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Seduction Lessons



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Chapter 1

Grace was shocked, absolutely shocked when she found out that her younger cousin Olivia - just turned 18 last week so she wasn't that young! - was a complete innocent. Absolutely completely innocent about anything sexual - she hadn't even ever been French-kissed! It had to be the work of her oh-so-puritanical Aunt and Uncle that the poor girl was completely terrified of any kind of sexual relationship. 

"It's ok," she said, wrapping her arm around the younger girl's shoulders. Olivia had always looked up to her, thinking that she was a complete font of wisdom. This complete trust had ended up in a lot of childhood mischief… but this was different. Her young cousin obviously needed her help - and she'd always been rather curious about her cousin anyway. As a practicing bi-sexual she hadn't been able to help but notice when her pretty blonde cousin had suddenly gotten rounded 34D breasts and a slim lithesome figure. If Olivia still trusted her the way she used to, this could be an awfully fun vacation that they were going on next week, "Next week when we're at the beach, just you and me, I'll show you some things. And then you won't feel so much like a 'prude' or anything." 

Although it angered her that anyone had made her sensitive cousin cry, she couldn't help but feel thankful that it offered her this opportunity. 

Tear-filled blue eyes looked trustingly up into green ones, "Thank you so much Grace… I don't know what I would do without you." Grace just nodded and held her closer, stroking the younger girl's arm a little, savoring the feel of her next to her body. Oh yes, next week was going to be just wonderful.

The first thing she showed Olivia how to do was kiss, "Like this, we just press our lips together and then open them a little and touch tongues."

"Tongues?" blue eyes were wide.

"Yes," she smiled reassuringly, "Tongues, we rub our tongues together… it feels good, here come on and try. You won't know until you try it."

Leaning forward, she tugged on her cousin's hand as they sat on the couch, pulling her towards her. Hesitantly, Olivia's lips met hers, pressing lightly and then more firmly as she responded a little. Taking it slowly, Grace opened her mouth just a little and licked those pouty lips… Olivia's tongue didn't follow suit and she decided to be a little more aggressive. Parting their lips further she gently pressed her tongue into Olivia's mouth, rubbing and demanding a reaction.

It wasn't the one she was looking for, Olivia pulled back as if burned, "OH!!…" looking at her adored cousin she blushed, "That was weird…"

Tolerantly Grace smiled, "Yes, but now you know what to expect. Come on, let's try again."

Leaning forward she again pressed her lips to her cousin's, and this time Olivia responded a little more favorably, tentatively pushing the tip of her own tongue into Grace's mouth. Sighing a little in happiness she deepened the kiss, her pussy tingling as she pulled her young cousin into her arms, large breasts pressing against her smaller B cups. She felt so soft and inviting… Grace couldn't help but run her hand up to cup that big gorgeous boob. Again Olivia gasped and pulled away, pushing Grace's hand off her breast.

"Grace!" she was wrapping her arms around her breasts, "You're not supposed to do that!"

"Yes you are," she insisted, green eyes compelling, "That's what you do, it's called fore-play. You touch each other's bodies to get the girl's pussy wet so that it's easier to have sex."

"Oh…" said Olivia, but she didn't taken her arms away from her breasts.

Grace decided to push things a little, "Are you a little wet?"

Olivia just stared at her and Grace sighed, putting her hand where her own crotch was, "Are you wet here? Can you feel it?"

When her cousin nodded and blushed, she felt her pussy tingling even more, "A little bit I think."

"Good, that's good," Grace crooned, "Now come on, let's go make dinner. We'll try more of this later." Obviously her cousin needed to move a little slow… that little bag of toys that she'd brought along would have to wait little longer. 

