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In Others 45

By Arla Coopa

Copyright 2017 Arla Coopa

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In Others 45

Doctor Nancy Knuck was a little disappointed when her last adventure ended.

But not much. It was literally one adventure right after another for her right now. How could she not wonder where she would go next? What would her next body be like?

And there was something she was supposed to receive. The man on her last trip had asked for her real name. She assumed he was sending it to her. She did not know what it was.

That night, she went to bed. She fell asleep fast. But she soon woke up. She was unable to move. Everything went black, and she felt herself rise.


She was in a dark place. She was not in her usually body. She could tell that much. But she could not move her new body either.

It was moving, though. It was moving because there was someone on top of her. And he was delivering his cock to her pussy with an uncanny speed, an inhuman speed.

The pleasure was so very intense, greater than any she’d ever felt. She felt like she was supposed to float away, to a realm where such a pleasure was allowed. Yet something was holding her there.

Then the man on top of her stopped.

“You’re not the woman I came here for,” a voice said. That voice was sharp and refined, like that of a very sophisticated man. “How did you get in there?”

For a little while, he was silent and motionless. Then he gave a confident laugh. “Oh well. I’ll take her anyway.”

Then he was slamming into her again, her slender frame shaking away, completely out of control.

The pleasure built and built. She almost felt like she couldn’t stand it. At the same time, it was all she wanted.

Then the throb of her orgasm was there. The release was beautiful, wonderful.

He was off her. Then, without even touching her, he made her turn over.

She felt his cock penetrate this woman’s asshole. And it was amazing. There was no pain, just more intense pleasure. He was moving in and out of her asshole, slowly, but as he did, his cock was throbbing. But it wasn’t like he was cumming in her. No, it was more like it was done to increase her pleasure. And it was working very well.

“Can you feel that?” the man said. “That’s what it feels like when a woman gives herself to me?”

“What the hell?” came in another male voice.

That’s when Nancy realizing that there was another man in bed with them.

The bed moved.

“Get off of her!”

The man with his cock in her ass laughed. “Sleep,” he said. “And forget.”

The bed moved again, and she realized the man beside her had lain down.

The man on top of her kept pumping her ass.

Nancy had no idea what was going on. She thought it couldn’t be good. The man on top of her couldn’t be good.

But she couldn’t care. All she could care about was the building pleasure in her asshole that was radiating throughout her body. She needed release.

And release came in the form of another intense orgasm.

Once again, she was flipped over. Then there was a cock in her mouth.

And it filled her mouth so perfectly.

And she was allowed some motion. It was just enough motion for her to suck that wonderful silken skin. Its taste was smoky and delicious.

She felt an urge to thank him for the cock in her mouth, but there was no way to speak.

“I don’t know how you got into this woman,” the man above her said. “But I will find you.”

She sucked that cock harder and harder. It was like she couldn’t get enough of that. Little shots of pre-cum came out. And that was smoky and delicious too. Now it was her mouth that seemed overwhelmed with pleasure.

Then something happened that was like an orgasm for her mouth.

Then he pulled away.

For a few terrifying seconds, she felt a sense of motionlessness that went far beyond what she was used to. She realized that it wasn’t just that she couldn’t move the muscles of her this body. This body wasn’t breathing.

Things couldn’t get any darker where she was.

She felt her body rise.

She’d soon come to in her own body, in her own bed.

She was relieved when she was able to move again. She wondered about the body she’d just left, though. Was that woman really dead?

And would that man really be able to find her?

About the Author

Arla Coopa is the author of many paranormal erotic stories, including tales from the Coveted Seed and Ghost Fetishes series. She has an erotic Science Fiction series called The Wife Games. Her work also expands into general erotica with series like The Bedpost Man and Kim’s Boss, plus a couple of stand-alone stories. Arla is an adult entertainer, who truly believes that strange sex is the best sex. She hopes her weird sexual tastes will entertain you.

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