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This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between the events and characters portrayed in this book and real life is a coincidence. I encourage all readers to practice safe sex, respect their partners, and have a good time. Consent is sexy, – PB Rider


By PB Rider

In the first part of this story, Watching Her First Time, my wife, Jenn, picked up this young guy (Matt) on the beach and brought him home, while I hid and watched them fuck. It was a good story, and you would have liked it, but no matter, this next part starts right after that one ended.


We spent the rest of that day getting high, watching TV and fooling around, then in the evening we met Amy, one of Jenn’s old friends, who hooked us up with some pills and we went dancing at a club.

The next morning, coming down at home, Jenn and I were going over what had happened, from the night before back to when she’d fucked another guy.

“I’ve got be honest,” Jenn said. “I liked it. I liked you watching me.”

I felt my dick rise, again.

“Let’s go to bed.”

“Later, I’ve got eat, and I want to know how you feel. Did you really like it?”

“Yeah, I did, but it’s nothing I want do too often. Maybe on vacation somewhere, out of town. People talk.”

“That’s a shame, because Amy and I were talking last night. You remember Amy, don’t you, hon?”

I remembered Amy. I felt like I hadn’t been able to keep my eyes off her tits all night.

She looked like she sunbathed naked, and maybe she did. I remembered the neon dress she’d squeezed into the night before, and how she jiggled as she danced.

“Well, she thinks we’re ‘a cute couple’. Said if we ever want to party, we can.”

“What did you say?”

“Said I’d ask you. What do you think, hon? Want to fuck us both?”

It was certainly something to consider.


“Amy was a real party girl,” Jenn said, after I immediately agreed to everything, and asked what to expect.

“She’d arrive with one guy and make out with another, leave with a third. I remember one time she fucked four guys at once, something like that, and got the whole thing on video. She could have been a sex tape.”

“And you really think she wants to fuck, you weren’t just high?”

“What can I say? She thinks we’re fuckable. And don’t you think she looks fun?”

My smile was uncontrollable.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’”.


The next Saturday we arranged to meet Amy at a bar one street back from the beach, a place called JD’s. Jenn said they used to go there a lot in college, and it still had that kind of vibe. I felt a little old, but also good to be back in such a place with money in my pocket. I was looking forward to hanging out with Amy, the look and feel of her tits up close, and how I was going to fuck her later with my wife.

“What if things get weird?”

“Isn’t that the idea, hon? Just relax, and go with the scene.”

Amy came in, body tight in white pants and silver top. She and Jenn hugged, and then she turned to me.

“Hey, babe.”

She kissed me, smelled good, hugged me so her tits squeezed between us.

“I heard about the other day, but we’re going to do something for you tonight, right? Put things in balance, so to speak, but first of all –”

She pulled out a little baggie and handed us a pill each.

“We don’t have to stay here long, just a drink until we start to come up, then a cab back to my place.”

She popped a pill in her mouth, swallowed it with her drink. We did the same, and then Jenn put one hand behind Amy’s head and another on her back, pulled her near, and they began kissing.

I heard someone behind us give a whoop of delight.

We got a table, and I listened as Amy and Jenn caught up with each other, relaxing into the night, a smile growing as I knew that soon I’d have my hands on Amy’s jugs and my cock in her pussy. What a night this promised to be.

I was lost in flash images of tits, ass, mouths and my cock when Amy stood up, put a hand on Jenn’s shoulder, and said “Come on, let’s dance.”

They got up and went to the dance floor, and I was starting to feel very good indeed. They were happy and moving close, getting back into the feeling I’d seen the week before, but this time with a goal. After years of being friends they were finally going to fuck each other, with the willing aid of me and my dick.


Seeing them together, Amy’s tits wobbling in her top and Jenn putting her hands on her hips and ass, I felt like the luckiest guy in town, and wasn’t the only one enjoying the show.

“Look at that – beautiful.”

Some guy at the next table, talking to his buddies.

“Wouldn’t mind seeing those two together,” he went on. “Those older women can be fun as fuck if they’ve got some fatass McLimp Dick at home – do anything to keep you around.”

He went on like that for a while – dull misogyny and generalizations from a guy whose sex life was younger than my shoes, but just as I was losing interest I heard something I couldn’t ignore.

“Wait a second – I know her, the one with the legs, not the rack. She was on the beach.”

I didn’t recognize him, but he was the right age. I hoped he wasn’t the grab-ass guy.

