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The Cheating Wives Club


By Candace Mia

Copyright 2017 Candace Mia

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Hello. My name is Clarice. Thank you for inviting me to speak here. I promise to keep all your secrets.

My rich husband found me in the summer before I would have gone to college. I became a rich trophy wife, set for life.

My friend Ginger went to college, though. She went to a frat party and was roofied.

She didn’t want the mess of taking it to the cops, but she was pretty fucked up over it. The only thing she remembered about the guy was a diamond shape on his cock. It could have been a tattoo or a birthmark, she said.

I was pissed. I wanted my revenge.

So, one night, with my husband out of town, I went to one of those frat parties.

I blended right in, I suppose. These people were around my age. There were other pretty girls there.

I took off my dress and walked around in my bikini. A lot of girls were doing that. I carried a beer around but secretly didn’t drink from it. I drank from the water tap in the kitchen exclusively.

I talked to guys and blended in. Then, with everyone around good and buzzed, I made my first move.

I started with a guy who didn’t seem to have a lot of status in the group. He was cute, with short blonde hair. He was lean and about medium height. He seemed quiet.

I walked up to him and made small talk. After a couple of minutes, I asked if we could go to his room.

He led me up to the third floor and into his bedroom.

We sat on his bed.

“So what are you studying?” he asked.

“Right now,” I said. “I’m studying you. How about you take off you pants.”

He gave a pleasantly surprised smile. Then he stood up and removed his pants.

I moved him so that he stood in front of me, my legs spread open. I lowered his underwear.

I took his cock in my hand and he gave a shivering breath.

I looked it over as it hardened in my hand.

This was not the guy. There was nothing diamond shaped at all on the skin of his cock. His balls were even diamond free.

I love cock. It was kind of hard to remember that I was on a mission, but I didn’t let it slip totally from my mind.

“I thought you’d have some kind of mark,” I said.

“What do you mean?” he asked, his voice breathy, his cock a hard rod now.

“I don’t know,” I said. “I guess I just thought a guy in a fraternity would have some kind of tattoo on his cock.”

He gave a little snicker. “No.”

“Okay,” I said. I brought my mouth down to his cock and kissed the head of it a few times. Then I licked it from bottom to top. “So you’ve never heard of such a thing. None of you guys have tattoos on your cocks.”

“Not that I know of,” he said. He seemed way more focused on what I was doing than what I was asking.

He sounded sincere enough, I supposed. Or maybe a guy like him just didn’t want to admit that he knew what the terrain of another guy’s cock looked like.

I took his cock in my mouth.

I loved the feel of it there. I love how the skin on a cock feels like its floating around on my tongue as I suck it.

“That feels so good,” he said.

I kind of got the feeling he didn’t get laid a lot. Or maybe he just didn’t get a lot of blowjobs.

“Thank you so much,” he said. “You’re just so fucking cool.”

I played with his balls a little as I sucked his cock.

That must have pushed him over the edge. His cock started to throb and feed me its juice.

I swallowed that cum. So I guess I wasn’t really drinking exclusively from the kitchen tap.

I went into this bathroom and stole some mouthwash.

I then went downstairs.

Author Bio

Candace Mia lives on a farm in the Midwest. She spends her days taking care of animals and tending fields. At night, she likes to curl up with a good erotica tale. She has recently decided to try her hand at writing stories of her own. She hopes that you enjoy the products of her wandering mind.

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