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The Reluctant Fool:

The Tainted Series

By T.L. Tate

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The Reluctant Fool:

The Tainted Series

"Come closer."

Her voice was like sweet wine—decadent and cloying, promising a sweet treat if I obeyed. Her brown eyes were like fire and they burned her erupting desire into my psyche. She wanted me and the thought made me smile. That smile quickly changed into an expression of surprise when I felt her small hand massaging the meat of my cock. She expertly caused it to inflate. I was putty in her practiced hands and she knew it. She threw her own knowing smirk at me as I writhed in the perfection of her detailed touch.

She tilted her head down, her long brown curls partially covering her beautiful face. "I said, come closer."

I was powerless to resist and she knew it. I inched closer to her pillow-y lips, thinking about all of the things I wanted to do to them. Those dirty desires caused my cock to further fill with blood, stretching the material of my jeans. She was my goddess and now it was time to pay her obeisance. I could feel her desire and it compounded my own. I whispered her name, "Jen", as I moved ever closer to her. The heat of her small body was intoxicating. The fragrance coming off of her was unaided by perfume and was even more delicious because it was her natural scent. I wanted to dive on top of her and take her right then and there.

Her lips gently grazed mine as she teased me. She knew it drove me crazy and sure enough there was a mischievous look in her eyes that betrayed her intentions. I smiled, prepared to hold her down if I had to. But I knew it wouldn't come to that. She wanted to be playful. That was fine with me...for now.

She caught my bottom lip between her teeth and pulled. I moaned as her cheeks grew red. Her game was having an arousing effect on her as well. Her tongue darted out as she released my lip and she quickly licked where her teeth just were. I had had enough waiting. Now I wanted my reward. I wrapped her in my arms, careful not to get my hands in her hair.

"I love you."

She smiled. It was at once bright and shy. Even after 12 years, she still wasn't used to me so easily declaring my love for her. But she'll need to get used to it. I don't plan to stop declaring it until my own heart stops beating. "I love you, Lance."

She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, lips puckered. I smiled and moved in to claim her luscious lips, knowing that soon I would be ripping these clothes off of her body as I make her writhe and moan beneath me.

Our eyes flew open at the same time. Even without hearing them, we both felt it as they rudely descended upon us. And like dark magicians they cast their spells destroying the passion and joy we were building and replacing it with another important function—parenting.

"Mommy? Daddy? Avi won't share the remote!" That was our son, Aesop. He bounded into the kitchen, his beautiful brown skin the perfect blend of his mothers pale skin and my dark skin. His curly hair bobbed as he came to an abrupt stop in front of us. His big beautiful brown eyes were looking at us in turn, wanting us to immediately fix this extreme injustice.

Jen and I traded a glance that has been shared countless times by any couple with children. We smiled, Later. We'll finish this after they go to bed.

I guess I was up. Raising my voice loud enough to be heard from one end of our home to the other, "Avi! Get in here, please."

She must've been skulking about outside the kitchen because the moment I said her name she peeked her perfectly beautiful cherub face around the corner. "Yes, Daddy?" Avi, the younger of the two twins, looked more like her mother than she did me—except when she was mad. When she was mad it was like looking in a miniature, cuter mirror of myself. Her skin was also a perfect blend of her mother and I and her hair fell almost to the middle of her back in thick, proud dark curls. She was wearing a large dragonfly hairband that Jen bought her earlier in the day and a Princess Sofia nightgown. Clutched tightly in her right hand was the offending object in question.

"Come here, young lady."

She looked abashedly at her feet and shuffled closer. "Y-yes, Daddy?"

I glanced at Jen and she smiled and shrugged. Taking over she asked, "Why aren't you sharing the remote with your brother, Avi?"

She picked up her beautiful brown eyes and they were wide. "But it's my turn!" She whined and I groaned. Neither, Jen or I really cared for whining.

"No it's not!" Aesop cut in.

"Yeah-huh! You watched the lion show now I get to watch my show."

Now he was whining. "But Mommy, the lion show was already playing. I didn't even get to see it all!"

Now it was my turn. "Now listen here you two. I don't much care for you watching that much TV. I've got no problem turning it off."

They both looked at me in unmuted shock. As if what I was requesting was like asking them to severe their own limbs and replace them with sock puppets.

Now it was Jen's turn. "Aesop, you watched your show. It's not Avi's fault that you started watching it late. Once Avi's show is finished then the TV goes off and you two can find something else to do together." She turned back to the counter where our previous war was still raging and pulled down two small victories. Handing one to each. "Here, have a cupcake and go play."

Suddenly the TV was a thing of the past. They took their cupcakes with childish glee on their little perfect faces and skipped from the kitchen.

I looked at Jen and smiled. "What?"

I shrugged and kissed her cheek. "Nothing. You're just a great mother."

She blinked, still unused to getting complements. "Uh, thanks." Her cheeks were red and she turned back to countertop and continued frosting the 6-dozen cupcakes we were making for our kids' summer program. My hands were covered with flour as I continued mixing batter for the last couple of loads.

When I got home from work, Jen had been in the throes of an apocalyptic breakdown. She told me about how the kids just told her about the requirement for 72 cupcakes that were needed tomorrow. So I sat my bag down, untied my tie and rolled up my sleeves. We were just about done by the time she turned to me and told me to come closer.

"I really appreciate all of your help, Lance. Sorry, I wasn't able to get dinner ready."

I kissed her again. "Don't apologize. The kids ate and I can grab something later."

"Thanks, honey."

