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Welcomed Closeness

By Roy Gino

Copyright@2017 by Roy Gino

Smashwords Edition

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

This Erotic Short Story is loaded with, hot, graphic sex! It is intended only for adults over the age of 18 and all characters are represented as 18 or over.

Jennifer moved in the next house a few years ago. When Aaron saw her for the first time as she was unloading boxes on her porch, he could not believe his luck. She was tall and appeared heavier. Her son and daughter were helping her with boxes. They were still young, ten and twelve years old respectively.

“Why the hell is she wasting her time with such an idiot?” thought Aaron to himself when he saw Jennifer’s husband for the first time.

Gerard was attempting to start the mower. He was pouring some gas in the fill hole for oil.

“Hey neighbor, if I was you I would not do that,” yelled Aaron at Gerard.

“Why? It needs gas, that is why it refuses to start,” he replied.

Aaron thought about letting him pour gas inside there and see what would have taken place. However, he wanted to save Gerard and the mower as a way to get close to Jennifer. Jennifer had long caramel brown hair that matched her dark eyes. Her breasts were not really big but their shape was very well.

When Aaron explained to Gerard about the danger of using gas instead of oil, Gerard invited him over for a beer. They chatted a bit and Aaron played the nice neighbor by helping them move around some boxes.

Gerard had to go to the garage for some work and Jennifer caught Aaron looking at her butt as she leaned over to get out some glasses from a box. She grinned at him before to continue with her task.

“Well, I should leave now so that you can continue with your chores,” he said.

“Call me whenever you want my help with anything,” he added as he gave her his phone number.

“Did you say anything?” she asked as she looked at him.

He just nodded and walked out. Aaron noticed that he was really hard and that his erection was probably quite obvious to Jennifer. When he reached his place, he went to his window so that he could watch again Jennifer.

He watched as Jennifer worked on their porch. He decided to masturbate there while watching her since he was in his bedroom and there was no way that she could look over at him as she seemed really busy with her chores.

He was stroking his meat when his phone rang. The windows of his bedroom were wide open and the sound of the phone ringing reached Jennifer’s ears. She looked over and saw him.

It was clear that she knew what he was doing. She smiled at him and leaned over to display her round butt. She parted her legs a bit and looked back at him while keeping her head between her legs. Aaron did not want to stop as he kept stroking his dick and exploded with enough moan for her to hear.

Jennifer stood up and headed toward him as close as she could walk. She winked at him while blowing him a kiss. She sensually curled her pouty lips in the process. At that moment, Aaron knew that he would take a long break from porn since he had now his little show right next door. He could not wait to see what Jennifer would do when her husband would leave for work.

Therefore, for the following next month, Aaron would notice Jennifer working out in her yard, doing various tasks. Sometimes, she would be tending to her garden and sometimes planting flowers. Her garden was located right outside Aaron’s bedroom window.

The weather was getting warm at the beginning of the month and Jennifer was working out usually in a bikini top and short shorts. The sight of her colored top was really arousing for Aaron. He found himself checking her out whenever he got the opportunity. He never attempted to conceal it and Jennifer knew for sure that he was there.

Once Friday, Aaron was mowing his yard when Jennifer came out. She was wearing a transparent bright top with buttons on the front. It was obvious that she did not wear any bra under the fabric.

She began working on her flowers beside the window of Aaron’s bedroom. When Aaron was done with the mowing, he walked over to offer his help. Jennifer was kneeling in front of the flowers. At first, she acted as if she did not know he was there. Then, she looked up suddenly at him.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked.

“Yes, I do,” he replied as he got a bit bold.

“Maybe I should go work in my bedroom,” he added.

“Sure if you want to be alone but Gerard is spending the weekend at his brother’s place fishing,” she replied as she gave him a sensual look.

“I am feeling a bit lonely,” she pointed.

“Maybe you can come over for a drink rather than being alone in your bedroom,” she suggested.

Jennifer was still kneeling and Aaron had moved a bit closer to her. She was just a few feet away from his hard dick and he could feel his meat throbbing. She bent forward while standing up and Aaron could feel her warm breath on his bare legs when she blew on him gently to emphasize her point.

“I am sure that you already have on you everything I need,” she pointed as she grabbed his penis through his shorts.

“Come with me!” she said.

There was no reason for Aaron to decline her offer. He followed her quietly on the porch of her house and she guided him to the living room.

“You can sit,” she said as she sat in a chair on the other side of the sofa.

She pointed to the sofa and Aaron sat down.

