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Cream for My Boss 1

by Belle Hart

Author's note: All sexually active characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

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Cream for My Boss 1

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Cream for My Boss 1

I lay my infant son Dakota in his tiny crib in my bedroom. I just finished breastfeeding him. My breasts are still leaking a little. I swear my body makes more milk than he could ever need.

I tip toe out of the room. He has fallen asleep. I close the door quietly. Then I start to pace the hall in my tiny apartment. Soon I won’t be able to pay the rent.

I had to quit my job as a waitress. Well, I didn’t have to, but after I yelled at my boss in front of everyone for getting me pregnant and abandoning me, it felt necessary. He’s married. I managed to hide the fact that it was his baby for 9 months, but then I exploded when he said he wouldn’t even pay child support secretly. Nothing.

And now here I am. I don’t know why I always attract jerks. I’m beginning to wonder if pretty girls always attract jerks. Makes it not such a benefit to be pretty, huh? I’m 21 and curvy, not what I would call fat, just not a stick. I have big boobs even when they’re not filled with milk. Round hips, nice legs. I have long blond hair and a pretty face. Blue eyes and pouty lips and a nice smile. For all the good any of that does me.

I’m thinking of taking my other boss, Liam, up on his offer. He offered to pay me to have sex with him. Apparently he has a lactation fetish. Who knew? He pays me to clean his house once a week. He’s pretty nice, pretty gruff and silent most of the time, but we talk sometimes.

He’s not unattractive, even though he’s older. He’s in his 50s, tan and muscular from the construction work he does. He has a rough handsomeness to his face. He has short salt and pepper hair, and always has facial stubble. His eyes are kind of gray. The idea of sex with him seemed weird at first, but it grew on me fast. I don’t know if that makes me sick or what. I enjoy sex a lot. I’ve had sex with lots of different types of guys, some older. Why not him? I could really use the money right now to pay rent. Cleaning a house once a week just doesn’t make me enough.

I pick up the phone nervously. I dial his number. I can’t believe I’m doing this.

“Hello,” he answers in his gruff voice.

“It’s me, Nina,” I say, almost breathless.

He says nothing.

“I’ll do it,” I say.

My friend Sally has agreed to babysit Dakota while I go meet my boss. I actually told her what I was going to go do. She understands. She’s a waitress where I used to work. Poverty is not unfamiliar to either of us. She’s skinny and tall and has long dark hair. She’s in her 40s.

“See you later, doll,” she says in her raspy cigarette-damaged voice.

“Later,” I say with a smile as I hurry out the door.

I’m wearing jeans and a tight maroon T-shirt. I think I look good. I put on make-up and put a few waves in my hair with a curling iron. I have no idea why. I don’t think he cares. I drive over to his house, it’s not too far from my apartment. I walk up the front sidewalk and knock on the door. Why did I do that? I usually just walk in. Damn.

He opens the door. He looks all cleaned up. He actually shaved. He’s wearing his usual jeans and a plaid flannel shirt tucked in. He smiles and waves me in. I’m sure the neighbors would think we were total freaks if they knew what we were doing.

I go inside and he shuts the door behind me. He hands me some money.

“The amount we agreed on,” he says in his rough voice.

“Oh,” I say, taking it. I’d almost forgotten about the money. I put it in my little black purse and set the purse on a bookshelf. I’m not wearing a jacket, it’s nice outside. So here we are, awkwardly standing in his living room.

He takes a step toward me and I feel my heart start to pound. Can I do this? He’s attractive enough, it just seems weird. He has been a fixture in my peripheral vision for years before I started working for him, just part of the neighborhood. So strange to change our dynamic now.

He grabs my upper arms firmly and pulls me to him. Then he kisses me. He tastes like cigars. He likes to smoke them. He tastes like mouthwash too. I like both. I find myself incredibly turned on by this, partly because it does seem so wrong. Because of our age difference and the fact that I work for him. I open my mouth and let our tongues play with each other. I can feel the wetness between my legs increasing.

He’s a good kisser. Kind of rough, like I would have expected, but he knows how to make a woman feel good. He slides his hands onto my back and then slowly down to grip my ass. It turns me on more. Suddenly I want to fuck his brains out. I moan. He stops kissing to reach down and scoop me up in his arms and carry me to his bedroom. I know he’s in shape, but it surprises me anyway. Makes me breathless.

