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All About Emily


TJ Adams

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All About Emily

Lucy Owen stood in the mirror of her upstairs bathroom, applying makeup. She had already curled her hair and looked forward to her new roommate coming home for the day.

It was Friday and although, Owen, hadn’t worked in three weeks now—since Claire Burrell’s funeral—come Monday, she would start back into the workforce.

Has it been that long? She wondered.

During that time, the two girls had accomplished so much. Her friend and roommate—lover actually, whom she had first known as Brittany—was Emily Phillips, a flaxen haired beauty from Albuquerque.

The young prostitute had accepted Owen’s offer of staying at her place to get Phillips off the streets. That was the night that Owen’s alter ego, Pandora, enjoyed a long night of adventurous sex up in the city and…

And shot Tyler Derrick in a forgotten alley, as he stood over what would have been his next victim.

The prostitute had been beaten and strangled to within an inch of her life, but she had recovered. Authorities in the city had no leads as to who had shot Derrick, other than the prostitute’s description of a dark haired angel standing over her with a small gun in her hand.

Angel, my ass, Owen had laughed. If she could only had known of what I had done with Mustang Sally, the truck stop whore, that night?

No, tonight it would be all about Emily. The one-time prostitute had come so far in a short period of time. After taking up residence with Owen, she had enrolled herself in nursing school and found herself a part time job at the coffee shop. The pay wasn’t much, but it would keep her off the streets at night.

Owen didn’t ask Phillips to share in the rent or utilities and gladly made room for her friend in the closet they now shared.

Although the girls slept in a king sized bed, they had not been sexually active in the month that they had lived under the same roof. There had just been too much to do.

Claire Burrell’s estate had been settled. Owen netted a bit over two hundred thousand dollars after all was said and done. Phillips had enrolled herself in school and found a job. Lucy Owen was proud of her beautiful friend.

Phillips had only carried a small bag of belongings down from the city, all that she owned.

Owen had seen to it that her friend had a closet full of new clothes, clothes that a pretty young woman should have. Emily Phillips meant the world to Lucy Owen and she wanted to show her just how much she cared.

Thoughts of the night they had spent together swam through Owen’s mind like a psychedelic dream. Although they shared a bed in Owen’s one bedroom townhouse, it was the only night the pair had shared in each other’s arms.

Her ass was no longer sore, as it had been that night and long gone were the bruises on her nipples.

Owen reached down into her panties, running her finger between her wet lips. With her other, she alternated squeezing her hard nipples. She wanted more than anything to show her friend how much she loved her. She wanted her. Owen envisioned Phillips spreading her legs above her as she lay across the big bed. This wouldn’t be a twenty-five dollar motel bed it would be Owen’s very own bed, a bed that they now shared.

As much as she wanted to save herself for Emily, she couldn’t resist. Owen masturbated in the bathroom mirror—thinking of her friend—like she had in the restaurant with Nate Blanchard and his big cock waiting in a red vinyl booth.

“Are you home?” Phillips asked, from downstairs.

Owen—startled—dried herself with a towel.

“Yes,” she said. “I’m up here, in the bathroom.”

Phillips climbed the carpeted treads, with Owen trying to put herself together after a moment of pleasure.

“What are you getting all prettied up for?” Phillips asked.

“You,” Owen said, letting her Texas accent draw the word out. Her voice sounded sexy and lusty.

“Umm,” Phillips replied, kissing Owen’s shoulder. “What’s the occasion? Did you hear from the attorney?”

“I did,” Owen said. “Get in the shower and I’ll tell you about it.”

Phillips undressed. Owen couldn’t help watching. Phillips was the most beautiful thing that she had ever witnessed and she was all hers. Phillips didn’t seem to be attracted to men in any way. Quite possibly due to the way men had used her for so long?

“So how much did you get?” Phillips asked, with the water running.

“Two hundred,” Owen said.

“Two hundred dollars” Phillips questioned.

“Two hundred thousand, silly,” Owen answered. She continued to apply the heavy makeup that excited her, the way Pandora wore her makeup.

“Wow,” Phillips said, from the shower. “What are you going to do with all of that money?”

“Well,” Owen started. “I thought that maybe we could look for a house, nothing real big, just two bedrooms…”

Phillips interrupted. “But I like sleeping next to you, honey.”