That night she insisted that they take their bath together, although she didn't try anything on her cousin. Olivia needed to be handled slowly, letting her get used to things so that it would be easier for her to get over her strict upbringing. Just being naked in front of her cousin and having them wash each other was enough to make her cheeks burn bright pink. Grace just savored the time spent running the loofah over those perfect breasts and the long tanned legs. One thing for certain though, Olivia was going to have to shave that bush… it barely looked trimmed and Grace was a stickler for hygiene. And if she was going to be putting her mouth down there she preferred it to be completely smooth, like she was. However, talking Olivia into that probably wouldn't be too hard, her young cousin was always eying her pink lips peeking out so prettily. But not yet, slowly slowly.

That night, fully clothed, they practiced kissing some more and Grace managed to keep her hands to herself. Just barely, but she did it.

Chapter 2

In the morning Grace kept things casual, they ate breakfast and went out to the beach. When they came back that afternoon she did insist that they take another bath together, although this time Olivia seemed more amenable to the idea. It was sheer torture having this gorgeous, young, innocent body in front of her, being touched and touching her and yet not able to really do anything about it. Not yet anyway. The fact that Olivia was her cousin really just made it more exciting, the taboo adding a thrill. 

That afternoon she wanted to try kissing again, and Olivia responded with eagerness. They kissed, tongues intertwining… her young cousin was actually a bit of a natural and she could feel her pussy fluttering. Pulling her closer she wrapped her arms around her waist and pressed forward, fingertips rubbing her lower back just under her shirt. The kiss deepened as she began to press her back, and Olivia willingly lay back so that Grace was on top of her, bodies pressing together. Instinctively the younger girl parted her legs and Grace was in the middle of them, their groins pressing together. Grace moaned into Olivia's mouth, wanting more of her cousin. 

Insistently her hand worked its way up Olivia's shirt, slowly and caressing as she went. It made her cousin tense, and the kissing abated a little, but she continued insistently. When she actually got to that firm globe though, Olivia tried to push her off again.

"What's wrong Olivia?" she asked, pulling back and feeling a little snappish.

"It's just that…" she blushed, "I don't know, it feels so odd having you touch me there."

"Didn't kissing feel odd at first?" Grace demanded.

"Well, yes…"

"And does it feel odd now?"

"Well no…" blue eyes looked up pleading for understanding. Grace sighed.

"Look, maybe I'm going about this the wrong way." Kneeling between her cousin's legs she pulled off her bikini top and Olivia gasped.

"Grace, what are you doing?"

"Showing you my tits." Olivia blushed again at the crude word, looking away for a moment. This gave Grace the opportunity that she needed to grab the girl's hand and place it on her bared boob. Yelping, Olivia tried to pull her hand away but Grace held it securely.

"See?…" she rubbed it up and down on her boob, moaning a little, "Oh… it feels good Olivia… I would love it if you touched my boob on your own."

"You would?" Olivia stopped struggling a little, surprised at this announcement.

"Oh yes," Grace reassured her, "There's lots of things that feel good on boobs. Here, squeeze it a little." She took her hand away, allowing her cousin to feel her own body. That gentle, tentative hand felt so good, and it felt even better when her cousin reached up her other hand to grasp her other firm globe. "Oh yes… that's it Olivia… oh that feels so good… now rub my nipples, that feels even better… ohhhhhh…" she moaned as her cousin's finger rubbed against her nipple, gently at first and then more firmly as Grace arched her back and verbalized encouragement. 

"Now pinch my nipple… that's it… oh… you can even do it a little harder, oh yes, just like that…" Grace was in heaven, dying to do this back to her young cousin and yet thrilled to be getting anywhere at all. And it felt so good to have her boobs played with, her nipples were especially long and sensitive. After a few minutes of playing with Grace's breasts and observing the effect it had on her older cousin, Olivia was feeling a bit braver.

"Now… me?" she pulled her own bikini top off, letting her hanging globes fall free of confinement. They were just so perfect, Grace mused, having small breasts of her own she loved the big ones. Juicy and ripe fruit for her to pluck… immediately her hands engulfed the two melons and she started gently squeezing.

