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Active Comfort

By Roy Gino

Copyright@2017 by Roy Gino

Smashwords Edition

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

This Erotic Short Story is loaded with, hot, graphic sex! It is intended only for adults over the age of 18 and all characters are represented as 18 or over.

In was really warm that afternoon as Kim lay in her favorite recline chair. She was thinking about her call to the local company for cleaning her pool. A guy had answered the call and the sound of his voice made her womanhood moisten with her clit getting a bit engorged and twitching. She was already aroused before the call and now her womanhood was positively yelling for some action.

It was true that her pool needed to be taken care of just as her neglected vagina was. It had been a few weeks since her husband screwed her decently. Vincent was spending long hours at work and claimed always to be tired.

“Of course dear, you are tired for me but not for your young secretary,” she thought.

“I have seen the way you look at her tits and legs,” she added.

Therefore, while she was talking to the guy from the cleaning company over the phone, Kim was touching herself. Indeed, the lonely housewife could see some possible relief since the guy told her that he would come personally to do her pool.

“Personally…do your…,” she almost exploded when she heard the guy saying those words.

She was not sure if the guy really paused before and after these words or if it was just her imagination. She had to admit that the tone of the conversation was professional but they have been also a bit flirtatious. Kim enjoyed to flirt and the guy on the phone sounded like he loved it too.

Kim wondered what the guy looked like. The sound of his voice was really good and if his physical appearance matched his voice, Kim was sure that her afternoon would be really interesting.

She also wondered if the guy was getting hard while they talked, if he was even playing with his shaft during their conversation.

“I would be delighted to find out,” she thought.

She kept thinking about as she enjoyed the sun on her recliner. The sun was making her more aroused and warm as she waited for the pool man to come over. He told her that he would be there soon and it was nearly time.

“I cannot wait to see him,” she thought.

“I am so horny that I might rape him as soon as I see him,” she continued.

“Forget the pool, I need your attention!” she thought with a giggle.

Kim wondered what the pool guy would have as clothes. She hoped that he would be in some tight shorts that would expose his bulge and a tight t-shirt to display his well-built body. She could feel her clit twitching just at the thought of his muscles and the way she would like to caress the muscles of his arms with her freshly painted and elegantly manicured nails.

Then, the lonely housewife wondered how she could greet the pool guy. She thought about being naked but dismissed this idea since she was not sure if the pool guy would be into her and such an outfit would make her look embarrassed and foolish.

She thought about her bikini, a new one that was really tiny. She knew that the fabric looked hot on her since the small scraps of fabric covered barely her vagina and huge boobs. The fabric could become transparent if soaked or wet as if she was just out of the pool.

“Mmm, I am sure he would love the view,” she thought as she pictured her hard tits showing through and her hit camel toe labia being clearly outlines for the guy’s eyes to feast.

Kim looked down to see with pleasure the set of her tipped tits that were nicely visible. She thought about acting as if she was taking a sunbath when she opened the door for the pool guy.

“What about being naked beneath a gown?” she thought and liked the idea.

Then, she hoped that it would turn out just like she planned it so that she could tease the pool guy a bit, leaning over and exposing her cleavage to his eyes or letting one of her huge globes spill out, or she could just let the gown slip on the floor “accidentally” to expose her whole naked body to him for a moment.

“I am sure he would love that,” she said confidently as she pictured about looking straight into his eyes defiantly and daring him to make a move.

She thought about begging him to screw her right there, hungrily assaulting her neck and covered it her entire body with kisses as she surrendered to him. Kim could feel the warm tongue of the pool guy licking her, moving on her throat up and down and slipping down to her chest, licking the curve of her boobs before to focus on her erect and hardened tits, kissing, sucking and biting as well as swallowing the globes entirely in his mouth.

“Oh my God, I would really love that,” she thought as she pictured his teeth brushing over her sensitive globes and tits.

Her hand was back down between her thighs as she pleasured herself to these thoughts while fondling and pinching her tits with her other hand. Then, she heard the bell of the front door.

“How long it had been ringing?” she wondered as she was completely lost in her hot daydream.

Kim got up and put on her gown. Then, she realized immediately that her plan of being totally naked under the gown to answer the door was taking place. The lonely housewife was ready but a bit nervous since she still had to check his physical appearance and whether he would be willing to flirt back before to take her offer to please her.

“I am coming!” she yelled before laughing at her words.

“I am cumming!” she repeated with hope that she would literally cumming later with him.