The bed is neatly made in the small master bedroom with dark wood paneling on the walls. The red crocheted bedspread is folded back neatly with the white flat sheet, like in a hotel or something. For him, this is impressive. He sets me down on the exposed part of the bed and pulls the bedding back more. He’s out of breath, I don’t think it’s from exertion.

“You okay, Liam?” I ask. I sound out of breath too.

“Oh, I’m quite okay,” Liam says as he sits down next to me and kisses me again. I start to unbutton his white and brown plaid shirt and he slides his hands up under my T-shirt. His hands are rough, like he’s never used lotion ever, but that turns me on too. So manly.

I manage to get his shirt off. He’s wearing a white tank undershirt underneath. I peel that off too. He is caressing my big swollen tits over my bra. My arousal has made me leak a little breast milk. His thumbs rub the wet spots and my nipples through the bra. We both moan.

I run my hands over his tan muscled chest. I guess he does a lot of work in the backyard, building furniture. He works shirtless when he does that. I had forgotten. He reaches down and pulls my T-shirt off over my head. I lift my arms for him. Then he buries his face in my ample cleavage. I can still feel a little stubble on his face. I barely care. That’s damn sexy.

I start to unbutton his jeans. I’m anxious to see what his cock looks like. He pulls his head away from my breasts and reaches around to undo my bra. He peels it off my heavy tits. He gasps. I blush. Then he stands up and finishes unzipping his jeans. He has a huge erection. He pulls off his white underwear and frees his big cock. It’s impressive and quite hard. He quickly kicks his shoes and socks and jeans off ‘til he’s naked.

I haven’t been moving, I’ve been too curious and in shock. I’m so attracted to him. He’s so strong-looking. And well-endowed. He quickly reaches down and grabs my jeans at the front and pulls me to a standing position. God, that was hot. I actually whimper.

I am shaking as he unzips my jeans and pulls them down to the floor. He takes my shoes and socks off and I step out of my jeans. Then he gently, but quickly, pulls off my sheer pink panties. He is kneeling before me and we are both naked now. He quickly buries his face in my pussy, my hairy triangle, and dips his tongue into my slippery soft folds. I gasp. No turning back now.

He swirls his tongue around inside me for a bit, then he pulls away. He is out of breath. He stands quickly and picks me up and lays me back on the bed, in the middle. Then he straddles my body and scoots up ‘til he is straddling my torso. He stares me in the eyes as he reaches his hand into my pussy. I moan. I feel so dizzy. So turned on. Everything is surreal.

He brings his hand around and rubs the juices he got from my pussy on his dick. Then he places his cock between my huge tits. I reach up and hold the sides of my tits, so they will hug his cock just right. Then he starts fucking my cleavage.

I moan and stare into his eyes as I see his face start to contort with pleasure. I know my face must look the same way. He fucks my tits for a good ten minutes. I’m on the verge of orgasm without my cunt even being touched, but then he stops. Before either of us cum.

He lies down on top of me, so his face is at my chest. He groans as he takes one of my tits into his mouth. I feel milk flood out of both tits a little bit. The one he’s sucking on starts to give milk easily to him. He groans and I fill with desire, ‘til I’m almost crazy.

“Oh, Liam,” I say with a moan.

He chuckles as he continues to suck.

I moan as he sucks and nurses from my tit. Then he moves on to the other and it gives him milk as easily as the first one did. My nipples feel hard and hot. I would love to have his cock inside me now. I feel weak. I need to be ravaged. Pounded into.

Once he’s had his fill, he stops nursing. He is out of breath again. He scoots up my body and kisses me. I can taste my own breast milk and my pussy juice on his tongue. I reach down and grab his ass tightly, wanting him inside me now.

“I can’t wait to fuck you,” he mutters between rough kisses.

“Fuck me now, Liam,” I say with tears forming in my eyes. I never realized I wanted something like this, but I do.

He reaches down and pushes my thighs apart quickly. I gasp. He slips his fingers into my hot slippery pussy to open it for his cock, which he slides in eagerly. He fills me up so much I grunt with surprise. I can’t believe another one of my bosses’ cocks is inside me. Apparently I have a thing for fucking my bosses. Although my other boss was in his early 30s. This is new.

He shivers a little. Then he looks me in the eye and starts thrusting his cock into me. I’ve always known I like it rough and he does not disappoint. He’s a powerful man and he likes powerful sex. I whimper and moan as he pounds his big hard cock into me. He’s like a machine.