Jen amazed me. She grew up with two parents who cared more about their own image than they did with the well being of their youngest child. At least their oldest child, Jessa, received some type of parenting. Jen was left to fend for herself as long as she didn't embarrass them. Still, Jen didn't have any parenting chops in her that were given to her by her own genetic providers. Nevertheless, that didn't stop her from being a fantastic mother to our twins and soon (hopefully) to our next child. The twins are now 4 and a couple of months ago Jen finally agreed to try for another child. That was during the week we stayed at her sister, Jessa's, house. But that wasn't the only thing that happened on that trip.

Just the thought of Jessa caused me to delve deep into a pit filled with guilt. Jessa, Jen's attractive, angry and vindictive older sister forced me into having sex with her by way of the threat of destroying either my marriage or my wife's psyche if I didn't. When she cornered me in her bathroom, naked and in the midst of pleasuring herself, she threatened to alert Jen to the fact that we were in there together. That seemed all good and well until she followed up by stating that she would convince Jen that I was trying to fuck her. I knew that I would eventually be able to tell Jen the truth. The only problem was the two gifts remaining from the way she was raised—her low self-esteem and terrible jealousy streak. It would destroy Jen if she found out so thinking that I was doing the best thing by just giving Jessa what she wanted, I had sex with her. I hated it and only made it through because I imagined that she was Jen the entire time. Still, neither that threat nor the fact that I fantasized about Jen the whole time, takes away the fact that I cheated on my wife. I adore my wife, and I hate myself for allowing things to go as far as they did. For the rest of that week I avoided Jessa like the plague but the damage had been done. Jessa had chummed the waters and I took the bait. Now she knew my weakness and knew just how to manipulate that weakness to her advantage.

Jessa had convinced Jen to invite her out to our house and despite their years of avoiding each other and Jen's general disdain for her sister, she still agreed. Jessa was supposed to be flying in tomorrow afternoon. It goes without saying, but I was dreading this visit. Nevertheless, despite my reservations, which I shared with Jen numerous times on the way back to our home, Jen and Jessa had gotten remarkably close in these last months.

For years they didn't even speak now they spoke almost every night. I could see the change in Jen. She was happier. It was like there was a missing piece of her being fulfilled. She liked having a sister that she could talk to and one that seemed to understand her. She stopped referring to her sister as if she were a stranger and started expressing excitement. Even the twins were excited. They had seen their aunt Jessa precisely twice in their 4 years and they were looking forward to getting a chance to get to know her better. It seemed like I was the only one still hanging onto my distrust for Jessa. Of course, Jen didn't know why and I had no plans on telling her. I planned on taking this secret to my grave and hopefully burning in Hell for all eternity for my betrayal.

"So, babe...your sister is flying in tomorrow."

Her head turned so fast that her hair smacked me in the face. Her eyes were wide with excitement and a huge smile was on her face. "I know! I'm so excited!" She was like her old preppy self. Only this time the glee was genuine and not a replica designed to trick others into thinking that she was happy. She was actually happy. She was happy and I was stressed.

I knew it was now too late to do anything to stop the incoming demon from arriving. Besides, her threat still loomed. If I don't give in she threatened to tell Jen every detail of what we did that day in her bathroom. I knew my role, Shut up and Accept it.

"So, babe..." Just then Jen's phone rang. I looked at the clock, 7:40pm. Jen and Jessa talked every night at this time.

"Oh!" Jen looked at me and I nodded. She bounced up and kissed my cheek. "Thanks, baby." Then she quickly rinsed her hands and went for her phone. "Hey, sis!" She was around the corner by the time she finished that sentence.

I finished pouring the batter into the cupcake molds and put the last two racks in the oven and then washed my hands and moved over to the frosting station. Avi and Aesop appeared a few minutes later hoping for seconds. "No way you two. Go have some fruit or something." I pulled out a bowl of grapes and placed it on the island. They climbed up and started eating grapes and coloring while they watched me finish the cupcakes.

Jen came back a half hour later. "Okay you little monsters, time to get in the bath."

"Yay!" They said in unison. "We want rainbow water!" They loved those little bath-bombs. Jen acquiesced and smiled at me. "I'm sorry, honey. I'll be back as soon as we're done."

I waved at her as I popped a grape in my mouth. "No problem, sweetheart. I'll keep working."

"My hero!" I was awarded with a kiss. As she ushered the kids from the island I reached down and gave her plump ass a swift slap, the smooth material of her tights skimming over my fingertips. She gasped and looked back at me, as if to say, you're going to get it tonight, mister.

I smiled back at her as if to say, bring it on, Mrs. Lancaster.

She winked and then followed the kids from the kitchen.

By the time the kids were out of the bath, the last two racks of cupcakes were finished and were cooling. I went upstairs to read them a book while Jen came downstairs and finished frosting.

Books were read. Cups of water were grabbed. Teeth were brushed. Covers were tucked. Mommy and Daddy kisses and hugs were given. I love you's were shared. The lights were turned off and our precious twins were out and safely headed towards the depths of dreamland.

I climbed in the shower after eating a quick sandwich that Jen made. By the time I climbed out Jen was already in the bedroom. Her back was against the headboard as she held onto her tablet but I knew she wasn't even looking at it. I could feel her eyes following me around the room.

Her hair was done up in a ponytail. Not something she normally wears to bed. The covers were conspicuously pulled up to her chin, which she rarely ever did. Her lips were glossy and her eyes were a darker shade...eyeliner.

"Hey, baby."

She pretended aloofness. "Oh hey babe. How was your shower?"

I smiled. More games, huh? "Oh it was fine. I was hoping for company though."

"Is that so?" More aloofness but she couldn't help the corners of her mouth from turning up.

