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Boss Erotica Starter Pack

9 Stories

by Belle Hart

Author's note: All sexually active characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright 2016 by Belle Hart

All rights reserved.


Table of Contents

Seducing My Boss 1

The Boss’s Secret 1

Anything for My Boss 1

The Boss’s Plaything 1

Tempted by My Boss 1

Club Boss Seduction 1

Cream for My Boss 1

My Boss’s Touch 1

Making Movies with My Boss 1

Other stories by Belle Hart

Seducing My Boss 1 (back to top)

I watch my boss, Rick, tie the boat to the dock. He has on shorts and a white T-shirt. He’s tan and goodlooking, 40-something. He has short dark hair, almost a crew cut. His muscles are glistening in the sunlight.

I’m bored. I'm an intern working with Rick, a lawyer, on my break from college for the summer. We are at his lake house. We spend our days going through case files looking for precedents for a case he is working on. His wife is on a two-week business trip. So, it’s just me and Rick here now, taking a break from the drudgery.

A stack of unread books sits up in my bedroom, waiting to be read, but I can’t do it. I just spent hours reading files. Tired of reading. Yesterday was my 20th birthday. I still feel like celebrating. I said goodbye to my boyfriend for the summer. We’ll text and email and call, but it’s not the same. David is the one who took my virginity. I know I’m going to miss sex. We’ve been fucking like rabbits all semester.

Looking at my boss now, I realize I don’t have to go without sex this summer. It’s just a matter of making him see that too. I know I’m good-looking. I have long dark hair and pretty pale blue eyes. I am thin, longish legs, and my tits grew a lot more this year. Now they’re huge. I know Rick’s noticed that. He pretends he hasn’t, of course. So polite. We've been working together for two years. I guess he feels weird thinking of me that way. I’ve never thought of him that way before either, but since I started having sex, I’m noticing men more and more.

Rick’s very serious. Even in casual clothing, he looks like he’s all business. How can I loosen him up? Maybe a bit of alcohol?

I know where to start, though. I get up from the deck chair I’ve been sitting in and bounce upstairs. I dig around in my luggage until I find what I’m looking for. My leopard print string bikini. It’s a start. I put it on and check myself out in the mirror. That ought to do it.

I wander back downstairs and grab the suntan lotion on my way out the door. I sit back down on the deck chair and start slowly putting the lotion all over my body. Rick is sitting on the deck too now, having put everything away on the boat. He stares at me, but pretends not to.

I cover every inch of my body with lotion, but of course I can’t reach my back.

“Rick,” I say, “could you do my back?”

I can feel him tense up. He clears his throat. “Sure,” he says quietly. He gets up, comes over and crouches behind me. He puts lotion in his hands and spreads it on my back.

“Oo, that feels good,” I say. And I mean it. Having him touch me is awesome. He has strong rough man’s hands. He tenses up again, though. Then he steps away from me when he’s finished.

“I guess I’ll go inside,” he says.

So much for this plan. I turn and give him my best flirtatious eyes. “Can I have a beer?”

“Olivia,” he says, cautious.

“Please. No one is here, and it’s not like I’m driving anywhere. In a year I'll be 21. You can keep an eye on me. Okay?” I give him my pouty face.

He groans. “I guess you're old enough.”

“That's the spirit,” I say with a smile.

He leans against the door frame, thinking. “All right,” he says. “Just one. We do have work to do.” He goes inside to grab the beer. When he returns, he has two. One for himself. He pops one open and hands it to me, then opens the other.

“Cheers,” he says, knocking my beer lightly with his.

“Cheers,” I say.

He sits down again and I do my best to stretch and flaunt my body subtly while he drinks his beer and pretends to stare out at the lake. Finally he sets his empty beer can down.

“I’m going to go take a shower,” he says. “Long day.”

“Okay,” I say. I am so not good at this. I sip the last of my beer, it’s given me a buzz, and set my can down. In just a few moments, I think, Rick will be totally naked and wet. Yum. That thought actually gets me wet. That’s it. I want it too bad to let this opportunity slip away.

I creep into the house, listening for the shower. I wait outside the closed bathroom door until I hear the water start. I hear him open the shower curtain and step inside. It’s a big square shower. Plenty of room for two. I take a deep breath to steady my nerves, then I go for it. I untie my bikini and let it fall to the ground. Then I carefully open the bathroom door, hoping he won’t hear me. I want to surprise him.

I tip toe into the bathroom, and close the door quietly behind me. I’m so nervous! I pause to take a breath, and then I quickly open the shower curtain and step inside.

Rick turns around quickly, he already has an erection, and one hand is on his penis. Wow, I caught him masturbating. Hopefully thinking of me.

“Olivia,” he says, startled, but a little hazy eyed. He is really in the zone.

“Rick,” I say, my breathing getting heavy. I check out his body as the water runs over it. Tan muscled chest. He works out. His dick is as big as I hoped it was. A little bigger than my boyfriend’s. I almost pant when I think of what it could do to me.

He is checking me out too. His eyes roam up and down my body and then stop at my large breasts, big and round, with hard nipples.

“What are you doing here?” he says, almost coming back to reality, sounding a little stern and angry. “You know this is very inappropriate.” His words send a tingle down my spine. He actually grabs my arm as if he’s going to throw me out of the shower. But it turns me on.

“Oh, Rick,” I say breathlessly, closing my eyes. I love how rough he’s being with me.

“Oh, God, Olivia,” he says, just as breathless. He can’t take it anymore. He pulls my body to him and kisses me hard on the mouth.

My tits are rubbing against his chest and cum is dripping from my pussy. God, I want him bad.

