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Mail Order Bride

The story of a middle aged man

and a teenage girls love.

Copyright 2017 Charlie Wish


This story contains explicit details of sexual acts between consenting adults. If explicit details of sexual activity are likely to offend you in any way then please do not read any further.

Chapter 1

Steve North walked into the Old House At Home public house as he does at 8 pm every Thursday. "Hi Steve," said his oldest friend Will Allen. "Pint?"

"Yeah please"

"What's up mate? You sound a bit down"

"Ah, you know, same old, same old. Hey, how's that fit wife of yours?"

"Fucking great. You should get yourself one. Given me a whole new lease of life."

Steve laughed and said, "Yeah right, I'm not as lucky as you, ya fucker. How'd you find her anyway, you never really said?"

"No, not told anyone."

"So what's the big secret about it?"

"Kind of unusual and you know what people can be like. Just don't want the aggro. You know how it is."

"Oh come on Will, we've been mates for donkeys. I'm not gonna tell anyone."

"Let's grab that table in the corner." They both took their pints over to the corner table out of the way of the few others that were in the bar and out of earshot.

"Okay, so now I'm curious. What's going on?" Steve said.

"The wife is one of those mail order brides you hear about."

"Fuck me. No kidding?"

"Nope. Straight up."

"I thought they were just scams and stuff"

"Most are, but there are a few genuine ones around. Look I am only telling you this because I reckon you would benefit. I have seen how miserable and lonely since that ex-bitch of yours left you and how dreadfully unsuccessful you are at picking up women."

"Fuck off."

Will laughed and said, "Now now. I'm trying to help here. As far as I can see I'm right, though. When did you last get a shag?" Steve opened his mouth to answer when Will added, "That you didn't have to pay for?"

"Cunt," Steve said and Will roared with laughter.

"Stop fucking enjoying yourself at my expense," Steve said with a smile on his face.

"Sorry mate. You make it just too easy."

"Anyway, how do you sort out the scams from the real ones. A gullible twat like you must have got ripped off thousand."

"Yeah thanks, touché. First one I went to, yeah, was a scam but got out before they got any money. Anyway was a good thing as because of this I was on a forum trying to warn others and got chatting to a bloke who recommended a genuine one. Well to cut a long story short, turned out they were the real deal."

"Well, I have to admit never seen you so happy. Maybe worth looking into. Is it expensive?"

"Yeah, fuck loads, but they are bloody good. They matched me up perfectly the first time."

"What happens if you don't like who they post to you?"

Steve roared with laughter. "You silly fuck, they don't post em to you. It's not really mail order that just seems to be the popular term. To answer your question, I'm not entirely sure of how it works cause they got it right first time. You get to meet the girl on a kind of chaperoned date and if you don't get on or don't like her you get more goes. The bloke reckoned that they rarely get it wrong first time. I think there is some limit as well."

"So who are these people then?"

"I can put you in touch but they are not cheap, as in 20k not cheap."

"Fuck me, how much?"

"Yeah I know, but trust me when I tell you they do a lot of work for it and apparently half the money goes as a sort of dowry to the family."

"So these people sell their daughter?"

"It's not like that really. What the company does is compensate the family for the loss of money that they would potentially lose for not having a working family member in the household."

"Oh, yeah, I suppose," Steve said not completely convinced.

"One other thing I should warn you about. They are thorough. I mean, really thorough. They will want to delve into your life, personal life, in a lot of detail."

Steve frowned at him. Will continued, "Especially past relationships and why they ended. They pride themselves in perfect matches and apparently if you are totally honest, as I was, they get it right and find your perfect bride." Will leaned forward towards Steve and said in a hushed tone. "Even intimate details of your sexual preferences and kinks."

A smile spread across Steve's face and said, "Bet you made them blush."

"Fuck off. Your probably weirder than me," and they both roared with laughter.

"Want another one?" Steve said and held up his empty pint.

Chapter 2

Steve held on to the contact details for 4 days not sure if he should or not. It was a lot of money and they were going to ask some very personal questions.

Eventually, he decided he would call them and find out some more, after all, he could always back out if it doesn't feel right. To his surprise, he was told the initial interview was free and was done face to face at their offices in the city. He made an appointment for the day after tomorrow.

Steve arrived at the very expensive and plush offices at the agreed time. He was greeted by a very pretty receptionist with an Eastern European accent who told him his consultant will be with him soon and could he fill out a questionnaire while he waited.

Steve sat down on a comfy leather sofa and looked at the form on the clipboard she gave him. The first page was the usual stuff of personal details and some past relationship questions but simple enough off.

The next page was entitled fetishes. It listed, in alphabetical order every type of fetish there was with five columns of tick boxes. Like, Want to Try, Not sure but will try, No Way, No idea what this is.

Steve glanced down the list and thought most of these is going to be a no idea. Turning over the page the list continued and onto the third page. Christ thought Steve, I had no idea there were so many.

For the Like, he ticked Anal, Blow Jobs, Cunnilingus, Fisting. That's not very many he thought. For the want to try he ticked Golden showers, Watersports. For the not sure column, he ticked Age play, BDSM, Bondage, Dom(me), Enema, Master/Slave. For the no way, he ticked S & M and Scat. All the rest he ticked the no idea box.