Olivia moaned and lay back, she could feel her pussy getter wetter, just like her cousin had told her it would. It felt good… all tingly and pleasurable. Her breasts were tingling too as Grace kneaded them like they were dough, squishing them around, her movements becoming firmer and less gentle. Then her thumbs began brushing across the pink tips of those luscious melons, and Olivia moaned at the amazing sensation that coursed through her. It seemed to go straight to the wetness that was building in her pussy, heat filling her body. 

Grace watched with delight as her cousin moaned and writhed beneath her, there was something just so sexy about complete innocence. The way Olivia responded so enthusiastically to her cousin's handling told her that this girl had never had any kind of stimulation at all. She pulled those sweet nipples, tugging them away from Olivia's body and watching as she arched her back, moaning loudly. Her eyes were squeezed shut and there was a look of total abandonment on her face.

But Grace reminded herself not to push too fast. Playing with each other's breasts were one thing… getting her sheltered cousin into bed was going to take a little longer. There were definitely ways to speed up the process though.

Lowering her mouth to Olivia's nipple, she sucked the sweet bud into her mouth. Her cousin's eyes flew open at this new stimulation and she looked shocked, very much like she was going to protest again. Grace sucked hard and nibbled at the tender bud, and Olivia's half-formed protest turned into an ecstatic moan as she got the full benefit of this addition to their explorations. Writhing beneath her, nipple popping in and out from between her teeth, she rolled it with her tongue, squeezing those round tits as she suckled like a starving infant. God her cousin was sexy when she was squirming like that, her thighs were trying to close around Grace's, trying to get some stimulation on her pussy without realizing it. 

Moving her mouth to her cousin's other breast she did the same thing with that nipple, pinching the one that she had just abandoned with her fingers. Olivia was lost in a sea of arousal and lust, not even knowing what she wanted except that she never wanted these wonderful new feelings to go away.

Eventually Grace moved off her young cousin's nipples and presented her own hanging fruits to those innocent lips. Eagerly they closed around one pert, pink nipple, innocence fleeing in the face of pleasure. She wanted to give the same heady sensations to her older cousin, her adored older cousin who was showing her these great and wonderful new things. Suckling and nibbling she attacked the smaller breasts, really getting her teeth going while biting those long nipples. Grace bit her lip in painful pleasure as her cousin chewed on her nipples, her innocent enthusiasm was almost a little too enthusiastic but it felt so good. 

Finally she had to pull away, gasping, her nipples sore and raw after so much attention.

Smiling reassuringly at Olivia's worried face she told her, "That was good… very good, but we should stop and go get some dinner now."

"Ok…" her cousin eyed her shyly, "Maybe some more tonight?"

Grace grinned.

That night the cousins spent another hour playing with each other's breasts before crawling into their separate beds. In hers, Grace deftly and quietly brought herself to orgasm before falling into a contented sleep, thinking about how well the day had gone. Olivia's fall into slumber was nowhere near as easy, she had no idea how to cool the heat between her legs and so she tossed and turned for several hours before finally falling into an uneasy sleep.

Chapter 3

A few more days passed with as the cousin's caressed and sucked on each other's boobs, fondling each other at every chance. It gave Olivia quite a thrill when Grace slid her hand under her suit as they stood in neck deep ocean water and flirted with a couple of cute guys. Pinching her cousin's nipple while the guys had no idea what was going on gave Grace a thrill too, she could feel her pussy tingling in the cold, salty water as she fondled her cousin. 

That afternoon the cousins practically attacked each other when they walked in the door, kissing passionately all through their shower, rubbing each other's boobs and pinching, licking and sucking. After getting out of the shower they rubbed each other off, falling naked onto Olivia's bed… the younger girl could feel the heat building between her legs again as Grace sucked one pert nipple into her mouth. 

"Grace…" with her cousin's nipple still in her mouth green eyes looked up, "Are we ever going to do something… something else?"

The nipple popped out of her mouth as she felt hope rising, "Something else?"