His tongue plays roughly with my tongue as we moan. His hands travel down to my big round breasts and he squeezes and massages them desperately. I moan louder.

“Oh, you need to fuck me now,” I say between kisses. “Please, Rick, fuck me so hard I can’t stand it…”

He doesn’t need any more encouragement. He sweeps me up into his arms and carries me out of the bathroom and into his bedroom. To the bed he shares with his wife.

It is neatly made. He rips the covers off of it and lays me down quickly in the middle of the big bed.

“Oh, my God,” he says. His hands are shaking. “This is so wrong.” He lies down on top of me and I wrap my legs around him. I don’t want to let him get away. But he untangles himself from me and stands up, he is out of breath. “We can’t,” he says with emotion.

“I need you so bad,” I say to him and look at him with hunger in my eyes. “Please, Rick,” I beg. “I know you and your wife don’t have sex anymore. She told me. You must be as horny as I am right now.” I cup my breasts in my hands and start massaging them, then I moan. It is so hot having him watch me do this.

His eyes are glassy with tears. He really does want me bad. He still looks undecided, though. I spread my legs and pull my knees up a little. One of my hands travels down to my dripping pussy and I start to play with myself.

Rick’s breathing gets harder now, heavy. His cock looks hard and strong as it points up in the air, desperate for my cunt.

“No one will know,” I whisper to him.

“Jesus,” he says. He closes his eyes, then he opens them again. Then he quickly climbs on top of me and grabs both my hands and presses them over my head onto the bed. I gasp. He starts kissing me again, hard. I can feel his dick tickling my pussy and it drives me crazy. My heartbeat speeds up. I start to moan.

“Once we do this, we can’t go back,” he says gruffly into my ear.

“I don’t ever want to go back,” I say quickly. “Please, put your dick in me now.” I close my eyes and feel the excitement build. He gently reaches his hand down and parts my pussy lips with it. I am slippery with cum. Then I feel him squeeze his larger than average penis into my cunt. I am speechless. To be filled up by his dick is heavenly. I groan as a surge of pleasure hits me.

He is shaking now. “Oh, God, Olivia,” he says. I open my eyes to see he is crying. Sobbing into my shoulder. “You feel so good,” he says. Then he starts to gently thrust in and out of me. I start to pant and moan. He kneads my breasts with his hands and gasps as he thrusts himself slowly in and out of me.

I throw my arms around him and put my hands on his muscular ass. I pull him deeper into me with each thrust. He starts going faster, and harder.

“Olivia,” he says breathlessly, “Oh, my God, I’m fucking Olivia…”

“Rick…” I say between moans, “Oh, God…”

He starts fucking me harder.

“Ricky…” I say, and I feel chills run down my spine and out to my fingers and toes. He just pounds his cock even harder into me. I can feel my orgasm building up, so much more pleasure than I have even felt with my boyfriend David. This is so wrong. I am cheating on my boyfriend and I am fucking my boss. I feel pleasure clench me as I have that thought. It grips me and I groan loudly, I almost sound angry as my orgasm clenches my body up and rips through me. I arch my back and feel my body jerk a few times as multiple orgasms rip through me.

“Oh, God, Boss,” I say, as I feel the orgasms fade. Then he shoots cum into me. He groans as another orgasm grips him and he shoots his load into me again. I can feel both of our cum dripping out of me, there is so much of it. He collapses on top of me, head over my shoulder.

We lie there panting, catching our breath, but my lust for him is not satisfied.

“Can you fuck me more?” I ask, in a daze. “Please?”

He looks at me with desire in his eyes. “You are so spoiled,” he says gruffly. Then he abruptly picks me up and flips me over so I am on my stomach. I gasp.

“Oh, God, fuck me raw,” I say hungrily. Then whimper as he quickly pulls me by the hips so my butt is up in the air. My head is on my arms on the bed. “Oh….” I moan.

“You deserve a good fucking, young lady,” he says sternly. Then he plunges his dick into my cunt again.

“Oh!” I yell with pleasure. He starts rapidly thrusting himself into me, making a hum of pleasure grip my pussy. My muscles tighten up and grip his cock harder as he shoves himself in and out.

“Oh, God…” he groans. “Olivia, you are so tight….” I moan loudly when he says that, and a tingle of pleasure shivers through me.

“I assume you’ve been fucking your boyfriend,” he says to me as he thrusts in and out. “Fucking him just like this? Does he know you’re fucking me too, honey?” he says. I feel a rush at his words.

“No,” I manage to squeak out. “He doesn’t know.” I groan with pleasure as he hits a deeper spot inside me. “Does your wife know you’re fucking me in her bed?” I feel him shudder as I say that, and then he fucks me harder and faster. I start to pant and moan louder.

He fucks me for a good ten more minutes this way, I can hardly breathe it feels so good, to have him pounding himself so deep into me. At some point I start yelling with each thrust. I think I will explode with pleasure. I can hear him grunting and breathing hard behind me, his pleasure must be building up now. He frantically pushes himself into me over and over, out of breath.

“Cum, you little cunt,” he says angrily to me. “Come on!” He pounds even harder now. I feel a shiver go through me and then an orgasm grips me so hard I lose my breath. I feel the pleasure rip through my body and I yell and whimper with ecstasy. Three times quickly in a row an orgasm clenches through me. I rest my head on the bed as I pant and try to catch my breath.

“UGH!” Rick yells behind me as his body jerks and he shoots a huge load of cum into my cunt.

“Fucking whore,” he says, as he catches his breath.

“Ricky!” I say, hurt.

He thrusts his limp penis into me hard one more time, as if telling me to behave myself.

“Oh…” I moan.

