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Lisa De Palo



A perfect Saturday night, and I chose to spend it home alone, could my life get any more boring?

My time on this Earth had been anything but easy. At just over 20 years of age, I should have been out partying like the rest of my friends. Instead, I found myself sitting blank-faced at my computer with the soft tones of gypsy violin humming in the background.

My nightly routine was researching the occult, conspiracies, Satanic rituals, demons, angels, summonings, power, witchcraft, magick, Enochian, and anything else I could wrap my mind around.  I had been consumed by a cyber world of darkness,  my blood pumped and my soul ached to be part of this secret world in real time. I hungered to dive in head first, I needed to be of it. I couldn't just sit here on the sidelines anymore, I needed to feel it.

My heart had yearned with such a passion that I dare not give up. I felt impatiently patient. It’s a weird notion, I get that. But when I find something I love, I won't give up without a fight.

My name is Maya Sanchez, I am 22 years of age and at the best of times, you could say I am more of an introvert. Let's just say I thrive on my alone time.

I guess I have never truly understood people. While I'm not one who likes to generalise, I found that gossiping over materialistic shit whilst sipping on coffee at the mall, just wasn’t my thing.

I was a realist, and many would even call me a conspiracy theorist. I didn’t buy into the mainstream media, and I've always believed that religion, with all its sin, was only developed for fear mongering, a control for the masses. I have always craved a sense of freedom. To be who I truly am, and to have the right to chase my inner most desires. I've never been a conformist, instead, I've always been on the search for individualism. I held a firm belief that there was more to life than this. There had to be.

My life... well it hasn’t been an easy ride. I grew up with my sister, in a family where I was always either invisible or considered the black sheep. Why? Well simple, because I was the honest one. No one ever wants to hear the truth.

I continued my life through a range of physically and mentally abusive relationships, got high too many times, was sexually abused and raped, and well, here I am. Alone and a little wiser. In a few years, I had witnessed more than most do in their entire lifetime. I have to believe that it all taught me something.

My struggles through life had led me to question my very existence. Was there more to life than just this? I was sure this was not what life was meant to be about.

 One ordinary morning, I woke up, the same as every other day, and it hit me.

What the hell am I doing?

Enough of the wondering! I put my fingers into action. No, no... not in the way you are probably imagining, yet.

 I spent months, and years researching the occult. There was always something about the hidden world that really, really turned me on. Was it the mystery, the darkness? Whatever the case, I dove straight in, and ignorantly attempted some rituals that I had no idea about. I passionately etched sigils into my limbs, blissfully painting in my own blood, in the hope of summoning certain spirits. I lusted for it, a hunger I had never felt before, it made my entire body squirm in desire.

The deeper I emerged myself into this unknown world, the more I began to experience unexplainable events. I began to see images in my periphery, strange smells lingered around the house, there were jabs to my shoulders, and I felt things crawling over me in the night.

I must confess, as much as I tried to push the dark aside, I was drawn so deeply into the shadows that the hooks of eternal damnation etched themselves further into my very core. I myself find it awkward, that if one were to ask me, what it was about the dark that had captured my very soul, I honestly don’t know how I would answer them. I guess I have always believed that 'the left-hand path' wasn't as evil as society often perceived it. I was hoping that going against the grain would feed my curiosity.

I continued on through my roller coaster of emotions, attempting, again and again, to talk with random individuals online. I frustratingly found that the majority of people out there were nothing more than attention seekers, they were just there for shits and giggles.

It drove me down hill, and I fell into a deeper depression where I felt that I desperately needed to find a like-minded soul to guide me. I wanted someone to travel the forbidden planes with me, to truly experience the world within the world.

There wasn't a single person out there that was genuine, and if there had been, I was yet to discover them. I was sure I couldn’t possibly be the only one on the internet that was for real.

Angered, I stood up from the computer and walked to the kitchen. There was a lovely shade of crimson elixir calling my name. Wine was my saviour on more than one occasion. I loved to immerse myself deep into the dark orchestral music in the late hours, feeling everything, every emotion so intensely until I was passionately swept away into my own delirious mind. Or, I became blind drunk and fell asleep. Either way.

