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Adults Only Erotica, Vol. One

10 Sexy Super Shorts

By Jane Emery

Copyright 2017 Jane Emery

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Highway to Heaven

Audition of a Lifetime

Lake Tahoe Getaway

One Last Time before the Knot is Tied

To Ball a Head-Banger

She Acts just like a Nurse with all the other Guys

Big Dicked Biker Fucks Big Tit Biker Bitch

Caught in the Act by Mom

Bank Robbery Banging

Bus Ride Blowjob

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Highway to Heaven

She was the hottest woman I have ever seen with long blonde hair and legs that reached up to the sky. I passed her on the highway in the middle of nowhere; she was just standing there with her bag over her shoulder and her thumb sticking out in the direction I was heading. I got a quarter mile away before I circled back to pick her up. It's illegal for me to pick her up, not to mention dangerous; she could have some brute off in a ditch waiting for me to stop. She also could be alone in the heat of the open road and no one to help her; no one but me.

Her shorts were so short that I could see the cushy roundness of her lower butt cheek popping below the cutoff. Just to have this hot piece of ass sitting on my car seat will bring me pleasure.

I pass her by again but this time to swing back and open my door to her. "Get in, I'm heading that way," I tell her as my passenger door flies open.

When she sits down I can tell she's been out in the sun for a while, her skin is red with heat but as smooth as silk. I can even feel the heat coming off her like she soaked it up to her core; I switch on the air conditioner and point all the vents towards her.

"Thank you so much," she says to me with an angelic voice, "I'm going as far as you're willing to take me."

I tell her that I'm heading to Los Angeles and she says she's down for that; she tells me she is leaving her boyfriend. I figured it was something like that; you don't sit out in the middle of the highway looking for a ride if you don't really want to leave. I turn the radio off and the two of us have small talk instead, I find out that she just wants to get to a different city and start over new. I tell her how I'm heading to L.A., so I can pursue my acting career; we go back and forth until she puts her hand on my lap. I'm stunned that she is going this way, I never thought that I would pick up a super sexy hitch hiker and that she would come on to me. Here I am with her hand getting ever so close to my cock and it is rapidly growing.

"I need to thank you for stopping to pick me up," she says with a more of an, I'm gonna fuck your brains out tone of voice. "Why don't you keep driving until you see a good place to stop and stretch out," she says and then dives into my lap head first.

I almost lose control of the car from the shock of a fine woman giving me head as I drive. It will be hard to concentrate on keeping the car straight and finding a place to pull over; all while wanting to enjoy the blow-job I'm about to get. I feel the warm wetness of her mouth envelop my rod and the sheer jolt of excitement causes me to swerve the car over the yellow line. Now my car is fully in the oncoming lane; thank god no one was coming.

Driving is now getting even harder as I begin to think of putting my tongue all over this woman's entire body. I have never wanted to taste the sweet tang of pussy more than I do at this moment. I start to look a little harder for a place off the main highway that we can pull over, I don't want a rest area filled with other long-distance travelers on a lunch break. What we plan on doing would not be appreciated by anyone but the two of us. I see a small group of trees off in the distance, no houses or anything like that, just some trees for cover; perfect.

I turn on to the dirt road and head over to our section of sex, after I pull over and shut off the car I can't even wait for us to get to the soft meadow. I pick up my sexy hitch hiker and put her on the roof of my car, the top button of her cutoff jeans is already undone exposing her naval piercing. I unfasten the second button and pull the shorts off; I can see her skimpy thong and just move the material over with my tongue as my hands are used to spread her legs. I think to myself how I want to make this woman remember this experience, so I shove my tongue as far inside her as I can. The sweet spice of a woman fills my taste buds, the pungent aroma of sex wafts into my nose. She grips the hair on the back of my head tightly letting me know she enjoys what I'm doing to her.

