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Anal Room

Bledar Tola


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Chapter 1

They'd been snowed into the cabin for two weeks now... it was a good thing that they'd prepared by bringing up lots of food. Of course, Sophia thought sarcastically, that was more due to the fact that the men were lazy and got as much food as possible so they wouldn't have to make too many trips to the store. Her husband, Edward and his best friend Ryan were out skiing again while she stayed nice and snug in the one room cabin.

While the men were having the time of their lives, Sophia was getting rather bored... and horny. It was a very small cabin that Ryan had invited them to, and she and Edward hadn't been able to make love for two weeks, because there was only the main room and a bathroom. They all slept in the main room, on two separate mattresses, but it seemed discourteous for her and Edward to have sex when Ryan was mere feet away, asleep or not. And it felt even more discourteous to entertain the idea of asking Ryan to leave his own cabin so that they could satisfy themselves, when he'd been away from civilization and the chance of a woman for just as long.

Still... she was getting horny. 

Sighing, she looked out the window and smiled as she saw the men returning. Edward with his dark hair sprouting from the winter hat he was wearing, Ryan's red hair neatly covered by his knit cap. Pushing her own blonde hair out of her face, Sophia swept it back up in a pony tail as she started moving around the kitchen, getting the ingredients for dinner that she'd already prepared.

It was over dinner that the men sprang their idea on her.

"You know, Sophia," her husband said, "Ryan and I were talking today, he feels bad because of our lack of ah... conjugal relations while we've been stuck up in this cabin." Sophia felt herself blushing as she glanced at Ryan out of the corner of her eye, a little embarrassed to have all three of them talking so frankly. He looked a little red himself, getting redder as Edward continued, "And I know that you've been feeling a little ah... well, anyway, I agreed, and he agreed, that if you're ok with it, you and I could ah... well, we could make love while he watches." Sophia's surprised gaze went back to Edward, who was turning red himself, and he rushed through the last part of his explanation, "And that way we could all be satisfied."

Feeling a little frozen, Sophia examined her feelings about this... after all, she knew Ryan very well and he was an attractive man, but she still felt like it was a little strange to have someone watching her and Edward... on the other hand, she was EXTREMELY horny, and the idea of getting off -- under any circumstances -- sounded incredibly appealing. 

Thinking, she looked at her lap, and then back up at her husband.

"You're ok with this?" she asked. It seemed a silly question considering that he was the one bringing it up, but she felt the need to hear him say it.

"Yes," Edward nodded, took a deep breath, "Ryan's my best friend, I trust him, and I know that you're an attractive woman -- anyone would think so -- and I don't mind that he find his own gratification while we give each other ours. It seems like the most fair arrangement... and..." here he blushed and he and Ryan exchanged a glancing look, "I think it actually kind of turns me on a little. To think about being watched."

"Oh." Now Sophia blushed again too. She mulled over the thought in her head of having Ryan watch them, fisting his cock while Edward made love to her... her face god redder but she had to admit, there was something erotic about that scenario. Looking at both men she took a deep breath and said, "Ok."

"Ok!" Edward looked relieved that she wasn't angry... and then his expression turned to one of eager neediness, "Now?"

Both Sophia and Ryan laughed, but she nodded, just as eager as he was. Ryan seemed content to sit back and let the couple work it out themselves, not wanting to intrude on their space. And probably not wanting to ruin his chance to see her naked, Sophia mused. After all, she did keep herself in very good shape. 

They moved towards the mattresses, and Edward kissed her gently on the lips as he started taking off her clothes... she moaned with anticipation, finding it easy to forget that Ryan was to her right, sitting on the edge of his bed and watching them as they kissed passionately. Edward ran his hands over the skin of her shoulders as he took her shirt off, sliding them to her back and undoing her bra. 

She could hear Ryan's soft gasp as her breasts bounced free, heavy but perky, a round 34D with her pink nipples already hardening. It turned her on a little to think that he was already aroused just by the sight of her breasts. Edward moaned to as he cupped them in his hands, kissing gently around her nipples as she held his head in her hands, wanting him to move his lips to her perky buds. 

Wrapping his lips around one pink nub, Edward's hands pushed eagerly at her pants as she unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off of him. Out of the corner of her eye, Sophia could already see Ryan's cock out, about the same size as Edward's, maybe a little longer but also a little less thick, he was running his fingers around the sensitive head of it, his eyes locked onto Edward's mouth on her breast. Sighing with happiness as Edward's fingers trailed up her inner thigh, Sophia spread her legs a little more, feeling like the most gorgeous woman on earth with both of the men totally entranced by her. 

Granted, she was the only woman for miles, but it didn't matter.

Edward bore her down to the bed, eagerly, and she spread her legs, pulling his face to hers to kiss his lips. Normally they spent much more time with foreplay, taking the time to enjoy each other's body, but it had been so long that both of them wanted to move faster. 

