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My Father-In-Law’s Baby

Rosie Zweet

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
Copyright © 2017 by Rosie Zweet

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof
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First Edition: July, 2017

Author’s note: This work is intended for ADULT audiences only.

All characters are 18+


The Former Miss Elena Woods

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Excerpt #1!

The Former Miss Elena Woods

1815 London, England.

I am looking at my reflection in the mirror, wondering if I am really hideous.

I know that my breasts are tad too big. It looks like two big mountains under my sheer, voluminous nightgown. I glance up to my wavy, auburn hair that frames my heart-shaped face. I resent the fullness of my rosy, bee-stung lips and small dainty nose. But I like my delicately arched eyebrows and my sparkling green eyes, though. I always thought that I am not that bad looking.

Stupid of me for believing my mother’s word, saying that I am a beauty. It must be a lie. I am must be hideous.

If it is not the case, why else my husband abandoned me in our wedding night, no less, and run away with a widow decade his elder?

I exhale loudly, not even in my nightmare I suspect that Mrs. Brown is his lover. She was my paid chaperone, my constant companion in my first and only season in the marriage mart.

Maybe all this time, he was courting her instead of me. Oh, it hurts so much. It is foolish of me to hope, to wish that our union to be a love match instead of mere business. It seems I am deluding myself all this time.

I know since the beginning that his improvised family needs my dowry. But it is common thing to do, isn’t it? Marry for alliance, bloodline and wealth.

Even though noble families hate tradesman but they love their money. I almost resent my Da’s ambition for a titled grandson. If not for his greed, I won’t be here tonight, alone, abandoned and unwanted.

My face flames red, remembering my Da’s demand less than two hours ago. He went to my father-in-law in rage, shortly after he knew that my husband had fled. My father wants grandson, he said to Lord Davies, my new father-in-law. If his son won’t do his duty, my Da demands the Viscount does the deed himself, putting the baby inside me.

But Lord Davies refused, of course. I shake my head, chasing the embarrassment away.

What my father-in-law think of my family now?

He seems unable to meet my gaze after hearing my father outrageous demand.

Oh, the poor man.

Lord Davies seems kind and gentle despite his size. My new father-in-law is large man. He has tall and big body. He looks like a big, hairy bear. A shy hairy bear that suddenly I want to cuddle.

His eyes and hair are brown and he looks nothing like his blond, blue eyed son. His manner too, he is blunt, gruff and not as refined as Bernard, my husband. But he is kind and gentle to me. And I realize that it is what matter the most, the kindness in ones’ heart, not handsome face or charming, refined manner.

I sigh heavily. But he won’t have me too.

My sprit plummets more as my father-in-law rejection slowly sink in.

Does he truly?

Slowly as if in trance, I walk to the dark corridor outside, following the moonlight.

I stop in my track as I hear weird noise from my father-in-law’s room. Slowly, I walk there.

My hearts is racing as I stand outside his room. I hear faint growls. It is manly deep voice that seems like Lord Davies’s voice.

I put my ear on the door, to listen better. I know this is not a good manner but I can’t resist.

I can’t make out clearly what he says. I only hear ‘oh… girl’, ‘so round’, ‘so big’ and loud grunting.

His voice caress me, making me shiver involuntary. I lean closer, pressing my ear to the door, shifting my weight more to the wooden door.

Suddenly, the door creaks open under my weight. I stumble on my feet. “Oh my!” I yelp.

“Jesu!” my father-in-law says. I see a flash of his naked thighs before he covers it swiftly.

My eyes go round when I see his thing make a tent in the blanket. It must be so big and long.

He clears his throat. “What are you doing here, Girl?”

I try my best to tear my gaze from his thing. And then, I glance up to his hairy torso. I am blushing, seeing his naked form on the bed.

“I… ummm…” I stutter.

“It’s better if you close the door, my dear,” I say while his gaze glancing around, looking at anything but me.

I draw a deep breath, steeling myself. “I want your baby,” I blurt.

In a flash, he turns his gaze to me. And I see my father-in-law face goes funny, his mouth is gapping opens, stunned.

I turn my back, closing the door with trembled hand. And then, I walk slowly and climb to his bed, crawling near his naked body.

“What… what…” he stutters but he does nothing when I open the blanket, revealing his erect manhood to my eyes.

It is truly monstrous. I wonder if all manhood is this big. But I don’t think so.

Surely, his thing won’t fit inside my small cunt.

But I remember my maid said that it will fit, just hurt a little bit at first.

