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Steps for Stimulation

By Roy Gino

Copyright@2017 by Roy Gino

Smashwords Edition

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

This Erotic Short Story is loaded with, hot, graphic sex! It is intended only for adults over the age of 18 and all characters are represented as 18 or over.

Rachel really wanted to lose some weight. When she was a teenager, she had an athletic body. She was fit and always kept herself in shape by taking part in various sports. In high school, she was a cheerleader and when she attended college, she was a member of various sport teams.

Things changed when she left college and started working. Her job was not physical. She was spending her entire days behind a desk. This made her gain some pounds. As she was entering her thirties, she was really felt badly about herself.

She often looked at her reflection in the mirror and blamed her work as she pulled on the skin of her belly. One day, a friend invited her to lunch.

“Girl, you look really different,” said Amanda.

She had been Rachel’s friend since high school.

“I know, I really hate this job,” replied Rachel.

“I have to leave my house early in the morning and come back really late,” she explained.

“I do not have time to exercise anymore and I now feel …fat,” she said as she looked down at her body.

“I can relate,” replied Amanda.

“I have been always the chubby one between us but now I see that I am not alone anymore,” she added with a laugh.

“Really funny,” replied Rachel sarcastically.

“I really need to do something about it but I am struggling to find the strength to exercise even at the end of the day,” she explained.

“What about dance class?” suggested Amanda.

“Sorry?” replied Rachel.

“Yeah, I know that it might sound inappropriate but I have a friend who suggested me that,” answered Amanda.

“She was also chubby and we had not seen each other for a year,” she continued.

“I saw her last week and I did not believe my eyes,” she said.

“Meaning?” asked Rachel.

“She is now slender, not like a model, but definitely not chubby anymore,” she replied.

“She told me that she had been taking dance classes,” she added.

“Well, that is good for her but I don’t see myself taking such classes,” replied Rachel.

“Why don’t we try it out together?” suggested Amanda.

“I know a dance class in the neighborhood but I do not have the courage to go there,” she said.

“But if we can support each other and give it a try,” she added.

Rachel thought a moment before replying. Amanda explained that the classes were not too long and not every day. Rachel finally accepted.

Since then, Rachel took her lessons seriously and unlike most of the students in the class, she gave it her entire soul. She performed each step, each movement with enthusiasm and energy that surprised her instructors. Amanda was also trying to do her best but did not have the same enthusiasm as Rachel.

What Amanda and the instructors did not know was that the dance made Rachel really horny. The lessons were a mixture of African and Western dance. The pure sensuality, the gyrations, and the rhythms of the dances aroused her intensely.

At the end of each class, Rachel would drive back home quickly and rush to her shower to masturbate like hell until she exploded violently. More than once, she almost lost her balance in the shower and missed landing on the floor.

While Rachel was currently single after a long relationship, Amanda was married to an accountant. Freddy was aware of the dance classes and he also knew that some of these dance schools taught sexy moves for women to try out on their partners.

That explained why Amanda was really hot in bed recently. Freddy started discreetly following Amanda and Rachel to their classes. One evening, Freddy followed the two women and parked his car where they could not see it.

Then, he walked to the store that was on the front. The dance classes were being held inside. He realized that it was a bad move since the window of the store was tinted and dark so that people on the street could not look inside. He was really disappointed. Then, he saw a tall man walking out of the following door. He motioned Freddy over.

“I am the manager of the store and one of the instructors,” he said.

“I do not allow gawkers,” he explained.

“They make the students nervous,” he added.

“But I offer prime sights inside my office for just 20 bucks,” he offered.

Freddy did not mind as he paid the money and the guy allowed him inside. He found around six other men already sitting in front of a huge screen TV set. It was apparent that the guy had rigged the studio with concealed microphones and cameras that captured every step.

The women in the studio were getting ready. Rachel was sitting with Amanda. Rachel was wearing a short skirt with a shirt that exposed her belly. The shirt did little to conceal her large breasts. In addition, the shirt partially exposed her lace bra.

Amanda was wearing only a bikini top and shorts. There were ten other women there in the class with an instructor. However, the dance studio did not look like a regular one. It looked more like a modern strip club that came with a stage and stripper poles. They were seats all around the platform.

“Okay girls, for the past two weeks, we have covered the basics,” said the instructor.

“For this evening, the lessons will evolve around lap dances,” he continued.

“You can use these lessons to dance for your partner at home if you want,” he said.

“But for those who want to use these classes in the professional field, they have to keep the rules in mind,” he continued.

“You can do almost anything to get your clients excited,” he stated.