“And you still can,” Owen said. “But you can have something more private, something of your own and we won’t have to share my closet?”

Phillips laughed, but didn’t say anything.

“I thought that maybe we could buy a car,” Owen said. “Maybe some little second hand thing, you know?”

“But you already have a car,” Phillips corrected. She turned off the shower and stepped out. Owen handed her a towel.

“I know,” Owen said. “And I still have three years to pay on it. I’m talking about something for you to get back and forth to school in.”

Phillips stood before the shower toweling herself dry. Mouth, watering, Owen noticed the clean shaven pussy between her friends long legs.

For two cents, she thought. I’d do it right here in the bathroom. It isn’t like we haven’t before?

“I can’t even drive,” Phillips said. “I don’t have a license.”

“Then I’ll teach you,” Owen said. “Listen, when I start back to work, I won’t be around all of the time to drive you. Winter is coming and I don’t want you on the bus after dark.”

“Okay,” Phillips said, smiling. “But don’t yell at me.”

“Yell at you for what?” Owen asked. “I wouldn’t yell at you. You know how I feel about you and I am so glad that you decided to take my advice and leave the city.”

Since leaving the streets and moving in with Owen, Phillips had put on a little weight. Her breasts seemed full, bigger and her ass was still gorgeous.

Phillips wrapped the damp towel around her head. “Promise?” she asked.

“I promise.”

Phillips, just home from school and fresh out of the shower, wasn’t wearing makeup. Dry now, she stepped closer to Owen—standing before the mirror—kissing Owen’s red lips and holding her close.

“I love you,” Phillips said, in a sweet, soft voice that turned Owen on.

Owen’s nipples were hard and her heart raced. “I love you, too, baby.”

Phillips ran her finger—playfully—down Owen’s fit belly.

“Oh, God,” Owen gasped. She wanted her friend in every way.

A painted nail, from Phillips finger, found Owen’s clit, causing Owen to gasp again. It had been so long it seemed, since the two of them had shared their love in a roadside motel.

“Is this okay?” Phillips asked, kissing Owen.

Owen caught a glance of her friend touching her in the mirror. “But I wanted tonight to be special,” she said.

“And it will be,” Phillips answered, taking one of Owen’s hard nipples into her mouth. “I just want it now. Is that okay? Can I have you now? We can still do whatever you want, but I need to taste you. I want you to sit on my face like you did before. Will you cum in my mouth with my tongue in your pussy?”

In the mirror, a young woman sucked her friend’s nipple passionately. Farther down and out of the picture the young woman’s finger probed between her friends swollen lips.


Phillips removed the finger from Owen long enough to suck it, before putting it between her own legs.

Owen gently squeezed Phillips swollen breasts. Her pink nipples were smaller than her own and rock hard. They reminded her of a sweet fruit that beckoned her closer.

Starting for one of the hard pink nipples, Phillips stopped her with a finger moistened by her own pussy.

Owen took the finger into her mouth, sucking it playfully, while sliding her own into Phillips, who was warm and wet and welcoming.

For what seemed an eternity, the two young women touched and kissed and held each other before the bathroom mirror. It was in a restaurant bathroom in the city where they had first given in to it.

“I have a surprise for you,” Owen said in a passionate voice as Phillips took her hand to lead her to the king sized bed that they had shared for close to a month.

“What is it?” Phillips asked, kissing her shoulder.

“I stopped by Lady Godiva’s today.” Owen said.

“What did you get?” Phillips asked, in the sweet voice of Brittany, the young prostitute, from the city, a voice that excited Owen. It had excited her before she knew that she was attracted to women.

“Look under your pillow,” she said.

Phillips placed a knee on the bed, extending to the pillow on the far side of the bed. Owen let her hand run over her friend’s ass to resume stroking the wet pussy between her lover’s legs.

“Will you fuck me?” Phillips asked, turning to lay diagonally across the bed with a big rubber cock in each hand.

Owen bent to kiss her friend between her long, beautiful legs. She ran her tongue across Phillips clit before answering.

“I bought one for each of us,” she said, diving back into Phillips.

“You were on top last time,” Phillips said. “I want you to sit on my face. Will you do it, baby?”

