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The Peephole


Timothy Spears


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The Peephole

Copyright © 2017 by Timothy Spears

All persons in this book are eighteen years old. The characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.

Adult Reading Material

Jerry was coming upstairs to go to bed. He’d been up late watching a baseball game downstairs and since it was summer, his parents didn’t really care how late he stayed up at night. Better to be up late at home than out causing trouble, they figure. As he came down the hall towards his bedroom, he sees a shape crouching in the hallway. Curious, he approaches softly until he can see it’s his younger sister Debbie peeking in through the door to their parents’ bedroom. The bedroom door is open just a crack and a faint ray of light is peeking out.

Suddenly Jerry puts everything together. He bets their parents are making love again and Debbie is watching the action. Despite getting up in years, he knew that their parents still had sex at least twice a week. He could even hear them sometimes from his adjacent bedroom.

Jerry stood there for a moment deciding what to do. He hadn’t really noticed his sister sexually before, but she has filled out quite a bit over the last few years while Jerry was away at college, changing from an annoying brat to a nicely proportioned eighteen-year-old. Maybe if he plays this right, he can have some fun with her.

Jerry crept up behind Debbie, standing so that he is blocking the hallway and the path to her bedroom door. Debbie is so engrossed in the scene that she’s watching that she doesn’t notice Jerry at all. As Jerry gets into position, he can see through the crack that Mom is sitting on top of Dad while he was massaging her breasts.

When Jerry is in position, he taps Debbie’s shoulder, hoping that she won’t make too much of a racket when startled. As expected, it snaps her out of her reverie and she looks up panicked at her older brother, then at the door. She bolts down the hall in the only direction she has available – into her brother’s room.

Jerry follows her, moving slowly and non-threateningly. “What do you think you were doing?” he says quietly with mock seriousness. “You could get caught.”

“I was just up to get a snack and I happened to see…” Debbie stammers. “You won’t tell, will you?”

“No, of course not,” he said reassuringly. “Besides, there are better ways to watch.” Jerry moved over to the wall that separated his bedroom from his parents and took down one of the pictures hanging from the wall. Points of light appeared on the wall where the frame covered. Jerry peeked in and saw his Mom bent down over Dad’s cock, licking and sucking it.

Jerry motioned to Debbie to come over and she did. She peeked in another peephole and gasped at the sight. “Wow…” she muttered. This was a much better view than from the doorway. “It’s so large,” she murmured.

They continued to watch as Mom sucked on Dad’s cock, with her full breasts hanging down beneath her, swaying in time to her motions. Dad’s face was contorted in pleasure and his hands were grabbing at the sheets around them.

Dad then sat up slightly and rolled Mom over on her back. He moved down the bed and peeled off her lacy panties and then buried his face deep in her crotch. A soft moaning sound could be heard coming from their bedroom as Dad licked her pussy.

Jerry glanced over at his sister. She could see that this erotic scene was having an effect on her. She was squirming in her nightshirt and her breathing sounded a little uneven. Her entire focus was on the sights in that room and she was lost to what was going on around her.

That was probably just as well since the sights gave him quite a boner and it making a large tent in his PJ’s. Debbie would probably freak out if she saw it right now. He wondered how far he could go before she came to her senses.

Jerry moved behind Debbie and rested his hands on her hips. He didn’t notice any reaction from her. She was still lost in her world. He moved his hands up and down her side slowly. On about the third pass, he slipped them under the hem of her shirt and was running them up and down her bare torso.

Still sensing no objection from Debbie, he moved his hands slowly to cup her breasts. They weren’t quite as large as Mom’s, but they were rounder and firm. They felt very soft under his hands, with small nipples on the tip that were rock-hard.

Debbie noticed this new contact and it just added fuel to the emotional fire that was burning through her. She leaned back slightly against Jerry’s body, never taking her eyes off the action in the other room, and allowed his hands to roam all over her full tits.

Sensing this capitulation, Jerry sent one of his hands down lower. He found that her cotton panties were already soaked with her juices and when his finger touched the outside of her pussy, Debbie gasped in pleasure.

They could both see that Dad was moving up the bed, straddling Mom. His cock was hanging heavily below him as he moved it into position. Dad ran the tip up and down the opening a few times and then pushed it slowly in. Both parents gasped at the penetration as his cock slid all of the way inside on the first thrust.

