him a second later in the doorway with a welcoming smile. “Hey, Nisha.”

Reese gasped from somewhere within the room. “How come he gets to call you that nickname but you yell at me when I do.”

“Because I don’t like you.”

I actually really, really loved her. Especially in that moment. Because of her, I was able to reclaim my mind from wherever it ran off to when the two men came in.

I turned my attention back to the food, thankful everything was nearly done and not burnt. As I finished up, the girls sprang into motion, more than likely preparing extra settings for the two to join us for breakfast. A breakfast that couldn’t have been over soon enough as I found myself seated between the two people I was currently trying to avoid, but my friends didn’t seem to comprehend my distress signal. Either that or they were ignoring me. Probably the latter. Bitches.

Aaron kept the conversation flowing around the table as we ate so I didn’t have to participate much. Changmin, on the other hand, was being devious. He kept asking me questions. He poked me. Tried to steal my food. He reminded me of a child wanting attention. As if that wasn’t enough, occasionally, he would lightly trail his fingers along my inner thigh under the table, awakening my arousal.

I mentally cursed him and my body. The next time he did it, I kicked him as hard as I could in the shin. His grunt of pain brought me extreme pleasure that wasn’t sexual at all. A grin decorated my face as a result.

“Something wrong, Min?” Aaron asked over my head.

“No,” Changmin answered through gritted teeth, glaring at me.

I beamed at him, thankful to finish my breakfast in peace.


During clean up, I hid out in my room for a good five minutes before Aaron found me. My room probably wasn’t the wisest choice.

I tried to ignore him but in truth, I was completely aware of his every move. I felt him sit beside me on the bed, peeking over my shoulder at the textbook I was reading. Well, trying to read. I ended up reading the same page six times before giving up.

I threw the book on the floor and looked up. “Need something?”

“Are you mad at me? At us?” He asked, softly.

The sweet tone of his voice eased my mood. I shook my head. “I’m just confused. Upset with myself.”


I didn’t answer. Instead, I sighed and laid back on my bed. Aaron looked down at me, his obvious worry showcased on his face.

“Why did you guys come here?”

“Because we were worried,” Aaron answered without hesitation.

“You don’t think it was weird?” I questioned.

He gave a small laugh. “I would be lying if I said I didn’t but I…” He scratched the back of his head. “I don’t know how to explain how I feel without sounding like a major pervert.”

I giggled. Something about him just made me want to relax. “Join the club.”

He grinned in return.

Suddenly his expression changed. His gaze trailed over me, awakening goose bump in its path. When his eyes met mine again, the flames of desire danced behind them. I fixated on his lips, thinking of his kiss as he began leaning down toward me.

The door opened with a loud bang. The two of us jumped apart instantly.

“Well. Well. Well. Look what we have here.”

I glared at Changmin as he casually waltzed into my room. He kicked the door shut with his foot and smiled. “Don’t mind me. You may continue.” He leaned against the door and waved his hand as if he were some royal king commanding his servants.

Rolling my eyes, I stood and stretched. “Why don’t you go watch some porn?”

“Want to watch some together?” He grinned before adding, “Maybe we could end it like last night.”

I flipped him off before walking into my ensuite bathroom. Before I could close the door, Changmin slipped inside. He shut the door behind him, locking Aaron out in the process.

Before my brain could function to say something snappy, he pulled me into his arms. I didn’t put up much of a fight to break free. Even though I currently didn’t like him, I still liked him.

Changmin ignored Aaron’s persistent knocking and leaned against the sink counter, pulling me between his legs. Bringing a hand to my hair, he played with a loose strand and took a deep breath as if breathing in my essence.

His gentle touch shocked me but not as much as the soft look in his eyes. Why was he looking at me like that? Why?

Changmin’s hand forgot my hair as he trailed a finger along my cheek and under my chin. He tilted my head until our lips touched. His tongue licked the seam before pushing inside, deepening the sweet kiss. I couldn’t stop myself from moaning as he tasted me with unkempt passion. I forgot all about the fact I should be feeling like a whore and threw myself into the kiss, loving each second.

He broke the kiss slowly. Our breaths mingled. I looked him in the eye, wondering just how he knew what to do to calm my erratic emotions.

