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The Futa Club

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The Futa Club

I experienced sex last night for the first time in my life and no, I wasn’t a virgin. I’d been in relationships, I’d had three boyfriends who were nice guys, but compared to last night I didn’t know what I’d been missing. Looking back, I obviously didn’t know what real sex was or how good it could be. My name is Candy, I’m twenty-one, and the split with my last boyfriend was the best thing that ever happened to me. Of course, I didn’t know that at the time when my best friends decided to take me out to a new club to cheer me up.

The Futa Club had only been open for about three weeks and already the rumors about this place were being whispered everywhere. People were turning up in droves to find out if any of them were true. According to the gossip, the club got its name from the fact that there were actual Futagirls somewhere in the club. Supposedly, they would randomly select a partner for the night and show them the best time of their lives. My girlfriends didn’t believe the rumors until they heard the name of someone they knew had been chosen. After tracking her down to the local O’Solo Mio Cappuccino Café, they found her holding court on one of the plush chairs near the back. Bevies of young women, coffees in hand, were straining to hear her story as she whispered and answered questions. Listening closely to the oohs and ahhs around her, my girlfriends decided they simply had to find out for themselves if her story was to be believed.

Arriving at the club that night, I wondered at all the fuss people were making about the place. The parking lot was packed with cars, but I managed to squeeze into a spot at the end. I led the way, with my girlfriends at my side, determined to cheer me up. Carefully making our way to the door, we certainly were impressed by what we saw. The new building was accented with discrete lighting, and meticulous landscaping. The sidewalks led to brass double doors that were so shiny it was as if you were looking into mirrors.

Stationed at the doors were two incredibly handsome men, built like linebackers. I licked my lips in appreciation, admiring the fit of their suits and the brilliant white shirts they wore underneath the charcoal gray material. I looked up to find the taller of the two had shockingly blue eyes which seemed to be fixated on the length of leg I was showing. Watching him speak into a headset, I saw his eyes swivel to my girlfriends and then back to me. With a broad appreciative smile, he welcomed us to the club as he and his counterpart opened the brass doors for us to enter.

Walking through the doors and into the foyer, I was taken aback at the sleek elegance of the design and furnishings. The entrance alone was as large as some bars that I had previously hung out in between boyfriends. The floor was black marble with streaks of gold threading through the huge slabs. The walls were covered with a pale golden silk material, which coordinated with the gold in the flooring, while crystal pendent lights shimmered above us.

I was astonished at my friends because with all the Futa gossip no one had mentioned the beautiful décor, how odd. Drawn by the sound of music and laughter we headed toward the large doorway at the end of the foyer where we could see an even larger room. Walking into the massive room, I was amazed how, while it was crowded, it still had a spacious feel. It was a complete transposition of colors from the foyer. The floors were golden, the walls stark white, and the tables where shiny black. Light streamed from the strategically placed overhead lights highlighting the onyx black bar that ran from one end of the room to the other. A team of incredibly handsome men and beautiful women bartenders staffed the area. The light from the overheads streamed through the bottles of liquor poised in front of the endless wall of mirrors behind them. The light sent echoes of colors through the bottles to the mirrors, reflecting their jeweled tones outward. The place was amazing.

We managed to find a table near the center of the room, and sat down in comfortable seats. A waiter swiftly appeared to take our drink orders and within minutes, we were toasting my single status and the new venue. Whether or not the futa gossip was true, this place was great. We were just settling in for a night of fun when we saw a couple of friends heading to our table. I asked when they arrived and found out that they had been there at least an hour before we showed up. The helpful waiter began finding extra chairs for the table and we relaxed and began exchanging gossip. I learned they had no idea how anyone was picked because no one ever saw these Futagirls unless they were chosen.

We all sat around drinking and having a great time until about eleven in the evening when two of our group, who were coming back from the restroom, had news that someone had already been picked out earlier that night. The rumor was she rejoined her friends at the bar and asked for a drink, and only smiled at the endless questions. She sipped her drink down, grinned at her friends, and claimed that she was exhausted before heading out to a waiting taxi and then went home. The only comment she made before she left was that it was amazing.

