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Featuring Sally Bend, Solar Harris and Reed James


Four Hot Futa Stories

First Edition. August 10, 2017 at Smashwords.

Copyright © 2017

In considering the futa, or futanari, subgenre, it is no wonder that it has claimed such popularity.

On the one hand, it is the taboo. A creature that exists as a thing of myth, a realization of sexuality that is unlikely or impossible, and yet there is an undeniable sensuality about a being possessed of both sexual organs. In most literature, the futa herself is presented as sexually adventurous and undeniably attractive, a seductress of often incredible power.

On the other hand, it is the perfect vehicle for all manner of fantasies. Because of the fantastical nature of the futa, one can impose all sorts of imagined scenarios upon these creations, from the most demure to the most lustful and wanton. She is a funhouse mirror of our own desires and, as such, a vehicle for our sense of sexual identity, if not a challenge to that sort of gender definition.

It is with this introduction I present to you, Dear Reader, a collection of some of the finest erotica writers exploring the world of the futanari. Some, like the excellent Reed James, have long used futa creatures and characters while others, like myself, are merely tourists in this forbidden land.

In the first, Nora, Solar Harris presents a date with a very different kind of partner.

Next, Reed James takes us to a world of futa fandom and eldritch shops where true pleasure is only a sip away in The Succubus Cafe.

Sally Bend broadens the fantasy in A Queer Sort of Queen into an alternate timeline where a reclusive island of futanari entertain political guests and servitude often means salacious joy.

And, finally my story, Gimme an F!, where the local cheerleading squad becomes ground zero for a very sexy invasion.

Through all, we hope you enjoy these stories, and that you explore more of the work by these authors. And maybe, just maybe, that bulge in the girl's jeans beside you is more than the way the fabric falls...


by Solar Harris

Copyright 2017

My date with Andy did not go well.

As far as swipes left or right were concerned, he was somewhere in the middle at the start of the outing. I was even hopeful the evening was not going to prove to be a complete waste of time. But then things got gross in a hurry.

"I feel like you get it," he said shortly after food was ordered and the lot was cast. "This whole political correctness thing has just gone way too far. What's all this shit with pronouns, anyway, am I right? Why be deliberately so confusing? If you look like a girl and I call you a 'she' shouldn't that be perfectly reasonable? It's a trap is what it is."

I did not totally "get it" but I was anxious to salvage the evening. Poor stupid me. There would be no salvage. By the time we were waiting for the check, Andy was complaining that an over-emphasis on diversity meant that he as a white heterosexual male was at an extreme disadvantage in competing for jobs. "Really, you should be picking up the check," he not-joked. "You're going to end up with my job to fill some quota. Which is cool, I would be totally good with being a house-husband, just so you know."

I got back to my apartment to find my roommate lounging on the couch in her pajamas, spooning the last of the ice cream into her mouth while binge-watching anime. "And how was the meat market?" Talia asked with a lazy grin. "Did you bring home any choice cuts?"

"Give me that ice cream. I need it worse than you."

"Woof. That bad, huh?"

I slumped at the base of the couch and sighed. "I'm going to die alone and I'll be eaten by the inevitable cats I acquire to fill the void in my soul."

"Hey now, what about me?"

I turned to face my leggy, curvy roommate, she with the generous endowment and the raven-black hair she kept shiny and soft. She with the big almond-shaped eyes and that mocha skin that was irresistible to just about everything with a penis and quite a few things that lacked one. "You? You'll move out sooner or later. You'll never have trouble finding a mate. You are what all men desire."

Talia sat up. "This one didn't desire you?"

"Oh no, he did. He tried to kiss me in the parking lot. It was kind of an awkward lunge, though. His whole mouth was open like he was a viral vampire. I sort of dodged and got in an Uber while he was slobbering on a lamppost."

Talia slid down beside me and offered me the last spoonful of rocky road. I didn't even use my hands, I just let her spoon it into me. She giggled. "Okay, enough feeling sorry for yourself. The truth is, your suspicions are correct."


"Most of the men you're going to meet at this point are utter garbage. We're getting close to the point where we can't say convincingly that we're twenty-six anymore, Krys. The obvious best picks are getting married. Anyone still in the online dating pool is either a diamond in the rough or had some kind of other issue that's only going to become a bigger dealbreaker the older you get and the more you feel your biological clock ticking."

"So far this pep talk is going fabulous places."

Talia gave me a lazy grin. "Well there's always the alternative."

"I can't become a nun."

In response, my roommate just opened her mouth and waggled her long pink tongue up and down in quick fluttery motions. "No, stupid. I mean..."

I gasped. "Stop it!"

"What? Are you not into girls?"

"No," I stammered. "I mean, no, no it's not that I'm like, that rigid or anything. It's just-"

"What? Shocking? Taboo? Come on, it's the gayest generation out there. Honestly, I sort of suspect that no one is one hundred percent straight."

I looked at Talia seriously. "Are you? I mean, have you... ever..."

"You know what I think?" my roommate asked seriously. "I think you should let me set you up with someone. She's really cool. We dated once a while back. I think you guys would really click."

I felt the color rising to my cheeks. "Talia, I'm not really... I wouldn't know how to act."

"What the fuck does that even mean? It's a DATE. You go on the date with someone. She just happens to have tits the same as you do. Apart from that, I think it works pretty much the same way, except she'll smell nice and be considerate and won't feel threatened by any female science fiction reboots."

"Fine. But it's going to go terribly," I predicted.

"I'll set it up," Talia promised. "I think you're going to be surprised."


The blind date ended up happening a week later. Talia suggested a fancy cocktail bar that was themed like a mad scientist lab and insisted on approving my wardrobe. I was planning on wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but this was not allowed by either the dress code or Talia's sensibilities. "Good lord, Krys, you're dressed like you're going to a nineties dyke bar. Stop acting weird. You're just going out with a friend I think you'll like. It is zero pressure. Nothing has to happen. But do put on some cute shoes and a nice dress. It's a classy bar."

