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Owning His Body

Written by J. W. Greyson

Copyright © 2017 J. W. Greyson

All Rights Reserved

It was by no coincidence that I met Tyler the day after his twentieth birthday. I hadn’t seen him for over three years – the day he politely refused to come to my twentieth. I suppose he broke my heart that day and it was one of the many reasons I never wanted to see him again.

Not long after I was lying in my bed and feeling the light breeze on my naked body, a gift from Heaven during those summer nights. A breeze triggered a river of memories of me and Tyler flirting, him touching my abs by the river. As sad as I might have been, I was also erect. Fantasizing about him was the only thing I could have done.

He never really let me touch him, kiss him or even tell him I liked him. Like is too weak a word to use.

Some months before he turned twenty I took a long look at myself. I could freely on my own pay the rent for ever-bigger apartments and enjoy the luxurious life of a young man entering the big players’ stage. But a different sort of ambition was raging inside me as I then wanted to win at everything. Tyler never believed in me once when I only wanted to grab the money – he never believed that I was a jack of all trades, capable to sell you anything. So I proved him wrong but he was absent. Did he witness the moment when I turned my first hundred dollars, soon after a thousand then in tens? He did not.

A so-called friend of his tipped him off and I set my mind to see him that day. The story goes that Tyler got drunk enough at the party the night before to tell her he had seen me from distance and realized what a mistake he’s made.

Isn’t that dandy?

Liz was a schemer. Whatever she had plotted, calling me in the morning set it in motion.

A walk under the sun seemed appealing enough but it wouldn’t do the trick. I had to drive. So I entered my S-Class Mercedes-Benz and drove. Was I overcompensating? You might say so – but you don’t know Tyler.

As I entered the café where the hangover twink was sipping the hot beverage of salvation from his state, he couldn’t see me. Liz glanced at me and waved enthusiastically – a manipulative minx. I liked her readiness to release havoc on people’s lives.

I came to greet her when Tyler turned towards me and took a look at me with the bluest eyes a person could have. He smiled partially while checking me out. I greeted Liz first, then I offered him a handshake. It seemed as a good move.

“Won’t you sit, Andrew?” asked Liz.

“Are you alone?” asked Tyler awkwardly.

“I could join you.” I said to Liz and set down. She was sitting across the table from Tyler, leaving me a chair next to him. A yellowish café was good enough a choice for starting the day. I ordered what he was having.

Liz started asking me questions about my business to which I replied with a polite dose of mystery. Tyler seemed to care less as he was looking down at his feet. A silent whisper asking me how I’ve been was the most he could handle.

I might be a confident one outside but sitting next to him at that moment woke up the silly teenager who trembled at the sight of Tyler. His black hair was the same the last time I saw him - modern, short on the side and longer on the top, neatly combed from right to left. Above his right ear I could see a short blond lock. His skin was pale, kept away from the summer fry. He always seemed like a soft boy whom I could take care of. The long eyelashes were giving him away whenever he glanced at me, and it happened often as if he was summoning his courage.

“A little bird told me a while ago you were rich.” said Liz.

“Is that so?” I asked. “I do well, can’t complain.”

“How did that happen?” she was persistent. “I remember you a few years back having grand plans.”

“I do this and that; mainly using good image to sell stuff.” I admitted. “It’s all about being a brand, love.”

Tyler seemed to have started relaxing. He was listening to what I was saying and even looking at me. Liz saw it too – she took her things and disappeared. I trapped him, had him where I wanted him. It was time to play a game.

I kept silent, looking at him. His white shirt was tight and it reminded me how skinny he always was. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the V cut on the shirt, seeing a glimpse of his chest. Even though he was twenty, not a single hair was to be seen on that portion of his chest or on his face.

“I’m sorry I didn’t call you to the party.” he started. I looked at him for a while. “Seems like you wouldn’t have had time for it anyways.”

“You’re right. I probably wouldn’t.” I said.

A short pause made me rethink my strategy. I decided to be quick.

“But, you know, I do have some time tonight. Why don’t we go out?”

Wouldn’t you know it, he was cornered. But he didn’t try to get out of that one. How beautiful was he on the morning light when he said yes. He seemed so fragile yet a gut feeling told me he would reveal his strength once I took him home.

After a short reminiscing about our early days I suggested we met later that night. As we came out of the café I unlocked my car to Tyler’s adoration. There it is.

“You like it?” I asked, half jokingly.

“What? Do you think I’m shallow?” he replied. I could tell he was offended by it.

“No dear, I only ever thought you needed a little push to make up your mind.” I walked to the car and drove home.

Of course I was going to buy him a drink. After all, I do seem to be a gentleman. That sort of thoughts raced through my mind as I was showering. It was going to happen that night. I wished it for so long I could taste it and tasting it was what I wished for.

I walked in my bedroom, naked. Not resisting the temptation. Only thinking about that small yet perfectly shaped ass of his made me lose my mind. I could imagine having an erection all through the night, sitting across of him. I merely touched my chest, fingertips light, glazing around my nipples. I lowered my left hand along my muscles and spread two fingers catching my painfully erect cock between them. I tried pushing it downward but the pleasure of pain turned to true pain – I continued. I lowered my hand until the head was pressing against the palm of my hand – it was pushing my hand strongly.