Olivia blushed deeply, "It's just… I need… I don't know… I need something and I just never… I don't…"

"Ah," Green eyes flashed knowingly as she nodded, "You need to cum."

"Cum?" innocent voice, innocent eyes.

"Cum, orgasm."

"Oh," oh indeed, those pretty pink cheeks looked so sweet flushed.

"Ok, I'm going to show you how to masturbate." Olivia looked up at her in horror, "Don't worry, you're not going to go blind or go to hell," the look of relief on her cousin's face made Grace wonder just what bullshit her aunt and uncle had been feeding her. 

Lying beside her pretty cousin Grace spread her own legs, "Ok, now reach down rub your nipple, and reach your other hand down and touch your pussy." Olivia blushed as she followed the directions, trying not to look at her cousin's hands in the pretty pink smooth pussy. She found herself wishing that her pussy was as smooth and hairless, she didn't like the way that her pubic hair felt, all coarse and thick. But her pussy felt absolutely thrilled when her fingers brushed over its lips and she moaned even at that gentle touch.

"That's right," Grace said gently, "Run your fingers up and down your slit." Sitting up the older cousin played with her pussy as she watched Olivia touch herself for the first time. The younger girl moaned and pressed her hips up and down, rubbing her entire slit more firmly. When her fingertips moved high enough to brush her clit she gasped and her body jerked in response. 

"Good," crooned Grace, watching juices flow from her cousin's excited pussy, "That's your clit, it's one of the best places on your body."

"Ohhhh…" Olivia rubbed the little love button frantically and her hips lifted off the bed. Practically salivating Grace rubbed her own pussy as she wished she could delve her tongue into those sweet flowing juices. Not yet though, Olivia would definitely freak out if her cousin attacked her pussy. Maybe soon though, just having her prudish cousin asking for the next step was a very good sign. 

"Now move your fingers down farther," reluctantly Olivia moved her fingers away from her clit at her cousin's command, "And find your hole, yes right there, now push one finger in." Pert lips made a little 'o' as she felt something enter her body for the first time, "Good, now move it in and out of you."

Following her own instructions Grace pressed two fingers into her own dripping hole, wishing that it was her hand between her cousin's legs. That was the sweetest looking cunt she'd ever seen and its very innocence called to her. "Put another finger in Olivia, good girl," Grace was panting as she watched the moaning figure of her cousin before her, both their pussies made squelching noises as their fingers moved busily. "Feel around for a rough spot, it's very small, curl your fingers up until you find it, it's kind of bumpy and ridged."

"OOOOHHH…" Olivia's eyes popped, "I think I need to pee!!"

"No you don't," Grace reassured her, "That's your g-spot, it just means that you're getting closer to an orgasm."

That was good because Olivia didn't think she could get up if she wanted to, the hunger that had built between her legs was too great. She was like a bitch in heat, yearning after that something that would come at the end even though she didn't know what it was. Slowly her body moved towards it as her fingertips stroked that rough, nubby spot inside her pussy and her other hand came down to her clit. Finding that she could tug on the tender bud of her love button just made the feelings even more intense and she closed her eyes as she frigged herself.

Watching her cousin masturbate for the first time had become too much for Grace to keep her composure, and she gasped quietly as she came, not wanting to disturb the younger girl. She needn't have worried, Olivia was so wrapped up in the intoxicating feelings that had overtaken her that she probably wouldn't have noticed if there was a hurricane going on. Frigging herself desperately, she opened her mouth and let out a shriek as the burning sensation spread outwards from her pussy, encompassing her entire body. Spasming and heaving on the bed, she felt completely out of control as her pussy drenched the sheets in juices, her big breasts jiggling wonderfully on her chest. 

Finished with her own orgasm, Grace was unable to resist the temptation of her cousin's body and she leaned over to suck one erect nipple into her mouth. Olivia wailed as her orgasm redoubled and crashed over her again, the added stimulation to her breast making it sweep over her twice as strong. Eventually she was able to come down, Grace still sucking at her nipples.

