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Wired Connection

By Roy Gino

Copyright@2017 by Roy Gino

Smashwords Edition

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

This Erotic Short Story is loaded with, hot, graphic sex! It is intended only for adults over the age of 18 and all characters are represented as 18 or over.

Kevin climbed the steps to the front door. He was ready for his next task. He could see that the house looked white and neat. The porch was not too big and the front yard was also neat, just like the house. It was obvious that the owner paid attention to details as the lawn was mowed neatly under a poinciana tree that was sprawling.

There were beautiful flowers in various colors all around the yard. He could see tall dahlias that displayed their huge flowers over snapdragons and some sunflowers formed a bed with their high gold tips nodding to the wind. Bright daisy bushes were planted at the other side of the steps with their centers matching the sun.

For a few seconds, Kevin admired the front yard of the house with its beautiful flowerbeds. Then, he knocked on the door. A silence followed for a short moment before he decided to knock once again.

“Hello, I am here for the cable!” he called out.

However, he did not get any answer. He walked to the close window to check in. He could hear some low voice but was unable to identify it. Afterward, he heard some footsteps coming to the main door. He walked back to the door.

“Excuse me, I did not hear you,” said the woman when she opened the door.

“I was taking a shower,” she explained.

Kevin looked at the petite woman who was standing in the doorway. It was obvious that she was right out of the shower since her long hair was soaked and hanging on her globes. Drops of water were leaking out of her hair and had drenched into the bright material of her tank top.

Kevin struggled to focus on her face but his eyes were still moving down to her hard tits that were poking through the wet material.

“That is okay,” he replied.

“Such things happen anytime,” he continued.

“I am a bit early, I am sorry,” he added as he forced his mind and eyes to move from her wet material that was clinging to her round perky globes.

Kevin found himself plunging into a pair of brown liquid eyes that were adorned with long soft lashes.

“Let me take you to the living room,” she said as she turned and guided him down the corridor.

He was walking behind her and the view from behind was as nice as the one from the front. The woman was wearing a small set of shorts that covered her round neat bottom and Kevin could see some glimpse of her butt cheeks right under the leg of the fabric.

“Oh God!” he sighed to himself as he remembered stories that he heard from his peers about working in houses occupied by such women.

As the woman guided him, he saw that she was swaying her hips. He wondered if his mind was not playing tricks to him or if the woman was walking like that deliberately to tease him. Kevin had fantasized numerous times about visiting a house for his job and being attacked sexually by a female client. He was getting horny with the simple fact of being alone in a room with such a woman.

They stepped in the living room that was also tidy and neat just like the other rooms of the house. There was a huge comfy sofa in the room with a massive television in front of it. Suddenly, Kevin pictured the woman being completely naked and leaning over the sofa, urging him to shove his hard manhood into her pink, wet hole. He realized that the woman appeared to be a bit agitated and he wondered if she did not have the same thought.

“Sorry, I forgot, I am Daisy,” she said and laughed nervously with her cheeks flushing.

“I am Kevin,” he replied with a smile.

He noticed that she was getting sexier the more he looked at her and she looked at him. She was his type of woman, gorgeous skin, without makeup, naturally sexy and hot.

“Glad to meet you, Kevin,” she said.

“I am really glad that you could make it today,” she continued.

“I moved in just a week ago and I really need the cable,” she added.

“Sure, I can help you without trouble,” he replied with a smile.

He could feel that the job would be wonderful. Daisy was definitely the type of client he liked since she was polite and kept her house clean.

“Well, here is the television,” she said with another nervous laugh.

“You will find the connection in the corner,” she added.

“Thanks, let me deal with it now,” he replied as he walked over to the television and started unpacking the kit of his tools.

Daisy left the living room. Kevin was glad that she left so that he could focus on his job. However, he was also disappointed at the same time since he wanted her to stay for a chat. He started working. The job was quite straightforward since the connection was just a standard one. He was sure that he would complete the job in less than an hour.

Generally, Kevin could plunge himself in a task and complete it fast. He loved his work, particularly the wiring task that consisted in connecting the cable box to the television set and setting up the additional channels.

However, things were different today. His mind continued to go back to the sight that had answered the front door a moment ago. The view of her damp hair leaking down on her round globes got into him. Kevin liked that he was nearly able to see but not quite the shape of her globes under her top even if not quite. He was unable to forget the round firm butt above her lovely legs that were shaped wonderfully. He found himself picturing about leaning her over the sofa.

“You are really naughty, teasing the poor guy badly,” said Daisy to her reflection in front of the mirror in the bathroom.