“But you cannot allow them to touch you,” he added.

“Okay, find a partner among you and let’s start,” he instructed.

Amanda and another woman paired up together while Rachel found another student who was blond and a bit taller than her. For a moment, Rachel talked to the blond woman and the woman sat in the chair.

The instructor played a CD with sultry music filling the room.

“Now girls, show me what you have learned so far,” he instructed.

“The beginning should be slow to keep your man or client interested,” he explained.

“Do not strip down immediately, make him desire you,” he added.

A few seconds later, the students began gyrating to the beats, slowly rubbing their bodies against their partners. Afterward, the dancers began taking off their clothes gradually at the same time as if they had received a signal.

Freddy could not believe his eyes while the other men in the office were used to it as they started commenting about the girls and their steps on the huge screen. Rachel danced to the beat, as she peeled down her top from her shoulders and exposed her bra.

Her partner began getting into the step, moving up her hand to Rachel’s tit. However, Rachel did not forget about the rules as she pushed slightly away the hand. The instructor was walking around the room, guiding some students and giving others some tips. Within a minute, Rachel had removed completely her dress, dancing only in her G-string and bra.

It was at that moment that the dance began getting wild. Rachel pushed her head down in the lap of her partner. She acted as if her partner was a man as she ran up her chin along the crotch.

When she moved her head back up, Rachel climbed up before hunching over the other woman. She placed tantalizingly the cups of her bra close to the lips of her partner.

Afterward, she reached back and unclasped her bra. She peeled back the fabric to display her gorgeous globes. Then, she cupped her boobs and massaged them against the face of her partner, putting her face between the creamy mounds.

Her partner raised again her hands in an attempt to caress Rachel’s skin. However, Rachel stood up and moved away. She turned around seductively and leaned over. Then, she pulled down her G-string to display her bald womanhood. She was now dancing completely naked in front of another woman. She was wearing just her dark high heels.

“That’s it, good girls, switch now!” instructed the instructor.

Without putting back on her clothes, Rachel sat down on the chair totally naked. Her partner danced also like her with the same steps. Such steps always kept Rachel really horny. All the women around the room were naked and trying to arouse each other.

Rachel’s partner slid one of her hands down on Rachel’s crotch and moved it back up before seductively thrusting her finger into her mouth. It was obvious that her finger was inside Rachel’s hole before she licked it up.

Freddy noticed that all the guys around him were playing with their tools while watching the dance.

“Okay girls, that was awesome,” said the instructor as the music ended.

The women picked up their clothes and put them back on. The guys left the office discreetly with the manager as the women received last instructions from the instructor before leaving.

At the end of the class, Rachel was sweating. Amanda had already left. The class was really good as usually. She knew that she had also to work hard on her diet, staying away of numerous quick lunches and bad dinners.

She was putting her stuff in the bag and could not wait to reach home for her shower. Then, the instructor walked to her.

“I would like to speak to you briefly if you have a minute,” said the instructor.

“Of course, is there a problem?” she asked.

“Well, I am sure you know that you are my best student here,” he started.

“Generally, what I am teaching so far in African dance are basic steps,” he revealed.

“These steps are more useful for fitness,” he explained.

“But you need more lessons to master technique and choreography,” he continued.

“You are gifted since you are really natural with the steps and I am sure that you will easily master the advanced steps and movements I would like to teach you,” he said.

“I am sure these steps will improve your skills and experience,” he added.

Rachel was impressed that the instructor felt like that about her movements. Since she started taking his classes, he never talked to her too much and he appeared to look at her only barely.

However, she used to look at him often. He was muscular and tall without looking like a bodybuilder. He had a lithe, lean frame. He always kept his dark hair in the mandatory dreads tugged back. He tied his hair with a leather ribbon.

“I understand, we can do it next week,” she replied.

“I was expecting to show you some steps this evening if the class has not exhausted you,” he said.

Rachel had just spent three hours dancing and learning new steps. She was really tired but the instructor looked so handsome that she could not turn him down.

“Sure, I am not too tired, I can learn a few steps,” she replied.

By now, the room and the manager office were empty. The instructor walked over to a player and put in some CD. The music was hard driving and more aggressive than what they used to listen during classes.

“For now, you have just to watch me,” he said as he walked over.

He started performing some complicated sequences of steps that matched the music perfectly and showed his talents as a perfect dancer.

“Did you get it?” he asked as he stopped before looking at her.

Rachel looked confused. Then, she attempted to imitate the step clumsily. She was really embarrassed when the rhythm of the music did not match her steps. In fact, she finished the steps even before the music could end.