He pulls out of me and collapses on the bed next to me.

“You are never satisfied, are you?” he says as he gazes at me with wonder.

“I’m starting to be,” I say as I smile tiredly at him. “No one fucks me like you do,” I say in a small voice.

He closes his eyes and groans. Then he heaves himself off the bed and goes over to the nightstand and opens a drawer. He brings out something black and long and penis-shaped.

“What are you doing?” I ask, slightly alarmed.

“Scared?” he asks with a smile.

“No,” I say, but I’m lying. I’ve never had anything but a real penis in me before. That huge thing looks scary.

He sits down on the bed and scoots over to me. He rolls me over onto my back. I let him.

“Spread your legs, Olivia,” he says sternly.

I obediently do as I’m told.

“Play with your tits,” he says quietly. I do. I massage my big tits and stare him in the eye as I feel desire build between us again.

“This,” he says, holding up the big black vibrator, “is what my wife fucks instead of me.” Then he quickly shoves it into me.

I gasp. It is hard, harder than a man, but it slips right in because I am so wet. I’m shocked.

“Ricky,” I say, protesting.

“Shh…” he says as he turns the vibrator on. “You need it….”

I keep rubbing my tits as the vibrating machine sends pleasure waves echoing off each other inside my cunt. I close my eyes as Rick starts sliding the vibrator in and out of me. I moan in ecstasy. I didn’t even know anything could feel this good. My hands stop rubbing my tits. They fall limp at my sides as I let him fuck me with the black machine. I start to moan and pant and he starts shoving the vibrator in faster and harder, deeper. I can hear him breathing hard too.

“Oh, God!” I yell. It’s too much pleasure to bear. It builds up in a rush and suddenly bursts out of me. Fluid actually shoots out of me. I am cumming with so much force that I squirt. I scream as the pleasure tears through me hard. I clench all my muscles, arching my back, and then I collapse. I am breathless.

He quickly pulls me up, sitting me up. I feel like I’m drunk I am so high on fucking him.

“Suck me off,” he says gruffly, and pushes me forward and down so my face is over his penis.

His dick stands erect, hard as rock again, and still glistening with my cum from before. I obediently do what I’m told and open wide and start to suck his big dick. He groans.

His cock tastes like salt, and like me. It’s warm and hard and I wrap my hand around the base of it as I move up and down with my mouth. I swirl my tongue lovingly around his cock as I suck. I squeeze his shaft with my hand. I reach down with my other hand to squeeze his balls lightly. He moans with pleasure.

“Suck it,” he orders. “Suck it hard.”

I suck harder and move faster up and down. I am so horny now, even though I’ve already gotten off.

He starts to pant. I keep up my pace. He starts to whimper with pleasure, and that turns me on more. Will I ever stop wanting him?

“Oh! Ahhh!” He starts to yell with each sucking thrust of my mouth. I squeeze his balls and shaft one last time and he shoots cum into my mouth with a long loud groan. I swallow as fast as I can, but he has a lot in him. Then he cums again right after and I suck that off too. Then I lie back on the bed, exhausted. The sheets are wet with my cum and our sweat, but I don’t care.

He lies down on the bed next to me on his stomach, catching his breath. He throws his arm over my waist, and pulls me to him. He whispers into my neck. It sends shivers down my spine.

“Every day this summer we have to do this,” he says. I moan with pleasure at the thought, so happy I have won him over.

“Deal,” I say.

He rolls me over so my back is to him and pulls me to his body. I gasp. He grips one of my breasts in his hand and nuzzles my hair with his face. I put my hand over his on my breast. I am still so excited, but exhausted. I feel his breathing slow, and I slowly close my eyes and fall asleep naked in my boss’s arms.


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The Boss’s Secret 1 (back to top)

I turned 20 today. It was nice. I had a few friends over. My boss and his wife were there too. I rent a room from them. We had pizza, we had cake, I sneaked a sip of my boss's beer when he wasn’t looking, making my girlfriends laugh.

His wife joked to my boss, “Steve, you should put Leah over your knee and give her 20 spankings.” I think she'd been drinking a bit.

He didn’t laugh. He just said, “Very funny,” and went back to cutting the cake into perfectly equal pieces. He’s very proper. He’s good-looking, though. He’s in his 40s, tan, in great shape from playing sports on weekends, has reddish blond hair. He always dresses neatly. He seems uptight to me. But I find that kind of sexy. Which is probably wrong.

I know he finds me sexy too. I’ve seen him check me out. I’m not bad looking. I think I’m pretty. I have long dark hair and small curves. I’m a little short, but nicely proportioned. Sometimes I purposely wear things that are skin-tight, just to see him squirm and pretend not to notice. His wife seems completely oblivious to the sexual tension between me and Steve.

Of course, I am obsessed with sex, maybe I’m just blowing this out of proportion. Then again his wife is sort of a free spirit. Maybe she wouldn’t even care if Steve and I were attracted to each other. Weird.

My friends went home around 10 pm. We all have work or classes tomorrow. I just took a shower before bed and fantasized about Steve giving me that birthday spanking. That really turned me on. I masturbated quietly while the hot water ran down my back. But I still can’t stop thinking about him.

I climb into bed in a T-shirt and panties, wet hair spread out on my pillow. I fall asleep easily. And then I start to dream about Steve.

In the dream, Steve and I are at my high school in a classroom, but it’s empty. It’s the middle of the day, so that’s weird. I’m wearing a Catholic schoolgirl uniform. I didn’t go to a Catholic school in real life, so that’s weird too.

He’s sitting at the teacher’s desk at the front of the room. I’m sitting at a desk in the middle of the sea of student desks. Steve is looking at me sternly.