I showed up to the bar in one of my retro rockabilly dresses, something fun and girly but not full-on-slut-city, something that said that I was making an effort but still mostly just interested in having fun and not doing the proper dating thing. I tucked my hair back with a headband and paired the lilac purple dress with aqua heels. It was a little arty and hip, but Talia pronounced herself pleased enough to send me out.

My "date" was waiting at a table near the back. She saw me almost right away and waved me over. "You must be Krys," the redhead in the tight cocktail dress said when I got close enough.

"How'd you know? Did I look that lost?"

"You did, but Talia also texted me a photo of your outfit," she confessed. She held out a hand. "I'm Nora. Nice to meet you."

We shook hands. She had a nice grip, not too firm, and I had a moment to be jealous of her nail art, which was intricate, detailed, and super flashy. "I don't think I've ever even imagined having nails that cool," I confessed. "Where did you get them done?"

"I did them myself," Nora said with a smile. She had silver eyes, a color I'd never seen before, and her smile was radiant and perfect. I couldn't help but feel at ease around her.

"Honestly, you're a little intimidating," I confessed to break the ice. "The nails, your hair is, like, styled... your outfit is fierce and your figure makes me jealous and demoralized because I don't know if I'm capable of betraying my love for ice cream no matter how badly I wish I could squeeze into something that tight and look that good."

"And Talia said you'd be bad at flirting," Nora remarked with a wink.

This caused me to go a little pink in the cheeks and stare awkwardly at the floor. It was better than staring at Nora, who got a little more amazing every second I looked at her. Her expertly-styled golden red hair, her high cheekbones, her lithe body that showed off nothing but feminine curves. Tan skin, dark like Talia's, which with her red hair made her look like a celebrity who could afford something that looked natural but probably couldn't exist in nature. I realized right then that even Talia's assertion my date would have "tits the same as you" was in error. I had breasts. Nora had knockers. They were voluptuous as all get-out, practically spilling out of her dress and inviting attention from everyone in the bar.

"Hey," Nora said. "My eyes are up here. And so are my boobs."

I laughed and found myself meeting her eyes. "Hey. Sorry. I'm sure Talia told you this was going to be awkward for me. I'm trying, though, I really am."

Our drinks arrived and Talia clinked her bubbling frothy flask of something green to my own. "Hey, we're just out having a nice night and getting to know each other. Cheers. Nice to meet you."

She was easy to talk to, I had to give her that. I was worried about awkward silences, but Nora was a natural social butterfly. She kept the conversation lively, vacillating between talking about recent movies to her interests in art and popular music and even to favorite cat gifs she kept stored on her phone. "Actually, I'm super into raccoons lately," she confessed in a stage whisper. "But those I only show on special occasions. I don't want anyone to think I'm weird."

"I don't think you have to worry about that," I answered, pulling out my own phone to search my favorite raccoons. That was the moment we had a connection. Funny pictures of raccoons. I discovered I was having the first good time I'd had on a date in a long time while swapping favorite memes.

"If you two are looking at your phones, I think this means you're in need of something a little more exciting in your night," someone said uncomfortably close to me. I turned to see a guy in an ill-fitting blazer with his collar popped like it was eight years ago. His buddy, a tall dude with acne scars and dark sunglasses on inside the dim club just nodded and slid in next to me.

I shot Nora a chagrined look. We'd been so busy laughing at memes that we'd somehow signaled we were not on a date but a pair of girls lonely and hoping a guy would notice them. Something about being on a good date looked like desperation to these dudes. What a concept.

Nora put her phone down and inched a little closer to me. "Actually, we're having more fun than we know what to do with," she said, cutting off the shorter guy from sliding between us. Her hip bumped mine and I felt her heel graze my shin, a calming subtle sign to let me know nothing was going to happen while she was around.

The tall guy with the acne lowered his shades, let his eyes land firmly on Nora's cleavage. "Well you carry the fun everywhere you go," he oozed. "How about we see if we can add to it?"

"Pretty good on our own, thanks," Nora said. "You two have a nice night."

"Well it's not like the two of you can fuck each other," the short dude retorted. His breath had a sour smell to it. "Just saying. Red here's got a shot, but little miss nerdy here can't afford to turn away a pity fuck when it lands in her lap."

I thought about throwing my drink in his face, but I was a little slow. As much as I didn't want to admit it, words like that could still hurt. Insecurity can be a bitch.

Nora's response was nonverbal. She slid her arms around my waist and pulled me in close, her mouth on mine. There was no tongue. She was considerate and mostly making a point, but it didn't diminish how nice it was, or the flutter I suddenly got in my heart at the taste of her cherry lip gloss or the softness of her mouth on mine. It wasn't the first time I'd ever kissed a girl, but it was the most electric. "I think you guys are done here," she said when she left me gasping.

"Lezzies can delude themselves all they want, but everyone needs dick," acneface pouted.

"Then you two should be able to help each other out tonight," I said with my bitchiest smile. "Have fun at your swordfight, boys."

Shorty gave me the finger and muttered the c-word at both us, but they retreated.

"Okay, I gotta admit, that was a righteous burn," Nora said when I tuned back to her. "I'm pretty wet now."

I blushed. "I just got tired of their bullshit. Every guy does it. They're such frightened little boys. I'm starting to agree with Talia. Who fucking needs them?"

Nora stayed close. Her hand found mine and put it on the curve of her ass, which was warm, soft, and exciting to touch in a way I couldn't describe. "Maybe no one." She leaned in to whisper in my ear. "My place is five minutes from here. Come home with me. I think you want to. Come do something wild. I can promise you... I'm everything you need."


We burst through the front door. I was half out of my head when the door shut and her hand went back under my dress, where it had been the whole short Uber ride. Her fingers teased the elastic of my panties, stroking me through my underwear and working me into a proper fit.

I was breathing hard, fast, and feeling giddy with the taboo thrill of letting the night get totally out of control. Something about Nora was different in a way that made me finally comfortable with taking Talia's advice, giving in to a wild night just because, and being open to new possibilities. I awkwardly voiced all this while trying to get my dress unzipped, falling on the couch with her in a tangle of limbs and frantic making out.

