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My Boss’s Touch 1

by Belle Hart

Author's note: All sexually active characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

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My Boss’s Touch 1

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My Boss’s Touch 1

Aiden sits by the window at a table paying the bills. It's dark outside, summertime. There is a lamp hanging above him that casts dark shadows around the rest of the room.

Aiden is my boss, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't find him attractive. He has long brown hair, a sort of ruggedly handsome face, thin but muscled body, pale skin. He looks serious, which makes him hotter. He's 45 years old.

I'm 20, blond, cute, curvy. I work for Aiden cleaning house and cooking meals. In exchange he pays me a little money and lets me live here while I go to college. He used to be my neighbor, but my parents moved away and I wanted to go to college in this town, so I stayed here with Aiden. It’s actually summer now, but I will go back to college in the fall. Maybe that's why I'm thinking of him now. Summer boredom. It won't be weird if I hit on him. Right?

I'm not a virgin. I have some experience. Not much, though. I just want him to pound his cock into me, is that so wrong? He's so awesome. He's a poet and a sculptor, he teaches pottery classes. He rides a motorcycle. I still don't know what I want to be when I "grow up", even though I'm technically grown up. I keep changing my major. But maybe I'll be a lot like him. That would be nice.

I'm curled up on the couch, pretending to watch TV, but really I watch him. I start squeezing my legs together and releasing my muscles. In a rhythm. While I watch him use the calculator and scribble out the checks. I feel my face get hot and my breathing speeds up. I try to act normal. I have the remote in my hand and I'm gripping it too tight.

I keep squeezing and releasing, trying not to moan, trying not to close my eyes. I wish I could reach down and stroke my clit, but that would be obvious wouldn't it?

I feel myself blushing uncontrollably. How does he not notice this? I keep squeezing my legs together, imaging his cock diving into my pussy. Oh my God, I feel the pleasure build up fast.

I can't help but say, "Mmmph," as I feel an orgasm pulse through me. I squeeze the remote so hard I press a button, changing it to a channel about wild animals. I try to control my breathing.

"Did you say something?" Aiden says as he looks up briefly. He looks distracted.

"No," I say. He goes back to his bills and I switch the channel back to the TV show I was watching.


Later that night I am lying in my bed wearing only pale blue panties and a tight pale blue tank top that's almost see-through. Why is it so hard to hit on my boss? He's older than me, and he has been my neighbor forever, but our relationship can change, right? Time to start a new phase. A sexual phase.

I could slip him an aphrodisiac. That's dumb. I could leave the door open when I'm showering. He'd probably be a gentleman about that. I decide to get up and sneak down the hall to his bedroom just to see what he's doing.

It's past midnight, and he's sleeping, of course. Shirtless, wearing only boxers, blankets thrown back because it's a warm summer night.

Light spills over him from the night light in the hallway as I slowly push open his door. I tiptoe over to his big bed. I decide to just snuggle up to him. Will he notice? I can pretend I was sleepwalking.

I climb onto the bed carefully. He grunts in his sleep. I stop momentarily. Then I continue on. I carefully snuggle up to his side, laying my head on his shoulder. His arm is almost around me, sprawled out sideways as he lies on his back.

I decide to lie on top of him a little bit. I climb onto him, my body pressing down on his. I can feel my nipples get hard and my pussy get wet. This is so hot.

I stare down at his face, my blond hair falling down around it. I decide I want my bare tits against his bare chest. I carefully pull my tank top up, feeling my nipples make contact with his skin, my full breasts press into him.

He suddenly moans and pulls his arms around me, putting one hand on my ass and the other on the small of my back. I shiver and my heart pounds. His eyes don't open.

"Mmm, Moira," he says quietly, with a smile.

Moira was his wife’s name. She died three years ago. My name is Katya. He must be dreaming. She looked a lot like me. Maybe if he wakes up he will still think he was dreaming.

I lean down and gently kiss his lips. He responds, kissing me back. Gentle movement at first and then he gets more into it. I can feel his cock become hard underneath me. I reach down to pull my panties off, and to my surprise he helps me. Then we both work to pull his boxers down.

He kisses me passionately. "Oh, Moira!" he says as he devours me with kisses. I feel his bare cock hitting me between my thighs and I shiver uncontrollably. This is so fucking exciting. I have to get his cock inside me before he wakes.

I continue to kiss him, so he can't pull away and see it's me, while I reach down to guide his cock into my slick tight pussy. He has a pretty big dick and feeling it slide into me is so fucking heavenly. I moan loudly. I have to pull away from the kiss to start thrusting him into me.

"Oh, Moira," he moans as I fuck him. He opens his eyes and stares at me in a daze as I writhe over him, plunging him into me deep.