Opening her glowing eyes she breathed, "That was wonderful…"

"Isn't it?" said Grace, "And there's so much more too."

Olivia looked thrilled.

Chapter 4

Not wanting to move TOO quickly with her cousin, Grace just spent a couple days where she and Olivia sucked on each other's breasts as they masturbated themselves. They continued to take showers together, and she used the opportunity to run her fingers along her younger cousin's pussy lips. Sadly, her cousin didn't seem to realize and so did not return the favor. Olivia finally asked Grace to shave her, which Grace did with glee, that soft mound now as smooth and tasty looking as her own. 

Going to the beach in the morning and then returning in the afternoon for kissing and breast-play followed by masturbation became the norm. But Grace was still hungry for more. 

While sucking on Olivia's breasts and squeezing, her young cousin was masturbating and moaning, thrusting her breasts up into Grace's face, encouraging her cousin with her young sweet voice. Slowly, carefully, Grace began moving her hand down Olivia's body, caressing her firm flesh. Once she got to her cousin's stomach, she suddenly moved faster, burying her own fingers in her cousin's pussy lips. Snatching her cousin's hand she pulled it away from that pink, smooth mound, it was just too tempting for her to hold back any longer.

"Grace?!" Olivia tried to sit up, startled at the sudden movements of her cousin, and then she shrieked as she was pushed back down, "GRACE!"

Ignoring her, the older girl shoved her mouth into that dripping slit, swiping her tongue and sucking at the sweet juices she found there. Olivia's struggles slowed as molten heat spread between her legs, the soft tongue on her pussy being the most fantastic thing she'd ever felt... it was even better than when she had her hands down in that wet crevice. Grace devoured her cousin's pussy, sucking and nibbling, eating for all she was worth with her tongue taking long swipes up and down the pink slit. It was sweet juices all over her lips, and she could feel her cousin's submission as her body arched against Grace's mouth rather than try to move away.

"Ooooooohhh... Grace.... this is wrong.... This isn't right...." Olivia was still trying to say no even as her body was screaming yes, even her tone of voice said 'yes'. The young blonde had her legs spread wide, feet flat on the bed with her knees in the air, her hands had found their own way to her breasts where they pinched her nipples and tugged at them. Between her legs her cousin's blonde head moved quickly, up and down, making long swipes with her tongue. 

Putting her shoulders under her cousin's thighs, Grace lifted the younger girl's legs in order to give her more access to that sweet pussy. In doing so she also exposed the crinkled asshole that nestled in the valley between Olivia's firm ass cheeks. In for a penny in for a pound, and she tickled the sensitive hole with the tip of her tongue.

Olivia thrashed and moaned, pleading with her cousin to stop in a voice that begged her to continue, panting and gasping, she was in the heavy heights of sexual ecstacy. Everything was new and everything was wonderful, even the tongue pressing against her dirtiest, naughtiest hole, even though her cousin was the one doing this to her... she couldn't stop her own bodily responses. The pleasure that was sweeping over her wasn't going to be denied. Although she begged her cousin to stop, if Grace had she would've been incredibly let down, she didn't want it to stop, she didn't want it ever to stop. For a few moments she worried what her parents would think, her becoming sexual and with her own cousin... but the doubts were quickly brushed aside by the incredible sensation of Grace's tongue actually entering her tight ass hole, just the tip of it poking in.

"AAAIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!" Olivia's hips thrust up off the bed, she almost levitated at the intense rush of heat that rushed through her like a bolt of electricity. Her hands had abandoned her breasts and she was now clutching at the sheets underneath her, fingers grasping. 

