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Highway Sexcapades


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It was early evening and still warm and beautiful outside. Cecile de Vendome had offered her former student Gedeon to drive him home, the distance was technically about an hour away riding the highway. However, with the trucks hitting the road on Sunday night, it might take a bit longer.

During the long minutes, the black teenager and the gorgeous married blonde teacher remained silent.

The stylish convertible Mercedes SLC 200 making her long blonde hair flying over her shoulders for few minutes as they drove along the coast. She then slowed down, one of her long black perfectly manicured finger pushing the button activating the retractable hardtop. As the system unfold she used the same finger to turn the A/C on. Then she pulled on the highway.

Both their minds were revisiting the incredible yet scandalous weekend they just spent. Back an hour ago, she had asked the young student to get himself ready to hit the road as she indulged herself to a much needed warm shower that took longer than expected as she had struggled to try to remove all the semen sticking in her body and deep inside all her holes. She had been half surprised when the young black teenager had joined her, adding extra time to the shower, divinely excited to hear the loud wet sound of his thighs hitting her butt cheeks as he was nailing her furiously from behind. Mouth wide open, face disfigured, her perfect natural double G cups magnified and pressing flat, her nipples obscenely mashed against the transparent shower glass door as they both lustfully witnessed their own copulation through the mirror reflection. She had been in such situation numerous times with her husband as she had developed over the years, an increasing excitement of watching herself being hammered, leading her to climax prematurely.

However, gazing abandoning herself to her former student pummeling her had intensified the unbelievable pleasure of a large orgasm. She was thankful to him for erupting into her mouth and glazing her face, ending up this ultimate assault though she could still feel the creamy tasty potent inside her belly.

Before they left the blonde teacher home, she had made clear to the student that all that happened over the weekend was a one time story. She was about to drive him home and both would have to forget everything, each getting back to their everyday life. Thus, not living in the same city would, of course, facilitate the whole situation.

Unlike the first time he had occupied the passenger seat when she first took him to her home, he now could freely eye her voluptuous dream body curves without the fear of getting caught. She was wearing a dark printed summer dress that was short enough to generously display most of her endless bare legs and she had switched her platform shoes with high heels stilettos. Probably not the best idea for driving though it was too late to replace as she wanted to hit the highway traffic as early as possible.

She had also safely put a bra on to prevent any Gedeon's potential intrusive assault on her perfect huge natural breasts though she secretly hoped he would, the air conditioning that was cooling off the car interior seemed to be technically responsible for the growing hardening of her nipples that were now obscenely sticking out through the underwear.

By the time she will be back home, her husband would probably be there, perversely waiting for her, desirous to learn some spicy details about her weekend. He will then be overly turned on that she was expecting a punish bang, this thought already developing some early arousal. Since his Sunday had probably been a busy one as well, by all means, he will most certainly not last long anyway and her body could finally get some well-deserved rest. The young student stamina hadn't allowed her resting that much over the weekend and she needed to catch up on sleep before hitting the work week.

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