"Hello Mr North," said an average looking guy in a suit. "I am Alex Cook, your consultant." Steve stood up and shook his hand. "How are you getting on with that?" Alex said.

"All done, only just, though" and Steve handed him the clipboard.

"Would you like to follow me." He led Steve through to an office. The walls were covered with wedding photos of lots of different couples. Steve guessed these were all the success stories. Alex indicated for him to sit in a chair on one side of the desk as he went round to the other whilst looking at Steve's completed questionnaire.

"Judging by your answers I can guess you have been honest with them," Alex said

"Yes, my friend told me I should be totally honest with you."

"Good. Yes, that is very important. We want to get this right the first time and honesty is absolutely essential for that. What we will do here today is find out about your past and relationships. Then we will chat about what you're hoping for. If I feel we can help I will then explain the next steps. All okay?"

"Yeah sure."

"I can see from the form that you were married for 15 years and then divorced. Tell me what went wrong."

"Not quite sure how to put this but essentially .... well you see...... from my point of view ..... errrrm."

"It's fine Mr North, there is no need to be embarrassed. Please just say it how it is. I have heard everything. I guess it was a sexual issue."

"Yes. I am, what my wife ended up calling me, a sex maniac. I prefer the term sexaholic. In the beginning, this was fine and we would have sex a lot, and I mean a lot. Then as time passed she slowly went off it until she was totally frigid and didn't want to know. She also started resenting my attempts to bring the sex back into our lives. After about 3 years of this, she finally said she had had enough and divorced me."

"Let me tell you, I hear that particular story a lot. Although it quite often takes a lot longer to get there, so thank you. Was there any other contributing factors?"

"No, I genuinely believe that was the root of it. We argued about everything but I think that was simply because I was so damn frustrated and we were both angry all the time."

"Did you try therapy?"

Steve laughed and said, "I wanted to, but there was no way she would. She said there is nothing wrong with me it's you that needs the help. So no we never did."

"Since your divorce have your desires changed?"

"No, not at all. Fortunately for the internet, I get to at least watch without having to hide what I am watching from the bitch."

"Have you been with any other women since your divorce?"

"No, well only a couple hookers."

"How was that for you?"

"Frankly, it was a good quick fix, but not the same as being able to wake up next to them the next morning and I knew they were only acting because they were getting paid and not because they wanted me."

"So would you say it's not just about the sexual act but something more?"

"Oh yes very much so. I never really thought about it before, but yes, sex is one thing. Sex with a partner is something else completely. There is a much deeper bond and it's more ..... satisfying I guess. Although, as I found out the sex in a relationship is very important. Take that away and what have you got .... a flatmate."

Alex smiled and said, "You seem to have a good handle on how you see things."

"Yeah, had a lot of time to think about things and your questions have helped clarify all my mixed up thoughts."

"Okay, I have a good idea of where you have come from. Next question tends to be the hardest for some men to answer because it is deeply personal and secret." Steve sat up straighter as he readied himself for, god knows what.

"Go ahead," Steve said.

"Tell me about your fantasy woman. Go into detail tell me exactly as you see her, looks, personality, character traits, everything."

"Ah, I see what you mean by hardest. Okay here goes. She is young, teens or early twenties, shorter than me, slim, long blond hair. Do you want more detail? You know body details?"

"The more the better"

"Okay. She has C cup breasts with large puffy pink nipples, white girl obviously. She is thin but not skinny, you know, not the anorexic looking types. She has no body hair at all and has a neat tight slit for a pussy." Steve could feel himself getting embarrassed saying this and his face started to go red.

"You are doing very well," Alex said and smiled kindly.

"She has small feet with cute toes. She hates wearing anything on her feet, in fact, hates wearing clothes at all preferring to be naked, She never wears underwear, in fact, doesn't even own any. She is bright and intelligent but still has her girly qualities. She is honest, that is important, I can't stand liars. She has a sweet voice. Loyal and I suppose doting would be the right word. Mmmmm .... what else .... adventurous. Willing to try anything, especially sexual, except anything involving pain. I could never inflict pain on someone well except maybe a playful smack and I certainly would not want anyone to inflict pain on me. There that's her I think."

"Well done. Once you got going you did very well." Alex said.

"If you could pick one thing about her what would be the most important thing."

"Phew, now that's a hard one. Not sure I could........ The naked thing I guess."

"Okay, thats great. Well, I am pleased to say we can help. You are not that different to many others we have helped. You have probably been the most honest and outspoken, which is perfect."

"Great, what happens now?"

"I will now put all this together and find some suitable matches for you to have a look through. This will take me a week to do so we will need to make another appointment for you to return. First though, we will need a deposit of two thousand. We will take this off the final payment if you go ahead."


"Once you have chosen one you want to meet there will be a fee of one thousand to fly you out and meet her where she lives. If all goes well and your both happy, you pay the final balance and we organise the required paperwork to fly her over here as well as a simple wedding. It is quite often done quickly so she can fly back with you."

"Bloody hell."

Alex laughed. "It's really up to you how fast but our experience is when we find your dream wife you won't want to hang around."

"What? Fuck off? Oh sorry"

"It's okay," Alex said and laughed.

"I thought you were asking me about my dream girl as some sort of profiling not that you were actually going to try and find her."

