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Dominated by the Doctor

An Erotica Story of Submission

by Sonata Sorento

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Usually Delia wasn't opposed to having attractive men touch her, especially not attractive men with lucrative careers and voices that made her panties wet. Those were all good things for a man to have, and things that made it a lot less likely for her to fuss if she was being touched. But the man doing the touching was her doctor, and he was in the middle of telling her whether or not she had the flu, so the hand that was inching up her leg was startling and perhaps just the tiniest bit concerning if she were being honest.

Delia was at the doctor in the first place because she had been feeling feverish and exhausted all week for no good reason that she could see. Sure, she had been busy at work for most of the week, but she was used to that. As one of the department heads, her responsibilities were many and varied and that meant that she didn't get to take a break as often as some of the others who worked with her. Usually this wasn't a problem, but she didn't feel well it just made her job harder. Finally, at the urging of her boss she had gone to the doctor to see if she was actually ill or just tired and stressed.

And that was what had put her in this situation. Dr. Jones was young and good looking, and it seemed like his mind was on more than medicine at the moment. He was consulting his chart all the while rubbing his hand idly over the skin of her leg. Delia simultaneously was interested to see where this was going to go and a little bit regretful that she had worn pants instead of the short skirt that she had on.

“Well, Ms. Black, I'm happy to report that you don't seem to have the flu or any other illnesses either. I think that your initial diagnosis of yourself was correct, and you've just been working too hard and not taking enough time off.”

Delia frowned. “I felt so sick, though,” she said. “And you're sure there's nothing wrong?”

Dr. Jones nodded, stroking her leg and making her blush. “You know, stress can manifest itself with symptoms that seem like an illness. I believe it’s just that you need a break and a bit of pleasure, perhaps. You're a powerful woman, I bet. Have you ever thought about letting someone else have control for a bit?”

Somehow she knew that he wasn't talking about at her job. The leg stroking might have been a tip off, and if it wasn't, the leer in his eye and the suggestive tone of his voice definitely gave it away. He wanted her but for what she wasn't sure yet.

“It's my job to be in charge,” she explained, “and I don't have much of a personal life where I can...” She hesitated, trying to settle on the best words. “…be submissive.”

Dr. Jones grinned at her. “Sometimes all you need is a willing partner, Ms. Black. You never know who might be willing to give you a hand with that.” From the way he was squeezing her leg, she gathered that he was more than willing to give her a hand with it.

It should have upset her. After all, he was her doctor, and this was highly unprofessional behavior. But from the pulse of desire that went through her, she could tell that she was interested in what he was not so subtly offering.

“What do you suggest, Doctor?” Delia asked with an innocent expression on her face.

“I suggest you let me treat you,” he said back, eyes intent on hers. “I know how to make you feel better.”

“Well, you are the doctor here,” she replied, grinning impishly. “I suppose it would be in my best interests to follow your instructions.” There, two could play at this game.

The doctor smirked at her and pulled his hand back. “Do you have any prior experience with this sort of treatment?” he asked.

Delia shook her head. “No, I don't. I'm not actually a submissive person, you see. I could pretend if you wanted, but that would be as far as it went.” She couldn't help that she just seemed to naturally take charge and be in control. There had never been a part of her that wanted to give in to someone else.

“I see,” Dr. Jones said. “Well, if you're willing, I would be glad to see how far we could get with this treatment here today. You might find that you take to it better than you think.”

She was still skeptical about that, but she really couldn't see the harm in trying, so she nodded. “I'm willing.”

“Excellent. Now, in order for this to be a proper test, I'm going to need you to do what I tell you to do. You don't have to call me Sir or anything like that, but I need you to see how it feels to be out of your own control. To willingly submit yourself to another person and let them do what they want with you. Now stand up.”

It took Delia a minute to get herself moving, but she slid out of the chair that she had been sitting in, getting to her feet and standing in front of the doctor. Curiously enough, she could feel the tingle in her pussy that went along with her being aroused. She hadn't expected to get pleasure from this, and certainly not so soon.

“Very good,” Dr. Jones said. “Now take off your clothes.”

Really, she supposed that she should have been expecting this instruction. From all the leg stroking, she knew that the doctor found her attractive. And admittedly, she was an attractive woman. She managed to be both slender and curvy, and she had a heart shaped face and an easy smile. So she wasn't nervous about what he was going to think when she started removing her clothes.

His eyes raked over her body as she stripped, and she made sure to do it slowly so that he could enjoy the show. When she was naked, she put her hands on her hips and looked at him. “Well?”

“Well, you're beautiful,” he said. “But that was to be expected. Now we have to see how well you take to being helpless.”

The idea of it sounded unpleasant, but Delia was committed to giving this a proper try. So she took a deep breath and nodded. “Whatever you say.” Her heart pounded, and her pussy got just a little wetter when Dr. Jones went to a drawer and found a large roll of gauze. She didn't need to be a genius to tell what that was for and what he was going to do with it.