"Yeah." I approached the end of the bed, dropping my towel on the ground. I stood at the end of the bed, naked and wet basking in my godly glory. Even after all these years my physique was powerful, kept in check by hours in the gym and pick up games of basketball or flag-football. I knew she liked my body just as much as I admired hers.

Standing proud before her, I grabbed onto the growing base of my cock and slowly pulled back and forward. Soon, my cock was standing in full-mast as I masturbated in front of her.

Her eyes were molten and her cheeks were flushed. Her mouth hanged open as I watched her right arm move beneath the covers. She was watching me and loving it. Her small body jerked as she squeaked. She was biting her lip hard as her arm moved faster and faster. Her eyelids were fluttering. I smiled.

"Is the door locked?"

She nodded, mutely.


I released my cock and pulled at the end of the covers. Our sheets glided over her fine figure exposing her pale shoulders. Next were her small perfect breasts. There was the koi fish tattoo. Then her hips. Right there! Her right hand was spreading her lips as her fingers dipped inside of her pussy. Her hand obscured her brown pubic hair but even from this distance I could see how wet she was.

"Come here." There was a low growl in my voice that I couldn't control. I wanted her so much I felt like I was transforming into an animal.

She didn't hesitate. Leaning forward at the waist, she pulled her legs beneath her and as she crawled to the end of the bed.

I stood straight, looking down at my wife, the mother of my children, and the love of my life and I felt like a god. I wanted to possess her—all of her.

"Open your mouth." I didn't have to say more. She did as she was told while taking hold of the base of my cock.

Her hot breath touched my cockhead and I tensed. Her hand squeezed my base as her thumb ran up and down my throbbing vein. She looked up at me and smiled. She had me right where she wanted me and she knew it.

"Do you want me to suck this fat cock, baby?"

"Yeah, baby. Take all of it."

"Mmmm! I can't wait." Her tongue flicked the tip of my cock over and over again. The sensation brought with it a deep shiver moving from the back of my legs up to my lower back.

"Oh", I moaned.

Slurp! "Mmmmm!" Her tongue moved up and down the underside of my cock as her mouth spread to allow me to enter. The heat from her mouth penetrated my rod until the point that I felt a pleasurable fire seeping into me. She took me in slowly and meticulously, which I appreciated. We had time so why rush?

Her curvy ass was in the air and I couldn't help but partake. I didn't even need to bend forward that much. I squeezed her ass and was rewarded with a throaty moan of appreciation.

I loved Jen's ass. It was the closest thing to perfect that an ass could be. It was round, high, firm and had some give. There were a few stretch marks around her hips leading to her ass and I loved tracing them with my tongue. God! Jen was perfect and her ass was a fucking masterpiece.

I reached further until I found her entrance. Just as I expected, she was dripping wet. It took very little effort to slide my middle finger into her pussy. She didn't even break her stride when I did it. I smiled.

Okay. If one isn't enough...

I slipped another finger in her pussy and she froze. I smirked but I didn't stop. I didn't stab in and out of her. Instead I rolled my fingers in circles. Small to big. At the same time I pulled out and pushed in. I was literally drilling her with my fingers. Her back arched while she groaned with my dick pressed deeply inside of her mouth.

"Grrrrrrruuuuuuuuppppppphhhhhhhhh!" Soon she was bucking on my fingers and I didn't stop. I was going to make her cum and I was going to enjoy feeling her cum with my cock in her mouth.

"Grrummph! Frumph! Frumph! Frumph!" Her explosion was outstanding. Her back muscles tensed as her pussy crushed my fingers. There was a deluge of nectar trying to escape her pussy but in a moment, I would use it to press myself into her depths.

I grabbed her ponytail and pulled back just enough to tilt her head back. Her eyelids were fluttering. I took this opportunity to roughly ride her face.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

The sound of my balls slapping her face as I bottomed out in the inside of her throat was insanely arousing. If I continued this for even a few more seconds I was sure I would cum. So, reluctantly, I pulled myself from her mouth. She fell forward, gasping for air. After a few moments, she turned her head to the side and smiled, "Come and get it, big boy."

I scooped her up and she giggled. Laying her on the bed, I immediately climbed on top of her. Her strong legs wrapped around my sides with her feet hanging over the base of my back, just above my butt.

I kissed her hard and then bit her lip until she gasped, "Ah!" Without any help from me, my cock found what it needed. Despite being able to slide two fingers into her minutes earlier, it was still a tight fit. But once I breached her defenses her insides wrapped and hugged me expertly. I buried myself inside of her and we both moaned.

"Fuck! How can a pussy feel so damn good?" She had my head spinning. The shear pleasure of her was too much for words. I moved in and out of her, touching all the spots that I knew she loved.

"Your dick is so good! I love your dick, Lance! Fuck me, baby! Mess me up, please!"

Her wish was my command. Pushing myself up on my arms, I slammed into her over and over again.

"Fuck! Me! Fuck! Me! Yes!"

Smack! Smack!

"Jesus, Jen! So damn good!"

Smack! Smack!

"Lance, you're going to make me fucking cum, baby! Lance!"

Smack! Smack! Smack!

"Yeeeeesssssss!" Her body was tensing. "Lance, fill me up! Give me your baby! Make me a mommy again! I want your spunk, baby! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!"

Her pussy clinched down on my cock and wouldn't relent. That was fine. Now it was my turn. "Jen! You want this cum, baby? Here! Take! Every! Fucking! Drop!" A roar/groan erupted from me as I filled Jen with my semen. There was so much that I felt it ooze around the base of my cock, trying to escape.