 There was this one beautiful still summer night, the moon almost full, the darkened sky clear, showing every sparkling star in the sky. I sat on my porch gazing up in wonder, sipping on my sparkling shiraz, my laptop to the side of me. I almost gave up on the search for answers, when my glass slipped through my fingers and spilt some wine onto my laptop. I quickly ran for a towel and soaked up the spillage, but as I pressed down to clean the keys, it opened a new webpage. It wasn’t until after I sat back down I had the chance to see what it was.  A local group called Children of the Night.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was an instant chat section on there, and I immediately signed up. I could hardly contain my joy at this point, my fingers stumbled so much, it took me a few times to enter my email. I was presented with a pop-up that informed me it would take them up to 24 hours to accept my request.

Oh please kill me now

I went to sleep that night and found myself wandering on sandy paths, like that of a labyrinth. It appeared to lead to an ancient castle which lay half in ruin. I can still remember being greeted by the sweet aroma of lime dancing under my nose, abruptly interrupted by the horrid smell of sulphur. The ancient torches hanging off the walls created an aura that subtly lit the way.

I entered a room no wider than four or five meters with a floor that was dusty and walls of solid stone. It had a very grim feel to it. There was no furniture, nothing. Yet, I noticed toward the centre, a very large altar had been built and looked similar to the stone of the walls. It had been intricately etched and scrolled at the bottom, and as I ran my hand over the top I could feel the roughness of the surface.

Something about this place felt right, it made me feel at home. My eyes began to study every corner of this magical place, and just at that moment, in the brisk and obscure room, I heard a scuffling come from the corner. I curiously glanced over and instantly felt the brute force of someone pushing me from behind.

My entire body was pressed hard up against the icy, solid stone. The coldness of the wall ground hard against my half-naked breasts, making me feel like I was being rubbed up and down a cheese grater. It sent shudders right into my core. The nerve endings in my nipples became overly sensitive and sent uncontrollable pleasures down between my legs.

I was pinned hard and paralysed. I was helpless. I felt so disgusted, but then suddenly, my sinful side allowed me to succumb to the pleasures from the predator who was eating me alive. I almost vomited from the purest and most dangerous rush I had ever endured.

I felt the roughness of his fingertips as my clothes were torn from my soft skin. He left me open and vulnerable. His hands felt like the scaly slither of a serpent as it slowly entwined around each limb, moistly poised around the most sensitive parts of my physical form. My large breasts were cupped and compressed taut, while something forcefully pried my legs apart with such force that I only remained upright suspended by my bare breasts.

A part of me could feel him waiting for the moment when all my defences would come crumbling down. I stood tall, even though I was drowning in my own humiliation and unspeakable pleasures.  I strangely felt a sudden new found hate for myself. My life had come to such a point that I allowed this demon to consume whatever was left of my sanity.

He lifted me over to the bitterly cold, stone altar, and laid me face down. His demonic grunt sounded like that of a thousand souls being tortured. I felt the strength of his scratches, the pain of each bite. My clit was savagely pulsing, and the inner walls of my cunt clenching down in such eager anticipation.  He thrust into me, all in one go. I screamed from the sheer size, as it tore my pussy wide open. I could hardly take it, and the tears streamed down my cheeks.


I woke up around 4 am in a mess, laying in a pool of my own juices. That was definitely a dream I wouldn’t forget, and if I had to be honest, it only added to my craving to learn more about myself. I couldn’t sleep after that, so I found my way out of my messy bed and logged onto my laptop.

DING! New messages.

I was ecstatic, I had mail from members of Children of the Night.

Oh please don’t let them be fake...

Six messages later, and already I could pick them a mile away, fake, fake, oh look he wants to hook up. I couldn’t believe it, yet more phoney people. I felt angered and wanted to hit my head on the wall until I opened the next message.

It was a man in his mid-thirties, and he didn’t appear the same as the rest. His name was David, he initiated the conversation by talking about the faith, asking what experiences I have had, and what I was seeking. We spoke for hours on the topic of embracing individualismI felt enthralled, and could hardly contain my excitement.

David had begun treating me with respect, as any ordinary conversation should go. I started to feel I could trust him and opened my heart. It actually felt nice to be able to chat to someone like-minded for once. When he learnt of my genuity, he started prodding. He leant more toward the sexual side and began objectifying me. I felt a little taken back by it, but I wasn’t weak. I had been through a life of abuse, and this didn’t seem out of the ordinary for me.

Days went by and we shared our experiences. He taught me a thing or two which began to fuel my fire. Throughout our conversations, I sensed that I was somehow being tested and that perhaps it might be leading somewhere.