“That’s it. It’s her – shit, man, Andy fucked her.”

Andy? The guy’s name was Matt. You don’t forget the name of the guy who fucked your wife right in front of you. I wondered what else he’d get wrong.

“Met her on the beach, and ten minutes he’s in the back of a car blowing his nuts in her mouth. I'm telling you man, older women love young cock. Makes them feel alive.”

“I wonder if she’s free tonight.”

“Maybe we can share?”

High fives.

“Man, I bet she would, too.”

It was too much, but what could I do?

I decided to go outside and smoke a joint.


I went to the parking lot and looked for somewhere discreet, then pulled out a joint and lit it, took a hit and let it sink in.

No doubt the guy had got the name wrong, or Matt had given a false one, and the thing about the car was odd, but who told the whole truth in gossip? Of course, the only other explanation, that Jenn had sucked off another guy, kept spinning through my head. But why wouldn’t she tell me about it, especially with all that was happening?

Then I remembered Matt said that Andy was the grab-ass guy, so maybe that’s what the confusion was – Andy grabbed her ass and Matt got his cock sucked. Still, I didn’t like the idea that this story was out in the wild, changing each time it was told.

I was standing there behind a dumpster when I heard voices, a man and woman. I recognized Amy. I moved back into the shadows and decided to play dumb if caught. I smelled weed – was everyone high in this town?

“That girl’s hot,” the guy said, “and you’re going home with her tonight?”

“Yeah,” said Amy, “her guy’s coming too.”

“How’d he get that?”

“A favor. He lets Jenn fuck other guys.”

“And you knew her in college, right? Wish I’d known you then.”

“Oh, I was a mess. We all were. And then Jenn goes off and gets married.”

The sound of smoking.

“Say, want to bring this Jenn over to my place sometime?”

Amy laughed.

“Then talk to her about it. You said she had a thing for guys like me.”

“A very generous offer.”

“Isn’t it?”

They laughed.

“Come on,” said Amy, “Jenn’s alone in there and the pills are about to kick in. A few more minutes and she’ll be fucking on the dance floor.”

“Nice, I’ll go find her.”

More laughter, which faded as they walked back to the club.

I finished the joint, then went back inside.


It took a few seconds for me to register the scene – the pill was just starting to hit, and a grin was spreading over my face, but there was Amy, back at our table, talking to some guy – tall, dark, handsome – maybe the one from outside, and where was Jenn?

She was on the dance floor with a guy on each side, both from the table that had been talking about her, about that Andy or Matt, who’d heard about her adventures.

She looked alive, like she was loving it, arms around the guy in front, while the other rubbed against her ass from behind, and it took a moment to remember it was just the drugs that were making her behave in this way.

Still, Jenn saw me, and her smile dropped for a moment – had she gone too far? But then she kissed the guy in front of her with an open mouth. I heard a cheer, turned and saw Amy and that guy, and someone nearby called Jenn a slut, wondered how she’d be in bed.

Then the song ended and Jenn came over and put her arms around me.

“Where were you?”

“I went out for a smoke.”

“Well, do you want to go now? Shall I go and tell Amy?”

“Will she mind?”

“Oh, no, she just wants to get laid.”


We went over to get Amy and there was that guy, dark skin, indeterminate race, very modern look, who a week later would be fucking my wife in a DP while I was tied up, watching, and also later, when I fucked her in the ass for the first time and he was taking her mouth, with Matt’s dick in her pussy.

“Name’s LP,” he said, introducing himself while Amy was getting her things together, and there was confusion as to what this meant, if his name was El Pee, Elpi, or so on.

“No, no. L, P, like long playing records. Twelves inches, you know.”

“Are you a DJ?” Jenn said.

“Uh, uh, Legs and Co. Ask Amy here, she’ll tell you.”

He grinned and gave Jenn a squeeze on the shoulder, then turned and went to the bar.

“Who was that?” Jenn said.

“Oh, he’s the guy I get the pills off.”

“And what’s LP stand for?”

“Large Penis, and he’s certainly a dick. Come on, let’s go to my place.”


We got a cab and went to Amy’s apartment – a living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

Nice looking place.

Amy said, “I need a shower.”

“Me too,” said Jenn.

“Room for me?”

“Sorry, babe,” Amy said, opening a drawer and handing me a wooden box, “small shower, big tits. But smoke a bowl, roll some joints, have a drink, whatever. We’ll be out soon, then it’s your turn.”

