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Romantic Vacation

By Roy Gino

Copyright@2017 by Roy Gino

Smashwords Edition

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

This Erotic Short Story is loaded with, hot, graphic sex! It is intended only for adults over the age of 18 and all characters are represented as 18 or over.

Anita was really pleased when her husband surprised her with a vacation package. Without giving her details. He just told her to pack their bags for a week without asking questions. She complied as she was waiting anxiously to see what he was planning for them.

When they left the plane, they were covered by the warmth of the tropical land. The cold winter they had left just a few hours ago was just a memory. She looked at her husband and he smiled widely at her.

When they landed, Anita found out that they were in the Caribbean. They spent an entire hour going through customs since the line was really long. Her husband, Charles, was looking at her differently. Despite having two children already, Anita managed to keep her body in good shape.

As she saw Charles standing there, his look sent a message to her hormones that there would be abundant sex during this vacation. Anita had tugged back her hair in a ponytail and used a ribbon to tie it.

“Wow! I look really hot!” she thought to herself.

They grabbed their bags and walked out of the airport.

“It is really hot,” commented Charles as it was at the end of the afternoon.

The van was there to take them to their resort. Charles and Anita were the only passengers in the van. The local driver talked to them the whole ride. Anita noticed that the driver was checking her out pretty often. Since she had some Asian heritage, this made her skin outstanding and attractive.

Anita did not pay too much attention to him but she liked the way he was checking her out. She also sensed that Charles noticed it but he did not talk about it since some fun would not hurt anyone since they were on vacation and supposed to have fun.

The resort was really a paradise and they settled into their room. Then, they explored the different restaurants and bars for the whole night. The trip to the island was really long and they were exhausted at the end of the night.

They went to bed and planned to hit the beach first thing in the morning. That night, Charles seemed to be aggressive in bed and Anita loved it as they had a wonderful session.

When she opened her eyes in the morning, she noticed that Charles was not around. She assumed that he had gotten up before her and had already left for the beach. She got up and took a quick shower with hope of joining him.

When she left her room, the sun was already hitting the island but she felt really alive and headed to the beach in order to find Charles. When she reached the beach, the hot sand under her feet surprised her. Then, she was surprised to see a woman lying on the beach topless.

She was nearly embarrassed to look at her globes but she noticed that the woman was not the only one to be topless in the sun. Many women around were also topless. She walked further and spotted Charles on a chair. He was talking to a young woman. Anita felt her heart coursing when she noticed that the young blonde woman was talking to her husband topless.

“How can you leave me alone in the room and come here to flirt with young topless women?” she asked him as she was furious.

Charles smiled at Anita before to introduce the young woman to her.

“I was sitting alone and she joined me,” he explained.

“There is nothing going on, we were just casually chatting,” he assured her.

“You are also free to flirt a bit since no one here will recognize us,” he added.

Anita left them there and walked further to find a quiet place where she could admire the wonderful waves. She was lost totally in the beauty of the beach and woke up suddenly by a deep male voice.

“Good morning,” said the voice.

Anita lifted her head to see a young muscular man in the beginning of his twenties. He was smiling at her. The young man was local and was wearing some loose Bermuda. He was also topless with his muscular arms and chest on display. She returned his smile.

“Do you want some juice?” he asked and she nodded.

He went to get some while Charles joined Anita.

“All these women on the beach are topless and you are the only one different,” said Charles with a devilish look.

She looked at him and without speaking; she removed her top with her bra. She tossed them aside. It was her first time to be that bold and it was at the same time shocking and exciting. Charles was smiling.

“You look really hot,” he said as he looked at her breasts.

“Feel free to also take off your shorts,” he added.

Anita ignored him since she was still upset with him. When the young man returned with the juice, he was unable to keep his eyes away from Anita’s globes. Anita adjusted quickly and concealed her embarrassment.

With time going on, numerous men walked past them and some of them chatted a bit. Anita’s nipples looked hard permanently as if she was in a kind of sexual condition. They spent the whole day at the beach as they swam and rested.

They returned to their room for dinner. She was so horny that they showered together and had mad sex after dinner. By the fourth day, Anita did not care to walk topless on the beach.

By now, the young local man was coming with them, giving them details about the region and other islands. He had amazing smile and was tall. His named was Davis and he was really charming. He always found a way to be close to Anita.

