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Elunara: Mission Specialist

GG Ryan

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Chapter 2: Elunara meets Gerald

Chapter 3: The Cultists

Chapter 4: Elunara and the King

Chapter 5: The Return of the King

Chapter 6: The Stranglethorn Trolls

Chapter 7: Cairne Bloodhoof

Chapter 8: Vol'jin

Chapter 9: Thrall

Chapter 10: Renwa

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*** Chapter 1: The Beginning***

“I’ve finished with the stables.”

“Thanks, now brush down the horses.”

“Of course.”

“Heya, Jim. How’s Thunder?”

“Elunara is over there brushing him down now.”

Ben licked his lips. “The hot little Night Elf?”

Jim rolled his eyes. “The same.” He shook his head. “She’s a pain in the ass, but she does good work. The horses love her.”

“Pain in the ass?”

“Shameless flirt.” Jim snorted. He went back to cleaning the hoof of the horse he was tending.

Ben sauntered on over. “Hi.” He winked.

Brushing the horse, she eyed the man. Licking her lips, she smiled. “I don’t suppose I could con you into an art sitting.”

He blinked. “Uh, what?”

Her grin went feral. “I like the look of you. Perhaps I could show you my… skills.”

This was not the track he was expecting. “You know, that sounds REAL fun, but…” He scratched the back of his head.

“Oh, I forgot to mention… you’d be naked.” She never stopped in her tending of the horse.

Blinking repeatedly, a grin crept across his face. “Is THAT how it is?”

“Sweetie, I like two things, drawing, and dicks. Care to fulfill both?”

His eyes went wide. “How about after you’re off work?”

“I’m done about six.” Without another look, she returned to the needs of the horses.

After work, she followed him home. She did not touch him, merely looked around.

“I see you forgot your paper.” He licked his lips.

“I always have paper.” She smiled. “I just prefer to draw… after.”

Closing the door, he eyed her ass. “That makes sense to–“

Without warning, she grabbed him by the back of the neck and assaulted his mouth. He barely had time to think before she released him. “You’re yummy.” She purred.

“You don’t waste time!” He gasped.

“Fast is the only speed I know, sugar cake.”

He chuckled and ran his hands down her ass. “Is that so?”

“You’re wearing entirely too much.” She yanked his shirt open. “Oh, I definitely like this.” She ran her tongue across his chest.

“Dear Gods.” He groaned as he grabbed her shoulders.

She worked her way down and tugged his pants to the ground. “Mm, yes. Beautiful.” She slipped her mouth over the tip.

He groaned and buried his fingers in her hair. “Baby…”

Quickly, she worked her way over his dick, taking him in completely before moving her way up and down rapidly. When he finished, she ran her tongue up and down him. “Fascinating.” She purred.

“Holy damn, that’s…”

She shoved him back against the bed and climbed on top of him. “Don’t worry, sugar britches, I plan on making use of you all night.” With a groan, she slipped down over his dick.

Later, she penciled a few runes on the floor and summoned her pack of papers. She sat next to him in the bed and began to work. He watched her draw with complete fascination.

His fingers twirled in her hair. “That’s pretty cool to watch, Baby.”


The next day, she shoveled out the wasted hay from the stalls.

Ben fidgeted and made his way over. “Hello, beautiful.” He presented her with a bouquet of flowers.

She blinked. “Oh, hello…”

“You can call me Benjamin.” He murmured as he twirled a lock of her hair.

“Ben, right. Um, I… don’t exactly have anywhere to put those flowers.” She shrugged and went back to work.

“Do you… not have a place to stay?”

“I stay where I want.” She ignored him and shifted over to the next stall.

“You can stay with me.”

“I guess I wouldn’t mind adding detail to my work.”

He chuckled. “Yes, that.”

“Ben, unless you’re after your horse, get out of my stalls.”

Ben jolted. “Sorry Jim.” He shifted and leaned over to Elunara.

She ignored his attempt to kiss her, and went for the hay bales.

“Do you need help?”

Elunara rolled her eyes. “I’ve got it, thanks.” She dodged his kiss again.

“BEN!” Jim yelled.

“Sorry!” He jolted. “I’m out, I’m out.”


“Yes, Jim.” She sighed.

“Did you do it AGAIN?”

Spreading the fresh hay, she sighed again. “I don’t know WHY they think that I give a damn just because I fuck them. A whore is a whore, gods fuck it all.”

“No, YOU fuck it all.” Jim snorted.

“You have me there.” Elunara shrugged.

He sighed and ran a hand over his hair. “You don’t HAVE to be a whore, you know.”

“Actually, yes I do. It’s the only thing worth doing.”

“There’s plenty worth doing.” He shook his head. “You’re amazing with these horses…”

“I’m going to stop you. I help you with the horses because being around animals gives me a greater calm than being around people. I need to have sex with men because it gives me an energy boost that I cannot explain.”

Jim sighed. “I’ve always wondered what happened in your past that makes you like you are.”

“Not a thing.” She refilled the feed buckets.

He shook his head. “Your habits must kill your mother.”

Elunara growled. “NEVER MENTION MY MOTHER!”

With a jolt, he stepped back.

“My mother’s opinions of my habits don’t mean jack fucking shit to me.”

“I’m sorry… I had no idea it was such a sore subject.”

“You know what makes me the way I am?” She tossed the scoop back in the bin. “I have no emotions. They’re completely broken.”

“That’s… strange.”

“I guess.” She shrugged and ran her hand on a horse’s nose. “I don’t feel hate, or love, or anything really. I might have a heightened emotion for a short period, like rage, but I can’t sustain it. Not for any length of time. I have sex with men because it’s the only way I have discovered to derive pleasure. I am a tactile person, and that’s what I’m left with. I can’t love these men; I can barely remember which ones I’ve fucked.” She sighed. “I draw so that I can remember. I have to have a record of what I’ve done and how I’ve done it, and what I experienced. I NEED that.”

He blinked. “That’s a horrible life.”

“How would I know?” She shrugged. “Spending time with the animals is the only other way I have found that gets me what I need, and even then it’s… minimal.”

“You should try put for the SI:7.”

“The… what?”

“It’s the Alliance spy network out of Stormwind. They would send you out into the world. I bet you’ll find something there.”