"Fuck yes, get that tongue in there," she moans breathily. She pushes me off her and takes me over to the soft grass, "Gene never ate my pussy." I can only assume she means her ex.

She lays me on the ground and tosses her cutoff shorts onto my face; they are so small that I can see her through the hole of the pant-leg. I can see her move the material of her thong over and then feel her soft touch on my over erected cock. The warmth as I enter her is accompanied by the ecstatic sensation of her pussy; the feelings make me melt in my own skin.

"Oh my god, just putting it in is gonna make me cum," I say as she rocks back and forth just once. I explode like a stick of dynamite and then feel the sharpness of her nails penetrate my shirt and into my chest.

"Stay here," she says to me, probably heading over to the car for cigarettes. I can hear her walk off but can't see her with her shorts still on my face. I can smell her on the denim fabric, so I keep them there. Then I hear my car start, I get up off my back, her shorts drop to the ground and I see her drive off back to the highway and keep heading west. What a way to get your car stolen.


Audition of a Lifetime

There's a buzz about the new sci-fi movie that's in casting call right now, a chance to make a name for yourself if you can land one of the main rolls. I need to get to that audition; I know there's a part in that production for me. I have the look and the build for any of those beefcake rolls for a swashbuckling space pirate. I get a hold of my agent and he gives me the location, I hop in my car and I'm on my way.

By the time I get there I am already behind so many others, both men and women came out for this open casting call. When I write my name down on the list I can see the number next to mine tells me I'm 200 deep. I know I'll be here all day so I grab the script and begin looking over lines. It's never good being one of the last ones called; casting agents have already seen so many before you and not always are they happy to keep seeing more.

I take a seat and notice that there are no more people coming in, I will be the last audition of the day. Halfway through and the screen writer and producer leave, they don't seem to have happy looks on their faces. The casting agent grabs the clip board by the door and calls out another name off the list; however, this time she takes the names with her. Even if there were more people coming in to audition, they won't be able to sign up. There has to be over fifty people still waiting for their shot at getting a part, I think I've even seen some leave before they even get a chance to read.

We're getting down to the last of us; more have even left the group never to return. The casting agent comes back out and calls a name, after a few seconds with no answer she moves on to the next name; looks like someone missed their opportunity. The casting lady rolls her eyes unenthusiastic over the people who have left; when you look past the snub nose of the grumpy woman you can see the appeal of a M.I.L.F. or cougar- someone who could easily been on the silver screen herself.

With only five of us left, the director leaves the auditions and things look grim for me and these others. The best parts have most likely been filled and there is no chance to save one. Then I notice that I'm the last one left in the room, the door opens and the actor walks out with the same look they all have had throughout the day- no clue if they nailed it or not.

Moments later the only person left in the office walks out and looks right at me. "I observed you earlier and have been waiting for this," the vixen says to me. It turns out that she noticed there was a new name on the list and a new face in the crowd, that's why she pulled the list for any new entries. "I have a part that's perfect for you, but I have to know that you want it bad enough." I look a little closer and see that she has her hand between her thighs.

"Ma'am, I would pleasure a lady like you even if there were no part up for grabs." I pick her up out of the chair and lay her on the desk top, pull her heels off her feet without even unfastening them and toss them to the ground. Next is the tiny thin belt she has on with her dress slacks, leaving just the ass hugging lace panties and some thigh-high stockings.

"If you make me cum with just your mouth I can guarantee you a part in the movie," she tells me so I get to work. Not only do I want a part in the flick but I want her to tell other film makers that I'm good at taking direction.

She lies there on the desk as I plunge my head between her legs, I don't need much motivation to bring her to ecstasy, but knowing that I have a part in the cast if she cums drives me even more. I swirl the tip of my tongue around her clit, occasionally putting it between my teeth to nibble ever so gently on her. I put my finger to her wet entrance when she stops me.

"I said your mouth," she snaps at me like a dominatrix, "no hands, just your mouth."

