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Uncontrolled Feelings

By Roy Gino

Copyright@2017 by Roy Gino

Smashwords Edition

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

This Erotic Short Story is loaded with, hot, graphic sex! It is intended only for adults over the age of 18 and all characters are represented as 18 or over.

Jared had called Nancy late on that Thursday evening. They exchanged some pleasantries and he started telling her about his day.

“My branch manager was invited to a charity event tomorrow evening,” he told her.

“The event is hosted by our latest big client and our company agreed to partially sponsor the event,” he continued.

“This sponsor will likely attract more clients with big contracts,” he said.

“But this morning, the manager had to take his mother to the hospital and he won’t be able to make it to the event,” he explained.

“Since I am his favorite analyst, he asked me to go there,” he added.

“I called you because I need someone, an escort, to go with me and it is short notice to find an escort from an agency,” he said.

“I am begging you Nancy, this is really important for my professional future,” he explained.

“Can you join me please?” he asked.

“I know that you do not have time to shop for a new dress but the outfit you put on last time on the cruise will fit for the event,” he said.

“If you do this for me, I will make it up to you, I promise!” he added.

Jared had been her close friend for many years and she could not turn him down. Therefore, she agreed and they made plans for the event. The following night, Nancy pulled up to an impressive establishment.

Jared was already there and waiting outside anxiously. The importance of the event made him a bit nervous. He started climbing down the stairs and met her in front of her car after a valet opened her door. He helped her out.

Nancy started looking around and Jared noticed the valet looking appreciatively at Nancy’s fabric. The gown had an open collar that left bare the attractive full curves. The valet grinned before getting in the car and driving.

“Good evening, Mr. Sanders, you look really magnificent!” she said as Jared took her fingers into his hand and put them under his elbow.

He was devouring her outfit with his hungry eyes. The long dark gown was clinging to her voluptuous form, exposing the contour of her waist with her round full hips and her huge globes. The neckline exposed not only a huge amount of her full globes but also her creamy smooth shoulders along with the upper part of her back. She made her thick auburn tresses sweep stylishly into an appealing hairstyle. She let some loose threads around her long neck in curls.

“Ms. Sanchez, you are wonderful!” replied Jared.

“I am sure that your quiet demeanor from a conservative area is only a facade since you look like you could teach the Kardashians a few things about society events,” he commented.

“You look really delicious!” he praised her.

“In fact, if this function was not important, I would have suggested that we go straight to my place for some interesting functions,” he added as he smiled down into her deep brown eyes that were framed by a huge outlying of jet dark lashes.

Her lips painted in glistening wine were beckoning him. He kissed her lightly on her lips and tugged her against his tall frame. She turned to face him and slipped her hand up onto his broad torso to smooth the sides of his jacket.

She did it as if she wanted to help him but it was just a pretext to touch his strong torso and feel the steady firm beating of his heart under the fabric. She looked up into his intense blue stare and he drew her into his embrace while he bent down to kiss again her enticing mouth.

For a moment, Nancy enjoyed the warmth of Jared’s embrace until he pulled away reluctantly.

“Let’s go inside and face the music,” he said.

They walked to the front entrance and stepped inside. For a moment, Nancy looked around to get used to the surroundings. The place was softly lit with chandeliers and a small band was playing old songs from a corner of the place.

A waiter came with a tray of drinks and Jared took two glasses and handed one to Nancy.

“I am just holding this for appearances,” he whispered in her ear as he did not like the alcohol.

As he bent toward her to tell her about the appearances, his new position gave him a better sight of her ample globes pressed up provocatively in the bodice of her gown. He slipped his hand against the lower part of her back and could feel the edges of the stays under the gown.

He realized that the delightful sight of her globes was offered by her corset. She had mentioned the corset a few weeks ago. He started caressing her back with his hand as if his hand was moving on its own.

She looked up into his eyes to notice that they have started to get intense just like she had seen them before. She knew that the outcome was inevitable if he kept holding her that was. She realized that they would have to leave the dinner party early. Jared knew it also and he forced himself to keep his rising passion under control.

“We will do it later,” he promised as he planted a kiss on her temple and started the introductions.

He led them around the place and greeted his acquaintances. He nodded professionally to acknowledge his business colleagues who were a bit far away. He realized that many men around them were looking at his escort with appreciation.

As he made some introductions, he noticed that most of the men were taking too long to move their eyes away from Nancy’s cleavage. Sometimes, Jared had to clear his throat softly and turn gently Nancy away in order to keep their interest from getting offensive.