It takes him a moment to fully recognize what's happening.

"Oh, fuck, oh, God, Katya!" he yells. He tries to shove me off him.

"Oh, no, Aiden, please," I say breathlessly. "Please let me fuck you." I keep thrusting his cock into me deep, panting, shaking.

He stops trying to shove me off of him. "Oh, God, oh, God," he moans. There are tears rolling down his face. I feel tears welling up in my eyes too.

"I love you, Aiden," I say as I thrust. "I love you." I thrust him in and out quickly, dragging my bare tits up his chest as I do.

He grabs my bare ass and helps me move up and down his body. "Oh, my God, Katya," he moans. "I love you too."

His words send a surge of pleasure rushing through me. I feel my pussy clench up and an orgasm explodes as I yell. He grunts as his face cringes up. He releases hot semen into me. It's so beautiful.

I stop thrusting and rest my body on top of his, catching my breath, feeling him catch his. He wraps his arms around me tight and runs his fingers through my hair.

Finally after a few minutes, he speaks. "Why, Katya? Why?" He sounds a little heartbroken.

"Your wife had her time with you, and now it's my turn," I say into his shoulder. "I'm old enough."

"I suppose you are," he says. He keeps stroking my hair until I fall asleep.


When I wake the next morning he is gone. I'm still in his bed. He must have put my panties back on and pulled my tank top back down. I hear the shower running. I feel forlorn. Alone. Is he ashamed?

I get up out of the bed. I look in the mirror on the wall and run my fingers through my tangled blond hair. I can't let this go. I want to know this isn't just a one-time thing.

I walk down the hall to the bathroom and open the door.

"Katya?" he says from inside the shower. I say nothing. I just open the frosted shower door and step right inside, in my tank top and panties, right under the water stream in front of him.

"What are you doing?" he says, with a surprised look on his face.

His naked body is beautiful to me. I glance down and see his big cock is starting to rise to attention. I press my body into his soapy one. I'm completely wet and my tank and panties are see-through now. My hair is wet. I look up at him as I snuggle up to his chest.

"I want you to do weird shit to me," I say quietly. "I want you to fuck me." Tears are starting to run down my face. "I don't want you to go back to treating me like I'm untouchable. I want to be yours."

"Katya," he says with emotion. He puts his hands on the sides of my face. "I had no idea you felt this way. You can't blame me for not pursuing you. What would society think? There’s an age difference here."

"Don’t let them keep us apart," I say. My voice breaks. He leans down to kiss me. His hard cock presses my groin.

He pulls away and looks me in the eye. "You may not want me in the future, when I get older and you're still young."

"Yes, I will," I say. "I love you so much." I plead with my eyes. "You can put a baby in me. Claim me as your own. Make sure I have to stay."

He leans down to kiss me passionately. I start to shake. My skin is warm. My pussy is pulsing with desire.

He stops kissing to say, "I need you now," in a ragged voice. He quickly turns me around in the shower and has me lean over under the water stream. I put my hands against the wall as I feel him yank my soaked panties down quickly.

He plunges his hard cock into my pussy from behind and I gasp and start to shake. He is so big and this is so hot.

He starts to thrust into me eagerly and I moan and pant. My dreams are coming true. I can't believe it. He holds onto my hips to steady them as he pounds deep into my cunt. I am so in love. I feel warmth in my heart.

"Oh, God, Aiden," I say as he pounds into me. I am filled with pleasure, pulsing toward a hard orgasm. He reaches around and starts to flick my swollen clit. Two strokes and I am done. The intense orgasm explodes inside me, making my muscles clench and shiver as I yell. I feel myself cum a little.

He grunts loudly and shoots his load deep inside me. Then he pulls out of me and pulls me upright, pressing his chest against my back, running his hands up the front of my body, pushing my tank top up again, massaging my big breasts.

"I want to do so many bad things to you," he says into my ear as he nuzzles me.

I whimper.

He opens the frosted door and steps out of the shower then and holds my hand to help me out. I step out of my panties. He closes the lid of the toilet. It has a dark pink carpet cover on it. He tells me to sit on it. I do.

He moves me to the edge of the lid and spreads my legs. My heart is pounding. He gets down on all fours and buries his face in my pussy. I moan and close my eyes. His tongue darts into me and then he starts churning his mouth around my clit. Oh, my God, I'm in heaven.

I bury my hands in his long brown hair as he eats me out. I feel pleasure flutter and flit and then build in intensity. I almost can't stand it. I am blushing and panting as he fucks me with his tongue. Finally my pleasure peaks in a hard orgasm as my muscles shudder and I gasp loudly.