Davis made sure that Anita and Charles received premium treatment from the resort. Charles was really pleased as they got to know him a bit better. Then, Davis started praising Anita’s breasts.

At first, Anita was shocked by his open comments about her breasts but the young man was so charming and a smooth talker that she got used to his words. They both enjoyed Davis’ company as days went on.

One night, Anita and Charles were eating outside the resort when Davis appeared. They chatted a bit and Davis invited them to a close disco after dinner. He planned to join them there after his shift.

Anita and Charles headed to the disco after enjoying some cocktails with Davis. When they were there, Davis asked Charles if he could allow him to dance with Anita.

The atmosphere around them was so charged that Anita was willing. Soon, she was dancing with Davis and the steps became sexy. She was wearing a tiny mini skirt with a low cut top.

Their steps became suggestive as they kept dancing while Charles was watching them and drinking. The loud music was overwhelming and Charles made a sign to Anita that he was stepping outside to get some air.

Anita continued to dance suggestively with Davis. A few minutes later, she wanted to check on Charles and took Davis with her. It was hard for Anita to breathe normally after dancing for a long moment and her globes were heaving up and down.

“You are a good dancer,” commented Davis.

“You look really hot in your skirt and top,” he added while string at her breasts.

While they were looking for Charles, they found themselves walking through a dark secluded area. Suddenly, Davis tugged Anita close and pressed his hot lips against hers. He kissed her with passion for a long moment. Then, he raised her top to cup her breasts. The sight of his hands playing with her globes made Anita dizzy.

She shut her eyes as she felt Davis forcing his tongue inside her mouth. She parted her lips to welcome him while he pinched her tits. He rubbed his crotch against hers and Anita returned the favor.

She found it really romantic as he fondled her boobs and moved down his hands to her butt to fondle the cheeks. However, Anita gathered her strength and pulled herself free.

“We would do better to leave,” she told him.

“Okay,” he agreed even if he was disappointed.

Soon, they found Charles smoking near a pool. They returned to their room after Davis left. Anita was so warmed up that she almost raped Charles that night while thinking of Davis.

The following morning, they went again to the beach. They swam for a moment and returned to their shack. This time, Anita was wearing a bikini since she was now comfortable in such outfits with strangers around them and Charles encouraged her to wear it.

She asked Charles to rub some lotion on her as she lay back and undid the bikini top. After that, she relaxed as she sunbathed with Charles lying next to her. Since he had his eyes closed, Anita began looking around with hope to see Davis but she did not see him.

At noon, they returned to their room and took a shower. They had some action in the room but Charles orgasmed too early and fell asleep immediately after. Since she was not tired, she took another shower and put on another bikini as she was still excited.

She headed to the pool for some sunlight. The bikini was skimpy but since the resort was secluded, she did not mind putting it on. She had a slim body and her globes were still firm even if she was a mother of two and in her forties.

She wanted to have her skin tanned a bit and when she stepped out of the room in the corridor, the cool breeze coming from the close sea made her shiver with goose bumps appearing on her skin.

The bikini was really skimpy with a low cut top and the area around the crotch outlined the lips of her vagina. She could feel her nipples getting hard beneath the thin material. Even if she liked the way the fabric hugged her sensitive parts, she was a little embarrassed that her nipples were clearly visible to everyone.

The pool was not crowded and the boys working around had already started to clear the pool from strayed leaves. They were also rearranging the towels and lawn chairs. She found a comfortable chair and sat there with her book. Just when she started enjoying her reading, a waiter came to take her order.

“Sorry but I do not have any cash with me,” she said.

“It is okay, you have just to give us your room number and we will put it on your account,” he replied.

It was a bit early to order a drink but she wanted to celebrate her vacation. She gave her room number and ordered red wine. He was served a few minutes later. The wine helped her to relax even more as she enjoyed the sun.

“This is really good,” she thought to herself as she watched the pool boys cleaning the pool and area around it.

They were all local young men in beach trunks without shirts. Anita observed carefully the way their muscles highlighted their bodies. She remembered various stories about the island and wondered if the local guys were well endowed like horses. She remembered also that she could feel Davis’s package the previous night and its size was really impressive.

These hot thoughts excited her even more as she put aside her book and let her mind wander. Her daydream was interrupted suddenly by a big shadow covering her. She opened her eyes to see one muscular young pool boy standing in front of her.