She considered. “How?”

“I haven’t tried for it myself, but my friend Mathias Shaw runs it. You need to apply and prove yourself. I’d give it a go.”

Licking her lips, she considered. “Where is it?”

Leaning against the wall, Elunara waited and listened.

“Gods, those gnolls are such a complete and utter menace!”

“I know! I’ve killed so damned many of them, but they breed and breed.”

“You’d figure a creature that was dumb as shit wouldn’t be so difficult to eradicate.”

“I know, the other day I killed one that was humping a tree stump.”


“When I killed it, it just kind of hung there, its dick still stuck in the thing. Was horribly hilarious.”


As the two men walked past Elunara, she grinned.

“Hey! Uh…. Eric, was it?”

The beefy farmer turned around. “Yeah, Elunara?”

“I need you to hit me.”


“Just do it.”

“Listen, Sweetheart… I know I was mad at you… but I wasn’t ever THAT mad.”

“I don’t give a damn, just HIT me!” She bounced.


She hauled off and kicked his in the nuts.


“Awwww, did that HURT?” She asked in a baby voice. “Pussy!” She snarled.

With a growl, he dove on her.

Later, she stared at herself in the mirror and winced. Ok, maybe she had over done it. Whatever. She began to shred her clothes. Once she was out in Elwynn, she found her targets. Thinking better of it, she yanked her pants off completely and tossed the shreds in a pattern, and then lay down. Slicking her fingers through her soft folds, she got herself good and lathered. When then gnolls got close, she flopped down on the ground and adjusted herself.

[the following is translated from gnoll speak]

“What’s this?” The first gnoll poked the creature with his spear.

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen such a creature before.”

The first leaned down and sniffed. “Whatever it is, it’s female.”

“Is it?” The other mimicked the first. “Ooo, it is.” He continued to poke at the creature.

Elunara had to struggle to not laugh. That stupid spear tickled. She had no idea what they were saying, but if she just kept her ears open, maybe she could learn… She grit her teeth and bit down the urge to flinch. One of the creatures had stuck its tongue in her crotch.

The first giggled wildly. “It tastes good. Try.”

The second slipped its tongue into the slick hole. “I like this.” He growled. Shifting the leg out of the way, he buried his tongue in, over and over again.

“My turn!” The first shoved the second.

She suddenly wished that all men had such useful tongues.

The two giggled. “Let’s take it back.” The first gnoll licked his lips.

“Yes, let’s show the others!” Grabbing her by the arms, they began to drag her through the zone.

Well this was working out quite well. Peeking, she noticed they weren’t looking at her. Watching the path they were taking, she began to realize exactly why no one had found the fountain of the little bastards. As they approached a small camp, she closed her eyes and resumed her ruse of being unconscious.

“What is this?” A gnoll asked.

“Found it. Now it’s ours.” One of the gnolls giggled.

“What if it wakes up?”

“Eh, she’s helpless.”


“Yeah, much female.”

“That so?” He licked his lips.

“Tasty, try it.”

She rather lost count at how many of the little bastards had a taste, before one of the beasts decided to shove its dick in her. The others began to hiss and fight, and she was starting to pick up bits of their language.

“That was OURS!” One of the gnolls shoved the others.

“Yeah! You can’t just DO that!” The second one said.

“I’m leader of THIS camp; I can have what I want!”

“We brought to share, not for you to take!”

“I want it!” He shoved the others.

“NONE OF YOU GET IT!” A newcomer bellowed.

She barely cracked her eye and saw a larger gnoll. Closing her eyes, she waited until the new gnoll grabbed her by the wrist and hauled her out.

“That was ours.” Pouted the first.

She was dragged to a different encampment high in the hills. The new one sniffed her all over. He began to lick her crotch, before sliding his tongue in completely. With a giggle, he got into it. As far as weird ideas went, this one was working out quite in her favor. She was unsurprised when he shoved his dick into her and began to hump. If she could get by with rolling her eyes, she would have. A gnoll had a gift of a tongue and no IDEA how to use its dick properly.

When night fell, and her captor passed out, she popped up. Quickly she began to search through the camps. She found every scrap of paper she could get her hands on the scribbled some runes in the dirt. Sending her haul through, she went back to the captor and repositioned herself.

Over the next couple of days, she spent the day as a toy for the gnolls, and the night tearing through their camp. When she was satisfied she couldn’t find anything else of use, she summoned her dagger and cut her way through. She had a fondness for the little tonguing bastards, but a job was a job. She skipped all the way home.

Once she was cleaned up, she headed to the SI:7.

“I want to speak to Mathias Shaw.”

The man shook his head. “You don’t just speak to him. What’s your deal?”

“I have some important information about the gnoll issue, but due to the sensitive nature, I have to deliver it directly to him.”

He narrowed his eyes. “Hold on.”

She stepped into Mathias' office and put the package on his desk.

Mathias blinked and began to sort through. “What is this?”

“The top pages are gnoll communication, as crude as it may be. The second set is my translation notes.”

“How did you come by this?”

Keeping herself calm and composed, she detailed the work she had achieved.

He stared at her in complete shock. “You… GAVE yourself to them?”

She snorted. “All men of all species have their weaknesses.”

“This is quite impressive, and you understand their language?”

“Once I had the basics.” She shrugged.

“Well, the reward is yours.”

“I didn’t do it for the reward.”

He hesitated. “No?”

“I want in. I think I can put my unique skill set to work for the SI:7.”

Tapping his fingers together, he nodded. “I think we can find a place for you. Keep the reward, as your first payment for a completed commission.”

*** Chapter 2 Elunara Meets Gerald***

Elunara stood at attention in Mathias’ office.

He flipped through her latest report. “I often feel bad for the target.” Shaking his head, he sighed. “Elunara, your work is often miraculous and your ruse is, quite frankly, disturbing. That being said, I find that it’s time I move you up in our ranks, and assign you your first handler.”

“My… what?”

Mathias nodded and the door opened. A man walked in and leaned against the wall.

Elunara eyed him with suspicion. “I work best alone.” She turned back to Mathias. “Sir. He would just be a hindrance.”

“This is Gerald, and he will be your spotter. It is common, when our top agents go out in the field, to have one stay behind and close, in order to best direct the field operative. If the mission should go wrong, he can report back. Once he learns your code, you should be able to-“

“MY CODE?” She cleared her throat. “Sir.”