"I'm glad to hear you say that," Nora answered with a breathy gasp of her own. She took my head in both hands and guided it to her breasts for me to kiss while she worked the zipper down the side of her own dress. "Before we go further... you're seriously open, right?"

"You could be a lizard in a human suit and I'd still want to make you cum," I answered, drunk on my own reckless lust. I rolled so she could be on top and wiggle out of her dress, laying there, one hand on my breasts that were already half out of the bra, in just heels and panties on a strange woman's couch and feeling more overtly sexual than I had in seven months of online dating.

"About that," Nora said with a smile. She shimmied out of her dress, letting her curvaceous mocha body free of its sheathe. Her large dark nipples dragged over my stomach, tracing twin lines of electric sex over my quivering torso. She wore only a tiny pink thong that I saw when she arched her back, kissing down my stomach to my underwear, folding up and putting herself in a position to kiss me through my panties.

"No one with an ass that nice is a lizard person," I grunted.

Her tongue slithered under my panties, worming its way to my now eager and desperate folds. One fingernail pulled them to the side and then I was lost in sudden breathless bliss. Her tongue danced and pressed, working me into a frothy frenzy of desire. I whispered curse words and looked at the ceiling while she kept it up, torturing me into a state of horniness that I'd not known since college.

"I think you're liking this?" Nora asked directly into my pussy. I felt it as hums that sent me even further towards the edge.

"Gods yes," I gasped.

"And you're okay with... me?"

"Fuck yes, I like girls, okay? If this is being a dyke, sign me up!"

Her tongue stopped. I almost died. How could she stop? No, please no!

Nora loomed over me. She bit her lip. "I have something to show you."

She shifted forward to settle her hips over my face. And then she pulled her panties down around her thighs.

I gaped at the sight of her, of the soft petal-pink lips of her sex, wet and spread with her obvious arousal - and what was above them, the thing I couldn't process at first and mentally had to focus on only after I'd seen her feminine half.

It was fat. Long. Engorged with her lust and giving off the heat of desire that I could feel at close range. Nora never took her eyes from mine, just held her cock in one delicate hand and showed it off to me. "So... it's not exactly being a dyke..." she began.

I gasped. "Did... Talia... know?"

"Of course she did. She liked it quite a bit. I think you will, too. And I have to be totally honest with you, Krys. I want to fuck you badly. I am desperate to slip inside you and put my mouth to yours while I bang the living daylights out of you on this couch."

"You- you're-"

"Futanari. We're real. Rare, but real. And trust me, darling. It's the only good part of men that you need right now." Her smile grew more mischievous. "What do you say? Do you want to give it a try?"

I must have been crazy. I certainly wasn't so bold on any other day. Maybe it was something about being around Nora. Maybe it was the boldness that started in the bar and the freedom I found when I joined her in it. Maybe it was the way the glistening cockhead called to me as it hovered just in front of my mouth. Maybe I was truly ready for something new.

My mouth opened. I lifted my head and took her in my mouth with a loud wet suck. Nora groaned in delight and leaned forward, pushing herself a little further past my lips while I concentrated on making my mouth soft and accommodating.

The taste of her was sweeter than a boy's, and that I liked too. Soon I was making muffled little groans of my own while Nora's member slid in and out of my mouth with wet slippery strokes.

I could stand it no more. I pulled off and whispered that I also wanted Nora to fuck my brains out.

"I'm happy to oblige," my lover said with a smile. She stood up, slid her panties all the way to the ground, and guided me to bend over the couch with my ass in the air. "You don't mind if we do it like this? I'm in the mood to mount you, bitch."

I only moaned. The hot talk was not my usual brand, but none of this was. "Yeah," I said with a grunt. "You can call me that."

I felt the pressure against my folds, and then, smooth as anything, I felt her slide past, pushing into me strong, confident, and HUGE. The swelling felt like it would push me apart from the inside. "I've never had one so... fat," I gasped while Nora began to push in and out in a rhythmic fucking.

"Yeah. We tend to be like that."

Her hands gripped my hips, pulling me al the way up on her, and when I felt the smoothness of her groin meet my bare behind, I moaned loudly.

She pinned me with her body, using surprising strength to take every bit of pleasure from me that she wanted, and the whole time I was in absolute delirious delight. Every stroke, every push, every pulse of her organ in me made my whole body hum and sing. I was struggling not to cum too early. I wanted it to go on forever.

I couldn't last. One moment I was throwing my head back and begging for more and the next my body was betraying me, sending me into convulsions while I shouted in surprise at the wave after wave of wetness gushing from me.

Nora was surprised, too, but she held on, bearing down on me and hugging my body close to hers. She bit my neck gently and whispered hot and urgent in my ear. "Fuck, bitch, you made me cum. Shit."

I didn't know what she meant by that at first. Then I felt it, an incredible warmth and numbing gooey pleasure welling up inside me, doubling my orgasm and making me lose feeling in my legs. We collapsed to the ground, a pulsing moaning mess of limbs and sweaty bodies. We stayed that way, catching our breath, gasping and loathe to disentangle until it was finally necessary.

"I'm sorry about that," Nora whispered. "I meant to pull out."

"It's okay," I said, a lazy smile on my face that could only come to me when freshly-fucked. "I'm on the pill."

"No, it's just that- sometimes..." Nora looked apologetic.

"Sometimes what?"

"Sometimes it's... contagious. Futas breed by gene therapy. We convert."

I gaped at her, then looked down self-consciously.

"You mean I might..."

"Maybe? It doesn't always happen."

"When will I...know?"

Nora winced. "It's kind of like getting knocked up? It takes a little while? So it's hard to know. I'm really sorry. I... I was just really turned on by you. But just the one time... it might be safe. Sorry. I just... really liked it."

I looked back at her.

"I... liked it, too."

"I know. You squirting so hard is what made me lose it. You can clean up in my bathroom if you like."

I bit my own lip. "Will you... join me?"

"If I get all soapy with you, you're just going to end up pinned against the shower. And I don't know if I have a rubber in the house. I wasn't planning on... liking you that much. But that's going to lead to some seriously risky behavior. You might end up with a lot less room in your panties, sweetie."