Changmin simply grinned and stood his full height. As he moved toward the door, I took in a deep breath. Forget a shower. I needed a bath. A nice, soothing bath.

I turned to see Aaron lecturing Changmin. Changmin crossed his arms. “If it wasn’t for me, you would have never gotten the courage to approach her.”

“Can you guys leave now? I’d like to take a bath.”

Both turned their attention to me. Changmin looked like he wanted to say something smart but Aaron spoke before he could. “Okay. We’ll see you next week.”

I nodded and closed the door as Aaron pulled Changmin from the bathroom. Not trusting Changmin, I locked the door before stripping and getting into the tub.


Chapter Six

When I made my way down the stairs Friday night, Darian began nagging me about my clothing choice. “Are you seriously wearing that? Seriously? Sweats?”

I rolled my eyes. In all honesty, I wasn’t in the best mood. I did not feel like dealing with unwanted opinions. “They’re comfy.”

Darian shook her head. “Carelyn, do you think Canisha should be going to her movie night like that?”

Carelyn turned her attention away from the TV to me, giving me a once over. “Didn’t we agree you had to marry one of them? Dressing like that is not going to get them to pop the question.”

I snorted. If a guy didn’t approve of all my looks, why would I want to be with them in the first place? “I am not marrying either of them.”

“Who are you marrying?” Reese asked, walking into the room with an apple in hand.

I took a deep breath and went to my happy place. Or at least I tried. My happy place was currently out of order, it seemed. I wondered when it was going to be back up and running again… “Do any of you want to come with me?”

“Can’t. I’m going to a group study for geometry,” Reese stated before taking a bite of her apple.

“And I’m going with her,” Carelyn added.

I looked at Darian.

“I have a date tonight.”

That got everyone’s attention. “With who?”

“That’s for me to know and you to never, ever find out.”

Carelyn crossed her arms over her chest. “It’s Derek, isn’t it?” It made sense. The two were always flirting whenever we had lunch together.

Darian gasped. “Are you some kind of mind reader?” I knew blonde jokes were mean but I could swear they were created because of people like Darian.

Kira and Becca came down the steps dressed to impress. Though I already knew the answer, I still asked them to come with me. Each declined, explaining they were going to a fraternity party, which explained why they were so dressed up.

Life just didn’t make sense. Why did the girls always want to come with me when I didn’t want them to but couldn’t come when I wanted them to? Karma was just being a bitch to me.

“Okay,” I admitted defeat. Looked like I was going to have to face this one alone. “I’ll see you guys later. I’m heading out.”

“Have fun.”




I arrived at the guys’ house in exactly twenty minutes. Yes, I was watching the clock the whole time. Every single minute. But somehow, I still reached it on time even after determinedly driving the speed limit. And yes, I was a speeder but who wasn’t?

Aaron greeted me with a smile at the door. “I picked out a Chinese martial arts movie tonight. Didn’t you say you loved those?” he asked as we walked over to the couch.

I nodded, looking around. Where was Changmin? I was surprised he wasn’t loitering around like usual. Why question it? It could just be karma didn’t hate me that much after all. Finally, I relaxed. “I brought brownies.”

If possible, Aaron’s smile got bigger. He even rubbed his stomach as he said, “My favorite. I knew I was keeping you around for a reason.

I took the brownies out of my oversized purse as he started the movie. Once more I looked around for Changmin. I had a feeling he was going to pull something.

Aaron and I got absorbed in the movie almost right away, eating the brownies like they were popcorn. About thirty minutes in, someone’s hand suddenly gripped my shoulder. I’ll admit, I screamed, a loud, girly, and shameful scream. I tried to jump away but the person grabbed under my arms and pulled me over the sofa. Aaron, who was just as shocked, reached for me but missed.

I thought I was going to die until Changmin’s voice whispered in my ear. “Hey, beautiful.”

I glared up at him in the faintly lit room. “One day I’m going to kill you.”

Changmin grinned. “You already have.” Then he dropped his voice so only I could hear. “Want to do it again?”

I didn’t even respond as I usually would have. I couldn’t because everything had changed. While he didn’t seem to mind, I did. Maybe it was a mistake coming here. Stop being a coward. Everyone had the right to crawl into a hole if they wanted to but whatever was left of my pride would rather torture me than let me take the easy way out. Just my luck.

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