Jerry moved his hand inside the panties and started running his fingers up and down Debbie’s opening as well. At this point, Debbie’s whole body was squirming back and forth from the sensations, while her eyes remained locked to the other room. She had a great view of Dad’s large cock moving in and out of her Mom’s pussy. The sight of that combined with the feeling of Jerry’s hands running up and down her own pussy.

“Would you like to know how that feels?” Jerry asked. Getting no response, he slid down her panties with his hand and then pulled his cock out through the opening in the front of his PJs. He pushed his cock up against her opening from behind, stroking it up and down to get her wetness on him. When he was in position, he crouched down slightly and then lifted up, impaling her on his manhood.

Debbie gasped at the fullness as he entered her. Any pain from the intrusion was lost in the feelings that were coursing through her. She could feel his cock push deep inside her, and then slip back out again, only to thrust up and refill her.

Jerry relished the sensation of how snug her sister’s pussy was. Her body seemed softer and more welcoming than the few other girls from college he’d been with. It seemed to be just the right size for him.

Jerry’s pace unconsciously matched the pace of her parents in the other room. As he thrust in and out, his fingers found her clit and started rubbing it, while his other hand held her steady across her tits. He knew that he wasn’t going to last long in this position, and from the moans that Debbie and her parents were making, everyone else was close to their own release.

Mom was the first – she thrust her head back against the pillows and arched her back towards Dad’s thrusting cock. Her hands were grabbing at Dad’s back, pulling him tighter to her as her pelvis quivered against his. Dad then let out a moan and pushed hard against Mom. They could only imagine the jets of sperm that were now filling Mom’s pussy.

This sight was enough for Debbie as she started gasping in her own orgasm. He could feel her pussy clutch his cock as she collapsed forward against the wall. This was all the encouragement that Jerry needed to make one last thrust deep into her and pulse after pulse of his semen filled her quivering pussy.

After a moment, they all caught their breath. They looked through the peephole again, relieved that their parents didn’t hear any of the noises they made. Debbie could feel the cum dripping out of her pussy as she looked back at Jerry wondering if what they had just done was a good idea. At least she was on the pill (to make her periods more regular) so she didn’t have to worry about that.

Jerry also looked at Debbie wondering what she would think now that the moment has passed. “Want to watch again some other night?” he ventured.

Debbie thought a moment and then smiled back at him. “As long as nobody is watching us.”

Jerry slept well that night. In his mind, he replayed the events of the night: finding his sister Debbie watching their parents having sex, convincing her to watch together through a peephole he had in his bedroom wall, and then fucking her while they watched.

Debbie seemed to really enjoy it at the time, but now that morning was here, Jerry hoped that she didn’t have second thoughts. His cock stirred at the thought of fucking Debbie again.

When Jerry went down for breakfast, he saw his parents and sister already at the table eating. Debbie’s reaction didn’t seem any different than normal as everyone scurried to get ready to leave for work. ‘At least she didn’t turn me in,’ he thought to himself as he wolfed down a bowl of cereal.

Jerry went through the day in a fog – his mind distracted by the memories of last night and his hopes and desires for nights to come. Fortunately, the summer job that kept him busy this morning involved mindless stocking of shelves.

Debbie was in her room when Jerry got home from work. He quickly changed out of his work uniform and into something more comfortable. As he pondered what to do with the rest of the afternoon, a door opened in the distance and Jerry heard his sister’s steps as she walked from her room to his. She stood in his doorframe wearing a light sundress and asked, “How was work?”

“Good,” Jerry replied. He wondered if she was going to bring last night up or wait for him to do it. “What were you up to?”

“I was out at the mall with Mary,” she replied. Mary was her BFF: they’d known each other since 4th grade. She lived just down the street and they had slept over at each other’s houses more times than he could remember. “We talked about lots of stuff.”

Debbie paused, as if uncertain how to phrase her next words. “Actually, remember last night?”

“How could I forget?” he replied.

“Well, um… Mary wants to watch too.”

“What?” he shrieked. “You told Mary all about us?”

“Don’t be silly,” she quickly replied. “I just mentioned that I caught you looking and you let me watch too.”

“You caught me looking?”

“Well, I wasn’t going to admit that I was peeking in the hallway! So, please can Mary come and look too?”


Debbie quickly interrupts, “But you have to promise me you won’t tell her what we did! Got it? And don’t watch with us. If you’re going to be in the room, stay over by your bed.”