He informed me that there is in actual fact gatherings that take place somewhere out in the woods. My heart skipped a beat or two. You see, I live in a small city, and nothing really happens here, at least nothing that the general public know of. Though, I am quite sure that many underground events take place, especially within the elite.

I bombarded him with questions and he began to withdraw. I almost lost my only chance to discover what I had been yearning to know. I soon found out, that in this world, one must have patience - enough to almost drive you mad. And as a fire sign, I cannot tell you just how difficult that is. However, I quickly learnt to bow my head, apologise, and take a step back from my investigations. I must not be overbearing. Note taken.

For weeks I was rigorously tested, undertaking some of the most disgusting and disturbing acts to prove my worth. David informed me that I was to be used as nothing more than a slave for ritual. First and foremost, I had to renounce Jesus. I was to find the sharpest tool in my house and cut through my soft flesh anywhere on my body, and with an inkless pen, sign away my typical Christian upbringing. I was to mention just how vile, I, in particular, found Jesus, and sign a certain contract in my own blood.

Violating each of the seven sins were a couple of ways in which I would next show that I may be worthy as a submissive slave. I felt a newly found self-hatred, yet a huge part of me was driven to prove myself. I was informed that I needed to send videos of myself masturbating with any household item that I could find. I was ordered to meet random men and perform sexual acts on them, to be open to same sex and age play, and even to urinate on video. The list became more depraved as I moved forward.

Meeting random men was difficult. Self-respect was something I had to purge myself of. David gave me instructions to place my own ad on one of the cities classifieds. I was to advertise myself as being a dirty slut, willing to do anything and everything men desired. To be a slave to men, to put myself in a place where women's values were never considered. I was to be a sexual object, three holes, nothing more.

I was inundated with thousands of emails, so I read one randomly.

Hello, you nasty big-titted slut, I want to use and abuse every one of your slut holes, and make you take arse to mouth, while I watch you gag on my cock until you puke.

What!? This is how I was to be treated? Why was I to be humiliated and objectified to such an extent? I was filled with emotion and broke down into tears. Why are women treated in this way? What did I do to deserve such degradation? I was beside myself.

I came to a point where I started to doubt David, was he just asking me to do these things for his own sick fetishes?  I wasn’t sure, but every time I was filled with doubt, it sent me at least two steps back. I was starting to believe that this was all fake. I cursed and abused him, believing he was just sitting there tugging himself off to my humiliation. I was tested and tested, until it completely broke me. Morals, self-worth, and pride weren't tolerated within the fold.

I opened an email one day and gasped in surprise.

"Venture into the light of the full moon and you shall find us in ceremony. Know that you will dine on the depravity of The Divine One"

I wasn’t sure how to feel, but I knew I must follow this path. Fate would guide me. I was to enter masked and cloaked, no one was to see the others face as this was an individual's journey, and highly secretive.

Was I to be some kind of virginal sacrifice? Well, if that’s what they had in store for me, they were out of luck in that department. I was nervous, it wasn’t every day one would attend a Satanic ritual.

My anxiety was completely out of control. I was having panic attacks every day, and I had to stop myself and ask, what was I doing? And why? Was it due to the fact that I had been through mental, physical and sexual abuse? That I had so much torment in my life, that I felt I needed to continually punish myself? Perhaps I deserved it? Or maybe it was habitual? I really had no idea.

I felt relief after every set of photos or videos I sent through to David, and even though he had informed me of the ritual, I felt that my testing was far from over.

I find myself to be a gentle and caring person, yet I was so destructive and sought out the most humiliating and destructive path I could. I had no time for confusion, I needed focus, and in a way, I needed to psych myself into an almost trance-like state daily.

The new moon would be born in just forty-eight hours. I was filled with anxiety and wonder. Was I truly ready for this? Was this what I really wanted? What would become of me? Was there a chance of possession? Rape? Torture? I didn’t know, I was filled with so many questions, yet I knew I couldn’t think this way. I had to try and keep myself open (in every way) in order to move forward. 


Since my blood sacrifice, I found that strange occurrences started to happen around me. I wasn’t quite sure if it was something that was changing within me, or if some kind of external force was evolving right in front of my very eyes.

I was introduced to a whole range of unexplainable, intimidating, and creepy conditions.  I started to feel like I was being watched, I could sense a continuous presence around me. It was something new, I didn't feel this way before, and it kept me on my toes. I remember looking over my shoulder on more than one occasion, just to see who was lurking behind me.