“Don’t worry,” said Jenn, “we won’t lock the door.”

“Yeah, come in and watch, if you like.”

I rolled a joint and lit it, then rolled some more for later. I checked out the books on Amy’s shelves, either side of the bathroom door. A lot of good stuff – she was more than tits and ass.

I heard the shower running and laughter. I stopped and listened.

I could hear Jenn telling Amy about the other day, exaggerating a little, changing details here and there. In this telling she was blowing the guy at his place, not ours, or in a car, and there were no names, no Matt or Andy, and nothing about me hiding in the bedroom. But we were all high, and I guess she wanted to keep some things secret, and I appreciated that.

I knocked on the door and it moved a little, just enough for me to see them all wet and soaping each other up. My dick shot up and stayed hard the rest of the night.

I went in, joint first.

“You two want a hit?”

“Sure,” said Amy, “but I’m wet. Give me a blow back.”

I inhaled, then went over and she put her head out of the shower and our tongues touched while she breathed in and I breathed out. She held it in and went back under the shower, then put her arms around Jenn and kissed her. Some smoke leaked out and mingled with the steam.

Amy’s tits did not disappoint. She was in her 30s, like us, but for their size they still held up well, with the kind of heavy hang that looks a lot of fun. Jenn must have felt the same, because she kept rubbing her hands or breasts over them, both sets of nipples erect, then Amy turned and I saw her ass. Round, brown, firm and wet. I needed to get in there.

I started undressing, and was naked before they noticed me, scratching my balls and pulling my cock.

“You OK, hon?” Jenn said, pushing Amy’s tits up and together. “You think you can handle these?”

“Fuck, yes.”

“Then get in the shower,” said Amy, stepping out, drying her hands on towel, and taking the joint, “and then we’ll give you a blow job.”


I got in the shower as Jenn was getting out. I thought about what was going to happen – I was going to fuck Amy with Jenn’s blessing. Not only that, with her right there too, no doubt ready to suck my cock as I pulled it from her friend’s cunt. My head spun at the possibilities.

I had a vision. They were both working on my cock and balls with their mouths, tongue flicking and kissing each other. They were using me as a sex toy and I loved it, watching them groping each other while sucking me off. Amy held my cock and rubbed it on her breasts, then put it between them and gave me a tit-wank while kissing Jenn. There was too much going on, and I hadn’t even started fucking them yet. I stopped jerking off, let the idea of an orgasm subside, and strategized as I soaped up and got fresh.

Fuck them in turn, keep going as long as possible, then blow on both of their faces. What could go possibly wrong?


I got dried, came of the bathroom, and heard them in the bedroom. I went in and saw them on the bed, sharing a joint, a box of sex toys open beside them.

Jenn passed me a joint. I couldn’t get any higher, but I kept smoking.

“My two favorite people, together at last.”

I took a hit and Jenn kissed me, inhaled the smoke, then kissed Amy, moved back and gently pushed us together. I put my hands on her tits. They were soft, heavy and delightful, and I was going to fuck her.

While we were making out I felt Jenn’s mouth on my cock. It was really happening, and the drugs were hitting good.

Amy pulled her mouth away from mine and looked at me. God she was amazing. Her tits looked bigger than my head.

“Tell us what you want.”

“Yeah, hon,” said Jenn, licking my balls, “no point in being shy now.”

“I want you to suck my cock.” I said

“Both of us?”


“Oh, you’re naughty.”

Amy directed me to sit on the end of the bed, then moved a rug for her and Jenn to kneel on. They started touching my thighs, cock and balls, and kissing each other, then splitting up and working their mouths where their hands had been. I surrendered, and it felt good not having to do anything, just sit back and enjoy the show.

They would work together, both with their mouths on my cock, licking the head or rubbing their lips on the shaft, or one would move to the balls while the other worked on the head. At one point Amy was licking my cock while it was between her massive tits, and Jenn was a little behind her, holding her hair back and watching her friend suck, then watching me enjoy it.

“She’s pretty good, huh? Had a lot of practice.”

“Not as much as you,” Amy said, running the tip of her tongue around the head.

Jenn pushed her down and my cock slid into her open mouth.

Then she looked at me.

“She’s got no gag reflex, you can be a little harder.”

I moved my hips and felt the back of Amy’s throat tighten and relax, and then she pushed her face forward the last inch or so and took it all.