We sat there eyeing each other speculatively, the wheels in our brains turning chaotically, trying to deduce what, if anything, had really happened. Before we had a chance to talk about the situation, the blue-eyed man hunk I’d met at the front entrance approached our table. Six pairs of eyes followed his every move as we watched his approach under the overhead lights. His white shirt blazed as bright as his sexy grin, he looked straight at me, and then asked me my name.

“Candy,” I replied, mentally preparing myself to give him my phone number, address, and a chance to check out the sexy new underwear I’d worn that night as soon as he got off from work.

“Well Candy, the girls have chosen you. You can either accept or refuse, but know this, if you refuse, you’ll never be asked again,” he said, his voice as rich as cream.

Shocked, I stared open mouthed, certain that I had heard him wrong. Female chatter broke through the haze of disbelief as my friends egged me on and told me to do it. I sat silently, gazing into his blue eyes ablaze with amusement. I wasn’t sure about it. Until that moment, I never believed they’d choose me anyway so the thought of having this choice to make never crossed my mind. I felt mildly pressured to do it, or I’d never hear the end of it from my friends if I didn’t. Besides, three former boyfriends tried to ring the golden bell and didn’t do it, so I made the decision and said yes. What the hell, what did I have to lose? He guided me with a gentle move through the crowd. The warmth of his hand at the base of my spine was enough to send my head spinning, as we moved deeper into the club, the squeals of excitement from my girlfriends faded behind me as I wondered if I’d get a chance to see him afterward.

Guided by him into the back rooms of the club, we moved down a wide corridor lit by intricate brass wall sconces. At the end of the corridor was a set of double doors, with a strategically placed sign in front that read “No Admittance.” He knocked and after a few seconds, we could both hear someone instruct us on the other side to enter. The manager reached for the doorknob but before he opened it, he turned to me.

“Once you go through this door, there is no going back. Am I clear on that point?” he said.

I swallowed hard and then nodded in agreement. He opened the door and allowed me to pass and I moved forward slowly, not knowing what to expect as I entered. The room was large. Larger than the foyer I had come through at the entrance, but smaller than the bar room. I stopped trying to get my bearings, overwhelmed by the room in front of me. The heady scent of incense filled the air. Lavender and jasmine, along with sandalwood and musk drifted lightly through the air as my eyes adjusted from the bright lights in the club to the dimness of the large room before me. I noticed that the main lighting in the room came from white baseboard molding at the bottom of the pale rose painted walls. Soft spears of light flared to the ceiling where strategically placed mirrors reflected the light back down to a room that would make any woman’s heart swell with pleasure. Plush white sofas, framed the area of the massive wood fireplace. The dove gray marble mantle was covered with white candles their wicks lit with yellow fire. As I took a step forward on the decadent carpeting, I heard a voice coming from the sofa in front of me.

“Welcome my dear. I can almost sense your nervousness. There’s no need to be you know. My name is Celeste and I’m here for one reason and one reason only, to pleasure you,” she said.

I was about to respond to her greeting and try to get a better look at who had spoken, when I was startled by a delicate hand being placed on my shoulder from behind and then heard words whispered by another female.

“Hi there, I’m Tara and you’re lovely my dear,” she said.

I turned to see her and was dazed by what I saw. I could feel my face flush and chin drop as I took in the woman standing before me. She was slightly taller than I was, and her alabaster white skin was revealed by a long sheer nightgown. Her figure was absolutely perfect. She had large breasts tipped with nipples that I swear matched the pale pink rose color on the walls. Her tiny waist sat atop flared hips and as I gazed my eyes fell lower to her mound, I saw that it was smooth and hairless. It wasn’t until she turned slightly and the dim light from the baseboard shone through her gown that I saw the largest cock I’d ever seen just dangling between her legs.

I swallowed hard for the second time in as many minutes, gasping for air, unsure of what I’d let myself in for. I heard a rustling sound and turned to see the first woman who spoke as I entered the room stand up from the sofa she’d been lying on. As she moved forward, the light shimmered through her gown. I could see she dressed and possessed a body built the same way as the second. They both came up to me and seemed to be inspecting me all over as they walked around my trembling form.

“What is your name child?” said Celeste.

“Candy,” I replied nervously.

“Oh, well named, you’re going to be Candy to us for the next couple of hours,” said Tara.

