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Aquatic Warmth

By Roy Gino

Copyright@2017 by Roy Gino

Smashwords Edition

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

This Erotic Short Story is loaded with, hot, graphic sex! It is intended only for adults over the age of 18 and all characters are represented as 18 or over.

Richard looked at the blank screen of his laptop for a long moment. He knew that he had to fill it but he was unable to start his assignment even when he tried really hard. He had already completed his notes but he did not know how to begin.

He quickly rubbed his head as he was frustrated and shut his laptop.

“I need a drink,” he said to himself as he got up and walked to the kitchen.

He took a can of beer from the fridge and stood by the kitchen window. He looked out to see people walking out on the street. It was getting already dark outside and he wished that he was out there rather than staying indoor and trying to complete something that was not happening obviously.

Richard had to complete four thousand word assignment in a week and he did not know how he would complete it. He let out a heavy sigh.

“I need some fresh air,” he thought to himself as he took the keys of his car and walked out of his apartment.

For the entire week, the weather had been really glorious but now the clouds were getting dark over his head. Rain was about to make the night damp and Richard cursed as he wanted to pull down his car windows but the rain would make the air chill, forcing him to turn on the heather and keep the windows up.

He got in his car and pressed a bit harder on his accelerator as he needed to release some steam. Deep inside, Richard wanted to get something happened but he could not explain it even if he could picture it easily.

He drove randomly with his motor roaring loudly to mirror exactly his mood. The road in front of him was dark but his car was about the only one on the road with rain now falling heavily. The wipers of his car danced on the windscreen to give him enough sight of the road.

The weather was getting really bad and this frustrated him since he had now to slow down and find a place to chill out. It was not easy for him to find a place since it was already night and the weather did not show any sign of calming down. He drove to an area full of trees with big branches making the night darker as they met above his head to form an awning.

Some lightness was showing up in front of him as the trees got thin. He recognized the place in his mind and knew that a pub was ahead of him somewhere. He hoped to stop there to get a drink and unwind for a moment before returning to the cursed assignment that was waiting for him at home.

He grunted when he drove around the corner. His foot pressed on the breaks hard as he spotted another car at the side of the dark road. The trunk of the car was up.

“Who the fuck is idiot enough to park a car so near to a bend?” he asked in his mind and thought about cursing the driver.

Josey kicked her car once again while wishing that she had paid more attention when her ex-husband had taught her how to change the tires. Rather, she was now cursing the car in front of her.

She was not ready to soil her hands with oil after spending a huge amount of money on a manicure the previous day. She just pressed her hazard button and took her mobile phone to dial her ex-husband. She planned to ask him to come and rescue her.

She dialed the number but when she tried to call, the phone switched itself off in her hand.

“Great!” she said sarcastically.

“Could anything else tonight go wrong?” she thought as she had lost her tyre and mobile.

She looked all around and up in the sky to realize that the weather also was against her since she felt the cold breeze making her quiver. Josey was wearing a summer dress when she left her place a few hours ago. She did not expect the weather to get that bad and now she realized that her dress was not appropriate in such weather.

She bent against her car before hearing some noises and looked to see another car slowing abruptly down beside her before pulling over before her. She did not move as she wanted to see the person who would get out of the car before to decide if the person was enough safe to talk to of if she would have to lock the doors of her car with her inside.

Richard noticed the woman standing beside the car when he pulled over. He got out in anger and slammed violently the door of his car before to walk over to her.

“Do you realize that it is really dangerous to park a car near a corner?” he asked angrily.

“Why did you do it?” he asked.

Josey felt herself stiffen as the young man walked over. She could see that he did not appear even enough old to own a car despite the fact that he was tall with fresh features covering his face.

“Do you think that I planned for my car to break down here?” she asked.

“At least, I managed to park it in a shoulder rather than on the road,” she pointed.

“The battery of my phone is down and I cannot change the tire with these nails,” she added as she showed up her well-manicured nails.

Richard rolled annoyingly his eyes.

“Oh my God, she is just one of those women more interested in appearance than substantially contributing in the community,” he thought.

He looked at her tires and noticed that the rear one was completely flat. He rolled the sleeves of his hoodie up before letting out a heavy sigh.

“Changing your tire will not harm your fingers for God’s sake!” he said.

“Do you think that I am spending all this money on such a manicure just to break my nails with a flat tire?” she replied.