“That’s it,” Jenn said, “all the way in, and see if you can lick his balls.”

I felt Amy’s tongue.

I looked at my wife and loved her.

“Get down here,” I said, “and see who makes me cum.”


Jenn moved down and Amy pulled her lips back from the base of my cock. The whole length slid out from her throat, slick with spit and ready to blow. Jenn grabbed it and ran her tongue up the side, pushing up her friend’s slobber and catching some in her mouth, drooling it out.

They were both very high and seemed desperate to see me cum, and it didn’t take long for an orgasm to start building. I put a hand on each of their heads and stroked them, ready to be a little firmer if they tried to move away. Another time I would have held off and let the tension grow, but I hadn’t cum in two days and knew we’d be fucking for a long time yet.

I looked down and chose the moment. I liked the way they were ignoring everything about me except my cock and balls. They had their mouths on either side of my dick and worked up and down with their tongues and lips, kissing through the spit when at the top.

“I’m going to cum,” I said, and then it began, too soon for them to move away and too much to not make a mess. The great thing was that neither of them stopped what they were doing, just running their mouths all over my dick as it shot wad after wad of jizz onto their tongues and lips, or even up into the air and down again on their faces, all while they were dribbling over each other and moving it back and forth, making me cum even harder.


As I recovered I watched as Amy moved on top of Jenn, her tits hanging down and then squashed as they were grinding their pussies together.

Amy’s brown ass was moving up and down. I rubbed my cock around her wet slit, then slid it inside. Amy pushed herself up on all fours to get it deeper, and Jenn rolled around, kissed those heavy breasts, then kept moving until they were locked in a 69, mouths and fingers on each other’s cunts.

I felt Jenn’s tongue on my shaft and a hand on my balls as I was fucking Amy, looked down and almost blew my load as I pulled out and she took my cock and began sucking it, reaching round to slip two fingers into Amy’s pussy and one in her ass. She pushed them in deep and I saw the knuckles wriggling. This was intense. I pulled back and sat down on the bed for a while, taking in the scene as the two of them wrestled, hands and mouths all over each other, bodies wet with sweat and other fluids, fingers moving into holes, and thought about what I’d fuck next.


Jenn was sitting on the floor, ass on a pillow, legs apart, back against the bed. Amy was face down in her snatch, ass in the air, and I started fucking her pussy again. I got a good grip of her hips and began my explorations, probing her cunt from all angles.

Jenn settled back to get her pussy eaten while I fucked her friend, and looked like she was cool with it all. She reached for the toy box – pulled out a vibrator and a short, soft dildo, about the size of my middle finger, with a flared base and bumps all over the last inch or so.

Amy reached out and took it, stuck it in her mouth to get it wet, then pulled it out and slipped the end into Jenn’s ass. She moaned and bucked her hips until the whole length of the ass toy disappeared up her butt, and then Amy put her fingers inside her pussy – three fingers, four, moving in and out, round and round, and then she pulled out, tucked in her thumb, and eased the whole hand inside, right down and snug past the knuckles.

I looked up and Jenn had her mouth open in a silent scream, eyes tight shut and strained with pleasure, and just when I thought things couldn’t get any more intense, Amy turned and asked me to fuck her in the ass.


I was in a daze, and then heard Jenn talking to me, Amy’s fist in her cunt and a dildo in her ass.

“Hey hon, I think she you wants you to stick it in her butt.”


Amy moved forward so that my cock sprung out of her pussy and wiggled her ass at me.

“Put it in my ass,” she said. I looked down and there was her asshole, puckered and slick with spit, sweat and pussy juice. It didn’t seem possible my cock could fit, but I was happy to try. I slipped the head in and felt the first ring tighten, then slowly moved forward and pushed past the second. It felt good, and even better when I looked up from Amy’s tight hole being stretched to see my own wife getting fisted and fucked in the ass and loving it too, her hips finding an easy rhythm with the twin assault and a big grin on her face.

“Pretty good, huh, hon? I know you like to see me slut out, don’t you? And you,” she said to Amy. “You like my husband’s cock in your butt?”

“Yeah, I do, I really do.”

“You hear that, hon? Now fuck her like she owes us money.”


Amy moved her ass in tight circles to work my cock in deeper, opening up to take the whole thing. I grasped her hips, took control, and began thrusting in and out, working up speed and depth, until I was out to the tip and then all the way in to the balls.