“What do you have to say for yourself?” He asks me angrily.

I feel ashamed. Though, I don’t know why. “Sorry,” I say quietly.

“Come here,” he orders.

I stand and quickly walk up to his desk, with my eyes down.

“You need to be punished,” he says getting up from his desk and walking around it to where I am.

I say nothing. I see him pick up a yardstick from a nearby shelf. I shiver.

“Bend over the desk, Leah,” he says firmly.

I do as I’m told. I lie across the desk with my arms tucked close to my chest. Without warning he whacks the yardstick across my butt, my little plaid skirt barely covering me. I whimper. He whacks me with it again. He does it firmly, but not with too much pressure.

“Three,” he mutters as he spanks me again. He gets up to five and then he stops. I feel him reach up under my skirt. The suddenness of that makes me blush and shiver. I feel turned on, which seems wrong. I’m being punished. I shouldn’t enjoy it. Right?

He pushes the back of my skirt up, to expose my panty-covered ass. Without warning he spanks me with the yardstick again. It stings a little more. He does it a few more times until he gets up to 10. At which point I moan with pleasure.

He stops and stands perfectly still, perhaps surprised by my arousal. He doesn’t yell at me for it. I was almost afraid he would. Then I feel him slide his hand under my panties and pull them down. I feel them drop around my ankles. I try not to moan, but I am totally turned on right now.

Steve smacks my bare ass with the yardstick. It stings, but my butt cheeks are starting to go numb from all the spankings. He hits me with it three more times, taking his time. Then I suddenly feel him smack my ass with his hand. I moan loudly, uncontrollably. Then I fear I’ll get in trouble for that. He smacks me with his hand again.

Then again. “Nineteen,” he says quietly.

He smacks my ass firmly one last time. “Twenty,” he mutters. He leaves his hand on my ass. I can feel my face turn red. He starts moving his hand around, rubbing my sore red bottom. He slips one finger down into my pussy suddenly. I gasp.

He slips another finger inside me. Then another. He starts to massage my pussy with his fingers. He slides around in my juices. I can hear him breathing heavily. My own breathing has sped up too. My pussy aches with pleasure as he rubs me. I start to moan.

“Oh, God, Leah,” he says quietly as he rubs me faster and harder. I start to moan loudly.

“Oh, God!” I shout as my orgasm rushes up to me. “Fuck, oh God! Uhh!” I grunt as I feel pleasure shoot through me hard. I feel myself spasm. Steve moans. I hear him unzipping his pants behind me. Then he pulls me a little closer to the edge of the desk. Suddenly I feel his cock teasing the entrance of my pussy.

“Oh, Steve…” I moan.

“Do you want me?” he asks breathlessly.

“Oh, God, yes…” I say, desperate for him.

He shoves his cock into me. It slides in easily because I’m so wet, but he is huge. I gasp. He groans and shudders a little bit. Then he starts to thrust himself in and out of my pussy. I groan loudly. His huge cock pressing the walls of my cunt feels wonderful. He fills me up over and over, getting slightly deeper each time. I am speechless with pleasure. His hips slap my ass as he drives his dick into me over and over.

“Oh, my God, Steve, oh, God…” I moan loudly as he rams his cock into me. He is panting and groaning as he fucks me. My hair is in two curly pigtails at the sides of my head and he grasps them now and gently pulls my head back, arching my back. I groan. I reach my hands in front of me and grab the edge of the desk. Then he lets go of my pigtails and reaches clumsily in front of me, groping for my breasts. He feels my small round breasts over my white button-up short-sleeved shirt.

I moan and he starts to massage my breasts through the shirt and really slam his dick into my pussy. We are both panting.

“Leah,” Steve says breathlessly. “You’re still in trouble.” I feel panic flood me. It mixes with the pleasure. “I’m giving you an ‘F’ for being a whore.” He slaps my ass one more time.

I feel pleasure surge up in me. It grips my body hard as I grunt loudly, “UGGGHH!” My body convulses a little bit. He shudders and grunts loudly as he shoots cum into my pussy. Then he pulls out of me quickly and pulls me to a standing position. I am breathing hard.

He circles his desk to look at me sternly and with wonder.

“You weren’t supposed to enjoy that,” he says. I look down. “You’re being punished. You’re supposed to feel bad.”

“I do,” I say, unconvincingly.

“Take your top off,” he says while unbuttoning his own shirt. I gingerly remove my conservative Catholic schoolgirl blouse. I leave on my white bra. He throws his own shirt to the ground and I can see his cock for the first time. It’s big. Nice. I’m a little distracted by it. He sees me staring down at it and stops to glare at me. I move my eyes up to his face.

“Take your bra off,” he says sternly. That makes me more nervous. All the venetian blinds are open to the daylight outside. Anyone can see us. But I nervously remove my bra, revealing my small round breasts.

“Now the skirt,” he says gruffly. He is watching me intently as he takes off the rest of his clothing.

I slide the skirt down off my hips. I step out of it and my panties. Then I kick off my saddle shoes and pull off my bobby socks. I feel quite naked.

“Lay across my desk,” he says soberly as he motions with his hand. I climb onto the desk and lie across it lengthwise, on my back. He walks around to the side near my legs and pulls me so my crotch is at the edge of the desk. He stands close to me so his cock, which is hard again, is at my pussy.

“Now does everyone have a good view?” he asks as he turns toward the classroom. I wonder who he is talking to and turn my head to look.

My mouth drops open as I see all my classmates there, looking very interested in what is going on. My face blushes deep red immediately. Everyone seems to have a stamp on their hand, and I realize this is a club, and you have to be 18 to get in. There is even a bouncer standing at the classroom door.