I move my hand to push her legs even further apart and stick my face all the way in there. I want to smell her on my upper lip when I leave her. "Oh yes, right there," she says when I start licking her asshole. To assure I get the job done and therefore the part, I am pulling out all the stops. As my tongue rolls around her backdoor my nose starts to tickle her magic button, I shake and vibrate my head to add to the frisky sensation. Then she grabs the back of my head and tells me, "Don't you fucking stop."

Two weeks later I'm on set with a blaster in my hand and playing the part of a lifetime.


Lake Tahoe Getaway

I've known Al and Gail for many years now; I've even participated in one of their videos where Al pulls out all his cameras. They are two of the horniest people I have ever called friends, and they are good friends at that. When I received a comped room at Mont Bleu in Lake Tahoe, there was only one couple I wanted to ask to join me and my girlfriend Patty. She had walked in on the sex driven couple at a party a mutual friend had several months back, so when I told her she already knew what to expect with them. We figured we would walk in on them when they broke away from the craps table and went up to the room. We knew that when they took a shower together that they were going to fuck for the first twenty minutes they were in there.

What we should've expected was that they would fuck each other's brains out while we were in the queen bed in the same room. A couple of hours ago we were all at the quarter slots, we would never play anything unless we saw the waitress coming. We only wanted to get drunk and they don't water down the drinks if you play twenty-five cents or higher. Patty and I had drank a lot more than Al and Gail when we were at the craps table so by the time we hit the fourth round with them we were done for the night. We snubbed out our cigarettes, cashed out our game, and then said good night.

We don't know how long we were up in the room before they came in. They must have thought we would have been passed out drunk from all we chugged down, but we were still awake. "Get that pussy over here," we hear Al slur his words.

"No mother fucker," responds Gail, "You get that cock over here. I'm ready for you."

I hear the bed squeak as Al comes slamming on top of Gail. The next thing I can hear is the sound of sucking as one of them begins to give the other head. It isn't until I hear a feminine exhale, yet the slurping sounds remain that I realize its Al sucking on her.

"Drink me down god damn it," Gail orders. Patty and I are facing the opposite way, so we can't see what is going on, but we know the unmistakable sound of a bed rocking back and forth. It last for only a few seconds and then stops completely. When we don't hear anything, we look over to their bed. I reach for my phone because I must get a picture of them passed out drunk in the missionary position.


One Last Time before the Knot is Tied

It's Friday night and Anna is getting married on Sunday, tonight is her last night to party and be wild. She walks into the Meriwether Hotel lobby with her sister Angel and her three friends Dina, Carrie, and Stephanie. Anna thinks they only have plans to drink the night away, the other girls are thinking of something different. They sit at the bar and order their first round of shots, before they can even toast to the woman of the hour, Dina orders a second round.

"Here's to Anna finally finding herself someone," Angel says. The ladies toss back the booze and reach for the second set of glasses; this time it's Carrie ordering the next round.

"You sure you wanna go through with this?" Stephanie asks Anna before they take the next shot. "You'll never be able to get a sample of some strange beef again."

"What are you talking about?" Angel speaks up, "There's bound to be one hot delivery man that will come to her front door while Jack's at work."

"Girls, girls," Anna steps in, "if I was gonna do all that; I certainly wouldn't do it at my house." The five ladies laugh, clink their shots glasses together and swallow back the liquor.

Soon the five women are plenty tipsy and convince Anna to take this ladies night up to a room. They purchase a bottle of booze and bring it with them; Dina can't even wait so she cracks it open in the elevator and has herself a swig. They reach the tenth floor and get out of the lift, walk down the hall, and open the door.

Once they all step through the door they rush Anna down the hall of the rental, there is a chair in the middle of the suite waiting for her. As she's pushed into the room she can see there's a man sitting on one of the chairs, almost as if he's been waiting for them. This is when Anna realizes that he has and the other girls have set this entire thing up.