One night, I woke up in desperate need of the bathroom. But my way was blocked, a shadowy figure was watching me from the doorway. It never moved, it just stood there with silent eyes.

I froze in fear, and held my blanket tight around me, hardly able to breathe. I couldn’t peel my eyes from it. I held my bladder for as long as possible until finally, it vanished. Just at that moment, bright flashes of white appeared at the end of my bed, little tiny orbs, like fireflies dancing and lighting up my room.

They flickered for only a matter of seconds until darkness resumed. I wondered if they might have been spirits trying to warn me, or maybe even to stop me from pursuing my chosen path.

On any other occasion, there would have been no way I would leave my bed - I was utterly terrified. However,  I was left with no choice, I needed the toilet. Sliding out of my bed was so difficult, I knew what was still lingering unseen. I felt strange, something felt, off. I cautiously ventured down my hallway, walking slowly, my eyes darting back and forth. Baby steps got me half way down the hall, and I swear I must have stepped into or through something.

I will never forget that moment. As I stepped through the thing, all of my senses washed away and my head felt as if it were floating underwater, I couldn't see or hear anything. It was complete sensory deprivation. I must have kept walking because I remember stepping out of it, and the world returned to normal.

The way I perceived it, was almost as if I had walked through some portal, or perhaps through an entity, I really don’t know. It scared me half to death, and from that point on, I started carrying my ritual dagger wherever I went and even slept with it.

The unexplainable flashes of bright lights continued. Little orbs even appeared in some photos I took of myself. They were intensely bright and had a density so thick that no reflection or glare from the camera lens could have caused them.

On one of the nights that followed my renouncing of Jesus, I was chatting online to David, when I started feeling strange. My body just didn’t feel right, my heart rate began to rise, I felt afraid, and the night appeared to be too quiet, it was too still. The darkness isn't for the faint-hearted, it isn't kind, and nothing was standing in line to protect me.

I quickly got my fingers typing to David about what I was feeling. He informed me that I was being watched, my demon guide was lingering close by, and he told me that I should embrace it. I was so short of breath that I quickly took a deep hit from my inhaler. Only moments later, something shone in my periphery.

I looked upward toward my ceiling, and there above me was an eye looking down. Not any normal eye, and I get how crazy this must sound, but it is absolutely true. It was huge, at least half a meter wide, and it was the colour of dark sapphire with a smoky haze.

It was one eye, looking directly at me. Now, if you can imagine the eye from Lord of the Rings, this is what I am talking about. And before you start thinking, she must have been high, think again, because at this point in time I was forbidden to take any illicit drugs or alcohol. I needed to keep a strong and clear mind, and was told to keep my eyes open at all times.

David remained online and on the phone with me throughout these ordeals. I was to keep contact with him every night, and it was imperative that I describe every single incident that seemed out of the ordinary. I was instructed to try my absolute hardest to seduce my demon guide, I had to make contact with it.

Everyone has a demon guide, it is like the counterpart to our guardian angel. Masturbation was of utmost importance because it was vital for the demon guide to catch my scent. It had to feel lustful toward me.

As terrifying as any demon would be, I was instructed to reach out and make contact with it. I needed its protection so that it would keep other hostile entities away from me. My demon had to rape me, I had to be claimed by it.

I remember searching the house, trying to find anything that I could insert into myself. Hairbrushes, egg-whisk, deodorant, bananas, whatever I could find. I did it, and became the slut required to capture its attention. I spread myself wide and put on as many shows for it as I could handle.

I had to want, yearn, and completely lust for it. My head was entranced every single day and night. Yet I couldn’t get the demon to appear. What was I doing wrong? I had tried my hardest to open every part of my body for it. It got to the point that I felt so much physical pain that I could hardly touch myself. But he still didn't show, and I was devastated, wasn't I good enough for a demon?

I began noticing spiders and mice around my home. At first, they were just annoying - until the unthinkable happened.

As with most nights, I was in my kitchen preparing dinner when I heard a scuffling on the floorboards. I snapped my head to look down, and a mouse ran along the skirting boards from the kitchen into my room. As much as I don’t like the idea of rodents in my house, I don’t like to kill innocent animals either. So, I went straight into my laundry and found a humane mouse trap.

It didn't take long to catch him, and I carefully picked up the trap and walked to the end of my street. I opened the trap door and watched him run away into the bushes. It was a satisfying experience to watch him run free.

