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Unexpected Attraction

By Roy Gino

Copyright@2017 by Roy Gino

Smashwords Edition

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

This Erotic Short Story is loaded with, hot, graphic sex! It is intended only for adults over the age of 18 and all characters are represented as 18 or over.

Didier ran into the young woman as she was working at the local shop. It was a summer job and she needed some money to spend when she returned to college.

“Hey Angela, it is nice to see you again! You are in great shape!” he commented.

She was really in great shape. He had known her since she was fifteen. Now she had blossomed into a stunning young woman. However, she always kept her brown hair short. She had a tight butt and perky breasts on which Didier had fantasized many times over the years.

“How have you been?” he asked.

“I would be better if my car hadn’t broken down this morning,” she replied.

“And now I had to walk to work today,” she grunted.

“I understand. It’s not nice having your car out of service right before going to work,” he replied.

“I can look at it if you want,” he offered.

Didier was not really handy but he was willing to give it a try.

“Are you sure? My shift hands at nine tonight and my parents are not at home,” she replied.

“Then, with the car broken, I do not know how to find a mechanic in the morning and come here,” she added.

“Okay, I will try but no guarantees,” he replied.

She gave him the keys and he walked out of the store. He called one of his friends who was a mechanic and he helped him. They checked her car and he explained everything to Didier about the required maintenance.

“The belt here is missing and that is probably why the air conditioning is not working,” he explained.

They went to a shop for spare parts and fixed the belt. Then, Didier drove her car to her workplace and waited for her outside. She came out fifteen minutes later after her shift and smiled when she saw him bending against her car.

“Hey, did you fix it?” she asked.

“Of course, I did,” he replied.

“What was the problem?” she asked.

“Well, to be honest, a friend helped me to fix it since I did not know what to do,” he admitted.

They hugged quickly and she offered him a ride back home. The car started fine with the air conditioning working very well.

“The repairs cost $978.00,” he said as he extended his palm jokingly to ask back his money.

It was not a big deal for Didier. His friend was glad to help and Didier did not mind about the expenses since Angela was a very dedicated babysitter in the neighborhood. She had established a solid professional reputation as responsible and reliable. She was also really gorgeous and since she attended college, she had gained additional qualities as she was now smart and well composed.

One year ago, Didier came back home a bit later than planned. Angela was sleeping on the sofa. Usually, she used to wake up when Didier stepped in the house but she was sleeping deeply that evening. Didier nudged her a few times until she opened her eyes. She was a bit startled and almost jumped up fast.

She looked really cute with her hard tits. He wondered what she was dreaming about. When she got up, she was close in front of him and stretched her hands slowly above her head and yawned.

“Sorry to have startled you,” he told her.

“It is okay, I was just having strange dreams,” replied the babysitter.

He moved his eyes down on her chest and felt a string desire to grab her globes at the sight of her teasing tits. She was standing right there in front of him and Didier pictured himself bending in to kiss her with passion. However, he was married at that moment and forced himself to stay faithful.

Didier dropped her off and then went back in his house. A couple of days later, he heard someone knocking at his door. He answered it to see Angela standing there.

“Is the car broken again?” he asked jokingly.

“I have to remind you that the free service was just for one day,” he asked and they both laughed.

Angela had brought him some baked freshly cookies with a ticket for a movie at the local theatre.

“I cannot accept the ticket, you could use the money for your expenses,” he replied.

“But I love the cookies,” he added.

“Come in,” he invited her and she entered the house.

She apologized for taking this time to come over but she had extra shifts and was now free for this afternoon. That was why she took time to bake the cookies and come over.

“Angela, there was no need for you to do this,” he said.

“I am really glad, but it was not necessary,” he added.

He guided her to the family area that was connected to the kitchen.

“Everything looks different,” she pointed as she did not recognize the place anymore.

She was right, Didier had upgraded his kitchen. He had also added a huge flat TV with connected sound. He was playing a movie and had paused it when she arrived. They talked a bit as he asked her about her studies and future professional projects.

He found out that she had just broken up with her boyfriend a few weeks ago and was spending all her time working.

“You are using your work to run away from the hard feelings of your breakup,” he told her.

“Rather than plunging yourself in your work, you should have some fun, hang out with friends,” he suggested.

“Usually, I am tired after work and my bed is the only thing that matters at that moment,” she replied.