"Oh please," Sophia moaned, "I want you inside me..."

She blushed furiously as she heard Ryan's lusty groan at her words, echoing Edward's, she'd almost forgotten he was there. There was movement at the corner of her eye, he was now fisting his cock as Edward lined his own up with her pussy... and then she was moaning with pleasure as Edward started to work his way into her pussy.

"Fuck you're tight," he gasped, and she realized she was... she could actually feel herself stretching open for him, almost painfully despite how wet she was. Spreading her legs a little wider to allow for better access, Sophia left little kisses across Edward's collarbone and shoulder as he worked his hips back and forth, shoving deeper and deeper into her. 

"Oh god..." she cried out as he completely impaled her on his cock, their groins pressing together, and he moaned as her pussy spasmed around him. They began to move frantically, humping up and down, her body arching to meet his as he pillaged her hole, their need spiraling around them and heightening the sensations.

Moans and cries of pleasure filled the room as Sophia and Edward moved, her legs wrapping around his body as she encouraged his efforts with nails down his back. As she thrashed with rapture, feeling herself nearing orgasm, she looked to the right where Ryan was furiously fisting his cock, his eyes on their interlocked bodies. He seemed to realize that she was looking at him and their eyes met, Edward's face was buried in her shoulder as she and Ryan looked at each other and she began to cry out with orgasm. 

Seeing her cum, Ryan groaned and began to shudder, his fist gripping his cock tightly as he moved it up and down, Sophia thrashed with ecstasy as spurts of white cum began to spew from Ryan's cock, she watched all of it as Edward grunted and rammed into her hard, his dick pulsing inside of her as she rode the wave of her own orgasm. 

Ryan sat back on his bed, panting as he watched the couple in the last throes of their pleasure, his eyes glowing with satisfaction. Sophia could feel her own body relaxing, satisfied at least. 

Pulling himself up, Edward looked over at his friend and smiled. Sophia felt relieved that obviously her husband was ok with the way things were. 

"That wasn't so bad," Edward said, grinning.

"Not bad at all," Ryan grinned back.

Sophia could only laugh as her husband kissed her again.

Chapter 2

It wasn't more than a couple days after Sophia and Edward had first made love in front of Ryan that Edward brought it up again. Feeling more than willing, her body aching to be touched again, Sophia found herself again being stripped down in front of her husband's best friend.

This time was a little different though. Edward stood behind her, pushing her blonde hair out of the way as he stripped her down, facing Ryan... it was both strange and erotic to be able to look directly at Ryan as his dick hardened while he stared at her naked body. Sophia felt both exposed and excited by it, Edward's hands moving on her breasts, squeezing the round orbs and pinching at her nipples. She couldn't help but moan and move her hips, her pussy pressing towards Ryan, who groaned with excitement as Edward's fingers traveled down her stomach and spread apart her pussy lips.

She realized that Edward was finding it exciting to expose her to his friend as well, the way he was putting her completely on display. It just excited her more, quite honestly.

This time when they got on the bed, Edward put her in a doggy-style position, which a few pillows under her hips since she usually couldn't stay up on her hands and knees when he did it like this, and she was facing Ryan. He looked excited to be able to stare directly into her eyes, see her face as Edward licked at her pussy from behind.

At this point he couldn't even see what Edward was doing, Ryan was pretty much getting off on watching Sophia's facial expressions... which were something to see as her husband found all her most sensitive places with his tongue and fingers. He wriggled them inside of her, while he sucked on her clit, making her gasp and shiver, Sophia pushed back at him, wanting him to mount her and take her.

Finally, when she thought she might actually start begging, Edward moved behind her, his hands on her hips and started to push in. Sophia made sure to look Ryan in the eye as Edward entered her body, moaning her pleasure straight at him, mouth open in an "o" as she pushed back against her husband. Ryan groaned fisted his cock harder, watching as Edward's hands slid up Sophia's body to cup her hanging breasts, fingers nimbly pulling at her nipples as he kneaded her breast flesh.

Shuddering with pleasure, Sophia moved her hips up and down, rubbing her ass against Edward's stomach and groin as he held himself inside of her... then he gripped her breasts harder and started moving back and forth, fucking her with strong, deep strokes that made her moan. As he began to plow into her with more force, she could feel her upper body being force to the bed, in a supplicating position... almost bowing down to both him and Ryan. 

As her arms gave out, she had to turn her head to the side, and she could see Ryan moving to where he got both a better view of Edward fucking her from behind, and of her face. She tilted her head back a little, to make sure he could fully catch her pretty features as they contorted with rapture, her breasts being squeezed and pinched beneath her moving body.

Blonde hair splayed on the bed, Sophia kept having to move it out of her face as it bounced around, her body being jolted by Edward's lusty thrusts. She stared at Ryan's crotch, his hand fisting his dick, the shock of red hair at his groin... she moved back against Edward, feeling more and more aroused by being watched. It was like putting on a show... she liked the feeling of exposure and exhibitionism. 