“So, I noticed that you enjoy watching me all the time from the window of your bedroom,” she said.

“I can see only your face but it is obvious that you touch yourself while watching me working,” she continued.

“Am I right?” she asked.

Aaron was afraid that he misunderstood her intentions behind her offer to have a drink with her.

“Well, you always wear some cute hot outfits when you work on your garden and yard,” he managed to reply since he did not want to confirm her thoughts.

“I only like to watch you as you work,” he added.

“Hot? Do you think that this outfit is hot?” she said as she looked down at her attire.

“Gerard never tells me that I am hot,” she revealed.

“He is always busy exposing my flaws,” she continued.

“He keeps telling me that I would never find any other man who would desire me,” she added.

“Are you kidding, Jennifer?” he replied in disbelief.

“You are a really hot woman and sexy,” he pointed since he desired her to understand the meaning of his words.

“I am pleasuring myself while watching you from my window,” he revealed.

“I do it at least twice a day,” he added.

Aaron could feel his face getting red. He did not know if it was because he admitted to masturbate to such gorgeous woman or he was angry that Gerard would not praise her.

“Jennifer, you don’t have to listen to Gerard,” he said.

“No offense but I think that he is always high on something,” he continued.

“I saw him first trying to fill the mower with gas where he should put oil,” he revealed.

“Then, he tells you that no one would desire you because you are not hot,” he said.

“Finally, he left you here alone while you have just recently moved in,” he added.

“He must be really dumb and marrying you was probably the only clever thing he ever completed,” he said.

“Marry me? You are wrong!” she replied with shock.

“He told me that he just feels really sorry for me since no own would take me,” she revealed.

“He tells me that he feels good taking care of a dog like me,” he added.

At this point, Aaron noticed that Jennifer was not wearing any wedding ring. He had never checked before since he just assumed that they were husband and wife. When Jennifer began crying, Aaron was really mad.

She got up and began walking out of the room. He stopped her and hugged her for a moment. Her tears faded away slowly. She pushed him away before to return to her chair.

By now, Aaron did not know what to do and they sat for around five minutes without speaking. His mind was racing with all types of steps to take from there and what he would do to Gerard when he would be back.

“So, are you sure that I am hot?” she asked with her head down.

“Jennifer, you are really wonderful,” he replied.

“Do not listen to anything other than that,” he added.

“I do not know for sure what it feels like to be hot but I get a weird feeling each time I feel your eyes on me from the window of your bedroom,” she revealed.

“It gives me goose bumps,” she added.

“If you like this feeling, I will continue to look at you but you have to come always outside in a killer outfit,” he replied.

“Aaron? Can you help me?” she asked as she raised her head.

“Sure, anything you need, just name it,” he replied quickly.

“If it can put a smile back on your cute face, I will do it,” he added.

“Well, I have never watched a guy masturbate before,” she revealed.

“Can you jerk off now so that I can watch?” she asked.

He felt a bit embarrassed.

“Well, we can do this together,” he suggested.

Without speaking, Jennifer got up with her long legs showing out. She undid the top buttons of her shirt and pushed it back. The fabric slipped down around her feet. She had small boobs but firm and her nipples were already hard.

She moved up her hands on her globes and squeezed them gently while looking at him.

“It is your turn to remove some clothes,” she said.

Aaron got up and took off his t-shirt with his shorts. He was now standing naked before his neighbor. She ran her eyes all over him with a grin covering her face.

“It is really obvious that you find me sexy,” she said.

“Your dick is really nice, watch me and show me how you do it,” she added.

She began playing with her globes as he sat back down and started stroking slowly his meat. They played while watching each other for a few minutes. The air in the room was really thick with their desire and lust. They were both so aroused that they reached their peak in a short time.

She yelled throughout her orgasm and Aaron shot his semen in the air. They sat there, panting and looking at each other as they tried to catch their breath. She realized that her new neighbor was really different from her children’s father.

“That was really nice, you can clean up in the bathroom down the hall,” she said.

“Ok but ladies first,” he replied.

“I need to take some rest before cleaning up,” she said.

“You should use the bathroom and go back home,” she suggested.

“I will take time to clean around here and freshen up,” she continued.

“You can come back later for dinner,” she added with a smile.

“Sure,” he agreed as he picked up his clothes and headed to the bathroom.

He left the bathroom a few minutes after. He did not know for sure if her invitation for dinner was just a polite way to thank him or she was really serious. He decided to be sure about it as he returned to the sitting room.