“I suppose I can live with that,” Jerry replied. “But I’ve got one more condition to add.”

“What’s that?”

Jerry closes the distance to his sister and says, “This.” As he bends his lips down to hers, one hand goes behind her back for support while the other cups one of her breasts.

“Mmmm,” Debbie moans into his mouth as she indicates acceptance of his terms by melting into his embrace. Her hands clutched his back. Their hands roamed franticly over their bodies. His quickly found the ties holding her dress in place while she grabbed the waistband of his shorts and pushed them down towards the floor.

A pile of clothes formed as the two siblings quickly undressed each other. They tumbled into the bed, Jerry lying on top as Debbie grabbed his cock and guided it to her opening. Jerry pushed in and the two teens started thrusting at each other. This was not the gentle seduction of last night – this was the fucking of two people in heat.

Almost as soon as it began, Debbie lets out a squeal of delight matched quickly by Jerry’s grunting as he unloads his sperm into her pussy. Spent, he collapses on her before rolling onto his side.

They both lie there gasping for breath. “I’ve been thinking about that all day,” Debbie says.

“You too?” Jerry asked. “I was worried you regretted last night.”

“No way!” Debbie said. “It feels way too good.” She turned onto her side and snuggled up to Jerry.

“Always glad to help my sister out,” he replied completing the embrace. His hands gently glided over her body. He realized that he hadn’t really seen Debbie’s naked form before since it was quite dark last night and they were in such a hurry now. With the urgency dissipated, he could gently explore the soft curves of her tits and ass. “What’s the plan with Mary?”

“She sleeps over here all the time.”

“Yeah, but do you think Mom and Dad will do anything if she’s spending the night? Plus, they don’t do it every night.”

Debbie’s hands absent-mindedly traced circles over Jerry’s chest as she thought through the dilemma. “If we wait until they start, Mary will have missed too much

“Can Mary sneak out every night?” Jerry asked. “She could sneak over to meet you outside. I’ll peek in and see if Mom and Dad are up to anything. If so, I’ll text you and you can come inside. If not, Mary can go back home and you can try the next day.”

“Great idea! I’m sure Mary can make that work. She’ll be so excited!” As Debbie squirmed in Jerry’s grip, she felt his hardening cock pushing against her legs. “I see someone else has gotten excited again.”

“It's because you are a beautiful woman,” Jerry said smoothly.

Debbie hit him playfully. “Cliché!” But she moved closer, allowing his cock to slide between her legs. “But you’re wonderful anyway,” she said before covering his mouth with hers.

The two teens pressed against each other. Their hands held each other closely but gently as they shared a deep, sensual kiss. After a few long minutes, Jerry slowly adjusted his position to allow his cock to slide to the opening of Debbie’s pussy. She felt the contact and slowly slid down to engulf him.

They continued their kiss as their bodies moved slowly against each other. Jerry held his hands on Debbie’s rear while she stoked his back. Their hands guided their bodies slowly against each other as his cock gently glided in and out, tickling against her clit with each sensuous stroke.

It seemed as if hours passed as they continued their hypnotic dance. The pleasure grew slowly within them. Jerry could feel the tension slowly mounting in his groin as the pace of their movements slowly accelerated. Debbie’s breath in his mouth was faster and more uneven as she approached her release as well.

Jerry pulled Debbie tight against him as he released his load into her pussy. Like their lovemaking, even his climax seemed like a gentle, sensual release rather than a violent blast. Debbie sighed contently in his arms as gentle waves of pleasure coursed through her body.

“Hmmm…” Debbie sighed. “You’re the best.”

“You too,” Jerry replied, holding her close. “But we should get cleaned up before the parents get home.”

The next day, Jerry and Debbie worked out the details of how to sneak Mary into the house to watch their parents have sex though the peephole in Jerry’s room. They toyed with the idea of crawling in through the window (as the bedrooms are on the ground floor) but the windows were high enough to make that awkward. It might look suspicious to any neighbor that happens to see.

Instead, Debbie would meet Mary out in the back yard and wait for Jerry to text them. They could quietly enter the back patio door and come down the hall to Jerry’s room, hopefully without missing too much.

“Mary’s really excited about this,” Debbie reported after filling her in on the plan.

“Is Mary still a virgin?” Jerry asks.

“I think so,” Debbie says. “She’s insatiably curious and we talk about it all the time, but she’s way too timid to actually do anything.”