Moaning even more loudly than before, Sophia gasped as one of Edward's hand moved from her breast to her pussy, rubbing at her clit as he entered her from behind. She could feel her body tightening down on his thrusting cock, and she rubbed herself against his questing fingers, shuddering with the sheer pleasurable joy of it.

"Oh Edward..." she groaned as he started going at her from behind like a jack hammer, his hands tight on her pussy and breast, her body feeling completely subjugated underneath his... she pushed back as best she could but he was so much bigger and stronger and the thrusting so forceful that it was more like she was just being hammered into the bed. 

She could heard Ryan's groan as he started to cum, spurting out from his hand while he watched.

Edward pinched her clit, bringing her back to the pleasure of her own body, and she could feel him swelling inside of her. With a gasp, she pushed back against him, feeling him starting to pulse and spurt inside of her. Shuddering, Sophia let out a groan as she started to cum, just as his orgasm was finishing... Edward could feel her culminating and he rubbed her clit furiously, his half-hard dick still moving in and out of her, prolonging and enhancing her pleasure as she writhed in front of him. 

Finally, all three of them were panting, tired out and sated... for now at least.

Chapter 3

Edward felt bad. Even though Ryan wasn't complaining about watching him and Sophia make love, and was obviously enjoying it, Edward knew very well that jerking off just wasn't the same. And it didn't help that Sophia was a stunning woman, he was lucky to have her as his wife... and even luckier that she was so open minded. He could tell it got both of them off to have Ryan watching them...

But he was starting to feel like maybe that wasn't enough. They were on week three of being snowed into the cabin, and he was feeling really bad about his best friend's womanless plight. 

It was while they were getting ready for bed that he finally announced what he'd had in his mind. 

"Ryan, I think you should be able to make love to Sophia if both of you are ok with it." 

Both of them stared at him, and Edward blushed a little, feeling very exposed. He hadn't meant to put it so bluntly, but he wanted it out there in the open.

"Edward..." Sophia started to stay, looking startled, and then Ryan interrupted her.

"I can't do that man... she's your wife!" 

Sophia's mouth shut closed.

"I know," said Edward, and then he started explaining, "But I feel bad that I'm getting all my needs met and I don't think that you are, and who knows how much longer we're going to be stuck up here."

"But... she's your wife!" Ryan repeated. Sophia looked curiously at her husband, quietly waiting to see what he was going to say.

Edward turned to her, "It's not that I don't love you honey, I do, and I don't want you to think that this has anything to do with my attraction to you or anything... but Ryan's been watching us and in some ways I feel bad... and in some ways I kind of start wondering what it would be like to watch him with you." Both he and Sophia were blushing now, Ryan had turned away so Edward couldn't see his expression, "And I get a little possessive feeling, but at the same time there's something about it that turns me on."

Ryan turned back looking pained, "Look, it's not that I don't find Sophia attractive, I do, but I just feel like it's really... I don't know... wrong!"

"But I'm ok with it," said Edward, feeling more calm and more ok with it by the second, "And I do want to watch, eventually, but it if makes you two feel better, I'm gonna go for a walk right now. Look for some firewood... you two can get into bed. And I'm just going to say that I would be perfectly happy to come back and find Sophia naked and exhausted. I'd prefer she was in my bed, because I enjoy sleeping next to my wife, but I'll be happy knowing that she was in yours before that."

And with that he left. Feeling a little trepidation, but at the same time aroused at the idea that while he was gone, Ryan would -- hopefully -- make love to his wife. The image in his head was extremely arousing.

Back in the cabin, Sophia and Ryan stared at each other. 

"Did he really mean that?" Ryan asked, looking bewildered.

"Yes," replied Sophia, still feeling a little shocked, "I can tell when he means something."

"Wow..." said Ryan, moving to sit on his bed, "I mean just... wow..."

Looking at him, Sophia could see why Edward felt bad. He and Ryan were like brothers in some ways, Edward had always been a very sharing person... she wasn't sure how she felt about his willingness to share her. On the other hand, it wasn't like Edward didn't have a possessive/jealous side, she'd seen that often enough... but he liked having Ryan watch them. She liked having Ryan watch them.

And Edward wanted her to do this. It turned him on. This wasn't the kind of thing she'd ever expected to do, but there was a part of her that was attracted to Ryan... and she felt that there was a kind of erotic thrill of the forbidden.

As Ryan sat on the bed, staring into space, Sophia undressed. He didn't even move, and she had a feeling he was lost in his own thoughts. Well... she was going to interrupt that. 

Moving in front of him, totally naked, Sophia met Ryan's startled eyes. He groaned at the sight of her naked body.

"Sophia, I don't know if I can do this," he said.

"It's ok," she replied, "Edward really is ok with it. Or he'd have been back in that front door by now." She smiled, "He's still out there, which means he's taking his time. He really does want you to make love to me, and satisfy your own needs... and he really is aroused by the thought." Blushing she added, "I'm aroused by the thought."