“Well, I would not mind if you spend time here, have a drink while watching a movie,” he offered without expecting a positive answer.

“Do you mean it?” she asked.

“Of course, I would like to have you here,” he replied.

“Mr. Anderson, a cold beer is really tempting,” she said.

He smiled as he opened the fridge and took out a couple of beers. They started watching the movie and he got up again to take more beers. When he handed her another bottle, he got a glance of her cleavage.

Angela’s tight t-shirt was clinging to her chest. Her legs were displayed a bit since she was sitting on the couch with her legs crossed. Her brown hair was dangling down around her cute face. He was unable to stop dirty thoughts crossing his mind.

She took the beer and he returned to see from across the living room. At the end of the movie, they started discussing it. It was an attempt for Didier to keep her there for a longer time but the discussion was really enjoyable. From time to time, they would discuss something not related to the movie. Thirties minutes later, she had to leave.

“Angela, I know that you did not plan your evening to go on this way but I really enjoyed your company,” he said as he walked her to the door.

“Mr. Anderson, you offered beer and the movie was really interesting,” she replied.

“It was a wonderful date and I will ask my next guy to take some lessons from you,” she added.

“Sure, I will teach him a couple of things,” he replied.

“Thank you for the delicious cookies. I will eat them but it was not necessary to bake them for me,” he added.

“Thank you again for the wonderful date, the conversation and movie were really interesting,” she said.

“If you have told me before that it was a date, I would have done something or sit on the sofa beside you,” he pointed.

“I would like to see you do it but the night was really fun,” she replied with a smile.

They embraced and she left. He knew that he would fantasize about her that night.

She was fifteen years younger than he was and more beautiful as he paid more attention at her. He recalled the picture of her sitting on his sofa and would fantasized doing all types of things to her.

The following morning, Didier noticed the ticket on the coffee table. He could not accept it. He waited for a few hours to pass since he knew that she was working. Then, he drove to her house and left the ticket at her door.

That evening, it was around nine when he put on another movie. He heard the doorbell rang and it was Angela. She came straight from her work. When he answered the door, she held up the ticket.

“We will not debate about this anymore,” she stated.

“It is my gift to you and you do not have to return it,” she added.

“I am glad to see you, too,” he replied.

“Do you want to come in?” he said.

She nodded and he guided her inside. She noticed that he had paused another movie on TV.

“This ticket is to show my appreciation for your help,” she pointed.

“Now, you are playing another movie, right?” she asked.

“Busted!” he replied.

“You are free to stay to watch. It just started, ” he added.

The babysitter was still holding out the ticket and waiting for him to take it while Didier was doing his best to steal glances. He realized that something was intriguing about her look. He was in a dilemma. He wanted to take her right there but kept reminding himself that she used to babysit his children.

“She is hot and young,” he thought as his attraction towards her grew.

“Okay, I will watch the movie with you, but only if you take this ticket and do not return it,” she said.

He agreed. They watched the movie while sipping some beers. They discussed about the movie at the end and Angela left. That night, Didier had dirty thoughts inundating his mind.

He was now aggressive even if he continued to picture himself sitting beside her on the sofa and kissing her while fondling and groping her urgently. The entire foreplay would lead to an intense session as he would rip off her clothes and probed her soft skin with his tongue and fingers. Didier did not pay too much attention to it since he considered it just mere fantasy. An hour later after Angela had left, Didier could not help but text her.

“The date was great again,” he wrote.

“It was fun even if a bit boring,” he added.

Angela replied quickly.

“It was not boring, the movie was great, I really enjoyed it, thanks,” she replied.

“I am relieved that you did not say that it was a date since I always expect a great night kiss on the second date,” he wrote with a funny emoji and waited for her reply with anticipation.

“Oh, so it was a date for you?” she asked.

“You cannot expect a kiss since you did not sit beside me,” she added with an emoji.

They joked and teased each other playfully for a moment until they slept.

A day later, Didier called Angela as it was Friday and asked her why she did not come over the previous night.

“I did not know for sure what you would expect from a third date,” she replied.

“This always depends on the outcome of the second date,” he pointed.

“Okay, since I have a ticket for the movie and you really need to hang out, why don’t we go together to watch a movie and have dinner?” he suggested.

“We can consider it a proper date with string attached,” he added.

She agreed and they set up a time.

“We just have to find a good restaurant but a bit away from the neighborhood so that you would not run into one of your friends,” he said.