They smelt amazing as the moved around me, and try as I might, I couldn’t stop looking at their cocks as they gently swayed back and forth when they walked. I could only make out the outline of their cocks, what with the limited lighting in the room, but it was enough to make me embarrassingly wet. Each of the women gently took hold of my hand as they led me to the open area between the sofas. The light was brighter here from the candles and fireplace and as Celeste faced me, she allowed her gown to drop with a shimmy from her shoulders. I saw everything now. The long hair trailing down her back, the tempting breasts with their tight beads of pleasure pointing my way, and the hanging thickness between her legs as I looked down at the fabric pooled around her feet.

She casually stepped out of the nightgown and tossed it to the side. Moving up close to me, she took hold of my right hand and placed it onto her awakening cock. I put my fingers around it as best I could and she moved them up and down her length. Within seconds, I could feel it growing and watched in fascination as her member began to stand erect. It was hot to the touch, with a drop of pleasure just brimming from the engorged broad head. Celeste moved her hips so that her cock would pass through my enclosed hand, liberally distributing her slick excitement.

I was breathless with anticipation, wondering if I would finally experience the pleasure of coming with a partner inside me. The heat and wetness between my legs had never burned hotter, I felt as if my body was on fire, and totally forgot about the other woman in the room. Tara reminded me she was there when she reached around me from behind.

I could feel the hard velvet of Tara’s cock as it slid up under my skirt, sliding and pressing against the tender skin of my buttocks. My eyes drifted shut for a moment, experiencing the hard cock in my hand and another cock playfully sliding against the soft fold of my body.

Tara skillfully began to unfasten my blouse buttons at the front, her lips buried against the warmth of my nape, causing an explosion of sensations. Once it was undone, she opened it up and removed my blouse. My half-cup bra was now visible but didn’t stay there long as I felt Tara unfastening that too. It fell to the floor on top of my blouse while Tara cupped and squeezed my breasts.

“She’s got a gorgeous pair of breasts,” she said as she pulled on the tender nipples, flicking the tips with her fingers.

“Yes, I can see that. Let’s see how well she looks after her pussy shall we,” replied Celeste as she unzipped my skirt and allowed it to fall to the floor around my feet.

I was now only wearing my thong and high heel shoes. Celeste had pulled her cock away from me and was now on her knees in front of me as she slowly but deliberately reached up and placed her fingers on each side of my thong. She pulled it down, revealing my waxed pussy.

“Oh good, she has a gorgeous pussy as well,” said Celeste.

She then spread my pussy lips apart and stroked my slit gently until she was touching my clit. Rolling my clit gently around with the tip of her finger, I moaned aloud with the pleasure it was giving me. Then I felt Tara placing her fingers between my legs and start to finger me as Celeste moved closer and began to flick my clit with the tip of her tongue.

“Oh God, that feels good,” I cried out, standing there on trembling legs.

“Wait until you see what happens next,” whispered Tara.

They both carried on until my body felt like it would spontaneously burst into flames. I was squirming against them in unfulfilled need when they finally turned me around and pushed me up against the sofa. They were both in front of me now and I could clearly see their erect cocks. Celeste kissed me on the lips and I found myself responding with a passion I’d never known. I was so wet by now with anticipation that I would’ve done anything for them. I felt Tara touching my leg as the kiss with Celeste continued and then felt Tara lifting my leg up and apart as she moved in and began to lick my dampness. I reached down to grasp Celeste’s cock and felt how hard and hot it was. Celeste broke the kiss off and looked me in the eyes.

“How good are you at sucking cock Candy? Do you think you could take a cock like the one you’re holding?” she whispered.

“I’m not sure, I’ve never tried with one this big,” I replied as I moved my hand up and down its length.

“I look forward to feeling those lips around my cock,” added Celeste.

I then let out a deep meaningful sigh as Tara plunged her tongue into my pussy and fingered me at the same time. Celeste kissed me one more time, and then sat on the sofa holding her cock in her hands and beckoned me to join her. Tara stopped what she was doing and stood up after placing my foot back to the floor. I knelt onto the sofa and crawled up to where Celeste sat waiting. I stared in awe at the huge cock in front of me, and then took it from her hand before licking the large head. No one but my ex-boyfriends knew that I was extremely good at giving head but this seemed like a challenge.

