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Walking Poacher

Published By Sarah Cantrell

Copyright 2017 Sarah Cantrell


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I met Sarah at the local dog park. I was nearly nineteen, unemployed, bored, going through an experimental phase and just looking for a way to fill in time. I wasn't a scholar and had no intention of going to university or anything and jobs were hard to come by. Sarah was pretty. I watched her, leaning against the fenced off area that the dogs ran around in. She had this pretty little sundress on. It was light blue with a floral motif and every now and then the wind would catch the skirt and threaten to expose her underwear.

I'd kissed a couple of girls and even let one of them touch me but hadn't gone any further than that. It wasn't like I was a virgin either; I'd experimented with my fare share of boys and let them do a lot more than the girls. I'm not sure why I chose to go talk to Sarah, but I did. Part of me hoped that she'd take a liking to me and that I'd find a way to kiss her, but I'm not even sure that that I was committed to it enough to get there. We ended up hitting it off. She was there with her boyfriend's German Shepherd which was a downer (finding out that she lived with him especially) but it presented me with an opportunity.

She was struggling to find time to walk Poacher and when I mentioned that I was unemployed, she offered to pay me to walk him if I was interested. I was only too happy to do it so she suggested that I come by and meet her boyfriend Dan to make sure that he'd be okay with it.

I left the park feeling happier than I'd expected, excited that even though the income wasn't going to be enough to make a true change to my life, at least it would be a bit of spending money and cash as well, which wouldn't affect my unemployment benefits.

That night I went around to their place and met Dan, who seemed really nice and it was agreed that I could start walking Poacher. Little did I know that it would turn out to be life changing and in no way that I could have imagined.

On the third day that I walked him, I was wearing a cute little flared blue skirt and a white tank top. I walked him to the dog park and let him run around for a bit, but felt like I could use more of a walk myself so I walked him further through the park until I decided to rest in a lovely little shaded spot. It was a gorgeous day and I sat holding Poacher's lead for a bit without really thinking about anything specific. I was snapped back to reality when I felt Poacher stick his head between my legs! His wet nose slid up my inner thigh and I jumped back in shock. Because I was sitting on a park bench I didn't have far to go though. He insistently shoved his nose further under my skirt until he was able to sniff the crotch of my panties! I shoved him away and stood up to continue walking. Poacher followed along happily and I didn't really think anything more of it; at least not until we were back at Sarah's house. I had to undo the side gate to get around to the back of the house and while I was reaching for the latch, standing on tip toes, I again felt his nose sniffing around under my skirt, this time from behind me. I couldn't stop him and work the latch at the same time. Talk about awkward.

With the latch undone, I pushed the gate opened and gave Poacher a gentle tap on the nose to deter him from his investigation of my crotch. As he went through into the back yard I couldn't help but notice that he had an erection! A big fat purple one at that. I shook my head, closed the gate and took off home again, laughing about the horny dog.

I didn't mention it to Sarah, because well, it was kind of embarrassing and I thought it was likely just a one-time thing. Except after the first day that it happened, he kept doing it. Not all the time, but just occasionally.

Did I mention that I was in a bit of an experimental phase? Well as embarrassing as it is to admit, the more it happened, the more I thought about it. I wondered if I let him just have a good sniff whether he'd be satisfied and move on. So one day when I was walking him I found a quiet spot to sit and perched on a park bench. I spread my legs and sure enough he went straight for my crotch. He nosed around and sniffed and snuffed for a bit, pumping against my panties. I know I blushed. Here I was letting a dog sniff my knickers for crying out loud. Worse still, I was starting to get a bit turned on by it. It was kinky as all fuck and that thought alone had me reacting. Then it was like it was like a signal to Poacher or something. He licked me! His big wet dog tongue licked at my underwear. I bit down on my lip to keep from drawing attention to myself. I should have just pushed him away immediately like I had the first time he'd sniffed me, but for some reason it took three firm licks of his tongue before I did.

When I had dislodged him and stood up, I could see that he was hard again. His erection hung from it's sheath. I walked him home and again he sniffed at my butt and crotch as I struggled with the gate.

"I'm really sorry but he's a bit smelly at the moment," Sarah said to me a week later when I went to pick him up. She wasn't usually there, but had a late start to the day or something. "I've been meaning to bath him, but I just haven't had a chance. Dan's been travelling and I've just been too busy."

