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Getting Close

By Roy Gino

Copyright@2017 by Roy Gino

Smashwords Edition

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

This Erotic Short Story is loaded with, hot, graphic sex! It is intended only for adults over the age of 18 and all characters are represented as 18 or over.

During the summer, Paul did not have too much to do in the suburbs. He was just hanging out with his friends whenever he got bored at home. One day, he decided to visit his best friend, Joshua.

He did not call Joshua before heading there and it was not necessary for him to call since they used to visit each other unexpectedly. This was the practice in the suburbs. Since he did not have a car, he hit the road on foot.

He was strong and young but too mature to ride a bike. The trip was not long, but the humid and hot day made him sweaty. He walked to the front door and noticed that it was locked. He rang the doorbell and waited for a moment.

Since he did not get any answer, he rang once again before glancing through the tiny window in the door. He could see that the back door was not closed and the lights in the house were on. He assumed that someone was on the back, swimming. Therefore, he walked around the house to reach the backyard.

“Hello? Joshua? Is anyone home?” he called out.

“By the pool!” replied a female voice.

Paul pushed open the gate and walked to the yard. He expected to also find his friend and the rest of the family enjoying the huge pool. He was surprised to find only Ellen, Joshua’s older sister.

Ellen was resting on a lounge chair to sunbath. She was wearing a skimpy swimsuit. She looked up at Paul lazily as he came over. She welcomed him with a smile. Paul and Ellen had known each other for many years.

Paul and Joshua had grown up particularly together. Therefore, Ellen was comfortable around Paul. However, since Paul started running after girls, he began looking at his best friend’s sister in a total different way.

He was not the innocent boy that everyone knew and who used to play with Ellen around the house. On the other hand, Ellen had blossomed into a stunning young woman.

She was not really tall but her Balkan heritage gifted her with a wonderful sexual aura. Her hair was long and blonde while her eyes were blue. She had perky breasts and Paul always struggled to keep his eyes away from her chest whenever she talked to him.

She had a tight body with perfect curves at the right spots. She had well-sculpted legs that were really long. She was wearing a deep blue bikini that highlighted her curves and vanished between the cheeks of her round butt and beneath the contours of her wonderful globes.

“Hello Paul,” she greeted him as she removed her sunglasses.

He stopped walking when she looked at him as her piercing blue eyes hypnotized him.

“Hey Ellen,” he managed to reply.

“Joshua is not here,” she announced.

“When will he be back?” he asked.

“Not sure, he went to visit Uncle Bob out of town with our parents,” she replied.

“Uncle Bob broke one of his ankles after he fell and he needed some help for a couple of days,” she continued.

“They went there to help him with some heavy lifting,” she added.

“I see, that is unfortunate,” he replied.

He thanked the heavens that he was wearing his dark sunglasses as his eyes wandered over each inch of her displayed body. He found himself picturing the details of the concealed parts. He thanked also his baggy shorts that managed to hide his erection.

“Did you two have any plans for today?” she asked.

“Not really, just wandering around,” he replied.

“I will just come back when he returns,” he added.

“Why don’t you just wander here with me?” she suggested.

“I remember that we used to do it all the time,” she added.

“Sure,” he replied in a forced calm voice as he managed to hide his excitement.

“That sounds great,” he added and sat in the empty chair beside hers.

Ellen rolled on her side casually so that she could look at Paul as they chatted. Paul had to turn fast when his joystick got hard instantly. Ellen’s luscious globes hung down just a bit beneath their weight. They were about to spill out of the top of her bikini.

Her tits were already hard for some reason and rubbing against the thin material hiding them. Her hard tits appeared to be the only thing that were holding her top in place. She had casually crossed her long legs above each other and Paul’s eyes locked themselves on the spot where Ellen’s legs met.

While the back of her bathing suit was really small, he was surprised to see that the front was even tinier and tugged tight against her young soft mound. He was able to make out her private parts.

“Do you want to take a dip?” she asked with a smile.

“You are sweating, a dip will do you great,” she added.

“Sorry?” he replied as he could not believe that it was that obvious.

“I said the walk made you sweaty,” she replied.

“You look like you have done some exercises,” she added.

“Oh, thanks but no. I am okay,” he replied with a smile.

“But if I offend you, I can take a dip,” he added as he raised up his arms and sniffed comically his armpits.

Ellen rewarded him with a laugh that excited his core.

“I am not offended,” she said.

“In fact, I find sweating men sexy but the sweat has to smell good,” she revealed with a smile as she nibbled the tip of her sunglasses.

“I would like to ask you something if you don’t mind,” she said.

