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Youthful Interaction

By Roy Gino

Copyright@2017 by Roy Gino

Smashwords Edition

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

This Erotic Short Story is loaded with, hot, graphic sex! It is intended only for adults over the age of 18 and all characters are represented as 18 or over.

James knew Billy McGregor all his life along with Billy’s daughter, Janet. She was always like a tomboyish and playful girl. Her eyes were green and her hair was red. She seemed to be into all the topics. She used to spend many of her nights with James’s family.

James considered Janet as his family. She was like his niece and he never had any other thought about her, except that she was a nice girl. Things changed when Janet became a teenager. Within a year, she turned into a hot girl. She was suddenly a woman. Janet’s mother, Rachel, was also hot and tall with red hair.

Many people used to tell Billy that he was a lucky man and he never forgot that. Their marriage seemed to be successful. A few years later, Janet was now a younger version of Rachel. The only difference was that Janet’s chest was larger. She had a slim frame and her chest was striking.

Soon, James started having trouble acting as a close friend of the family while fighting his lust for Janet. He often started getting an erection when Janet would embrace him with her sexy body. It was hard for him to control himself when he saw Janet walking around in skimpy outfits or leaning over, exposing accidentally a pair of perky breasts or a young womanhood.

He considered such thinking taboo. In order to fight the temptation, he decided to keep his distance with the young woman each time she was around or make sure that other people were around them in the room. He was afraid that he would make a move on her and that would damage her trust in him. His lust made him feel really guilty.

Janet was really lucky to be a smart girl. After her graduation from high school with top grades, she received a scholarship from a college out of town. This had her away from James for many months. She was back home only for family events and holidays.

For years, James managed to forget about his forbidden desires and lust. However, this changed when Janet entered her twenties. By then, James had been divorced for around five years and his two sons were already at college out of town. He was living alone and feeling lonely.

Since it was spring, Billy and his family invited James to come over to their residence by the lake to celebrate Janet’s birthday. They told him that Janet insisted on having him there. Since James did not have any plans for the next days, he accepted readily.

He had to complete some work before leaving. Therefore, he came over a bit late on that day for the trip to the summer residence. When he reached Billy’s place, he noticed that the only car that was on the driveway was Janet’s convertible.

He entered the house and noticed that it was empty. He assumed that the family was running some errands in town. He used this opportunity to take a shower and change his clothes since the weather was particularly hot and the trip to Billy’s place made him feeling rumpled.

He went to the bathroom to take his shower. He heard a knock on the door of the bathroom just when he walked out of the shower. Then, he heard Janet’s voice before a hard knock.

“Uncle James! Are you in there?” she asked.

“I am, sweetie,” he replied as he put on a robe.

“Come out here to hug your favorite niece or I am coming inside!” she said.

He knew very that some of Janet’s actions, if not many, were unabashed. He knew that she was able to step in. He opened the door in his robe and did not expect to see such a gorgeous creature.

Janet was wearing a tiny dark bikini that was really exposing. The bikini top highlighted the cleavage of her globes. He realized that Janet had completely changed. She was always cute but now she had enhanced her physical appearance greatly.

Her breasts were now larger than they were before. She had an athletic and fit body. It was obvious that being part of the college basketball and track teams had helped her a lot.

She had beautiful skin that looked perfect from her head to her toes since she used to sunbath often and this gave her skin some bronze shades. James felt his manhood stir under his robe.

Janet opened her arms with excitement and wrapped them around James’s neck. Then, she kissed him on his lips and thrusted her tongue deep inside his mouth. James did not stop her. Their tongues swirled as they pressed their bodies against each other closer. This increased the stirring between James’s legs.

“Oh God, I have missed you a lot,” she said out of breath as she embraced her daddy’s best friend tightly.

She rubbed up her upper leg firmly against his crotch. The contact was between James’s half hard penis and Janet’s bare skin. The young woman knew what part of his body was in contact with her skin. However, she acted as if she did not know it as she tightened her embrace with her probing leg caressing James’s meat.

“Jesus! I see that you have really missed me!” he replied.

“I have missed you more than you can imagine,” she pointed while holding him close.

James pushed the young woman back gently before looking at her. With the bikini top emphasizing her chest, he plunged his eyes down on her boobs until he realized that he stared at them for a long moment with his half hard shaft getting obvious.

They walked to the living room and Janet sat on the sofa. The dark bikini bottoms beneath her fit against her tan skin snugly.

“I have to put on some clothes,” he said quickly as he left.