I felt Tara climbing onto the sofa behind me and gripping my butt cheeks as I started to lick the ridge of Celeste’s cock. At first, Tara seemed content to stroke my moist pussy with the head of her cock with long and deliberate strokes. I could feel her shaft pushing my pussy lips apart and the head of her cock rubbing my clit with each backward movement.

Then I stopped licking Celeste’s cock and placed my lips around the bulbous end of it. Celeste placed her hands onto the back of my head and pushed it gently down. Tara was now spreading me open with the tip of her cock and smothering it with my juices. By now, the anticipation was killing me.

“Shall we stop fooling around and take her somewhere she’s never been before?” said Tara.

“Yes, let’s take her on a trip she’ll never forget,” replied Celeste.

Then two things happened at once. Tara suddenly pushed her huge cock into me and Celeste pulled my head onto her cock.

“Mmm…mmm…oh…ahh,” I moaned as I felt Tara’s cock moving in all the way.

Celeste’s cock was hitting the back of my throat and I was trying to take more. At first, I was finding it very hard, but the more Tara fucked me the more relaxed and excited I felt. I don’t think Celeste could believe it when her cock started to go down my throat.

“Holy crap Tara, she’s taking it all,” she said.

“I think we’ve found a player here. Her pussy is so incredibly tight that I can’t wait to try her ass,” replied Tara.

I could feel my first orgasm approaching by now and I knew it was going to be a big one. Celeste was now moving her hips and using her hands on the back of my head to fuck my mouth and I loved it. Tara had picked up speed and I was incredibly wet. My excitement was almost pouring down my inner thighs. Then I came on a wave, a pleasure so mind blowing I could feel my pussy muscles attempting to grip Tara’s cock but with little effect. Tara carried on as if nothing had happened. Celeste was groaning aloud with pleasure and I could feel her cock pulsating on my tongue.

“Oh my God, she’s actually making me want to blow already. This slut is hot,” said Celeste.

She was now pulling my head onto her meat even faster now and I could feel her excitement.

“Get ready for a surprise Candy, I’m about to blow my load into your throat. Oh God, here it comes,” moaned Celeste.

She suddenly stopped inside my throat and I could feel her seed exploding outward and flooding my mouth. I coughed and spluttered great gobs of her seed and then she started to fuck my mouth as it was spewing out.

“Oh yes, take it all slut, eat that cream and suck that cock dry,” she moaned.

“Oh my God Celeste that looked so hot, I think I’m going to blow as well,” said Tara.

Celeste pulled her cock free and I could see her seed still seeping from the end of her cock. I licked up the drops of semen that were running down her cock and then covered the end and sucked her dry. Just as she finished coming Tara held her cock deep inside me and emptied her load into my pulsating pussy. Within seconds, it was running down my thighs and soaking the sofa.

“You’ve got to fuck this pussy Celeste, she’s one hell of a ride,” moaned Tara.

Celeste was now stroking her cock in front of me and it was still fully erect.

“Come up here Candy and sit on my cock,” she said.

I moved up without question and sat astride her huge cock. It entered with ease and I adored how it filled me up and sank to the depths of my pussy. Celeste placed her arms around me and brought me forward so that we could kiss as she fucked me and then Tara gripped my butt cheeks again. I guess I knew what was coming, and didn’t flinch at all when I felt a cool liquid being poured along my butt crack. I wanted to turn and see what she was doing but the kiss with Celeste was too passionate for anything else to distract me. Tara easily poked her finger into me, followed by a second and then moved them around in circles. I realized then that she must have used a lubricant on me, but at that point, I was beyond saying anything.

Celeste was kissing me hard and her tongue was entering my mouth. I can’t remember ever being kissed so completely before. Then I felt the end of Tara’s cock pressing against my backdoor and suddenly she was pushing her cock into me.

“Ahh…mmm…oh God yes,” I managed to moan as I felt it sliding all the way in.