“Sure, what is it?” he replied.

“Why we don’t hang out together anymore?” she asked.

“A few years ago, You, Joshua and I were inseparable,” she pointed.

“Yeah, I remember, three musketeers,” he replied.

“Well, maybe it is the side effect of growing up,” he pointed out.

“And when the separation lasts three years, this changed everything,” he added.

“Maybe this gap changed something in the past but it does not matter anymore,” she replied.

“Not really,” he said.

“I am home for a few months and I want us to hang out, okay?” she asked.

“Sure, we are doing that right now,” he replied and they exchanged a laugh.

“Yes true, then lie back,” she said.

“Relax and enjoy the sun like me,” she added.

“I just fine like this,” he replied quickly.

He knew that if he laid down now on his back, his erection would betray his excitement.

“Well, remove at least your shirt to sunbath a bit,” she suggested.

“I feel undressed in front of you,” she added with a seductive smile.

Paul noticed her seductive smile but dismissed it. He blamed his mind as he could not believe that a stunning gorgeous woman like Ellen could desire him. In addition, she was the older sister of his best friend and to be honest, he was convinced that he was not skilled in the dating scene.

“Is it okay now?” he asked as he removed his shirt and threw it playfully at her.

“Very much,” she replied as she caught up his shirt.

She made a ball out of it and brought it up to her nose. He watched as she took a slow, long sniff.

“The aroma of a genuine man,” she said and they both laughed.

Paul held out his hand for her to return his shirt but she placed it beneath her head.

“Sorry, I did not bring a pillow with me,” she said.

“Okay,” he replied.

“Since you do not want to get comfortable, you can help me with this,” she said as she picked up a bottle of cream and handed it to him.

Numerous thoughts inundated Paul’s mind.

“She is hot, smart and funny to spend time with,” he thought.

“But she is not making a move on me, I am not lucky enough for such a girl,” he thought.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked.

“I have watched some movies that begin like this,” he added as he decided to try his chance.

“Well, I have also watched those movies,” she replied as she rolled over and lied on her belly.

“But these movies started with a pizza,” she pointed.

“Let’s see how you will turn things with a lotion,” she added as she put back on her sunglasses and waited.

Paul came close to the end of her chair and struggled to keep his nervousness under control. His hands were shaking since he could not believe that it was happening for real.

He started with her legs and feet since he did not want to start straight on her back. In addition, this could give him an opportunity to test water just in case he was wrong about her intentions.

He straddled the foot of her chair and Ellen brought down her legs above his. She hooked her creamy feet on the top of Paul’s thighs. He started applying some lotion on her calves and she let out a small sigh of relief as his fingers moved on her legs up and down. He could feel the reaction of her lean muscles beneath his touch.

She had the upper part of her feet pressed tightly against his strong legs and he felt them relaxing at his strokes, nearly tugging him closer to her. He moved up his hands a bit more with each massage.

When he reached the back of Ellen’s knees, he rubbed the soft flesh in circles with his thumbs. Then, he moved slowly up to the middle of her thighs in smooth, long strokes.

Paul was in heaven as he massaged Ellen’s legs with his hands. He could not believe that his hands were touching the most gorgeous chick he had ever known. This was too much for him and he did not know how long he would keep himself under control.

He was already rock hard with his pre-cum soaking the crotch of his shorts. However, he was into it and he knew that he could not stop. Lust hypnotized him as he moved forward on her chair and Ellen did not react.

She relaxed a bit and shifted quickly her legs to allow him to get closer. Paul began at the bottom of her thighs and ran slowly up his hands to the bottom of her well-shaped butt.

He parted his fingers as he moved them up and down, pulling gently back her legs to him. Ellen released a throaty sigh and tighten her legs around him a bit more. He rubbed the flesh between the bottom of her thighs and her butt a few more times and began slipping his thumbs up onto the inner sides of her thighs in long strokes.

He loved the sensation of Ellen’s smooth, long legs resting above his own. He could feel her skin getting warmer as he continued to massage. Then, Paul got ready to slip forward for the last time. He knew that his move was the huge one and the outcome of this massage depended on it.

He raised himself up and slipped up behind her a bit closer. If Ellen had to protest, this was the time to do it. He slipped his hips up between her legs and moved her legs in a comfortable angle.

She reacted to his touch as she shifted quietly to give him a better access. She leaned her knees before to lock her feet behind back. She kept him there. Paul struggled to control his breath as he was almost panting. For as second, he froze as he was unable to breath.

“Do not stop,” said Ellen in a whisper.