“Mr. Anderson, come on, I am not afraid of running into someone out there,” she replied.

“Anyway, I do not have any friends,” she added.

They decided to have dinner first before going to the movie. When he arrived at her place, it was five minutes before the start time. She opened the door in a robe.

“Angela, you look wonderful but it is cold outside,” he joked.

“Thanks, give me a minute,” she replied as she rushed upstairs.

She was ready a few minutes later and looked really gorgeous. She was wearing a short dark skirt with a silk blouse covered by a sweater. She completed her outfit with decent high heels.

“Angela, you look wonderful!” he praised her.

“Thank you sir, you are kind,” she replied.

“I just need to pick a tie up at my place,” he said as he thought that she would dress casually in shirt and jeans.

“Do not be silly,” she replied as she slapped his arm.

“You look good like this,” she added as he was wearing just a sharp sport coat.

They went to the restaurant and he opened the door for her. The dinner was wonderful and they drank more than they expected since the wine was tasting great and kept flowing. She told him that her ex-boyfriend had cheated on her.

At the end of the dinner, they went to the movie. The theater was cold and he handed her his coat. She accepted it and they had a great fun. He drove her back home and they stood on the porch in front of her house.

“Do you want a last drink?” she asked as she took out her keys.

“That would be great,” he replied and they stepped inside.

“Angela, I really enjoyed your company tonight,” he said.

“Me, too. You make me really comfortable,” she replied with a smile.

She filled two glasses with wine and they sipped while staring into each other. Then, she closed the gap between them and kissed him. The contact sent an electric current throughout Didier’s body as their tongues touched and the kiss got passionate.

“Angela, I am glad that I said the date was without strings attached not without tongues,” he said in a whisper and she laughed.

Then, she walked to her stereo and played soft music. She returned to the room and took off her shoes. She refilled their glasses and placed his coat on a chair before to take off her sweater.

Didier was watching carefully while sipping his drink. She walked around the coffee table and they both put down their drinks. The air was thick in the room as their bodies connected. He wrapped his arms around her and they kissed once again as he caressed her back through the silk blouse.

They were now kissing frantically as they hugged each other tightly. He moved down his hands to her butt and cupped the cheeks. He pressed them while she began undoing his shirt. She removed it.

He tugged up her skirt and grabbed her cheeks as she tugged him closer by his open shirt. They kept kissing until they broke the hug. She slipped her hand down to unbuckle his belt and undo his pants while he caressed her upper body.

When she lowered his pants, he pressed down on her shoulders and she knelt in front of him. They were both panting and he was rock hard. Angela quickly pulled down his boxers to release his throbbing shaft. Without hesitation, she took it in her warm mouth.

He stepped out of his pants and boxers. He was now completely naked with his babysitter sucking him. She was stroking him at the same time and this drove him over the edge fast.

“I am close, Angela,” he moaned in ecstasy.

At his words, she sucked and pumped even faster. He softly grabbed the back of her head and started thrusting in and out of her mouth until he exploded. The babysitter swallowed eagerly.

She was breathing heavily when she slowly released his meat. She licked the last drops of semen from the tip and he collapsed on the sofa behind him. He was still half hard and when he regained some strength, he picked their glasses and they drank again.

Then, she sat beside him on the sofa and when he emptied his glass, he knelt before her. Didier pulled Angela toward the edge of the sofa and parted her legs. He ripped her panties beneath her skirt and she let out a surprising gasp.

He raised up her skirt and bent in. His hungry mouth found quickly her wetness and he started eating her out. She was moaning as he licked and pumping his fingers inside her.

Didier really loved the taste of Angela’s juices. Then, the babysitter grabbed his head and started gyrating her pelvis out of control while moaning louder. She climaxed hard and clamped her legs at each side of his head while he continued to work on her sensitive spots.

She released his head a short moment later and her wetness covered his face. He waited for her to recover before pulling her down on the carpet next to her. She went on all four and he positioned himself behind her.

He lifted her skirt and admired her butt for a moment. He could not believe that it was happening. He firmly grabbed her hips and thrusted forward to penetrate her slowly. She was really wet and he enjoyed the feeling.

His meat fit very well in her tunnel as if they were made for each other. Then, they started moving hard in unison through loud moans. They filled the room with the noises of their bodies slapping against each other.

They spent a wonderful night that ended their lonely lives and started a new chapter of their lives as they happily slept together.

The End

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