"That's the plan, close as we can get. Was there something you wanted to change? Was that not quite ..... err .... honest."

"Oh heavens no. That was her in as much detail as possible."

"Excellent. Then I think you might be pleased."

Steve got his credit card out and handed it over.

As he travelled home his mind raced, imagining if they could actually, really, find the girl of his dreams. Alarm bells were also going off. This all seemed too good to be true, but then again his best mate had used them and he came out very bloody happy. So maybe, just maybe.

He met Will the next evening in the pub as always and they took up the quiet table in the corner again. "Well, did you get in touch?" Will said.

"Yeah, I did, went along to my interview yesterday"


"Seems too good to be true. They got me to detail my dream wife, and I mean detail, really detail, and they reckon they could find someone to match that. Trouble is I was very specific, probably too specific, and they still reckon they can match it. I mean come on."

"They did the same with me mate."

"And, is your wife exactly, you know, as you dreamt?"

"Honestly mate so close it was scary. I fell in love with her in the first 5 minutes. Was married three days later and bringing her home with me."

"So that holiday romance was just a load of all bull you fed me."

"Yeah sorry mate. But if I had told you the truth you wouldn't have believed me"


Chapter 3

Steve returned to the office the following week as arranged. Alex was waiting for him in reception and greeted him with a big grin on his face.

As Steve sat down in his office, Alex said, "I think you're going to like these young ladies I have for you to look at." He handed Steve a file which he opened and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. On the top sheet was the picture of a very pretty young lady along with a form detailing all about her.

Turning to the next sheet was another stunner and another on the next in fact all five sheets had very beautiful young women on. "Take your time," Alex said. "Ask any questions you want and I will do I my best to answer them."

Steve read through every one of them carefully. They were all very similar in detail two were 18, one was 19 and two were 21. Apart from age and a looks they were almost identical.

Eventually, Alex said, "If you would like to pick the one you like the most I will tell you a bit more about her."

Steve was really struggling to select just one. Eventually, he decided that one of the 18-year-olds were the prettiest and seemed the cutest as well. "This one, Anna."

"Anna is from Latvia and a large farming family. She has no interest in working with her brothers and sisters. She has been unable to find a man in her village and really doesn't get on with her own age, much preferring older men much to the frustration on her mother. Her father died 10 years ago in a farming accident and the family has struggled ever since. All she has ever dreamed of is being a good housewife for a kind loving husband who will take care of her. She speaks excellent English and is a good cook. What do think?"

"She sounds perfect. Although I struggle to believe she is not your typical teenager wanting to party with her mates. I mean fucking hell with her looks she could have anyone she wanted."

"It's true. Personally, I think the timing of her father's death at that particular age had a major effect. She also understands her family needs and our compensation to them will help greatly. I think it shows how loyal and dedicated a person she is."

"I agree."

"Would you like to meet her?"

"Yeah, very much so."

"Good, we can get you on a flight to Riga early next week if you like."

"Really? Brilliant."

"Let's get the paperwork done and I'll get your tickets emailed to you."

The following day Steve received an email with his tickets and itinerary detailed out for him. He was going to Latvia next Tuesday to meet his potential bride. A bride nearly a third of his age.

He met with Will that evening in the pub. "You're never going to believe this," Steve said. "But I could be married this time next week."

"Fuck me mate that's quick. What she like?"

Steve suddenly realised that his penchant for young girls was about to come out. Not only to his best mate but everyone who knew him. He now felt embarrassed and worried about how people were going to react. In a flash, he snapped out it. After all, he was going to have his dream girl who the fuck cared what others thought.

"Steve?" Will said.

"Oh sorry. What were you saying?"

"You drifted off there mate. I asked what the dream girl is like."

"Oh yes, your wife is younger than you isn't she?"

"Yes, 15 years younger" Will said and grinned.

"The one I am going to meet is a bit younger, in fact over half my age."

"Nice one mate. How old is she?"


"Fuck me. You lucky fucker. Hang on that's a third your age. Holy cow. You sure she is going to want an old cunt like you. Actually, don't answer yes she is those people know what they doing. Fucking hell mate I hope your heart will be able to cope." Will said and broke down in laughter.

"Fuck off," Steve said.

"Hey, married next week, buried the week after." And laughed even harder.

"Yeah, but at least I'm gonna have a big fucking smile on me face. And they won't be able to shut the lid cause of my permanent boner sticking straight up."

"You fucking wish you were that big"


Chapter 4

Steve took the two and a half hour flight to Riga and was met, as arranged, by Andris his contact in Latvia. Because he was on a late afternoon flight he was taken to a hotel in Riga for the night.

Andris explained he would pick him up mid-morning and would take him to Anna's village to meet her. Steve had dinner in the hotel restaurant and then sat in the bar for an hour or so. He did consider going for a wander to look around the city but his mind was elsewhere and not in the mood.

Despite his best efforts, he couldn't sleep. All he managed to do was get very angry with himself knowing that tomorrow was a big day for him and without sleep was not going to be at his best.

He did eventually go off to sleep and next thing he knew there was a banging at his door. It was mid morning and Andris was at his door.

"Sorry," Steve said as he let Andris in. "I couldn't get off to sleep last night and have overslept."