Ryan looked like he was going to say something else and she stepped closer, his head was just at the right height for her breasts. Running her hands through his red hair, she leaned forward and kissed him, gently, on the lips, and felt him both respond and try not to respond. Deepening the kiss, Sophia planted one leg on either side of his lap, lowering herself against his body.

Out in the woods, Edward returned to the cabin, peeking in through the window across from the beds. He saw his naked wife straddling Ryan, kissing him deeply... and Ryan's hand slowly drift up to grip Sophia's ass. 

Moaning a little, Edward wished that it wasn't so cold out... this really was turning him on and he wished he could jerk off to the erotic sight, like Ryan did when he was watching them.

Ryan's hand clenched on Sophia's ass, rough, digging into her flesh, and then it was like lightening flashed through him. Suddenly she was on her back, on his bed, and Ryan was stripping off his clothes... he ran his hands over her body with an urgency that took her breath away... his lips pressed against her, tongue tasting her skin. His first taste of woman in weeks... she moaned and let her hands roam over him, thinking of Edward walking through the woods and wondering if he was picturing this in his head. 

Outside the window, Edward moaned, pushing his pant and snowpant covered groin against the wall to rub his cock through the layers as Ryan's red head disappeared between his wife's thighs. Sophia was obviously moaning at Ryan's tongue, the red hair bobbing up and down as she writhed and gasped, her back arching and thrusting her breasts into the air. Edward was sure that his friend was eating her like a starving man. 

Sophia gasped, her eyes widening in shock as Ryan's tongue went lower, pressing against her anus... she wanted to protest -- Edward had never touched her there! -- but at the same time it felt good... and so she just relaxed into it, feeling the strange sensation of her nerve endings tingling as Ryan licked her asshole. Then his tongue returned to her pussy, eliciting fiery sensations from her wet folds, sliding back and forth between her holes and making her thrash with sexual bliss. Fingers pushed into her, one wet one poking into her asshole...

Again she almost wanted to protest, but it felt good... strangely full and so she didn't say anything. Ryan just did things differently from her husband, and this new experience was already teaching her some things... it felt good, his fingers moving in and out of her, one of them stretching out her back door... she'd heard about women who enjoyed having their assholes played with. Apparently she was one of them! 

Ryan licked and sucked, pushing his fingers in a mimicry of sex, going deep into her holes with them as he licked all around his questing digits. Then his lips found her clit, and Sophia cried out, her hands clutching at his red hair as her back arched... Ryan sucked the tender nub into his mouth and rolled it around, and Sophia shrieked her pleasure as an orgasm crashed through her. In her mind's eye she pictured what it would be like if Edward was sitting and watching them on the bed and her orgasm just increased in intensity, making her writhe and thrash against Ryan's fingers and mouth. 

Edward couldn't tell what Ryan had done to Sophia, but she had obviously had enjoyed it... he'd done something different because her face had shown some hesitation and shock before she'd fallen into it. He wondered what Ryan had done, rubbing his cock against the wall as he continued watching... wishing he was in there watching and able to touch himself.

Then Ryan climbed on top of Sophia, his hands and mouth on her breasts, squeezing and kneading the flesh... she could feel his cock rubbing along the inside of her thigh. 

Remembering his reaction to her words the first time he'd watched her and Edward, Sophia nibbled on his ear as he suckled at her nipple, murmuring, "I want you inside me..."

With a shuddering groan, Ryan pressed his cock to her wet folds. Sophia shivered as he started to push inside of her, the first new cock in her since her first time with Edward. Her pussy was so sensitive after he'd eaten her out, it felt electric, nerve endings tingling... he continued to suck and nibble at her nipple as he pushed inside of her -- easily with how slick she was -- and he bit down on it as he bottomed out. Sophia groaned and arched her back, pushing her breast into his mouth... 

As he released her nipple from between his teeth, Ryan started thrusting, his mouth moving over her shoulder and neck, arms wrapped strongly around her... Sophia moaned, her hands clutching at his back... he was rougher than Edward, teeth biting into her, hands rougher against her body. It turned her on though, thinking about Edward's smooth touch, feeling Ryan's squeezing, questing fingers. 

Pulling back, Ryan pulled her legs up and rested them on her shoulders, putting his hands on her hips and looking down at his friend's wife as he fucked her. Sophia realized that he was getting quite a good view, not only of his cock going in and out of her pussy, but of her breasts bouncing on her chest.

Edward almost brought his dick out into the cold when Ryan switched positions, it gave him a fantastic view of his friend's cock violating his wife's pussy, Sophia's face as she cried out in pleasure, and the lustful expression of Ryan as he fucked her.

Sophia cried out as Ryan leaned forward, bending her in half, his body grinding hard against hers. He opened his mouth to catch her bouncing nipples, teeth scraping against them and making her squirm... her hands were on his shoulders, trying to get the leverage to meet his thrusts as he humped her fiercely.

