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My Dirty Janitor

Book 2: He's Got Tissues

By Toni Mozzie

This book contains descriptions of explicit sex. All characters in this book are 18+

My Dirty Janitor Book 2: He’s got Tissues (An Oral Sex Adventure)

Copyright: 2017 Toni Mozzie

All rights reserved.

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

For mature audiences only 18+

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Chapter One

Tae had one day left to finish her research project. Her professor had told her that if she didn’t perform well on this paper, he’d be forced to give her a failing grade, so Tae was determined to do well. She could not return home to her family in Korea a failure. Sure, they would still love her, but that blind love might be lost forever. Her parents loved her so much that they quite literally believed she was capable of anything. It was an illusion of course, but one she was still not ready to shatter.

She’d been working on the paper for a week and had last night been obsessing over it so much that she couldn’t sleep, turning and tossing, turning on the light every five minutes to make a note on planning strategies or crisis control, until she just got up and worked until morning. She estimated she’d had seven hours of sleep in the last three days, her brain hopped up on coffee and energy drinks; she’d swallowed at least a gallon so far. She felt like all she was doing was studying and peeing.

The course material wasn’t difficult, but the fact that English wasn’t her native language frustrated her. Her parents had made huge sacrifices, sending her to the best schools in order to get her into a prestigious American university. So far, the only knowledge Tae noticed she was gaining in school was in English.

It didn’t help that she was in culture shock, either. Sure, guys wanted to help her out. What guy doesn’t want to help out a cute Asian who liked her ponytails and straight bangs? But American girls looked down on her like some slutty schoolgirl fetish, staring at her with derision like they were looking for a price tag on an item they were not interested in.

She knew no one who liked Manga or even knew what Kimchi was. The easy thing would be to hook up with other Koreans studying at the university or with the Korean community as a whole, but she resisted. Whenever, some of her Korean friends called to invite her out, she declined whenever possible. Not all the time or they might just forget about her. She just didn’t want to waste the opportunity to experience America. She wanted to try all the foods, watch all the TV shows and listen to all the music and even try an American boyfriend. The thought of having sex in English excited her. Besides, if she was sitting around talking Korean all day, how would she ever have opportunities to practice her English or taste America?

So most evenings she stayed in and watched American TV shows, resisting her Korean soaps. She took long baths. She went online and chatted with friends around the world, visiting dating sites and when she was really down, she’d find her way to a Japanese porn site and view censored videos, adding frustration to her already long list of woes.

It didn’t help that she hadn’t been fucked in months; in fact, she hadn’t had sex in America at all. She needed to be manhandled. She needed that feeling of being overwhelmed, of surrendering her body over to a man who knew exactly what he wanted from her, knew exactly how to get it out of her, and wasn’t afraid to take it.

She feared her shyness was turning American men off. She would try to be less shy.

It was Sunday, but she went to the library to check a few more sources. Fortunately, few students were at the library to take advantage of the quiet. The more people, the more distractions: people yapping away on their cell phones, munching on chips or worse—peanuts.

She’d been in her seat just five minutes when she had to pee. She was on her second cup of coffee. This constant interruption was becoming an annoying habit. She held out for as long as possible, because every time she went to the restroom, she had to pack up her laptop and take it with her, or it might get stolen.

She pressed on, plowing through the pages of On Time Management, her leg bobbing inconspicuously up and down. When the pain in her side was too much to handle and concentrate at the same time, she closed her computer, slipped it into her bag and rushed to the restroom.

It was out of service. A sign was posted on the door saying that it was being cleaned. A cart full of cleaning supplies was in the doorway, blocking the door open.

Tae had waited so long that she didn’t think she could make it to the nearest restrooms which were on the ground floor near the entrance.

Fuck it, she thought. She liked to swear in English. She liked the sounds. She pushed past the cart.

If they make a big deal, I’ll pretend I don’t understand English.

Chapter Two

The janitor was in one of the stalls, his back turned to the door. She was surprised the janitor was a guy. She was having second thoughts, when her bladder shrieked in pain.

Tae slipped noiselessly past him and into the end stall. She cautiously put her bag on the hook on the inside of the door.

The stall was sparkling clean and smelled faintly of bleach and lavender. She was satisfied he wouldn’t return to her stall as long as she was quiet, so she didn’t close the stall door, in case it’d make a noise. She lifted up her dark green miniskirt and pulled down her white lace panties to her knees and sat down. The pee gushed out. The relief was soothing, but the piss hitting the water in the toilet bowl made noise.

Is someone in here?” she heard the janitor say, instinctively reaching to close the stall door, but the janitor’s head popped around the door before she could close it. In the split second he saw her, his eyes jerked to her crotch and the black bristle little hairs that delicately flowered her pussy. Her knees instinctively closed together.

