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Muscle Beach

A short story by Peter Schutes

Copyright 2017 PS Publishing

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Publisher’s Note

This work of short erotic fiction is one of several written by Peter in the 1970s that had been lost to time. PS Publishers stumbled across it in a filing cabinet reserved for taxes. The language and expressions in “Muscle Beach” come directly from the thriving gay community in Los Angeles at the time. Although the story is not dated, it is likely written earlier than 1976, when the Big Donut Drive-In Became Randy’s Donuts. The story deals with many themes that appear in his novels. The matching of a well-endowed everyman with a perfectly sculpted, under-endowed muscleman appears in the earlier novel “Dark as a Dungeon.” Like his contemporary, Tom of Finland, Peter preferred an exaggerated reality. The difference is in the attitude towards size great and small. Extreme size becomes a burden rather than a blessing. Rumors state that Peter suffered from the same problems as the hero of this story, Taryn Rearden.


Taryn Rearden was a muscle fan. He didn't have the right frame for it himself, but he loved to watch strong men lift weights. His favorite pastime on a Saturday afternoon was watching the bodybuilders at Muscle Beach in Santa Monica. He would grab a hot dog on a stick and a lemonade, find a good spot in the bleachers, and stare at the sea of men devoted to their physique.

One muscleman, Shamus Little, had caught Taryn’s eye. Watching Shamus squat, clean and jerk, Taryn would put a hand near his knee and furtively play with the tip of his huge penis. Shamus had been gifted with a remarkable pair of teardrop shaped buttocks. When he squatted, the muscles would contract, forming a tight valentine in his posing strap. He could crack walnuts. Shamus rarely looked out towards the bleachers. He was committed to self improvement. No amount of self improvement would ever fix the Irish curse. Shamus had a magnificent backside, and an incredible body, but he was all balls and no dick in the front. Taryn wasn't interested in Shamus for his dick. It was that ass, his chunky thighs, and his rippling torso that made Taryn so hot for him. Shamus had a salesman’s smile to complement his handsome face. His square jaw and brown eyes could melt the heart of an enraged bull. His long lashes only served to make his beauty stand out atop the muscular frame.

Taryn was lost in a daydream, staring glassy-eyed at that perfect Irish ass, when he heard a shout.

“Hey! Hey faggot! What the fuck you lookin’ at”? It was Shamus. Taryn pointed to himself.

“Yes you, you fucking fag!”

Taryn hated that word. Hearing something so ugly erupt from the mouth of such an angelic man only made it worse.

“Come here!” Shamus commanded. Taryn obeyed.

“Is that thing for real”? Shamus pointed to the semi-hard cock snaking down Taryn’s left pant leg.

“Yeah it’s real.”

“I ain't no fag, but I wanna see it, yeah”?

Taryn looked down at his monster and smiled. Shamus smiled back and he nearly melted.

Shamus Little lived in a bachelor apartment on Speedway. The interior hadn’t been painted since before the war. Shamus wasn't a slob, but he wasn’t tidy, either. His sink was full of dishes. His bathroom didn't smell too pretty. But his laundry was folded and his garbage was taken out.

“Yeah, uh sorry about the mess. I eat a lot of eggs in the morning.”

Taryn shrugged.

“Hey, uh, I gotta use the crapper. Have a seat.” Shamus patted his unmade bed.

“Should I get naked for you”?

“No! Wait for me.”

As Shamus closed the door, Taryn saw him grab for a rubber enema bag hanging in the shower. Soon the explosive sounds of forcibly expelled water and shit came from the bathroom. After a pause, a second round of water gushed into the toilet in a steady stream.

Shamus emerged.

“Yeah, all that protein gets clogged when I lift. Sometimes I need a little help to get it moving.”

Taryn knew he did it for another reason. Thinking about it gave him half a hardon. Shamus stared in fascination as the summer sausage became a salami. His little dick was growing hard in his posing strap.

“Listen, Shamus, if I don't get these pants off now, my dick will get trapped.

“Oh, damn, that is the hottest fucking problem! Go ahead.”

I struggled to release my cock from its cloth prison. Shamus helped pull the jeans to my ankles. He was rewarded with a hard flesh uppercut to his square jaw.

“Holy shit, dude! That fucker is unreal.”

“Oh it’s real.”

“You fuck a lot of chicks with it”? Shamus had his hand in his bikini, rolling his little penis between two fingers.

“Women aren't built to handle it.”

“You can’t fuck women”?

“I could do serious damage.”

Shamus shook his head in amazement. “Damn, dude. So what, you fuck guys”?

“They’re too afraid.”

“Afraid of a little pain”?

“It’s more than a little.”

“Bullshit. I’ll bet you I could handle it.” He shook his ass cheeks. “I ain’t afraid of a little pain.”

