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Hold Me Down, Big Brother!

Sara Kitty

Author’s Note:

All characters in this work of fiction are eighteen or older.

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“What’s your secret fantasy, Anna?”

Clara aimed the bottle squarely at me. My palms were sweaty. Perhaps I should make something up? After all, I couldn’t tell a roomful of my friends what I wanted. They’d probably laugh at me. Or worse — they’d find a way to arrange it somehow. But when six eighteen year old girls have their unwavering gazes fixed on you, it has a way of making you answer the question.

“Um, I want to be held down and fucked.”

“Wow, Anna. Ok. So you like it rough?”

“I guess so, but I’m a virgin. So I don’t really know what I like yet…except that…the part about being held down.”

“My brother did that to me once,” said Vanessa.

We all turned towards the girl with the long blonde curls as she smacked her gum and blew a bubble. Clara popped it.

“Vanessa, your brother?” I asked.

“Yeah, I mean, I told him to do it if that’s what you’re wondering! We set it up as this whole thing — my fantasy come true. He grabbed me in the alley behind our apartment building.”

“Ok, moving right along,” said Clara.

We didn’t speak any further of my desire to be pinned down, but I started imagining my own brother holding me down and taking my virginity. For some reason it made the fantasy hotter if I included Jason in it. Later on I went over to Vanessa and whispered in her ear: “What was it like? I mean, with your brother?”

“It was hot. At first I forgot that we had arranged it, so it was even hotter. He totally surprised me. He carried me inside and threw me on the bed. He grabbed my wrists and held me down as he pounded me. It was my first time too. Your brother is hot. You should talk to him about it.”


And that’s what got me started thinking about Jason nonstop. Every free second I had I imagined him pinning me down and climbing on top of me. I pictured his Atlantic blue eyes staring into mine as he slammed against my petite body. I know it sounds crazy, but I wanted him to break me. I wanted to be sore when it was all over. I wanted to belong to him at least until he was done with me. The thought of being a vessel for Jason to satisfy his urges really turned me on.

One morning at breakfast he was sitting at the table with his shirt off. He works out five days a week and it shows. He has a few very sexy tattoos of pouncing panthers and rising phoenixes — stuff like that. He’s a bit of a tough guy, but he’s got a good heart.

I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around him. He almost spit out his cereal and dropped his phone. He appeared to have been in the middle of texting someone.

“Watch ya doing?” I asked him.

“I should ask you that question,” he said.

“Just giving my big brother a hug,” I replied.

“Ok. Let go, please,” he responded.

I let go and sat beside him.

“I have a strange question to ask you.”

“Anything coming from you is always going to be strange.”

“Do you ever think about me?”

“I think about you all the time. You’re my sister.”

“No, I meant…ya know…when you’re in the shower touching yourself.”

“What makes you think I’m touching myself in the shower?”

“You spend a really long time in there, Jason.”

I got him on that one. We both laughed. Then things got quiet and I swear it just felt more serious in the room.

“Yes, I’ve thought about you. Why?”

“Because I’ve been thinking a lot about you,” I said.

“Oh really?”

“Yes. I want you to…“

And then I whispered the whole thing into his ear. He turned to me when I was done.

“I’m in.”


Nothing happened for weeks. I touched myself every night thinking about Jason. I wondered what he was waiting for. It seemed like he would never go through with it.

One night I came home late from a party. I was wearing a tight top that showed off my ample cleavage. I had on a little black mini skirt. My long blonde hair flowed around my shoulders. I looked good. Several guys had hit on me at the party, but all I could think about was Jason.

As I walked down the street towards our building I had the distinct feeling that I was being followed by someone. As I got closer to our apartment building I stopped in front of the alley to take my shoes off. My feet were killing me. I felt a hand wrap around my neck and a mouth pressed against my ear.

“Don’t move or make a sound.”

“Jason?” I asked.

There was no reply. The man pulled me into the alley. I tried to replay his voice in my head. When I did, I realized it didn’t sound at all like Jason…

My heart began to race. I was sweating like crazy. The man pushed me against the brick wall and ripped my skirt off me. He pulled my panties down and then started on my top. I was too scared to fight back. I thought that was probably what I should do, but I couldn’t do it. I was at his mercy. And even though I was scared, my pussy was getting wetter every second.

I began to tremble as he tore my top off. His face was covered by a ski mask. All I could see were his eyes — piercing brown eyes. Definitely not my brother’s eyes. He grabbed my wrists and pinned me to the wall. Now I was naked except for my bra. I stood there shaking as he looked me over. I wanted to scream, but I also didn’t want this to end. It was my fantasy come true, so I was very unsure how to handle myself. But then the thought hit me that he might try to kill me.

“Help!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

No one answered or came running. The man pressed a gloved hand against my mouth. He pressed down so hard that I almost couldn’t breathe.