I looked down at myself, trying my hardest not to be turned on by the potentially serious problem of futa cum leaking out of my very satisfied folds. I failed.

"I'm willing to take the risk," I said. I got up and walked to the shower, happier than I'd been in a long time. I heard Nora get up after me, confirming this shower would be anything but clean.

  • The Succubus Cafe: Forbidden Futa Wish

by Reed James

Copyright 2017

"Young lady, we need to talk," my step-mother said the moment I stepped out of the bathroom, a clutch of my doujins, Japanese indie comics, in her hand. And these weren't the comics you wanted your mom to discover.

They were hentai. Japanese porn.

She shook them, the black-and-white pages rustling, the colored covers flashed across my face. My step-mom glared at me, the cross dangling down to the cleavage of her large tits swaying and bouncing with her apoplexy, her auburn hair rustling.

"This is degeneracy, Nicole," she continued. "Not only do you have pornographic filth under my roof, but this..."

"It's Dad's roof," I muttered, squirming in my work clothes, a pair of black slacks and purple shirt with Hawaiian Burger stitched across the breast and my name beneath it. My uniform for my shitty minimum wage job my step-mom made me get since I turned eighteen.

"No, it's our roof, young lady," she continued, a red flush spreading down from her neck to those big, lush breasts she had, her dress stretching around them. "There are girls with... with... penises in here."

"Futanari," I muttered.

"What?" she hissed, fingers digging into the cover of a Sailor Moon futanari doujin. I winced. That cost me $25 at Sakura Con a few months ago. I loved rubbing my pussy and masturbating to that one, wishing I was Sailor Moon or Sailor Mercury. That I had a huge dick instead of a little clit. Then I'd fuck the brash Sailor Mars or the seductive Sailor Venus.

And my mom was ruining them.

"Please, Mom, those are--"

"Absolute filth." She shoved them into my hands. "I want them disposed of, young lady. On your way to work. You better not return with them. I will search your room when you get back. And I better not find any more. Or on your computer."

"There's nothing on my computer," I lied, grateful I knew how to hide my scanned collections of futa and lesbian doujins, plus plenty of hentai videos, on my hard drive. She didn't know anything about computers.

"You're lucky I don't tell your father what sort of degeneracy you..." A sneer crossed her lips. "Abuse yourself to."

She was such a Christian, even if she loved wearing these tight blouses and yoga pants and skirts that hugged her curving ass. She drove me so wild with lust. My step-mom was a MILF. An uptight MILF who teased me everyday.

I wished so badly to have a huge futa-dick. I'd fuck her up the ass so hard, show her what she really should have shoved up that backside. Not the stick she rammed up there and stole all the fun out of her.

"Yes, Mom," I said, taking my beloved doujins. Five different Sailor Moon futa stories, and though I couldn't read the Japanese text, I imagined what the characters said. How they moaned. How they fucked each other with their big futa-dicks, spewing yummy girl-cum all over each other's bodies.

Just hosing each other.

"You are eighteen," she snarled. "Grow up. Abandon this degeneracy. You're a promising, young woman. But if you waste all your time on self-abuse and filthy cartoons, you'll make nothing of your life."

"Yes, Mom," I said, squirming. "I...I have to get to work." I wanted to argue, but it was so hard with those tits bouncing right before my face. My mom stood ahead taller, her tits almost thrusting into me as she kept moving, gesturing.

"You're going to college in two months. You need to focus on your studies, find a nice boy to marry, and start a life."

"I'm gay," I muttered.

"You'll grow out of that," she said. "Most girls do. Now get to work. And I mean it, dispose of this filth. I'll cut off your cell phone if I find any more porn in my house."

"Yes, Mom," I muttered, sidling past her curvaceous body towards the door, my fiery hair spilling about my downcast face, forming a curtain of red to hide my burgeoning tears.

I never knew my real mom. She died in childbirth. Jenna married my dad when I was not more than a year old. She raised me like her daughter. So as much as it angered me that she snooped, it embarrassed me that she, my mom, found my porn stash and learned about my favorite fetish.

Because I just wanted to love her.

I knew it was wrong. She reared me, but I had the hots for my step-mom so badly. My favorite Sailor Moon futa doujin had the blonde magical girl fucking her own step-mother, just bending her mom over and ramming into her so hard, showing her mother how amazing her girl-dick was.

And it would be so satisfying to do the same to my mom.

I burst out of the house and out into the neighborhood of Queen Anne Hill, the nice part of Seattle. I looked down at the city, the Space Needle rising above, the skyscrapers of downtown glinting in the sun, as I waited for the bus. I put the doujins in my purse, wondering what I could do with them.

I didn't want to throw them away. I saved my allowance for a year to finally buy doujins at Sakura Con this year. The first time I didn't have the minor badge. The first time the hentai vendors would let me browse and buy their stock. I avoided the yaoi section with all the fangirls, browsing with the boys for the naughty futas buried among busty MILF's, naughty lolis, and hot lesbian stories. Unlike my mom, Andrew, who ran the booth, was very helpful and supportive.

The bus came. As I rode it, I pondered the locker I had at work. I could stash them there until... I went off to college? I could slip them into my suitcase. Mom would never know. I worried at it while my pussy itched and squirmed.

Just thinking about the naughty things in my purse made me wish to be a futa so badly. Why couldn't they be real?

I transferred buses twice to reach the downtown area where my work, Hawaiian Burger, lay. It was a local business run by a Hawaiian family, bringing the taste of the islands to Seattle. They did amazing things with spam. And pineapple was yummy on a hamburger.

Only when I reached the block where my work should be, walking in a half-daze of futa fantasies, I blinked, staring at what lay before me instead. The bright, cheerful, luau style exterior of my work didn't face me. I looked at a dark and Gothic shop nestled between the barber shop and the shoe shop. Windows tinted so black I couldn't see through them, twisted wrought iron adorning the frames, a wooden sign thrust over the door swinging in a slight breeze. A chibi (cute and cartoonish) demon girl smiled mischievously from the sign, holding a red pitchfork and leaning on the business's name.

Lil Temptress Coffee Shop.