That night I found myself falling asleep by 9 pm. I hadn't been sleeping much with all the paranormal activity happening.  I had a couple of appointments the next day in the city, and being an introvert on the best of days, I really cringed at the thought. I tried to work up some courage to get out there and to just get it over with. It was a nice warm day, the sun was shining, and I had some of my favourite music playing, so it wasn’t all that bad. I was singing along until a sudden feeling of death swept right over me.

Now, I have been known to be able to sense things and even pick numbers at the casino, so I wasn’t going to ignore my feeling. I immediately pulled my car over, took out my phone from my bag, and cancelled my appointment. Was I sensing my own death?

I was not about to take my chances.  I turned my car around and switched my stereo off. Something felt wrong, and I needed a clear mind. A few minutes down the road, I noticed a huntsman spider right above my head on the ceiling of my car. I felt like I had a mini heart attack and almost drove into the back of the car in front of me. I swerved wildly and pulled up onto the island in the middle of the road. I really didn’t care if it was illegal or not, that spider was getting out of my car before I wore him for a hat.

That night, around 11 pm, I began telling David about the mouse and spider. He paid close attention and informed me to keep watch. Apparently, demonic entities cannot cross over onto our plane so easily. They will use bugs and small animals as their eyes and ears - or simply as a disturbance. I was discussing the paranormal with David, and we got on the subject of past lives, and what was to become of my future. I started wondering what I was doing. Why would I want this? Was I even sane anymore?

I began researching, and again doubted David's intention.

Deception is a demons best tool, intelligent hauntings do not have the ability to mimic people, animals or objects. Demons, however, can take on many forms.   Was David who he says he is? Or, was he just trying to open me up for demonic possession?


I must admit, I felt a little dubious, but I had put so much of myself into this that I couldn’t turn back now. Something was calling my soul, I felt a pull like I had never experienced before. At times it was overwhelming, and the lust I felt was insatiable.

Laying in my bed, I spent hours trawling through the internet, trying to find any answers that I could. I had this ravenous desire to find others of a like-mind here in this small city. Hours had passed and I was going in circles, there were no answers the internet could give me. I let out a sigh of disappointment and threw my head back against my pillow.

As I shifted my eyes away from my laptop, I couldn’t believe what I could see. That mouse was back. I understand that it could have been any old mouse, and perhaps it was, but what really stumped me was where the little guy had situated himself. You see, I have a slimline, wall-mounted air conditioner, that sits high in the middle of my dining room wall with nothing to either side, above or below it. Somehow, this tiny mouse was sitting on top of it and was just staring at me. For the life of me, I can't understand how it got up there.

I jumped out of my bed and quickly grabbed my broom from the laundry. As I neared him, he jumped down in a freefall for seven or eight feet, hit the ground, and scuffled off. I tried not to over think it and went back to bed.

I had accumulated an abundance of frustration for my lack of answers. Of course, the internet wasn’t going to place an ad in classifieds, come and meet your local Satanist, but I just needed something. Relying on David was starting to infuriate me. I was scrolling through the net, reading some ancient knowledge when I felt something tickle my left elbow. Without thinking I flicked my arm, hmmm... where was I, oh yes…

the cult began with Nimrod, the great and powerful king whose wickedness led him to marry his mother Semiramis. The King was a known practitioner of witchcraft, sorcery and child sacrifice, all of which culminated in his attempt to usurp God's rule by building the Tower of Babel. 

Oh God, what is that? I felt my arm again, and as I looked down I saw a monster-size huntsman spider crawling on me. Within the blink of an eye, I had managed to launch my laptop into the air, and jumped up and down throwing my arms around like a lunatic. I honestly have no idea what ever happened to that spider, I searched all over but never saw it again. My laptop, however, was making sounds of its death on my floorboards.

I managed to revive it, and luckily nothing was broken. That was enough for one night, these pests were beginning to play on my mind a little too much. I turned my computer off and attempted to sleep through the intense heat of summer.

What the fuck? I woke up to something crawling on my leg, I flicked it hard and heard a mouse screech. My heart was about to jump out of my chest. That was it, I flew out of bed and turned the light on. What the hell was going on? It was 4 am, and as I was told, from 3 am onwards, the demons are most active. Could this be a demon playing with me? I don’t believe in coincidences, so something was going on.