My boss spreads my legs and lifts my knees up. Then he shoves his cock into my pussy as I’m staring at all the faces of my friends and classmates. I shudder. I turn to look at Steve.

He leans forward and grabs my wrists and presses them to the desk above my head. I shiver as he holds me down. He starts to thrust into me.

“Everyone is going to see you being fucked by your boss now, Leah,” Steve mutters. “You deserve this.”

I groan as he thrusts into me, massaging my pleasure zones with his dick as my classmates watch. It’s so embarrassing. And so kinky and awesome.

“You think your little friends don’t know?” Steve asks as he fucks. “They all know you want me. You aren’t that subtle, you know.” I groan. He fucks me for a few moments. Then he decides. “I think we need some help up here. Any volunteers?”

I glance at the class in a haze of lust and see all the boys' hands shoot up in the air eagerly. Oh, God.

“Evan,” Steve says. A tall muscular dark-haired guy steps forward from the front row of desks. He quickly starts taking off all of his clothes ‘til he is naked. He has a huge erect cock.

“Rub her clit for now,” Steve says breathlessly as he fucks, “and suck her breasts.”

Evan obediently leans over me and begins to suck one of my perfect tits. He reaches his big warm hand down to my crotch and starts massaging my clit. I groan loudly. Pleasure is swirling all around me. I glance back at the class and see many of the boys are now openly masturbating, and a few of the girls have their hands discreetly down their pants, rubbing vigorously.

“Ugh!” I grunt as my orgasm surges up quickly. I feel it roar through me like an earthquake as I groan loudly. “UGGHH!” My body twitches as ecstasy tingles through it.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Steve says as he slams his cock into me a few more times. “UGGHH!” he grunts as he shoots hot cum into my cunt. He pulls out of me and stumbles away. He catches his breath as Evan stops rubbing and sucking.

Then Steve comes over and picks me up off the desk. He carries me over to Evan and spreads my legs. He hands me to Evan so I am straddling Evan’s big hard cock. I feel it slide into my cunt as Evan takes me in his arms. I groan. Then I am shocked to feel Steve’s slippery hard dick slide up into my asshole. I grunt and gasp. Two cocks. Wow.

Evan holds me by the butt cheeks. My knees are bent up. Steve has his hands on my thighs. They both start thrusting into me. My pussy feels like it’s going to explode with pleasure. I almost can’t stand it. I glance at the class and notice they aren’t there anymore. I also notice it has gotten dark outside. But streetlights are shining through the windows. The lights in the classroom are off now. Steve and Evan are grunting and sweating and working their cocks into my holes eagerly. I groan loudly.

Steve fucks my ass quickly, shoving in and out. He is breathing heavily. He whispers in my ear as he fucks, “I forgive you for whatever it was, Leah.” I moan.

I feel pleasure grip me harder than it ever has before. My pussy is hot and pulsating. I’m dripping with my own juices. An orgasm surges up and rages through my cunt as I scream in ecstasy, “UHHHHHHHH!” My body jolts as another orgasm crashes through me.

“UGGGHH!” Evan shouts as he cums hard inside me. Steve keeps pounding away and then I feel him shudder inside me as he groans loudly and shoots cum up my ass. I shiver with a spasm of pleasure again.

Evan groans as he pulls out of me. Then he disappears into thin air. Steve has his arms around me and pulls out of my ass and sets me down. I groan. He disappears too as I glance back at him. I am standing alone naked in an empty classroom in the dark.

Then slowly I become aware that I am lying on my stomach on my bed in my bedroom. I wake up groaning with pleasure. Then I wake up fully and my eyes pop open.

Wow. Sex dream of my boss. That’ll teach me to fantasize about him. Shit! I so want that dream to happen now. But that would be perverted. He’s my boss! He’s married. I could never do that. But man do I ever want to. I guess I can do what I want in my fantasies and dreams, right?

I smile at that thought as my hand travels down to my crotch and I fire up another round of fantasies about my boss.


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Anything for My Boss 1 (back to top)

“Nice cheerleader outfit,” Blake says, looking me up and down.

I smirk at him. “You know I’m a cheerleader,” I say. I'm in college and cheer for the football team.

“Still, to see it… wow.”

I laugh. I am standing in the bedroom I rent in front of my dresser mirror, brushing my long dark blond hair. I check the eyeliner around my dark blue eyes. Still looks good. My boyfriend Blake is standing in my doorway.

“You know I’m just going to mess it up again,” he says, coming towards me seductively.

“Shh,” I say. “Close the door.”

He chuckles. “Erica.” Still he humors me. He closes the door and leans against it with his tall lanky frame. He is goodlooking. He has short dark hair, lean muscles, arms folded across his chest. He’s a senior in college. I’m a junior. I turned 20 a few months ago. He’s my best friend’s older brother. That’s how we met. I feel my heart rate speed up as I imagine what we are about to do.

I set my brush down. He takes a step toward me. I start to shake a little bit. It’s not like we’ve never made out before, but this is different.

“Shh,” he says, putting his hand on my cheek. He has on black jeans and a black T-shirt. It makes him look vaguely sinister, but I like it. His green eyes sparkle down at me.

He kisses me, and his hands immediately move to my large round breasts. I kiss him harder. He moves his hands to my small waist. He slowly backs me up toward the bed.

“When does your boss get home?” he mutters between kisses.

“Five thirty,” I say.

“So, we have time,” he says, then kisses me again.

I live with my boss, Bill. I type manuscripts for him. He has written a lot of novels in his spare time that he needs typed up. I also rent a room from him. I was tired of the dorms.