She grinned at herself through the mirror.

“This one has quite a hot body,” she thought to herself.

Daisy loved watching Kevin’s face when she answered the door. She was able to feel his piercing eyes when she guided him down the corridor. She felt the zone between her thighs throbbing. Daisy always had a thing about handymen. They were often so healthy and fit and they loved to put on those really tight shorts. Kevin was not different. Daisy always fantasized about a fit man able to use his hands to fix stuff. It was her favorite fantasy. She always dreamed of screwing a handyman as he was fixing some stuff in her house.

She had received many handymen but she never took her game far. She had just flirted and teased them. She enjoyed the rush of making them stutter and bumbling. When the handyman would leave, she would think about him struggling to keep his eyes away from her globes. This always aroused her.

A few weeks ago, she called a plumber to fix her sink. He was a young guy with tight shorts. Daisy was wearing a short mini skirt and sat on her sink to talk to him idly and passing tools at his request.

Each time the plumber looked out from beneath the sink, he would have a good sight all the way up her short skirt. She had made sure to be without panties. The plumber had to think hard most of the time before to find his words.

Daisy had nearly summoned her courage that day to take the guy to her bed. However, despite the plumber taking long to leave her house after the job, she was unable to convince herself. She had a feeling that the plumber would not reject her but she was not too sure about it.

After the plumber left, Daisy was so horny that she rushed to her bedroom and sat on the foot of the bed just like she had been sitting over the sink. She played with herself while picturing the plumber pressing his hard manly torso against her perky boobs. Her tunnel was already dripping and she brought herself to a wonderful orgasm.

The handyman today was absolutely delicious with cute firm biceps, gorgeous hands that looked as if they would be able to fix also her wet, hot canal. When Kevin leaned over, Daisy noticed his firm ass that looked nice in his tight shorts.

She was really pleased that Kevin liked her damp bright top. She pictured him leaning her over the sofa, tugging down her shorts and shoving his strong fingers into her dripping wet tunnel.

“Oh God, I am so horny!” she thought to herself.

Daisy felt a strong desire to return to the lounge and push down the cable guy on the sofa in order to ride his manhood fast and hard.

“Damn!” she cursed when she heard the phone ringing, interrupting her daydreaming.

She had an idea about the caller. It was Bugger and she considered for a moment to let her answering machine responded to the call and she would call back a moment later.

However, she knew that the caller would give her so much grief that she would regret it. Then, she got an idea. She took her phone and looked at the screen to confirm the identity of the caller.

“Hello,” she said as she answered the call.

Then, she walked back to the living room and sat on the sofa. Kevin was progressing slowly in his work since his mind continued to wander. He was missing spots throughout his work. This frustrated him and his arousal kept increasing each minute. He made up his mind to find a quiet place after his job to release the tension.

He saw Daisy out of the corner of his eye coming back in the lounge room. She was talking on the phone. Her shirt and hair were still wet with wetness covering almost the entire front of the shirt. The fabric was clinging to the contour of her small waist and globes softly.

He was able to see her hard tits poking through the material of her shirt. He pictured himself cupping his fingers beneath the firm round globes and sucking the tit. Daisy sat on the sofa and crossed her legs.

This gave Kevin a sight of her lace panties glancing out around the short leg of her tight shorts. He could not believe that they were selling now such small shorts. It was his first time to meet a woman in such fabric. The shorts was so tiny that he could move aside the crotch only with his finger in order to have a total sight of her whole womanhood.

He attempted desperately to join a couple of wires together but the picture of Daisy’s flawless pink vagina beckoning at him from the leg’s shorts kept coming back in his mind.

Kevin glanced around and saw that Daisy was still sitting on the sofa, laughing and chatting on the phone. He wondered if his mind was playing tricks since he could see that she was holding her phone in one hand while her other hand was rubbing her womanhood through her shorts.

“Maybe she does not know that I can see her or she is expecting to see me focused on my job,” he thought to himself.

He turned back his head to his task and turned around his body so that his back was to Daisy. He bent down to continue his job but the picture of what he had seen kept coming back in his mind.

He could not forget about the sight of Daisy’s finger tracing idly her vagina. This sight was fixed firmly in his mind. He desired also to use his finger for the same purpose. Kevin felt his dick getting hard in his shorts.

He was now frustrated, uncomfortable and horny. His meat seemed to get bigger the more he attempted to focus. Then, he started smelling something. He realized that it was cunt juice but he was not sure. He had to confirm.