I could feel them fighting one another for dominance as another orgasm approached. I’d never felt this excited in my entire life. Tara’s body was slapping my ass with each thrust and the sounds of everyone groaning from sexual pleasure were echoing around the room. The next orgasm was swift and almost painful in its intensity. The pleasure poured into my body as it tensed in pure release. Gasping for breath, I had spent the last couple of minutes with my eyes closed and I was in for a shock when I finally opened them.

There in front of me and behind Celeste was another Futagirl stroking her cock to the action in front of her. She saw my shocked expression and tossed me a sassy smile.

“I see you two have a live one here, do you mind if I join you,” she said.

“Wow Becky, have you finished with your guest already?” replied Tara.

“She came five times within twenty minutes and that was all she wrote. By the looks of it, this one has some staying power,” said Becky.

“Her name is Candy and she’s as sweet as her name. Her skills with her mouth will set your cock on fire,” replied Celeste.

With that said Becky moved up closer to the sofa and offered me her cock over the shoulder of Celeste. I didn’t hesitate. I surrounded it with my mouth and sucked it in. Becky reached forward and placed her hands onto the back of my head before pushing half of her cock into the back of my mouth. I was in heaven. It seemed to excite the other two as they started to fuck me harder and another rippling orgasm struck me.

“Fuck, I see what you mean Celeste. She’s taking my entire cock. I never thought I’d live to see this day,” said Becky excitedly.

She was now fucking my mouth almost violently, but the best was yet to come. Another orgasm began building, blinding me to the pleasures the others were experiencing. It started in my toes, and felt as if it was crawling up my legs. It blossomed when it reached my pussy and exploded through the tips of my breasts and the top of my head. I felt faint with pleasure, my muffled screams of ecstasy escaping past the cock plunging into my throat.

Then it was as if someone had pulled a fire alarm, because suddenly they all started to pull out one after the other. Tara was first. She blew her load all over my ass cheeks and back, while screaming in pleasure, she was followed by Celeste who shot her wad over my stomach and breasts as her moans filled the air. Then Becky shouted out and pulled her cock from my mouth as a huge string of her seed blasted my face and neck. I watched her seed shoot out for a second time and then saw Celeste surrounding the end and sucking Becky dry.

They allowed me off the sofa after that, helping me to stand, as the semen dripped down my body. They led me by the hand to their own private shower. It was huge, more than large enough to hold another four people. The spotless tiles dripped with water as they gently but thoroughly washed me. I stood there, my mind drifting over the memory of what I had just experienced while aftershocks of pleasure continued to rock my body. Gently drying me off, they led me to a buffet of fresh fruit, cheeses, and cold drinks that someone had placed on the table near the fireplace. Soft floor pillows were scattered about to sit or recline on while quenching our body’s need for refreshment. Tara stood after we had finished and moved the tray out to another room, presumably a kitchen. Strutting back into the room, she helped Celeste and then Becky to their feet as they moved closer to stand over me.

“OK Candy, you get to choose what position you want us all in next,” said Celeste.

I lay back on my pillow, and decided I had to think about it for a few moments, not certain if I wanted to carry on where we had left off. Considering that I just had the best sex of my life, with three women, wasn’t the problem. My gnawing hunger for sexual completion was only transcended by what I had experienced here. The plain fact was that I knew it would be next to impossible to top this experience in the future. I wondered how I would go on without ever being this sexually fulfilled again. My mind was at war inside my head and confused I gazed up at them.

Looking up I saw their eyes narrow, as if they were trying to read my mind. Sensing my hesitation, they glanced between them and then down to me. Knowing I may never have this opportunity again, I made the decision.

I had Tara lay on the carpeted floor and knelt between her legs. Then I told Becky to take me from behind and for Celeste to take her at the same time. They all seemed to like that arrangement. I wasted no time. I held Tara’s cock and started to suck the end. Becky moved up behind me and began to stroke my pussy with the end of her cock before spreading the lips and pushing the first few inches into me slowly. Then I heard Becky call out as Celeste entered her.

“I always like fucking you Becky,” said Celeste.

I was attempting to slide Tara’s cock down my throat, but couldn’t stop gagging. I had to lift my head up and lower my shoulders in order to allow more of it in and then suddenly it was sliding over my tonsils and down my throat.

“This slut can take cock,” moaned Tara to no one in particular.