He really needed to walk away from her in order to calm down his erection. He realized that the new Janet was having wrong effects on him and he had to conceal his hard-on.

“You will find me there,” she said as she opened her legs a bit wider.

Her crotch was covered tightly and he could see the outline of her labia. This made his erection worse. He rushed back to the spare room where his stuff was. He put on some loosen swim trunks with a tee shirt since it was really hot and Janet was now triggering desires that he had struggled for years to suppress. He felt that it was time to loosen a bit.

When he returned to the sitting room, Janet was still on the sofa. He noticed her bulging tits showing through the narrow material of her bikini top. She had crossed her slim legs once again and James was a bit relieved.

“I guess your parents return soon?” he asked with hope as he sat down on a huge armchair across the sofa.

“They are still out,” she replied with a lovely grin.

“What do you mean?” he asked with confusion.

“They were supposed to be back two to three hours ago,” he pointed.

“True but Dad’s partners sent him to Shanghai,” she replied as she got up.

“They will join us this weekend,” she continued.

“This means that we are alone in this house for the next few days,” she added as she yawned.

She pushed her taut fit body against the skimpy swimming suit she was wearing. Her improved globes were now pressed out in the tiny fabric. The bottom parts of her bathing suit stuck in her two ass cheeks and between the lips of her vagina.

“Oh God, she has blossomed in such stunning woman!” he thought as he remembered when she was a little girl and he was putting her in bed.

These forced memories were a way for him to control his lust. He assumed that she considered him as her father and he could not allow her to act vivaciously in front of him. He had to remember himself that she was like his daughter. Even if he had some physical needs, he could not ruin her trust. He kept telling himself that he was almost fifties while she was just twenty-one. However, this logic did little to stop his erection.

Janet got up and walked over to her daddy’s best friend.

“Uncle James, let’s go swim!” she said as she held out her hands.

He accepted the warm, small hands and the young woman jerked him up with their bodies bumping into each other. The contact felt really nice and James’s baggy trunks did little to conceal his excitement.

They walked to the lake and he removed his top immediately. He needed to enter into the cool water to calm down his excitement. He plunged quickly in the lake and Janet followed him.

They swam around and started to frolic as if they were old friends. James was relaxing since he was now thinking of Janet as his niece. Unfortunately, this moment was cut short when Janet emerged up from the water and attempted to push him beneath. The process made one of her full globe spilling out. He had now a hard pink tit close to his eyes.

“Oh Jesus!” squealed the young woman as she covered back up her tit quickly.

“Uncle James, I am really sorry,” she apologized.

“It is okay baby, I did not even notice,” he lied.

They swam around again and James moved away in order to prevent any physical contact. It was getting now hard for James to ignore Janet as a woman in a completely female body. He really wished that her parents were there with them.

They left the lake a moment later and returned to the house. They were planning to go out for dinner and return to the house to watch some videos for the rest of the evening.

The view of Janet coming out of the lake was very erotic. The dark fabric of her bikini adhered firmly to her young fresh body as of it was a natural skin. The bikini covered her inadequately. The material outlined each crook and crevasse of her athletic healthy body.

The bikini top marvelously outlined a pair of hard tits while the bottom contoured wonderfully around a pair of fresh firm ass cheeks and vagina lips. The sight would have been really enjoyable if the woman was not Janet McGregor.

As they stepped in the house, Janet grabbed him suddenly. She turned him around so that he was now facing her. Then, they started kissing with passion. At first, James resisted but the sensation was just too delightful for him to stop. His resistance faded and he returned the kiss.

The young athletic body felt amazing. He could feel a warm groin grounded firmly against his hardening meat. He ran his hands on the rounded ass and slim back up and down.

“Oh Uncle James, I love you,” she said when she broke the kiss.

“I love you, too,” he replied.

“I have always loved you like my own kid,” he explained.

“This is not the way I love you now,” she revealed.

“I am now a woman and I love you just like a woman should love a man,” she explained.

It was at that moment that James realized what they were doing. He broke the embrace and jumped away. This moved him to strip before to land on the floor on his butt.

“James, are you okay?” asked Janet anxiously.

“No, such love is wrong,” he argued.

“Why?” she asked.

“I am your uncle,” he reminded with shock without getting up.

“You are not my uncle since you are just my father’s best friend,” she pointed out.

“You are also a longtime friend of our family but we do not have any blood relationship between us,” she added as she came closer.

“Do you mean you want to be my girlfriend?” he asked in awe.

“Not really,” she replied slowly.