Andris laughed and said "You're not the first and won't be the last. That's why I allow for extra time."

"Oh thank heavens. Do I have time for a shower then please."

"Yes take your time. I will meet you downstairs at the bar and have a coffee ready for you."

"Thanks Andris"

Thirty minutes later after Steve had his shower and dressed to impress. He met Andris and had a coffee and a pastry with him.

Andris then drove him the hour or so out to Stiene. On the way, he explained that he will first meet Anna and if all is okay he will meet her mother after. Steve panicked at this but Andris calmed him down and said its all fine and these parental meetings are kind of a courtesy and are always pleasant.

They parked outside a quaint cafe bar and Andris led him inside. The interior was basic but pleasant enough. "We made good time and 15 minutes early. Just enough time for a drink to calm your nerves. What would you like?" Andris said.

"Just a coffee for me please. Don't want to be stinking of alcohol when I meet Anna. Are my nerves that obvious."

Andris laughed and said, "Don't think I have seen anyone shake as much as you." Steve looked at his hands and indeed they were trembling. "Don't worry my friend you will be fine." Andris was still chuckling as he went to order the coffee.

It was probably the longest 15 minutes of Steve's life as he sat there waiting. His mind was racing as he tried to rehearse what he was going to say to her when he first saw her but it was just all jumbled up words in his head.

The door opened and Anna walked in looking around. Steve's heart stopped when he saw her. She was even more beautiful than her picture. Andris was experienced in this first meetings and just sat still and quiet having worked out a long time ago it was better to let it play out naturally rather than try and control it.

Steve slowly stood up and as he did so Anna saw him and almost flew across the room and wrapped her arms around him. To say Steve was surprised was an understatement but he very much liked her greeting. They hugged and she kissed his cheek several times and hugged some more.

"I have been so looking forward to meeting you," she said.

"Nowhere near as much as I have been looking forward to meeting you. You are a hundred times more beautiful than your photo."

"Thank you. Are you okay, your trembling."

"Sorry nerves I guess"

Andris had to laugh, he just couldn't help himself. "He's been like that all morning," he said.

"Oh, you poor man. Sit down I will get you something to calm you," she said and released her hold and went to the bar as a stunned Steve sat down. As Anna returned Andris got up and went to sit at the bar to give them privacy.

"Here, drink this," she said and put a shot glass in front of him.

"What is it?"

"It's a local spirit, very good, trust me it will help."

He downed the shot in one and found it a very pleasant aniseed taste and felt the liquid warm him from the inside. She sat down opposite him and reached across the table to take his hands in hers. He took in her very pretty face, her soft blue eyes, her cute button nose just above her full soft lips. She truly was so pretty.

The drink seemed to work as he felt a little calmer and his head was beginning to organise thoughts a little better. "You truly are very beautiful. I have never seen any girl as pretty as you."

"Thank you, you really are a very kind man." she said and smiled the most beautiful smile Steve had ever seen.

"Before we go any further there is something I want to ask you. Are you okay with this? I mean really okay. I am a lot older than you and quite average looking. It's okay if your not sure, or don't want to. I will fully understand and can stop this right now. I don't want you to do anything you don't really want to."

"I am very sure I want to. They sent me lots of information on you including pictures that I think they got off the internet. Also because your Facebook profile is public I could read and see all about you. Sorry I couldn't contact you but it is not allowed. The more I read, the more I liked you."

"Oh you seem to know much more about me than I do you."

"There really is not much to tell about me. I have only ever left this village twice in my life and they were on school trips. I am hoping my handsome and kind new husband will show me a little bit more of the world," and she smiled at him in such a way he just melted and knew at that moment that she knew exactly what she wanted and how to get it.

They talked and talked for hours only being interrupted by a waiter handing them a menu which Steve couldn't read a word so got Anna to order for the both of them. She didn't let him down and instinctively ordered the perfect meal for them to share.

Eventually, Andris came over and said "It's time to take Steve back to the hotel now and you can both sleep on your first meeting. In the morning I will be in touch with you both and if you both want, we will proceed."

Anna jumped in quickly and said "I don't need to sleep on it. This is my husband now. I have fallen in love with him."

Steve was really taken back by this and so very happy because he also had fallen in love with her. Tears began to well up in his eyes and said "Me too. Anna is perfect and I am so in love."

They both leapt up and with tears of happiness and they hugged. Looking into each other's eyes their lips met for that first kiss. Their hearts stopped as electricity flowed through their bodies and their souls were lifted high in perfect joy.

Steve felt her tongue against his lips as it asked to gain entrance and he parted his lips allowing it in. Her tongue slipped in and greeted his tongue softly and gently at first. As their passion increased their tongues danced and twirled around each other.

Steve felt his cock harden and so did Anna. They broke their kiss and she pressed herself harder against his erection. Her eyes widened and she grinned and simply said "mmmmmm"

"I really wish I could just leave you two to it but I have to follow protocol for both your sakes, sorry," Andris said.

"It's okay Andris. I understand. I will see you tomorrow gorgeous." Steve said,

"You will my darling," Anna said.

On the way back to the hotel Steve was on cloud nine. He had never been happier and was so excited. "So what happens now?" Steve said.