"What the hell?" I blinked. My gaze whipped around. Where had my work gone? I was here just yesterday.

Red hair flew around me as I swung my gaze up and down the street, my heart exploding in my chest. Panic surged through me. A restaurant couldn't vanish overnight even if my work had gone out of business. And it was doing fine. Sales were up, the owners pleased.

I closed my eyes, squeezing them so tight my cheeks and forehead muscles ached from the strain. My heart screamed in my chest. I had to be seeing things. This couldn't be happening. I'd open my eyes and everything would be normal.

It wasn't.

"No," I wailed. My breath came fast, too fast. Spots danced before my eyes. I leaned forward, grasping the wrought iron handle of the door, the metal cool and twisted angular in my hands. I shook, the door rattling. "No, no, no."

The world grew hot, oppressive. I fanned my face, feeling the blood fill my cheeks. I couldn't breathe. People walked by, staring at me. The world spun. I clung to the door. It pulled at me, sucking me inward like the great inhalation of a mighty beast. The buzz of people talking, gossiping, whispering at me grew greater and greater, assaulting me, whipping at me. I needed escape.

I yanked the door open and stumbled into the dim-lit interior of the coffee house. The door shut behind me. Sound died. All the whispers vanished. I panted, sucking in breaths, able to breathe again. My hands clutched my black slacks, my purse hanging precariously off my shoulder. Blessed coolness washed around me. My heart slowed as I straightened, looking around, drinking in the atmosphere.

Small, round tables, all made of wood and looking old and used, dotted the coffee house. Each had a single, black candle burning on them, shedding a little light. Above, chandeliers made of the same wrought iron as the exterior, shed enough light to make each table an island in a sea of darkness, beacons between eternity.

I shivered, glancing at the walls. Woodcarvings covered them, at once both ancient and... Modern. I recognized them. They were panels from my doujins. The various sailor scouts with their futa-dicks fucking each other, fucking their friends, cum firing, captured in the carvings of wood.

"What the hell?" I whispered again.

The room groaned.

A counter lay to my right, behind it all the usual accouterments of a coffee house: various mixers and cappuccino machines, flavors for drinks, sinks. An old-fashioned cash register stood next to a small, chalkboard sign with the stores specials written on it. Sinful Cherry Americano $1.99, the Decadent Double-shot White Chocolate Latte $2.39, and the Succubus Kiss (Triple-shot, Strawberry-Chocolate Latte) $2.29.

"Hello?" I called, heart racing as I stumbled to the counter. I had questions. "Is anyone here?" A curtain of red beads led into the store's kitchen and storage. I peered at it, but couldn't see past it. "Where's Hawaiian Burger gone?"

Nothing. My voice echoed.

I bit my lip, glancing at the door. I had to know. Was I out of a job? Was this some sort of elaborate prank? But why would my bosses go to all this effort to prank me?

My hands slid on the cool, waxed counter as I leaned over to peer closer at the beads. My fingers brushed a bell, a soft chime ringing. I blinked, staring at it. The bell had a push tab on top, like the type you'd slap your hand down on at a hotel.

So I slapped it.

And winced.

"Oh, no," I groaned, sharp pain flaring. Chimes rang. A spot of crimson welled in the center of my palm. I glared at the bell while ripping a black napkin from the nearby dispenser. "Stupid thing."

Beads rustled. A girl stepped out of the back, skin so pale like the sun had never touched her in her entire life. Black hair and dark mascara only enhanced her pale, goth look. Blood-red lips smiled, sultry and hungry, as she laid her dark eyes on me. She walked forward, clothing rustling. She wore a corset, lifting her breasts into a lovely shelf of cleavage. A wispy, black skirt rustled about her thighs clad in torn, fishnet stockings. A little, white apron draped over her skirt and tied about her dainty waist.

"Where did Hawaiian...?" My words trailed off as I looked into her eyes.

The world vanished.

My eternity became those dark pools.

They pulled at me, gripping me with unseen hands tugging me towards the barista. I struggled to breathe, trembling. Trying to rip my gaze away, but they held me. The world slipped around me. I wanted to scream, tried to scream, as I plummeted towards--

"What do you want?" she asked.

I blinked, freed from her gaze. The world lurched around me. I stood at the counter. I wasn't falling. "I..." I blinked, struggling to think.

"What do you want?" the barista repeated again, her words a soft, caressing purr.

"I just want to know what happened to Hawaiian Burger," I panted. "Where'd it go?"

"Nowhere," she answered. "What do you want?"

"I..." I frowned at her. "Are you asking for my order?"

"What else would I be asking?"

"But..." Confusion gripped me. Maybe if I bought something. Something strong, to jolt me back into reality. Three shots of espresso would do that. "Fine, I'll take the Succubus Kiss."

Her smile grew, her lips so moist. I wondered if instead of a drink, she'd just kiss me. But she didn't. She rang me up on the cash register, bells ringing as she pressed the buttons. "$2.41 with tax."

"Right." I opened my purse, pushing past the doujins, and wincing at their bent condition, to find my wallet. I pulled out my debit card, handing it over. She swiped it and returned it a moment later along with a receipt for me to sign.

I did.

"What do you want, Nicole Spencer?" she asked again.

"To know where my work went," I answered, tired of her questions. I was the one with questions.

"What do you want?" She leaned closer, those dark eyes seizing me once more. "What dark desire lurks in your soul?"

My futanari, taboo fantasy reared up inside of me. I shuddered, forcing it back into the recesses of my thoughts while my pussy flared with itching heat. But those eyes seized my fantasy, reaching down my ocular nerve and into my mind. I groaned, hands tightening on the counter, my lips squeezing tight as they pulled at it, demanding I speak them.

"I..." The words forced from my lips. My pussy clenched, juices soaking into my panties. My clit throbbed, begging to surrender.

The eyes tugged harder.

"I...want..." Sweat broke out on my forehead.

The world lurched forward. Everything swarmed towards those eyes. There was no escape. Every path circled back to her. My thoughts pulled closer and closer to the tips of my tongue, my fantasy bursting out of my mouth.

