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My Father-In-Law’s Baby

Rosie Zweet

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
Copyright © 2017 by Rosie Zweet

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First Edition:
July, 2017

Author’s note: This work is intended for ADULT audiences only.

All characters are 18+


The Former Miss Elena Woods

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The Former Miss Elena Woods

1815 London, England.

I am looking at my reflection in the mirror, wondering if I am really hideous.

I know that my breasts are a tad too big. It looks like two big mountains under my sheer, voluminous nightgown. I glance up to my wavy, auburn hair that frames my heart-shaped face. I resent the fullness of my rosy, bee-stung lips and small dainty nose. I like my delicately arched eyebrows and my sparkling green eyes, though. I always thought that I am not that bad looking.

Stupid of me for believing my mother’s word, saying that I am a beauty. It must be a lie. I am must be hideous.

If it is not the case, why else my husband abandoned me on our wedding night, no less, and run away with a widow decade his elder?

I exhale loudly, not even in my nightmare I suspect that Mrs. Brown is his lover. She was my paid chaperone, my constant companion during my first and only season in the marriage mart.

Maybe all this time, he was courting her instead of me. Oh, it hurts so much. It is foolish of me to hope, to wish that our union is a love match instead of mere business. It seems I am deluding myself all this time.

I know from the beginning that his improvised family needs my dowry. But it is a common thing to do, isn’t it? Marry for alliance, bloodline and wealth.

Even though noble families hate tradesman but they love their money. I almost resent my Da’s ambition for a titled grandson. If not for his greed, I won’t be here tonight, alone, abandoned and unwanted.

My face flames red, remembering my Da’s demand less than two hours ago. He went to my father-in-law in rage, shortly after he knew that my husband had fled. My father wants grandson, he said to Lord Davies, my new father-in-law. If his son won’t do his duty, my Da demands the viscount does the deed himself, putting the baby inside me.

But Lord Davies refused, of course. I shake my head, chasing the embarrassment away.

What does my father-in-law think of my family now?

He seems unable to meet my gaze after hearing my father’s outrageous demand.

Oh, the poor man.

Lord Davies seems kind and gentle despite his size. My new father-in-law is a large man. He has a tall and big body. He looks like a big, hairy bear. A shy hairy bear that suddenly I want to cuddle.

His eyes and hair are brown and he looks nothing like his blond, blue eyed son. His manner too, he is blunt, gruff and not as refined as Bernard, my husband. But he is kind and gentle to me. And I realize that it is what matters the most, the kindness in ones’ heart, not handsome face or charming, refined manner.

I sigh heavily. But he won’t have me too.

My spirit plummets more as my father-in-law’s rejection slowly sink in.

Does he truly?

Slowly as if in trance, I walk to the dark corridor outside, following the moonlight.

I stop in my track as I hear a weird noise from my father-in-law’s room. Slowly, I walk there.

My heart is racing as I stand outside his room. I hear faint growls. It is a manly deep voice that sounds like Lord Davies’s voice.

I put my ear on the door, to listen better. I know this is not a good manner but I can’t resist.

I can’t make out clearly what he says. I only hear ‘oh… girl’, ‘so round’, ‘so big’ and loud grunting.

His voice caresses me, making me shiver involuntarily. I lean closer, pressing my ear to the door, shifting my weight more to the wooden door.

Suddenly, the door creaks open under my weight. I stumble on my feet. “Oh, my!” I yelp.

“Jesu!” my father-in-law says. I see a flash of his naked thighs before he covers it swiftly.

My eyes go round when I see his thing make a tent in the blanket. It must be so big and long.

He clears his throat. “What are you doing here, Girl?”

I try my best to tear my gaze from his thing. And then, I glance up to his hairy torso. I am blushing, seeing his naked form on the bed.

“I… ummm…” I stutter.

“You shouldn’t be her, my dear. It’s not proper,” he says while his gaze glancing around, looking at anything but me.

I draw a deep breath, steeling myself. “I want your baby,” I blurt.

In a flash, he turns his gaze to me. And I see my father-in-law's face goes funny, his mouth is gaping opens, stunned.

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