Blake awkwardly kicks his shoes and socks off while kissing me, standing next to my bed. I laugh. I step out of my shoes and then reach down to pull off my socks.

He picks me up and lays me down on the bed. He keeps kissing me. He whips his T-shirt off. Then he unzips the back of my cheerleader uniform. It’s my long-sleeved one because it's winter. He pulls the little outfit off of me, leaving me in my white bra and panties.

“Oh, God, Erica,” Blake says as he kisses my cleavage. I shiver. I can feel wetness gathering between my legs.

“You’re so beautiful,” he says as he reaches around me to unhook my bra. He pulls it off and looks amazed as he stares at my breasts. I run my hands over his muscled chest. I am nervous, but this is so exciting.

“I can’t believe you’re a virgin,” he whispers as he dives between my breasts with his face. I moan. I run my fingers through his hair. Then he starts to pull my panties off. I start to shake again.

“Shh, Erica…” he says quietly. Then he starts to kiss my neck and ears, and then down to my breasts. I am panting. He reaches his hand down to my vagina and puts his fingers inside. I shiver, and get more wet.

He unzips his jeans, and shrugs out of them quickly, boxers too. He is breathing heavily.

“Are you ready?” he asks breathlessly.

“Yes,” I whisper, staring into his eyes.

He reaches down with his hand and guides his penis into me. It feels so big. He thrusts it gently into me as deep as it will go. I feel a sharp pain inside.

“Ow,” I gasp.

“Sorry,” he says. “I guess it always hurts for girls the first time.”

He stares into my eyes as he starts to thrust into me. I moan. It still stings inside, but it feels good too. So good.

He thrusts for a few more minutes and I feel a strange sensation build up inside me. It’s like I want him more and more. To go deeper or faster or something. The pleasure is wonderful. I’ve never felt anything like this before. I’ve never even masturbated. Then all of a sudden there is a burst of pleasure, so exquisite I can’t believe it. I moan and my muscles clench involuntarily.

Soon after, Blake groans and ejaculates into me. He laughs and says, “Oh, my God, that was awesome.”

I laugh. I agree. I wrap my arms around him as he kisses me.


I never knew sex felt this good. Blake and I have been having sex for 2 months now. Almost daily. My boss, Bill, is a professor at the local university. English literature. He gets home about 2 hours after me. That gives Blake and I plenty of time to do it. We don’t use condoms, but I’m on the pill, so it’s okay.

Tonight is an unusual night. Blake can’t come over. He has to go to his grandmother’s big birthday bash. So I’m alone. Bill is late coming home too. It’s getting dark and stormy outside. I may have to make a sandwich for dinner. Bill and I usually eat together.

I’m reading a magazine on the couch when Bill gets home. He shakes the rain out of his short thinning brown hair. He’s handsome for a 50-year-old man, though. In a professorial way. Tall and thin. He walks a lot, so he’s got lean muscles. He does yoga. He’s got those sensitive brown eyes that girls love. His students get crushes on him. He looks sort of quiet and harmless and cuddly.

He’s holding a pizza box in his hand. He holds it up to show me, “I got dinner.”

“Cool,” I say. I hop off the couch and follow him into the kitchen. He gets out two plates.

“No Blake tonight?” he asks.

“Nope. He had a family thing,” I say as I take a bite of pepperoni pizza. He hands me a glass of water, then gets himself one. We walk over to the little square wooden kitchen table where we always eat.

“How’s school?” he says as he chews.


We finish our dinner and then he goes up to his office to grade some term papers. His office is right next to my bedroom. I hang out watching TV downstairs for a while, then I head up to my bedroom. When I walk by his closed office door, I hear a strange noise.

It almost sounds like a groan. Like he’s in pain. I stop to listen. I hear another one. I put my hand on the doorknob. Should I really go in? He moans. What if he’s sick or injured? I open the door. I am not prepared for what I see.

Bill is sitting in an armchair in his huge home office. In front of him are a big TV and a VCR. He’s watching a tape of Blake and I having sex. I am stunned.

Bill hasn’t noticed that the door opened. He’s moving his arm up and down very fast. I am standing behind him. I take another step. I see he is masturbating. A tube of lubrication sits next to him on a little table. He is rubbing his hand up and down his penis as he watches Blake and I have sex on the screen.

I feel shocked, but I am so turned on too. Seeing Blake and I have sex, seeing Bill masturbate to it. I feel that familiar surge of desire well up in me again. I can’t help it. I quietly unzip my jeans and put my hand inside my panties. I start flicking my clit with my finger and feel my heart pound.

Bill groans. I feel pleasure shiver through me. I can hear Blake and I groaning on the tape. I can see us having sex. It’s always the same position with Blake, him lying on top of me. So I can’t even tell when this tape was made. Or how.

I can feel my pleasure build up as I quietly flick my clit. I am drunk with it. Suddenly, uncontrollably, I moan. That changes everything.

Bill turns quickly and sees me there. He looks like he’s in a haze of desire, but also like he’s horrified. He leaps up, pants still open, and pushes me with both hands out into the hall, then slams the door shut between us.

I am breathless. Shocked. I put my hands on the door. I can hear Bill breathing hard just on the other side of it. I want him to do what Blake was doing to me on the tape. I want him to have sex with me. I can feel the sexual tension through the door.

I can’t believe I feel this way about my boss. I've never thought of him this way before. This is sick. But it doesn’t feel sick. It feels like we love each other, and this is just an extension of that. But I barely care about the appropriateness right now. I just want him. I start to pant.