Jared turned around and groaned slightly as he saw his nemesis walking toward them.

“What is wrong?” asked Nancy as she looked up at him.

He arrived in front of them before Jared could answer Nancy’s question.

“You dog, Jared! Where did you find such a stunning creature?” he asked.

“Her name is Nancy. Nancy, this is Calvin,” he introduced them.

“He is in my division as the deputy leading salesmen,” he added.

Jared noticed that Calvin’s eyes were concentrated down at the contour of Nancy’s hip. His gaze was at the valleys and curves of her thighs and hips as outlines by the material of her dress. He could see that Calvin’s mind was getting the details that were concealed from his sight.

Calvin’s audacity started annoying Jared. Even if you did not react openly when other men had gazing at her cleavage with lust, he was not really inclined to let Calvin trespass on the territory that he had claimed as his, even though the trespass was mentally.

“Calvin, we have to meet our host who is waving to us,” said Jared.

“See you around,” he added as he guided away Nancy.

He was satisfied a bit when he looked back and saw Calvin’s eyes locked on the sway of Nancy’s hips. Jared slipped down his hand on her waist to make known his ownership of this ground in short terms.

“Calvin is a famous womanizer but he is still living in the 80s,” he said.

“He still thinks that it is appropriate to grope women and call them honey or doll in the office,” he continued.

“As a programmer, he is really brilliant. That is why he is still in the company,” he added.

As they were coming close to their host, Jared moved back his hand on the lower part of Nancy’s back. They met the host and Jared introduced Nancy as his close friend.

After the necessary pleasantries, the host took Jared aside and went to introduce him to a young doctor who had some interesting ideas about to improve some software. He was working on a thesis for a research project on particular software useful in taking care of patients. The doctor needed a brilliant programmer like Jared to handle some technical stuff.

As she stayed alone, Nancy made herself busy by wandering the place, admiring some paintings on the walls and making casually polite conversation with a few guests.

She caught a sight of Jared from time to time among some other men. Jared seemed to be in deep conversation with them. However, each time Nancy ran her eyes all over his tall attractive form, Jared always looked up with a smile to reassure her that even if the conversation was intense, he was keeping an eye on her and know her location around.

At one of these moments, when they made eye contact, Jared’s secretive smile started to send some electric currents throughout her body as he undressed her with his eyes and promised her alternative numerous sensual pleasures ahead.

While Nancy was busy caressing Jared’s broad shoulders visually from across the room, she was surprised to feel a firm hand against the lower part of her back. She turned rapidly around to see Calvin beside her.

His hand was going down fast and Nancy turned in order to face him and force him to remove his hand but she found herself standing beside a wall on her side while his body blocked her partially in front. A column was blocking her other side.

This position blocked her from the sight by most of the guests around them and this emboldened Calvin as he stepped closer to her. He was tall and looked down her dress. He pressed his body against his side so that he could feel his increasing erection against her hip.

He bent closer as he attempted to talk to her but he was obviously drunk and the smell of alcohol engulfed Nancy. She attempted to move around him and escape quietly without creating a scene.

“I need to use the ladies room,” she said as she walked away and headed to the toilet.

Once inside, she tried to calm her nerves as she was flustered. She left the toilet and walked down the hallway to retrieve Jared. However, Calvin was waiting her in a deserted area of the long corridor.

“Here you are,” he whispered as he blocked her progress and grabbed her wrist.

He took her to a small room at the other side of the corridor. There were some sofas around the room.

“So, how did you meet Jared? I did not know that a clown like him could have such a hot chick,” he said.

“You are wrong about him and I need to leave now, he must be looking for me,” she replied as she attempted to walk past him.

However, he blocked her once again and closed the gap between them.

“You do not have to worry about him honey, he gets so focused in his job that he would not notice you even if you stood completely naked before him as he works,” he pointed.

“Whatever, I need to see him now, excuse me,” she said as she tried again to move away.

However, Calvin grabbed her shoulders and tugged her against him roughly.

“There is no need to be in such hurry, doll,” he said.

“I am sure bozo Jared would not mind me tasting this luscious body,” he added as he kissed her forcefully.

Before Nancy could gather her strength to push Calvin away, she felt him being lifted off her. She looked up to see Jared sending Calvin flying out the small door. Nancy was greatly relieved to see Jared. With her shaking hands, she attempted to repair her appearance.

He sat beside her and look her over. He gently touched a side of her face.

“Did he hurt you?” he asked.