“Exactly. I'm not going to hurt you, but if at any point you need to stop for any reason, just say no as loudly as you can, and I will stop to see what needs to be done. Understand?”

“Got it,” Delia replied.

“Then let's begin.”

Obviously Dr. Jones was experienced because it took him no time at all to get her how he wanted her and even more worked up on top of that.

Not ten minutes later, Delia moaned piteously, straining against the bonds that held her. She had never done this before and she hadn't thought that she would like it this much, but she had to admit to herself that there was something incredible about being tied up tightly on the exam table, her hands behind her back, and her ankles bound together. She had been put on her knees with her face lying on the mat that cushioned the table for patients, and her ass was up in the air. There was a wad of fabric, her own panties, stuffed into her mouth, keeping her from making intelligible sounds.

She couldn't deny that she was starting to love being treated like this. Dr. Jones didn't stop to see if he was hurting her or moving too fast, but she knew that if she protested, he would stop and see what was wrong. Outside of that, he had all the control and she could barely even move. It was something that she had never thought that she could enjoy, or would even be very willing to try, but there she was, glorifying in the surrender.

Just as she was adjusting to the bondage, the doctor got into place behind her, using a lever to lower the table and put her pussy at the perfect height for fucking. She was extremely wet by now, and Dr. Jones rubbed his cock against her sex, using his precum and her own juices as lube to push his way in slowly. He seemed to be taking the promise that he wasn't going to hurt her seriously.

Delia couldn't deny that arousal was taking the place of her initial skepticism as all that hard, thick cock split her open. He was huge, and she had never taken anything that big before, so she couldn't help but writhe in her bonds a bit as it went as deep as it could inside of her. She hadn't slept with that many men, but none of them had even come close to measuring up to the doctor.

Brains, money, and a huge cock? Maybe he had it all.

The doctor gave her a moment to adjust to his size and then pulled out a bit only to thrust back in, setting a hard and fast pace that left Delia struggling to catch her breath. It amazed her that she was bent over and taking the cock of a man that she only knew on a professional basis right there in the middle of the day, but there she was.

She could feel every vein of that cock being gripped by her tight pussy, and they rubbed against her walls when he thrust inside of her, bringing her pleasure and making the last of her doubt melt away. She still wasn't sure that this was proof that she liked to submit, but in the moment she couldn't bring herself to debate it. Not when she was being pounded into and driven half made with delicious sensation.

The shaft of Dr. Jones' cock felt like it was rubbing against her clit from this angle, and that and the bondage only increased her need. She was screaming and moaning as loudly as she could through the gag before she realized it, but she couldn't be bothered to care. Her moans seemed to be coming through clearly, even though she was gagged, because every time she let one out, the doctor slammed into her harder. He was fucking her pussy hard and fast, grunting at how tight the hole was. Hopefully no one outside could hear her.

She screamed when the doctor slammed into her particularly hard, pleasure jolting through her body. It wasn't easy to beg with a wad of her own clothing in her mouth, but she knew that she wasn't allowed to cum until she had secured permission. The point of this was for her to submit, after all. She could only hope that he would understand what she wanted, with the way she was struggling and panting. It seemed like it would be hard for anyone to misunderstand what she wanted.

Her pleas were garbled and muffled, and for a moment Dr. Jones ignored them, making Delia sob in desperation. She didn't know what would happen if she came without permission, but she didn't want to find out.

Luckily, Dr. Jones proved that he was dominant, not cruel, and he chuckled deeply. “Go ahead and cum,” he said, continuing to fuck her. Delia needed nothing else before she was crying out and flying over the edge in a long, hard orgasm. Her entire body shook and trembled with her pleasure, and if the doctor hadn't been holding her hips and pounding into her, she would have collapsed and probably rolled off the table already.

Moments later, the doctor was pulling out of her, and she could feel the hot splash of his culmination on her ass. With nothing to hold her up, Delia went limp, slumping onto the table in a well fucked heap.

The gag was pulled from her mouth, and Delia panted, curling up as much as she could while she was still bound. “Christ,” she gasped, blinking up at the doctor with wide eyes.

“I take it you liked that,” he said with a smirk as he went about releasing her from the bonds.

“You would be right,” Delia admitted. She had liked it much, much more than she had assumed that she would. “It was...much better than I had been expecting. I don't know why I never tried it before.”

“It didn't seem like your style, I suppose. Do you feel better?”

She blinked, and thought about it for a moment before nodding. “Yes, I do. I feel like...”

“Like a weight has been lifted off of you?”


“Then I was right. As your doctor I prescribe this treatment at least once a week.” He reached into the pocket of his coat and handed her a card. “All the information you need is right here. I'll leave you to get dressed now.” With a wink, he walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him.

Delia examined the card, smiling when she found the doctor's phone number on it. Yes, she could see this treatment working out well for her.

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