Her face was flushed and her eyes were closed, but her hands were on my back as she rotated her hips in a slow circle. After a little while she spoke. "Holy cow! You fuck me so right, baby. I love you!" She kissed me deeply and I could feel how exhausted she was. I rolled off of her and headed into the bathroom where I started the shower. When I came back she had rolled a pillow underneath the small of her back as she tilted her legs in the air.

I couldn't help but laugh. "What are you doing?"

She threw a pillow at me. "Don't laugh, jerk! I'm trying to force the semen into my womb."

Suddenly her ridiculous yoga pose seemed less ridiculous and more endearing. I turned back into the bathroom, shut off the shower, and came back out to lie next to her. I ran my fingers up and down her leg. "I'm sorry I laughed at you."

Now she giggled, "Don't be. I know how silly I look but I read online that it was a good idea if you want to get pregnant." Her smile was filled with so much love and tenderness that it left me in awe. She used to be so broken but now she can look at me with such a look. It's amazing.

"You really do want to have my baby. Don't you?"

She looked at me with such a look of open innocence that I knew the words that she said were completely honest and lacking of even an ounce of guile. "Of course I do. I want to help bring another beautiful piece of you into this world."

I was moved to tears. "I love you, Jen."

"I love you, too."

We got up a few minutes later and took a shower together. She slept on my arm even after it fell asleep. I didn't mind. I knew that this was the last peaceful night I would have with my wife for a couple of weeks because tomorrow the demon would arrive. I squeezed her, pressing her body against mine even tighter. She mumbled something in her sleep but otherwise didn't complain. I watched our ceiling fan turn in the gloom looking for an answer as to what I would do from tomorrow onwards. No Muse came to whisper in my ear with any Divine inspiration. I was on my own.


Sitting outside the arrivals terminal at the airport, I looked at my phone for the fourth time in the last two minutes. How in the hell did things end up like this? I had managed to avoid being alone with her after the debacle in her bathroom and now I was being forced into being her lone chauffeur.

I read the chain of texts that Jen and I traded an hour ago.

Babe! I need your help!

What's up, J?

I'm stuck at the kids' school. I won't be able to make it to pick up, Jessa.


What do you mean? ...

I mean, she can just take a taxi or Uber or Lyft. There're a lot of choices.

Pppppplllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeee! Help me!


Don't "..." me!


I'm going to beat you!


You're not funny!

I'm hilarious!

Please pick her up for me. I'll make it up to you.

This would've been around the time when I realized my carefully laid plan to avoid being alone with her was doomed.

Fine. When does she arrive?

Thanks, baby! You're a lifesaver. 430. Love you!

Love you, too.

Now I'm outside, in this stinking heat, waiting for my sister-in-law and trying to devise a way to ensure she doesn't take advantage of me.

I didn't get very far when the automatic doors slid open and a stunning blonde walked through, wearing a super short pair of khaki shorts and a billowing low-cut emerald top that matched her shimmering green eyes. She saw me and stopped. Standing on her toes, she reached an arm high in the air and waved as if I couldn't see her. She smiled brightly, "Lance! Hi!" She rushed forward, trailing an overly large rolling suitcase behind her.

I stepped away from my car and met her part way. I couldn't force a smile but that didn't stop her from wrapping me in a tight hug like we were the best of friends. Of course, I considered tossing her into the moving traffic but thought against it. Unfortunately, manslaughter is still illegal. Bummer.

"Oh my god! I didn't expect to see you here!" Her large breasts pressed against me as her arms held onto me for dear life. Her hair tickled my nose and smelled of honeysuckle. I looked passed her and noticed more than a few heads turned in our direction. Okay, I'll admit it. She's a beautiful woman. Sure...she's beautiful on the outside and rotten on the inside.

I managed to extricate myself from her. "Yeah, Jen got stuck at this thing at the school so she asked me to come."

She raised her perfect little eyebrow. "Just the two of us then?"

Maybe it was just me and my general (yet reasonable) distrust of her, but that kind of sounded a little fishy. "Just until we get home. Climb in. I'll put your suitcase in the trunk."

As I turned, she stood on her tiptoes and kissed my cheek. "Wha..." I jumped back almost immediately. I didn't want any inappropriate touching and now was as good a time as any to draw that line.

She stopped me before I could speak. She chirped, "Just saying thanks!" Then she turned and bounced in the car, turning more heads as she did.

I cast a wary glance after her. My feeling of guilt punched me in the stomach as I watched her happily climb into my car. Placing the suitcase in the trunk, I reluctantly took my place in the driver's seat and piloted the car out of the terminal.

Jessa was a bubbly mass of energy and excitement. "I can't wait to see Aesop and Avi! Jen sent me pictures of them. They are so freaking cute! How're they liking this new preschool?"

I hesitated, "Uh, fine. I guess."

She failed to notice, or at least acknowledge my discomfort. "Jen says that they really like it. I can't believe how much traction this year-round schooling has achieved. I mean school...preschool in the summer! Gosh! But I guess they don't know any better."


"The twins. They're too young to have experienced traditional scheduling so they don't know that summer is supposed to be a time of goofing off and hanging out with friends."

"Oh...umm, yeah. I guess."

When she turned in her chair, the seatbelt was clinging to her shirt, pulling it down in the process and offering my sinning eyes too much of her breasts. Her green eyes shimmered in the sunlight. "So! How're things going on the baby-making front?"

I nearly swerved off the road. "What?" I didn't want to talk about this with her. She had no business even thinking about my sex life. Especially after what she did a couple months back.

Her hand reached out and she touched my thigh. I wanted to jerk it away but I was driving and would likely lose control if I did.

