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Random Sex Stories


Keith King


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Random Sex Stories

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Random Sex Stories



I am Jennifer and I am the daughter of a billionaire. The day of my eighteenth birthday, I had a life changing experience and from that day onwards I had lived my life differently. That day, my father was preparing a birthday party for me in the evening and the house was a frenzy of activities with all the people running around setting things up. It was going to be a grand affair and even though my house was big I still felt like it was too crowded so I needed to get away.

I found my chauffeur Ricky and asked him to drive me to the cinema. Ricky had been our family chauffeur since I was a little girl and he was about ten years older than me. Ricky was like an older brother to me and he was a good looking guy. Ricky literally saw me growing up from a small girl with no boobs to the current well endowed me. Ricky had seen my naked body many times, when I was in a hurry, I liked to change my clothes in the car. Although Ricky would be driving but I noticed he would take a peek at the rear view mirror whenever I was changing in the car. This was my way of teasing him. Besides being my chauffeur, Ricky also doubled as my personal security guard. My friends had been teasing me frequently for having such a good looking guy following me around. I had many fantasies with Ricky and I was waiting for me to reach legal age to live my fantasies.

Ricky drove me to the cinema and I went to buy ticket. As it was a last minute decision to watch a movie, none of my friends was free to watch with me. There was no movie that I had not watched previously except for an adult movie. It was just nice that I was eighteen and legally allowed to watch adult movie. I bought the ticket and went into the cinema. It was a working day and the cinema was empty except for two couples. The first couple was seated right in front at one corner and the other couple was seated in the middle of the cinema. It was my first time watching an adult movie in cinema so I chose a back row seat. The cinema dimmed its light and the screen started showing some advertisements. I was quite shocked at the advertisements, they were showing sex related products and services. It was a brand new experience for me to be seeing such advertisements in a cinema. Then it showed some trailers to other adult movies and the trailers all focused on the sex screens of the new movies. I was starting to feel embarrassed. I had not really watch sex screens in public before, luckily the cinema was quite empty.

Very soon, the actual movie started. The first screen of the movie was already showing an actress taking a bath in a river. An actor was peeking at the actress taking the bath. When the actress finished her bath and stepped out of the river the actor jumped out from behind his hiding place and the actor was also naked. The both of them hugged and kissed and very soon was having sex on the river bank. Although the sex scene was implicit but it aroused me and I could feel the wetness between my legs. I was still a virgin but I had started watching porn movies on my laptop two years ago and had experimented with masturbating. Sex scenes were not new to me and I had felt wetness previously when I watched porn movies but I guessed watching sex scenes in cinema had a different feeling and it made it more erotic. I peeked at the two couples in the cinema. The couples in the middle was watching the scenes intently but the couples in front were engaged in their own heavy petting. I suddenly had an evil thought, I stood up and quietly sneaked down to the front second row of the cinema. I took a seat a few seats away from the couple.

The scene on the movie had moved on and it was no longer showing sex. I turned my focus to the couple in front of me. In the darkness I was not able to see their faces but on and off, using the light from the big screen I was able to catch a glimpse of what the couple was doing. The guy was seated on the cinema seat but the lady was seated on the guy. The lady was wearing a short skirt and her blouse was pulled up above her breasts and her bra was unbuckled. The guy was groping her breasts and the lady was shaking her lower body. From my little experience in sex, I guessed the lady was sitting on the guy’s cock and the guy had either entered her pussy or anal and she was moving her lower body to have more traction.

I myself was wearing a short skirt that day. I spread my legs and put my hand between my legs. I touched my panties and it was already very wet. I pulled my panties aside and touched my pussy. It was very wet, I had never experienced such wetness even in the previous times when I tried masturbating. I poked my fingers in and enjoyed the wetness. The scene in the big screen changed to another sex scene. The actress was laying on the bed and teasing the actor by spreading her legs and exposing her panties. She was doing the same as me, poking her fingers into her pussy. She deliberately moved her fingers in and out of her pussy and her expressions changed as she neared orgasm and her fingers movement accelerated. I followed suit and reached my own orgasm. It was a quiet orgasm because I was too near to the couple in front. I pulled out my fingers. I decided I had enough of the movie and stood up to leave the cinema. Before I left I looked at the couple in front. They had changed position, the lady had turned around and was facing the guy and she was topless. The guy was hungrily sucking her breasts. I was not sure whether the lady had seen me when she turned around but I thought it was better to leave quickly.

I left the cinema and went to the parking lot where Ricky was waiting for me in the car. I found the car and Ricky was sitting dutifully at his driver seat.

“Ricky, let’s go to my daddy’s private beach.”

Ricky was a bit surprised to see me so soon. “Is the movie so short?”

“No, I decided not to finish watching the movie. Let’s go.”


“Sorry, drive me to the mall first. I need to buy new panties.”


Ricky drove reached the mall in five minutes and I quickly left the car and went to the mall’s lingerie shop and bought a new panties. I was back in the in less than ten minutes and as usual Ricky was waiting patiently in the car for me.

“Let’s go.”