"I could bath him for you if you like," I offered, thinking that it might earn me a few extra dollars.

"Oh that would be amazing," Sarah replied. "I'll pay for you to do it."

I laughed and admitted that I'd been hoping that she might.

"You can use the bathroom here if you like. That's where we usually do it. He loves the bath, so there shouldn't be any issues for you. I can lock the door and when you're done you can just pull the front door closed behind you if you like."

"Sure, that would be fine," I replied, impressed that I was being trusted to be in their home. "I'll leave it spotless, I promise."

"No worries, thanks Jen," Sarah said. She went and pulled out the dog shampoo and a towel and everything else that I'd need and rushed off to work.

I went and let Poacher in the back door and through to the bathroom. He hopped into the bath with a bit of encouragement and just stood waiting. I fitted a flexible hose with a shower nozzle to the end of the bath's spout and turned the water on to adjust the temperature. When it was warm I started to wet down Poacher's coat. Almost as soon as he was wet he decided to shake himself and water went everywhere, especially over me. I looked down at my light blue t-shirt and decided that if I wanted to be able to wear it home, I was going to have to keep it from getting wet. I was the only one in the house so took it off. Then I decided that I may as well preserve the state of the cut off denim shorts and my bra as well. I stripped down until I was only wearing a black cotton thong.

It turned out to be a good decision because as good as Poacher was in the bath, he loved to give a good shake to try and dry out his coat. I was pretty damned wet. I lathered him up and persevered. I made sure that I had plenty of shampoo and really worked it into his coat. I wanted him to be super clean for Sarah. I was working it into his chest and moved my hand down toward his belly, lathering that up as well. Then my hand bumped into his cock. That gave me a shock let me tell you. Of course by that time I'd been seeing his cock like every second day. It had become something of a fascination for me, trying to work out when it would slip from its sheath and why. I hadn't reached any conclusions though. I certainly hadn't expected it to happen while I was bathing him.

I looked at it curiously, being much closer to it than normal as I knelt on the floor beside the bath and washed him. I studied it for a bit, noting the differences from his human counterparts. I couldn't help but wonder how different it would feel. Before I thought beyond that simple idea I found myself holding it. Just like that I'd reached under and grabbed hold of it. It was warm and hard and before I could really think about it too much Poacher started humping at my hand. He was panting and his back end kind of jack-hammered for a bit. His cock slipped around in my shampoo-lathered hand and even though I should have let go, I didn't. I was amazed and curious and for some strange reason ... excited. I squeezed his cock firmly and stroked a little as he kept trying to breed my fist.

It wasn't like I had a plan. I didn't even really try and give him a hand job per se, but that's what ended up happening. He started cumming and I quite possibly gave a little squeal of delight. His cum was clear and very liquid as it spurted from his cock to the bottom of the bath. He just kept hammering away. After a bit longer I started to feel guilty and released him. I washed out the shampoo and started towel him dry. As I wrapped his head in the towel and dried him off, he found a way to get his snout free. His tongue snaked out and licked right across my left tit! Between being a freak and giving the dog a hand job, being mostly naked and somewhat wet, my nipple was already tight and erect, and my panties were damp from more than just errant bath water.

It had felt good though. His tongue on my nipple had turned me on. I didn't exactly move quickly to steer his head away and that resulted in a couple more licks of my nipple. It was electric. Once again guilt kicked in though and I stopped it from happening any more.

After I released him to the back yard where he went mad rolling about and trying to make sure he smelt like a proper job again I headed for home, all sorts of thoughts and feelings smashed up inside me. What was I doing with this dog?

I had dirty dreams that night; dreams featuring swollen purple dog cocks. I touched them and they came on me and dogs licked my pussy. When I woke up and remembered them I was embarrassed, especially because my pussy was wet as fuck. It didn't stop me masturbating though. I fingered myself as I thought back on my dreams and ended up orgasming while thinking about Poacher's tongue on my panties. Then I just felt naughty and dirty.

For a week I had dreams on and off. I didn't act on them or anything, other than to occasionally fantasise about them and to masturbate. I didn't touch Poacher's cock again either. He kept trying to sniff and lick my crotch on and off, but I didn't give him free access or anything. Mind you, I didn't exactly discourage him either; at least not until that day.