“Oh my! It’s so big, Papa,” I say.

“Papa?” he says in husky, odd voice.

I glance up, seeing his face shyly. This is the first time I call him other than ‘my lord’ or ‘sir’. “May I call you Papa, Sir?”

His brown eyes darken, his face twisting and his expression make me hot and bothered. He shakes his head as if to clear his mind, and then, he closes his eyes briefly.

“Yes, you may,” he hisses.

Hesitantly, I take his thick manhood on my small hand. I feel it throbs under my touch.

“Don’t!” he says, opening his dark brown eyes again as his hand removes my hand slowly from his ragging flesh.

“Oh please, Papa. I know you need a woman. Please… use it in me,” I plead.

“You don’t know what you ask, Girl,” he says.

“Do… do I look ugly?” I ask nervously, dreading his answer.

“No, of course not—”

“Then put a baby in me. Please… I don’t want to go back to my Da’s house. I like being here,” I say desperately. And I am not lying.

“You’re my son’s wife—”

“He doesn’t want me,” I cut him. “You don’t need to do anything, just sit still. Let me use your thing… it’ll be fast. I promise.”

“Oh, God” he groans.

Swiftly, I lift my nightgown, taking it off swiftly, and then throw it to the floor.

I see my father-in-law’s eyes are glancing, devouring my body, and then glued to my big breasts. Automatically, I shield it. I don’t want him to see my ugly breasts.

“It’s more beautiful than I imagine,” he says softly. “Rounder and firmer,” he adds.

My heart skips a beat.

Did he really say that he imagines my breasts?

Hesitantly, I uncover my breasts.

“Jesu… what a tit you get, Girl,” he says as if forgetting himself. And I feel my nipples harden under his hot gaze.

“You can touch it, Papa,” I say as I move closer, sitting on his naked thighs, straddling his hip.

“Oh no, Girl—”

I cut him, arching my back, feeding him with my hard, aching nipple.

Immediately, he sucks me hard like a babe.

“Oh, my… yes Papa, suck me… ah…” I moan, arching my back more, feeding him.

I feel my cunt pulses. It becomes hot and wet. Instinctively, I know that my cunt needs his cock to scratch the itch, to assuage my hunger.

He releases my nipple with a loud pop. And I know it is time for another breast.

He sucks my arching nipple with vigor of starving baby.

I know what this means. He lets me use his body, but no more than that, he won’t help me. I have to take it.

He smacks his lip, making a loud noisy while grunting and groaning, suckling me hard.

I grab his erect manhood, pumping it, marveling his hard length. And slowly, I aim it to my small hole.

“Ahhh…” he moans as I push it in. He releases my nipple, and then he glance down, seeing my effort down there.

“My cock is too big, my dear,” he says with pants.

Looking at his veined, powerful tool, indeed, he’s too big. But of course, I won’t admit it.

I open my petals with my fingers, then I sink to his big mushroom tip ever so slowly.

My cunt is slick but it needs a lot of effort just to put his mushroom tip inside. He is truly big. I feel my cunt is stretched so wide to accommodate him.

“Oh, Papa,” I moan, quivering around his round tip.

I see my father-in-law closes his eyes and moan soundlessly.

“It’s not too late. We can stop. And you still be a virgin,” he says, but I can feel he bucks slightly, spearing my cunt more. I can feel his shaft is in me now.

I shake my head, my body trembling, feeling the wonder of his big cock. It is stuffing me full, and the feel is too much, but I am not going give up easily.

“I want your seed, your baby… Oh, Papa, let me use your cock,” I say, blushing hard at my own word.

His eyes snap open. “Then, by all means use it, Girl. Ride my cock,” he growls.

I lift my hip. I feel my tight cunt releases its grip on my papa thick rod. I stop, perched on his tip, and swiftly, I ram down.

“Ouch,” I cry as I feel his cock breaks my cherry.

I glance down. His cock is only half-way inside, but I feel so full, too full.

“Easy, Girl,” he pants, harsh. “Play with your cunt,” he commands me.

I look at his feral face, confused.

“Rub it,” he moans while he bucks his hip as if unable to stop himself. “Oh, God… so hot... so tight.”

Honestly, his cock is too much, too thick, too long. But I don’t want to stop him. So, I let him bucking me, using me, filling me, stretching me more.

I feel so powerless, perched there, receiving his endless pounds.

“Rub it, Girl,” he growls.

This time, I follow his commands. I rub my cunt slowly at first, then faster and faster.