“Prove it.”

Shamus pulled a can of Crisco from the cupboard.

Taryn sighed as Shamus spread shortening along the vast meaty cock. He was growing to full size now. He wondered if Shamus had second thoughts.

Taryn’s cock swelled even further when Shamus inserted several slick fingers into that perfect ass. He stretched his hole using three fingers. It was just like a bodybuilder to do warm up exercises before getting fucked.

Shamus issued a disclaimer. “Remember, this is a bet. I am not a fag.”

“Sure you’re not,” Taryn thought as he stepped towards his target.

This was not the bleachers. Taryn had a close up view of his obsession, Shamus, and his bulbous ass. The muscleman bent forward and separated his tear-shaped buttocks for Taryn, exposing a greasy pink hole buried in soft mounds of ass.

Taryn prepared himself for disappointment. He had been this far with a lot of men, but most screamed and gave up; in his lifetime, only two men lasted until the end.

He pushed his baseball-sized cockhead against the twitching pink hole.

“Are you ready”?

“Do it quick man.”

Taryn leaned into the bodybuilder. His cock penetrated the slippery ring and traveled rapidly to the end of Shamus’s rectum. There were several inches to go, but nowhere to put them.

Shamus sucked air between his teeth, then blew it out in measured bursts. His huge back ran with sweat. His tiny waist wriggled in discomfort, which gave Taryn an unexpected thrill.

“Keep going,” Shamus said.

Taryn was puzzled. He had reached the end. This was as far as he could go.

“That’s it, man. No more room.”

Shamus looked over his shoulder. “Past the second sphincter, dude.”

Taryn didn't know what to do. Shamus sighed, twisting to the left. “Here”!

And like magic, his cock found another hole deep inside Shamus. He pressed against it, but it was tight. Shamus pounded the mattress. “Smack my ass!”

Taryn thought about the name calling earlier and used that as fuel to strike the bodybuilder's butt cheek with a resounding crack. Shamus gave an astonished gasp.

The hole loosened. Taryn entered the inner chamber. He never knew it was there. His hips slid forward, resting against the massive globes of butt muscle he had admired for so many months.

Between grunts and moans, Shamus said “Deeper!” He pulled his butt cheeks far apart, so Taryn’s pubic mound pressed hard against the bodybuilder's soft, greasy anus.

Taryn had never gone deeper than 7 inches. Now he was fully engulfed in Shamus sausage casing; it was ecstasy.

Shamus spoke through his pain. “See. I told you aaah I could take it...ow...Now that...ay! Now that you’re in, you ooooh might as well fu-u-uck me”!

Taryn ground his hips against the luscious buttocks. He wanted to stay inside.

“Harder, longer, faster! I can take it.”

Taryn pulled then thrust his hips, slipping in and out of the deep rectum. He ignored the bodybuilder’s cries of pain. He focused only on his cock. He felt Shamus jerking his little dick. He wanted to help. He reached under and cupped the man’s giant balls.

“Hey man, your balls are bigger than mine!”

“For real”? Shamus was smiling.

They were. Taryn’s enormous cock had only normal sized balls. They were dwarfed when he was fully hard. Shamus reached back until he found them. He laughed.

“You got me beat in the dick department, but I got a better body and bigger balls.”

Taryn felt a moment’s pity for this insecure man. It is really fucking hard to carry around an enormous penis. It must be rough to live with a tiny one, too.

Shamus ground his ass backwards into Taryn’s hips, then pulled away. There was so much dick, they could both fuck back and forth without fear of the gigantic cock falling out.

Like an acrobat, Shamus used his powerful arms to pivot through space, landing on his back in missionary, Taryn’s cock still firmly lodged in his muscular ass. Shamus squeezed his outer sphincter to massage the base of the monstrous dick. The man’s muscles were all strong, including the sphincter. He milked Taryn like a Guernsey cow.

Taryn put Shamus’s hamstrings against his chest; the bodybuilder’s lower legs dangled over his shoulders. This position gave him leverage to cut loose and pound the snot out of Shamus.

Indeed, like a runny nose, Shamus began to leak from his little cock head.

“Oh, fuck yeah. Oh fuck! You’re making my ass into a pussy. See my clit dripping”?

Taryn liked this role playing. “Your pussy is gonna be so loose when I'm done with you”!

Shamus placed one of Taryn’s hands on a tiny brown nipple gracing his massive chest muscle. “You like my tits”?

“Your tits are so big, like your huge fucking ass.”

“Play with my tiny clit.”

Taryn jerked Shamus’s tiny penis with two fingers. The muscleman leaned his head back and moaned like a woman.”

“Oh fuck! You're fucking my pussy too hard! I'm gonna split open”!