She sobbed a little when Grace's tongue finally left that tight hole, the sensations had been so intense that it brought her to tears but she hadn't wanted it to end either. Not that the pleasure stopped of course, Grace moved her tongue from one hole to the other, pressing into the tight virgin pussy of her cousin. Making her tongue into a short little penis she invaded the virgin space, pressing into it and wiggling within the confines. It was almost like Olivia was having convulsions as her body reacted, wild spasms shaking her entire being as someone else entered her body for the first time. She shook her blonde head back and forth, thrashing on the pillow, her eyes squeezed shut as she moaned, a few tears leaked down her cheeks - testament to the intenseness of these new sensations. 

Grace's tongue quickly got tired, but as soon as she pulled it out she replaced it with her fingers, spearing her cousin's body with her hand, two fingers stretching open that tight hole. Slurping up the juices of her cousin's pussy, she decided it was time to get a little of her own back. Swiveling around, she managed to get into a 69 position, and then she lowered her hips, planting her own pussy onto her cousin's innocent mouth.

The younger blonde had no idea what had just happened, so caught up in the pleasures of her own body she hadn't even noticed that her cousin was shifting around on the bed. Suddenly, there was something covering her mouth, shocked Olivia opened her eyes and realized what it was. Screaming did nothing but open her mouth to the salty sweetness of her cousin's pussy. For some reason it hadn't occurred to her that she might need to reciprocate the pleasures that were being given her... the idea of using her own mouth on her cousin was just wrong. Letting her cousin do it had been wrong and now that she was supposed to do it... well it was just even more so. 

Unfortunately for Olivia, Grace was quite firmly planted, sighing happily at the vibrations flooding her pussy, uncaring that the girl beneath her was obviously struggling. Grace was much bigger and stronger, and she was tired of waiting. Besides, Olivia would come around. Pumping two fingers in and out of the tight hole, she again lowered her mouth to the other girl's pussy, smiling as her cousin's struggles lessened quite a bit. Now it was moaning vibrations that were being spread through her own pussy, and that felt almost as good. 

Beneath her, Olivia was wondering if it would be so wrong to give back the lovely sensations that her cousin was giving her. It seemed very selfish, even though she was unsure of whether or not she wanted to return the gentle tongueings. Although she loved her cousin, she'd never even considered doing anything like this with another girl. But the most incredible sensations were sweeping through her body... and she was loving everything her cousin was doing to her. Why shouldn't she try to do the same for her cousin? It would be wrong to only receive and not give.

Grace moaned her appreciation as beneath a soft, hesitant tongue started licking her own pussy. At first it was very light touches, and slowly they became firmer as Olivia became more confident in herself and her abilities. Then two fingers found her way into her pussy as well and she shook her hips in satisfaction at this new twist to their relationship.

The room was filled with the sounds of licking and sucking, squelching noises as their fingers invaded each other's holes. Due to the fact that she had been played with from the very beginning, Olivia was already very close to her orgasm. When Grace sucked her clit into her mouth for the first time, Olivia screamed her passion as the cresting wave finally crashed over her. 

Writhing and crying out under her cousin's body, her hot breath and the vibrations going through Grace's pussy (along with her own excitement at everything that was happening) brought the older girl off as well. The two writhed in heat, their fingers clamped into each other's pussies as they proclaimed their climaxes. Olivia was in heaven, it was even better than the ones she'd given to herself... she loved her cousin all the more for her introduction into these new and intoxicating pleasures. 

When their pulses finally slowed Grace lifted her body off of Olivia and brought herself up. Trustingly, the younger girl snuggled against her naked body, and they fell asleep.

The next morning Grace was awakened by the most erotic dream... and then she realized that the sensations in the dream weren't just a dream. Between her legs was the blonde head of Olivia, tongue licking insistently at the sweet juices nestled there. Seeing that her cousin was awake, she picked her head up a bit, lips shining with pussy juices.

"Good morning!" she chirped. Grace groaned at this interruption of her pleasure and pulled her cousin's head back into her eager pussy, pressing the blonde against her body as she arched and moaned. Seducing her innocent cousin had to be one of the best things she'd ever done.

The End

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