I could feel Amy’s ass tighten on my cock, and took this as a sign to fuck even harder, putting my foot up on the bed to get more leverage, getting right down to the angry inch. What a woman, and the first effect of me fucking Amy full length in the ass was Jenn began moaning more deeply, a hand on her friend’s head, moving her hips up and down, pussy stretched open and fisted.

“Fuck,” she said, “I’m going to cum.”

The shakes that began to move through Jenn were enough to put Amy over the edge, and as I ground deeper she started bucking wildly and gibbering, giving in to the pounding, but still working her hand around inside my wife’s cunt, forcing her to cum harder all the time, and I came too, my dick buried to the nuts in her ass, pumping and jerking for a long time, and there was Jenn, all the muscles in her upper body tense as the orgasms ran through her, a dildo deep in her butt and a fist in her snatch.

This was married life to the full.


We collapsed together, panting, moaning, and moving into a hug. I drifted in and out, still very high and on an afterglow from the fuck scenes laid out above. When I came to Jenn and Amy were lying next to each other on the bed and making out, and I laid down behind Jenn, slipped my cock inside.

The rest of the night passed in one of those stoned, sleepy blurs with sudden episodes of electricity and buzz. I remember all three of us in bed, and cuddles and so on, and finally I slept just as the sun was coming up, woke at 11 with Jenn and Amy already in the kitchen, drinking coffee and sharing the inevitable joint.

On the table was the box from last night, with sex toys and lingerie. Jenn held up a corset, a mild-fetish dominatrix affair.

“Honey, we’ve got to go shopping.”

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By PB Rider


My wife likes the taste of dick, or so it seems. How else to explain all the cocks she’s sucked since we got into the “swinging” lifestyle?

I put that in quotes because at the time this adventure took place there was little partner swapping going on, and it’s fair to say that Jenn had seen more dicks than I’d seen pussy.

Still, I was in no position to complain.

I’d fucked Amy a few times, Jenn’s big-titted best friend, and she’d brought home a couple of other women who were happy to fool around in a threesome. I’d also gone out on my own and partied, but it seemed harder for a man to get a zipless fuck than a woman, especially when I tried to explain the situation. “I’m married, but we have an agreement,” just sounds like a line coming from a guy, but from a woman?

Fuck yeah – party’s on.

So the story I’m going to tell here had been building for a while, and I hope it’s as much fun to read as it was to live through. In short, and so you don’t waste your time, this is the tale of how I got pissed off at my wife for having more sex than me, and how a college freshman and a couple of women from her past and helped me get a sense of closure.

But most of all it’s the story of how my wife came to be tied up, blindfolded and oiled, with three women taking turns to own her body, and how I was there and did what I wanted, and all without her knowing, or so I thought at the time.

I also fuck a tight-bodied fully-legal Asian teen in the ass, and get with rich, degenerate bitch who set the whole scene up – so stay with it, it’s nasty.


“How’d I look?”

Jenn looked great.

It was her umpteenth date since we’d started this open relationship thing, and she knew exactly what she was doing.

Prepping to go off and get her brains fucked out while I sat home and jerked off.

She was in a tight blue dress that showed off all her curves. Since we’d entered the scene we’d both been eating better, working out more, and she had the kind of body I wanted to fuck all day and then flip over and fuck all night.

“You think she’ll like it?”

Jenn had met this girl who worked in coffee store downtown, a slim-waisted, big-titted, fully-legal Asian teen who was bi-curious and wanted an older woman to teach her how to eat pussy and fuck.

I volunteered my dick for extra-curricular activities and looked forward to nailing this tight angel while high-fiving my wife as she sat on her face.

We had a blessed marriage.


Jenn had to go and pick Suzy up and bring her home, and I was going to stay there, smoke weed and get some ideas.

Jenn took the joint off me, took a hit.

“You’ll play it cool?”

Holding the smoke in to the end

“Sure. I’ll sit and watch until she wants me to join in, you know how it goes.”

“Yeah. It’s just – she’s young. I don’t want to scare her. I don’t know when we’ll get a chance like this again.”

Jenn handed the joint back to me.

“Back in 20 or 30,” she said, “try not to start without us.”

The moment she was gone I sat down and started looked at some Asian schoolgirl porn, checking out the shaved pussies and tight assholes peeking out from under plaid skirts, imagining my dick squeezing in there.