He opens the door. He stares down at me. He is tall, but not as tall as Blake. His eyes are full of fierce desire. He pulls me inside the room by my arm. Then he closes the door and quickly pushes me against it, with my back to him.

“Oh, Bill…” I moan. He pulls down my jeans and panties, quickly, all the way to the floor. I step out of them. Then he presses me to the door as he quickly shoves his cock into my pussy. I gasp. My heart starts to race.

He starts to thrust hard into me, almost angrily. I moan loudly. It feels so good. My hands are on the door near my shoulders. He puts his hands over them, holding me tightly there. This is so hot. Almost like he’s forcing me, except I want him. Blake never does things like this. I feel like I need it. I am breathing hard as he thrusts into me.

I can still hear Blake’s and my moans from the tape. I can hear us getting close to orgasm. Just like Bill and I are doing now. Bill starts to pant and groan with each thrust. I moan loudly as my orgasm builds up. Then I groan deeply as it explodes inside me. It's a much harder orgasm than I have ever had. I feel another little orgasm surge through me right after. I grunt.

Bill shakes and grunts loudly, then ejaculates inside me, as I hear Blake and I orgasm on the tape. Bill immediately slides himself out of me and steps away.

“I’m sorry,” he says, out of breath, as he zips up. He quickly walks over and turns off the tape. My muscles are weak and wobbly, but I manage to pull my panties and jeans back on.

He turns to look at me. He looks anguished. But still his face is full of desire. He looks how I feel. I take a step towards him.

“Erica,” Bill warns. “Don’t.”

“We’ve already done it,” I say in a whisper. I keep walking to him.

“It’s just…” he says, taking a small step away from me.

“But I need it,” I say as I look up at him. “I need you. Please…” I put my hands on the sides of his face. He looks down at me with those soulful brown eyes.

Suddenly he grabs me by the arms and pulls me closer and kisses me. Hard. I moan. He is a good kisser. It’s like he knows things Blake would never dream of knowing. I can feel my pussy get wetter. I press my body to his as he kisses me. He groans. As he kisses me, he walks us over to the couch. He pulls the blanket off the back of the couch and stops kissing me long enough to lay it on the carpet. I start to pull off my navy blue T-shirt. He stops me. Then he pulls it off himself. I shiver.

He kisses me more as he unhooks my white bra and pulls it off of me, exposing my large breasts. He moans as he squeezes them with his hands. He massages them and kisses me and I am in heaven. I start to unbutton his long sleeved tan plaid shirt. He finishes for me. He tosses it to the ground. He has lean muscles underneath. I run my hands over them, and up his back. He shivers.

Then he starts to undo the fly of my jeans. I moan. I pull my jeans and panties off again and kick them to the side. I reach for his pants and he quickly unzips them and steps out of them and his boxers. I was barefoot already, but he pulls off his socks and shoes. Now we are totally naked.

His cock is a nice size. It’s bigger than Blake’s. Just a bit. It’s totally erect for me again. I stroke it with my fingers. Bill moans. Then he picks me up in his arms, and kneels on the floor and lays me down on the blanket. He stares at my body as he kneels above me.

I spread my legs for him and feel my face turn red with a blush. I can’t help it. I want him. No matter how embarrassing it is. He closes his eyes and looks ashamed. Then he lays his body on top of mine and starts kissing me hungrily again. I want him so bad now it hurts. I can feel my large tits squish against his bare chest as he presses his body to mine, and it turns me on more.

He starts to pant as he kisses me. He reaches his fingers into my pussy. I am slippery. He starts to flick my clit and I moan loudly. He groans. Then he parts my pussy lips with his hands and slides his cock into me.

“Oh, yes…” I moan. He shudders. Then he starts to thrust in and out of me. He starts slowly, but then he gets faster and harder. Deeper. I am panting and moaning. He starts to really pound himself into me. I can feel my tits bouncing around as he thrusts hard. I can feel him hitting all the pleasure spots inside me with his dick. I stare at his face. We are both drunk with desire. I reach down to grab his butt cheeks to push him deeper into me. He groans. He shoves his dick into me a few more times and I start to feel my pleasure peak.

“Oh, God!” I yell. It is going to be a hard orgasm. “UGGHHH!” I yell as it rips through me. It lasts for a while. My pussy clenches around his dick.

“UGGHH!” he groans loudly as he shoots cum into me again. Then he collapses on top of me, panting. I wrap my arms and legs around him. He shivers.

“What are we doing?” he says, almost to himself.

“Shh…” I say. I run my fingers through his short hair.

“Oh, God, Erica,” he says. Then he moans. He quickly sits up as he slides out of me. I think he is going to kick me out of his office, but instead, he pulls me up, and has me get on all fours on the blanket. I shake with anticipation.

“Are you okay?” he asks me.

“God, yes…” I whisper. He groans. Then he kneels behind me, and parts my legs a little bit so he can kneel between them. He puts his hands on my bare ass, and I shiver. Then he slides his hard cock into my slippery pussy. I groan.

He starts thrusting in and out. He hits my pleasure spots inside in a different way in this position. And I think he’s going deeper too. It feels so good. He starts picking up his pace and I feel pleasure start to buzz inside me. I am dripping with cum.

“Oh, God, Bill,” I whimper. He picks up his pace again. He starts to really slam himself into me. His hips are slapping my ass as he thrusts. It makes a loud noise. It is so hot. Then suddenly, unexpectedly, he leans forward and gathers me in his arms and pulls me back up with him, so we are both kneeling upright. I groan. He leans me forward a little bit, so he can still slam deeply into me, but now he starts to massage my big tits greedily with his hands as he thrusts. He is breathing heavily on my neck. I am moaning. I feel like I am losing my mind with pleasure. I want to be fucked forever.