"Tomorrow morning, first thing, we sort out final payment and then while the office staff gets the paperwork underway I take you back to meet her mother. By the end of the day, we will have the date for your marriage and flight details home."


"Not worried about meeting the mother then."

"Nope, Anna will look after me."

Chapter 5

Steve had a few drinks that night and which helped him get off to sleep. He woke early and was showered and dressed by the time Andris was knocking on the door.

"I have spoken to Anna already and know what she wants, " he said, "I just need to know if you still wish to proceed."

"To fucking right I do. Oh, did she still want to?" As he said this his face dropped and a very frightened and worried look darkened his face. He held his breath absolutely petrified that the answer might be no.

Andris smiled and said, "Looks like your getting married then." Steve literally screamed in joy, grabbed Andris and kissed him. Andris was worryingly used to this happening and knew it would happen and always failed to move in time to stop it happening.

They drove to the office where Steve handed over his card for the payment and they took photocopies of his passport for the marriage licence and whatever else.

When they got to Stiene and the cafe bar Anna was already waiting outside. As soon as Steve got out the car she was all over him and they hugged and snogged until Andris felt he really should break them up as her mother was probably inside waiting.

As they walked in a large lady sitting on her own stood up and they walked over to them. "This is my mother Olga." Anna said.

In very broken and bad English Olga said, "I am very pleased to meet you. Thank you for taking my daughter."

"Mother doesn't speak English and she has been practicing that all night," Anna said.

"Can you tell her, please. I am very pleased to meet the mother of such a beautiful young lady. Thank you very much for taking the trouble to learn some English that you spoke so very well. I am very impressed. I am also ashamed that I do not know any Latvian words. I promise when we come to visit I promise to have had Anna teach me." As he was saying this slowly Anna was translating.

Olga then spoke to Anna and Anna said "Mother is very happy that you say you will bring me back for a visit. So am I."

"Of course I will I would not have it any other way."

"Erm excuse me," Andris said. "If you are okay, I am going to head back to the office. I will come and pick you up later and will ring Anna with any updates."

"Oh yeah, that's fine. You carry on." Steve said.

"Please wait a moment," Anna said and she spoke to her mother. Olga then spoke to Andris and as far as Steve could make out it appeared she was telling him rather than asking him something.

After a brief exchange between the three of them, Anna said, "My mother is insisting you stay with us. She likes you and it is our custom to extend our hospitality to you. You should also know, that because we are not married we will be chaperoned at all times. Sorry."

"That is very kind of her, but I do not wish to put her to any inconvenience or trouble," Steve said

"Oh it is no trouble honestly and it is our way. Also, I really want you to please." She did a kind of a pout and looked at him and he knew that she was going to be difficult to refuse anything. Her mother shouted at her and she seemed to apologise to her. "My mother is telling me off for doing my pouty face at you. Apparently I should respect you better than that."

Steve laughed and said, "I like your mother. I think yes, I must stay if only to learn how to handle you." Anna spoke to her mother. Olga laughed and then spoke to Andris.

"Now she is checking if I translated it all. I am in danger I think. It's a good thing I am in love with you." Anna said.

"Only trouble is all my stuff is at the Hotel," Steve said.

"Don't worry about that. I will bring your stuff later today. There will be more things to sign for both of you anyway." Andris said.

They spent the rest of the day hand in hand as he was introduced to half the village before being introduced to Anna's 4 sisters and 3 brothers and their partners. He was given a tour by them all of the small farm they had before finally being taken to the house. It wasn't exactly big but was very nice inside and Olga was very proud of it and her family.

Late afternoon Andris reappeared with Steve's case and news that all was set for them to be married in the local municipal building in three days time. Their flights were also booked for the same evening.

Anna was so very excited and some of her girlish charms came out as she screamed and jumped around. Steve found this very endearing and frankly very sexy.

Steve had to bunk down with one of her brothers and was the only time during the next two days that he was apart from Anna, except for the brief time she was taken off for a dress fitting several times.

The two days flew by and it seemed to be suddenly the morning of the wedding. In a complicated orchestration of movements, the two were kept from seeing each other and Steve was glad the marriage was arranged for the morning.

He was taken to the building they were to be married in and Andris was there to handle any necessary paperwork and to see them get married. It seemed the whole village had turned out to see them marry.

Anna arrived on time and Steve nearly fainted when he saw his bride looking so incredibly beautiful.

With the help of Andris translating the wedding went perfectly and Steve was holding his teenage wife in his arms kissing passionately while the village was cheering and applauding.

They were then whisked off by the crowd to a massive barn where a wedding celebration had been organised by the whole village.

After what seemed like many hours of dancing, eating and drinking Andris approached them and told them it was nearly time to leave for the airport.

Andris had done this before and was well aware it was going to take at least an hour to get them away. This was no exception and after Anna had changed out of her dress and the many goodbyes and tears they pulled away for the airport.

Chapter 6

Andris took them to get checked in and made sure they went through security without any hitches.

Finally for the first time they were without a chaperone with two hours to spare until their flight. They found a coffee shop and sat at a table in the furthest corner. Anna sat on Steve's lap as they cuddled and kissed.

Steve still could not believe what had happened. At 52 he had an 18-year-old teenager sitting on his lap kissing him. A teenager who had just married him and he was taking her home.