It was closing in on the night of the ritual, and David had mentioned to keep my eyes open as the time neared. I had to wonder, was this my demon guide trying to appear to me?

Of course, I couldn’t drift back to sleep, there was too much going on around me, and I thought it smart to watch for the signs. Not to mention how incredibly shaken up I was. Yes, I wanted to experience this, but there is nothing that can prepare you for these events. If anyone ever says they aren't afraid, well, they are just lying to themselves.

I fired up my computer, brewed myself the strongest black tea I could, and attempted to skype David. Well what do you know, it's past 4 am and he's online. The Devil's hour some would call it. No one meddling within the darker realms sleeps through these early hours. I explained everything and got not even an ounce of surprise from him.

"Maya, you do realise this is innocent compared to anything that is actually coming, right?" he asked.

"Yes, of course, David," I answered "but I won't lie to you, I am really nervous. I don’t know what will manifest, and lately, something has been screwing up my manifesting mojo."

"Well, Maya, I can tell you, as I have many times before, you are screwing up your energy by discussing the process with doubters, you need to stop thinking and start feeling."

Little did he realise how many times I had doubted him in particular.

"Can I please have the address now, so I can look the place up?" I asked. "The ritual is supposed to be tomorrow after all."

"You cannot," he said.

I scrunched my face up, I cannot? Umm, okay. Those little words have always managed to irritate me way more than they should have.

Calm Maya, calm.

"David, I have done everything you have asked, and am genuine, why can I not?" I asked in arrogance.

"Ahh, Maya, always the impatient one."

That was it, I was pissed off to the max. If I had been given a dollar for each time someone called me impatient, I swear I would be rich. I was angered to the point that I felt like telling him to go and fuck himself. I reminded myself that the ritual was tomorrow night, and held back my fiery nature.

"Maya, no one that is brought into the fold is allowed to have particulars. Not until the day of the initiation. Don’t take it personally."

Boy, was I glad he mentioned that, or I would have said something that I would have lived to regret.

"Okay, well how do I need to prepare myself for tomorrow night?" I asked.

"Be well groomed, shave everywhere, sleep with a butt-plug in, and try to cum as many times as you can. Become a slut for your Lord. Wear a hooded cloak with nothing underneath... and bring a mask."

Oh, so nothing out of the ordinary...

Butt-plug... sleep with one in. Well, I don’t have one, and I wasn’t about to sleep with one in. But he doesn’t have to know that.

I ended the conversation feeling a little calmer and perhaps excited, and attempted to get some sleep.


Hmm... a butt-plug, I can't say that I am excited about this. The next day, I quickly went and purchased one at the nearest adult shop I could find, and hoped that there was a back entrance. Excuse the pun.

I was faced with so many different sizes, and as I was not used to anal, I was in a tight position to decide. Small, medium, oh, I don’t know, I was sure this was going to hurt no matter what size I chose. I was not about to ask the man serving for his advice. Okay, jelly-plugs, well they're soft and squishy. Yes, that will do.

I slowly walked to the counter to pay, and a few guys in the shop eyed me up and down like the towns local slut. I did my best to avoid eye contact with them, and I couldn’t run out of that shop quick enough. Oh for god's sake, Maya, pull it together, you're probably going to be gang-banged tonight, and you're worried about a silly butt-plug, and a few sleazy men.

I stopped off to buy a few items to help me relax for the night. A couple of bottles of wine, some lubricant, and some migraine tablets... just in case. It was 2 pm and my nerves were already starting to get the better of me. I popped open one of the wine bottles and filled up my glass, I did need to relax my muscles after all. I finished my glass and struggled in pain for at least an hour with the butt plug. I scrunched my face up in agony as my arse swallowed the wide girth of the plug. Thank fuck that's done, I took a deep sigh in relief.

The darkness of night appeared, and I had received an anonymous email.

Venture into the light of the Sacred Valley Woods at 3 am, and you shall find us in ceremony. Know that you will dine on the depravity of The Divine One.

I didn’t know what to think, or how to react, but one thing I did know, those woods were huge. I began to panic, did I really know what I was in for? I cursed my ignorance. I took a short nap and set my alarm for 1.30am.

The time has come, Maya, wake up... WAKE UP!

Oh my God, why did I set this ridiculous personalised alarm? It just sent my anxiety through the roof.