Taryn's two fingers were getting wet. He held them to his nose, then licked them. “Your pussy juice tastes good.”

“Does it? Oh, I want a taste. Give me some.”

Taryn scooped up a generous helping of clear seminal fluid and fed it to the hungry bodybuilder.

“Oh, I'm gonna come for real! Watch out.”

Completely on its own, no hands, Shamus's little cock shot right into Taryn’s face. For such a small barrel, his gun had a lot of bullets and a long range. It was those giant bouncing balls that created such a mess on Taryn’s face, neck and chest. The muscleman lay back and surveyed his handiwork.

“I got you good.” He grinned and butter melted somewhere.

“Shamus, you finished. Do you want me to stop”?

“Hell no! Look!” He pointed to his rock hard cock, “that was just the first batch. I can make a gallon of the shit if you fuck me long enough.”

“Yeah, this guy isn't a faggot,” Taryn mused in silence.

The tricks didn't stop there. Shamus twirled into a headstand, his legs split in a wide V. Taryn fucked down into his hole like an oil derrick.

In another pose, Shamus was so limber, he was able to do the splits across Taryn’s lap, then bounce using only his groin muscles for leverage.

Because of Taryn’s incredible length, in one position he could put his tongue in the hole and taste it when Shamus rode the top five inches. Shamus started dripping again, howling with delight.

He rotated and sat down hard facing Taryn, completely filled with cock. He tipped his head and grazed Taryn’s mouth with his jawbone. Taryn grabbed his head and kissed so hard he licked his tonsils.

Shamus pulled away. “Man, I don't kiss. But if you need to so you can come, then-”

“Shut up.” They locked lips and embraced. Shamus used his thigh muscles to squat and lift, rubbing his insides hard with the big dick. Taryn had never kissed someone while fucking. He didn't realize until it was too late; the kiss put him over the edge.

Shamus could sense it coming. With more acrobatics, he ended on all fours, giving Taryn complete control over the strokes. Taryn cradled the tiny dick and enormous balls as he took his last, long strokes.

“Oh fuck! I'm gonna come!”

“Come in my pussy!”

“Your pussy better be ready for this.” Taryn got very hot in his ball sac. A pulse began at the base of his cock, and took the long journey to the tip. This repeated, each time the pulse growing more urgent.

Shamus took back his balls and pounded his itty bitty dick. He could come on command. He jacked in a holding pattern, waiting for Taryn’s sperm to enter him.

The urgent pulse became an electrical vibration. Taryn’s legs shook.

“Fuck! Oh fuck Shamus! Oh shit! I’m coming”!

A molten hot flow of white lava spurted out of Taryn, basting Shamus with melted man butter. At the first eruption Taryn was all the way inside Shamus. It coated his left colon. He pulled into the rectum for the remaining squirts. It filled and shot out the sides of the muscle man’s rectum. For the first time since he penetrated Shamus, he allowed his cock to slip out. Along with it came a sea of buttery sperm. Shamus’s gash was wide open, curved and perfectly round like the sign at Big Donut Drive-In. Taryn had never stayed inside someone long enough to see a gaping anus. Watching the last trickles of come pour out, he marveled at his incredible luck. The hole shut and returned to its regular pucker. Every so often, it would burp out some more come.

Shamus Little stared at Taryn Rearden. He had no idea what the muscleman would do next. It made him nervous.


“I ain't no fucking fag”!

“I know. Of course not. Do you want me to fuck you again next Saturday.”?

“Hell yes!”


About the Author

Peter Schutes (1896-1981) served as an infantryman in France during World War I. It was in France he was introduced to an alternate lifestyle that matched his natural proclivities. His predilections caused him to be ejected from the service at the end of his tour of duty.

Sadly, his love for other men was treated as an illness. He spent several years in a California State Hospital, unable to change his nature. The experience left scars that took years to heal. In order to earn his freedom, he feigned a miracle recovery, professing his love for women. He went so far as to seduce a female nurse in order to earn his freedom. He later said it was 'one of the deepest humiliations' he suffered in order to survive.

Afraid of his own desires, he sought refuge in celibacy. It was only after moving to Hollywood in the late 1930's that he reconnected with his primal urges and indulged his sexual desires once more.

He did not begin writing until the 1950's. He found catharsis and psychological healing through his short stories and novels that depicted micro-worlds where love and sex between men were natural and free. His graphic language and taboo topics kept his work out of print outside Denmark until the landmark Memoirs vs Massachusetts (Fanny Hill) ruling that led to an explosion in American gay porn. Peter's prolific volumes of steamy men's tales were some of the finest literature to grace the shelves of dirty bookstores.

PS Publishers are honored to represent this true artist, whose unwavering, unapologetic voice still rings loud and clear in the 21st Century.

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