She would have looked to the floor in shame except he was handsome and young, probably a student doing this work to put himself through university. She’d seen him a few times, and they’d exchanged shy passing smiles. He had cropped red hair, pale skin, and a few freckles. He was thin yet muscular and his arms were covered in tribal tattoos.

Sorry,” he said, moving out of view, to give her some privacy. “I was servicing this restroom, you know, cleaning up.”

Sorry, but I had no choice,” Tae said.


“Okay?” she asked.

“I just cleaned that stall.”

Sorry. I haven’t made a mess. I’m careful.” When she was finished, she reached for some toilet paper, but there was none. “Um, are there any toilet tissues?”

The man reappeared, and Tae instinctively brought her knees back together again, her panties had by now fallen to her ankles. He was holding a fresh roll. He unraveled several sheets and pulled them from the roll and took a step into the stall.

Is that enough?” he asked, staring into her eyes. His grin disarmed her. There was no need to make a big deal out of this, his eyes seemed to say. They were both adults, and co-ed washrooms were becoming a thing anyway. So his eyes seemed to tell her, that it was ridiculous for them not to trust each other. Besides, this is university. There needs to be at least one sordid story to tell.

Thank you,” she said, reaching up for it, still sitting on the toilet seat. He handed her the paper but didn’t move away. She said nothing; her eyes darted to the floor, and she rested her hands on her knees.

You look tired,” he said, leaning against the stall, folding his arms. His eyes never left her.

Tae sighed like she would in a melancholic anime. She was tired. “I’ve been up all night working on a paper. I’m running on coffee.”

Maybe I can help?”

Tae looked up at him and smiled, not understanding what he meant.

The man turned and left the stall. She heard him rustling with something on his cart. He returned with a bag of rubber gloves, popped it open, put them on, and stepped into the stall. “Let’s try this tissue,” he said. “I sometimes put quality paper in the girls’ restroom. This stuff comes from Hawaii, and I’ve heard ladies say it’s like a warm wave washing over their clits, like feathers in a vacuum.”

As what was happening dawned on her, Tae was too shocked to respond. She watched him as if she were watching a fascinating movie in eager anticipation of what would come next.

The janitor knelt down and gently touching her knees, parted her silky smooth legs. Tae stared with begging eyes. Resisting a little to tease him turned her on. It showed him she would maintain some control. But part of her wanted to resist because if she gave herself too easily, she feared he might think she was dirty and might make him run. Not that he was one to talk. Everything about this encounter was dirty and to think otherwise was delusional. The fact that he was a janitor added a salacious irony.

But nothing about this moment felt inappropriate—since when was feeling good, feeling desired inappropriate? She wasn’t in any danger. Quite the opposite: she felt desired, and her clit swelled. She hadn’t realized how horny she was until that moment. Her body took over. She slide down the seat a little and arched her back as she felt the soft tissue caress her pussy lips.

You pussy lips are like the wings of a butterfly. Just how I like.”

The janitor took his time moving the soft tissue paper lightly over her clit, teasing and tickling, sending waves of pleasure through her body.

There,” he whispered, dabbing the delicate tissue on the opening into her pussy. She felt it pass over her urethra. “Clean enough to eat.”

But she had to pee again. “Do you mind waiting a minute?”

What do you mean?” he asked, rubbing her labia with his fingers.

I have to pee again.”

“Oh, go ahead then,” he said, leaning back.

She had never peed in front of anyone, but the idea made her tingle, and her bladder wasn’t giving her a choice. She peed, not as much as the first time, while the janitor unraveled more tissue paper.

When she was finished, she reached for some tissue paper, but he reached out his hand and stopped her. “This is my job, and I say I did a good enough job the first time.”

Oh.” She thought he was going to leave now, but he leaned in and began rubbing her labia again.

“I don’t think I need more tissues at this moment.”

Okay,” Tae moaned in Korean, quickly succumbing to a pleasure so intoxicating that she couldn’t think straight. Of course, he didn’t clean her properly, not the way she liked, but he got full marks for trying.

I’ll take a taste test,” he murmured, and without waiting for her to respond, he leaned forward, his nose nudging her little pussy lips. “Mm, the scent of blissful sleep,” he whispered.

She wasn’t sure what he meant, whether he was referring to a sleazy idiom or was quoting a dead poet, but she loved the sound of his voice, and wanted to hear more of it, just not at the expense of her pussy.

His nose slowly caressed the moist opening between her sticky pussy lips, going up and down, teasing her clit, which throbbed with each tender flick of his slick soft tongue. The moment she wanted it, she felt the supple moistness of his tongue gently gliding over her pussy lips and probing between them in search of the opening to her wet, clammy pussy.