"I was wondering why you guys wanted to get drunk in a hotel lobby bar," Anna says.

Angel had gotten together with the other ladies and rented this fabulous suite overlooking the city, they can all get as drunk as they want and then pass out in their individual rooms. The stud of a stripper is the icing on the cake, quite possibly the last time she will ever see the cock of a hot hunk. The warm spongy skin of a muscle-bound heartthrob is something she needs to take advantage of.

The beefcake turns on the radio he brought with him to a song with a hip gyrating rhythm; he walks over to the chair that Anna is sitting in and begins to dance his pants off. He un-snaps one button and with the way he moves his hips and ass, he's able to literally boogie his way out of his trousers. The smooth and shiny thighs of the man glisten in Anna's face as she admires the package the banana hammock is holding back. The dancer grabs hold of his shirt and pulls hard, ripping it to shreds and draping it all over the bride to be.

The only thing keeping the rock of a man from being completely naked is the thin piece of cloth covering his dick and the thin string holding it over his waist. The dancer pops his hips in her face; the hammock material swirls around as his member moves vigorously.

"The special lady gets a private show if she chooses," the man says to her when the song stops.

"Fuck yeah!" Anna replies with excitement.

The dancer grabs her by the hand and takes her into one of the rooms, once inside he closes the door and sits her on the bed. With no music to dance to, the hunk of a man begins to shake his stuff. "I don't normally do this but you're something special," he tells her as he dances to music playing in his head. "If someone as hot as you is getting married than I want to put on a personal show." He puts a thumb from his right hand in the strap of his thong and gives a little pull.

"Yeah baby, take them fucking things off," Anna demands of her entertainer.

He pulls off the last bit of clothing that he has on and as soon as he steps close enough, Anna pounces on him. She grabs him by the hip with one hand and reaches for the flaccid love tool with her other, pulls him in closer, and slips his meat in her mouth. The tingly sensation begins to take the dancer over and he starts to grow even bigger between her luscious lips.

"This is your night and I want you to get what you want," he tells her as he pulls his cock out of her mouth. He pushes her back on the mattress and pulls up her skirt; he slides off her panties and spreads her legs. The horny stud takes a knee and glides his finger over her shaved pussy, paying special attention to her clit. Once he feels her body shutter from the pleasure, he leans in to put his mouth on her.

The tip of his tongue flitters over her, the swish of his lips patter and purse against Anna's erogenous area. Her back arches with sexual tension followed by release, she drops back to the bed and her knees come up; she grips the back of the stripper’s head and pulls him in tighter. He gets up to the bed, takes his bulb of a dickhead and starts to rub it against the pulsing and swollen clit of Anna. Her body begins to tingle then tighten up once again; when the hot rod of the man starts to enter her, she releases the breath she was holding and lets the meaty tool of her lover enter all the way. The stripper begins to move his hips like he was dancing and performing, his stiff cock sliding in and out of the sexually intoxicated woman.

Before he can get a real steady rhythm going, Anna moans out in ecstasy. Her nails dig into the stud's ass and she cums a deep and steady orgasm. The man can't help but be turned on by her climax and doesn't have the capability to hold back his own ending. He falls over her as she continues to squeeze on his butt cheeks.

This is one-night Anna will never forget before heading in to her marriage.


To Ball a Head-Banger

I have to tell you about the Rock n' Roll Maiden I hooked up with at the metal show the other night. She looked like the librarian you see downtown who lets loose on the weekends, and when she rocks the fuck out- you can forget about it. Her fluffy skirt was as hardcore as it got without taking away her femininity, tattered in all the right places to expose ripped leggings and I can't forget about the steel toe boots she had on. She was wearing a tight fitting Pink Floyd shirt that she cut to make her creamy flesh more visible for all us rockers. Her glasses were special metal with a pentagram on one side and skull and cross bones on the other. She had the most gorgeous blood red hair that draped down her ordinarily beautiful face.