“Once he learns your code, Whore, you will be able to work more in tune with each other.”

“Sir, have I not proven myself over and over? Why do this now?”

“This is a promotion, Whore.”

“How do I get demoted?” She growled.

“You will be held off of missions until I am satisfied the two of you can work in perfect synchronicity. If you cannot, another will be found. You are not going out again until I am certain of the pairing.”

Elunara struggled to keep her twitching to a minimum. “I fail to see the point of this.”

“The point will be made clear on its own. Meanwhile, Gerald has read your file extensively. Should I deem it necessary, I will give you his. At this time I do not find it prudent. Am I understood?”

“Of course, sir.”

With a growl, Elunara made her way to a table and flopped down, chin in hand.

“You’re going to have to get used to it.” Gerald flopped down opposite of her and leaned back, his arms behind his head.

“This is stupid.” She snarled.

He shrugged.

Tapping her fingers, she considered her next move. “Wanna fuck?”

“Ugh, no.”

“Fine.” She returned to tapping her fingers.

“Want to play a round of cards?” He dropped a pack on the table.


He snorted. “You probably have nothing to bet with.” He goaded.

“You’d be right about that.” Her foot began to twitch.

“I’d just mop the floor with you anyhow.”

She jabbed a finger in his direction. “Listen here, you. I don’t play cards. I hate them. End of story. I asked you if you wanted to fuck, you said no. I accepted your answer and left you alone. Honor MY wishes and leave ME the fuck alone. I don’t take an unwilling partner and you shouldn’t try for one.”

In complete shock, he blinked at her. “Touchy.”

Her eyebrows shot up. “Want to fight about it?”

Holding up his hands, he shook his head. “No. No, I didn’t mean it like that. I’m sorry. I just didn’t expect…”

“Didn’t expect the whore to have standards? Well, I do. I have a lot of standards. Deal with it.”

He began to shuffle his deck. “So, why do you do it?”


“Fuck… everything.”

“Because I need to.” She shrugged. “I crave it like a smoker craves a cigarette.”

“Wild.” He began dealing out cards to himself in various patterns.

“How are you doing that?” She cocked her head to the side.

“You have sex, I have cards. Just something I can’t help.” Over and over, he laid them out in various patterns, before reshuffling and trying again.

“That’s… kind of fascinating.”

He fanned out the cards and laid them down. “Pick one.”

Holding her hand over the cards, she eyed him.

“No hinky stuff, just cards.”

Flipping it, she eyed the card.

“Ace of clubs.”

“Cute.” She sat the card aside and pulled another.

“Three of hearts.”

She sat it aside and grabbed another.

“Four of diamonds.”

“How are you doing that?”

He looked around and made sure they were alone in their corner. “I feel them. My mind instantly recognizes and understands exactly where a card is in the deck at any and all times. I can’t tell you how, I just know. I could run my finger over this whole spread and tell you every single card exactly where it is. You can hand me a fresh, unopened deck and I’ll do the same thing to it.”

“Fascinating.” She cocked her head and licked her lips. At once she gave him his height, weight, length of his dick and size of his balls. He openly stared at her. “I’ll get you’re a measuring tape and weight scale if you want.”

Slowly, he shook his head. “How…?” He croaked.

“Same as you, I suspect. It’s just something my brain tells me. I can measure things. Hilariously, I can give you your height in number of lined up penises. It’s just something I can do.”

“Are you an engineer?”

“A what?”

“Oh, man. You should take up engineering. They do shit like that all the time.” He pointed. “It might also help in the field.”

She tapped her fingers. “Really?”

“They’re always inventing some crazy shit or another. With the information YOU bring back, I bet you schematics of weapons and machines would THRILL the SI:7.”


“Want to get a beer?”

“I’ve been known to have one from time to time.” She licked her lips.

“I betcha we could find a drunk guy willing to let you drag him home.”

“Or some drunken idiots stupid enough to play you at cards.” She snorted.

“Sold.” They both said at once, as they high fived each other.

Later, near midnight, they hung on to each other as they made their way through the city.

“I should feel guilty fleecing those shits, but GODS they were annoying.” Gerald snorted.

“How much you bag?”

“Hundred and fifty. Where’d the red head go?”

“I fucked him behind the bar.”

“Geez! No limit to what you’ll do.”

“Pfft, I said I had standards, not limits.” She shook her head. “Hey, can I crash in your floor? I don’t actually have a place to stay.”

“Sure, it’s cool. I got this one room deal. Just… hands off my dick.”

“Pfft. You said no already.”

Gerald rubbed his head. Since when did he drink enough to have a hangover? His hand felt on the bed. Jolting back, he stared at the Night Elf currently sleeping under his covers. He shoved at her. “Hey! What the hell?”

She grumbled and rubbed her head. “Gods, that’s why I don’t drink.”


Blinking up, she held her head. “Gods, don’t fucking yell.”

“Why are you in my bed?”

“Oh, calm down.” She sat up and stretched. “We’re still dressed, genius. Even I don’t redress people. You were being all chivalrous and refused to just let me crash in the floor. Which I would have been FINE with, thank you. After I promised to sleep in the bed like a good girl, you passed the fuck out.”

“Oh.” He blushed, but she didn’t see it.

“Got anything to eat in this place?” She sniffled and scrubbed her face. “The dumbshits I usually go home like to make me breakfast in bed.” Digging around in the cabinets, she considered. “Not that I’m asking you to, that would be stupid.”

“You just make yourself at home, don’t you?”

She shrugged. “I’ll replace what I take. Not like I ever use the funds I make off of missions.”

“You don’t?”

“I buy clothes and props. Nothing else in the world I care about. I get fed by those I fuck, and presents people shove on me, I pawn and bank the cash.” She took a bite of some half stale bread.

“That’s kind of a sad life.”

“Why does everyone keep telling me this?” She gave him a strange look.

“Don’t… you find it sad?”

“Sweetie, I don’t exactly have “emotions”. I’m a tactile creature. I nether love, nor hate. I live for the next fuck, and eat when people feed me.”

“That’s kind of crappy… no offense. It’s just hard to understand.”

