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Indoor Releases

By Roy Gino

Copyright@2017 by Roy Gino

Smashwords Edition

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

This Erotic Short Story is loaded with, hot, graphic sex! It is intended only for adults over the age of 18 and all characters are represented as 18 or over.

Mathew knew that someone was watching as he heard a kind of gasp. The young man opened his eyes and saw Vanessa Carleton, the mother of his best friend, gazing at him with her hand on her mouth. He stopped playing with his joystick and froze as they made eye contact.

“I am…,” started Vanessa as she moved her eyes back down on his meat.

Then, she turned and walked out of the room in silence. Mathew felt panic filling his body as he pulled up his boxers and attempted to think about his next step. He had moved in with Joel’s family two weeks ago after his graduation.

Mathew and Joel had been close friends since kindergarten. Recently, Mathew’s father accepted a job out of town while Mathew and Joel were set to attend the same college in a few months.

Mathew found a job at the local grocery shop and since his family was now far away, he only wanted to visit them for short visits and then return to college. He was living with Joel’s parents, Vanessa and Arthur, Joel’s sister, Amanda, and Joel.

Amanda was studying out of town but used to visit each weekend. Arthur was a generous and quiet man who spent most of his time at his workplace. Vanessa was a housewife and offered to take in Mathew since they had a guest room in their basement.

At first, Mathew’s family did not agree with that. They were a bit worried for their son but they knew the Carletons very well. For Vanessa, she considered that summer as her last opportunity to run a house since she knew that when Joel left for college, she would stay alone.

Vanessa was really hot and skilled in the kitchen. Her foods were always hearty and she always kept the boys active with holidays and field trips. Her hospitality went far beyond what Mathew’s mother ever achieved.

Vanessa was athletic and slim with tanned skin and sandy golden hair. She used to work a lot around the house and she had some freckles on her cheeks. She kept herself in shape by exercising regularly. Her calves and arms were strong but she had voluptuous and soft hips that looked really mature. Her globes were firm and large.

During the summer, Vanessa and the boys spent many afternoons in the backyard by her pool, eating sandwiches and drinking lemonade. One Saturday, Amanda was back from college for the weekend.

She swam in the pool in her bikini and her shapely ass and pert nipples fueled Mathew’s lust. Amanda really hated her brother Joel. Since Mathew was Joel’s friend, she had the same feeling toward him. Still, Mathew felt that Amanda loved the sexual tension between them and he was convinced that she might love him if she put aside her disdain.

He mostly admired Vanessa and she insisted that he called her by her name. She looked really unmotherly in her bathing suit with her sensual curves while her daughter was stiff. Vanessa had also a wonderful sense of humor. In addition, she took a real interest in Mathew’s view of things.

Just as Mathew was getting used to his new place, Joel and Arthur left for a trip out of town. It was a long trip and they used to make such trip each year since Joel was twelve. However, this time, they had planned to spend an additional week there.

Mathew was invited to join them out of courtesy but he knew that such a trip was always personal as it was aimed to bring Joel and his father close. He did not want to disturb them.

The week that followed the trip, Mathew and Vanessa had dinner together. For the first time, they were alone. They talked about various topics such as religion, history, movies and the neighborhood. Mathew could not believe that they would be alone for a couple of weeks.

When Vanessa caught him that night, he had just completed his shift at the store and the afternoon had been really hot. He was tired from the shift and was back for dinner. They did not chat a lot during dinner and he went to take a shower.

Since he could use the bathroom that was in the basement, he used to walk between the bathroom and his small bedroom in a towel. The bedroom was decently lit even though it was tiny. The only problem was the lack of a door for the bedroom. There was only a curtain.

At the end of the shower, he headed back to his room and removed his towel. The afternoon had been frustrating and he had not play with himself in days. He pictured Amanda’s engorged tits straining against the material of her bathing suit as he started playing with his meat.

It was at that moment that he heard the gasp. Vanessa had stepped in the room quietly through the thin curtain while he had his eyes shut. She was down to do some work and never thought that the young man would masturbate there in her house.

When Vanessa returned upstairs, Mathew did not know how he would face her again.

“The sooner the better,” he thought to himself.

Since he did not want to torture himself with the possible consequences about his actions. He wanted to face her immediately. He walked back upstairs and found Vanessa sitting at the kitchen table. She looked composed.

“Mathew, I would like to talk to you,” said the mature woman calmly.

“Sure ma’am,” he replied as he sat across from her.

“Call me Vanessa and look at me please,” she said.

He lifted his eyes and looked at her. He saw that Vanessa was not upset.