 I slipped out of my clothes and stepped into the steamy shower. The feeling of the hot water soaking my hair, and running over my skin, down to my toes, calmed me. I pumped some mango body wash onto my loofah and soaped up my body. The fruity aroma filled the air, and the feeling of the rough loofah scrubbing over my nipples and vagina gave me warm waves of pleasure. I kept rubbing the sponge in circles over my nipples, I pinched and rubbed my clitoris, and I could barely stand. My knees began to tremble until I exploded. I rinsed my body with a light head until I was squeaky clean. Once I dressed, I poured wine into the largest glass I had and sipped the sweet liquid.

Three glasses in, my anxiety had vanished and was replaced with a sinful lust. A dark and playful Maya had emerged. I played some sexy music on my stereo and tried to get right into the zone.

I began to feel strange energies around me in my sexual state but didn’t have the time to think about that now. I was underdressed in my gothic, black, velvet hooded cloak with absolutely nothing underneath, and had my mask ready to go.

Of all the thoughts that could be overwhelming my mind, I only hoped and wondered if I had stretched my arse wide enough. I took a deep breath and headed for my car. I decided to leave my plug in for the half-hour drive and could feel every bump in the road as it forced the plug further up into my tight rectum. It sent waves of pleasure through my body in a way that I had never experienced before.

I got to Sacred Valley and pulled my car into the empty parking lot. I began to feel doubtful, was I being set up? I slowly pulled my plug out and had my last mouthful of the bottle. I stood for a while hoping to see some lights. Nothing.

Okay, Maya, you’ve got this, just walk.

I began to pace into the dark, dense woods, trying not to trip in my somewhat drunken state. Before I knew it, I heard noises all around and branches snapping, I sensed something was following me.

I walked further into the depth of this mysterious place. Suddenly, I was jabbed hard from behind. I grabbed onto a tree in front of me before I had the chance to fall, and turned around to see who or what it was. There was nothing,  just a few tree branches illuminated by the brightness of the full bodied moon. I struggled to slow my breath and cautiously ventured on into the woods.

Rip... my cloak was yanked hard from my side, giving full view to my naked body. A flickering of light could be seen through the trees just ahead of me, and I desperately made my way for it. Soft chanting drifted out as I neared. I gathered my courage and headed straight for it.


Hail, Satan, Lord of Darkness,

King of Hell, Ruler of the Earth, God of this World!"

As I moved forward, someone savagely grabbed me from behind. He pulled a sack over my head, wrenched back my arms, and bound my wrists tight. It hurt like hell and I screamed out in agony. He pushed me forward, and the soft chanting grew louder with every step.

"God who invites us to become as gods!

Muse of our civilisation, Dread Enemy of its tyrant God!

Satan, mighty Liberator, Bearer of true Light!

God of our flesh, God of our minds, God of our innermost Will!"

My eyes were still blinded, and I was held tight, but I could just make out a ring of fire in front of me. I heard a crackling of burning wood, and I sensed darkened eyes on me.

"O mighty Lord Satan,

teach us to become strong and wise!

Teach us to vanquish the enemies of our freedom and well-being!


All of a sudden, I was stripped naked. I felt the warm air blow by and my nipples hardened. I was nudged forward and my pussy moistened. A feeling of fear swept over me, and I bumped into something cold. Someone cut my hands loose, and I was lifted onto some kind of stone alter. Two men lay me down, back first, onto the cold slab as the chanting continued. They tied my wrists and ankles outward. I was helpless and spread eagled, I could feel myself wide open. I tried to understand how I was feeling, but with the mixture of alcohol, lust, and fear, my mind became overwhelmed, and numbness set in.

I tried to focus on the chanting, I heard my name mentioned in the monotonous drone. An immense pain exploded just above my pussy. It felt like my flesh was being cut, and as I screamed I heard a whisper in my ear…

"Do not fear, dear child, you are being blessed with the mark of our Lord."

Before the pain could cease, something was shoved into my vagina, and with that, my blinding hood was removed. I tried to focus my eyes, there were at least ten faceless men in deeply hooded cloaks surrounding me, all chanting and swaying as one.

My pussy was being forced open. I looked down and saw a man penetrating something into me. He was thrusting me with a long pole, and at the end of it was an inverted crucifix dildo. He fucked me hard, I felt every little groove and bump of the latex Jesus forcing my pussy walls wide open. I shrieked in absolute pain and pleasure as it smashed against my cervix and almost punched through to my womb.