He was shirtless with his muscles on display. Some drops of sweat from the sun covered his torso. Anita removed her sunglasses and was surprised to see the outline of his big thick meat against the narrow fabric of his shorts. His shaft was clearly hanging down to the edge of his trunk, nearly close to his knees.

It was her first time to see such package and she wondered if it was real. She wondered also how it looked when hard since it was already huge while looking soft. She looked up to the young man.

“Hello,” greeted the young man with a smile as he displayed his bright teeth.

However, Anita was afraid, despite his smile, since she could see desire and lust in his look. At the same time, she was flattered by the fact that a young man in his twenties could look at her like that.

She just nodded in response and he walked to the bar. Anita stayed in her chair until she emptied her huge glass of wine. Then, she sat up and put her stuff in her bag. She put on her transparent robe.

It was at that moment that she noticed a key next to her chair on the floor. A tiny wooden board was connected to the key and there was a room number on the board. The room was obviously not in their area since the characters were different from the room numbers of their area.

She realized that the key was not there when she arrived earlier. She had a feeling that someone left the key there intentionally. She wondered about her insolence and shook her head.

She thought about leaving the key right there and return to her room. However, she was a kind woman and decided to take the key to the reception. As she was heading there, she saw a sign that showed the range of numbers and she saw one of the numbers corresponding to the one that was on the wooden board connected to the key. The sign guided to a path.

The reception was still a bit await and she followed the path as she decided to head to the room and leave the key in front of the door on the mat. When she came close to the door, she noticed that it was not closed completely. She could see some dim light in the room through the gap.

She also saw an office table inside the room and wondered if she should just leave the key on the table and leave. Then, she stepped in the room as she pushed open the door a bit and walked to the table to put the key.

“Hello,” she heard a voice and recognized it.

She turned to see the young pool boy who greeted her earlier at the pool.

“Glad you came to see me,” he said as he stared into her eyes.

He was still shirtless and had his shorts on.

“I just wanted to return the key,” she said in a shaking voice as she put the key on the table.

“A minute please,” he said firmly.

Suddenly, he grabbed her suddenly and pinned her against the wall.

“Baby, your skimpy bikini betrays your desire for local meat,” he told her.

“No, I put on this bikini for my husband and he is waiting for me,” she argued.

He could feel his eyes on her breasts with her nipples getting harder. She was really afraid but excited also. He leaned over and kissed her forceful while keeping her hands above her head. She tried to push him off but she was not enough strong.

She was shocked and her mouth was a bit open in fear. He took advantage of it and pressed his tongue inside. When he broke the kiss, she stared into his eyes, completely speechless.

“Baby, I know what you want,” he said with a wicked grin as he cupped her globe with his free hand and fondled it through the bikini top.

He took it out of the cup and licked on the hard nipple. He sucked and pinched the nipple while she gasped.

“Please, I want to leave,” she begged without fighting back.

He moved his free hand down between her thighs. She tried to close her legs together but his hand forced its way between them. He started rubbing her private parts while sucking on her tits alternately.

Anita realized that he had released her wrists but they were still above her head against the wall. He was now fingering her and sucking on her breasts. He took her sensitive clit between his thumb and finger to squeeze it.

The juices from her tunnel had completely coated his fingers and he smiled as she started thrusting back, making her tunnel taking more of his fingers. He took off her bikini and parted her legs.

She gasped when he felt his tongue on her private parts. She looked down at him with shock as he sucked on her clit and moved his fingers in and out of her womanhood.

She cursed her body for reacting like that as waves of pleasure overwhelmed her with lust taking over. She yelled when a powerful orgasm hit her and he kept lapping up. Her legs went weak and she was panting as her juices kept flowing from her hole into his greedy mouth.

Then, he kissed her deeply and she tasted her juices on his tongue while he continued to pump his fingers inside her. It was her first time to experience so many climaxes. She was so weak that he had to carry her to the bed.

He removed his shorts to display his monster and Anita opened her eyes in fear since it was really huge.

“It won’t fit,” she claimed.

“Of course, it will,” he replied with a grin as he positioned himself behind her and gradually thrusted his meat inside her tight tunnel.

He grabbed her hips and pounded her for a long time. Then, he pulled out and sat on the bed.

“Ride me baby, you want it!” he told her.

Anita was hypnotized by the sight of his monster and the intense pleasure running through her body as she straddled the young man and started riding him. She was ashamed of herself but she could not deny the pleasures she was feeling.

The End

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