“Most of the time I don’t understand it and my mother certainly NEVER did.” She snorted.

“Who is your mother?”

“None of your fucking business. I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“Hm.” He tapped his fingers on his leg. “I don’t think I’ll ever understand you.” He finally sighed.

Jerking a shoulder, she sighed. “No one will. That’s why I function best alone, because some of the shit I do…” She licked her lips. “You’ve read my work… what do YOU think happens to me… when I’m being bait?”

“It…” He sighed. “Well, it’s probably hurts, it’s kind of terrifying… and maybe you bury all that, just so you can write the report.”

“Wrong, wrong and wrong. When I’m getting my brains fucked out by a target, I am the happiest I’ll ever be. I cannot experience happiness like a normal person, because my ability to have emotions is broken. I LIVE to feel when that bastard slips his dick into me. I’m certain you’d see where I’ve had seven or eight men take me one right after the other, take all my holes, fill them, I don’t care. It’s everything I can do to maintain whatever role I’ve given them. I want to moan and groan and beg for just one more dick, just one more of them in me, I don’t care pick a hole, just FUCK ME.”

She wiped her mouth. “Hell, I’m drooling just thinking about it. Repeat all they want, fuck me until they can’t get hard any more. If I could I walk around with a dick in my ass and a dick in my pussy, I’d be thrilled. It’s like the most spectacular drug in the world. The bigger the dick. The happier I am.”

Gerald was rubbing his hand over his mouth until he thought his mouth would wipe clean off. His own erection was a major problem at the moment. “I can’t…” He croaked.

“You don’t want me, and quite frankly, I’m good. Who DOES want a pussy as dirty as mine? These little whores running around the city couldn’t have possibly fucked as many men as I have, COMBINED.” She sighed and stood up. “Damn it, I got myself started. Excuse me; I have to go find a few pansy ass twits to fuck.”

When the door slammed, Gerald let out a shuddering breath. He had his own whore to find and fuck.

While he waited for her at the table, he began to play with his card deck. Eventually, she came in and flopped down in front of him. “So, how many did you bang?”

“Only three. My other options were too busy.” She sighed.

He shook his head. “You’re crazy.”

Watching him for a time, she considered. “Hey, want to fleece some assholes?”

Stopping, he eyed her. “How?”

She sat down at the table, and smiled at the man. The man eyed her and went back to his card game. After a winning hand, she clapped and giggled.

“What’s your game, honey?”

“Oh!” She blushed and put her knuckle to her chin. “Well, you see… I was wondering if you could help me.”

“What is it, sweetheart?”

She giggled and blushed at the affection. “Well, you see… I messed up. I messed up big time.” She wiggled in her seat. “You see that man over there?”


“Well, he was harassing me… and thinking I was smart… I told him that if he really wanted to… um, well…” She scooted up to his ear. “Have sex.” She jerked back and giggled nervously. “Well, that he’d have to beat me at cards.” Fiddling her fingers and sighing, she hazarded a glance back. “But, I think he’s weird and kind of creepy. I’ve been sitting here watching you, and you seem to be pretty good at the game…” She blushed and ducked her head. “Maybe you could win me back?” The hope poured into her voice. “I certainly like the look of you better. I would…” She leaned close to his ear. “Be VERY grateful.” She breathed.

A little while later, she walked into the next bar, snapping her fingers and wiggling her butt.

“I take it that went well.”

“He was delicious. Who else you got?”

Seven bars, twelve men, and a shit load of gold later, Gerald and Elunara leaned against each other giggling.

“You gotta be tired by now.” Gerald snorted.

“Mm, one more hit, come on. I’m not nearly drunk enough to quit now.”

“Fuck, me either.”

She giggled snorted. “You said I couldn’t fuck you.”

He shoved at her. “I hold to it, I don’t care how tight that ass is.”

An hour later, the pair of them was leaning against each other, giggling like morons as Mathias stood there glaring at them. “I told you to get along, I didn’t say fleece and fuck half of Stormwind!”

“Ut oh,” Elunara giggled. “Daddy’s angry.”

“We’re so boned.” Gerald snorted, before they both started giggling again.

“Nahhhhh, he won’t bone me… I wouldn’t trust him if he did!” Elunara jerked her finger in the air.

“So what you think he’s packin’?”

“A solid niner… maybe even nine and three quarters.” She cackled at her own strange joke.

Mathias smacked a hand to his face. “Dear Gods. How much did you manage to bilk your victims for?”

“Aw, do I hafta?” Gerald snorted. “I don’t wanna pay it back.”

“Those louts deserved the fleecing, I say!”

“Damned right.”

“NOW!” Mathias growled.

“A thousand gold.” Gerald giggled.

“You…” He blinked.

“One thousand, one hundred, and ninety five gold!” Elunara pointed. “I keep count.” She tapped her head.

Mathias sat back on his desk and blinked.

“Nobody scams like the whore!” Gerald declared.

Elunara snorted. “Nobody scents blood like the shark!” She giggled wildly.

“She does sing like a fallen angel though.” Gerald snorted.

“GAH! Don’t tell him that!” She shook her head. “He’ll mak–“ She fell over sideways.

“Whore?” Gerald lightly kicked her with his foot. He giggled. “Down for the count!” He jabbed his finger in the air, before following her.

Mathias buried his face in his hands.

In the morning, they both groaned and grabbed their heads. “Why are we…?” Gerald froze.

Elunara sighed. “And THAT, my dear, is why I don’t go past five fucking drinks.”

“How many DID you both have?”

She blinked up at Mathias. “I know I had like… twelve? I lost track of Gerald’s drinking when I went to fuck a target.”

“Hm.” Mathias leaned against his threaded fingers. “Gerald, you will be giving your winnings to the coffers.”

“Aw, man.” Gerald winced.

“Elunara I have a special punishment for you.”

“Ugh, please tell me I don’t have to remain celibate for any length of time.”

“No, but an impromptu concert in the mess hall would be just the thing.”

She buried her face in her hands “FUCK! I take it back, I'll be celibate for a month, I swear it.”

“However, after which, from the reports I have been given, the two of you work quite well together. I see the benefit in keeping this team together. You’re back on commission, immediately after your little concert.”