Kim headed to the front door and could see bright shorts through the glass of the door.

“This is a good start,” she thought as she saw that the guy was tall.

Her vagina clenched before relaxing. She checked her look for a brief moment in the mirror in the hall and ran quickly her tongue on her lips to make them attractive. She opened the door to see a handsome guy smiling.

The guy was slim and looked a bit older than Kim expected. He was around fifty with pretty suntanned muscles showing out of the sleeves of his t-short. It was obvious that he worked out. He was bald on top of his head and had some grey hair shaved on each side. He looked really cute like this, sexy and dangerous at the same time. This excited Kim greatly.

She could not stop her eyes from moving up and down his body, admiring his flat abdomen, his tanned long legs and his bare feet adorned by leather sandals. She did not stop her eyes when they landed on his groin.

She could tell that he had a good package. She pictured herself releasing his meat from his boxers, caressing it and kneeling in front of him before to take him in her mouth while looking up at him to watch the look of delight covering his face.

Her vagina was getting wetter at the thought of this while she welcomed in the pool guy, her nipples started hardening as she longed to feel his hands and mouth on them.

“Good afternoon, ma’am,” said the pool guy.

“I am sorry, I am late,” he apologized.

“It is okay. It was a short notice but you made it. I am glad to see you,” she replied with a smile and he returned her smile.

“Oh God, with such smile, I will melt soon!” she thought.

“So ma’am, where is the pool?” he asked.

“This way and please, just call me Kim,” she replied.

“I am not that old to be called ma’am,” she added.

“Okay madam…I mean Kim,” he said.

“What is your name by the way?” she asked.

“Oh sorry I forgot, I am Tony,” he replied.

“Okay Tony, the pool is through this door,” she said as she guided him.

“Kim, your house is beautiful,” he said.

“Thank you Tony,” she replied as she glanced again at his bulge since she wanted him to praise her body, not the house.

She knew for sure that he busted her staring at his package. As she guided him through the house, Kim felt that he was staring at her swaying hops beneath her gown. For a moment, she thought about stopping and press her ass against his crotch to feel his bulging meat between the cheeks of her butt.

She pictured him moving his hands around and up to her breasts, tweaking gently her nipples with his thumbs and fingers while telling her that he wanted to take her. Kim found herself struggling to open the door that gave access to the pool.

It was a sliding door that seemed to be blocked. Meanwhile, Tony continued walking until he bumped into her. He was distracted a beautiful painting hanging on the wall and did not realize that Kim had stopped. Then, she felt something pressing against her butt. She wondered if it was his manhood. She hoped that she was right and that he was also horny.

“I am really sorry ma’am,” he said.

“I was just admiring your painting and did not notice that you had stopped,” he explained.

“Please Tony, I am Kim, not ma’am,” she repeated.

“Sure, I am really sorry Kim,” he said.

“It is okay, you did not do it on purpose,” she said.

“This door seems to be stuck, can help me?” she asked.

“Of course,” he replied as he started working on the door.

Kim stood close to Tony and swayed a bit to graze against his arm. Tony looked at her with a smile and his eyes moved down to the upper part of her gown that was open.

The lonely housewife knew that the pool guy’s eyes were on her cleavage. She moved a bit to make her gown open a bit more to expose her nipple with hope that he would notice.

She was right, Tony stared at her tit and ran his tongue on his lips while looking straight in her eyes. He was now sure that she wanted to play and he was willing to enjoy the game.

Now, they both knew what was ahead. They would have sex but wanted to play some seduction game in order to heighten the session, making it more thrilling. By now, they were both getting really excited since their looks got hungry. However, they did not have to rush things. They decided to allow the tension increase.

“She is here and won’t vanish,” thought Tony.

“It is his job to keep his clients ‘satisfied’,” thought Kim.

“It is done,” he said as he pushed the door open.

“Thank you,” she replied as they walked through the door.

“Kim, your pool is really lovely,” he said as they stood there on the deck.

“Thank you, it cost us a lot when we got it last year but we really like it,” she replied.

“It is secluded and I can swim and sunbath privately just like I do at the beach,” she added.

“You said ‘we’? Is your husband around?” he asked.

“No, he is out of town on a business trip as usually,” she replied.

“Sometimes I get really lonely,” she added.

“I understand,” he replied.

Kim was sure that the pool guy was thinking about the way to make her loneliness less unbearable.

“Okay, this is the pool,” she said with a small laugh.

“I see that, let me start then,” he replied as he laughed back.