“Almost but thank you very much for getting rid of him,” she replied.

“I was afraid that he would hurt him,” she added.

“I noticed him following you and knew that he had ill intentions,” he replied.

“I should have not taken so long to come so that you would not have to face him,” he said.

“But it was hard to stop the conversation with the doctor,” he pointed.

“It is not a big deal, you are already here,” she replied as she clasped her hands in her lap in an attempt to stop the shaking.

She was about to cry and realized that she needed some distraction to clear her mind; Jared sensed it and tugged her into his arms. He looked down at her shaking bottom lip.

“Well, men would have stayed away from you if you were not so damn delicious,” he teased.

“But I have to admit that he has excellent taste,” he added.

“Ma’am, did I tell you that you look gorgeous tonight?” he asked.

“I remember that you said something like that early,” she replied as she bent her head against his shoulder and he wrapped his arm around her.

Nancy felt relieved in the safety of Jared’s arms. He traced the line of her jaw with his fingers and lifted her head while he lowered his towards her. He caught her lips in a passionate and gentle kiss.

He held her against him and tenderly explored her mouth. His sweet distraction succeeded to calm down her frayed nerves. As she retrieved control of her emotions, she started responding quickly to Jared’s amazing kisses and she pressed her lips against his with the kiss getting deep.

He tugged her body against his tighter and placed his hand on her knee. He gently rubbed her skin in circles and she slipped her arms around his shoulder and on her back.

The softness of her body pressed tightly to his and the warmth of her kisses ignited the desire that he had kept under control for months since they met for the last time. As Nancy kept devouring his delicious lips, she realized that Calvin had a lot to learn from Jared when it came to treat women.

She could feel Jared’s meat reacting to the physical and mental stimulation while she moaned softly into his mouth. Jared knew that he had to stop now or it would be hard for him to hide his erection to the other guests.

“We have to leave soon and continue these pleasurable activities at my place before I devour you right here,” he whispered softly when he raised a bit his head to break away from her eager mouth.

“Do you see what affect you have on me?” he asked as he took her hand and placed it on his erection.

Nancy enjoyed thoroughly the reaction of his body from her.

“Am I the one who caused it?” she asked as she faked innocence.

“Woman, you know very well that you are the culprit!” he replied in a mocking anger as he tugged her against him tighter and kissed her deeply once again.

Then, he stood up and tugged her up to her feet.

“If you keep your taunting ass here with me, I will have no other choice than to take you right here without caring about potential consequences,’ he said.

“I am sure you would not dare,” she challenged him as she looked at him in surprise with a devilish grin.

“Oh really?” he replied and walked over to the door.

He glanced down the corridor and closed the door.

“You were saying?” he asked as he turned to her.

“I am still challenging you,” she said as she let the edge of her robe slip to the floor.

She hastily tied back the tips of her halter top over her globes. Jared was not the type of guy to back down in front of a stunning young woman like Nancy. She was already without panties under her dress since she did not like them too much and knew the outcome of the evening with Jared.

He smiled down at her as he came close. He tugged her into his arms and give her a kiss that traveled throughout her body and set fire on each of her nerves.

He moved his hands down to her ass and started pulling away the fabric while he kept kissing her with passion.

He started massaging her bare ass cheeks and fondling them as he worked her body into an almost frantic state with his deliberate assault on her senses. Nancy was determined to return the favor as she took actively part in the session.

She slipped her hand between their melded bodies and started lowering the zipper of his slacks in order to feel the hard length and warmth of his meat in her hands. She was enjoying the tender kisses he gave to her flustered body.

“Wait a minute,” said Jared as he tugged her arm behind her back while she moved around and stood behind her.

Her dress was bunched up at her waist and he could see that her dark corset with the matching stockings that cladded her long legs. Some garters were holding up the stockings. He let out a moan of admiration as he noticed that there was no barrier between him and Nancy’s hole.

He opened her legs with his knee to have easy access to her womanhood. He grazed her core with his fingers and felt her wetness coating them. He thrusted a finger inside her and moved it in and out for a moment before to make her lean forward.

Then, he stimulated her clit with his wet fingers while she moaned and her legs shook. He was now moving his fingers back and forth between her labia and her clit, thrusting occasionally two fingers inside her.

Then, he released his rock hard meat and rubbed the head back and forth between her soaked labia to wet it. He positioned the head at her entrance and thrusted his hips forward to penetrate her. They had a wonderful session in that room for a long moment before leaving the dinner party to continue their lovemaking at Jared’s place.

The End

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