Elunara trudged down to the mess hall and eyed all of the agents sitting down to eat. She glared at Mathias, and at his nod, she threw her head back and began to sing. Even if it was a punishment, she always got into her singing, and would just deal with the embarrassment afterwards.

Mathias blinked, and the rest of the room just stared. “Is she… glowing?”

“It’s faint, but yeah. The first couple of times, I thought it was just weird lighting. Then the glitter…”

Elunara concluded her song and turned to Mathias. “Am I sufficiently punished, or should I do another song?”

“Uh, no, you’re free to go.”

She fled without dignity.

*** Chapter 3 The Cultists***

She woke up chained to a rock. Blinking at her bonds, she realized she was in a really stupid position. Rolling her eyes, she turned her head. Behind her, several cultists were discussing a book.

"I hope you're not expecting a VIRGIN sacrifice!"

They froze. "Why not?" Asked one.

"Honey, I haven't been a virgin in twenty years!"

"Stop with your lies!"

"Seriously, you moron. I'm a Night Elf, I'm in my forties. Hell, it's been longer than twenty years, and probably only a week since my last dick." She snorted. "And why the hell did you chain me like this? I'm supposed to be on my back, facing the heavens!"

"See, I TOLD you that you read the diagram wrong!" One of them hissed.

"What do YOU know of our sacred rights?"

She rolled her eyes and sighed. "Because I'm a high priestess, you dumbfuck!"

"Prove it!"

"Page twelve, paragraph three, fourth row, CLEARLY states that you must have, and I quote... "A virginal sacrifice, a being of such pure chastity, that their presence may be known throughout the land. Our Goddess of pain and desire wishes to be the only one to taint such a creature." End quote."

The three men looked down at the book, before scrambling to unlock her from the rock.

Yanking the book out of their clutches, she flipped to the appropriate page. "Goddess, you're all fucking idiots. You didn't even draw the casting circle correctly" She pulled a piece of chalk out of one of the men's hand, and began to systematically draw on the ground. She was completely naked, and all of them stared at her ass. "You must use precise, clear strokes. If you don't do it right, nothing will happen."

"Forgive us priestess."

"Well, we'll do this right." She flipped through the book. "Now, everyone must be positioned like so..." She considered. "First we must deal with our virgins. You DO realize that, by "virgin" it means male or female, right?"

"What? But, we thought..."

She snorted and snapped the book closed. "Every one of you, who remains a virgin, could be considered a sacrifice. Two things would happen, either she denies you as a servant and the summoning doesn't complete... or the summoning goes through and she rips through all of you like so much fodder."

"What should we do?" Stammered one.

"Ugh, you're all so helpless!" She tossed up her hands. "Fine, I will help you YET again. Those of you that remain virgins may fuck me until you come. That will fix you."

They looked around and muttered at each other. "All of us?" Asked one.

"If you are all virgins, then yes." She leaned back on the rock and propped her leg up. "Well, line up, get to it. If you're not sure if you qualify, give it a go anyway."

Far in the distance, a figure in a tree smacked his forehead.

"Come on, don't be shy." She slicked her fingers through her wet folds. "I have already given my body to our goddess, and now I offer it to you."

Nervously, they shifted back and forth, mumbling to each other.

"You there!" She jabbed her finger at the man. "You are the leader, and you should go first."

"Me?" He squeaked. Clearing his throat he walked over. "But, priestess, this is most unusual."

"No it's not." She snorted. "Orgies happen all the time in rights. In fact..." She flipped through the pages. "Right here." In the book, she pointed to a diagram. "See?"

The man took the book and blinked down. "Uh, well... we didn't get that far in the book..."

Smacking her palm to her forehead, she sighed. "By the Goddess! Are you ALL so completely useless?"

"I said we should have read the whole thing first." One of the others hunched his shoulders.

"Alright, hike the robes and start stroking those dicks; we have an orgy to prepare."


She yanked his robe up and wrapped her hand around his dick. "As much as you protest, honeybunch, you sure are turned on by this." Shoving him around into position, she stooped down and wrapped her mouth around the tip of his dick. With precise and controlled movement, she drove him mad with her mouth and fingers. He shook with the force of it, as she moved out of the way. As he blinked down, she grinned up at him. "That's party number one."

The man scrambled back from her, and the second stood up. "I offer my body." He breathed.

"I just thought you might." She winked. Sliding back on the rock, she propped her hands behind her, and spread her legs wide. "Enter me. In the name of our Goddess."

He stepped forward, running his hands on her legs. "In... the name..." He tugged his robes up, freeing his hardened dick from the confines. "Of the Goddess." He shoved himself into her with a groan."

"Now that's the ticket." She laid her head back and groaned. "Give it to me." She growled.

Thrusting back and forth, he pumped in and out of those tight folds and thought he'd found the heaven he'd searched after.

"GIVE TO ME!" She called. "I can handle more than this! For the GODDESS, I COMMAND YOU!"

The second man pulled himself free and fell back on his ass. Another stepped up and took his place. Soon, the rest of the cultists circled her. She reached out, and tugged up robes, taking a pair of dicks in her hands. With expert moves, she jacked the pair off, letting them explode over her prone body. When another filled her, he stepped back. Leaning over, she slipped her mouth over another cultist.

"Never would I have..." The next stepped forward. "None would have me."

"I need not your confessions; I need to purify your body with my own! Give to me!"

They continued on, in a frenzied orgy of dicks and movements. When she could not take another into her, she took them into her hands, and played with them using her mouth.

"GIVE YOURSELF TO THE GODDESS!" She called, when the last of them finished his job and moved back into the crowd, she stood and straddled the giant rock. "ACCEPT THIS OFFERING OF MY BODY AND THEIRS!"

When the crowd of men held their arms up and stared at the sky, she swiftly ran through the lot, slitting throats as she went. They all collapsed together. With a snort, she dug through their affects and was gone in an instant.

"You just can't help yourself can you?" Her contact snorted.

"A girl's got to eat." She tossed the book into his hands.

*** Chapter 4 Elunara and the King***

“What’s the mission?”

Elunara shook her head. “I’m stuck in city, babysitting.”

“Oof. What of me?”

“Go fleece somebody.” She snorted.

After the delegation left, King Wrynn rubbed his neck and sighed. He felt like he’d rather be a pit fighter than deal with these obnoxious politics. Making his way to his room, he rolled his shoulder. A loud thump had him jolting and turning around.