“I still think it would be easier if she just watched us,” Jerry suggests as he slides his hands around Debbie’s body to cup her tits.

“No way!” Debbie cries as she wriggles free of his grasp. “I would die of embarrassment if Mary found out we were doing it.” She points an accusatory finger at Jerry, “And don’t you say anything to her either!”

“Okay, okay,” Jerry reassures her. “It will be our little secret. What if Mary gets as hot as you did watching? Is it okay if I help her out too?”

Debbie pauses thoughtfully. “Will you always be there for me?” she asks.

“Of course,” Jerry says, wrapping her in a comforting hug. “You’ll always be my special sister.”

Debbie snuggles into his embrace. “Thanks. I suppose I can share you with Mary if she wants. She shouldn’t miss out on all of the fun.” She looks up at him with an adoring smile on her face. “Thanks for asking me first.”

“Anything to keep you happy,” Jerry replied. As they hugged, Jerry moved his hands down to her rear. “Speaking of which, can I make you happy right now?”

“Who are we making happy now?” Debbie replied playfully. “Why don’t you save it for tonight?” She gave him a kiss before heading out of the room.

They had to wait longer than tonight – no opportunities arose for three days. Even tonight looked like it might be another disappointment as Jerry kept an eye on what was happening in his parents’ room. However, just as it looked like his parents were going to go to sleep, his Dad leaned over to Mom to give her a good night kiss. As the kiss lingered, Jerry quickly sent the text to summon Debbie and Mary inside.

A few seconds later, the pair of girls quickly, but quietly, zipped into his room. Both were wearing T-shirts over skirts. Debbie whispered a “thank you” to Jerry as they both knelt on the floor and started peering in the holes to the parent’s room.

Jerry lay back on his bed and picked up a book to read. His focus was more on the girls than on his novel. Mary’s long blonde hair contrasted with his sister’s shorter brown curls and emphasized her thin frame. Jerry was pretty sure that Mary stood a little taller and she walked with a light spring in her step.

She also seemed accessorized to death with a ribbon hair clip, large hoop earrings and necklaces, bracelets, and rings her body. ‘So complicated,’ Jerry thought as he watched the two girls whisper furtively to each other.

A few times, he could hear gasps of surprise coming from Mary before an exchange of whispers followed. He hoped they weren’t being too noisy. Twice Mary looked back at Jerry. He returned her second glance with a friendly smile. Mary then whispered, “Can you leave for a bit?”

“Why?” he asked.

“Please?” she said with an urgent tone to her voice.

“If you’re going to play with yourself, go ahead. I’ll know that’s what you’re doing when I leave anyway.”

“It’s okay, Mary,” Debbie said. “He can’t see anything anyway.” One her hands moved towards Mary. Debbie was right – I really couldn’t see anything, but I imaged that her hand was either moving under Mary’s skirt, or guiding Mary’s hand there.

“What… aah…” Mary sighed as unseen fingers stroked her privates. It wasn’t long before Mary forgot all about me and was aware only of the action in the other room and the action between her legs.

A few silent minutes passed with only the heavy sound of breathing in the room when the girls moved away from the wall and lay out on the floor. As Jerry got up from the bed and grabbed the pictures to recover the peepholes. He could see that both of their skirts were quite a bit higher than they would normally be.

He sat down on the edge of the bed and asked, “How was the show, girls.”

“Every bit as good as last time,” Debbie replied as they sat up. “I think Mary enjoyed it quite a bit too.”

“It was a bit dark in their room,” Mary said. “I wish I could have seen more.”

“I’m right here,” Jerry offered, gesturing towards his body.

A pillow flew through the air striking him flat in the face. “Nice try,” Mary replied. She quickly realized whose room it was though. “But thanks for letting us watch.”

“We’ll have to do it again,” Debbie replies. Mary nodded in agreement.

As quietly as they entered the bedroom, the two girls snuck back out and disappeared down the hallway. A minute later, Debbie quickly returned alone. She moved quickly to Jerry and wrapped her arms around him.

“Watching them made me so hot!” Debbie said as she pushed herself into Jim’s lap. “I need you now!”

Jerry was more than willing to oblige. His hands moved to her rear, scooping her up in his grasp. He gathered up the material of her skirt to reach underneath and discovered that she was naked under her skirt. “You really couldn’t wait, could you?”

“Nope,” she gasped as she fumbled with the zipper on his pants. It didn’t take long before she had his cock free. “Didn’t want anything in the way.”