She opened her eyes and looked down at him. She wanted to touch him but was afraid that if she did, he would disappear. She closed her eyes and let the pleasure lock her into its world. The restroom, the library, the university was all swept away by the bliss of his sinuous and moist tongue.

The janitor kissed her pussy lips like it were her mouth, his lips closing in on them before gathering them into his mouth, pulling gently on them before letting them slide through his slippery lips. He tilted his head a little to do it again from another angle when a voice tore into their intimate moment.

Excuse me, how much longer are you going to be?” a woman said gruffly from just outside the entrance to the restroom.

Chapter Three

The janitor turned his head toward the door and yelled, “I have a clogged toilet. There’s shit everywhere. I have it in my fucking socks. I think I got it under control now though, just need a few more minutes, sorry Miss, you’d better go downstairs.”

Without another word he turned his head back to Tae’s pussy before she had a chance to come to her senses. The woman waiting outside muttered something like, “Again?” and said nothing more, and Tae assumed the lady had taken the advice and left.

But at that moment only one thought crossed her mind: How much more time did they have?

Enough, she hoped.

Wearing the tight rubber gloves, his hands caressed the inside of her thighs, before lifting her legs up and forcing her to bend her knees so her pussy was angled upwards. Tae took hold of the toilet seat with both hands, then he slid his hands up the insides of her thighs, and using his thumbs, forced her pussy open and fully expose her clit. His strength was intoxicating, and she felt like she was being cradled in his power. His mouth hovered, hesitating; Tae could feel his heat.

She felt his tongue lightly lick the hood of her clit before feeling a slight tingle of pain as he bit her above her clitoris. She looked down at him, and he grinned back.

She wasn’t prepared when suddenly he snatched her clit into his mouth and sucked on it, his thumbs slowly massaging her labia.

As he sucked, his tongue lolled over her clit. Tae let out a slight gasp and squirmed in delight. He slowly released her, and waves of pleasure flowed over her as she felt her clit being squeezed through his lips.

Then he flexed his tongue, so it protruded out of his mouth pressing hard against the hood of her clit before he flickered his tongue rapidly over it. Just when she thought she could take no more, he stopped and took her whole clit into his mouth sucking it hard inwards before letting go again. His mouth was producing so much saliva, that it was running down her pussy and into her ass, adding to her pleasure, especially when his tongue lapped deeply inside her to drink it all up.

He ran his tongue the length of her pussy.

Tae moaned. Now she couldn’t resist and without knowing exactly when, she found her left hand in his hair, eagerly urging his tongue deeper into her. She knew he knew she wanted penetration. His tongue wedged gently between her pussy lips teased them, but without any meaningful penetration, which she now craved. It drove her wild. If he stopped now or if they were interrupted, she would most likely lose control and scratch him.

She was relieved when his lips latched onto her clit once more and cradling it with his tongue, he began to suck it into his mouth, his tongue flicking over it, then sucking it, the tug electrified her.

Tae’s neck tensed, and then her head fell backward, her breathing was heavy as the tongue owned the clit. She could feel the force of his hunger, his eagerness for her, as he sucked and swallowed her juices.

Her pelvis began moving to the rhythm his tongue had set sucking her clit inward and outward until she felt a slight urge to pee again. More energy drinks had made their way through her. She fought with all her might to block it out. She didn’t want him to stop. But she feared a drop may have trickled out.

He moaned and slurped, his tongue frantically twirling around her clit and pussy lips, his nose buried in the delicate threads of her jet black pubic hair that had a feathery quality to it, but already wet with salvia.

His head pressed forward, both his thumbs were still pulling the hood of her clit back, massaging her trembling mound, before releasing her and stroking and squeezing her inner thighs, as if he feared she was going to squirm away. She also had that fear and her thighs were gripping his head. Later she wondered how he hadn’t smothered to death!

Without warning, his tongue plunged into her pussy, curling upwards slightly to cup her juices as he licked underneath Tae’s clit.

Her body reacted instantly, her back arched and both her hands gripped his hair, in a desperate attempt to have him as deeply inside her as possible. She started pleading, “More, more, more,” in Korean. It was never enough, which drove her crazier, as if this was all that mattered in the world, that his tongue found its target deep inside her, that place where: “Oh, my God, that was good” exists, waiting to get out.

She could feel the hot breath from his nose on her, before his tongue swept up the length of her pussy, finding her clit and engulfing it, sucking it into his mouth. Each time his tongue plunged into her before finding her clit sent multiple ripples of ecstasy washing over her. All sense of herself was melting into rapture.

The janitor knew what was happening and where she was about to be. It made no difference what language she was speaking, so at that moment he slipped a finger into her as he sucked her pulsating clit that was burning her up from the outside in.