I woke up super horny and masturbated before I tumbled out of bed. Weird experimental-like thoughts started going through my head as I dressed for the day. It culminated in the removal of my thong just before I set out to walk Poacher. I'd worn a short flirty skirt and was very conscious of the fact that it wasn't going to take much of a gust of wind to show the world (not to mention curious dogs) that I'd left home sans underwear.

Poacher was as happy to see me as usual, prancing about happily with his tail wagging madly until I slipped the harness on him. I walked him to the dog park and let him have his run around before leading him off to my quiet little spot in the shade.

I sat down on the park bench and edged my butt forward, legs parted. Then I waited. I have to admit, I was sopping wet with anticipation. I couldn't believe what I was doing, but there I was doing it anyway. I told myself that if Poacher did whatever he did, then it wasn't my doing, but I wasn't about to grab him and guide his head between my legs.

It turned out that I didn't need to anyway. He sniffed at my knee and then his head disappeared under my skirt. I bit back a gasp as his wet nose made contact with my bald pussy. That contact was quickly followed by the feeling of his tongue licking my slit! He obviously liked what he tasted, because it was followed by several long licks. His tongue was all over my very wet slit and even slipped in between my lips, his nose pressing against my mound as he delved between them. It was so dirty and yet so amazing that all I did was spread my legs further. I just sat there in the park with a dog licking my pussy, watching nervously for any sign that someone was about to bust me.

And then he stopped. He just stopped licking, walked away a bit and dropped onto the ground. I couldn't believe it. I crushed a hand between my legs, pushing my skirt down against my pussy. I was so fucking horny and the dog had just stopped! I couldn't bring myself to call him over to me though. I stood up, legs a little shaky, and pulled on the lead. Poacher happily walked with me back to Dan and Sarah's place. The whole way there I kept thinking about what I'd done and became progressively wetter the more I thought about it. By the time we made it back I was surprised that my juices weren't running down my leg.

I reached for the latch on the gate and sure enough, Poacher sniffed me from behind. I nearly squealed out loud when his nose pushed between my bare butt cheeks. Standing on tip toes, I moved my feet apart a little and held onto the gate. Sure enough, I felt his tongue again. He lapped between my legs, licking both my pussy and my asshole. I held myself there until I heard a car on the street. I didn't want to get busted like that, so opened the gate and led Poacher through. I took a seat on one of Dan and Sarah's outdoor chairs and spread my legs. Then I pulled my skirt up so that I could see. Poacher came over to investigate and gave me a couple of half-interested licks. There was something even kinkier about actually seeing his tongue on my pussy, but he wandered off again and went to drink from his water bowl. When he showed no signs of returning, I thought that I should probably get out of there.

I left quietly, went home and masturbated. I thought about how good Poacher's tongue had felt on my pussy and rubbed my clit until I exploded. The guilt came later, but I pushed it to the back of my mind and tried to ignore it.

I didn't wear underwear when I walked Poacher after that and I always wore a skirt. It became a kinky little game for me, finding a quiet, out of the way spot, spreading my legs and hoping that Poacher would slip is tongue into my dripping pussy. He didn't always do it, but he did it pretty damned often. Possibly the most frustrating thing was that he didn't ever lick me long enough to orgasm. It wasn't like I could direct him and ask him to focus on my clit. When I'd open the gate at Dan and Sarah's he'd lick my ass and pussy and then I'd give him a final taste in the back yard before heading home.

The next thing that changed things was a complete coincidence. I was at home on my computer, surfing Reddit. I was going through one of my favourite petite girl subs when I saw something completely unexpected. There was a gif of a girl sucking a dildo; nothing particularly different other than the shape of the dildo. It was shaped like a dog's cock. I can't tell you how many times I watched it. I went to the poster's history and there were pictures and gifs of her using it in her pussy as well. I didn't even know such a toy existed. I sat in front of my computer furiously rubbing my pussy, images of Poacher's cock in my mind as I watched this girl pretend to fuck and suck a dog. When I came, I came hard, my legs shaking, my insides alive as if electricity were shooting through them ... it was amazing.

I had dreams that night. Very dirty dreams. The sort of dreams a girl shouldn't have, especially when she's going to be walking a horny German Shepherd the next day.