Debbie lifted up and impaled herself on his cock. “Yes… that’s just what I need…” Quickly, she started bouncing up and down on his cock.

Jerry pulled up her shirt and to find her tits unrestrained. He leaned forward to suck the nipple into his mouth. As his tongue played over the tip, Debbie’s breath got heavier and more insistent.

The two lovers only heard the noise because they were trying to be quiet. A tapping on the window echoed through the room. As they both turned towards the window, they could see Mary standing outside looking in with a shocked expression on her face.

There was a moment of shocked silence when everyone was frozen, staring at each other, before Mary bolted away from the window disappearing into the night. Debbie collapsed into Jerry’s arms and started whimpering.

“Quickly, Debbie. Chase after her. You can explain,” Jerry quickly tried to reassure her. “She’ll understand. I promise. She’s just surprised right now.”

“Really?” Debbie replied in disbelief.

“Yes. If she’s a real friend, she’ll still like you. Now hurry.”

Debbie pulled her skirt and shirt down. There was a moment’s hesitation while she regained her composure before she dashed out of the room.

Debbie didn’t know what to think. Last week, she discovered her parents’ door left open slightly when they were having sex and was able to turn the dry lessons, stories, and gossip into solid fact.

The next time she watched, she didn’t realize that her brother Jerry was still up. He found her in the hallway watching, but instead of freaking out or turning her in, he showed her the holes he had in his wall for watching from the safety of his room.

And while she was watching, Jerry gave her a first-hand education about sex. She was quiet and passive during his seduction but really wanted it to happen. Sex was so much better than she ever imagined it would be – much better than when she rubbed herself off at night.

She would die if anyone knew she was fucking her brother, but the sexual awakening in her was so great that she couldn’t hide from her best friend Mary that something had happened. Debbie just said that she found her brother watching and he invited her to watch too.

Mary had been just as curious about sex as Debbie was. It was probably one of their top conversation topics, even though neither girl knew very much at all. She begged if there was some way she could watch too so she had Jerry help sneak her into the house to watch.

But then disaster struck. After Mary left, Debbie was so worked up from watching her parents that she started fucking Jerry. What she didn’t know is that Mary came back to the house and saw the two of them going at it through the bedroom window.

Now, she’s running down the street, trying to catch her best friend before she can make it home. She has no idea what she’s going to do when she catches up to her. It took her brother’s urging to even chase after her rather than just collapse in an emotional heap on the floor. But he’s not here now.

Debbie was running in such a panic, she almost didn’t see Mary. She was sitting on a bench in the corner of the neighborhood playground. Catching her breath, Debbie slowly walked over to the bench. “Hi, Mary,” she said tentatively as she sat down on the bench beside her.

Mary glanced up at her friend, but said nothing as she looked down into her lap again. Her long hair concealed her face as she sat silently. Debbie also sat in silence as she couldn’t think of what to say. While the silence lingered, Debbie heard a soft whimpering sound and realized that Mary was crying.

“What’s wrong?” Debbie asked.

“You’re going to hate me now,” Mary replied through her tears.

Among the many possibilities that had gone through Debbie’s mind, this was not one of them. “Why would I hate you?”

“Because… Because… Now you’ve got Jerry…”

“That’s ridiculous,” Debbie replied. “I’m not going to leave you to go hang out at the mall with him.”

“Yeah, but you won’t need me to talk about sex anymore when you can just do it whenever!”

“Don’t be silly. That will just give us more to talk about.”

“Really?” Mary sniffled. “Do you mean it?”

Debbie put her hands around Mary and hugged her. “Of course. You’re still my BFF.”

The two shared a close hug for several minutes. Suddenly Mary sat up straight and pointed an accusing finger at Debbie. “Why didn’t you tell me! You left me out of all the fun!”

Debbie chucked. “Jerry did offer, you know. I think I can share him.”

Mary laughed, “Not him. I meant…” Mary looked down and continued quietly. “Can he share you?”


Mary pulled Debbie’s hand towards her skirt. “Please,” she asked as she pulled Debbie’s hand lower. “Earlier, it felt so good…”

Debbie had never considered doing anything sexual with another girl before. She and Mary had practiced kissing of course, and they brought themselves off once during a sleepover. But Debbie sensed that her friend needed this right now.