"I want to become a futanari and fuck my step-mother! I want to show her that futanari are so sexy and that they aren't degenerates! I want her to know how awesome they are! To love them the way I love futanari!"

"Your drink's coming right up," the barista said, her eyes releasing me.

I recoiled backward. It was like playing a game of tug-of-war. I had pulled and pulled so hard against her eyes that when she let go, I stumbled away, unable to stop myself. My arms pinwheeled. My purse slipped off, tumbling to the ground. My ass crashed into a table. The candle rocked and then fell over, snuffing out.

The room grew a little darker.

"Wh-what just happened?" I demanded. "What did you do to me?"

"Do?" the barista laughed, a machine whooshing away. "I took your order."

I shivered, lifting up my palm. The small wound remained, blood smeared across my grip. My head snapped to the door. The image of the chibi demon above made me shiver. Dawning realization struck me.

"What did I just do?" I asked.

Booted heels clicked on the polished, hardwood floors. The barista walked around, holding a black coffee cup steaming with my drink. "Do? You made an order. Enjoy."

She held out the coffee cup.

I don't know why I took it. I couldn't help myself. I gripped it, feeling the heat of my beverage bleeding through the plastic. The sweet scent of strawberry mixed with bitter chocolate filled my nose. My mouth went dry. I licked parched lips.

And drank it.

Flavor exploded across my tongue. The hot drink poured into my mouth and down my gulping throat. Ambrosia. Heat exploded in my clit. It ached and throbbed as I squirmed. I kept drinking, my head tilting back, chugging the mocha.

I couldn't stop myself.

The door opened. My step-mom walked in, wearing the same tight dress, made of stretchy material, forming a salmon sheath about her curvaceous form. She sauntered through the coffee shop to the counter, not noticing me.

Her ass faced me. I watched it around the side of my cup. My clit ached and throbbed, swelling, growing so hard for that romp. It was so yummy, curved and wiggling as my mom peered at the menu, deciding her order.

The last drops of the mocha dribbled out onto my tongue.

I gasped for air as I set the empty cup down on the table, my round breasts jiggling at the bottom of my vision and...

Naked breasts.

I glanced down. The fact my clothes had vanished was dwarfed by the sight of the huge dick thrusting from the shaved folds of my pussy. The thick shaft bobbed before me, the tip angry red and swollen, precum beading out of the slit. My pussy clenched, labia wrapped around the huge dick.

I glanced at the barista. She leaned on the counter, ignoring my mother, and winked a dark eye at me.

Then my gaze turned to my mother's ass. "Let's see," she was saying. "Your ingredients are all organic, right?"

I rose, in a trance. My dick throbbed and ached, almost pulling me towards that ass. My wish boiled through my mind. it was time to show my mom how awesome futas were. It was time to find out for myself, too.

Juices dribbled down my thighs. My hands cupped my breasts, brushing my hard, pink nipples. I licked my lips, my red hair rustling about my shoulders and down my back. I stopped right before the tip of my cock brushed my mom's ass.

Then I let it.

"Hi, Nicole," my mom said, not looking behind me as my dick poked her ass. "You don't have to do that. I'll buy you a drink."

"Mmm, but this ass is just so gorgeous, Mom," I purred, my hands seizing both of her globes, digging into the cheeks of her ass through her dress.

She stiffened. "Young lady, what are you doing? You can't grab your mother's ass."

My step-mother threw a look over her shoulder, her eyes widening. She glimpsed my naked tits right before I pressed into her back, her auburn hair smelling so sweet as my face nuzzled into her silky strands.

"Nicole!" she groaned, voice so shocked.

The barista only watched.

My fingers kneaded this perfect ass. All my taboo lusts boiled through me. Finally, I could enjoy my step-mother. No more masturbating. No more pretending I had a futa-dick. This was real. I made my wish to a demon, and she had answered it.

I didn't care what the true price was.

"Just relax, Mom," I groaned. "I'm going to show you something awesome."

"Awesome?" she groaned, wiggling her hips. "What are you doing, young lady? And... What is that?"

"What do you think it is?" I purred, my fingers pulling up her skirt. I shivered, my dick rasping against the stretchy material as I worked it up and over her ass.

"It feels like... But that's impossible. You're my daughter. You can't have...that?"

"What?" I asked, my hands gripping her ass and... Her cheeks were naked. My fingers explored, brushing the narrow cloth arching out of her butt-cheeks at a V, leaving the top of her crack exposed before sliding around her waist. "Are you wearing a thong, Mom? That's not very Christian of you."

"How I dress is none of your business, young lady," she panted, my fingers sliding beneath the thong and into her butt-crack. "What are you doing to me? I'm your mother."

"Such a sexy mother," I moaned, my fingers brushing her asshole. "Oooh, yes, I've wanted to do this for so long."

"Nicole!" she squealed as I sank my pointer finger to the first knuckle into her velvety bowels. I shuddered, savoring the hot, tight glove of her asshole about my digit. "Get your finger out of my bottom right now."

"Mmm, but I like my finger in your asshole," I groaned, wiggling it deeper, my dick throbbing against the hot silk of her butt, precum leaking out the slit and staining her flesh. "It makes me so hard."

"You can't be hard," she groaned, her bowels clenching on my probing digit. "You can't finger my bottom. I'm your mother. I raised you, Nicole."

"Into a hot and horny futanari that just wants to fuck your brains out!" I groaned. "You are so sexy, Mom. I masturbate all the time to you. I just want to love you. Let me love you with my futa-dick!"

"No!" she groaned, squirming. "You can't have a dick. You're a girl."

"A girl with a huge cock. Mmm, I bet your pussy just wants to feel it." My other hand, not busy fingering her asshole, followed her thong lower. I moved along the inside of the gusset, feeling the cloth widened as I brushed the silky hairs of her bush.

Juices dampened them.

And then I found the hot silk of my mom's snatch. She groaned, her bowels tightening on my finger as I caressed her thick pussy lips. Her labia felt so wicked beneath my fingers as I caressed her, exploring the wrinkled folds, dipping into her cunt.

"Yes, you are just hot for your daughter's futa-cock, aren't you, Mom?"