I was wet before I even made it to Dan and Sarah's house. Poacher didn't get much of a walk either. I didn't stop at the dog park, or even my favourite little semi-public place. We were back well before we would normally have been. I sat in an outdoor chair, lifted my skirt and spread my legs. I called Poacher over and he licked at my pussy. I even held my lips apart for him. Part of me couldn't believe that I was even contemplating what might come next. That same part of me couldn't believe how wet it was making me. When Poacher wandered off, rather than groan in frustration, I went to the lawn and called him to me again. I patted him, ruffled his fur and played with him. When I started to rub his belly, he plunked himself down on the ground and rolled over with his legs spread.

A month or so ago I would have laughed at him being such a boy, but then ... well then, all I did was look between his legs. There as no sign of that swollen purple cock. I rubbed him. I actually rubbed his furry sheath and after a bit saw his cock start to emerge. It was weird and exciting all at the same time. I kept at it until he was fully exposed and then for the first time since bathing him, deliberately grabbed hold of his cock. I licked my lips and thought back to the girl's video. Was I really going to suck it?

I glanced to Poacher's face, but he was just lying down happily, not even really seeming to be paying that much attention. I leaned in close to his cock and paused. Tentatively I touched my tongue to the skin of his erection. My heart was racing, but the world didn't end; I wasn't hit by a bolt of lightning. I licked him, from the bottom to the top just like I would to a man. I studied the odd shape of the head and hesitated. Then, after glancing around as if to check if someone might be watching, I sucked Poachers swollen purple dog cock into my mouth! It was warm and smooth and hard. I worked my mouth up and down and sucked hungrily, scarcely believing I was actually doing it.

Poacher jumped up then and he was pulled from my mouth. I looked around quickly, wondering what might have caused him to move. Fortunately there wasn't anyone there. I called him back to me but he didn't seem to want to lie down again. I clearly wasn't quite right in my head because I wanted more. I held his collar with one hand and lay down on the ground. I moved him around until I had my head underneath him and pulled his cock to my mouth with my free hand. I sucked him deep in my mouth and he started thrusting at me. I pulled back a bit with my mouth and used my hand to try and control him, but he was very enthusiastic. Then I tasted it. Warm dog cum. It was just a little bit at first. As he thrust I was suddenly aware of it. He didn't stop thrusting though. Even after he'd cum when I'd been bathing him I hadn't really thought much about it. I still really expected him to be like a man - shoot a couple of times and be done, but he just kept thrusting and cumming. It seemed to go on for ages. I had my head turned to the side to take his thrusts and let it run from my mouth rather than swallow it. It ran down my cheek and neck.

After goodness knows how long, he stopped, apparently satisfied. I wasn't though. I worked two fingers of one hand into my pussy and diddled my clit with my other hand. I watched Poacher as I played, the taste of his cum in my mouth. I thought about the girl on Reddit, with the dog cock toy sliding in and out of her pussy. Could I go that far? What was worse anyway, sucking a dog's cock or fucking one? That wasn't a question I was about to ask any of my friends.

I rolled over and got onto my hands and knees. I rested my chest on the grass so that I could keep playing, wondering, partly hoping that Poacher would show an interest, but not quite ready to call him over and actively pursue the taboo thought. I had my eyes closed and was biting down on my lip to keep from crying out, my orgasm close when I felt Poacher's tongue on my anus. I squealed in glee. His tongue slipped between my pussy lips next and over my fingers, licking at the juices that were flowing freely from me. I came hard, pussy pulsing and body shaking as Poacher lapped at me. I collapsed on the grass, spent. Poacher walked up and licked my face. I pushed him away, far from a fan of dog's licking people's faces.

When I'd recovered I decided that I needed to get out of there. I straightened myself up, using the outdoor tap to wash my face to make sure that there wasn't any evidence on my face and neck and headed for home, lost in guilty thoughts about just how fucking hot my morning had been.

I couldn't forget it. Thoughts of Poacher's cock spurting its cum in my mouth pushed almost everything aside. My pussy tingled and leaked as a result and I was too distracted to do much. I returned to Reddit to review my new favourite contributor's posts and masturbated to another two orgasms throughout the day. I knew what I was going to do. I didn't want to admit it, but I knew it was going to happen. I was going to fuck Poacher. I was going to let him put his fat purple cock in my pussy and fuck me.