She slid her hand up under Mary’s short skirt tracing a path up her thighs. Debbie put her other hand around her friend and leaned in for a kiss. Their lips met at the same time Debbie’s fingers found the damp material of Mary’s panties. The dampness was a cold, clammy feeling probably left over from her earlier excitement, but as her fingers traced up and down the outline of Mary’s vagina, the cold dampness was replaced with heated moisture.

The kiss they shared was unique. It did not have the animal passion when Debbie was kissing her brother, nor the practiced exploration when she was practicing with Mary earlier. Instead, the kiss was slower, softer, and gentler, but with more of a caring, comforting emotion behind it.

Debbie slid her fingers underneath the panties to explore Mary’s vagina directly. Her opening was very hot and very wet. At the first direct contact, Mary’s body twitched in excitement. Her body started undulating against Debbie’s hand as it traced around and through her womanhood. Debbie knew only what made her feel good, but the language of sex is mostly universal as the same caresses that excited her also brought her friend to higher levels of excitement.

Mary’s participation in the kiss became more and more detached as her attention focused on the orgasm that was building within her. Almost unconsciously, her hand moved up to squeeze her breast to complement the feelings her friend’s caresses were bringing in her.

Her release came like an avalanche. It started slowly, building at the top of her belly, and then grew in a long rumble as the feelings tumbled down to her groin and rebounded through her legs, arms, and head. A long, low moan of satisfaction escaped her lips as the orgasm ran its course through her body.

When it passed, she sat forward and embraced her friend in a big hug. “I love you so much, Debbie.” Suddenly conscious that they were on a park bench in the middle of their neighborhood, Mary glanced around at the dark streets around her. “Do you think anyone heard?”

Disengaging from the hug, Debbie responded, “I don’t think so. Nobody’s around.” She thought about what just happened and while she was glad to help her friend out emotionally, even sexually, it felt very strange to her. “Um… Mary…” she started. “Do you think you’re a lesbian?”

The dim light made it hard to see, but Debbie noticed that Mary flushed red at the thought. “Oh, no! Am I?” Mary asked. “Will you hate me? What will I do?”

“Shhh… calm down,” Debbie said. “I won’t hate you. Just think about it. What did you think when you were watching my parents?”

“That was so hot!” Mary replied immediately.

Reassured that she knew the answer, Debbie continued. “Imagine yourself making out with someone. Do you picture a guy or a girl?”

Mary pondered then smiled. “Definitely a guy.”

“So, you’re probably not a lesbian.” Debbie gave her friend another hug. “I’d still be your friend either way – I just don’t love you ‘that way.’”

“Is what we did wrong?”

“Of course not, silly. We can do anything we want! Besides, it isn’t much different than when we practiced kissing.”

Mary smiled devilishly, “Except it felt so much better! You’re so lucky! What’s it like?”

Debbie’s eyes got a dreamy expression as she reminisced. “It’s so amazing. When he touches me, the sensations are so strong.”

“Better than when you touch yourself?”

“Oh, yes. I guess it’s like tickling – you can try to tickle yourself but it doesn’t work. It’s only when someone else tickles you that you feel anything. When he touches me, the feeling is so much stronger.”

“And when he fucks you?”

“It’s this incredible feeling of fullness! Like that satisfied feeling when you stuff yourself on a good meal…” Debbie paused. “Well, not like that, but you know…” She started giggling. “It’s complicated!”

She pondered something before slowly continuing, “Can I ask something weird?”

“Of course. What are friends for?”

“Well, this is really weird,” Mary explained. “You know when we were watching tonight. It was amazing, but it was dark and a little hard to see. Um…”

Debbie’s eyebrows shot up as she realized where her friend was headed. “You want to watch us?”

“Is that weird?”

“Well, a little,” Debbie said.

“Sorry,” Mary replied quietly.

Debbie shook her head. “Don’t be. It’s just odd having an audience during something like that. Imaging if I was watching you make out with someone.” Debbie thought for a moment. “But I think I could do it for you.”

“Really? What about Jerry?”

“I’m sure he’ll go along with it. He’s probably hoping he can have you too. Remember, he did offer?”

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” Mary blushed. “I think I just want to watch for now.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll keep him under control.” Debbie winked at her friend,” But he’s available if you want him.”

Mary shook her head again, but then asked, “Is that really okay with you?”

“Only for you,” Debbie replied. “Besides, he will always be my special big brother.”

“Thanks,” Mary replied sincerely as they hugged again. “I should get home though. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Sure. Later!”

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