It was a small venue and there were plenty of sexy ladies of grind-core, but she was the only one to stand out. Every time I would see her she would be the one I recognized where all the other beauties would never register. I first saw her in the line to get in the auditorium; her hair was the first thing to stand out for me. I saw her again inside when I was in line for beers; she was a short distance behind me so when I turned around I got a good look at her. One of those girls that doesn't do it for me in the beginning but when I saw her a third time I noticed her metal style, the way she carried herself; she began to look different to me. She was now at the front of the stage for the opening band and I couldn't help but look at her in a whole new light.

People started to crowd the front and I lost sight of her, I cared about nothing but looking at her again. The crowd was too big that I decided to I move away so I could get some air and another beer, when I walked down the hall I could see her coming my way. Holy Shit! What do I do? I played it cool as she walked by, I'm usually not so timid around women but for some reason she has me all flustered. I nodded my head and said a polite, "How you doing?" She smiled at me letting me know she liked what she saw. My heart skipped a beat and I needed to take a swig of my beer to force myself to not look back at her.

I didn't see her for the rest of the opening band's set; after they were done everyone broke out to have a smoke and a drink before the next gig. I hang back when everyone files back into the stage room for the next band; just what I was hoping for. I see her; but what I wasn't expecting was for her to be walking straight towards me. I stood right where I was, there's a chance that she's just heading in this direction and will walk right past me.

With the halls almost empty, the regular woman dressed as a hot metal maiden grabbed my wrist and dragged me behind her. She said nothing to me, just pulled my arm and forced me to follow her; little did she know that I would follow her anywhere. She aimed straight for the ladies room and in we went. I had my hesitations, but she gripped harder on my hand and pulled me in.

"Don't say anything," she placed her palm on my mouth once we entered a stall, "Just keep quiet and fuck me."

She forced her hand down my pants and lucky for me the entire thing had got me excited; I was at full erection and she just started squeezing and stroking. With her other hand she pulled up her skirt and I saw the sexy sight of garter straps hooked to the leggings she was rocking. I gripped onto the softest and most firm ass I had ever been able to touch, and with my other hand I flicked open my pot leaf belt buckle. Before I even realized what the hell was happening, she had me backed all the way in the stall and my extremely hard dick was all the way inside her.

I didn't know who the hell this bitch was, and I was sure she'd never tell me, but she was rocking my world and I didn't want to blow my chance at a sexy experience. As she began grinding away at me I listened hard at the band playing in the background- hoping that will help me not cum so fast. With my ass on the toilet tank, she planted her feet on the seat and really began to fuck away at my rock-hard cock. She began gripping the hair on the back of my head and pulling it back with force; and finally, she sunk her teeth into my neck just hard enough to make me lose concentration and my climax was full steam ahead.

"Damn bro, where is this chick?" my neighbor asks me after hearing my story. He is here for our daily tradition of a wake n' bake and coffee.

"She's still asleep in my bed," I say as I hand him the joint, "She'll be joining us soon."


She Acts just like a Nurse with all the other Guys

I've been in this hospital for the past five weeks; I was rock climbing the typography of Devil's Peak and found out why people say that only the crazy try it. Legs and hips broken as well as one arm and some ribs; doctors say I'm lucky it's not worse. I'm on the mend but they still want to keep me around for closer observation, can't say I blame them, I did almost die. The TV in the main lounge goes off and when I look over I see her- Nurse Cathy.

"All right you guys," she says as she comes into the room. "It's getting late and if you want to watch TV you can do it in your room."

All the other people in wheelchairs or on crutches she lets move on their own, but she grabs the handles behind my chair and starts to push me. She is everything I could ever want, sexy and caring; she has everything I need- some pills in a little cup. I swallow them back and I feel so much better, my leg pains go away, and everything is perfect.

"Here Frank, there are some in here just for you," she says and then hands them to me.