“Sure, I will continue with my sunbathing, do not mind me,” she said as she headed to her chair.

She removed her gown and lay back down on her back. Kim glanced quietly at Tony. The pool guy stood there hypnotized as he watched the lonely housewife. He gulped before to turn and walk to the other side of the pool where there was a small gate. He needed to take his equipment from his van that was parked in front of the house.

“I have to open the gate to reach my van,” he said.

“It is okay Tony, feel free to do whatever you need to do,” she replied.

“I want you to return here and screw me silly with your huge meat deep inside my hole,” she thought.

“I want to feel your meat deep in my hungry hole with your balls smacking on my ass,” she thought.

“I want you to fill up my hole with your gorgeous meat, fast and now,” she added and felt a stream of pleasure racing through her.

She knew that she desired the pool guy badly and she was sure that the feeling was mutual. She wondered what would happen when he would return with his equipment. She wondered if he would use the ‘equipment’ to clean her pool or if the satisfaction of his clients would come first. His client now was a lonely housewife who was horny and teased him.

She had a feeling that Tony was thinking about his next move since he could not be sure completely that Kim would let him have her. He knew that being accused of rape would be disastrous for his business. He had numerous valuable customers and was afraid to lose them if he screwed Kim.

“Oh God, she has a killer body with beautiful boobs,” he thought as he stroked his manhood through his shorts.

“I would give anything to get her ass,” he added.

He made up his mind and picked his equipment. He returned to the pool and saw Kim laying on her belly while chatting on the phone. She was still naked.

“It is my husband!” she murmured loudly at Tony as she used her hand to cover the small mouth piece.

Then, she returned talking. Vincent was calling to tell her that his business strip was extended another week. Meanwhile, Tony was getting his equipment ready. When he looked at her again, she was holding a tube of lotion and beckoned him to come close.

He walked over while she gazed at the tent of his package. She was still talking on the phone and Tony took the lotion. He knelt next to her and started applying the sun lotion on her back.

He rubbed the cream all over her back and massaged the sides of her body in an erotic way. She moaned a bit when his fingers caressed the sides of her boobs. She clenched the cheeks of her ass when he rubbed her waist and lower back before to move her hands on the top of her ass cheeks.

Then, he moved back up her shoulders and felt her getting more relaxed. He was sure that she was now wet with her clit throbbing and tingling. She was still talking to her husband with a satisfying smile covering her face. This excited Tony even more with his hard shaft throbbing in his shorts.

He massaged her legs and she turned her head when he started massaging her upper thighs. He was dying to shove his fingers inside her asshole and vagina. She looked at him with a knowing smile and nodded. Tony was now sure that she was ready for him and he desired her badly.

He placed his finger on her back hole and caressed it gently until he thrusted it inside. She gasped as he moved his finger deeper and all around. She continued to talk to her husband.

“This man is really something,” thought Tony.

“If he knew what I am doing to his wife while he kept talking,” he chuckled as he started screwing Kim’s ass with his finger.

He slipped another finger into her slick vagina and began working on the two holes in rhythm. He could feel the muscles of her ass and womanhood gripping firmly his fingers as she started to orgasm. His fingers kept moving in and out of her holes.

Then, he turned her over expertly without removing his fingers. Her legs were spread and up. He bent in and licked the inner sides of her thighs in small circles. He licked the skin right under her vagina lips, sucking and biting it gently. Kim squirmed at his actions. She nearly yelled as her passion increased.

Tony now focused on her vagina lips, running his tongue up and down, from side to side, licking each lip deeply and moving his tongue in various patterns as he kept her on the verge of her orgasm.

He licked her clit eagerly as he was an expert in this. He had a velvet tongue and could make any woman climax numerous times just by working on their clit. Tony could lick a clit for hours as he mastered the technique and knew how to make his jaw less painful.

Then, he bit on her clit and shoved two fingers inside her. Kim firmly bit her lower lip to muffle her scream as she exploded all over his fingers. Then, he got up and removed his t-shirt. He rubbed his meat in front of her while she kept talking to her husband on the phone.

She looked up at him with an approving nod and smile. She ran her tongue on her lips as he released his meat from his boxers and brought it close to her mouth. With a hand, she held his meat and ran her warm tongue all over it quietly while listening to her husband.

Then, she started sucking his shaft between her questions and answers. A moment later, Tony positioned himself between her thighs and guided his rock hard meat to her entrance. They exchanged a smile as he thrusted inside her in a swift motion and she yelled.

The End

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