Becky was now slamming her cock into me and slapping my ass with each new thrust.

“She’s also got a tight cunt,” she said as she buried it to the hilt.

I could hear Celeste slapping Becky’s ass cheeks shortly after Becky was slapping mine, which made me realize that Celeste was entering Becky as she withdrew from me. We all had a nice little rhythm going and I couldn’t get enough. Tara started to push her cock up and down my throat and I could feel her balls slapping my chin with each upward move. I adored the feeling of her cock filling my throat and looked forward to when she exploded inside me.

Becky was now making me climax and it suddenly dawned on me that I’d forgotten how many times I’d reached an orgasm. Then Celeste called out aloud that she was coming and began to scream with ecstasy.

“That’s it, empty your seed into me slut, I want to feel it pouring out of me,” moaned Becky as she felt Celeste’s seed exploding inside her.

This must’ve excited Tara because she told me she was going to blow. I prepared myself mentally and sure enough, her seed suddenly gushed into the back of my throat and flooded my mouth. It was pouring out the sides, even as I kept swallowing, but I couldn’t stop it. I sucked harder and longer and Tara moaned with pleasure as I sucked her dry. Then Becky started to cum deep inside me, but pulled it out to spray my back when she came the second time. Everyone was quiet for a few minutes as we all composed ourselves and Celeste was the first to speak.

“Have you had enough yet?” she said to me.

“I could go again,” I replied, as I licked my lips clean.

“I like this one Celeste, let’s invite her back again,” said Becky.

Celeste just nodded in agreement and then picked me up off the sofa.

“Tara, let’s give her a sandwich,” said Celeste.

Tara stood up and behind me as I faced Celeste.

“What’s a sandwich?” I asked naively.

Without telling me, Celeste suddenly picked me up and placed me onto her cock. Then Tara gripped my cheeks from behind and pushed her cock into my butt.

“Ahh…oh God, so that’s what you meant,” I moaned as they started to pick me up and drop me onto their meat.

Becky didn’t want to be left out so she got behind Tara and pushed her cock in from behind. I could hear Tara groaning with excitement as Becky entered her. We were off and running again only this time they all lasted for the next thirty minutes. The sweat was literally dripping off me by then and I could see that Celeste was just as wet. Becky pulled away first and sprayed Tara’s back and moments later the girls began to cum inside me. I could feel it pouring out once again as they held me in position to drain their seed into me.

When they let me down to the floor again, I almost collapsed from exhaustion and would’ve done, had Celeste not steadied me. I managed to sit on the sofa to catch my breath and the girls joined me.

“I have to say, you certainly gave us all a good workout girl,” said Celeste.

“Yes, she did. Come back on Saturday night Candy and we’ll have some more fun together,” replied Tara.

“I will and I have to say that this was the most exciting experience of my life by far,” I said.

I could see that their cocks were now all deflated and hanging between their legs. They allowed me to clean up in their shower after that and I was ready to leave when another two Futagirls came into the room.

“How many of you are there?” I shouted in surprise.

“This is it, five in total,” replied Celeste.

“Is this the same guest from earlier?” said one of the new ones.

“Yes, she’s a player and no mistake,” replied Tara.

“Oh, this is Clare and Jane. They were the first two in the club and invited me to join them,” said Celeste.

“Nice to meet you both,” I said as I shook their hands.

“You aren’t going, are you?” said Clare.

“Well, I think I’ve worn them out and I’m coming back on Saturday,” I replied.

“Are we going to let her escape?” said Jane.

“I don’t know if she’s up for a little more fun,” replied Clare.

I looked at them both as they waited for an answer and then down between their legs to see a large bulge appearing beneath their skirts. I smiled and then unfastened my blouse once again and threw it to the floor. They both laughed and removed their clothes at the same time.

“She’s insatiable,” said Tara as she watched the girls getting up close to me as I removed the last item of clothing.

“Oh yes, nice body,” said Clare as she placed her hands onto my face and kissed me.

We kissed for several seconds and then I dropped to my knees and took hold of her cock before engulfing it with my mouth.

“She doesn’t mess around, does she?”