"No need to be embarrassed, Lance. Jen and I talk every night, ya know? She told me you guys are still trying. I guess all that sex you had at my house didn't quite make it happen huh? Too bad." She was smiling but there was something smug in that smile. I didn't have to ask to know what brought it about.

It was time to draw that line I was thinking about earlier. "Listen, Jessa..." But she cut me off.

"I'm sorry, Lance. I'm sorry about what I did to you. I wasn't myself but I know that doesn't excuse it. I wanted to hurt Jen because I blamed her for how unhappy I'd allowed my life to become. But I know it's not her fault. I'm sorry that I used you and I'm sorry that I came between you and my sister."

Out of all of the things I was expecting, this definitely wasn't it. Jessa apologizing? No freaking way! Nevertheless, there she was sitting next to me with moisture in her eyes. But dare I believe her? I prefer to believe in people but something told me that Jessa wasn't one of those people that I should place my unlimited amount of optimism in.

"I'm so sorry, Lance. What I really wanted was a better marriage and a better relationship with my sister and parents. I think my marriage is all but over and my parents are too old to change, but at least Jen has accepted me. I love having my little sister back and I don't want to do anything to lose her or hurt her. I'm sorry that I was so twisted and I promise to make it up to you somehow."

Hmm, maybe she really has changed. I really wanted to believe it but can a person change so completely? Is it even possible?

"These last two months I've gotten so close to Jen and it’s been incredible. I really want to be a part of her life...of all of your lives. Please forgive me." I watched out of the corner of my eye as several clear droplets darkened areas of her shirt. I never was any good with crying but I guessed that if she was able to cry about it maybe she was telling the truth.

Before I knew it, my body relaxed and I loosened my grip on the steering wheel. "Okay." I didn't know what else to say.

I saw as much as felt her melancholy lift. She smiled and unbuckled her seatbelt. Before I could react she leaned forward until her lips were on my cheek and her breasts were on my arm. With her soft lips pressed against my face I had an automatic physical response that was followed up by the unpleasant memory of those very same lips wrapped around my cock. She lingered for a moment too long and I felt myself stirring even more. Finally, she pushed herself back, her cheeks pink.

She smiled again, this time it wasn't smug...but it wasn't completely innocent either. "Thanks for understanding." She turned and buckled up and we drove the rest of the way back to my house in silence.

A half hour later, I pulled into our driveway and parked in the garage right next to Jen's lipstick red minivan. The moment I opened the door leading into the garage I was attacked by two 4-year olds. "Daddy!" Aesop and Avi both chose a leg and held on like sock puppets. I chuckled and scooped them into my arms.

"Hi, you little monsters! How was your party?"

"Great!" they said in unison.

"That's fantastic. Guess who I brought?" I turned my body to allow Jessa to step forward. The twins poked their head around my shoulders to see who was standing behind me. Once they saw her they both squealed and scrambled to climb out of my arms. I stepped forward before setting them loose upon their aunt Jessa.

Again in unison, "Auntie!"

Jessa fell down to her knees and held her arms out wide. She had a huge grin on her face as two little bodies ran full steam into her chest. "Hello babies! Auntie missed you both so much! Look how big you both are."

I felt Jen come into the room before I heard her. She was quietly watching the scene before her with a look of unguarded joy. I looked back at Jessa and then back towards Jen. I could see how much Jessa meant to Jen. I suppose if it makes Jen happy then all the better. I guess forgiving Jessa and moving on is a good idea especially if it makes Jen this happy.

Jen came close and I kissed her. She smiled, "Thanks, dear."

"Of course, honey."

"Auntie! Auntie! Look, I'm taller than Avi!"

"No you're not! I'm taller! Look Auntie! See!"

The twins were standing on their toes lobbying for Jessa's attention. Jessa looked like she was seriously thriving in the love and attention she was receiving. Her smile seemed permanently etched into her face. Avi and Aesop started pulling at her arm. "Come see our room. Come on! Come on!"

Jen stepped forward, "That's enough you two. Don't you both have something to give Aunt Jessa?"

They looked at each other and giggled and then ran, at full speed, through the kitchen and up the stairs.

I called after them, "Stop running in the house!" But they were long gone. I sighed, "Geez. Those kids."

As I said that, both Jen and Jessa squealed just as loud as Aesop and Avi. Jen rushed passed me and ran into Jessa's arms where they both hugged, squealed and jumped while turning in a circle.

It was more than a little obvious how excited they were to see each other. They were acting like schoolgirls all full of vigor and youthful glee.

"Oh my god! You look fantastic!"

"So do you! I can't believe how long your hair has gotten."

Jen touched her head, self-consciously. "I know. I'm thinking about cutting it again."

"Don't you dare! It's gorgeous."

"How was your flight?"

"It was fine. Thanks for springing for first class."

"Of course!"

They headed into the kitchen while I went back out to grab the suitcase. By the time I came back inside, Aesop and Avi had returned with a card they had made with an actual poster board. There was glitter, handprints, markers and crayons all over the card. It was cute to see them so excited to see their aunt after so long. Even Jen was practically gushing over Jessa and Jessa seemed to return all of the affection with equal force and depth. Out of everyone, I was the only one that held any sort of reservation. I guess it was time to put those reservations away.

Sighing, I carried her heavy suitcase up the stairs and into the guest suite. The guest suite shared a wall with our bedroom. When I asked Jen why she couldn't use the other spare bedroom further away from our room she said that she didn't want to make Jessa share a bathroom with the twins. Therefore, I was stuck with having her sleeping right next to us.