“Ahhh… ohhhh…” I moan as I feel wetter and hotter. “Oh, Papa… your cock starts to feel so good.”

“Oh, yes… ahh…” he moans while impaling again and again.

I put one of my hand on his broad shoulder while the other still rubbing my cunt.

We slam and moan together. The friction brings blinding pleasure to my body, fanning the fire inside my belly to a fever pitch.

I glance down, seeing his cock disappear inside me. I can’t believe that my hungry cunt engulf all of him.

“Uggh… tight cunt is the best,” he groans, shoving his throbbing length, hard, slithering in and out, again and again.

“Arggh… ohhh Papa,” I arch my back, I feel my belly clench. I am gushing, creaming his pistoning cock.

“Oh, Papa… ohhh…” I moan, feeling he plows me harder, prolonging my release.

Then, I fall limp on his shoulder. I hear his loud grunt as he lays me down on the bed, and then proceed to hammer my cunt harder and faster. He only cares for his own release now as he grunt madly, announcing his pleasure.

He jolts me hard with each pump but I let him and open my legs wider for his large body.

Suddenly, I feel proud that I can make my new father lose control like this.

He is so manly, strong and kind. I feel lucky having father-in-law like him.

With loud yell, he arches his back, closing his eyes in rapture. “Yes… sweet cunt… my daughter’s cunt feels so good… uggh…” he yells as injecting me with his hot seed.

“Take this, Girl. Take my seed,” he growls harshly as he thrusting his spurting manhood in me, filling me full with his potent seed.

He jerks again and again but finally he finishes filling me to overflow. And I feel his cock is softening in my cunt.

His harsh breath is fanning my cheek as he hovers over me. Then, he opens his eyes slowly as his breath calming down.

He kisses my forehead. “There, Girl. I give you my seed. A lot of it, it seems,” he says with chuckles. “Oh dear me, you can take care your old man’s cock for sure.”

I am beaming at his praise and suddenly I feel shy. “Thank you, Papa—” Oh,My! My breath hitched as I feel his soft cock comes back to live again.

“Papa…” I whisper in wonder, and I feel his cock harden more.

It seems he likes it when I call him ‘Papa’.

His face reddened. “I’m sorry, Girl,” he says as he tries to remove his cock from my cunt. But I lock my legs around his hip, trapping his cock inside me.

“It’s okay, Papa,” I smile shyly. “Please use my cunt whenever you get hard.”


“Yes whenever…” I say, still smiling. “We need to make a baby, remember?”

I clench my inner muscle around his length to make a point.

“Ahhh,” he moans and closes his eyes.

“Promise?” I plead.

His hip buck slightly. “Ah… yes… I’m promise… ahh… yes like that… milk me,” he growls while pounding me to another high, and another.


These two weeks seem past so fast. I smile happily as I walk down the stair. My cunt feels a little sore because of my father-in-law hard pounding. But I am not complaining, of course. This is for the sake of our future baby.

I have to remind myself about the baby for I often forget about it when I feel my father cock inside me.

I am glad that he keeps his promise to use my cunt whenever he feels the need. And he has a lot of it, much to my delight. At least, he plows me twice a day. He seeded me in almost every room in this house. Of course, we won’t do it in servant’s quarter and the kitchen. It is too scandalous and not proper thing to do. But maybe we should. I smile at the thought.

I walk aimlessly in the corridor. Thinking about my father-in-law, makes my cunt tingling again.

What time he will back home? I wonder.

“Oh, my!” I yelp as I feel an arm circling my body. But this arm, and the body it attached to, feel different. It is lean instead of buff and well-muscled.

I know who he is even before I turn my face. But I do it regardless. Then, I see my husband grinning face.

“I miss you so,” he says.

I scramble, freeing myself from his embrace.

He seems confused. “What’s the matter, love?” he asks.

“What’s the matter?” I laugh mirthlessly. “Why are you coming back? Bored with your mistress?”

“Mistress? Wait… I don’t follow—”

“Mrs. Brown, my former chaperon and your mistress!” I yell angrily.

He looks at me befuddled. “Are you not serious, aren’t you?” he asks, uncertain.

“I am,” I say, unsmiling. This is not funny, not funny at all.

“Christ! How… how can you think…” he combs his hair with his fingers in frustration. “Didn’t Father tell you where I am?”

“Papa? No, he—”

“I put a letter in his desk,” he cuts me. “Oh, love. How can you think so ill of me. I can’t possibly have liaison with Mrs. Brown of all people,” he adds, seeming genuinely wounded.

“Then, where were you?”