“Okay, what do you want to be to me?” he asked with confusion.

“I am still a virgin and I want you to be my first,” she confessed quickly.

He opened his eyes wide as he looked up at her. He was still sitting on the floor and looked in disbelief as the stunning creature in front of him was asking him to take her virginity. This had been always his fantasy.

“Janet, are you serious?” he asked.

“Yes, I am offering you my cherry, take it please,” she replied with her lips shaking.

“I am really flattered by your offer,” he replied honestly.

“But I am not sure if this is the right thing for us to do,” he added.

Tears were now rolling down her cheeks with her athletic young body shaking. Her admission brought shame over her face.

“Oh my God, I am so stupid! You must find me disgusting now!” she whined as she ran out of the room.

She headed to her bedroom. James got up to follow her. He found her crying on her bed. She sat when he stepped in the room.

“Baby, I do not find you disgusting,” he assured her in a soft voice.

“But I am sure that it would be easy for you to find guys of your age for this,” he suggested.

“James, I want my first time to be special,” she replied.

“And you have chosen me for this?” he asked incredulously.

“I am sure that you have been with some guys,” he pointed out.

“True but our relationship was not really physical,” she replied as he looked at her with confusion.

“I have given blowjobs and hand jobs,” she explained.

“They have also gotten me off,” she added.

“But there was no love between us,” she specified.

“I mean what I am feeling for you is different,” she said softly.

“My love for you moved me to save myself because I want you,” she revealed with tears filling her green eyes.

“I am really sorry James,” she mumbled as she started crying with tears rolling down her cheeks.

She bowed shamefully her red head.

“Janet!” he cooed as he came closer and cupped her face.

“I know that you are hating me,” she whimpered.

“This so silly of me,” she added anxiously.

“I just thought that my love for you would be mutual and we could just be together,” she revealed.

“I wanted us not only to have sex but to make love also,” she added with frustration.

“I feel so silly,” she said.

“Janet, you are not silly,” he replied.

“Your love is true and this is commendable,” he continued.

James was now getting horny since he could not believe that such gorgeous woman was offering him not only something honorable but also precious. It was a rare opportunity and he loved her also even if he was not sure if he could love her as a mature woman.

“I really want to love you as a man,” he admitted.

“You can, I want it,” she replied softly.

Suddenly, he did not care about her parents since he realized that Janet was already legal and was making an offer knowingly with her reason.

“Janet, it would be an honor to take your virginity,” he admitted as he tugged her close and they kissed with passion.

She untied her bikini top to expose her globes. Then, she arched her back and wrapped her arms around his neck. He moved down his mouth to her chest and took one of her hard nipples between his lips.

She moaned as her daddy’s best friend licked, sucked and nibbled her nipple while playing with her free globe. This made his shaft even harder and she moved down her hand to his crotch.

She pulled back the elastic waistband of his trunks and slipped her fingers inside. She grasped his hard shaft and he groaned as she pulled out his meat. She started stroking it while he sucked and fondled her breasts.

Then, he released her tits and made her lie down on the bed. He bent over to lick her tits again before kissing his way down to her belly. He flicked her belly button with his tongue while she giggled.

Then, he pulled down her bikini bottoms and removed them. His eyes opened wide at the sight of her gorgeous young tunnel. He slipped down between her thighs and began licking her inner thighs.

She parted her legs slowly and lifted her knees to display her attractive glistening vagina. He could smell her intoxicating aroma as he brought his face closer. He licked her labia alternately before to thrust in his tongue. She gasped before to moan loudly as her daddy’s best friend ate her out greedily.

He sucked on her clit while she moaned and she clamped tightly her thighs around his head as she exploded into his mouth and convulsed on the bed with her eyes shut. She thrashed all around before to collapse on her bed.

“Oh James, take me now!” she ordered hotly.

Without hesitation, he guided his rock hard meat into her virgin tunnel. He thrusted inside and they stared into each other’s eyes intensely as the tip of his manhood hit her barrier.

“I love you Janet,” he said softly.

“I love you more,” she replied.

Then, he thrusted further inside and broke her barrier. She inhaled deeply through her clenched teeth and urged him to screw her harder. He started ramming his meat in and out after he gave her time to get used to its size.

She wrapped her legs around him as he pounded her vagina with loud moans. She was sobbing happily with the waves of delight getting intense. The inner muscles of her vagina gripped his penis firmly and he felt himself ready to explode as he shoved his meat deeper inside her and they both yelled throughout their powerful orgasms before collapsing on the wet sheets.

The End

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