“Is she for real?” he asked to himself.

“Is it wrong to break nails?” he continued.

Richard looked at Josey and realized that it would be hard for her to change her tire in her outfit. Her summer dress skimmed on her curves coming barely down to the middle of her thighs. The color of the dress matched her shoes. Her golden hair was flowing down her back.

The only feature that told him that she was older than him was the small lines all around her eyes. Still, she was still beautiful and deserved some male attention, if not more. He was almost lost in his thoughts before to realize that the woman was talking again.

“Do you have a cellphone I can use to dial my ex?” she asked.

“There is no need to make such a call,” he replied.

“I will change your tire,” he added as he noticed that she just said ex rather than a husband or boyfriend.

For a woman of her age, Josey looked really good with large globes straining at the fabric of her summer dress. He wondered deep in his mind if Josey had a bra beneath the dress or if her globes were genuine and not in silicone like it was the case for most women these days. These questions made his manhood twitching. He could not stop thinking about how her globes might appear without the dress.

“I do not want you to hurt yourself,” she said.

Richard decided to ignore her sarcasm and came closer to her.

“Do you have a tool in your car I can use?” he asked.

“Listen, I am not that kind of blonde. I know what tools are needed and I have all of them here,” she said.

Richard struggled to conceal a smirk as her comment moved him to lift his eyebrow.

“That is a surprise for me,” he said in a low voice as he was talking to himself.

“What did you say?” she asked.

“Nothing,” he replied as he walked to the boot that was open and grabbed the tools.

He headed to the tire and started working. He could feel that the rain was getting heavier through the awning of branches. He cursed once again as he looked up. He jacked up the car and put the spare tyre beneath it. Then, he started loosening the nuts of wheel with another tool.

“Are you sure that it is safe?” asked Josey.

“What?” he replied.

“What you are doing right now,” she said.

“There is no harm in changing a wheel,” he replied.

“It’s really safe or do you want to do it yourself?” he asked.

He looked at his side and struggled to focus on his task rather than on the well-shaped legs standing beside him. The edge of Josey’s dress stopped barely in the middle of her thighs. From his position, he could see more skin up her dress.

“I would rather have you change it,” she replied.

“If this is the case, just let me do it,” he said as she upset him for some reason.

He felt that Josey was the opposite of his criteria concerning women. Even if she had a stunning appearance, she behaved like a fake bimbo and Richard hated such fakeness.

“Please, do not bend against the car,” he instructed.

Josey was furious as she stepped away and bit down on her tongue since she did not want to appear as either argumentative or silly. The rain kept getting heavier over their heads and the sound of water hitting the green leaves was now louder than previously.

Josey quivered at the chill air and embraced herself. She wished that she had not forgotten her jacket. The weather was really good a few hours before, warm and sunny. However, it was so cold that she thought winter was returning. The mature woman paced up and down while attempting to keep herself warm. She wrapped tightly her arms around herself.

“Take this,” said Richard.

Josey turned around to see that the young man had removed his hoodie. He was handing her the fabric. She could see that he had toned arms and noticed a striking tattoo on his right arm, close to his wrist.

“He is yummy,” she thought to herself.

“Thank you,” she replied as she took the hoodie and put it on.

Josey felt warmer immediately with Richard’s aroma coating her. She felt something deep inside her stir.

“How good can he smell up personal and close?” she wondered.

It had been a long time since Josey had had a close physical contact with a man and she never dated a young man like Richard was. She studied Richard closely while he worked.

She wished that she was fifteen years younger. Richard’s look was average but there was something additional in him that Josey could not make out. This mysterious thing fueled her desire to know him more, even if he upset her.

Richard had piercing blue eyes with brown hair that he kept short. His hair seemed to call her to run her fingers through it. She ran her tongue on her lips as she wondered what it would taste like to kiss his lips.

While he worked, Richard could feel Josey’s eyes on him. By this time, his t-shirt was completely soaked with rain and it felt even colder with the breeze. He was struggling to change the wheel and wished that he had just ignored the car and kept driving. He did not plan to work hard like this after abandoning his assignment at home. He cursed himself for being kind. He should have left Josey to deal with this alone.

The wheel made his hands filthy. He rubbed them on his pants in an attempt to remove some dirt. He succeeded in removing the wheel and putting another one soon after. He picked up the tools and put them back in Josey’s boot.