The hooded men screamed... Beelzebub! Beelzebub! Beelzebub! In a shocking cry so unlike the usual holy words I had learned in Sunday School. I darted my eyes to the crowd and noticed the vestments, they were brilliantly decorated with sigils, most of which I could not recognise. Candelabras and blackened candles lit everything around me and gave off a sultry ambience. In any other state, I may have been able to appreciate all of this a little more.

They sang a number of chants and vocalised Christian prayers in reverse. I recognised some of the devotions to the demons Asmodeus and Asteroth. I was untied after being rammed with the crucifix dildo to the prayers of the worshippers.

They brought me over to a wooden horse and tied me down onto it. I was scared, what was about to happen?

SLAP! My arse felt a burn from someone's flat palm, slap, slap, slap. It felt like I was being punished for something. The burn started to feel unbearable. Hands began to feel me all over, fondling and squeezing my large breasts. My hair was pulled back hard, they lift my head high, and I felt fingers enter my mouth until they made me gag.

I started to feel a strange desire to be fucked harder. Something was clamped to my nipples, and I felt weight being added, pulling them down, long and hard. The pain was agonising at first, but I began to enjoy it so much that my pussy was soaking wet.

Hands were removed from my mouth and replaced by a hard and throbbing cock. It was so wide that the sides of my lips almost split. He started fucking my mouth slowly, he slapped my face and instructed me to swallow more. Tears rolled down my cheeks, and I could hardly breathe. I could feel his shaft forcing its way down my oesophagus, bulging out the skin in my throat. I coughed and felt my stomach churn as another cock entered into my cunt.

The men took turns on me, and by the third or fourth man, I was squirting in desire. I was a mess, the cum from the men mixed with my own, and it all ran down my legs, in my hair, and all over my face. My holes ached from being overused, and I was exhausted from cumming.

I loved it, but I was glad when it was all over. My body lay heavy on the wooden pony, and I had no strength to even lift my head. My eyes were barely open, but I realised that the men were standing around me, hands held together with their heads bowed. What were they waiting for?

A disgusting smell floated through the air, it reminded me of rotting eggs. It was putrid and I screwed my face in an attempt to cover my nose.

Without warning, my arse hole was forced wide open. I screamed so loud that I'm sure it echoed throughout the whole forest. I felt the dry shaft scrape up inside my arse in the most torturous pain I had ever endured. I managed to turn my head to the side, but I saw nothing but a hazy shadow figure.

I couldn’t handle the pain, tears streamed from my face, and I began to sob. My legs began to feel something wrapping around them, it was a suction-like feeling. Almost like an octopus tentacle. It travelled way up my thigh, before spreading my pussy lips wide open.

Oh no, please...

I cried out loud, but it was no use. It forced its way deep into my pussy and began to squirm around. I almost passed out with the pain of double penetration. I couldn’t help but scream, I wanted to be saved, but there was nothing that was going to help me now. I heard men in the background praising Satan, and cries of yes... Yes... YES... in excitement. Was I being fucked by a demon?

Sharp claws ran down my back, and a snuffling in my ear felt like a dog sniffing its prey. I howled in the sheer agony of being torn into pieces.

"Please, save me," I cried out in desperation to the men.

It was no use, they were ecstatic, and no one was going to do a damn thing. The fiend fucked both my pussy and arse hard, I felt its limbs twisting and turning, throbbing and growing larger and larger deep inside of me. I had nothing left, my muscles turned to jelly and my body and soul accepted its fate.

I started to hallucinate, my mind was met by images of a blonde man dressed in white robes, looking down at me smiling. He was beautiful. I knew in my heart he was my Lord. I felt gushes of hot liquid streaming out me, I was so in awe of seeing my Lord, I experienced the most intense orgasm I have ever felt.

Waves of electric energy began to roll over my body, my knees and ankles began to shake, my eyes rolled back, my body accumulated such a powerful force of energy, it consumed me, I couldn’t hold on anymore, it gushed out like a cannon ball, squirting in such ferociousness that my body fell limp. In a moment, the demon had vanished. He had completed his duty.

I lay there limp and exhausted, and a single man approached.

"Thank you for your sacrifice, and for accepting the seed of our Dark Lord. You are now eternally marked. You are chosen and blessed with his child," he said.

My arms and legs were untied, but I had no energy to move.

"We will be watching," another man said.

The worshippers faded into the woods and I was left alone. I tried to lift my body up and began to panic.

Was I pregnant with the Anti-Christ?



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