Anna felt his cock harden underneath her. She took his hand and guided it up her skirt onto her soft thigh. She felt his cock twitch underneath her. He gently stroked her thigh loving how soft her delicate young skin felt.

"Higher" she whispers in his ear. Checking around quickly that no one was watching he moved his hand higher up her leg and caressed her there. "Higher" she whispers again. He moved his hand up higher and felt the soft, hairless and wet lips of her pussy. She had no underwear on. Steve nearly came in his pants there and then.

His eyes opened very wide and he grinned at her. "Wow, how did you know?"

"When they interviewed me about you, they asked some very specific questions from which I guessed. When you see what I packed you won't find any underwear my darling."

"Oh wow, you're perfect."

She put her hand up her skirt pushed passed his fingers that were gently stroking her lips. She took her hand out and put her wet fingers in his mouth so he could taste her. Steve had never tasted anything so wonderful in his life and so wanted to put his head between her legs there and then but he knew he had to wait.

"Oh god I am so turned on" Steve whispered.

"Hold on darling not long now and then I am all yours."

Finally, their flight was called for boarding and they got settled into their seats. As it was a late flight they dimmed the lights so people could rest and the stewardess came round asking if anyone wanted blankets. Anna grabbed one and looked at Steve with a glint in her eye.

Once the stewardess and gone she pulled the arm rest up that was between them and put her head under the blanket on Steve's lap. He felt her pull his zip down and pull his cock out. She wrapped her lips around the head and began to suck while swirling her tongue around the head. Steve had been turned on for such a long time it didn't take long before he felt his orgasm coming.

He tapped her on the back and whispered, "I'm going to cum." She carried on sucking. He tapped her harder and whispered, "Darling I can't hold it any longer." She continued. He shot his load into her mouth as he stifled his groan with great difficulty. Anna swallowed it all down then carefully put his cock back in his trousers and did his zip up before coming out from under the blanket.

"I can't believe you just did that. Thank you"

"You're my husband and you needed it, why wouldn't I?"

"It wasn't that, well yeah it was, it was you putting me away after."

She looked puzzled at him and said "Of course I should it's my duty and I want to take good care of you. Did I do wrong?"

"Oh god no, not at all. It was a wonderful thing to do. Please don't ever stop taking care of me. I just hope I can take good enough care of you."

"You only need to love me. That will be enough."

"That's easy."

After a few minutes of just cuddling Anna says "I love the taste of your cum. I hope I can have lots more."

"As much as you want as often as you want. Well, as much as I can produce anyway but it's all yours."


After a long flight and a long taxi ride, they finally got to Steve's, well their, front door. Steve wouldn't let her enter but insisted he would carry her in.

Chapter 7

Once the door was closed and before they went any further into the house Anna turned to her new husband and while they kissed she slid his jacket off his shoulders and allowed it to fall to the floor. Without breaking the kiss she removed his tie and as she undid the first button of his shirt he reached he felt up her back to find the zip to her dress.

"No" she whispered "wait, let me undress you first"

She undid the rest of his shirt buttons and slipped it off his shoulders and dropped it to the floor with his jacket. She kissed his neck and trailed kisses down his chest to his small right nipple. She sucked it gently into her mouth feeling it harden as she did so. Steven had never had his nipples sucked before and was surprised at how erotic it felt and the way it caused his cock to throb.

Trailing kisses across to his left nipple she sucked that into her mouth as well. Continuing her kissing journey down she reached his navel that she kissed and pushed her tongue into it.

By the time she reached the top of his trousers she was on her knees. She ran her hands down his leg to his foot and encouraged him to lift his leg and removed his shoe and then peeled his sock off. She caressed his foot and his toes before giving each toe a kiss then returning his foot to the floor before repeating the process with the other.

Delicately she traced her fingers over his hard cock through the fabric feeling it twitch. She undid the belt and button of his trousers and every so slowly pulled the zip down like she was unwrapping the most precious of gifts, which to her, it was.

She pulled his trousers over his hips dropping them around his ankles. After helping him step out of them she stared intently at the bulge sticking straight out at her in his boxer shorts. She watched it twitch a few times as Steve was so very excited at this young beauty kneeling at his feet staring at his groin knowing that at any moment she is going to look at what the thin material is hiding.

Anna traced a single delicate finger of the top of the bulge causing it to twitch even more as it sent waves of pleasure through it. She reached for the waistband and slowly pulled it outwards away from his body. Carefully she lifted it over his throbbing erection and down so his boxers slid down his legs.

She gasped and her eyes widened as his cock came into view. She put her hand over her mouth. A panic came over Steve as he saw her reaction and didn't understand what it meant. "What's wrong?" he said with a waver in his voice.

She moved her hand away from her mouth and continued to stare intently at his cock. In a husky whisper, she said "I have never seen anything so beautiful, and it's mine. Please tell me it's mine now, please."

"Yes, my baby it's yours. All yours."

As he looked at her beautiful soft face he saw a tear roll down her face and she looked up at him and said, "Thank you." He smiled down at her so happy that he had apparently just given her a gift that had made her so happy to make her cry.

She reached up and ran her fingers over his balls before cupping them in her hands and gently squeezing. She ran her fingers along the length of his shaft to the tip. She carefully pulled his foreskin back exposing the head.

