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The ultimatum

Down below was an earthly metropolis, vehicles of dreamy lights riding by another in a daze, reflecting transactions for another in a business line of repetitive death off the curvy s shaped and spiral transparent buildings, the glimmering marble shined its light up to the eyes of a young average built woman, she was sitting in an office on a computer, she had short shoulder length dark blonde hair and deep blue eyes, she was wearing a blue button up dress with black knee high boots. She hears the door close behind her. She turns to see a tall older chubby man. He had on a tuxedo suit on. He had short black hair parted and green eyes. He said, you failed to meet the numbers again laney with an over confidence tone.

This is the third time you've done this. Laney shrugged in a careless way. If you did it then it wouldn't happen, she replied snarkly. The man chuckled in disbelief. Man: this has gone on too far. It's time to teach you some Manners. Laney rolled her eyes. Laney: good luck boss. The boss’s eyes flamed up. He wrapped his arm around her neck as he whispered in her ear, you deserve to be punished. She chuckled. says who? You are the one that needs it, said laney in an amused tone. He lifted her up and slammed her down on the desk. He caressed her thighs up to her ass. He smacked it hard. She smiled and said, is that it? Boss: you enjoy Mr boss punishing you huh?! He bit off her dress as she took it off. He grabbed a keyboard and slammed it on her ass and back.

Laney: ohh, ahh, how nice. With each hit, she laughed gently. Boss: the more you be smart the greater your lesson! Put your arms on the desk now. She slowly put them on the desk. He tied them to it with tape. He grabbed a folder of papers and smacked her ass with it. She sighed silently. Boss: yea, I'll show you a punishment that will even shock you. She swung her head in disgust. Laney: just try! The boss became enraged. In an angry excited tone he said, tell me you want this job, that you need it! He slowly fingered her pussy and ass while licking them back and forth. She stared to shake in happiness. Laney: ahh, no, you won't get me! Ha. Boss: well see about that!

He we wrapped a mouse cord around her body and neck as he pulled. He slammed his cock into her pussy and ass. They moaned intensely. She laughed in a fearing tone. In deep breaths she said, I'm your Boss now! She pushed him down as she jumped on his cock. she twisted up down and around. She choked his neck. Laney: say I am your boss! In a hectic tone boss said, ahh, you are! She chuckled.  The boss sighed in a surprised tone. Boss: Accept my authority! This moment! She sighed. Boss: yes! There you are. He bent her over and put her head under the desk. Laney: ohh. Boss: stay down. He stuck his cock into her pussy and ass. They sighed louder. He went faster. Boss: say I am your boss! She happily screamed, yes sir! You are my boss and I need this! The boss laughed. Boss: You knew this would happen huh you sneaky bitch?! He slapped her thighs as he pulled her hair. She sighed and laughed as she shook her head. Laney: maybe. you strong boss man, punish me! He rubbed papers in her face. Boss: do more! They sighed. She screamed, I will!

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