I was getting excited.


“Hi hon, this is Suzy.”

I had a hopes, but she looked even better. Cute as a doll, with long black hair, smooth skin and big, high tits that stretched out her crop top and made it lift up to show her small waist.

She was wearing tight jeans on a round ass I wanted to squeeze.

She smelled like peaches.

I was doing good with Jenn, Amy and the rest of the mid-life crises crew, but I hadn’t fucked a woman like this in years.

“Hi,” I said, holding out a joint, “nice to meet you.”

“Thanks,” she said, inhaling. “Your wife’s hot.”

Jenn laughed.

“You’re so polite – I love it. Do you really think you can break me?”

“I don’t know. I guess.”

This was a new development.

“Tell him, Suzy. Show me you can do it.”

The girl bit her lip and looked down.

“Well – I have a professor. She’s a real bitch. She looks a lot like Jenn. I want to make her eat my pussy and rub it in her face when I’m cumming, I, I want to call her a stupid cunt and fuck her ass with a dildo.”

“Good girl, Suzy,” Jenn said, stroking the girl’s back. “Just be honest with yourself. Now tell Steve what else you want.”

“I want someone to train my ass.”

Jenn was grinning as much as I was.


Suzy had a backpack with her.

She put it on the table and opened it.

“I brought some things. Maybe we could try them?”

She pulled out her toys. They were still in their packages and Jenn picked each one up, took a look, then passed it to me.

There was a strap-on, a double-headed dildo, a vibrating ass toy, two buttplugs, a dildo shaped like a forearm with a fist, a pack of bondage ropes, a blindfold, a dog collar, a leash, some lube, a maid outfit and a schoolgirl outfit.

The girl had a worried look on her face.

“Is that OK?”

Jenn put a hand on her thigh.

“Oh honey, it’s perfect. You’re perfect.”

She lent in and kissed her on the mouth.

When they broke apart Suzy shot a look at me, then back at my wife.

“I think you should tell him.”

“Hon,” Jenn said, “can we have a word, in private?”

I was still holding the lube when I followed her into the bedroom.


If you’ve read some of our other adventures then maybe you’ll remember we have a one-way mirror set in the bedroom door, looking out into the living room, so we could keep an eye on Suzy as she got high and sorted out the stuff on the table..

Jenn gave me a kiss, squeezed my cock through my pants, and bounced on the spot.

“Fuck – did you see what she brought? I’m so wet.”

I had a vision of me fucking Suzy in the ass while she was eating Jenn out.

I saw them French-kissing around my cock and swapping spit and sperm.

I almost came in pants, ready to hear my role in the set-up.

“What is it she wants you to tell me?”

“Well, she said she’s not OK with all this.”

“What – she doesn’t want to fuck?”

“No, she wants to fuck. As soon as possible. We made out a little in the elevator. Her tits are a-mazing. It’s almost like they’re still growing”

“Then what’s the problem?”

Jenn shrugged, gave a sad smile.

“You, hon. I’m sorry.”

“What the fuck?”

“Look. She’s got a boyfriend. He’s cool with her playing around with me, but he said no to a guy, and she thinks she ought to respect that. Kind of sweet, don’t you think?”

“So I have to leave while you two stay here and fuck?”

“I think you can watch – just no touching.”

“Not even you?”

“Come on, hon. You can fuck me anytime, and I don’t think it’s be fair. Let’s say me and Suzy are going at it, cunt to cunt, and you’re fucking me and slip out – what’s to say you won’t slide back into her and ruin the whole scene? Or if you’re fucking me and she’s sucking my clit, and your big balls keep smacking up against her face? Or you’re cumming on me and –”

“It’s OK, I get it.”

Suzy was opening the plastic packages. We watched as she sniffed that a dildo then took the schoolgirl outfit, stood up, and held it up against her body.

“Look, I’m sure you can sit there and jack off. Just keep a safe distance. I really want to get hold of those tits, and can you imagine me as the bitch teacher she hate fucks, and then I turn the tables and sit on her face while going at her with those toys?

“We talked about it on the way over, she’s knows what she wants, and it’s wild. But come on, she might be lonely, and I need to fuck.”


We went back into the living room, all smiles, and I sat in an armchair, thinking I could be cool with this.

After all, I’d sat in the same place before and watched Jenn get her ass waxed by young studs and gorillas she picked up in bars or online, only to jerk off or join in for the cumshot, so why not sit back and enjoy the scene about to play out in front of me now?

