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Welcomed Closeness

By Roy Gino

Copyright@2017 by Roy Gino

Smashwords Edition

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

This Erotic Short Story is loaded with, hot, graphic sex! It is intended only for adults over the age of 18 and all characters are represented as 18 or over.

Jennifer moved in the next house a few years ago. When Aaron saw her for the first time as she was unloading boxes on her porch, he could not believe his luck. She was tall and appeared heavier. Her son and daughter were helping her with boxes. They were still young, ten and twelve years old respectively.

“Why the hell is she wasting her time with such an idiot?” thought Aaron to himself when he saw Jennifer’s husband for the first time.

Gerard was attempting to start the mower. He was pouring some gas in the fill hole for oil.

“Hey neighbor, if I was you I would not do that,” yelled Aaron at Gerard.

“Why? It needs gas, that is why it refuses to start,” he replied.

Aaron thought about letting him pour gas inside there and see what would have taken place. However, he wanted to save Gerard and the mower as a way to get close to Jennifer. Jennifer had long caramel brown hair that matched her dark eyes. Her breasts were not really big but their shape was very well.

When Aaron explained to Gerard about the danger of using gas instead of oil, Gerard invited him over for a beer. They chatted a bit and Aaron played the nice neighbor by helping them move around some boxes.

Gerard had to go to the garage for some work and Jennifer caught Aaron looking at her butt as she leaned over to get out some glasses from a box. She grinned at him before to continue with her task.

“Well, I should leave now so that you can continue with your chores,” he said.

“Call me whenever you want my help with anything,” he added as he gave her his phone number.

“Did you say anything?” she asked as she looked at him.

He just nodded and walked out. Aaron noticed that he was really hard and that his erection was probably quite obvious to Jennifer. When he reached his place, he went to his window so that he could watch again Jennifer.

He watched as Jennifer worked on their porch. He decided to masturbate there while watching her since he was in his bedroom and there was no way that she could look over at him as she seemed really busy with her chores.

He was stroking his meat when his phone rang. The windows of his bedroom were wide open and the sound of the phone ringing reached Jennifer’s ears. She looked over and saw him.

It was clear that she knew what he was doing. She smiled at him and leaned over to display her round butt. She parted her legs a bit and looked back at him while keeping her head between her legs. Aaron did not want to stop as he kept stroking his dick and exploded with enough moan for her to hear.

Jennifer stood up and headed toward him as close as she could walk. She winked at him while blowing him a kiss. She sensually curled her pouty lips in the process. At that moment, Aaron knew that he would take a long break from porn since he had now his little show right next door. He could not wait to see what Jennifer would do when her husband would leave for work.

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