I stroked it gently a few times, moving my half closed fist up and down its length, then I lay on my back and gripped my penis all while seeing Tyler taking that tight shirt off, messing up his hair and lowering his head to lick my balls, then moving up and putting the penis in his mouth. I could feel his hear in my fingers and the coolness on my cock from gin and tonic I was planning to offer him once I lure him in.

It did not take me long to reach the ecstasy, spilling my warm cum over my fingers gripping the pulsing penis. I lay on the bed for a moment, enjoying the panting this exercise caused.

I waited for Tyler at the bar, sipping gin and remembering how he never was very precise. He turned up while I while looking away. He touched my shoulder, gently - such a sweet boy. Was I wrong to let him make me think nicely of him?

We moved to a separate booth - not very bright, just enough to make Tyler seem mysterious. The black leather was glowing white shine in some parts, while the light revealed a shy smile on Tyler’s clean face. His shirt was buttoned all the way to his tiny, breakable neck and a thin tie was hanging down.

“Are you okay?” I asked. “You seemed a bit down this morning.”

“I’m fine now.” he laughed. “I was overly self-destructive last night.”

“What might be the cause for that?” I teased.

He told me then why we haven’t seen each-other for years.

“… and I am sorry, truly. Understand that I wasn’t sure whether I was gay, straight or bi.”

“I don’t get you, Ty.” I let a breath out slowly. He looked at me, surprised. “It’s not about classes. It’s only pleasure unadulterated by genders. And beyond that, what I once felt was love for every inch of your being.” I know I must have sounded pathetic but it was the bait that hooked him.

“You really did love me?” he asked. Now I tease him and reel him in.

“Let’s not reminisce anymore.” I said and hid my mouth with a glass looking down the moment after. “Or better yet, why don’t I take you to see my apartment. I have a new one.”

That was all I needed to do.

I came inside first and turned on the lights. I could see his eyes widen as he looked around the living room. I told him to get comfortable and I poured us a glass of gin and tonic each. I set on his right and leaned backwards. Want me. He followed and leaned forward to tell me he had never expected me to succeed as some marketer or influencer. To his credit, back when I imagined doing it that was all but an exciting business.

As he talked to me I could feel a sudden rush of feeling overwhelming my body, among them was pure passion, wanting his soft bottom lip locked between my teeth. He laid his right hand on my thigh and I grabbed his tie, pulling him closer to me.

For the first time since I’ve met him and wanted to kiss him I tasted his lips - soft and bittersweet from tonic. I pulled him closer, pressing our faces to each other until it hurt. I used my right hand to grab his black hair and pull it backwards so his eyes and mouth would open. He looked at me – scared but excited. You will love me. I pressed my lips against his and slid my tongue inside his mouth feeling the wet joy of having the very first boy I wanted.

I let his hair and loosened his tie – I wouldn’t take it off. I started unbuttoning his shirt – the little twink expected it, wanted it to happen. It will be my way. He took the shirt off once I unbuttoned it and headed towards the elegant tie. I wouldn’t let him. I grabbed his ass and pulled him on me once I located a pillow to support me. I pulled him up and down my erect cock and I felt the bulge inside his black pants.

I continued sliding him up and down with my left hand on his hip while I reached inside his pants with my right. As I grabbed his hard cock he moaned. I felt his penis was wet with precum and I wanted a taste of it. I jerked him off slowly to tease him some more, then I used both my hands to get him on his knees and pulled his pants down. His pulsing cock was making it hard but the pleasurable pain he felt while I was doing it made it worth the effort. As I pulled his pants and yellow boxer-briefs I slowly pulled his cock until it was painfully straight along his thighs – then I released it to a swing and slapped his butt with both my hands, pulling him closer.

I licked the tip and sucked it for a moment – it drove him crazy. He wanted me to put it whole inside my mouth – I wanted him crazy. I wanted him to rage and try dominating me only to find out no one can dominate the master.

He was trying to push his dick deeper but again he failed. I let it get out of my mouth and started licking it to the base enjoying the softness of his freshly shaved skin on my face. The fact that he didn’t have a single hair on his body made me crazy – I wanted to lick and suck every bit of him before I showed him who the ruler of that game was.

I opened my mouth and sucked each of his balls softly as he moaned louder. Then I turned him on his back, to lie as I do my best. I grabbed the bottom half of his eight-inch penis and pulled it down until it was firm and taut – then I licked the tight hole on top, pushing my tongue inside as he let out a whimper of enjoyment. Finally the teasing was enough and I opened my mouth completely, taking his penis inside. I felt it pulsing as the tip pressed the back of my throat. I sucked him hard, pulling as strongly as I could and pressing my lips firmly on the cock. He moaned louder and louder as I speeded up and he suddenly grabbed my head and came straight inside me. He panted pressing his hands on my head to go further. I continued until I sucked every drop out of him.