I get into my bed almost like I know tonight is my night; she gave me some special pills this time; I can't wait to see what this evening brings. I lay here listening to what's going on; someone is walking down the hall coming this way. It's dark but I smell her sweet perfume and can feel her slip into my bed; I'm already hard for her and she knows it. She doesn't care anymore about what those at work have to say, she props up and starts to fuck my horny brains out.

"Yes, baby just like that!" she shouts, and it echoes down the hall.

I blow my built-up load, I can't help but be at the mercy of this goddess who takes me to ecstasy. My eyes close so I can absorb every fire laced sensation but when I open them everything is different. Nurse Cathy is gone. I am alone in my room and my leg pains have returned; when I put my hands down to massage them, I don't feel them. They are gone. The legs I had help me plunge my erect cock in and out of her sweet pink pussy are not there; just like the nurse who loved me. Everything is just a figment of my imagination. More reality kicks in when the arm I thought I broke is also gone from above the elbow. How all this happened, I can't even remember. Is this real? If I don't know what is, then how can I tell?


Big Dicked Biker Fucks Big Tit Biker Bitch

Sturgis, South Dakota

Hundreds of bikers have come from all over to join in the festivities and hedonism of the rally. The biggest crowd has gathered around the main stage for their favorite contest to end in a traditional joining of the biggest dong and hugest tits. Ten hog ridding studs have taken the stage and dropped their leather chaps as well as their jeans for the wet boxer shorts contest. The crowd stands below as the water splashes over every inch of their waists exposing the beefy meat beneath the see-through material. The crowd votes on who they think has the best-looking cock out of the whole bunch and the winner stands off to the side.

Now it's time for the wet T-shirt contest and all the women with the firmest breasts take the stage. They expose the white cotton shirt ready for the water to cover their chest. When the cold fluid hits them their pert nipples begin to harden. Each lady stands there and lets the crowd judge who they think is the winner and once they've decided it's time for the grand finale.

The winner from the boxer shorts competition and the female from the wet T-shirt contest now put on a show for the rowdy spectators. With a Harley Fat Boy now on the stage, the male winner lies back on the bike and lets the big titted woman mount his face. He slides his tongue inside her sweet pussy as she gobbles down his winner cock. The crowd starts to cheer as the two sex stars begin to suck on each other. The rugged and scruffy biker man grips onto the lady's round ass and drives his stiff mouth muscle even deeper into his dripping wet twat. She swallows his stiff rod all the way until her lips press against his huge and hairy balls.

"Yeah brotha, fuck that bitch," comes an eager voice from within the crowd looking for more hot and horny action.

The man lifts the little lady off of him and places her across the motorcycle. He puts her winning breasts on the gas tank. He comes up behind her and slides his rock-hard dick all the way inside her wet and willing pussy. As his hips move back and forth, the crowd gets louder with every pump. The noise of the audience has attracted others to come over and watch the sexy show. The hot and sex filled man grabs the microphone from the announcer and asks the onlookers for a countdown from ten.

"Ten!" they all shout in unison. The man pumps in the horny lady slow but with passionate force.

"Nine!" he slides out showing a glisten of cream on his long hard shaft.

"Eight!" for a little more eroticism he reaches around and cups one of the winning tits in his hand.

"Seven!" his other hand is feeling left out so he grabs her other firm boob.

"Six!" again he slides in her with climactic intent.

"Five!" now he starts to pick up speed and intensity.

"Four!" he lets go of her sweet tits and palms her tight ass with both hands.

"Three! The horny woman grabs hold of the bikes handlebars as she cums with joyous ecstasy.

"Two!" his dick slides out of her with even more juicy cream all over it.

"One!" he slams his stiff rod in her for a one last time, getting the full effect of her sugary sweetness.

"Zero!" he pulls out of her and blows his heavy load all over her ass and back. The rambunctious crowd cheers as the explosion lets them all know that the show has come to an end.