“Don’t scream again,” he said. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

He whirled me around and threw me to the ground. I scraped my hands and knees on the concrete. I couldn’t crawl away. If he wasn’t going to hurt me then it just meant he wanted to fuck me. Once he was done he would leave and I could go inside and clean myself up. Then I could confront Jason and ask him what the hell happened. Had Jason hired someone else to do this to me?

The man got down behind me and shoved his fingers in my pussy. He pounded me hard, but I had to try not to scream — even if it was going to be a scream of pleasure this time. I moaned softly and he slammed his fingers in me harder. The next thing I knew he had buried his face in my pussy and was exploring my tunnel with his tongue. He was so good at this that I quickly felt heat spreading throughout my body. I arched my back and screamed as I came.

“I told you not to scream, you little whore!”

He dug his nails into my thighs and resumed eating my pussy. When he was done he got up and I felt his hard cock prod my entrance. I was super wet now and couldn’t wait to feel him inside of me. All sorts of conflicting thoughts were swimming through my head. I could still crawl away and find help. But then I’d miss out on losing my virginity to this dominant man who was forcing himself on me. I know it’s weird that I wanted to lose my virginity this way, but the taboo nature of it made it all the more exciting to me.

The next thing I knew he was spreading me open with his cock and slamming into my soaking but still very tight pussy. Once he was all the inside of me the thrusts came hard and fast. I could tell there was no thought at all given to my pleasure. This man just wanted to explode inside of me and fill me with his seed.

He pumped in and out of my pussy as fast as he could. But then he grew tired of it and pulled out of me. I panted on the ground. He grabbed me and rolled me onto my back. It hurt to lie on the concrete naked like that, but I had more to worry about than that. He grabbed my wrists and dug his nails into them as he held me on the ground. He rammed himself inside my pussy again and the sound of his balls slapping against my skin almost lulled me into a trance. I moaned and twisted about underneath him, but he was too strong for me. He tightened his grip on my wrist and fucked me harder till I could feel him swell up inside of me. He unleashed spray after spray of hot cum into my pussy. As soon as he was done he got up and ran out of the alley.

I was exhausted, so I lay there and closed my eyes. I didn’t know what else to do. The strength had been drained out of me. It was so late that no one would come by to find me here.

I was startled awake by Jason. He helped me up and wrapped me in a blanket.

“Jason?” I mumbled.

“Are you okay?”

“I don’t know…I think so,” I said as he wrapped the blanket around me tighter.

“Did you like the colored contacts? Nice touch, right?”


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They have my hands chained in front of me. My feet are chained together.

I’m naked and blindfolded, kneeling on the floor. I’m on some kind of rubber mat. The room is overheating and I’m covered in sweat. My heart is racing.

I have just turned 18 the day before. Am I really going to die the next day? I can’t bear to think of it. I have a promising future. I have been accepted to a top tier school and I’m supposed to study psychology. I was planning to get a job as a stripper so I could make some extra money. I’m hot and I can dance, so I know I’ll make good money at it. My breasts aren’t the biggest, but they’re perky. They feel like the perfect size for my small yet curvy frame. My long blonde hair falls in curls around my shoulders. My Atlantic blue eyes often help me get what I want from men. They can’t resist me. And perhaps that’s why I’m here now, blindfolded and tied up.

I shouldn’t have gone for coffee that morning. I said goodbye to my daddy and headed out the door. My brother Jack was outside mowing the lawn. I remember seeing him riding around with his shirt off. He likes to show off his tanned and muscular body. I waved to Jack and headed down the street. But that’s all I can remember. Everything else is an absolute blur. Someone came up behind me and put a pillowcase over my head. I blacked out and now I’m here.

I feel very dizzy and out of it. It’s like I’m on some kind of drug. And for some strange reason, I’m thinking of Jack. I imagine him naked before me. He smiles at me and I focus on his perfect teeth, but then my eyes are drawn down to his chiseled abs, and then lower still —

To his massive thick cock. I guess thinking about my brother naked is giving me some kind of comfort right now, but I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because he’s the last man I saw with his shirt off and I’m just trying to hold on to one final pleasant image before I die. That has to be it.

I see Jack take his cock in hand and stroke it for me. “You like to watch me play with my cock, baby girl?”

Jack always calls me “Baby girl”. He’s been doing it for years. It always makes me happy to hear him say it though. It’s warm and comforting, and I can hear him draw out the words in my mind in his deep sexy voice.

Dream Jack fades and I find myself just staring into the darkness of my blindfold. The temperature of the room has changed. It’s cool now. A nice air-conditioned breeze is blowing towards me.

Someone parts my lips with their thumb. I clench my teeth in defiance, but they pry my mouth open. I want to resist harder, but I can’t. I’m weak and trembling now. My mouth is open wide and a cock is being stuffed into it. I can tell it’s very thick and long. I choke on it — it’s so hard to take all of it at once, but I’m being forced to. I give in and seal my lips around it.

“That’s right. Suck my cock, slut.”


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