"Of course not," she whimpered, my fingers probing both her holes now. One rough and velvety, the other wet and silky. My dick throbbed against her asshole. "Please, stop this. This is so wrong. You're going to go to hell."

"I think so," I groaned, feeling the watching barista's eyes. "So let's have fun."

I pulled my finger out of her pussy, the other still wiggling in her hot bowels, and seized my dick. I brought the tip between her thighs, rubbing on the gusset of her thong. I nudged the thin material aside, loving the ticklish caress of her wet pubic hair.

And then I found her pussy lips.

"You feel that, Mom?" I purred, sliding my cock up and down her twat. "That hard, throbbing dick wanting to enter your pussy. That's your daughter's big futa-dick. Isn't that hot?"

"Oh, God," my step-mom groaned, her hips wiggling. "What are you doing to me, young lady?"

"Showing you how awesome futas are," I moaned, pressing my dick into her pussy. Not hard or fast, letting us both savor the slide of my girl-cock into her taboo snatch. "Tell me that doesn't feel awesome?"

She only whimpered as my dick sank deeper and deeper. My sensitive crown drank in the silky caress of her pussy walls. Hot heaven engulfed more and more of my shaft. I groaned, my cunt clenching in sympathetic delight, envying my mom feeling this monster spearing into her depths. Her back arched, both her holes tightening on my cock and finger.

I spread her married cunt open more and more. I sank into taboo pussy. My mother's pussy. This was so hot. All my years lusting at her, dreaming of this moment, and now it happened. I fingered her asshole as my cock bottomed out in her depths.

"Mom, that's my big futa-dick buried to the hilt in you. Isn't that an awesomer dick than Dad's?"

"Take it out! This is so sinful!" she moaned, her pussy clenching on my dick.

"Because you love it?" I asked, my hips moving in slow circles, stirring my shaft through her hot folds.

"I don't," she groaned, her voice liquid lust.

"Liar," I purred, pulling back my hips. Friction burned as my dick slid out of her snatch. She kept squeezing her cunt down on it, her body shuddering. "You love my futa-cock in you. Your pussy just drinks it up."

I rammed back into her.

She let out a moaning, "Yes!" as my crotch smacked into her ass, pressing my hand into her butt-crack, my finger deeper into her bowels. "I do. It's such a huge cock. I've never had a dick so big before. Oh, it dwarfs your fathers."

I grinned at her, drawing back, pleasure racing through my body. The taboo rapture rippled through my body. Juices ran down my thighs in hot rivulets, my pussy on fire as I slammed into my mother's cunt.

We both groaned. Mom leaned over the counter, head looking over her shoulder, green eyes smoldering, face flushed. Her hips moved, wiggling, bucking back into my thrusts as she took my futa-cock over and over.

"Your dick!" she groaned. "Oh, my god, young lady, your dick! It's amazing! You're stirring up your mother's cunt."

"Yes! I knew there was a filthy slut lurking in you," I panted, thrusting so hard, pounding my girl-dick over and over into her. "You try to pretend you're a good Christian, but the way you dress... You like to be looked at."

"I do!" she moaned, pussy clenching down so hard on my thrusting cock and her asshole on my probing finger. "I love it when people stare at my sexy body."

"Even your daughter?"

"Yes!" She shuddered. "I used to enjoy girls. In college! And watching you grow up... When you said you were gay." She shuddered. "The thoughts I had. But this... It's everything I could want. A sexy girl combined with a huge cock! Yes!"

Her pussy rippled about my dick. Her admission set her free. Liberated her to enjoy my futa-cock. I groaned as she came on my shaft. Her pussy milked my thrusting dick. Pleasure rippled through my body, wonderful, new sensations shuddering through me.

I savored it, pounding her so hard. I ripped my finger from her ass. Both hands gripped her hips as I slammed so hard into her spasming depths. Her silky flesh convulsed about my cock, the friction so wonderful as her juices squirted out of her.

Her sweet musk filled my nose, so intoxicating. I breathed it in, my tits bouncing before me as I plowed her ass. Her curvy romp jiggled with each slapping impact. Her auburn hair swept about her shoulders as she gasped and moaned.

"Oh, my god, Nicole, cum in your mother's cunt with that huge dick! I want to feel it! A girl's cum!"

"Yes!" I hissed, my pussy clenching, the pressure swelling in my depths. In my ovaries. "I'll fire so much jizz into your snatch. It'll explode out of me and bathe your cunt."

"Yes, yes, yes, bathe your mother's pussy with your girl-cum!" she moaned, cumming harder, her twat spasming more intensely about my dick. My eyes widened at the pleasure, my lusts boiling my cunt to a hot froth.

I slammed into her depths. The pressure exploded in my depths. I shuddered as I savored the first orgasm with my new futa-dick. I felt the cum racing out of my ovaries and down my shaft. Then the hot spurts erupted from the tip.

Each one sent a surge of rapture through my body. I groaned, pumping my mom full of futa-jizz. Ecstasy reached my mind, mixing with the waves of euphoria washing out of my convulsing cunt. Juices gushed down my thighs.

"Yes, yes, yes, flood your mother's cunt!" Her pussy milked my dick. "There's so much! It keeps filling me!"

"Futas have more cum than a guy!" I panted, my body convulsing as my dick kept erupting. My eyes rolled back into my head. "I love your pussy, Mom!"

"I love your cock, young lady!" she groaned, her back arching, her muscles flexed.

Her dress had vanished. When? How?

I didn't care.

I spurted the final time into her pussy. The pleasure peaked in me as I groaned. I stared down at my futa-dick buried into her snatch. Frothy cum leaked out around my dick, forced out by the immense eruption of jizz I spurted into her depths.

I hungered to taste the mixing of our fluids, to find out just how yummy futa-cum, my futa-cum, was.

I fell to my knees. My step-mom groaned as my dick plopped out of her pussy. I stared at her vulva, her bright-red bush matted by my spunk, more oozing out of her depths. A thick, creamy flood. My hands seized her perfect ass, my tongue stuck out, and I feasted.