Placing the suitcase at the end of the bed, I turned to leave and ran right into Jessa. I didn't see her so when I turned and ran into her, it was with the full force of my body. She toppled over and only my quick reflexes stopped her from falling to the ground.

Her arms reached up and held onto my neck for dear life. I blushed as I straightened my back. "Sorry. I didn't see you there."

She was out of breath from her near accident. "Yeah, I'd say. But no harm done."

Just then, Jen poked her head around the corner. To anyone it would look like we were moments away from kissing. I looked at Jen in fear. I was ready for her trademark jealousy to cause her to explode. I was imagining fire and brimstone.

What I got was even more confusing. She tilted her head to the side in a questioning manner and asked, "What's going on you two?"

"Oh...well...uh..." I was scrambling.

Fortunately, Jessa was as calm as a cucumber as she extracted her arms from around my neck and stood up under her own strength. She smiled at me and patted my chest. "Thank you, Lance." Then she turned to Jen and smiled while raising her upturned hands in the air. "Oh you know, I came up here to check out my room and Lance just about bulldozed me to the ground. Thank God that he caught me."

Just when I was thinking Jen would launch into a verbal assault comprised of doubt and jealousy—what she did was even more shocking.

She laughed.

I didn't know what world I was looking at but I felt like my wife had been body snatched. My wife would lose her mind if I so much as looked at another woman but there I was, caught holding her sister (albeit being an innocent rescue) and she just laughed it off.

"What's wrong, honey? You're not normally this clumsy." She walked over to us and playfully punched my shoulder.

"Uh, yeah. I don't know I just didn't hear her."

She turned to Jessa. "You're lucky he caught you. When I heard you yelp I didn't know what had happened."

Did Jessa make a sound? I was so lost in reacting that I failed to notice. So that's what brought Jen along at that exact moment. Makes sense, I guess.

"So anyway, lets go check out my room!" Jessa grabbed Jen's hand and they disappeared behind me. Still in shock, I headed downstairs to play with the twins.

Later that night, after dinner and the twins' bath, which they insisted Jessa bathe them, the adults sat around the table sharing a bottle of wine.

I went into the kitchen to grab another bottle and some cheese and sliced French bread. When I returned Jen's face was red and she was covering her mouth.

"No way!"

Jessa was sneering but shook her head up and down. "Yeah, it totally happened."

I sat the wine, cheese and bread down and pulled up a seat next to Jen. "What happened?"

Jessa nodded at Jen. "It's okay. You can tell him."

"Are you sure?" When Jessa didn't take it back, Jen turned her chocolate eyes towards me. "Richard's cheating on Jessa. Jessa caught him."

Now it was my turn to be surprised. Still, Richard and Jessa having extramarital affairs wasn't exactly a shock. I mean, Jessa did fuck me a couple months ago. Besides, their shared distaste for each other wasn't exactly a secret. Nevertheless, I pretended to be surprised. I turned to Jessa, "Really? Want to talk about it?"

She poured herself another glass of wine. Shrugging her shoulders and took a sip. "It doesn't really matter to me."


"There's not much to say. I've suspected it for years but I guess actually seeing it is an entirely different thing."

"I can imagine." I thought back to Jen walking in on Izzy and me back in college. I couldn't imagine what I would do if I was in her shoes.

"Yeah. One of my spin classes was canceled so I came home early. He was in the living room wearing a bridle and saddle while some topless girl in leather chaps stood over him and was whipping him with a paddle."

My jaw hit the table.

"You've got to be shitting me."

She giggled, ruefully. "Nope. It really happened. You should've seen how quickly he tried to scramble to his feet. He was trying to explain but he couldn't get the bridle out of his mouth so I couldn't make out what he was saying. I just shook my head and walked away." She reached across and grabbed my arm. "I mean, honestly! What the hell was I supposed to do? Was I mad? I guess. Was I hurt? Not really. Like I said, I kinda figured he was into some kinky shit on the side but I mean damn. It just goes to show that even when you're married you don't really know the other person."

I didn't quite believe that but I suppose Jessa did have a point. Everyone keeps something hidden.

Jen reached over and placed her hand on top of Jessa's, which was still on my arm. "I'm so sorry that happened, Jessa."

"Thanks, sis."

I felt Jen brighten at being called sis. I don't know exactly what happened between the two of them but somehow over the last two months they have not only found a way to coexist, but Jessa found a way to get Jen to trust in her, completely.

"Of course!"

Jessa sat back in her chair and stretched. I averted my eyes when I saw her breasts being pushed out towards me. After a long and apparently satisfying stretch, Jessa sighed. "Well, I'll tell you what. This trip couldn't have come at a better time. If I had to stay around that man any longer who knows what would've happened."

Neither of us had anything to add so we sat there in silence and sipped our wine.

"So, Jen what happened? I thought you were going to pick me up at the airport."

Jen shrugged. "Yeah, sorry about that. I got stuck at the school."

"Why didn't Lance just go? You don't have to do everything for those little cutie pies."

I felt Jen stiffen as her voice dropped an octave and grew flat. "Lance isn't allowed to attend school events without me."

Jessa looked between us, her eyes wide. "Uh...why?"

Jen rolled her eyes, not out of annoyance at Jessa but just because of the situation. "Why? Here's a list. Jennifer Myers. Sally Nakamura. Jenica James. Lisa Edwards. Molly Jacobs. Serena Mathews. Latisha Smith. Abigail Lopez..." Jen kept ticking names off on her fingers until she ran out and then she worked backwards until she had said the name of every mother in the twins' preschool class, including the teachers and teaching assistants.

I rubbed her back and smirked. Jessa continued to look confused. "I-I don't get it. What do these people have to do with Lance and the kids' school?"