As Ricky was driving off, I took out my newly bought panties. It was a red lacy skimpy G-string. I pulled up my skirt and took off my existing panties. I knew Ricky was peeking at me through the back view mirror. I took my time putting on my new panties and slowly pulled down my skirt.

“Do you know what I saw in the cinema just now?” I asked Ricky.

“No idea.”

“I saw a couple fucking.”

“That’s common. When I was younger, the cinema is the cheaper place to go for a fuck.”


“It’s true. Unless you want to fuck in car parks or parks or each other’s house which are free, the next cheapest location is cinema. For the price of two tickets, you could never get a hotel room even with the sleaziest hotels.”

“Tell me more.”

“It’s adult content.”

“I am eighteen today and officially an adult.”

“Ha, I almost forgot about that. Happy birthday.”

“Tell me.”

“Ok, during my school days, I had this girlfriend. After we dated for a few months, we decided we should have sex. That time I was living with my parents and my mother was a stay home housewife and so was the same with my girlfriend. So there is no chance we could have sex in each other’s house. There was once we went to a park and were trying to have sex. So I chose the most isolated part of the park and found a bench. I looked around and there was nobody. So I sat on the bench and unzipped my pants to pull out my cock. Pardon the language.”

“Continue. Be just crude as you can. I like that.”

“Ok. I pulled out my cock. It was already very hard. My girlfriend was wearing a skirt that day and the trend that time was miniskirts so her skirt was very short. I lifted her skirt and saw her cotton panties. It was not one of those sexy lingerie but it was the sexiest underwear for me at that time. I pulled her panties down to her knees to expose her hairy pussy. Sorry, am I giving too much information?”

“No. Give me as much details as possible.”

“My girlfriend was not wet yet and we were both inexperienced. I told her to sit on my hard cock. She tried sitting on my cock but was finding it very hard to get in. We struggled for a while and that was when we saw an old couple waiting towards our part of the park. My girlfriend quickly stood up and sat down beside me. I quickly tried to push my hard cock back into my pants. Luckily the couple was old and they were walking very slowly and by the time they were near our bench I had already zipped my pants but the bulk was still there.”

I laughed. I could imagine the awkwardness.

“The couple seemed to not have very good eye sight so we guessed they did not see what we were doing when they far away. But when they reached us the old man looked at me and then my girlfriend. Then he said to me, ‘Boy, next time try the cinema. It has more privacy.’ I knew they could not see us when they were walking towards us so I could not guess how he knew.”

“May be it’s your bulk.”

“No. Later we found out my girlfriend was sitting there with her panties still on her knees.”

I laughed again.

“So after that we followed the old man advice and tried the cinema. It really gave us more privacy especially during work office hours the cinema was mostly empty. We usually took the first row seat because that gave us more space.”

“Yes. Just now in the cinema the couple having sex was also at the front row.”

“I guessed it had become a code of honour that people do not disturb couples in the first row.”

“I didn’t know that so I went to the second row to peek.”

“You should not do that.”

“Ok, I will take note.”, I said seriously. I knew I would not be trying to have sex in the cinema any time soon and will not be going to the cinema to watch more adult movies. Just listening to Ricky talked about his early sex life had made me wet again. I spread my legs and pulled up my skirt. I could see that Ricky was peeking at me through the rear view mirror.


I am Yvonne and I am a blogger. I normally blogged about my sex exploits. This was my most recent blog. Recently the weather had changed and the wind had become stronger. Many ladies at this time would avoid wearing skirts when they went out but it was the exact opposite for me. I liked the feeling of wind blowing especially between my legs and also the wind would help me show off my expensive lingerie. Many lingerie shop owners had sponsored me with a lot of expensive lingerie in the hope that I would help to promote their products in my blogs. I had no issue with that, in fact I liked lingerie so much that I would look for any excuse to parade in them. I was very confident of my figure and had worked as part time model for a few lingerie shows so I was not afraid to show more skin than other ladies.

It was another windy afternoon and I read the weather forecast that there may be very high speed wind blowing over my area. I went to my wardrobe and looked for my latest favourite lingerie. It was a black lacy half cup bra with a matching barely there G-string. I stayed alone in my apartment so most of the time I walked around the apartment naked. I put on my G-string first. It was so tiny that it could barely cover my newly trimmed landing strip. I adjusted the materials until as little of my pussy hair was showing as possible. Then I put on the bra. As I was going to wear a spaghetti strap top later I removed the bra straps. I put on the bra, it was only a half cup bra so part of my areola was showing above the bra. My nipples were erect because the thought of myself going out in this sexy lingerie and imagining what sexual encounter I may have later had already aroused me. I took out my white spaghetti top. It was made of very thin and light material so it was almost transparent and so my black lacy bra underneath was showing through clearly. That was the main purpose of wearing expensive lingerie, you got to show it. I took out a matching short skirt and put it on. The skirt was very short and my butt cheeks were also almost showing. I took a look at my full view mirror and saw a visually appealing young lady with firm rounded breasts, a flat tummy and slim waist and also round and firm butts. As part of my job requirements I needed to keep myself looking good so I spent a lot of time toning the few parts of my body that would need to stand out when wearing lingerie.

