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The Flesh of Others 58

By Arla Coopa

Copyright 2017 Arla Coopa

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The Flesh of Others 58

Doctor Billy Newb’s spirit traveled at night. It went into the bodies of other men, more attractive men.

He’d just lost what had to be his favorite woman he’d met in his travels.

And now he was an invisible presence, looking down on another beautiful woman. This was a young blond. She was tall and slender, and very pretty.

She was on the bed of her studio apartment, just sitting there in her bra and panties. There was a piece of wood sitting beside her on the bed. It was similar in size and shape to a drumstick, but without a tip.

She seemed to look over the stick for a little while. She seemed curious about it, or maybe a little nervous. She picked it up.

It was as if she’d been shocked, but just a little. Then she tentatively looked up, right to where his invisible spirit was.

The young woman got up. She was so tall, close to six foot. Her body was very slender, but she had a very ample butt. The lobes were oval shaped and wiggled very hard as she moved across the floor.

She slipped on a dress.

He thought it might have been because she knew he was there. But then she left her apartment, the wand in her hand.

Billy felt like he was being pulled along. He thought it might have been her, or it might have been the wand doing the pulling.

She went to an elevator and went up several floors.

There, she stood outside a doorway for several minutes. She looked like she was trying to work up the nerve.

Then she knocked.

A man came to the door. He was young too, but probably older than her. He had black hair and a scruffy haired face.

“What?” he said, his tone rather threatening.

The young woman raised the wand and pointed it at the man.

Billy’s spirit rushed into the man.

He was now standing in near the cracked open door, looking out at the girl.

“Who are you?” she said, her voice nervous.

“I’m Billy,” he said.

She let out a sigh of relief. “You were the one in my room. You were the one who followed me here.”


“Good,” she said.

He waited for her to say more. After about a minute passed without her speaking, he said, “Who are you?”

“I’m Kelly,” she said. “I can hear some people’s thoughts.”

“Oh really?” Billy said. “Just some people?”

“Yes,” she said, sounding a bit afraid. “Bad people.” She sucked in a hard breath as if for courage. “The man you are in now is very bad. He’s planning on hurting a lot of people.”

Billy looked around the room. On the couch was a blanket that looked like it had been thrown there. There was something under that blanket. Billy moved to it. He pulled the blanket off. There was a vest beneath that jacket. There were what looked like little pieces of metal attached to the vest, along with a small electronic devise.

Billy returned to the door.

The young woman was still waiting there. He closed the door and undid the chain. He opened the door.

“Come in,” he said.

The girl walked in. She moved to the couch and looked at what was there. “So it’s true,” she said, sounding like she could try.

“How do you feel right now?” Billy asked.

She looked at him. She seemed to study him for a few seconds. “So horny. I’m like crazy horny.”

Billy nodded. “If you have sex with this man, it will probably kill him.”

She nodded like she understood. “And what will happen to me?”

Billy shrugged. “I’m not positive, but I think you’ll feed on his lifeforce. That’s how you’ll kill him. And it will make you stronger.”

She nodded, like she was not shocked by this. “I’ve not been hungry. I’ve just been so horny. I haven’t done anything yet, but I feel like I will soon.”

Billy nodded. “When you’re ready.”

She looked at him. She studied him a bit more.

Billy felt the urge to jump on her. He’d seen her ass wiggle. He thought it was the best ass he’d ever seen. But he abstained.

“I’m going to go,” the girl said.

“Okay,” Billy said.

He watched her leave.

Billy wasn’t sure what this man would do if he left.

He looked outside. They were up pretty high. He opened the window and jumped out.

Before he hit the street below, Billy was back in his body.

About the Author

Arla Coopa is the author of many paranormal erotic stories, including tales from the Coveted Seed and Ghost Fetishes series. She has an erotic Science Fiction series called The Wife Games. Her work also expands into general erotica with series like The Bedpost Man and Kim’s Boss, plus a couple of stand-alone stories. Arla is an adult entertainer, who truly believes that strange sex is the best sex. She hopes her weird sexual tastes will entertain you.

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