"Ugh! Because they all want him."

I smiled kindly at Jen. "I'm sure that's not the case, honey."

She looked at me with that old fire blazing in her eyes. "Oh it's the case! I know it's the case. They call you 'The Hot Dad', or 'Mr. Hot Chocolate'. They don't think I know but I've heard them. They all want my man and I'm not letting any of those bitches near you!" Jen was actually huffing. I rubbed her back some more.

Jessa was watching with a look of shock on her face and she was smiling in an uncomfortable way. "Wait, are you telling me that you forbid him from going because you're worried about some other women?"

Jen crossed her arms and nodded. Her voice was petulant. "Yep!"

Now Jessa laughed. She laughed hard until tears came to her eyes. Jen wasn't amused. Even I was a little confused. She wiped the tears from her eyes and looked at Jen with a earnest look. "Jen, honestly. You've got to get over this self-esteem shit. Trust me, Lance would do anything for you. And I mean anything." Jessa winked at me and I blushed. I knew what she meant but as she was trying to help my cause, I didn't rebuke her. "You have got a good man. There's no one on this earth that will force him to tear his eyes away from you. Relax. Those girls aren't your competition."

It was amazing. I didn't know what to expect, but it definitely wasn't this. Jessa was actually trying to help my marriage and reduce Jen's jealousy issues. Yes, again I thought that maybe trusting her wouldn't be a bad thing.

"I don't wanna!" Jen's voice was so childish and defiant that even I broke into uncontrollable laughter. It took a few minutes for our laughter to finally die down.

Our bedroom was dark but her body was light and smooth as she ran her hands up and down my stomach.

"I didn't appreciate being tag teamed tonight."

I chuckled. "Sorry, baby. But it was funny."

"I hate you!" She reached down and grabbed my hard cock and jerked it up and down.

I moaned out of pleasure as I rocked my hips back and forth. "Mmmm. I love you, too."

Her lips fell on my chest as she bit my nipple. "I want you deep inside of me tonight, baby."

"You can have all of me. You know that."

"Can I do anything?" She bit my nipple again.

"Mmmm. Yeah. Whatever you want, baby."

I felt her smile. "Good. Don't move."

I was already completely naked, as was she. So following her order I continued lying there while her pale body climbed on top of mine. Her hands fell on either side of my head as the pillow depressed. Her thighs rubbed against my arms, up passed my shoulders while her knees settled on my pillow. I could feel the heat coming from her pussy as it rested inches above my face.

"I want to ride your face. Is that okay?" She was rocking her hips and I could just barely feel her pubic hair tickling my nose.

"It's more than okay. You can ride my face anytime you want. Now come here and give me that sweet pussy."

She dropped her hips slowly, her wet slit sliding over my nose down onto my lips. I opened my mouth wide as I tongued her lips. Giving her plump ass a squeeze she moaned. Her hands were on the headboard as she rocked her hips back and forth on my outstretched tongue. Wrapping my arms around her thighs I held her in place as I worked my head up and down, my tongue going side-to-side.

"Yes! Just like that!" Her voice was low and dangerous. I could feel her excitement growing. "That feels amazing, baby."

"Mmmm!" It was all I could say to let her know I appreciated her appreciation.

I continued licking her slit, making it nice and wet for me to invade. I had managed to spread her lips completely when she looked down at me and grabbed my head.

"Put your finger in my ass." She didn't have to ask twice.

After sticking my middle finger in her mouth to get it nice and wet, I spread her cheeks and slowly pressed it inside of her tight pucker.

At first she froze but once I was inside her to the first knuckle she let out a strangled cry and started bouncing up and down.

"Fuck that feels so good! Give me the whole thing, daddy. Fuck me up! Fuck me up real good!" She was riding my face so hard that I half expected to be bruised later but I didn't care. She was my hot dark goddess and if this was what she wanted then I would more than happily oblige.

With her pussy spread and my finger in her ass, I decided to press another one of her sensitive buttons. The tip of my tongue found her urethra and the moment my tongue pressed against it she froze.

"Ohhhhhh!" She was shaking her head and grunting like an animal. "Ohhhh! Urmph! Urmph!"

I circled her urethra with my tongue, taking care not to try to force my tongue inside but tease the rim like she loved.

"Oh fuck! Ohhhhh fuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk!" She gave up all pretense of being quiet and bellowed. I only hoped that she didn't wake the kids and then I thought about Jessa on the other side of the wall. Surely she heard us but now wasn't the time to think about it.

I continued teasing her urethra and fucking her ass with my finger. She was shaking. "Ooooooooooo!" Suddenly she froze. "Oh! Too much! It's too much, Lance! I can't...I can't...Ohhhhhhhhh!"

Her hands squeezed the headboard like she was lost at sea and it was the only thing keeping her afloat. I smiled. She said it was too much but I figured this was the perfect time to test that claim.

"Ooooohhhhh fuck!" She fell backwards, my finger still driven in her ass. I caught her as she felt and slid from underneath her, laying her on her back. Her legs were spread and I continued to finger-fuck her asshole as she moan. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" Her mouth was hanging open in a sloppy-post climatic fashion and was quickly replaced by a look of shock when my lips wrapped around her swollen clit and started sucking.

She flopped around like a fish out of water as multiple orgasms rocked her body. "F-f-f-f-f-f-fuck! F-fuck! Fuck! I-I'm cumming again. It won't stop! Lance! It won't stop!"

I pulled myself off of her clit for just one second as I smiled maniacally. "Good." Then I went back to sucking her off.