The moment before, her eyes fluttered in her head, and she stopped breathing for a second before the crushing waves of blissful release washed over her hard and fast like waves crashing onto a stormy beach.

She came so hard that her bladder dropped on her list of priorities, and she couldn’t be sure if any pee had trickled out of her while the janitor slurped and sucked.

Mmm,” he moaned, his soft plump tongue caressing her pussy. “God, you taste like sweet spices, sweetie,” he muttered, as his index and ring finger formed a ‘V’ and rubbed Tae’s outer lips together, gently pinching her inner lips. He gently kissed her pussy lips like he would her mouth as her body still pulsated, then he softly blew on her pussy as if to lull it to sleep, while stroking her damp pubic hair.

Chapter Four

When Tae returned to earth, she heard voices arguing outside the restroom.

She looked questioningly at the janitor, and he grinned back at her.

“Are we in trouble?” she asked.

Don’t be silly,” he said, getting up from his knees and leaving the stall. Tae remained sitting on the toilet, her legs still slightly apart, unsure if she should wait until he left before she did. She suddenly remembered that her books were still out on her table and hoped the librarian hadn’t collected them. She had no idea how long she’d been in the restroom.

The janitor returned with more of the soft tissue paper. He knelt down and gently wiped her pussy, being more thorough than the first time.

There, sweetie, all clean,” he said, staring lovingly and longingly at her now tender pussy. She could tell he wanted more. He played with her black pubic threads, stroking them as if he were a hairdresser sculpting a hairstyle after a cut.

Excuse me, is there a problem here?” a stern female voice said.

Tae flinched, fearing they’d been caught. The worst that would happen to her would be that her parents would find out, but this young man might lose his job and maybe the opportunity to put himself through university. Tae waited. Could the janitor make this a perfect happy ending instead of a happy ending with a nasty epilogue?

The janitor sighed and reluctantly got up, closing Tae’s stall behind him. She got up and reached over and locked the stall door.

The toilet was clogged,” she heard him say, “but everything’s ready now. Sorry for the inconvenience, ladies.”

Tae heard someone mumbling, then the creak and banging of the door as the cleaning cart squeaked away. A moment later, she heard the footsteps of a woman go into the adjacent stall.

Tae sat on the toilet seat frozen, holding her breath, willing herself to remain deathly silent.

Thankfully, the woman did not take long. As soon as it was quiet, Tae stood up, pulled her panties up and fixed her miniskirt. She gently took her bag off the hook before opening the stall door. She didn’t want to get in trouble, or have anyone get suspicious about what had just happened, but more importantly she didn’t want to get the janitor in trouble, especially not after doing such a thorough job.

She didn’t bother to wash her hands. She fled straight to the exit and escaped the restroom. No one was around, which was a relief, though she was expecting the janitor to be hanging around. She wanted to give him her number.

She went back into the restroom and washed up. Another lady followed her in.

Jesus, I had to wait forever to take a pee,” she said. “Someone should complain about that janitor. He takes so long. God knows what he was doing in here. He could have been jerking off. Can you imagine? That’s a thing with male janitors and ladies’ restrooms.”

Tae nodded politely, and then forced herself to speak. Her voice was crackly; she was still not entirely herself. “I was here earlier, and one of the toilets didn’t work. It was horrible, like a Dokkaebi, a very scary monster. I think the janitor fixed it, and it smells very nice in here and reminds me of Korea.”

“A clean restroom that smells like bleach reminds you of Korea?”

“There is bleach in Korea.”

Yeah, well, whatever. I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on the guy. I mean, who would want his job?”

Tae smiled and nodded.

“Or are you being so easy on him because he’s cute?”

She giggled shyly.

Back at her table, she was relieved the books she’d requested from the stacks were still there. She fired her computer back up and looked over her paper. She strained her eyes for errors but couldn’t see any. Was she that tired? Then it occurred to her: There weren’t any errors, and that it was ready to hand in.

Her confidence surged. She had a paper good enough to get the mark she needed. She’d just needed to apply herself. She realized that somewhere along the way while obsessing over it, she’d lost track of what good enough really was.

She packed up her things, left the library and headed over to the printer’s to print the paper out. Her body still tingled like it was foreign to her, like it belonged in some dream.

Later, she wondered often about this experience, and it occurred to her that it was partly the where and the who that had made it so exciting.

Her apartment, which she shared with a girl from China, was a short walk away. The relief from the release was making her tremble with the excitement. Might it happen again? But the moment she was home, her mood changed.

A tiredness smothered her. Suddenly it was all she could do to keep her eyes open long enough to set her alarm for tomorrow morning and undress, before collapsing into bed and disappearing into the sweet emptiness of slumber.

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