Caught in the Act by Mom

I have always thought he was hot, even before he became my mom’s boyfriend. Ben is the town hunk and every woman wants him but somehow my mother got him. I made sure that at the Christmas party we both got plenty drunk, just hoping that he would take me into the coat room and have his way with me. I would always make sure to walk around the house in my skimpiest outfits when my mom was gone. I had to seduce him in some way and this is the only way I know how; I could see him watching me out of the corner of his eye.

Today my mother left for work and I sprang into action. I decided that I'm wearing my low riding cut off jean shorts that will show off my thong from behind. When I walk in front of him he will have to see the straps rise over my hips and come down to my front where I will have the top button undone. When I sit down he will be able to see straight into the open pant leg with a view right at my lacey undies. This should be sure to get him in between my legs.

It works just as I had planned, he can't stop gawking at me. I even open my legs to give him a great view of my creamy long thighs. I can see him bite the inside of his lip; and why wouldn't he? I'm a 20-year-old sex crazed blonde with a figure most women would kill for. He is a buffed out 30-year-old with sex exuding from his bronzed skin and god like ruggedness. I can't wait to feel his strong hands all over my delicate skin.

He can't stand it anymore; my womanly ways have gotten to him. Not a single word comes from his mouth, he just grabs the bikini top I was using as a shirt and rips it from my chest. His entire mouth covers my pert and firm breast and I can feel his tongue circle around my nipple. Knowing that this Adonis of a man is touching me in a sexual way is making my pussy cream with delight.

He moves his powerful hands down to my shorts and pulls them off with no problem. His tongue enters my pink pussy with passion of a sex crazed tyrant that's intent on conquering a mountain of flesh. I grip the back of his head and move my hips up and down, feeling the scruff of his facial hair all over my freshly shaved twat. The couch we are fucking on turns into an intergalactic sex ship blasting off for some planet in the nebula of orgasmic ecstasy.

We are so caught up in our taboo action that nothing else matters to us. Whatever sounds that are being heard only come through as the television set and the program we were watching. Moans of my elation overtake the voices of the morning talk show hostess and her guests. That is until the racking of a shotgun breaks me out of my spell. I look over to see my mother with her weapon pointed at Ben and before I can say or do anything, she pulls the trigger, blowing the man between my legs away to a world of death.

Who would've thought my mother would come home from work early?


Bank Robbery Banging

"Everyone get your fucking hands up," Jethro says from behind the mask of tragedy that covers his mouth with his 9mm waving around the bank. "You know what the fuck this is, and in case you're that fucking stupid I'm talking about a fucking bank robbery."

His partner in crime and lover, Hannah, walks around with a mask of comedy on and a pistol in each hand. She is making sure that all the customers are lying flat on the tile with their hands and arms straight out. "Nobody try to be a fucking hero here," she yells out. The bitch even kicks the security guard in the side with her steel toe boots to show that the couple means business.

Jethro shoves his gun in the face of one of the tellers because he thinks she's moving too slow. "Come on bitch, pick up the pace," he shouts at her. "And if you reach for that ink packet I will blow you away.

Once the small burlap bag is full of enough money and their time is up, he grabs it out of her hands and the two make their way out the front door. The two crooks run as fast as they can, cutting down side streets and dashing into back alleys- wherever they must go to avoid being spotted by the police. When they hear the sirens, they stop and duck behind a large garbage bin and wait for the patrol car to pass them by.

Once they think they are in the clear, they don't continue to run. The sheer excitement of what they have just done gets to them and a horny sensation overtakes the sexy thieves. Right there in the middle of the dingy alley they drop their trousers and start kissing in raw passionate criminal exploration. Jethro lifts Hannah up and presses her against a brick wall as he enters her. She grabs a hold of his lower lip between her teeth and pulls on it, giving him a slight jolt of pain to compliment the pleasure he feels surrounding his massive cock.