While jamming my finger in her ass and sucking her clit, I took my thumb of the same hand and pressed it against the entrance of her pussy. I didn't go inside I just pressed on the outside, providing her sweet torture that she loved.

"Fuck me! Oh my god! Fuck me! I'm cumming again! I can't stop cumming! Ohhhhhh!"

It was true it was like an electrode was jammed into her body. She was cumming non-stop and I was the man that was giving her such out of bounds pleasure. I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel anything less than invincible.

My cock was throbbing and just the act of giving her pleasure made me want to blow but I didn't want to shoot my load all over our sheets. I wanted to paint her depths with it. After pulling my finger out of her ass, I grabbed her ankles and picked them up at odd angles. I lined my cock up to her pussy and looked down at her. She was watching me through watering eyes. She looked like she was beyond spent and was just barely holding on. But I knew what she wanted. She wanted my baby and tonight was the night that I would give it to her. This wasn't going to be a marathon event. No, not now that she was so exhausted and I was so aroused. Tonight I was going to fuck her hard and fast. I was going to use her to release my sexual stress. Her sweet brown eyes watched me as she nodded slowly. She knew what I had in mind and didn't argue the point. She wanted it just the same way that I did.

Hell yeah.

She reached down and grabbed my swollen cock and guided it into her dripping wet pussy.

"Fuck! It's so thick!" Her pussy squeezed down on me as if it was begging me to give it my seed.

I pulled back and looked down at her. "Are you ready?"

She nodded, "Fuck me, daddy."


That sound mixed with her moaning and my groaning was the only sound that was heard. I fucked her hard, despite her abused pussy. I fucked her until she screamed and didn't stop when the headboard repeatedly crashed against the wall. I didn't stop when she scratched at my back. I didn't stop as she pulled at her nipples. I didn't stop as she screamed my name along with several colorful obscenities. I didn't stop until I had emptied my balls down into her precious womb.

"Fuck!" I roared as I came inside of her, burying myself to the root.

She shook as her final orgasm pulled my seed into her depths. I lay on top of her, our bodies covered in sweat and our room smelling of hot sex.

She was the first to speak. "Goddamn! That was incredible. I didn't think I could cum so much."

I was out of breath but still managed a response. "Me either. It was insane."

"Do you think we woke up Jessa?"

I chuckled, "Yeah. Probably."

She covered her face. "Oh my god! That's so embarrassing."

"I guess you should've thought of that before you asked me to finger-fuck your ass."

With her face still covered she shook her head to the side. "I know! I know!"

I laughed as I kissed her shoulder and neck. Eventually she removed her hands and wrapped her arms around my neck, kissing my lips. We made out while my rod was still pressed in her pussy. After a few minutes, I felt my vigor returning, as did she.

"Oh no! Not going to happen. You'll break me."

I laughed. "That's not fair. You got me all excited. What am I going to do with this then?"

She smiled. "Put it on ice."

I bit her lip until she gasped. "Spoil sport."

I spoke too soon. She was just as turned on now as I was. Despite her reluctance, she started rolling her hips.

She lifted her head and whispered, her voice low and sensual. "Fuck my ass."

I froze. She normally was okay with light ass play but she rarely wanted to be fucked in her ass. But now that she was asking for it I would be a damned fool to reject her.

Pushing myself up on my knees, I reached behind me for a pillow and then jammed it under her lower back.

She looked up at me and I explained, "I don't want to lose the sperm I just shot in you."

"Oh! Okay, I get it." She lifted her legs and with her hips tilted backwards, I pressed my cock against her ass.

It was slow going. She was fine with a finger...maybe two but when I pressed my thick cock against her ass it was reluctant to give way. Nevertheless, after a few minutes of slow, meticulous work, I was buried in her ass. The sensation was incredible. The rim was tighter than her pussy and the depths were on fire.

Jen looked like she was going to faint. "Are you okay?"

She nodded quickly but didn't speak. She threw me a thumbs up sign and I took it as her invitation to continue. Slow, deep thrusts were what I gave her. She breathed deeply every time I pressed inside of her and squeaked every time I pulled out. I was worried that she wasn't enjoying this until I saw her hand shoot to her clit while her other hand pulled at her pierced nipples.

"Fuck! I feel so full, Lance. Fuck me in my dirty little ass baby! Drill me, please. Drill me, Lance."

Ask and you shall receive. Pulling out I slammed inside of her and she bellowed, "Ahhhh! More! More! Please fuck my ass more!"

She was getting off on this, her hand was moving at a furious pace. I found my second wind and gave her exactly what she was asking for. I slammed into her so hard that I heard our bedframe groan. I fucked her hard and fast, too swept up in the heat of the moment to do more than act out my bestial fantasies.

"Fuck me! Cum with me! Cum with me! Cum! Cum! Ah!"

I blew just as she did. Her ass squeezed down on my cock with so much force I thought it would rip it off. Still, it felt incredible.

Cumming twice in such quick succession completely wiped me out.

"Holy hell!" I fell on my back and after a moment, Jen crawled up to meet me. She lay on top of my body. I wrapped my arms around her to keep her in place.

She kissed my lips. "I love you."

"I love you, too."

"Jessa definitely heard that."

"Yeah. I'm sure she did."

This time she chuckled. "Maybe I should've put her in the other spare room."


We laughed as we lay there naked. My heart was soaring and I couldn't believe just how much in love with Jen that I was. In all these years my love for her has only grown. I couldn't imagine a life without her. She was everything to me. She was my world—my universe. I would do anything for her.

We climbed in the shower and then back to bed where we quickly drifted off into sleep. I don't think I've ever been happier.

"Well you two definitely had a good night, huh?"

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