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By Patsy Claire


Hunter’s Blind

The last thing I want to do this morning is to drag my ass out of bed to sit in the woods all day. But I had promised and couldn't think of a way to get out of it. What had I been thinking anyway? Oh yeah, I was in the throes of an awesome orgasm and would have said yes to anything. I felt Frank turn toward me, his erection coming in contact with my ass, I wonder if I can use sex to get out of going.

Sex with someone he sleeps with every night versus his first day of hunting season. I don't believe anything would put a barrier between Frank and hunting, at least not the first day.

Leaving the alarm ringing, I slowly make my way to the bathroom. If I have to get up at this ungodly hour, then he did too. Turning the hot water on I let it run for a while, before adding the cold so I could get into the shower. The cabin was chilly so warming up the old cast iron tub was a big priority on fall mornings.

The water felt great as it pours over my body covering me with a layer of heat. A cold breeze sneaks in, along with Frank, as he joins me in the tub.

"Good morning, sweetheart," he says as he pulls me to him. "I think you're hot enough," he whispers in my ear as he turns me, taking my place under the warm spray.

"I could be a lot hotter if I didn't have to go outside before the sun came up," I say as I slid my hands down his back, resting them on his ass. A little rocking action with my hips as I pressed against him is all it takes to make him hard. "Now that I have your attention I'll go start breakfast."

"Oh, no you don't," Frank gasped, "you started this, you have to finish it."

"But we don't have time," I say.

“We’ll take time.”

Smiling I back up against the wall beside the tub pulling him with me using the wall for support, I then place my feet against the rim raising my body up. I just love this old clawfoot bathtub, although the curtains circling it tended to get in my way.

I know it will be quick, as he settles into the valley between my thighs, but I am ready. A strong thrust of his hips joins our bodies; he pauses giving mine time to react. I bring my feet together locking them in position around his waist as he supports my weight against the wall. Now he can't move more than an inch or two out of me before invading me once more. He knows what I want and pushing forward he begins fucking me, driving me against the wall. The sensation of his dick inside me combines with the sting of my back against the wood bringing me to a fast climax. Frank doesn't mind though as he is right there with me. We were still soaring, locked together as the shower turns icy cold. Jumping from the tub laughing and went to get ready for the hunt.

The laughter continues as we ride out to the blind. Frank has finally talked me into going hunting with him. He knows I ame not in the slightest interested and figures I will get bored but he wants to share the experience with me.

I would rather stay at the cabin he built on our property, so I came along. Once I get my turkey, I can stay here for the rest of the week or return home, my choice. This year I want to be able to tell his mother that I shot the Thanksgiving bird, and damn it that is what I'm going to do.

It's a chilly morning, but by the time we hike the mile and a half up the trail to the blind I am ready to take my clothes off. Well, maybe not all of them but a couple of layers anyway. I know better though so we start setting up camp fully clothed. Frank and his father had built the shelter around two large tree stumps which give us great seats while we wait for the turkeys to make an appearance.

Making sure our permanent blind is clear of all animals; Frank gives the okay to go in. Last year a snake had made its nest inside, and Frank had brought home pictures. I didn't ask how he removed it because I didn't want to know, I was just glad he made it home safe. After spraying ‘No Smell' around the outside, we go in.

I noticed Frank was taking off his protective outer layer of clothing. “What are you doing?” I asked him.

"Taking off my clothes, what does it look like?" he asks.

"But you'll freeze," I say

"No I won't, this place is insulated, and I have you to keep me warm," smiling he continuesto undress. I give it a few moments before taking his lead and remove my outer layer of clothing also.

“How long do we have to wait?” I ask while sitting on the larger of the two tree stumps, claiming it as my space.

“Sunrise is in a half hour so we can start anytime you’re ready.”

He settles into place behind me on the stump, his legs straddling my hips. Resting his chin on my shoulder, we watch for any sign of turkeys.

After an hour in that position, I start to fidget.

"Hold still" he whispers.

"I can't; I'm getting a cramp in my ass from sitting here doing nothing."

"Well, you have to be quiet so as not to scare off the birds."

"What birds?" I whisper.

"The ones we came to shoot, the birds who will hear you if you don't hold still." He was starting to sound a little agitated.

“Make me,” the challenge was now set, he would not back down.

I gasp when I feel his cold hands against my warm body. He cups my breasts brushing against my nipples; a moan escaped my lips before I can silence it.

"Shh," he whispers in my ear, "keep watch for your bird."

How in the world did he expect me to keep my mind on hunting when he was playing havoc with my senses? Just then his hands moved.

“Don’t stop,” I begged.

"I'm not, now be quiet and keep watch."

He unbuttons my jeans opening them and slips them down over my hips. His hands are warm now as he searches for the moist area he has just created. Leaning back give him better access by tilting my hips forward opened my body up for exploration. Pushing two fingers into my pussy, he begins fucking them in and out. His other hand keeps busy as he massages my clit. Up and down, in and out, the rhythm he started becomes mine as I settle over his hand.

I stay quiet although not too still as I moved around on his fingers. I am about to climax when a large Tom Turkey struts out into the field right in front of me.

"Get ready," Frank says as he continues stroking me.

“How am I supposed to kill it while you do that?”

"Just do it," he says.

I aim.

"Whenever you're ready," he whispers. His movements picks up speed along with his breathing. I am going to climax at any moment. My muscles freeze as my body readies for the sensation to hit. When it does, my finger squeezes the trigger, and I see the bird drop just as I hit the top of my climax.

The world becomes quiet. Nothing moves. I can still hear Frank breathing in my ear and realize it has become choppy and know he has cum with me.

We kiss long and hard, sharing the emotions we had felt separately with each other. We clean ourselves up and put our protective layer back on before going out to check the kill. I shot a Tom with a massive fan and combined with the climax nothing on earth could top what I was feeling right then.

"Well, Sara, do you like hunting now?"

"I fucking love it," I reply with a huge grin on my face. "Now it's your turn. Wait until I tell my friends I got a bigger turkey than you ever did and I didn't even use a turkey call."

"Just wait until I tell my friends how you did it," he laughs.

"You better not," I say, playfully hitting him in the chest.

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