Using one finger she traced all over it and around it. She felt the small slit with the tip of her finger and as she ran her finger down and under his cock to his frenulum where she discovered how sensitive a place that was as Steve let out a moan and his cock swelled even more and twitched.

She kissed along his cock from the base up to the tip where she allowed her lips to linger over his pee hole and he felt the tip of her tongue rub softly against it.

She knelt back slightly and placing her hands on his hips turned him round. She softly ran her hands over buttocks. Running a finger down his crack sending a wave of intense pleasure through Steve's body.

She gently parted the cheeks of his arse exposing his anus. To Steve's surprise and pleasure she kissed his puckered hole softly. She then kissed it again allowing her lips to linger a little longer. Steve had never felt such a wonderful thing and moaned in pleasure.

She kissed again but longer this time and then he felt her tongue push against the small puckered hole. His anus opened to accept the visitor into his body. Steve moaned loudly and automatically pushed back to try and get more inside him. He almost came as the feeling was so incredible.

Anna didn't know how, but she sensed he was very close to cumming. She turned him round again and took the head of his cock into her mouth and flicked the tip of her tongue over his frenulum. Steve roared throwing his head back and exploded in her mouth. She sucked and swallowed every drop of his hot spunk.

As Steve's orgasm subsided his knees buckled under him as his legs were now weak and wobbly. Anna helped in down onto his knees in front of her and kissed him lovingly as she held him.

"Stay there darling and rest while I show you something." Anna said softly. He nodded not feeling strong enough yet after such a powerful orgasm.

She stood up in front of him and removed her shoes. Steve looked at her bare feet, the most beautiful and perfect feet he had ever seen. Her feet were small with tiny toes. Steve thought they looked like little girls feet and were so dainty and so kissable.

Her feet were suddenly covered by her dress. While he had been looking at her feet she had reached behind her back pulling the zip on her dress down and had let it fall to the floor.

His heart fluttered and he stopped breathing guessing she may be now naked. He raised his eyes slowly up her slender and smooth legs. When his eyes reached the top of her legs his breath caught as he gazed upon a perfectly smooth and pink, tight slit. Steve thought it to be the most perfect and beautiful pussy he had ever seen in any picture or video.

He wanted to crawl over there and then and smother it with kisses, but he resisted and managed to tear his eyes away and continue his visual journey up her body past her trim flat tummy with a cute looking navel.

He gasped when his gaze fell upon her breasts. They were perfect. They were slightly upturned giving that perfect shape to her breasts. Her nipples were perfectly proportioned and just a little puffy. Steve's felt his whole body trembling in anticipation and a desire so powerful.

Anna smiled down at him pleased at seeing his reaction. She slowly turned round. Steve's eyes were drawn to her bottom and its unblemished smooth soft gently rounded globes.

Steve could stand just looking no longer. He moved quickly forward on his knees. He allowed his hands to roam over her perfect smooth buttocks before running his fingers down her crack softly. Her skin felt softer than the finest silk.

He gently and slowly parted her cheeks and saw her tiny, pink, puckered anus. He blew gently on it before kissing it several times. Tentatively he touched her delicate sphincter with the tip of his tongue causing her to moan quietly and softly.

He expected it to taste nasty but it didn't. With a little more confidence he pushed a little harder with his tongue and felt her open and the tip of his tongue entered into her. The taste surprised Steve it was mild and pleasant not strong and nasty as he expected. He pushed further sliding his tongue up inside her rectum as far as he could go.

Anna was breathing heavily now and moaning in ecstasy as her rear passage was being invaded by his soft tongue. She bent over to allow better access for him and his tongue penetrated her a little further.

He withdrew and looked at the new visual delight of her pussy just below her perfect little bum hole. It looked like a pink succulent peach and he could see moisture glistening along the tight slit.

He licked slowly downwards along the slit towards her clit tasting her sweet juices. She parted her legs and he watched in amazement and passion as the lips gently parted to expose her thin inner lips.

He buried his face into her sweet, pretty, pussy and pushed his tongue into her entrance. She gasped as she felt his tongue enter her body and her juices began to flow more which he greedily drank down loving the sweet taste.

He slid his tongue down to her clit. Using the tip he slowly circled it over and over again as Anna's breathing became faster and heavier. As she began pushing back against his face he flicked across her hard, throbbing, clit. She came with a loud scream and as her body violently shook and trembled. Her juices came squirting out of her pussy soaking Steve's chest. He quickly moved his mouth down to catch the next squirt in his mouth to drink it down.

He sucked at her hole to get every drop from her body. He then moved back to her clit and sucked it into his mouth causing her second orgasm to hit even more suddenly and harder than the first. She screamed louder and her body shook as the climax of her life ripped through her body.

She collapsed and Steve caught her, carefully laying her down on the carpeted floor and holding her in his arms. As she slowly came back around she stared into his eyes and smiled. "Thank you, my darling husband. That was the best cum I have ever had. You are amazing."

"You are amazing my darling and you have the most beautiful body any man has ever seen"

"It's yours now. It's all yours. It's my gift to you."

"Thank you, I promise I will care for, love and worship it every day for the rest of my life."