He constantly bangs away at his girl until there are red scuffs and scratches from the coarse bricks along her back. Soon enough she is clawing at his tight ass with her French manicured fingernails, leaving long demonic like scrapes up both of his sweet firm butt cheeks. The pain feels so good to the both of them that their building orgasms flow to the top of the sex mountain and each of them blow like a geyser. Panting heavily, they are still with exhaustion until the ability to move comes back to their weak and wobbly legs. They pull their pants back on and slowly walk out of the alleyway with money in their bag ready for some hedonistic spending.


Bus Ride Blowjob

It's a long drive from the airport in L.A. all the way up interstate 15 into the Mojave Desert, especially at night. Brent's plane is touching down at 9:30pm and I want to be there to greet him when he gets off so I can get him off; I've been waiting too long. His god like body and firm muscular build has me chomping at the bit, or at least at his bit. That is the first thing I want to do to him, take him deep in my mouth and blow his mind. This is the reason I've booked us a bus ride all the way back to Hesperia, the other being I don't want to drive that far of a distance in the darkness of night.

The stud of my dreams walks out of the terminal, only a handful of people have taken this flight into the city of angels at this late hour. I see him as his Olympian like gorgeousness looks over in my direction; I melt into my panties with the sheer excitement of his presence. He has no clue of the sex filled pleasures I'm going to bring him while he's here for the weekend. And it all starts the moment the bus leaves the airport parking lot. The bus's final destination is Las Vegas with a stop in Victorville where I left my car, plenty of time to bring him to a blissful orgasm.

We're the first to board the long silver cylinder of the transport and we head straight for the very back seat- out of the view of everyone. Not many people get on after us, it's later at night and those who want to go to Sin City have already gone during the day or they will drive themselves there. We plan on sinning but in the back of this bus, not at the casinos. I pull out a small blanket I brought with me just for this special occasion. When I get to chopping away I want to put it over my head and go to town on my man.

The bus ride will take up to three hours and many of the other passengers have already fallen asleep, that's my cue to get busy. Brent sits back with the blanket over our legs and up to our waist, he sits comfortably unaware of what I'm about to do to him. I dive under the covers and start to undo his pants. When I pull out his beefy rod, I'm pleased to see he has shaven every bit of his hairs making him smooth as silk. The stiffness takes over his cock and it grows to a perfect pleasure pole of godlike wonder; I'm more excited than ever to get to work on him.

I gently lick away at the tip of his dick and feel the shutter of his body as the exotic pulses run through him. The sound of the large bus engine masks the slurping and sucking sounds my eager mouth makes as I uncontrollably eat away at my hunk. I go all the way down on him so my tongue can lick his smooth balls while the tip of his cock pokes the back of my throat. I can feel his strong hand palm the back of my head, and then he begins to pump his hips. I hold myself in place so he can fuck my mouth with gusto. I grip the hard saliva covered shaft with my hand so he can still fuck away while I lick his sweet nuts, sucking one into my mouth. When I do I hear him moan, it's loud enough for me to hear over the roar of the engine. Does anyone else hear it? I just don't care. I'm enjoying myself far too much to stop and see if anyone looks back at us.

"Goddamn baby, you feel so fucking good," he whispers loud enough for me to hear while he enjoys the head I'm giving him.

His hips keep pumping, so I put my mouth back on his stiff cock and let him fuck my mouth more. I feel his grip tighten around my scalp as he pulls my hair telling me that he's getting closer to his finish. I close my lips around his big monster meat and suck even harder; I can feel the buildup as I cup his fabulous balls in my hand. He grips the hair on the back of my head even harder as he releases his lust fluid into my mouth, the ending I have been waiting for. I swallow down every bit of my man's sex juice while never taking his cock out of my mouth. When I come out from under the covers, I lick my lips clean and fall into his arms with my head on his buff chest. The two of us fall asleep for the last hour of the ride satisfied; at least until I get him into my bedroom.

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