The Night Elf woman rose up, bloody knife in hand. “Are you injured?”

He dropped his stance and blinked. “No?”

Dismissing him, the night elf stooped back down and began to rifle through the body. He started down at her victim. She pocketed a few items before turning the body over. She tugged a notebook out of her pocket and began to sketch.

“Please explain yourself.”

“This bitch here tried to kill you. You’re welcome.” Once she was satisfied, she tucked the book back in her pocket. “I’ll deal with it.”

He continued to stand there blinking at her as she hauled the body up on to her shoulder and walked off as if she carried a pillow. Curious, he followed her through the castle and outside.

She dumped the body in front of the guards. “Assassin, deal with it.”

“Uh, sure, Elunara.”

Nodding, she turned and jolted. “Oh. Well, this is convenient.”

“Convenient?” His eyebrow shot up.

Marching past him, she flipped her hair. “I have to check your room for traps.”

“Uh, why?”

“Because it has come to the attention of the SI:7, that someone wants you dead. Possibly multiple people. I’ve been assigned to keep you alive.” Over her shoulder, she eyed him and licked her lips. “Not as painful as I expected.” She shrugged and headed on.

“I don’t think…”

She held her hand up. “You have an issue with me, you ask Mathias about it. Now if you’ll excuse me, this will only take a few minutes.” She closed the door in his face.

He blinked at the door with shock. After a moment, she stepped out. “Sweet dreams, hot stuff.”

Somehow, she disappeared in front of his face.

The next day, she appeared in the main area. “Sleep well?”

Eying her he sighed. “Fine, thank you.”

“Cool.” She leapt and grabbed the rafter, pulling herself up.

He stared up at her. “That’s… an interesting place to be.”

“I’ll stay out of your way, do my job, and have a nice little view. She scooted back and got comfortable. Pulling out her sketchbook, she began to work.

After another round of meetings and paperwork, Varian sighed and rubbed his neck.

“You know, I’m amazing at back massages.”

Varian looked up.

“If you want one of course.”

“I’m fine, thank you.”

“Your choice.”

When he started to walk out, she dropped down and followed behind him. “Why are you following me?”

“Because I have to.” She tucked her book away.


“You really carry too much tension in your neck. If you’re not having headaches, I’d be amazed.”

“Are you a healer now?”

“I just know bodies.” She shrugged.

“What is your name?”

“Name’s Elunara, code name “The Whore”. Nice to meet you.”

He stopped and stared at her. “The Whore?”

“Before you ask, I chose it.”


“Cause I’m honest.”

He blinked at her. “Alright.” Shaking his head, he continued on his path. They stopped at the door of Mathias’ office.

“Well, that’s the safest place you can be, I’ll wait out here.” She leaned against the wall.

Varian stepped into Mathias’ office and frowned.

“Ah, I suspect you’ve met your tail.”

“What is going on?”

“It’s come to my attention that your life is in danger. I’ve assigned my best agent to keep you safe until we can locate the mastermind.”

“Which is a woman called “the whore”?” He jerked a thumb over his shoulder.

“I assure you, Elunara is our best. She’s difficult to manage and impossible to control, but she does exemplary work. I would trust no other.”

“I see…”

“I have to admit, she can be a bit off putting, but she has a strict code of honor, regardless of how skewed it is. If she presses you for sex, and you tell her no, that’s all she requires. She won’t ask again.”

“You’re… familiar with this practice?”

“She has never actually propositioned me. However, many of our agents can attest to this mentality. To be perfectly honest, no one really knows anything about her from before she came to Stormwind. However, she has pledged herself to the Alliance and has done excellent work for us for the past fifteen years. I trust her judgment and her opinions are never off.” Mathias stood up and sighed. “I should tell you that, while her attention span can be somewhat lacking, I’ve gotten used to her “requirements”. She’s the best person for the job, because I gave her a fairly attractive male to keep alive.”

Varian blinked. “Do what?”

“Elunara is addicted to sex. It actually does something to her brain if she goes any length of time without it. As a result, one of the easiest ways to keep her in check; is to assign her out in some way that can satisfy that need. I am by no means telling you to have sex with her, but do not be surprised to find your guards in compromising positions.” Mathias sighed. “Interestingly enough, men who have had sex with her tend to become obsessed. As far as I am aware, she does her best to discourage this behavior, but it has led to some very awkward positions. And I don’t mean sexually. I’d advise you to keep your hands off of her.”

When he finally walked out of Mathias’ office, she fell in step behind him. “I assume he gave you “the lecture”.” She wiggled her fingers.

“The lecture?”

“The ol’ “Don’t fuck Elunara because she’ll turn you into a simpering heap of worshipful stupid” speech.”

Varian eyed her. “He MAY have mentioned it.”

“He’s not wrong.” She snorted.


She winced. “Shit.”

A man ran up and grabbed her hands. “Oh, it’s so GOOD to see you again!”

“Yeah, uh…” She snapped her fingers.


“Yeah, good ol’ Joey. It’s been like… five years?”

“Too long.” He breathed.

“Yeah… didn’t you get married?”

“She’ll be gone in an instant, if only you’ll give me the words.”

She flicked her wrist and cut him across the face with her dagger. “Listen here, Joey my dear… You’re going to go home, apologize to you wife for being a total fucking cunt, and then you’re going to buy her something shiny. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?”

He held his face and gawked at her.


Still holding his bleeding face, the man turned and ran.

“That… was interesting.”

She dismissed her dagger. “Men are goddamned idiots.” Glancing at him, she snorted. “Please, when your brain is in your pants, I’m fairly certain you’ll turn into a fool as well.” She started to walk off, but halted. “Shit, I have a job.” Crossing her arms, she seethed.

He chuckled and continued walking. “I take it this sort of thing happens a lot?”

“Part if the reason I like jobs where I can kill them after I’m done with them.”


Once they were back in the main keep, she jumped back into the rafters and pulled out her sketchbook.

A little while later, he sighed and rubbed his neck.

“You really should do something about that.” She slid off the rafter. “I’ll gladly help you.”

He eyed her with suspicion. “I bet you will.”

She rolled her eyes. “I can give you a simple neck rub and maintain your dignity. Just sit and let me work.”