“I never thought you would ask,” Owen said, taking one of the dildos and straddling her friends head. She looked back at the beautiful face that would lick her until she came.

Phillips eyes were closed as she sucked the inside of Owen’s thigh. It was too soon for a dildo. Owen lowered herself to the mouth of her lover, wishing that she could watch.

“You know what I would like to have in the new house?” Owen asked, as her friend licked her delicately.

“No, what…?” Phillips asked, from between Owen’s thighs.

“Mirrors,” she said, licking her friends wet lips. “Mirrors everywhere, I want to be able to watch you, tongue me out.”

“Umm,” Phillips said. “You’re bad, baby.”

“And like having you between my legs, doesn’t make me that way?” Owen asked, laughing.

“You turn me on too,” Phillips said. “I wanted to ask the first night that we met. Do you remember it?”

“I do,” Owen said, diving into her friend. “I do.”

Owen had dressed like the girls that walked the streets at home. She had seen them from time to time, a short blue dress, black stilettos and a lot more makeup than she would ever wear at home.

She was looking for her childhood friend, Janet Burrell. She had a photograph that she wanted to show the girls in the city. Maybe someone would know something.

Owen thought that her heels clicking on the broken concrete sounded aggressive, the way that she felt.

One of the prostitutes had the nerve to call her a bitch, before she turned to walk off. Others laughed and began to depart. One of the younger women remained. She was beautiful in a simple way, innocent. She smoked at the remains of a cigarette the group had shared.

“Can I see that?” she asked.

Her voice was sweet and kind, soft. The young prostitute had picked the scabs from mosquito bites and looked pale from her occupation, but her eyes were a bright green that cut through the night. She was beautiful and Owen might have fallen for her then if not for the man they called, Mickey the Wire.

Owen killed four men a few nights later, with Mickey being the last. The young prostitute was given the entire contents of the man’s wallet and instructed to buy a bus ticket home.

Owen had never been one to masturbate, but in the following year she did often thinking of the beautiful girl standing against a graffiti covered brick wall in heels. She would often close her eyes imagining what the girl tasted like. She wanted to feel her warm body on top of her.

By chance, the pair met just over a year later on the same dark city streets. They caught up over breakfast in an all-night diner. Owen wanted to ask the young woman to make love to her then. She had a few dollars in her purse and she would get a room where she could enjoy herself.

The young, green eyed woman was a prostitute, right? She had sex in exchange for money. Owen feared that she might run the beautiful young woman that she saw when she closed her eyes at night away.

It was in the bathroom of the diner, where the two had first given over to fate. Phillips—then known only as Brittany—sat on the toilet peeing with her short dress up about her waist.

Owen couldn’t help but to look between the prostitute’s legs. She wanted to lick and suck everything between the young woman’s knees and her nipples.

There was little room in the restaurant bathroom. Owen stood before Brittany as she pissed. The prostitute raised the hem of Owen’s short dress, exposing her panties.

Neither said a thing as Owen slipped them off. Brittany kissed her and touched her in ways that she could only imagine before.

When the prostitute finally stood, they kissed for the first time, while continuing to explore Owen’s sexual desires.

Brittany helped Owen out of her dress. Owen bolted the bathroom door wearing only heels and stockings. The pretty young woman continued to kiss her passionately while probing between her legs. Owen had an orgasm only to be followed by another as the young woman sucked her hard nipples.

Although short, it was Owen’s first time with a woman. A couple of the dancers at a club where she had worked had squeezed her nipples and she had studied every curve of a few dancers, but Owen was much too timid to initiate anything. As much as she wanted to experience the taste of a woman, she was just too afraid to ask.

And then, by chance, the pretty young prostitute with green eyes kissed her where no one should have. Cum ran down the inside of her thighs as she closed her eyes. Lucy Owen was in love with the flaxen haired beauty.

“I have some money,” Owen said. “I can get a room. I’ll pay you, if you’ll make love to me.”

“You don’t have to pay me, Pandora,” the pretty young woman had said. “I want this as much as you do.”

“No,” Owen said. “I can’t ask you to give up what you might have made to be with me.”

“Okay,” Brittany said. “I’ll do it for twenty-five?”

“I’ll give you a hundred.” Owen said, dressed now and unbolting the bathroom door.

The pair departed the diner holding hands like schoolgirls. They remained that way until Owen unlocked a motel room door down by the highway.