I reach back to hold his ass in my hands as he fucks me. He starts fucking me harder than ever. I moan and whimper with each thrust. He grunts. I feel pleasure surge up and take me over. “UGGHHHH!” I yell as an orgasm grips me hard. It clenches my pussy up and surges through my body. Then I feel another one right after. I groan in ecstasy. I feel it tingle through me. He fucks me for a few more seconds and then groans a long loud groan as he shoots a load of cum inside me.

He is panting as he wraps his arms around me. Then he lets me gently fall to the floor, face down. I am weak with pleasure. He lies down next to me on the blanket, face up. He is out of breath.

He looks at me with sadness. “I should probably kill myself now,” he says to me.

I am alarmed. “What? Nooo...”

I crawl over and lay my body on top of his. I look him in the eyes and kiss him. “Why would you say that?”

“You caught me with a sex tape I made of you. Plus having sex with my sweet, much younger assistant?” he said. “A big no-no.”

“Shh…” I say, kissing him again. “I loved it.”

He puts his hands on my arms, and looks me seriously in the eyes. Then he puts his hands on the sides of my face and gently pulls me to him for another kiss.

“But we can never do it again,” he says seriously when he pulls away.

“Shh,” I say. “I already want to do it again.” I laugh. “I will always want more.”

“Oh, my God, I’m going to Hell,” Bill says as he closes his eyes. I laugh again, and lean down to kiss him hard. His tongue swirls inside my mouth to tangle with mine, and I know we will do it again. Often. I’m so happy he agrees with me.


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The Boss’s Plaything 1 (back to top)

I wake up and open my eyes to find myself in a strange bedroom. I am confused for a moment. Then I remember what happened. I walked in on my husband Chad having sex with another woman. At his office! He was actually doing it with her on his office floor. He was working late. I was going to surprise him with a sandwich for dinner. Guess I was the surprised one.

We’d been married for a year. I’m only 21. I decided to stay at my boss's house for a while. He and I are friends and he offered. When I got here I was surprised to learn my boss had just discovered his wife was cheating on him. She left him last night for her boyfriend she’d been chatting with online. Wow.

My boss, Jason, is in his mid-thirties. He’s a banker. I do filing and typing for him part time. He’s gorgeous. Tall, wide shoulders, muscles from working out, reddish blond hair, tan skin, sparkly green eyes. Yes, I’ve noticed these things. I have no idea what his wife's boyfriend is like, but how can she leave Jason?

I stretch my body as I lie in the bed thinking. It’s Saturday morning. I have no idea what I will do now. I have only a part-time job. I was a housewife for a little while. I used to be a model during my childhood and teen years. I have naturally platinum blond hair. Kind of rare, I guess. I stopped modeling because I wasn’t tall enough to continue it into adulthood. I’m only 5’4”. Also, my breasts grew to be rather ample, double D’s. You’d think that’d be okay in the mainstream modeling world, but they actually do prefer smaller breasts, or average sized. The kind of modeling available to busty women was not the kind I was interested in.

I went to college for a few years, but I could never decide on a major. I have no idea what I want to do. So when I got married, I decided to be a housewife. Chad was okay with that. And then I got a part time job to combat boredom, but I have no ambitions. Jason said I am welcome to stay here as long as I need to. He certainly understands how I feel. Last night we stayed up late talking about it. And drinking a little bit.

The vibes got a little weird and overly sexual, so we both decided to call it a night. I climb out of bed now a little awkwardly. I’m still feeling a little tipsy. No headache, though. Nice. I’m wearing a really long white T-shirt, and my long curly hair is a little messy as I step out into the hall. I need a glass of water.

Jason doesn’t seem to be up yet. I make myself some cereal and take it back to my bedroom. I feel kind of weird living in a house with by boss. We haven't spent this much time together alone before.

When I finish my cereal, I crawl into bed again and pull the covers up to my chin. I’m probably depressed, but I don’t care. What else am I going to do today? It’s hard to erase the image of Chad pounding his dick into his gorgeous red-haired secretary from my mind. And the moaning. I may vomit. I close my eyes and try to think of nicer things. Puppies? I don’t know. I need more sleep.

I wake up to someone saying my name.

“Nichole?” he says. Then he pats my shoulder a bit. I open my eyes groggily.


My boss is sitting on my bed, dressed and ready for the day. The light in the room is different. Shadows have shifted.

“What time is it?” I ask.

“Three thirty in the afternoon.”

“Oh, my.”

He laughs. “Yeah, you kind of overslept. I thought I should wake you. Or see if you’re… depressed.”

“Duh,” I say, and pull the covers over my head. It's Saturday, but I'm so glad he already agreed it was okay if I took some time off work for a while. I just cannot deal.

“None of that,” he says, pulling the blankets off my head. “I know how you feel. I spent the day at the shooting range trying to hit bullseyes. Not sure it helped.” He looks a little forlorn now.

“Alright, I’ll get up,” I say. “But only if we stop talking about the obvious spouse problems. Let’s ignore them and pretend they don’t exist.”

“Hmm,” he says. “Okay. I’m going to order a pizza. And then we can… play video games or something.”

“Or you can teach me how to play video games,” I say. “Not sure I know how.”

“Okay. Good. Up up.” He smiles at me and wanders out of my room to make the call.

“Pepperoni?” he calls back to me.

“Yes, please,” I call back.

Well, we’ve started the drinking again. We ate pizza, played video games all evening, then Jason broke out the beer. I’ve only had a beer and a half, but he’s starting to look damn irresistible to me. We are sitting close on the couch and my feet are curled up on an ottoman. I’m facing him.

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