“Mathew, I have to apologize to you,” she started.

“It was inappropriate for me to walk in your room like that,” she said.

“You have the right to privacy and I am sorry to have violated your right,” she said.

“I just hope that I did not embarrass you,” she added.

“Do you mean that you are not upset?” asked the young man in a mixture of disbelief and relief.

“I have no reason to be upset,” she replied.

“And Mathew, you should not be embarrassed,” she added.

“Do you mean that you are not offended by what I was doing?” he asked.

“Mathew, you are not the only one to masturbate, everyone does,” she revealed.

“This is just a natural activity for grownups,” she explained.

“Really?” he asked.

“I masturbate also,” she revealed.

“Is that true?” he asked in disbelief and he was unable to look at her again.

“Arthur left for a two-week trip and I cannot be that patient,” she said.

“I need some release from time to time,” she added.

The young man was now shaking with excitement and his meat was pressing firmly against the material of his jeans.

“I feel better now,” he admitted.

“That is good,” she replied.

“The releases in this house should not embarrass you,” she stated.

“We are alone here and we should trust each other,” she continued.

“We have to enjoy ourselves this summer,” she added.

“I agree with you,” he replied as he was overwhelmed.

“By the way, did you finish what you were doing?” she asked.

This question stunned him and he kept silence.

“I have some shopping to do at the grocery store,” she said as she got up.

“I will see you later,” she added with a wink and walked out.

He could not wait as he rushed back in the basement and released himself. Since he was off the following day, he did not wake up at his usually time until he heard Vanessa’s voice from the laundry room that was right outside his room in the basement. He got up and walked out of his room.

Vanessa was sorting clothes from a basket for the machine. She had her back to him. She was wearing just a negligee with her legs and arms displayed. The negligee stopped at the middle of her thighs.

For a moment, Mathew stood there as he admired the contour of her round butt beneath the fabric. Then, she leaned over to open the dryer and took some wet clothes from the washer. This moved her negligee up, exposing the delicious contours of her firm butt.

The cheeks were concealed by lace panties and he could see the outline of her mound when she leaned further. This made his penis hard in his pajama pants. Vanessa threw the last clothes in the machines and closed the door. She turned around before to jump when she saw Mathew.

“Sorry, I did not mean to scare you,” said the young man with an erection showing clearly in his pants.

For a moment, Vanessa acted as if she did not see the bulge in his pants. Then, she made up her mind and moved down her eyes to his hard-on before to look back up at him.

“Do you know that you have a big package?” she asked with a shy smile.

“Sorry?” he replied.

“It is good for you to know that,” she said.

Since she was now facing him, Mathew could see that she was braless beneath her negligee. She had full globes but firm and her tits were pressing in the material.

“I know from Joel that you are not really lucky on the dating scene and girls out there are just ignorant,” she said.

“As an experienced woman, your penis is beautiful and big,” she stated.

“Its proportions are really good, thick and long,” she continued.

“Smart girls will really love it,” she added.

He was speechless and flushed with his penis getting even harder.

“Okay, I need your help upstairs to fold these clothes,” she said.

“Sure,” he replied as he followed her and admired the cheeks of her butt on the way.

Vanessa put the laundry basket on the ground and made him a sign to sit beside the basket on the carpet. She dumped it and sat on the couch. She bent forward and started working on the clothes.

Since he was on the floor while she was sitting and bending forward, Mathew was able to see between Vanessa’s legs. The mature woman was totally displayed and she did not seem to care.

He could see some of her pubic hair out from beneath the brinks of her panties.

“It is easy to know when a man is excited but it is hard to know when a woman is excited,” she pointed as she glanced at his crotch.

“Can you tell if my tits are hard?” she asked as she looked down at her chest.

“I am not sure,” he replied as he gazed deep into her eyes since he was very nervous and unable to look at her breasts.

“For women, their excitement is also betrayed by their wetness,” she said as she parted her thighs a little more.

He moved down his eyes to her panties.

“Sometimes, I am so wet that my panties are literally soaked and you can even smell my juices,” she said.

“Do you know the smell of an excited woman?” she asked.

“No, but I would like to,” he replied.

Vanessa looked around the sitting room and saw that the curtains were pulled close.

“Okay, I will teach you as a part of your training but it will be our secret,” she said.

“No one will find out about it,” he replied.

She moved her hands beneath her negligee and pulled down her panties to her thighs. She made sure to keep her vagina concealed from his eyes as she removed her panties. She picked up the fabric and tossed it to him.