Chapter 8

"Are you going to show me around your house then?" Anna said.

"Not mine. It's ours now, your home. Actually, that's a good point. Change anything you want. Make it yours."


"Yours, for you and your husband. Whatever you do will be fine by me as I know it will be to make it more comfortable and perfect for us both."

"Oh, darling I do love you. Come on let me clean you up and you can show me round."

"Do you have to? I like being covered in your love juices." Her heart skipped a beat as he said this and thought that was so erotic of him to say so.

"Really?" she said,

"Yes, really."

They walked around the house together still naked. It was your typical three up two down terraced house with a smallish kitchen and a large lounge diner. The upper floor had three bedrooms and one bathroom. The bath had been removed and a large shower unit had been put in with jets down the sides. "That looks fun," Anna said.

"Yes I put that in a few years ago and it is great fun," Steve said and then blushed when he realised what he said.

"Aww, my poor baby. Don't worry darling from now on you will never have to have to play alone. I will take care of all your needs."

In each room, they stopped and as they looked together Anna cuddled up close to Steve loving the feeling of his naked body against hers.

Anna had always wondered what it would be like to be walking around nude and imagined it would be wonderful. She had no idea how wonderful it would really feel.

They returned to the kitchen and Steve went to make them a coffee. "No darling. That is my job now." Anna said.

Steve laughed and said, "It's okay, it's only a drink."

"You don't understand. I want to do everything for you. It's important to me. You provide the house, the food, everything. Please let me."

Steve smiled at her and said "Okay, tell you what. Here's the deal. I will ensure I provide everything you need and want. You are in complete charge of inside the house and its day to day running. How does that sound?"

"Yes, perfect. Just how it should be."

Steve stepped out the way and leant against the wall and watched his naked teenage wife searching through the cupboards whilst making them a coffee. He looked over her body and could not believe just how amazingly beautiful she was and her body so very perfect. He could just stand there and watch her for all eternity he was so happy just looking.

She stopped and looked at him watching her. She looked over his naked body smiling at the sight. She bit her lower lip as she was deep in thought looking at his nude form.

"What you thinking?" Steve said.

"I was thinking that I like seeing you, well us both being naked, and, well, it would be nice if we could always be like this at home."

Steve smiled and said "Well you're in charge. You just have to ban clothing inside the house."

"Really? I can do that?"

"I told you, you're the boss."

"And you would be okay with that?"

"More than okay. If I get to see that amazingly beautiful body all the time I am going to be very happy."

"Then clothing is banned."

"Good. Are you hungry? Shall I order a pizza?"

"No, I want to cook you something."

"It's your wedding day. You shouldn't be cooking darling."

"I want to. Anyway, I don't want anyone disturbing us. I want you all alone with me."

"Okay baby. What about just heating up a frozen pizza there is probably one in the freezer."

Steve stayed in the kitchen with her as she found the pizza and put the oven on. While they waited for the pizza to cook they went through to the lounge and cuddled up on the sofa.

By the time they had eaten it was the early hours. "Come on my husband we need to consummate our marriage properly."

They climbed the stairs together and by the time they were in the bedroom Steve's cock was once again rock hard and ready.

"Lie on your back," Anna said.

He did so and she lay half on him and they kissed long and deep. She slowly slid her hand down his body until she reached his cock. She wrapped her fingers around his shaft gently and sighed a deep satisfied sigh. She just held him while they kissed and she pressed and gently rubbed her pussy on his hip.

Getting up she straddled him with her pussy over his throbbing hard cock. Taking hold of his cock she rubbed the head back and forth along her soft wet slit making it wet and slick with her juices. She positioned it against her entrance and bared down on him. She felt her pussy open to accept him inside. Steve watched and felt, his helmet disappear inside her soft warm pussy.

She very slowly slid down loving how his cock slowly filled her up. Steve was in ecstasy not only feeling her tight teenage pussy slowly sliding down his cock but watching his cock slowly disappear up inside her very young perfect body. The body of a young girl a third of his age.

She sat fully down on his lap with his cock all the way up inside her. She slowly began to rise and he watched as his now wet shaft came into view from between her stretched pussy lips.

She slid up and down his shaft slowly at first picking up speed gradually. Steve watched her breasts as they began to bounce up and down with her movements. He put one hand down to where they were joined together and rubbed her clit and with the other he reached up to rub and pinch one of her nipples.

As she got closer to her climax he pinched her nipple harder pulling her breast out. She screamed as her orgasm hit her like a bolt of lightening passing through her body. He felt her pussy squeeze his cock hard making it so very tight.

She fell forward and Steve started to thrust hard upwards into her as he took her puffy nipple into his mouth to suck on. His orgasm came very quickly and he grabbed her hips forcing her hard down onto him as he thrust upwards forcing his cock even deeper into her.

She felt his cum squirt out of his cock and flood her insides. The feeling of it and having a man cum inside her for the first time in her life brought her to the most powerful climax ever. She felt her mind rise up into the heavens in an explosion of stars and euphoria as they both came together. Steve's orgasm went on longer than he had ever experienced and by the time they both came down they were both totally exhausted physically and mentally in a way that was so perfect and satisfying.

Neither moved and they both fell quickly into a very happy and contented sleep with her still on top of him and his cock still up inside her.

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