Letting her legs go, Ryan fell on top of her, she kept her thighs spread wide as he pillaged her pussy, hips lifting to meet his thrusts and rub her clit against his body as she cried out with pleasure. Edward couldn't stand it anymore... and he wasn't getting as good a view anymore either... he walked around to the door, quietly entering.

As soon as he got into the cabin, he started stripping... the two on the bed were so into their pleasure -- and so noisy about expressing it -- that they didn't even hear him as he undressed. 

Sophia cried out with ecstasy, her orgasm spiraling up as her body tightened down on Ryan, who let out a hoarse groan. His arms had her in a constrictive embrace, and she couldn't move to get away from or meet his last brutal thrusts... he continued thrusting as he came, and she remembered in her mind's eye the way his dick would spurt from his moving fist while she watched him and Edward. Pleasure wrapped around rapture as his continual thrusting took her higher and higher, and she clutched at his back, crying out her passion.

Finally his movements started to slow, and she let out a gasping sob as her over-stimulated pussy was finally able to stop spasming with gratification. She shuddered in his arms as they loosened around him, kissing his shoulder as he kissed her neck, and then rolled off of her.

They both found themselves looking at Edward, who was standing naked next to the bed, fisting his cock... from the expression on his face Sophia could tell her was about to cum, but they were both in such shock that neither she or Ryan could say anything.

"Holy fuck that was hot," was all Edward said, before he fell on top of her. His cock thrust into her body with a singular plunge, his skin cold against her sweaty heat, and Sophia cried out in residual pleasure as his cock rubbed against her sensitive pussy walls. The sudden shock of a hard cock inside of her sent her on another wave of rapture, almost painful in its intensity.

Edward humped his wife hard and fast, just a few thrusts as he felt his dick squishing in her used pussy... it was too much for him, especially feeling her orgasm from just that little bit of stimulation from him and his long wait at the window, and he cried out with throaty pleasure as he unloaded into her pussy... her second batch of cum that night. 

Sophia panted beneath him as he lay on top of her, his dick lodged in her pussy, Ryan still sat to the side of them.

After a few moments of silence, other than heavy breathing, Ryan asked, "So... I guess you really were ok with it then?"

Edward laughed, "Oh yes... watching you two was even hotter than I imagined it might be."

He turned his head to look at his friend, smiling, and Ryan smiled back tentatively. Sophia snuggled into her husband's shoulder, hugging him close as he shrank inside of her.

Chapter 4

The morning after Ryan had slept with Sophia, while her husband Edward watched, Ryan went out for a walk to leave the two of them alone. The couple got the feeling that their friend wanted to make sure everything was going to be ok between them and give them some time to talk through any feelings.

Edward, wanting to make sure that Sophia knew he loved her and that he wasn't at all upset about the night before, took his wife in his arms and kissed her.

"It was really hot watching you and Ryan last night," he said.

"How long were you watching?" Sophia asked, "We didn't even notice you come in." She blushed a little, feeling bad, and also aroused as she remembered Ryan's passion and her shock at seeing Edward standing there, erect and watching with lust in his eyes.

Edward laughed, "I saw almost the entire thing from the window, I didn't come inside until the very end. You two just got me so hot, I couldn't exactly play with myself out there, it was way too cold."

Blushing even more, Sophia glanced at the window, realizing that it would have given her husband the perfect view for seeing everything she and Ryan did.

"I just have one question," Edward continued, "What on earth did he do when he was eating you out? You got the most interesting expression on your face!"

"Oh," Sophia's blush deepened, going all the way to the roots of her red hair, "Um... well he ah... licked me -- not my pussy -- and then he put his finger in there too."

Edward's eyebrows raised, "He licked your ass? And fingered it?"

Blushing furiously, Sophia nodded, looking up into her husband's eyes to make sure he was ok with it.

"I didn't think you were into that," Edward looked at her inquiringly.

"I didn't know I was," Sophia answered honestly, "I was going to tell him to stop... but then it felt kind of good." She shivered a little, remembering how good, that strange full feeling... and then she looked at Edward. Her husband was looking a little possessive now and she realized it was because his friend had gotten to explore a part of her that he hadn't. Realizing that, she quickly said, "I would like it much better if you did it. In fact... Edward... would you like to take my anal virginity?"

Edward looked shocked, and Sophia looked away, embarrassed. Putting his fingers underneath her chin, Edward brought her eyes back to his, "Really Sophia? Are you sure?"

Hearing the eagerness in his voice, Sophia realized that his shock wasn't because he was horrified at her suggestion, but because he was excited. She nodded, "It felt kind of good last night... and we seem to be trying a lot of new things this weekend. I wasn't able to give you my virginity on our wedding night... so maybe this can take the place of that. And... I'm curious. I want to know what it's like."