I wouldn’t stop.

I felt his dick pulsing more before getting soft. I sucked more as his panting grew lesser, exhausted.

I moved up and kissed him passionately as our lips grew sticky. He liked the taste of himself more than other boys I sucked. The sheer knowledge of him enjoying his cum made my erection hurt so I undressed as I kissed him. He grabbed my cock and I panted for a moment before getting up and kneeling on his arms.

I first sat on his skinny chest defined only by the amount of muscles a fragile boy like that could have. Once he couldn’t move his arms I grabbed his face and pushed my dick inside his mouth. The feeling of his mouth made me shiver as I pulled his hair up and down, faster and faster. I stuffed his mouth as deep as I could without choking him and grabbed the back of his head pulling it closer and pressing his forehead to my abdomen. I shoved it deeper making him unable to make sounds and I turned back only to see he was already erect gain.

I pulled out and let him suck my balls for a minute before deciding to turn him around, on his stomach. He let me play my game with him.

I always trained my muscles but they never truly grew to the size that made me feel sexy. Still, I was a strong guy. I pulled his hips up and brought my face to his ass. I licked his tight hole once before releasing the full power. He moaned again as I did it. Then I licked him again, faster and harder. He reached to grab his cock but I wouldn’t let him jerk off. I started pressing my tongue against his hole, relaxing him slowly before entering with only the tip of my tongue. He let an enthusiastic scream out. I did it again as he whimpered and moaned.

Then I got on my knees, holding his hands on his back with my right and my cock with left hand. I first used my thumb to press his tight hole and check if he is relaxed enough – seeing as he was I pushed the head of my cock inside. He let out a gasp and then started panting rapidly. I wouldn’t let him go – he can handle it. He tried to get his hands free to retain at least a bit of control and protection but my grip was strong. I pulled out and pushed in again, this time I got half way inside. I pulled back only half an inch then pushing it in whole. His legs trembled as I did it but he had a satisfied grin on his beautiful, pale face.

As I made him used to the length I speeded up. Entering him was something I had wished for since we first met years ago. I had fantasized about this moment so long I grew ruthless in pursuing it. As he supported his whole body with his head on a pillow, I grabbed his tie and turned it around, pulling him up by his neck and trapped arms. He moaned more and more as I was now pushing my cock up and down. I pulled him closer to me and our sweaty bodies merged together. I released his arms and as he was kneeling in front of me I hugged him trapping him again.

As his panting turned into screaming “Oh my God”-s I released him and lay on my back, waiting for him to take over.

He took a breath of relief and sucked my cock, getting ready for the second turn.

I had him sit on my cock, facing me. As I entered him I saw a grin on his face mixed with a look in his eyes as if he was enduring pain. But it suited him - fragile on the outside yet a lover who can handle it, one to top all others.

I placed both my hands on his butt-cheeks, moving him up and down. His balls rubbed off my abdomen muscles and his cock was harder than before. I continued pushing him up and down with one hand and grabbed his neck with the other – a tie wouldn’t do it. He seemed scared for a moment but he embraced it.

My grip was strong. It wouldn’t harm him but only light the flames more. I held him above me, his balls weren’t touching me anymore, and I used all of my remaining strength to shove my cock up his hole as fast and as hard as I could. He started moaning loudly, than it turned into screaming out of pleasure. He understood my goal and I could let him go, without supporting his ass above. So I grabbed both his hands and wouldn’t let him jerk off.

As we both panted and yelled for it to reach the climax his cock stiffed even more and he started taking mine with even more eagerness and passion, and then he ejaculated all over my belly, letting me feel the hotness of his cum. I came right after him, being pushed over the line by the sheer notion he came without jerking off. I moaned as my cum spilled inside his ass and he sat on me slowly taking the whole cock inside one more time. Then he rolled over and lay half on and half next to me, touching my chest and playing with his cum on my belly.

I kissed him again and reached for the rest of the gin and tonic on the table. Wouldn’t you know it? I won.

Tyler stayed with me until very late so I offered him to stay until morning. He did just so. We soon moved to the bedroom where we enjoyed in kissing each other and I again thought I loved him.

The sound of him putting his clothes on woke me up. I saw him in the yellow boxer-briefs, sexy as ever. His tiny arm muscles pulled the black pants on his shaved legs. I got up only to discover my penis was already semi-erect. I stood at the door, watching him seek the shirt. His shoulder weren’t very broad but broader then back when we last saw each other.

“Will I see you ever again?” I asked pathetically as he was preparing to leave. I did love him at that moment.

“Of course you will.” he assured me. I was convinced.

It was only a matter of time when he’ll break my heart again. I knew it. I overpowered him one night but how many sleepless nights did it cost me? I showed him I would get what I wanted but now I wanted more.

Tyler left and I stayed with my thoughts.

I lit a cigarette and stood by the open window from where I could see him walk home. He moved elegantly among the sea of people on the sidewalk, showing everyone how perfect his ass was in those pants and attracting glances from men and women. It fed him – being adored. But he had his eyes on more than one prize, I supposed.

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