I took the lift down to the first floor and as usual the security guard guarding our apartment mentally had sex with me when I walked past. The security guard was young and not bad looking and may be if I was adventurous enough in the near future, I would have one of my sex exploits with him. I had tried to keep a line when it come to my sex exploits that I did not do it with someone close to me. In this case, the security guard was close to me because I got to see him every day and sometimes a few times a day depending on how many times I went out a day. I opened the door a strong gust of wind blew in and lifted my skirt. I believed the security guard was looking and he must have had a good look at my G-string. I walked out into the street without looking back. The wind was keeping my skirt lifted and I did not bother to push my skirt down because it would just be a waste of effort. The street just in front of my apartment was not busy at that time but there were enough pedestrians on the street that turned towards my direction and some were trying to look discreetly and others were openly admiring the view under the skirt given by the wind. The wind subsided a little and my skirt lowered back to cover my bottoms. I saw a few disappointed looks. I continued walking towards the park. I needed to go to an open area where the wind would not be blocked so that my nice lingerie would not be wasted.

As expected when I reached the park, the wind was stronger and there was no way I could have blocked my skirt from flying up even if I wanted to. As it was a nice and windy afternoon there were quite a number of people in the park. Men looked at me with longing while women looked at me disapprovingly. Then a man started running towards me. He was wearing a jacket and he took off his jacket when he reached me.

“You should cover yourself. The wind is very strong and your skirt keeps flying up.”

I was surprised at his gentlemanly act and pretended to have modesty and tried to push down my skirt.

“I was trying to push down my skirt but the wind was really too strong and no matter how I covered, the skirt would still fly up.”

“Yes, use my jacket and wrapped around. Your skirt will not fly up.”

I took over the jacket and wrapped around my skirt and tied up around my waist. I saw a few looks of disappointment from most of the guys and some annoyance on the man for being such a busybody.

“Thank you very much, sir.”

“Don’t call me sir. My name is Derek.”

Derek stretched out his hand and I shook his hand.

“I am Yvonne.”

“You looked very familiar.” Derek was in deep thought.

A few seconds later he said, “I know where I had seen you. You were recently in a lingerie photo shoot in one of the men’s magazine.”

“It is not recent, that photo shoot was shown in the issue a few months back.”

“I really liked those photos, you were so sexy in those photos.”

“Aren’t I sexy in real person?”

“Of course not, you are even sexier in real life. Especially just now when you entered the park with your skirt flying up like that.”

There was a moment of awkward silence when both of us did not know what else to say. I saw Derek’s eyes stealing a peek at my bra through my transparent top. He was finding it very hard to be a gentleman and not to stare at my seductive bra.

Finally I said, “Why don’t you follow me to a place so that I can change out of my skirt and then I can return you your jacket?”

“Ok. Anyway I am trying to spend some time away from work so any distraction is good for me.”

I led Derek to another part of the park. I knew Derek would be admiring my bra from my see through top while following behind me. It would be a better treat for him if I was not covering my skirt with his jacket. I had already planned a big reward for Derek and I knew I would be writing another sexy blog after I rewarded Derek. The place where I was leading Derek to was the gardener’s hut. The gardener in this park was an intimate friend of mine and I had written a few blogs about my exploits in the hut.

“Where are we going?” Derek finally decided he had seen enough of my bra and came to walk besides me.

“We are going to that hut.”

“I thought that is out of bounds.”

“Not for me. My friend is the gardener and that is his hut.”

As we neared the hut, I took off Derek’s jacket and returned it to him. It was still a distance from the hut and the wind was still strong. Suddenly Derek was no longer walking besides me but had fallen behind my steps. I knew my skirt was flying up again and Derek being so near to me would not have missed the chance to walk behind and admired my G-string. The road leading up to the hut was a bit upslope so I slowed down my pace purposely for Derek to have a longer time to have my upskirts view. Finally we reached the entrance to the hut. I opened the door without knocking knowing that my gardener would not be in his hut at this time of the day.

Derek followed me into the hut. It was a one room hut with an attached bathroom. The hut did not have any windows but the roof was made of glass so it was very bright even without turning on the lights. On the left wall, there was a couch while the rest of the room was filled with shelves full of gardening tools. The couch was something that one of my sponsors gave to me but I did not find much use in my own apartment so I donated it to the gardener. The sponsor called it a sex couch and it was shaped with two humps. One hump higher than the other. The higher hump provided the back rest while the lower hump provided the leg rest. The width was slightly wider than the average human body width so a person can lay comfortably on it.

My gardener friend was a humorous guy and he pasted the single page guide for the sex couch on the wall besides the couch and Derek saw that and was curious so he went over to take a closer look. The guide showed the different positions of sex that couples can try using the couch. Although it was a simple piece of furniture but there were a lot of possibilities on the positions that the couch could assist the couples. The gardener and I had tried a few positions ourselves. As Derek was engrossed with checking out the positions on the couch. I quickly pulled off my spaghetti top and unzip my short skirt. I stood there only in my sexy all black lacy lingerie.


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