“Oh, Liam,” I say in a small voice. My arms fall onto the bed at my sides. I am too weak to hold onto him anymore. I feel so turned on, filled with pleasure from his stroking cock. So surreal that I’m into him this much.

“Oh, yeah,” he says in his low voice as he fucks me. He shoves his dick in deeper and deeper, hitting me hard with it. I may pass out. He is grunting and huffing and puffing, like he’s doing construction work.

I whimper and moan continuously as I feel pleasure start to scream from inside my cunt. My heavy tits are bouncing around from all the pounding. Liam is starting to whimper like he’s close to cumming. I’m in a dream world.

His cock fucks my pussy hard and I feel the final crescendo of pleasure surge up inside me, like an unstoppable tidal wave.

“Oh, God, oh fuck!” I yell. Ecstasy explodes inside me as I moan loudly. I sound like I’m in pain. My pussy clenches with pleasure and my tits suddenly burst out a stream of milk, spraying my boss’s chest.

He gasps and then he cums hard inside me. He groans loudly as he shoots hot semen into my cunt. Then he immediately scoots down my body, letting his cock slide out of me, as he starts to lap up the sprayed breast milk eagerly, frantically. I moan as pleasure tingles through me.

As he sucks my tits I can feel his cock against my leg, starting to get hard again. I get excited. My tits aren’t giving milk as easily as before, but Liam doesn’t seem to mind. He moans and caresses them and sucks them. Suddenly he grabs my torso and rolls us over so he is on the bottom.

“Fuck me, Nina,” he says breathlessly. I shiver. I sit up and straddle his legs. I don’t know if I have the strength to fuck him this way. I get so weak when I’m turned on. “I want to watch your tits,” he says with a shaky voice. He’s staring at them as if mesmerized.

“Okay,” I say in a small voice. I don’t know where this babydoll voice of mine is coming from.

His cock is fully erect in front of me, glistening with our cum. I raise my body up and scoot forward, so I am over his cock. I reach down and part my pussy lips with my fingers, then I let my pussy slide down onto his cock, taking him deep inside me. He shudders. He hasn’t taken his eyes off my boobs since we rolled over.

“Oh, Liam,” I say lustily. I run my hands over his chest. Then I grab his arms to steady myself, but I stay as upright as possible, so he can see my tits. He slides his arms out of my grasp and holds my hands instead. I steady myself that way. I start to slide up and down on his cock. I love that I can do what I want with his dick in this position.

He starts to moan as he feels pleasure and sees my tits bounce with my thrusts. I am out of breath already. I slide his hot cock in and out of my pussy, shoving it as deep into me as it will go, then pulling it back out again. I squeeze my inner muscles as I fuck him, increasing my pleasure.

“Oh, Nina…” he moans as I bounce up and down on his dick. I am whimpering and moaning as I impale myself on his big hard cock. I pick up my pace, frantic for the next orgasm.

“Oh, Liam, oh, God…” I say as I fuck him rapidly. He is starting to breathe hard. I can feel myself reaching my climax. Pleasure shivers up through my body as I continue to plunge up and down on my boss. I gasp. I suddenly feel my orgasm rage through my body, gripping me hard as I cry out. I grunt loudly as a second surge of pleasure bursts through me, before the first has subsided. Tears are leaking from my eyes. With the second orgasm, I feel my tits burst again, spraying milk all over my boss’s face.

He gasps and groans as the spray hits him and immediately shoots a load of cum up into me hard, as his cock jumps inside me. I gasp as another tiny orgasm shivers through me.

He grasps my torso suddenly and lifts me right off his penis and pulls my tits to his mouth. He sucks them eagerly as I gasp. Oh, I am dizzy and weak again. My pussy is resting on his stomach as he holds my breasts in front of his face. I grab onto the headboard and moan.

When he’s had his fill he gently pushes me off of him and we lie side by side, catching our breath. I can’t believe how good that felt. Apparently sleeping with your much older boss is a kink that can bring you to new heights of pleasure. Or at least that’s how it is with me. Damn.

“I want to fuck you again,” Liam says breathlessly. Then he quickly gets off the bed and goes to the corner of the room where a big full-length mirror sits. It’s the old fashioned kind that is a tall oval in a wooden frame and stand, that you can tilt this way and that. He brings it over and sets it at the foot of the bed, facing us.