I am still weak and dazed when he pulls away from my cunt and carefully but quickly pulls my tank off over my head. He grabs my torso with his hands and holds me in place while he sucks my breasts. I orgasm again immediately.

He alternates sucking on each breast, moaning. He stops sucking and says in a gruff voice, "I need to fuck you in a bed." He pulls me to a standing position as he stands. My legs are so shaky. He scoops me up in his arms and carries me quickly down the hall to his bedroom.

He lays me down on the bed and I spread my legs weakly for him. He lies down on me and plunges his big hard cock right into me. I grunt from the suddenness.

He thrusts into me as I lie there weak, still lost in pleasure from the last sex act. I stare up into his eyes with longing.

"Oh, Katya," he says, out of breath. "I guess I never knew how much I wanted you. I made myself turn off my feelings." He pounds his cock into me as he writhes above me, looking pained. But I know it's really pleasure. My tight little pussy is getting quite a workout from his cock.

I put my arms above my head on the bed, making my tits bounce around a little higher as he drives himself into me.

"Oh, God, Katya, I can't believe we're doing this," he says as he fucks me.

I hope he's not having second thoughts. I shouldn't have to beg him to fuck me. Am I not an attractive young woman? He should be fucking me every day without me asking. Making me know who's boss. Making me know he owns me.

I feel an orgasm grip me hard as my back arches involuntarily. I yell as ecstasy vibrates inside me, pinching me hard.

He grunts loudly again and shoots a hot load of semen into my welcoming cunt.

He relaxes his body onto mine and moans into my shoulder. "I actually have to be somewhere right now." He pulls away to look at me. "I don't want to leave you now."

"I'll still be here," I say, wrapping my arms around him.

"You'll always be available to me?" he asks quietly, brushing his lips against my lips. "Like my little sex bunny?"

"Yes," I whisper to him as I kiss him back. "Always."

"Okay," he says. He gives me a quick kiss on the lips and pulls himself off of me with a groan. He covers me with a blanket, probably to keep himself from being tempted. I smile.

I watch him gather his clothing, and then he smiles at me and leaves the room. He goes into the bathroom to dress.

After he leaves I decide to tidy up the house. He'll be gone for a few hours. I clean a few rooms, eat some food, then get into the shower. By the time he gets back home I’m waiting for him in the kitchen barefoot, wearing cut off jean shorts and a tight pink baby tee with no bra. My hair is still damp from the shower.

When he comes in the back door he has a big brown paper grocery bag in his hands. He smiles when he sees me. I've already closed the blinds on the kitchen windows just in case.

He sets the bag on the counter and immediately leans down and kisses me, leaning into me, pressing our bodies together. The kitchen island is at my back. He stops kissing me to turn me around and lean me over it. I push the grocery bag away so I won't bump it. He reaches around and unzips my jean shorts. He pulls them and my panties down. They fall to my ankles. He dips one finger into my cunt from behind. I am soaking wet for him already. I glance back to see him lick my fluids off his finger. I feel a rush go through me.

He unzips his pants quickly and thrusts his hard hot cock into my tight pussy from behind.

He leans over me as he thrusts into me. "I can't believe you still want to be fucked. This is like a dream."

"Believe it," I whisper as I close my eyes and start to pant. He reaches his hands under me to push my t-shirt up and cup my breasts. He strokes them as his dick plunges in and out of me. I whimper and moan uncontrollably. This is so hot.

He pounds into me. He's probably hurting me against the hard counter top, but I don't care. His cock pressing into my sensitive flesh feels so wonderful. I can feel myself dripping with cum. I don't think I'll ever be clean again. He makes me so wet.

He grunts and groans as he thrusts and it is so hot to think of him getting off from my pussy. I feel myself get dizzy at the thought of it. Pleasure ramps up inside me as I grunt and moan. He thrusts faster. He squeezes my tits and flicks my nipples and it pushes me over the edge. I yell loudly as an orgasm rips through me, clenching my muscles and making my legs shake. I shiver as ecstasy pulses through me.

He speeds up his thrusting again, I can hear him panting. He slams into me hard and holds his cock inside me as he groans loud and long, releasing hot fluid into my cunt. I shudder with pleasure in another small orgasm.

He moves my hair aside to kiss the back of my neck. I lay my head against the counter and sigh.

"You really are mine?" I say.

"I really am yours," he says. He kisses my cheek.

He pulls his warm cock out of my pussy as he steps back. Then he pulls me up and turns me around and leans down to kiss me. He squeezes me tight as his lips work over mine. I sink into him. Hoping he means it. Hoping he'll let me belong to him forever.


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