He applied more lotion on her back and started massaging her lower back before to move up in a smooth long stroke. By now, Paul was breathing really hard as he attempted to slow his erection by thinking of anything else but he failed.

He could feel his joystick getting harder and slick with his pre-cum. For the first time, Paul looked down to see Ellen’s legs wrapped firmly around him. Her womanhood was now close to his pulsing, hard meat with just her skimpy bikini bottoms and his shorts separating them. He continued to massage her since he did not know what else to do.

Paul moved again his hands up on her back before moving them back down until he noticed some changes in her breathing. She was now panting slightly. Ellen buried her face into Paul’s shirt and grabbed the upper bar of her chair.

Paul did not know what she wanted to do. Then, she felt her slip back a bit. He felt the wet heat of her vagina right through their thin clothes as Ellen moved her hips a bit after pressing back hard against his erection. Paul reacting by rubbing her even harder.

He fondled the muscles of her back deeply while he thrusted up and out before to grip her tighter on his way back, tugging her against him harder and grinding them in rhythm together.

By now, they were both panting and the thought of Ellen’s luscious globes filled Paul’s mind as he moved his hands to the sides of her body. His fingers brushed the bottom of her soft breasts before to slip them down to her skimpy bikini bottoms to rub her butt.

“Wait a minute,” she murmured as Paul froze as he was afraid that he took it too far.

“What is wrong?” he asked.

She kept silence for a few seconds before rolling her body and sat up. Paul was scared as he thought that Ellen was about to blame him. As she sat up, she could see his huge tent in the crotch of his shorts with a bit wet patch. Paul attempted to explain but his mind was unable to come up with something.

Just when she flipped around, Paul relaxed a bit as he saw another wet patch on her crotch also. Ellen sat quickly back down but she was now facing him this time. Ellen locked slowly back her legs around Paul’s waist and wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders.

Paul could feel the warmth of her womanhood pressed again against his pulsing shaft as she tugged close her face and kissed him on the lips. Paul returned the kiss and their tongues explored each other’s mouths as they kissed with passion for a long moment. They pressed their bodies tightly against each other as if they wanted to penetrate inside each other.

Ellen was the first to break the kiss. She bent a bit back and removed her sunglasses before removing Paul’s. She looked deep into his eyes before to speak.

“Since I came back, I have not stop thinking about you,” she murmured.

“Really?” he asked as he was stunned.

“Yeah, and you?” she replied as she thrusted her hips forward, almost humping his crotch.

He felt a jolt running through his body.

“For years,” he replied with a grin as he thrusted back his hips and they started rubbing together.

“We do not have to wait any longer,” she said as she moved her hands behind her and unhooked her bikini top.

She removed it in a swift motion and Paul locked his eyes on her gorgeous bare globes with admiration. He cupped them slowly and brushed her hard tits with his thumbs as she quivered and tightened her legs around him. They shared another passionate kiss with their arms draped tightly around each other. Their bodies were now in fire as his rock hard meat pressed against her dripping wet hole.

She tugged him down above her and he lifted up her legs as he bent down. He broke the kiss and moved down his mouth to her neck while fondling her globes. Then, he took one of her tits into his mouth and sucked on it gently. She relaxed and ran her fingers through his hair while he sucked on her breasts.

Then, she moved her hands down to his shorts and pulled them down to release his rock hard joystick. He removed also her bikini bottoms that were now completely drenched with her fluids and his pre-cum.

His meat was now pressed hard against her slit and he thrusted back against her and rubbed his meat up and down her slit. She urged him to take her there and he thrusted back his hips to gain some space.

She moved her hand down and wrapped her fingers around his throbbing shaft. She guided the head to her waiting, wet tunnel. She pressed gently down with her hips to keep him there and waited for him to penetrate her.

They made eye contact and Paul thrusted slowly back against her, slipping inside her, deeper. He savored her tightness that gripped his shaft harder and pulled it deeper inside.

“Oh yes!” moaned Ellen.

He pulled back a bit until only the tip was inside her. Then, he thrusted back inside in a swift motion before to pull back out once again. He repeated this process a few times with their bodies grinding together.

He started thrusting his meat deeper and harder while she pulled his body against her and ran her nails on his back and ass to drive him over the brink. She was thrusting back her hips wildly to match his rhythm.

Ellen was panting as she felt her orgasm coming close. Paul also felt his semen boiling in his balls.

“Oh my god, I am cumming!” yelled Ellen.

Paul felt her tunnel gripping tightly his shaft and sucking it inside. This triggered his own orgasm as he thrusted deeper inside her and exploded. She yelled throughout her climax and dug her nails in his back while he shot numerous jets of semen deep inside her.

The End

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