Edward moaned with excitement and kissed her passionately, surprising Sophia with his response... after all, he'd never really expressed an interest in that area before. Although, thinking back, she remembered one time when he'd tried to finger her there but she'd refused... that had been very early in their sex life, and before she'd gotten as comfortable with him. Now... she wanted to know what it was like. Kissing him back passionately, Sophia let her husband push her towards the bed, stripping off their clothes as they went. 

He got her situated on the bed, on all fours with some pillows under her hips. Then she felt her husband spreading her ass cheeks, looking excitedly at her pink pussy and sweet crinkled hole. Leaning forward, Edward began kissing her ass cheeks, his mouth working inwards to the sensitive center... Sophia moaned and pushed her hips back at him as his tongue swirled around her asshole. It felt just as good as it had the night before. Moving up and down, Edward teased both her pussy and her ass with his tongue, licking and nibbling at her flesh.

Resting her weight on her elbows, Sophia moved her hips, gyrating in the air, surprised to be as excited as she was by the anal play.

His mouth moved directly over her anus, his tongue sliding around the hole, and she gasped with pleasure. Making it into a hard little point, Edward tried to actually push his tongue into that tight space that he was going to deflower, making Sophia moan and wriggle with the new sensations that were making her pussy drip. Getting up and leaning around her, Edward pulled the little thing of lube that they'd brought up to the cabin out of the drawer.

Getting his fingers wet, he put the tip of his index finger against her ass and began to push it in. Sophia groaned and wiggled her ass back and forth... it felt strange and erotic to have something sliding into her ass. Her nerve endings tingled and she shivered with the full, stretching feeling of Edward's finger in her tightest space. Sinking the entire length of his digit between his wife's ass cheeks, Edward fisted his cock with his other hand... it was rock hard.

He was so lucky to have a wife like Sophia, so open-minded... and as this trip showed, literally willing to try almost anything. The possibilities were endless and he was enjoying this thrill ride. 

Moving his finger in and out, he watched as her ass waved back and forth, hungry for more... breathing hard, he pulled his index finger almost all the way out, and then began to push two fingers in.

"Oww..." breathed Sophia, letting out a little sigh of slight pain as her ass cramped a little, feeling VERY stretched and full now that Edward had two fingers in there. For the first time she felt a little twinge of fear at the idea of his cock in her ass. 

"Are you ok?" Edward asked, slowing his fingers descent into her hole... they were about half way in.

Breathing deeply, Sophia nodded, "Yeah... just go slowly..."

Edward pulled his fingers out a little and then pushed back in, keeping it at about the halfway Edward of his fingers. Sophia slowly relaxed as her ass stretched to accommodate, feeling the strangely erotic thrusting of his fingers, the sliding in and out of her ass that made her nerve endings tingle deliciously. As she started to move with his hand again, Edward started to push a little more of his fingers in with each thrust, making Sophia drop her head and moan in new pleasure. 

It felt strange, slightly painful, and also pleasurable as her asshole stretched for his fingers... Sophia pushed back against them, wanting them deeper inside of her... reaching underneath her body she pinched her nipples, making her writhe even more with sexual eroticism. The pleasure in her nipples and ass seemed to center in her pussy, stirring new sensations at her core.

Seeing his wife responding the way she was, and watching her pinch her own nipples while he fingered her ass, moaning with pleasure, made Edward impatiently aroused. Pulling his fingers from her ass, he listened to Sophia panting as he coated his cock with lube... getting behind her on the bed, Edward caressed her ass, pressing his thumbs into her cheeks as he pulled them apart to stare at her crinkled hole.

From the way she had her face down on the bed, hands still under her chest, Edward knew she was still playing with her nipples and breasts. With a groan, he lined his cock up with her virgin ass, and started to push in.

Sophia gasped as this much larger piece of meat started to violate her... she whimpered as the head of his cock popped in.

"Owwww..." she moaned, pinching her nipples even harder to distract herself from the pain, "Slow down... go slow..."

Edward paused, his gaze fixed on the head of his cock embedded in his wife's glorious ass, reluctantly he asked, "Do you want me to stop?"

"No," she replied, and he shivered with delight, "Just go slow."

Massaging her lower back, Edward rocked the head of his cock back and forth in her tight hole for a few minutes, feeling her inner ass muscles play over the sensitive head. He moaned with pleasure as he sank a little more of his dick into her, both at the sight and the fantastic feeling of her flexible ass gripping him so tightly. Sophia moaned too, wiggling a little and pinching her nipples even harder, starting to twist them back and forth... somehow making more pain in her nipples was making everything feel better. 

His hands rubbed her body as Edward pressed deeper, working his cock back and forth as he pushed a little deeper every time... Sophia whimpered at the violation of her ass, every nudge of his cock taking more virgin territory. Clenching and unclenching her ass, Sophia tried to relax... Edward's cock felt huge in her ass, even bigger than it did in her pussy, and she was almost shocked at how thick his meat felt, filling her backdoor. 