He closed the trunk and watched as the mature woman walked towards him. Richard noticed the way his hoodie matched the length of her summer dress. She appeared as if she was naked beneath the hoodie.

It was at that moment that he realized she was really short and it was her heels that were making her took a bit tall. Watching her walking over to him made his penis twitching.

“The task is done but you have to find a new one,” he said.

Josey looked up at Richard and gulped. She could not find the exact word to describe the young man as he stood before her in his soaked t-he shook slightly her head to clear her mind when she realized that he could be only in the beginning of his twenties while she was a divorced woman in the middle of her thirties. She ran her eyes slowly all over him with her nipples getting hard and her clit throbbing in lust. She ran her tongue on her lips again as she struggled to control her desire to kiss him.

“I will remember that, thank you,” she replied.

Suddenly, Josey decided to follow her lust as she closed the gap between them and lifted herself up on her tiptoe. She kissed him softly on his cheek. Her own brazen move surprised her. She stepped back and blushed deeply.

“I am really sorry, it was inappropriate,” she muttered.

She took another step away from her but a stone caught her high heel and she fell backwards. Josey reached out in an attempt to grab whatever she could in order to keep her balance until she felt her butt landing on the floor with a quiet bang.

Richard watched as the mature golden woman fell backwards right after her kiss. He watched as Josey landed on her butt with his hoodie and her dress slip up, exposing what she had beneath the fabrics.

His penis got hard instantly. Suddenly, he desired Josey.

“Are you all right?” he asked with concern as he came over and offered his hand.

“Yes, I hope so since my butt is hurting,” she replied as she checked her butt by rubbing it with her hand while Richard watched.

He held her hand and tugged her forward. Then, he bent forward to kiss her. At first, the mature woman attempted to pull away but her mouth got soft soon and she let out a slight moan.

Richard desired her as he used his tongue to spread her lips so that he could deepen the kiss. The desire was primal and Josey’s mouth convinced him that she desired it also.

He wrapped slowly his arms around Josey to bring her closer. He could feel Josey’s large globes against his torso. He pushed her against her car and grabbed firmly her hair, moving further back her head. He attacked her mouth and groaned in need. She slipped her hands beneath his tee shirt and he quivered when her fingers plunged inside his jeans. She had slim fingers and the thought of them holding his mean made his head spinning.

He moved down his mouth and covered her neck with kiss. He undid his hoodie and her dress before to remove them. The fabrics landed on the ground. Despite the heavy rain and loud thunder, their lust was the only thing that mattered.

He removed his shirt and she caressed his torso. The night with the heavy rain made it hard for the few cars passing by to spot them. She knelt down and removed his jeans. He was already naked with his hard dick throbbing.

She wrapped her fingers around his meat and shut her eyes as she ran her tongue on the tip with a sigh of contentment. He took in a sharp breath as he watched the mature blond woman licking and swirling her tongue all around his meat.

He gripped her hair tighter to force her to take more of his meat inside her mouth. He felt his orgasm coming close and shut his eyes to fight it back. She was now using deep and long strokes to suck him.

They were both moaning louder now as she started sucking harder and faster until he exploded deep in her throat.

“Time to fuck you,” he said as he pulled her up and she parted her legs after making her turn around.

He pressed his still hard dick against her vagina and the warmth from her private parts made his meat even harder. He opened her legs more and pinned her against the car. Then, he thrusted inside her. He grunted as she felt warm and tight.

She moaned as she lifted up her ass in the air and urged him to fuck her harder. Rain soaked their naked bodies completely with their fabrics laying on the ground beside them.

She slipped her hand down between her thighs and started rubbing her clit while he pounded her furiously. He grabbed her hips firmly and they both filled the cold air with their loud moans.

He fucked her harder with the cold metal of the car rubbing against her boobs, making her tits puckering. Josey could feel her orgasm coming close as she increased the motion of her fingers on her clit to match his powerful strokes.

She screamed as an intense orgasm hit her with wave after wave of bliss coursing through her. He felt the inner muscles of her vagina gripping firmly his meat and sucking it inside. This was too much for him as he thrusted his dick deeper inside her and exploded with a loud groan. She collapsed against her car before to slip down to her knees, taking Richard with her.

“Do you want to do that again in a warm room this time?” she asked as they lay there on the ground under the rain.

“Sure,” he replied.

The End

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