He took it and felt some wetness in the crotch area.

“You can smell my vagina through the panties,” she said.

He brought the fabric to his nose to inhale. The scent made him dizzy. He inhaled deeply into her panties and savored the intoxicating aroma of her womanhood. This made his penis aching and begging for release.

“I like your smell,” he said.

“This is too much, I need to cum,” she said in panic as she got up and walked out of the room.

She headed upstairs to her room while he went back to his room and continued to inhale into her panties. He pressed the fabric against his nose as he released himself against the wall through an intense orgasm.

Mathew waited for an entire hour before returning upstairs. Vanessa had taken a shower. She was dressed in a cotton blouse and capris. The mature woman blushed at the sight of the young man but continued to make her salad.

“Now, I feel better,” she said.

“You inspired me, thank you,” she added.

“Thank you for the panties, I love your smell,” he replied as he held out the fabric for her.

“I glad that you love it,” she said as she continued to make lunch.

The rest of the afternoon was really great as they talked openly about their intimate moments. Mathew was not embarrassed to talk about it. He went out that night with his friends to watch a movie while Vanessa hosted some friends for a poker game.

He returned home later and Vanessa was already in her bedroom. He went to sleep straight and woke up late in the morning. He came upstairs in the kitchen to find Vanessa making lemonade on the counter.

“The day will be hot, you can take some lemonade,” she said.

“Thanks, I just need to put on my shorts,” he said as he was wearing a robe.

“If you have on underwear under the robe, it is okay,” she said.

“I will be only in my panties with this heat,” she revealed as she walked out.

He followed her to the patio and she put down the tray.

“To be honest, I want a bikini,” said the mature woman as she undid her blouse.

“I really need a serious sunbath while the neighborhood is deserted,” she added as she opened her blouse to display her lace bra.

She also removed her pants and exposed her matching panties.

He removed his robe to sit in his full boxers. He could already feel his penis pressing against his underwear.

“I love the sun,” she said as she lied on her belly in the lounge chair.

“Can you help me with the lotion?” she asked as she handed him the lotion and put on her sunglasses.

He walked to her chair and started applying the lotion on her back, shoulders and legs. She removed her bra and he continued to rub her back in circles.

“I have been sore there lately,” she said with a moan as he massaged her shoulders.

He got bolder as he massaged the sides of her globes before to move to her legs. His penis was aching at this point. He knelt at the foot of the chair and gasped when he saw a patch of wetness between her thighs.

He forced himself to focus on his task as he massaged her calves. She groaned when he moved up to her thighs.

“Make sure to cover all the spots,” she said as she slid her fingers beneath the brink of her panties and tugged the fabric tight against the cheeks of her ass.

The gusset was now pressed into her vagina with wetness spreading all over. He massaged the skin close to her cleft while breathing in deeply since he could smell her womanhood.

“I need to use the bathroom,” he said as he could not take it anymore.

“Mathew, we have spoken about it,” she said as she sat up.

“Do not feel embarrassed to release yourself,” she added as she turned around.

“I cannot take it anymore since I can see that you are wet and excited,” he revealed.

“Mathew, do you know how many times I have climaxed thinking about your shaft?” she asked.

“I want to see it again,” she added.

“Only if you give me your panties,” he replied and she agreed.

He removed his boxers and she instructed him to lie on the chair while she got up to remove her panties. Then, she straddled his face and lowered herself on his mouth. He started sucking at her labia and her engorged clit while she moaned.

He thrusted his tongue inside her and enjoyed her taste before to grab her ass cheeks and twirl his tongue around her sensitive clit. She moved down her hand behind her and grabbed his shaft.

She slipped down her vagina and reached the bulbous head of his meat. He moved his hands up to play with her breasts while she lowered her hole on his shaft. They both moaned at the penetration and she started riding him. He pinched her tits hard while she rubbed her clit. She yelled out throughout her climax.

“Do you want to be on top?” she asked him when she caught her breath.

He nodded and they changed their position. She was now lying on the chair on her back while he tugged up her legs to his shoulders and buried himself inside her. She yelled as she felt really full. He pounded her without mercy and her vagina gripped firmly his meat as he exploded deep inside her. This triggered another orgasm in her and she yelled out loudly without caring about the neighbors.

He pulled out and they were both panting on the chair. She looked at him with a happy smile. Some of his semen was rolling down her cheeks.

“Mathew, this was my first time to climax like this,” she said as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

“Me, too,” he replied.

She kissed him softly on his cheek before to kiss him on the lips with passion until his penis got back hard.

The End

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