When he was two thirds of the way in, Edward couldn't be patient anymore, he leaned his weight onto his wife, completely filling her backside with his cock. Sophia cried out as her insides were stretched open, moving as though to get away from the incoming cock, but she had no where to go... with all her weight resting on the pillows, she shuddered and tried to relax her ass as it spasmed around her husband's dick. Edward held himself inside of her, moving his hands up to her breasts to cup them gently, rubbing her tender nipples and moving her own fingers away from them. 

Putting her hands on either side of her head, Sophia lay before him, submissive and accepting, her ass impaled on his cock. Squeezing her breasts, Edward pulled out a little bit and then shoved back in, groaning at how tight her ass was, the way her muscles massaged him as he held his full length embedded in her ass. Moaning, Sophia closed her eyes and wiggled, feeling his dick moving around inside her... she felt stuffed, full... her pussy still feeling rather open and needy, but at the same time, incredibly aroused.

Slowly, steadily, Edward pulled out and then pushed back in, beginning a slow moving crescendo of thrusting... Sophia moaned, pushing her ass back out at him, wincing a little as he lampooned her tender hole. They were both caught up in the sheer eroticism of Edward fucking her ass... taking her last virginity. 

"Oh god..." Sophia cried out as he started to pick up the pace, shoving in and out of her ass with less and less mercy... she pushed back against his assault, her ass tightening and clenching, muscles working over his cock. Every nerve ending seemed to be on fire as he pillaged her ass, his hands milking her breasts as he used them for leverage to pull her back against him. 

Panting and moaning, Sophia gave her ass up to him completely, ramming herself back against him, pushing one hand down to her pussy and rubbing her clit as her husband fucked her up the ass. Rubbing her clit felt good, especially with the slick glide in and out of her deflowered ass, the tingling flowing through her entire lower region... 

Edward's breathing was getting hoarse and heavy, she could tell he was going to cum soon.

"Do it," she whispered, her voice slowly getting louder, "Do it Edward, fuck my ass... fill my ass up with your cum... I want to feel you cumming in my ass!"

With a bellow, he thrust hard, making her cry out with the sharp pain and pleasure as he buried himself in her tender hole... Sophia rubbed her clit furiously as she actually felt his dick expanding in her ass, each spurt of cum forcing its way past her tight hole... she could actually feel him creaming her ass. Moving her hips against him, as he held completely still, Sophia cried out with pleasure as her ass tightened around him, milking the last of his cum from him, and her clit brought her over the edge into a fantastic waterfall of pleasure.

Edward's arms were wrapped around her, hands squeezing her breasts tightly, as she writhed beneath him, against her fingers... his cock flexed inside her ass as it spasmed while she came, slowly shrinking... a new sensation that just added to her orgasm. Sophia shuddered and writhed, gasping for breath as her orgasm subsided... 

"God..." she breathed, turning her head as Edward kissed her cheek to give him a kiss on the lips over her shoulder, "That was good."

"Yes it was." Edward kissed her again, his eyes looking somewhat far away, "I wouldn't mind seeing Ryan fucking your ass... now that I've deflowered it."

Sophia giggled, her ass flexing around him, "Not today... I have a feeling I'm going to be sore."

Edward smiled at his gorgeous, sexy, flexible, kinky wife, "Not today then. Although, I'm sure he wouldn't mind a little pleasure later tonight from that fantastic pussy of yours."

Laughing, Sophia pushed him off her and turned over to kiss her husband squarely on the mouth.

Chapter 5

Ryan was obviously relieved when he returned to the cabin and Edward and Sophia were happily cuddling on the couch, waiting for him. The three of them smiled and laughed, and fell into the routine of the day.

It was that evening, getting ready for bed that things got a little more interesting. Ryan watched out of the corner of his eye as Edward and Sophia kissed, Edward slowly stripping his wife down, hands rubbing over her body... she moaned a little and winced as he ran his fingertip over her recently deflowered asshole, which was still a little sore from the activities earlier in the day.

Ryan sat down on his bed, laying back on the pillows and fisting his cock as he watched Edward grope and kiss Sophia. 

Then, to his surprise, Edward left off kissing his wife and pushed her towards Ryan. Giving Edward a little look over her shoulder, just to make sure, Sophia moved onto the bed with Ryan.

Despite the fact that they'd had sex the night before, it was a little more awkward with Edward standing there watching from the beginning... on the other hand, the look of naked lust was apparent on his face as Sophia kissed the tip of Ryan's dick. Her tongue flicked out to caress the head and Ryan moaned, looking up at his friend to make sure Edward was ok. Edward was now sitting on his and Sophia's bed, fisting his cock as he watched his wife open her mouth to take his friend's cock into it.

With a moan, Ryan pushed Sophia's hair back from her face, running his fingers through the blonde silky stuff as her lips engulfed the head of his cock and began traveling down the shaft.