Jennifer was still totally naked in her chair. He felt a strong desire to fuck her right there but he was afraid to ruin everything. He managed to control himself since he realized that she was feeling insecure somehow and it was her house.

“Okay Jennifer, I had a great fun,” he said.

“But are you serious about dinner?” he asked.

“Yes, I am,” she replied.

“I enjoyed it also and it was very exciting to do it for the first time,” she added.

“See you at 7 p.m.,” she added.

He nodded and leaned down to kiss her. Jennifer appeared shocked at his move but did not stop him. He kissed her gently on the lips. He started walking out while a tear started rolling down her cheek.

She smiled at Aaron and appeared as if she wanted to say something but she was speechless. Aaron left quietly. For the rest of the day, Aaron could not stop thinking about Jennifer’s revelation. She was a gorgeous woman and it was really bad that Gerard treated her like trash.

She was caring, sweet and kind. Aaron remembered that his ex-wife dated also a mean guy like Gerard after their divorce and it was really painful to see her getting insecure. Aaron felt really bad for Jennifer and decided to let her lead things tonight without stopping her. If she desired to talk about their morning session, he would share his thoughts but he would not be the first one to bring it on the table.

He walked to her house right on time and rang the doorbell.

“Come on in,” replied Jennifer from inside.

He stepped inside and followed her voice in the kitchen. He found her checking something in the oven.

“Food will be ready in ten minutes,” she said.

Jennifer was wearing a short sundress that matched her pink lipstick. The tight dress exposed very detail and curve of her body. There was no panties or bra under the dress. Her long hair was covering her shoulders in waves. She completed her attire with high-heeled sandals.

“I like the smell, Chinese?” he asked.

“Yes, I love making Chinese food since my mother worked in a Chinese restaurant for years,” she replied.

“But Gerard hates this,” she added.

“Well, if the taste matches the smell, then it will be delicious,” he replied.

She stood in front of him and hugged him tightly. Then she looked up at him and they kissed without speaking. It was a passionate and deep kiss. He ran his fingers through her hair while they probed each other’s mouth with their tongues.

Then, they broke the kiss and parted.

“I just wanted to suppress any tension from this morning shadowing the evening,” she said.

“But there is still some tension in your shorts,” she added as she looked down at hos erection and they both laughed.

“Can you take out the food for me?” she asked and he agreed.

She went to set up the table and handed him a bottle of wine. He opened it and filled two glasses. The dinner went very well as they laughed and talked. Jennifer was really sweet and they did not talk about Gerard anymore.

At the end of dinner, they cleaned the table and washed the dishes before to head to the sitting room after refilling their glasses. They both sat down on the couch with his feet up and his arms around her from behind as she sat against him.

He could feel Jennifer’s back against his dick and this made him even harder. She felt it and loved the sensation. They chatted a bit more while emptying their glasses. She had now her head pressed against his chest while his hands were across her belly. He was rubbing her slowly and moved his hands up to her globes to cup them. She shook at the contact but relaxed as she got used to the feeling.

He kept rubbing and fondling her globes while she squirmed and removed her dress. She moaned when he started pinching her tits.

“Oh my God, I am so close,” she whispered.

A few seconds later, she tensed and shook. When she retrieved her senses, she undid his shorts and released his dick. She took it into her mouth and started sucking on it. While she was licking the underside of his meat, she was pressing her vagina against his left knee.

She was riding his knee until she soaked it with her juices. He could not believe that after orgasming with his hands playing with her boobs, she was now orgasming just by riding his knee and sucking his dick. He could not take it any longer.

“I am close!” he yelled to give her time to release his dick.

However, she took his meat deep into her throat with her tongue licking his balls. She gagged a bit but forced her throat to take more inches of his cock. His dick throbbed and he exploded inside her throat. The muscles of her throat milked the last drops of his semen. Then, she released his soft dick and licked her own fluids that were on his leg.

“I really love the taste of our fluids mixed together,” she said.

She got up and kissed him so that he could taste it. The passionate kiss with the taste of their juices made his dick back hard. She felt it twitching against her tummy and looked down at it with a grin.

She started massaging her wet vagina up and down on his shaft and let the bulbous head spread the lips of her hole. She looked deep into his eyes with her forehead pressed against his as she slipped slowly his dick inside her hot leaking cunt.

He could feel her muscles squeezing his meat and she kept his prick inside her as they gazed into each other. Then, her inner muscles started throbbing and gripping his meat until she squirted all over him and he exploded inside her. That night, they had many sessions of sex with intense orgasms.

The End

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