“Fine.” He sat down.

She ran her hands over his neck and shoulders, before slipping then under the edge of the armor. Soon, he was groaning under her attentions. “Good lord, you’re a mess. Have you ever had this done?” She worked him out.

“You’re excellent at that.”

“If you’d give me a chance, I’d attack your back. I bet you got some nasty knots in the rest of you.”

“Stick to the neck, thank you.”

“Sure, sure.” Releasing him, she held up her hands. “How’s that doing ya?”

Shifting and rolling his shoulders, he grinned. “That’s impressive.”

“Cool.” She jumped back up into the rafters and tugged out her sketchbook.

He eyed her for a moment, before going back to his work.

After the last delegate left for the day, he shifted his papers around with a frown. Curiosity tugged at him and he looked up. Following her hand, he blinked. “Are you… masturbating?”

“Cut me a break, I haven’t had a dick in like six hours.”

Blinking, he calculated. “While I was meeting with Mathias?”

“Yes.” She tugged her hand out of her pants. After you go to bed, I’ll attack me a guard. I’ve been eyeing a couple of candidates.” She licked her lips.

“I…” He just stared. “I have no idea how to take that.”

“Not your job.” She shrugged. Sliding off the rafter, she landed at his feet. “Unless you’re volunteering.” She eyed him.

“I am not.”

She shrugged. “Suit yourself. I’ll do the night checks, and then you can go on to bed. Think about that back rub.” She winked. “I’ll turn you to mush and it’ll be fabulous.”

He found himself lying in bed, just thinking about her. She spent her nights finding all of the little and interesting secrets about the castle. Finding several hidden passages, she began to mark them out in her sketchbook. Once she was satisfied, she snuck back into his room and sat in the window, just watching. Gods, he was beautiful. She’d give anything to slip her mouth over that dick.

The following day she sat in her usual spot while he worked. She was glad to notice his movements weren’t as stiff or pained as they had been. It was fairly late when he was finally alone, just piddling with paperwork.

She dropped down. “Want to go get a beer?”


“A beer? There’s a bar nearby. You can toss on a cloak, nobody will bother you and we’ll make a thing of it.”

“Hm… why?”

“Because I want a drink, and I have to babysit you.” She snorted. “Come on, it’ll be fun.”


He followed her out in a hooded cloak and wondered why in hell he felt compelled to do this.

She shoved the bar door open. “The WHORE is IN!” She cried, as she sauntered in. The patrons cheered at her. Wiggling her butt, she made her way to the bar. “Sonny! Two beers. My silent buddy here wants a drink.

“Anything for you, Lu.” He passed em over.

“Thank ye, kindly.” She kissed him on the cheek. Whistling, she sat down next to Varian and passed him the mug.

“Come on, Lu! Sing!” The barkeep called.

“Aw, no. Not tonight.” She laughed and shook her head. “I just wanted a drink for my parched throat.”

“Sing! Sing! Sing!” The bar began to chant.

“Oh, fine!” She turned red and brushed her hair back. “Any requests?”

They began to yell suggestions at her, and finally she giggled, hopped up and sat on the bar. Immediately, she threw her head back and began to sing a saucy tune. All around her seemed to be entranced by her song. Varian marveled at the strange glow. Soon she had sung four different songs, before flopping back down next to him.

“Do that often?” He murmured.

She shrugged. “Meh.” She chugged the beer. “Now I really am thirsty.”

A man flopped down in the chair opposite them. “I’m fucking sick of you.” He growled.

“Oh, Sam.” She sighed. “It couldn’t be helped.”

“I don’t want to hear your fucking lies, you worthless shit!”

“Sam! Stop harassing Elunara!”

“It’s fine, Sonny. He has every right to be angry with me.”

Sam reached out and yanked Elunara’s shirt. “Meet me outside!” He growled, before turning and leaving.”

“Just stay in here.” She whispered to Varian. “I’ll be right back.” She followed after Sam.

Varian waited until she was out of earshot, before following behind her. He followed the pair behind the building, and leaned against the wall.

“Alright, Sam. What have you got this time?”

“SHUT UP!” He growled. Grabbing the front of her shirt, he shook her. “You stupid bitch, you took my wife from me and all you had to say was “SORRY”?”

“Sam, there were other issues. It wasn’t–“

He cracked her across the face.

Varian started to step forward, but Elunara merely sighed. “Please, Sam. Take your anger out on me. It was I, and I alone who shoved a blade in her chest.”

“YOU LEFT ME ALL ALONE!” He shook her again. “Both of them.” He knelt down and wept. “NOW YOU”VE TAKEN BOTH OF THEM!”

“Both…?” Elunara grabbed Sam’s arms. “What happened to Kallie?”

“She won’t speak to me!” He wept. “She… She…” He punched Elunara in the face. “THIS IS YOUR FAULT!”

Elunara continued to stand there as Sam punched her over and over again. When he went near exhausted with it, he crumpled to his knees.

“Oh, Sam…” She sighed.

“YOUR FAULT!” He pulled a knife and went after Elunara. She dodged him repeatedly. “THE TWILIGHT WILL FINISH THE JOB FOR ME!” He cried as he plunged the dagger into his own chest.

“Sam, NO!” She knelt down and rolled the man over. “Oh, Sam.” She sighed and began to search through his clothes. Locating the object she suspected, she sighed. “Just had to follow her, didn’t you?”

“Follow her?” Varian stepped out of the shadows.

“Like I expected a king to follow instructions.” She snorted. “Sam here was married to a lady named Veronica. Veronica was a twilight cultist. I had been tracking her movements for months, trying to find the opening in her story. Then one day, she decided to sacrifice her own daughter. I was… late, but Kallie was stronger than her mother expected. Kallie killed her own mother in order to survive. I took the blame so that no one knew.”

“That’s amazing.”

“Meh. Well, I’ve already busted protocol to hell, want to help me bust it some more?”


“I have to search Sam’s house. That last little bit about the twilight means that he’s a cultist now too.” She sighed.

“Then let’s go.”

Leading the way, she made it down to the little one room apartment Sam had restricted himself to. Varian watched with interest as she meticulously took the place apart and managed to make it look untouched when she finished. Her mission complete, she jerked her head. They made their way to SI:7 headquarters. She led the way to a records room and she began to systematically go through them. Pulling the desired file, she flipped it open and compared notes.