“For a beginner, it was really good,” said the instructor to encourage her.

“What you have accomplished is far better than what many experienced dancers could achieve in the same span of time,” he added as he walked over to her.

“I just thought of it as a sequence of little steps that I am sure you could master easily,” he said as he placed his arm gently on her shoulder.

He started swaying with her back and forth. His arm was stilling on her shoulder. Rachel sniffed deeply as his scent filled her nostrils. His aroma aroused her even more than she was already. She felt safe in his strong arms. She was convinced that he would never hurt her or let her harm herself.

“You see?” he asked as he released her.

Then, he slowly performed the routine. He did it gradually, step after step. Rachel was stunned that she knew very step basically and she had just to put them together to match the routine.

“Give it a try,” said the instructor.

He walked back to the player and put the music back on. Rachel also wanted to please him. Therefore, when the music started, she felt as if a force took over her whole body. She swayed in rhythm with the music. She really felt each beat and moved accordingly. When the music ended, Rachel felt as if she was about to explode. She found the steps both sensuous and exhilarating.

“That was wonderful,” said the instructor.

“You are really a natural,” he added.

He looked at her for a few minutes as Rachel attempted to retrieve her breath. He ran his eyes all over her body before putting on more music. The beat was really erotic, dark and somber.

Then, the instructor began dancing near the player. As the beat got more sensual, he moved slowly toward Rachel. His steps were really exquisite as he looked as if he was a traditional warrior ready to possess his woman.

Every step had a connotation and subtext of its own. Rachel felt herself getting moist just watching him. The instructor did not speak but continued to dance. He was now right in front of her as he moved and gyrated around her. Without touching her physically, he was moving as if they were doing some foreplay. By now, Rachel desired the instructor really badly but she did not desire to interrupt his courtship displayed in the dance.

Suddenly, the beat increased and the instructor grabbed Rachel. He tugged her against his body and Rachel melted into his embrace as she was willing to surrender to him.

Suddenly the music stopped and the instructor stepped back.

“This dance is used for courtship,” he said with a smile.

“It is used by people in West Africa,” he continued.

“It is really sensuous and not many Westerners know about it,” he added.

“Really?” she managed to reply as she felt her throat going dry.

The room was suddenly warm and she was now flushed.

“Well, this is what I planned to show you for this evening,” he said as he began packing his stuff.

“We will learn more next week,” he added.

“No,” she replied suddenly as her desire for him overwhelmed her.

“You cannot dance this way while knowing that I am highly turned on,” she argued.

“And now you want to leave me in this state?” she asked as she walked over to him.

“This will be my first time to say it but take me now,” she said.

“I was hoping that the steps would have such effect,” he revealed.

“I am glad that it did,” he added with a smile.

Then, he grabbed her to kiss her. She kissed him back with an astonishing vigor. The instructor kissed her strongly and parted her lips with his tongue. He probed her warm mouth and she sucked his tongue. She was so thrilled that she nearly bit his tongue. He explored her body with his hands, probed her ample chest and round butt.

“I have been gazing at this bottom for weeks,” he revealed.

“It felt just like I pictured it, firm but soft, flawless,” he added.

They slipped down on the floor and Rachel pulled out his meat. He was really big. Even if Rachel had had huge guys before, she had to admit that the instructor was the biggest.

She looked at him with a smile as she tried to suck his huge meat. Rachel parted her lips wide and took the head between them. Her sucking was noisy as he squirmed beneath her. She could taste the salty sweat on his meat and licked his heavy balls. The taste aroused her even more.

The instructor raised her up before flipping her on her back. Then, he lowered his head on her moist hole. He fingered her tunnel and licked her throbbing clit. She knew that she would not last long since she was highly aroused.

However, the instructor was really an expert in his licking and controlled her climax for a short moment. He tugged back whenever he felt that she was about to explode. The torture was really pleasant but Rachel wanted to climax badly.

He raised his face from her womanhood and began stroking his shaft over her slit. He penetrated her in a swift stroke since she was really wet. She felt his meat stretching her tight canal but the wetness made it easy. He grabbed the base of his meat and started stroking only the bulbous head into her canal.

He did it for a while and set up a rhythm that pleased both of them. Then, he thrusted more inches inside her and she yelled as an intense pleasure overwhelmed her. Soon, he increased his rhythm and they started moaning loudly until she screamed and exploded all around his meat.

This triggered his own orgasm and erupted deeply inside her before to collapse on her. They lied there on the floor and Rachel was relieved that she would not have to be alone in the shower anymore.

The End

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