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This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between the events and characters portrayed in this book and real life is a coincidence. I encourage all readers to practice safe sex, respect their partners, and have a good time. Consent is sexy, – PB Rider


By PB Rider

In the first part of this story, Watching Her First Time, my wife, Jenn, picked up this young guy (Matt) on the beach and brought him home, while I hid and watched them fuck. It was a good story, and you would have liked it, but no matter, this next part starts right after that one ended.


We spent the rest of that day getting high, watching TV and fooling around, then in the evening we met Amy, one of Jenn’s old friends, who hooked us up with some pills and we went dancing at a club.

The next morning, coming down at home, Jenn and I were going over what had happened, from the night before back to when she’d fucked another guy.

“I’ve got be honest,” Jenn said. “I liked it. I liked you watching me.”

I felt my dick rise, again.

“Let’s go to bed.”

“Later, I’ve got eat, and I want to know how you feel. Did you really like it?”

“Yeah, I did, but it’s nothing I want do too often. Maybe on vacation somewhere, out of town. People talk.”

“That’s a shame, because Amy and I were talking last night. You remember Amy, don’t you, hon?”

I remembered Amy. I felt like I hadn’t been able to keep my eyes off her tits all night.

She looked like she sunbathed naked, and maybe she did. I remembered the neon dress she’d squeezed into the night before, and how she jiggled as she danced.

“Well, she thinks we’re ‘a cute couple’. Said if we ever want to party, we can.”

“What did you say?”

“Said I’d ask you. What do you think, hon? Want to fuck us both?”

It was certainly something to consider.


“Amy was a real party girl,” Jenn said, after I immediately agreed to everything, and asked what to expect.

“She’d arrive with one guy and make out with another, leave with a third. I remember one time she fucked four guys at once, something like that, and got the whole thing on video. She could have been a sex tape.”

“And you really think she wants to fuck, you weren’t just high?”

“What can I say? She thinks we’re fuckable. And don’t you think she looks fun?”

My smile was uncontrollable.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’”.


The next Saturday we arranged to meet Amy at a bar one street back from the beach, a place called JD’s. Jenn said they used to go there a lot in college, and it still had that kind of vibe. I felt a little old, but also good to be back in such a place with money in my pocket. I was looking forward to hanging out with Amy, the look and feel of her tits up close, and how I was going to fuck her later with my wife.

“What if things get weird?”

“Isn’t that the idea, hon? Just relax, and go with the scene.”

Amy came in, body tight in white pants and silver top. She and Jenn hugged, and then she turned to me.

“Hey, babe.”

She kissed me, smelled good, hugged me so her tits squeezed between us.

“I heard about the other day, but we’re going to do something for you tonight, right? Put things in balance, so to speak, but first of all –”

She pulled out a little baggie and handed us a pill each.

“We don’t have to stay here long, just a drink until we start to come up, then a cab back to my place.”

She popped a pill in her mouth, swallowed it with her drink. We did the same, and then Jenn put one hand behind Amy’s head and another on her back, pulled her near, and they began kissing.

I heard someone behind us give a whoop of delight.

We got a table, and I listened as Amy and Jenn caught up with each other, relaxing into the night, a smile growing as I knew that soon I’d have my hands on Amy’s jugs and my cock in her pussy. What a night this promised to be.

I was lost in flash images of tits, ass, mouths and my cock when Amy stood up, put a hand on Jenn’s shoulder, and said “Come on, let’s dance.”

They got up and went to the dance floor, and I was starting to feel very good indeed. They were happy and moving close, getting back into the feeling I’d seen the week before, but this time with a goal. After years of being friends they were finally going to fuck each other, with the willing aid of me and my dick.


Seeing them together, Amy’s tits wobbling in her top and Jenn putting her hands on her hips and ass, I felt like the luckiest guy in town, and wasn’t the only one enjoying the show.

“Look at that – beautiful.”

Some guy at the next table, talking to his buddies.

“Wouldn’t mind seeing those two together,” he went on. “Those older women can be fun as fuck if they’ve got some fatass McLimp Dick at home – do anything to keep you around.”

He went on like that for a while – dull misogyny and generalizations from a guy whose sex life was younger than my shoes, but just as I was losing interest I heard something I couldn’t ignore.

“Wait a second – I know her, the one with the legs, not the rack. She was on the beach.”

I didn’t recognize him, but he was the right age. I hoped he wasn’t the grab-ass guy.

“That’s it. It’s her – shit, man, Andy fucked her.”

Andy? The guy’s name was Matt. You don’t forget the name of the guy who fucked your wife right in front of you. I wondered what else he’d get wrong.

“Met her on the beach, and ten minutes he’s in the back of a car blowing his nuts in her mouth. I'm telling you man, older women love young cock. Makes them feel alive.”

“I wonder if she’s free tonight.”

“Maybe we can share?”

High fives.

“Man, I bet she would, too.”

It was too much, but what could I do?

I decided to go outside and smoke a joint.


I went to the parking lot and looked for somewhere discreet, then pulled out a joint and lit it, took a hit and let it sink in.

No doubt the guy had got the name wrong, or Matt had given a false one, and the thing about the car was odd, but who told the whole truth in gossip? Of course, the only other explanation, that Jenn had sucked off another guy, kept spinning through my head. But why wouldn’t she tell me about it, especially with all that was happening?

Then I remembered Matt said that Andy was the grab-ass guy, so maybe that’s what the confusion was – Andy grabbed her ass and Matt got his cock sucked. Still, I didn’t like the idea that this story was out in the wild, changing each time it was told.

I was standing there behind a dumpster when I heard voices, a man and woman. I recognized Amy. I moved back into the shadows and decided to play dumb if caught. I smelled weed – was everyone high in this town?

“That girl’s hot,” the guy said, “and you’re going home with her tonight?”

“Yeah,” said Amy, “her guy’s coming too.”

“How’d he get that?”

“A favor. He lets Jenn fuck other guys.”

“And you knew her in college, right? Wish I’d known you then.”

“Oh, I was a mess. We all were. And then Jenn goes off and gets married.”

The sound of smoking.

“Say, want to bring this Jenn over to my place sometime?”

Amy laughed.

“Then talk to her about it. You said she had a thing for guys like me.”

“A very generous offer.”

“Isn’t it?”

They laughed.

“Come on,” said Amy, “Jenn’s alone in there and the pills are about to kick in. A few more minutes and she’ll be fucking on the dance floor.”

“Nice, I’ll go find her.”

More laughter, which faded as they walked back to the club.

I finished the joint, then went back inside.


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