“Fuck.” She hissed.


“It’s the Twilight Hammer who has a hit on your head.” She shoved him the file. “Translation notes.”

“I trust your judgment at this point.”

Nodding, she tucked the file away.

“Excuse me!”

Elunara spun around. “Shit.”

“Yes. “Shit.” Why do you have a stranger in our records room?” Mathias crossed his arms.

Varian tugged the hood back. “No stranger than you.”

Mathias’ eyebrows shot up. “Elunara… the amount of trouble you are in, may ACTUALLY be a record for you.”

She raked her fingers through her hair. “Yeah, I get that, but I got my first new lead of our assassin.” She handed over the papers and objects she had found.

“Well, damn.” Mathias flipped through. “That being said, you’re going BACK on probation, instead of outright suspension.”

“Am I ever off?” She snorted. “Sir.” She hastily added.

“While this is being dealt with, you are off assignment, pending–“

“Actually…” Varian interrupted. “I rather prefer her to stay right where she is.”

Elunara blinked.

Mathias smacked his forehead. “Elunara, can you keep your hands off of ANYONE?”

“But… I didn’t!”

“She actually didn’t.” Varian shook his head. “I’ve found her company rather enjoyable. This is the first interesting thing I’ve had happen to me in months.” He chuckled. “I see why you find her so valuable. So, please, let’s not be hasty.”

“Hey, he’s the king and all… sir.” Elunara jerked her thumb.

Mathias just sighed. “Fine.”

Elunara ran her fingers through her hair. “Thanks for saving my ass.”

“Well, he did tell me you were a pain in the ass.”

“I’m sure he put it more eloquently than that.”

“He did.” Varian nodded.

“You know, I could still give you that back rub.”

He grinned. “Well, I think I’ll take you up on that.”

“Sweet.” Winking, she licked her lips. “Get down to your pants and lay on your belly. If you want a real go at it, you can always get completely naked.” She shrugged.

She waited outside of his door until he called her in. Slipping into the door, she grinned at his naked body. “Well, then.” Climbing on his back, she ran her hands on his back. “Be prepared to pass out.” She worked on him for a couple of hours, digging her way through knots as he groaned.

“You’re obscenely good at that.”

"I’ve been studying male anatomy for over twenty years. My entire existence revolves around men and what I can do to their bodies. I’ve studied muscle structure, and how to work with it. I’m a pleasure creature.” She sat up on her knees. “There ya go. You should sleep a lot easier now.”

He turned over under her. “Not quite.” Licking her lips, she looked down at his erection. “Ooo, it’s as pretty as I thought.”


She shifted and slid down his body. “Oh, yes.” She ran her tongue up the length of him. He groaned and buried his fingers in her hair. “Tasty too.” Working her way around, she licked him. Soon she slipped her lips over the tip. Up and down she went, taking in the full of him with sucking movements.

“Gods!” Shuddering, he let go in her mouth.

Discretely, she emptied her mouth off the side, before returning to lick him.

Chuckling, he threaded his fingers in her hair. “How about you come up here?”

She crawled up the length of his body, stopping to drag her tongue across his chest. “Mm, you’re delicious all over.”

He shoved her over. “My turn to see if the same is true of you.” She giggled as he slowly tugged her shirt up, sliding his mouth up her belly. Tugging the shirt up, he freed her breasts, before kissing his way around them. He kissed a nipple before sucking gently on it. Pleased at her writhing, he continued to torment her nipples with his tongue and mouth. He wrapped the shirt around her wrists and moved his hands down her body.

Gently, he tugged the pants down, slowly exposing those soft hairs. He kissed his way down, skipping over her center in favor of her hips. In the crease of her leg, he licked, and teased, before making his way down her leg. He shoved it up, spreading her legs out, as he ran his mouth across to the ankle. She shivered and arched her back, gasping, she began to shake.

Chuckling, he kissed her foot. “Someone already finished.”

“Oh, Gods, don’t stop.” She whimpered.

“I had no intention.” He went forward and licked her flat, causing her to jolt. Slipping his fingers in, he spread her out, licking the inside of those soft folds. She writhed and wiggled under his attentions, her hands still trapped in the shirt. Chuckling, he shifted upwards and buried himself in those slick folds. Rocking his hips, he took possession of her mouth, his hands roaming her body, as she arched and shook against him.

Afterwards, she lay beside him and scribbled in her sketchbook.

“Ok, I have to ask, what the deal with the book?” He ran his hand over her back.

“My secondary, less known compulsion is the desire to draw and write.” Grinning at him, she kissed his nose. “Even if it IS in code, no you can’t see.”

“You’re rather affectionate.”

“Do not confuse it with true affection and especially not love. I’m not really capable of either emotion.”

“Hm.” He traced her hip with his fingers. “Do you know why I decided to have sex with you?”

“Not really.”

“Because you’d rather take punishment from an irate husband, than let a child come to harm.”

She jerked a shoulder. “The kid was just trying to live. There was no sense in letting her be further traumatized.”

“Mathias told me that you think your emotions are broken. I think they’re just buried somewhere.”

“You’re not the first to have that theory.” She sighed and closed her book. “I’ve been spending time with people, trying to understand how they “feel”. The end result is I actually try very hard to protect people’s feelings. I’m not very good at it, because I’m selfish to the core. Even before…” She shook herself and turned on her side. “Listen, you should know that I was banished from Darnassus.”

“Banished?” He blinked. “What in the WORLD could upset Tyrande so much that she’d banish someone?”

“I’m not going to tell you.” She shook her head. “But the truth of the matter is that the main reason I was banished, was because I wasn’t sorry for what I did. I still feel that I did nothing wrong. I didn’t understand the emotions that would require me to feel like I should be blamed.”

“That’s… unfortunate.”

“Never mention my name to her. EVER. Not unless you want an international incident that results in a war.” Elunara snorted.

“I’m a little freaked out now.”

She shrugged. “Just don’t.” Running her hand over his chest she smiled. “Besides, I have pledged myself for the good of the Alliance, no matter what that means. I am no threat to that. Which is why I warn you against mentioning me or… whatever this is.”

“What IS this?” He whispered.

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