I licked up the salty cum mixed with my mother's sweet pussy juices. I groaned, the flavors bursting to life on my tongue, even better than the Succubus Kiss. My fingers dug into her butt-cheeks as I explored deeper, gathering more and more of my girl-jizz.

"Oh, what a nasty young lady you are," she groaned, pussy tightening, forcing out my cum from her depths. "Just eating your mother's messy pussy."

"I've always wanted to eat a futa-creampie," I moaned.

"Cream...pie..? Oh, what a filthy thing to call it. Ooh, eat your mother's creampie. Eat all that yummy futa-filling. Mmm, I want some straight from the source."

"You love my futa-cock, don't you?" I groaned before taking another lap.

"It's awesome," she groaned, her hips wiggling, smearing her hot pussy on my mouth.

I dug my tongue in over and over. I drew out her futa-cum from her depths. I licked and swirled through her pussy, letting the cream pour past my lips. My pussy clenched, my dick throbbed, still hard, aching for a second round, as I licked my mom's pussy.

I've had a few girlfriends, but none of their pussies tasted as amazing as my mom's. Maybe it was the cum seasoning her sweet cream, or maybe it was just the forbidden passion of licking her cunt. Either way, I loved it.

She moaned and groaned, wiggling against my mouth as my tongue licked out more and more of my cum. I gathered it all, probing as deep as I could. My fingers massaged her ass as I scooped out the last of my salty jizz.

And then I devoured only hot pussy.

"Yes, yes, yes, young lady!" hissed my step-mom. "Oh, you're going to make me cum so hard! You're so good at licking pussy."

"I practiced every chance I could so I'd be ready to please you, Mom," I groaned.

"You naughty young lady!"

Her pussy grew hotter. Her juices flowed faster. Cream trickled down my chin and neck. I shivered, my tits jiggling as my body quivered. I licked and swirled, brushing her clit, teasing her, driving her wild. She moaned, wiggling, gasping out her pleasure.

I latched onto her clit. Mine used to be so small like this. I nursed at her little nub, my nose pressed into her pussy, breathing in her sweet musk. She let out throaty moans, quivering on the counter, her ass tensing beneath my fingers.

"Nicole, yes!" she gasped.

Her pussy juices flooded out of her snatch. They flooded over my lips and cheeks. They poured down my chin as she came so hard. I held onto her ass as she bucked, her moans echoing through the coffee house.

"My futa-daughter can eat pussy!" she moaned. "Oh, yes, she can! She just devours me! She feasts on my cunt. I love it!"

"Uh-huh," I groaned.

She bucked on my face as I licked up her flood, moaning, "I need to taste you. I have to suck that cock. I need to suck my daughter's big girl-dick!"

My futa-cock throbbed so hard.

"Yes," I hissed, bolting to my feet. My dick smacked into her pussy as I stood, a wet sound echoing through the coffee house.

My step-mom whirled around. Her big, pillowy tits bouncing before her, nipples fat and hard. My mouth salivated at the sight of them. Then she fell to her knees before me. Her long fingernails, painted French vanilla, dug into my thighs as she pressed her face between my legs.

And licked my pussy.

Having a futa-cock had always been an impossible fantasy. Having my mom lick my pussy, while within in the realm of slim possibility, seemed equally far-fetched. But not today. Today was special. I made a wish.

"Yes, yes, yes, Mom, lick my snatch. Oh, you know what you're doing!" She did. Her tongue knew where to lick and suck and nuzzle in my pussy, caressing my folds.

"Like riding a bike," she moaned. "It may have been twenty years, but I remember how to eat cunt."

Her tongue danced through my folds, her fingernails scratching at my thighs. She probed her tongue into my depths, my dick throbbing over her head. Her green eyes stared up at me, peeking out around my shaft. She moaned, so hungry as she feasted, stirring such desire to the throbbing tip of my dick.

And then she licked through my folds to it. She found the base, ascending my shaft. My dick twitched the entire time. My heart beat faster and faster. I grabbed my tits, squeezing them in anticipation.

Her tongue flicked the spongy crown of my dick.

"Mom!" I groaned, my eyes rolling back into my head. "Oh, my god, Mom, that's so damned amazing!"

"Uh-huh," she panted, her tongue licking around the crown of my dick, gathering my precum. "You taste so good. Pussy and cock."

Then she latched her mouth onto my dick, lips sealed tight, and sucked.

Suction reached into my pussy, into my ovaries. They tightened, fresh cum filling them, ready to flood my mother's mouth. Juices squeezed out of my pussy as I trembled. Having my cock sucked was like having my clit sucked times a million.

Intense delight fluttered through my body. My fingers dug into my round tits. I pinched my nipples, the little tingles dwarfed by the amazing rapture of my mother's sucking mouth. I swayed, my naked toes flexing against the hardwood floors.

The barista watched, her dark eyes hungry, feasting.

Mom bobbed her mouth, sliding it up and down my futa-shaft. She swirled her tongue, as skilled at sucking cock as she was licking cunt. My pussy tightened with every suck, forcing out more cream to dribble down my thighs, filling the air with my spicy excitement.

"Mom," I groaned. "Oh, yes, that's your daughter's cock you're sucking like a whore! A mommy whore!"

She moaned, tongue flicking about the crown, cheeks hollowing. Powerful suction engulfed my dick.

"Oh, yes, so hungry for my futa-cum! You want to guzzle it down."

Her eyes stared up at me, begging as she moaned. Her fingers dug into my thighs, gripping me.

"Yes, and I'm going to give you what you need, Mommy-slut. I'm going to flood your mouth with so much jizz. I'll drown you in girl-cum!"

Mom moaned.

"Yes, you want that," I panted, my ovaries boiling. "Just keep sucking and--"

My ovaries detonated. Shock waves of cum rushed down my dick and fired into my step-mom's mouth. She squeezed her eyes shut, groaning in pleasure as she tasted my forbidden cum. She gulped it down as fast as I fired it.

My body shook and shuddered. My pussy convulsed. Her cheeks hollowed as the suction drew out more and more cum from the depths of my body. I quivered, fingers twisting my nipples. My pussy convulsed. Juices washed down my thighs, brushing my mother's fingers.

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