“I… I just went to Bath, you know, to clear my mind, to calm myself. Marriage and all seem too much for me. I just turn twenty and one last month. Christ! I shouldn’t wed this young—”

“Right, you shouldn’t,” I cut him again. If his twenty and one is too young so am I. I just turn eighteen this spring.

“Oh, don’t be angry, love—”

“Don’t call me that!”

“God! You’re truly angry, don’t you?” he pauses, looking at me with pleading eyes. “I swear I love you. I just need a little time, that’s it.”

“How about Mrs. Brown?”

“I swear on my mother’s grave, I have nothing to do with her. How can I possibly change you with her. It’s so absurd, you know,” he says with weak smile.

I look at his face. He seems genuine. I feel a contradiction, I want to believe him yet I don’t.

If it is true, then where is Mrs. Brown now?

I shake my head, chasing Mrs. Brown from my mind.

I don’t care about her. I say to myself.

“So, do you forgive me now?” he asks hopefully.

I don’t know what to say. In this moment, I might already carry his father’s child. “Do you truly pen a letter?” I ask doubtful, not truly want to believe him.

It’s his fault. He shouldn’t left me to begin with.

“Yes, I put it in Father’s study… maybe the maid threw it away… it’s possible,” he reasons.

I nod in agreement for another possibility is too absurd to contemplate.

Why would Papa hide it from me?

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Excerpt #1!

My Uncle Teaches Me before the Wedding

1802 London, England.

I throw a pillow to my maid. It landed on the floor near her feet.

“Go away!” I say, crying in a shrill. I am beyond angry now.

“My lady—”

I put my hand on my ear and close my eyes tight. “Go away!” I say. I feel my lips tremble and my voice starts to waver.

“Go away… go away,” I say again and again.

Finally, Aud, my maid, goes and closes the door with soft click.

Slowly, I open my eyes. I can see my wedding gown is lying limp on the chair. I am tempted to shred it into pieces.

I hate it.

I feel betrayed. I can’t believe my dear Uncle Albert does this. He didn’t say anything about the pain of wedding night, the pain of losing one’s virginity. And stupid of me, I don’t know either, that’s it, until Aud slipped and told me about the thing.

Oh, I do hate him.

I sigh loudly but no, I am not really hates my uncle. He is the only parent I know. He raises me since I was a babe. And I can’t hate him. I just feel so disappointed that he deceives me. He should tell me before but he didn’t.

I know it is all because of stupid politic. I don’t understand why my uncle likes it so much. Since my aunt passed away two years ago, politic, parliament and house of lord is all he talks and cares about.

I lie down, hugging my knees. I feel my heart is breaking at his betrayal.

I hear footsteps in the corridor; it draws closer to my room. I feel annoyed that Aud dares to come again, not caring of my wishes. It seems no one cares about me nowadays.

I know Aud will force me to try my wedding dress once more. But it is useless, there is no need to try again, I know the dress will fit perfectly to my slender body and I will look beautiful in it. Everyone say so. And I still remember the first time I showed it to my uncle, he said that I look like a prettier version of my aunt in their wedding day, twenty years ago. And stupid of me I believed him.

He must be lying again.

I pick another pillow, ready to hit Aud when she enter the room. I know this un-lady like behavior is unseemly, but I don’t care.

The door opens and my hand stops mid-throwing.

“Uncle,” I say in surprise.

He walks in with tired face, and I notice the lines in his face seem more pronounced. And his black hair is more grey than black now.

“Oh Grace, what’s the matter, Girl?” he says as he sits beside me.

“Liar! You’re lying, Uncle,” I say with pout.

He doesn’t scold me even though I behave so badly. My uncle is so kind, that’s why.

“How so?” he asks in confusion. “You said yourself that young Carter is handsome, remember?”

“Oh, he is, Uncle. Buuuuut… it’s not the problem,” I say, starting to feel annoyed.

“Then tell your poor uncle, my dear. I don’t understand.”

I know that. I can see it clearly in his kind, gentle face.

“You said I’ll be happy bride. But I WON”T. I know it,” I pause, locking my uncle’s gaze with hard stare. “His thing will go inside me. And Aud says it will be biiiig… oh Uncle, it’ll hurt me like the very devil—”

“Wait… wait, my dear,” he cuts me, and then chuckles. “Believe me, Girl. It won’t hurt. And it won’t be that big,” he adds with mirth.

I am eyeing him skeptically. I say ‘I don’t believe you’ with my expression.

“Show me yours,” I demand.

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