I allowed her cock to slide all the way to the back of my throat and then brought it out again before repeating the procedure. She placed her hands onto the back of my head and started to pull me toward her. Then Jane got into position behind me and probed my pussy with the end of her cock, before spreading my pussy lips apart and pushing forward. As Jane entered me, Clare’s cock slipped into my throat and she started to groan with excitement. I looked over at the other girls and found that they were all stroking their cocks to the action in front of them. The sight and feel of all those cocks in the same room were driving me insane.

Within seconds, Jane was slamming her cock into me and my last orgasm of the night was on its way. I could see Celeste stroking her cock from tip to base and it was turning me on as much as the girls that were in the middle of taking me over the edge. Then I heard Clare saying something to Celeste and the others.

“Are you girls nearly there?” she said.

I didn’t know what she meant but the girls replied in the affirmative. Then suddenly both Jane and Clare pulled out and I fell to the floor. When I looked up all five of them were surrounding me and stroking their cocks.

“It’s been a while since we gave anyone a cum shower,” said Celeste.

“Yeah but she deserves one,” replied Tara.

Just then, they all started to ejaculate and it was hitting me from all directions.

“Oh God, give me it all. I want to be smothered by it,” I moaned as it started to hit my breasts, neck and face.

I’d never seen so much semen coming in my direction before and to say it excited the hell out of me would be an understatement. I was dripping with their seed by the time they’d all finished coming, but little did I know that it wasn’t over yet. Suddenly, they all crouched down and started to suck and lick me clean. When they’d done, I was utterly exhausted and had to be helped into the shower once again. I left their room that night after thanking them for the best hours of my life and told them that I’d see them again on Saturday.

Closing the doors behind me, I turned to find that handsome blue-eyed devil I met at the beginning of my adventure, patiently waiting for me. His earpiece was gone, and his tie was loosened slightly. Looking into his eyes, I felt a flush of heat rush up my face into the roots of my hair. He certainly knew what I had been doing for the past several hours. A wicked smile appeared on his face, as he cocked his eyebrow and nodded up the corridor. I raised my head, straightened my shoulders, and nodded yes. Once again, he escorted me back to the bar, his warm hands at the base of my spine, igniting flames of sexual excitement that I thought had been burned completely out. My eyes popped as his long fingers drifted down to cup my buttocks in a gentle squeeze.

A soft moan of pleasure escaped my lips as we entered the now deserted bar. I realized that it must be past closing time. Directed to a nearby table I found my best friends being entertained by a group of bartenders who even now were jotting down their phone numbers. As we approached the table, I heard the chatter stop as my friends looked up at me with expectant looks on their faces.

About to speak, I suddenly felt the moist warm breath of my escort flow over my face, as he leaned down to whisper in my ear. I knew the whites of my eyes were showing as he spoke softly about the plans for next Saturday and who was going to be invited to participate. Surprise stopped me dead in my tracks as his body stopped against mine, his firmness rubbing against my hip. A nervous breath escaped my lips when I felt his tongue glide swiftly over the shell of my ear before he eventually pulled away.

Hands in his pockets, I watched as he strode away, knowing that even though he was heading back to the special guest room, I’d be doing more than just seeing him on Saturday. Turning back to the table where two of my best friends were now standing up to join me, I could barely contain my excitement. Grabbing their hands, I pulled them after me as I headed to the exit. They peppered me with questions as we moved swiftly along, only falling into silence as we met my blue-eyed devil’s counterpart at the door.

His jacket was off, and the sleeves of his white shirt were rolled up over his crossed, deeply tanned, muscular arms. His green eyes sparkled with fire as he watched the three of us approach. He straightened away from the wall and approached us as if he was on the hunt. Stopping in silence we watched his movements as he came forward, and my fingers were crushed as my girlfriends tensed in anticipation.

“Well ladies, you have a good night. I hope you’re looking forward to Saturday as much as I am,” he said.

His hands guided us forward through the exit door. My girlfriends were ahead of me, when I felt his hand slip down my back, deeply massaging my left buttock, as a soft moan slipped past my lips. A satisfied growl left his mouth, as he gave it a final hard smack, before I stepped over the threshold. I turned back to see the doors closing on the wicked smile his face was wearing. I couldn’t wait to see my friend’s faces when I told them they’d be joining me Saturday.

The End

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