"That's right honey," Edward murmured, rubbing his thumb over the head of his own cock, "Swallow that dick..."

Sophia made a pleased little humming noise at her husband's encouragement, the sensations causing Ryan to groan and thrust upward into her mouth with pleasure. Using one hand to reach forward and caress his balls, Sophia took Ryan's dick deeper and deeper into her mouth, watching from the corner of her eye as her husband masturbated to the arousing sight.

Holding back her long golden fall of hair with one hand, Ryan let the other travel underneath to grasp her fabulous breast, squeezing and kneading the tender flesh with his fingers, and making Sophia moan around his cock again. His head fell back as he moved his hips with her sucking mouth, fingers pinching at the erect pink nipple... he could feel Edward's eyes on them, both disturbing and arousing to him. Sophia fondled his balls, pulling them very gently as she rolled his dick around her mouth with his tongue. 

It didn't take long before Ryan was pulling her up on top of him, one leg on either side of his body. Pointing his dick straight up at her, Ryan kept fondling her breast as Sophia adjusted herself and started to lower herself onto him. Both he and Edward moaned at the same time as his cock began to sink into her wet pussy... Ryan immediately removed his hand from his cock and got both of them on her heavy breasts, using them to pull her body down on his.

Sophia gasped as he filled her pussy, arching her back with pleasure at the way he was playing with her breasts... she started to ride him slowly, enjoying her husband's eyes on her moving body... looking over at him, Sophia gave Edward a sleepy sexy look through her eyelashes as she moved her body up and down on Ryan. Her husband moaned with lust, his hand moving even faster on his dick. As Ryan pinched her nipples, tugging at the pink buds, her mouth made a little "o" of pleasure and she began to move faster, hips rocking back and forth as she rose and fell over him.

"Oh fuck..." she moaned, leaning forward so that her breasts hung heavy over Ryan, nipples pushing into his chest, and his hands moved around to her back, rubbing her silky smooth skin. Now her clit was rubbing against his groin as she moved on top of him, grinding against him as they fucked... Edward moved further down his side of the bed so that he could see Ryan's dick actually sliding in and out of his wife's pussy, and he began wanking himself even more furiously.

Ryan's hands slid down Sophia's back and gripped her ass cheeks, pulling them apart, one of them sliding further to the center as he searched for her asshole with his index finger. She shuddered and let out a groan as his thick digit found the deflowered hole, even though it was much smaller than Edward's cock her poor asshole was sensitive after having been fucked earlier that day... but Ryan sank his finger right in, and Sophia's wince and gasp of slight pain quickly turned to moans of pleasure. 

Edward was fascinated, watching the cock and finger going in and out of his wife's holes, hearing her moan with passion, and Ryan's husky cries of lust as she rode him. 

Sophia felt so full, with the cock in her pussy and the finger in her ass, everything sensitive... she could hear Edward's heavy panting as he wanked himself while watching her and Ryan, and she could feel herself spiraling into a fantastic orgasm. Even though she'd cum earlier when Edward had fucked her ass, it wasn't the kind of fantastic g-spot-clitoris combination orgasm that she always craved, and now she was getting the result of that... a much more intense version. It was like as if Ryan had been teasing her body for hours... now with his finger wiggling in her ass, and the steady insertion of his dick into her pussy, she could feel her holes clamping down as the pleasure started to cascade through her body.

"OH GOD!" She cried out, her body tightening and locking down on top of Ryan... he immediately flipped her over, somehow still staying inside of her, and started thrusting hard as she shrieked her pleasure, her orgasm just climbing higher and higher as he fucked her hard. Sophia writhed as she felt Ryan start to cum, his hoarse bellow announcing his orgasm as he started to spurt inside of her, his cock moving in and out as cum filled her pussy. 

With her legs spread wide, Sophia shuddered and thrashed beneath him, gasping for air as the intensity of her orgasm overtook her body. Finally he slowed his thrusting and pulled out. Exhausted, she left her legs open... and then Ryan was moving away and she couldn't figure out why...

Sophia cried out with shocked ecstasy as her husband quickly took his place between her legs and shoved into her, excited by the sight of Ryan's cum already starting to drip from her pussy. Her over-stimulated body jerked as he thrust hard and fast, humping her furiously as his dick squished in the combined juices of his wife and friend. 

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck..." he repeated hoarsely as his wife shrieked and thrashed beneath him, her orgasmic pussy squeezing his cock intensely. Sophia's body arched as he plowed into her, holding himself still as her pussy milked the cum from his cock, his entire body seized up in pleasure while she rubbed her pussy against his body, unable to stop cumming. 

Finally, Edward relaxed and his weight fell on top of her... Sophia let out a little whimper, realizing that there were tears in her eyes from the intensity of her culmination. Kissing her on the lips, Edward smiled down at her... and from the side, Ryan smiled at them both.

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