And I knew Jenn – if she felt guilty I’d get a thank-you blow job later.

“Want to try a little role-play?” she said, sitting next to Suzy on the couch.


“Well, what do you want to say to that professor?”

“I want to call her a bitch, and pull her hair, and spit in her face, and push my fingers down her throat.”

“Well, why don’t you start by calling me a bitch?”


“Sure, just go with it. Have fun – let it out.”

“Well, I think you’re a bitch, and – you never look at me right, you never seem happy with my answers, and you don’t appreciate my work, and I can’t stand it, and I want to sit on your face and fuck you in your ass, you dumb cunt!”

“That’s nice,” said Jenn, putting a hand on Suzy’s face, then gently squeezing cheeks together, so her lips pouted out, ridiculous and hot.

“But what are you going to do about it? I bet you don’t even suck cock. I bet your dad cheats on your mom.”

Suzy knocked Jenn’s hand away and grabbed some of her hair, pulled it back a little, just enough to hurt.

They were testing each other’s limits, and I didn’t know if they would fight or fuck.

I got hard.

“You’re getting too old for this,” Suzy said, moving a hand over my wife’s ass. “I don’t think you know how to fuck anymore.”

“Oh, honey,” Jenn said, with snarl, “you just wait. I’ll broaden your horizons.”

Then Jenn broke character and smiled.

“Is this OK?”

“Yeah,” Suzy said, letting go of my wife’s hair and nodding. “I like it a lot, but maybe –”

“Maybe what?”

“Maybe we can go a little harder, is that OK?”

“Sure, you got a safe word?”

“A what?”

“A safe word. Something to say if you want to stop, so we can keep playing through ‘no’.”

“Wow. Good idea. OK….how about ‘rosebud’?”

“Rosebud it is, for me and for you.”


Suzy and Jenn started kissing, their hands moving over each other.

I held a cushion and imagined Suzy’s tits.

Suddenly she got hold of Jenn’s hair again and pulled her head back, harder than before, so she gave a little gasp and then moaned.

“You want to see my tits, you old bitch? I know your husband wants to fuck me.” She turned to me and smiled. “Isn’t that true?”

“Yeah,” I said, “I guess.”

“I guess? Wrong answer, mister, so now I’m going fuck your wife, if that’s OK with her.”

“Yeah,” said Jenn, smiling, getting into it, “that’s very OK with me.”

Suzy moaned and put a few fingers up against my wife’s mouth.

She opened her lips and took them inside.

“Your husband seems nice, but I bet you haven’t been fucked by a girl like me in a long time.”

Unlike when Jenn slept with other guys, I wanted Suzy to be better than me. I wanted to see her totally dominate my wife, work her up and then make her cum hard in release.

The girl was now working her fingers deeper into Jenn’s mouth, and she tried to speak, but it came out a garbled moan. The girl kept her fingers moving around, working up some drool, while Jenn was playing with the girl’s tits through her top.

I rubbed my cock through my pants and lit a fresh joint.

It felt good, and I was getting into it.

Suzy pulled her fingers out my wife’s mouth and slid them down her jeans, masturbating while Jenn stood up and started undressing.

I was imagining how impressed she might be at my twenty years’ experience of fucking when Suzy started pulling off her top and unclipping her bra. As her head disappeared along with the bra I got my first look at her tits – high and firm, without any slackness or sag, and those brown puffy nipples that stand out and beg for attention.


I had books older than this girl, but I felt the years drop away and watched Jenn lean in and started to kiss, lick and suck those tits, even getting in a little motorboat action.

What a woman.

What a wife.

Suzy stood up and started unbuttoning her jeans, and I saw that Jenn was already down to her underwear – a push-up bra, stockings and no panties.

“Still hot for teacher?” she said, and Suzy looked up and smiled.

“Yeah, but I don’t know if I can bully you. You’re nice.”

“That’s OK,” Jenn said, taking the joint off me, hitting it, and passing it to Suzy. “We can take it slow. Get to know each other. I can make you me want to hate fuck me, and we’ve always got ‘rosebud’.”

Suzy smiled.

“OK, I trust you.”

“That’s a girl,” said Jenn, “now you just relax and I’ll go down on you.”

Suzy slid down her panties and stepped out of them. Her ass was small and perfect, and her pussy looked as tight as a whistle.