I slept fitfully that night. Dreams, fantasies and excitement all kept me from a good rest. Even once I did wake up I had to be patient. I really wanted to just go over to Dan and Sarah's and do it, but I had to wait until they'd leave for work. It wasn't like I could show up early and say, "Don't mind me, I'm just going to fuck your puppy." I was left to contemplate exactly how I would do it.

Time finally rolled around and I raced over as quickly as I could. I took Poacher for an abbreviated walk again because there was only so much patience I could muster. Not to mention how fucking horny I was.

I took Poacher to the back yard and slipped my skirt off. Just being in someone else's backyard with nothing on my lower half was kind of exciting, let alone what I was planning. I got down on the lawn on my hands and knees and crawled around. Poacher showed immediate interest. He walked up behind me and sniffed at my butt. Then he licked me. I reached back with one hand and spread myself, helping to get his tongue right in between my cheeks and directly on my asshole and pussy lips. He wandered off all too soon. I called him over and teased him, reaching beneath his body to stroke his sheath as I had the day before. I coaxed his cock out and played with it. As it emerged fully I pulled it to my mouth and sucked on it. When he started humping at my mouth I let it go. I turned around and waggled my butt at him. He gave me another lick.

I thought he was about to stop again when he jumped forward and mounted me. His cock missed though. His front paws hooked around my hips and I was thankful that I'd left my singlet on, because his claws grazed me a bit even though the material. He started thrusting and his cock was all over the place and not where I wanted it. I reached back between my legs to control him, grabbing hold of his flailing member. When he felt the resistance of my grip he humped even quicker. I quickly guided the tip of his cock to my pussy and then let him thrust. Almost immediately his cock penetrated my pussy lips.

Poacher seemed to go into over-drive. He fucked me hard and fast and I lost myself in ecstasy. I've never had a cock move so fast in my pussy. His front legs clung to me desperately and I could hear him panting over my shoulder. I steadied myself with my hands on the grass as he fucked me wildly. Then he thrust his knot inside me. I didn't quite know what happened at the time. I just felt something large driven between my pussy lips and I cried out because it was a little painful. It was good pain, but it was still pain. Not long after that I started to feel him squirting his semen inside me. Warm shots of dog cum were squirting in my pussy and Poacher just kept hammering away at me. I reached back and rubbed my clit.

My orgasm was almost instant when I touched myself. The knowledge of what I was doing, of how taboo it was combined with how good it felt was enough to send me over the edge. Poacher didn't care. He just kept fucking me, driving his purple cock in and out over and over again. I simply took it. I was his bitch. Eventually he was done. His cock slipped from my pussy and his cum ran down my leg. He turned around and licked it up. I shuddered in pleasure when he licked my pussy again. That was something no guy had ever done for me!

I left knowing that it wasn't going to be the last time that I fucked Poacher. I planned on returning for more the next day. And I did.

It was just as good. Only one thing went wrong. I was on the lawn, on all fours with Poacher slamming away at my pussy when the back door to the house opened. I wanted to flee. I wanted to hide. I wanted anything other than to be busted with a dog fucking me.

It was Sarah. I expected outrage and horror. I wanted to die. I couldn't even move properly because Poacher had forced his knot into me again and when I tried to move it was clear that it was going to hurt like a bitch if I pulled away too hard.

"I see he likes you as much as he likes me," Sarah said. I looked at her, confused, wondering if I'd really just heard what I thought I had. Instead of the outrage and horror I expected to see on her face, I saw lust and pleasure.

"What did you say?" I asked lamely.

"I said that I can see that he likes you as much as he likes me," she replied, moving closer to me.

"Um, I don't know," I muttered, still lost and suddenly ashamed. I expected her to hate me.

"Well I just can't believe that I've found someone else that lets him fuck them," Sarah said. "I thought for sure I would be the only person kinky enough to do that."

"What? Wait, you fuck him too?" I asked. Then I cried out because Poacher started cumming in me again. Sarah nodded with what appeared to be an embarrassed grin.

"I'll let you finish, then we can talk," she told me. She pulled up a chair and watched. I frigged my clit and came as Poacher finished. Sarah picked up my skirt from where I'd draped it on a chair and handed it to me.

I put it back on and she offered me a seat.

"Let me tell you how it started for me, then you can tell me your story," she said. I sat there with dog cum dripping from me as she started to relay her story of spilt milk and a dog tongue between her legs ...


This short fiction is Sarah's second published work exploring the taboo topic of beastiality

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