He was unable to resist as he turned around to look straight at Daisy who was sitting on the sofa. He could see that her legs were definitely open wide and she was working her finger on her vagina through the shorts with a dark spot of dampness spreading all around her groin.

“Oh God!” moaned Kevin to himself as he was now lost.

His dick was standing now full hard even if his shorts attempted to restrict it and he was crouching on the sofa. This made his erection less obvious. Daisy appeared to be unaware of Kevin looking at her as she kept chatting idly over the phone.

However, Kevin had some doubts of her unawareness when he saw her eyes moving down to his crotch for a short moment. Kevin was transfixed as he watched her slipping her finger under the leg of her tiny shorts.

Daisy pulled aside her shorts and rewarded Kevin with a peek of a shining slit. She ran her finger around the opening of her vagina and Kevin pictured pressing his tongue right there to taste the fluid coming out of her.

He got up with his dick throbbing as the tent in his pants started getting uncomfortable. Daisy kept talking on the phone while slipping her finger inside her. Kevin could see delight covering her face as she pleasured herself.

When she pulled out her finger, he could see her juice leaking out. She looked straight into his eyes and brought up her finger to her mouth. She pulled out her tongue and licked the tip of her finger without breaking eye contact. Kevin opened his mouth a bit as he pictured the delicious taste of Daisy on her finger.

Daisy licked off her juice from her finger with a wicked smile before to move back her finger between her thighs. Kevin watched as the lips of her vagina became swollen outwards along with her clit as her excitement grew. Daisy’s cheeks flushed deeply as she parted her legs wide and started moving two fingers inside her with juice leaking down her fingers. Kevin forgot about his task and everything else as the sight of the hot woman pleasuring herself on the sofa right in front of him hypnotized him.

It was too much for the cable guy as he lowered the zip of his shorts and pulled down the fabric. Daisy stopped her motion with her eyes wide open and her mouth a bit open. She rested the tip of her tongue on her upper up as she watched the cable guy releasing his huge hard dick.

“Oh really?” she asked over the phone while focusing on his meat.

Kevin parted his legs a bit and started stroking his meat while she pleasured herself with her fingers and talked on the phone. She opened her eyes wide when she saw him using his pre-cum to coat the entire head.

He walked slowly to her and stood right before her with his dick close to her mouth. She was still speaking as she bent forward to lick the pre-cum from the tip. He nearly let out a groan in delight.

Since he was now close to her, he could smell her cunt juices. He knelt down and buried his face between her thighs. He used his finger to stroke her labia before to lick them softly.

Daisy wrapped her legs around Kevin’s shoulders as she leaned back. This pushed Kevin’s face into her vagina. He licked greedily her slit and drank her fluids before to suck gently her clit while she kept talking on the phone until she tensed and orgasmed.

She squeezed his head with her legs with the inner muscles of her vagina clenching firmly. Then, she squirted into his mouth. He bent back with her fluids leaking down his chin.

Daisy got up and she pulled down her shorts along with her panties. She stood right before him with her naked cunt in display. Then, she walked over to the back of her sofa and bent over.

He positioned himself behind her and used his throbbing meat to stroke her womanhood. The sight of her streaming damp vagina and bare flawless round ass aroused him even more.

He grabbed her hips and easily slipped his meat inside her. He pushed it inside slowly while gritting his teeth. The inner muscles of her vagina gripped his meat tightly, enjoying each inch of his rod.

When he was completely inside her, he paused for a short moment and she pressed her ass against his abdomen with his dick completely enclosed by her wet, warm tunnel. Kevin felt as if he was able to melt into Daisy.

She thrusted back against him and this fueled his lust for her as he pulled completely out before to thrust back in abruptly. She reacted by thrusting against him. Lust overwhelmed them as they fucked fast and hard like wild beasts.

The entire time, Daisy continued to talk over the phone. Kevin gritted his teeth in an attempt to keep quiet. He wondered how she could keep chatting over the phone while being pounded but he was aroused by the thought that the other person over the phone was totally unaware of what was taking place during their chat.

He continued to move his meat inside her while her cunt twitched through numerous minor orgasms. He could feel his own climax increasing inside him. Daisy slipped down her hand and started furiously rubbing her clit while they both reached the edge of their release.

Her vagina clamped around his meat tighter as he was now shoving her against the furniture with powerful thrusts. Then, his orgasm burst over his entire body with his semen filling her up as she exploded also.

“Thank you Mom for the call, the cable guy is here, I have to go,” she said over the phone as they collapsed on the sofa.

The End

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