After a passionate night in the motel bed, Owen would have killed for her. Actually she had a year earlier, but that was a different story.

“Fuck,” Owen said. “I forgot about a John that I promised to do in the morning.”

“Want me to come along?” Brittany had asked.

“You would do that?” Owen asked.

The pretty young prostitute smiled.

Owen may have been in love with Brittany before, but she definitely was after watching her fuck the John.

The curtain was pulled back as Owen lay on a bare table with her legs spread. Ken Riley—the John—was between them. Brittany kissed her tenderly and squeezed her hard nipples as he ran his hard cock deeper into her.

“I love you,” Brittany said, quietly.

It was more erotic than Owen could have imagined spreading her legs for anyone below to see. She was pretty and Brittany was pretty and if they wanted to watch Ken Riley stuff his big cock into both of them, so be it.

When the John removed his cock from her, only to ram it up her sore ass, Brittany soothed her by stroking the wet pussy Riley had left behind.

“I love you too,” Owen said, just before Riley stuck his fat cock in her mouth.

Brittany held Owen’s legs apart to finish her off, using only her tongue. Owen was exhausted and the prostitute knew it. The John was intent on stuffing himself into Owen’s ass again, the same tight ass that Brittany had fucked the night before. Owen had cried when Riley first shoved it in.

The pretty prostitute took the man’s hard, wet cock into her mouth to finish him off. Owen was thankful for the break, she feared that he would continue for quite a while and her ass hurt enough to make her cry.

Brittany’s lips stretched to accommodate the size of the fat cock in her hand. Owen licked hers watching from the table. If she could have moved, she would have licked the prostitute as she sucked Riley dry.

Now Phillips—Brittany—shared the one bedroom townhouse that Owen rented. The beautiful young woman’s name was Emily Phillips, but Owen though of her flaxen haired lover as only Brittany.

Phillips didn’t have much of an interest in men and that was alright with Owen. In time maybe, the young woman would find the right man. Someone would love her as she deserved, but for now, Owen was happy to have her here if only for a short time.

A very busy three or four weeks had passed since Phillips had accepted Owen’s offer to live with her. Mrs. Burrell’s estate had to be settled and the onetime prostitute enrolled herself in school. Owen couldn’t have been more proud of her beautiful friend.

A whole night was planned just to show the young woman how much she cared. They would put on makeup, do their hair, slip into a cute dress and the high heels they had worn when they met.

They would have dinner, wherever Phillips desired and a few drinks. It was in fact, all about Emily tonight.

After a night on the town, the two girls would slip out of their short dresses. Owen wanted to kiss her beautiful friend and tell her repeatedly just how much she loved her. How much she meant to her.

And now the cat was out of the bag, the two girls lay across a bed they shared enjoying what the other had to offer.

Owen—at least—had done her makeup. After a long day of school and shower, Phillips was just as plain as a girl could be. There were no stockings and no heels.

“Baby,” Phillips asked, sucking Owen’s lips playfully.

“Yeah,” Owen said. Passion kept the answer to a soft whisper. She had enjoyed nothing more in her young life than her friend making love to her.

“I know that you had a big night planned,” Phillips said, kissing her lover between each word. “But can we just stay in tonight?”

“Yeah,” Owen said. “I guess?”

With her eyes closed, Phillips continued. “I know that you planned something big,” she said. “And we can do it tomorrow night or the next?”

Owen slid her tongue across her friend. She was wet and she wanted to be fucked with one of the new toys she had purchased just for tonight. It was all she could do to keep from fucking either of them in the days since she had made the purchase. But she had and now she wanted one deep inside of her. Maybe her friend was on to something?

“Okay,” Owen said. “Do you want to stay here?”

“I do, baby,” Phillips said, holding her friend apart to insert one of the toys in the wetness that was Owen’s pussy. “I just want to be here with you tonight and no one else.”

Owen closed her eyes, having a small orgasm. She loved her new friend. If Phillips wanted to stay here in bed, Owen would go along. A short black dress hung in the closet, stockings lay over a chair.

Tonight anyway, there would be no dressing up and no fancy dinners or dancing. Tonight the two girls would stay in, bathing in the glow of the love they felt for each other.

Tonight, would be all about Emily.


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