Then he climbs back onto the bed. His cock is hard again. Maybe he takes something. He’s kind of opposed to doctors and pills, though, so maybe not. He pulls me up to a sitting position, then he moves me so I’m upright on my knees in front of the mirror. I look at myself, slick with sweat, huge full tits protruding from my torso, nipples dark and hard.

Then I see my boss kneel behind me, his tan hands creeping up to cover the pale skin of my tits. He plays with my dark nipples as I feel my pussy flood with new wetness. I see his turned-on expression in the mirror as he whispers in my ear, “I’m going to fuck you from behind now.”

I nod and whimper as I reach up to grab the back of his head with my hands. Then I reach down and grab his thighs instead. He has me spread my legs a little more. Then he dips down, spreading his legs to be at the right height, and he shoves his hard cock up into my pussy. I groan.

I am so extra sensitive there now, from fucking and being more turned on than I have ever been. But it feels so good to have him in there again, almost painful, but still so good. He slides his hands up my body, under my tits. Then he cups them in his hands and lifts them up so he can see them better in the mirror. God, that turns me on. I moan. I can barely keep my eyes open, but it is so hot watching him fuck me in the mirror. It’s a whole new level of kinky.

He shoves his cock into me over and over slowly, as he meets my gaze in the mirror. We both look drunk with lust. I feel drunk. I have my hands on his thighs while he continues to hold my tits up and fuck me.

I feel like I’m going to die of pleasure. It is surging up even earlier now in the fucking than it usually does. I am moaning and tossing my head back. He starts to fuck me harder, faster.

“Oh, Liam, oh fuck, ohhhh!” I yell as I feel an orgasm explode inside me. My pussy clenches as it floods with ecstasy, and my tits release a spray of warm milk that shoots onto the mirror. Liam gasps. He stops thrusting briefly, but doesn’t cum.

Suddenly he grabs me and pulls his dick out of me. He moves and shoves me down onto the bed on my back. He spreads my legs and lies down on top of me and shoves his still-hard cock back into my pussy. He holds my hands above my head as he starts pounding his dick into me hard again.

“Come on, do it again,” he demands in his rough voice as he slams his cock into me hard. “More… more…” he says as his face starts to contort. I feel my body surge into another level of pleasure as he thrusts.

I whimper and moan and suddenly feel an explosion of extreme pleasure rip through me hard. I grunt as I feel my body lose control. Cum squirts from my pussy, and milk bursts from my tits and sprays all over my boss.

He gasps and stops thrusting, but does not cum. “Oh, God…” he says. Then he continues to hold my hands against the bed above my head as he starts thrusting his cock into me again, hard.

“Again, again…” he says, out of breath. I feel his dick plowing into my slick sensitive pussy, pushing harder and harder into me, as deep as he can go, and I feel ecstasy start to flutter up easily. I love being held down too.

I grunt loudly as I feel the climax almost burst. He frantically fucks me some more. I have never felt anything better than his hot solid cock in my slick swollen pussy. We are both wet with sweat and burning up. Suddenly the orgasm rushes up to me, pinching me with intense pleasure as I yell loudly. My cunt spasms and my tits spray a smaller amount of milk than before.

He gasps again and keeps thrusting. He’s going for his own orgasm this time.

“Come on, Liam,” I say, breathlessly, rolling my tits back and forth, even while he has my hands pinned down. “Cum inside me.”

He groans loudly as his face cringes up and he shoots a long hot load of cum into my pussy. “Oh, God,” he says with a gasp and then his face contorts again as he shoots a second load of cum into me with a loud satisfied groan.

He doesn’t lie down on top of me. He doesn’t rest. He lets me go and climbs off of me immediately. He stands at the end of the bed near the mirror, staring at me and catching his breath.

My body is still humming with pleasure as I stare at him. I’m having a hard time resisting masturbating in front of him, to draw him back to me. But do I resist. He picks the mirror up and moves it back to the corner. Then he starts to quickly dress. I’m disappointed.

“Get dressed,” he says to me. I reluctantly get off the bed and start to dress too.

Once we are fully clothed again, he says without looking at me, “I want to fuck you again sometime, if that’s alright with you.”

“Yeah, okay,” I say with a huge smile on my face. He doesn’t see it. He quickly leaves the room. Hell, I would pay him to fuck me again. Not that he needs to know that. I practically skip out of the bedroom. He is nowhere around. I grab my purse from the bookshelf and quickly leave the house, my body warm and well-fucked.


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