Jenn reached out and touched it, ran her fingers over the lips and sighed.

“How many times have you had sex? Like more or less than ten?”

“Seventeen,” blushing. “But you’re my first woman, I promise.”

“It’s OK,” said Jenn, “you’re my first hot Asian teen.”

I had a vision of Jenn licking Suzy’s no doubt perfect asshole, easing it open for my dick.

I closed my eyes and saw them going ass-to-mouth.

I opened my eyes and there was Jenn kissing Suzy’s thighs, gently pulling her down on to the couch, until she ended up kneeling on the floor, her tongue lapping at the girl’s clit.

It was too good just to watch.


I took out my cock and started jerking off, opening the tube of lube that Suzy had brought.

I imagined my dick going into her tight pussy and then out into my wife’s mouth, over and over and again, the two of them play-fighting over my cock as it got ready to shoot a full sack-load on their faces.

I was just lubing up my dick and thinking about when Suzy would ask me to join in when she looked over, saw me jerking off and pushed Jenn away from her snatch.

“Uh-uh. Just me and your wife, mister, that’s all I’m here for.”

“Come on,” said Jenn, “let him jack off. He’s done this before.”

“Sorry. It’s him or me, but one of us is leaving.” She looked around for her panties, picked them up. “I promised my boyfriend I wouldn’t do this.”


“It’s OK,” I said, “I’ll just sit in the bedroom.”

I went in, closed the door, sat on the bed, and watched as they started making out again.

Suzy didn’t know about the mirror.


I could see Jenn on her knees, her face between Suzy’s legs, ass in the air, wiggling at me, tempting me to go in and fuck around.

Suzy was looking down in wonder at her pussy getting eaten by this hot older woman she didn’t know at all.

“That’s it, get your tongue in there, or I’ll get your husband to fall in love with me.”

She gripped Jenn’s head with both hands and was grinding her cunt against her face, and her moans started to get faster and louder, and it looked like she was going to cum soon, and then she lost it, went quiet, started looking bored, and finally tapped out.

Jenn put up her head.

“I’m sorry,” said Suzy, “I don’t think I can cum, not with him in there.”

“It’s OK,” Jenn said, “I’ll deal with it.”

I put my cock away and reached for my pants.

I knew what was coming, and felt like an idiot.

Was this what they had planned all along?


“Look, I really want to fuck this girl, and she seems pretty set on you not being here, so – what do you say, take one for the team?”

Jenn was loving this.

I wanted to stick that fist-headed dildo up her ass and wipe the smile off her face, but I knew she’d enjoy that as much me, if not more. For all Jenn’s confidence and control she liked being dominated sometimes, and I guess that’s why she was so hot for this girl.

“Come on, hon,” Jenn said, “let me play with her this afternoon. Tonight is yours, we’ll do anything you like. You can even help me work on my deep throat.”

It was true. She could use some practice with the last angry inch, her head hanging off the edge of the bed, my face buried in her snatch.

“OK,” I said. ”You have fun. I’ll go out and look around.”

“Great,” she said, “I’ll let you know when you can come back. But you have fun, too. Maybe you can find someone of your own to play with.”

Fuck you, I thought, and went out with a grab bag of edibles.


I thought they’d need a couple of hours, so I got really high and walked around town, checking out things I’d only cycled passed before.

I was going to be with Jenn that night. Who cared who she was with all afternoon?

After three hours I decided to call and see if I could go home.

It was one of those bad ideas that turned out really great.

I called Jenn, but someone else answered – an unfamiliar woman.

“Who are you?”

“Celine. Celine Bondurant. One of Jenn’s old friends, me and Amy.”

“Is Jenn there?”

“Yeah, but she’s just tied up at the minute, and gagged. Can’t really use the phone”


“Yeah. Kept yelling ‘rose bowl’ or ‘rose ball’ or something when we had this fist thing in her. Suzy thought it was really funny.”

“She’s still there?”

“Sure, her, me, Amy, we’re all here taking care of Jenn. Don’t worry. She’s doing fine. We’re keeping her hydrated. It’s your carpet that may have some problems.”

“Can I come back?”

“You can come back? That’s great. We need vodka, tonic, lemons, and ice, plus a lighter and some lube. And if you see any hand towels, get ‘em.”

I went to a couple of stores on the way home, then went up to the apartment.

I found sex, drugs, and chaos.

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