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Mastering the Virgin’

Part One


Author: Simone Leigh

Copyright © 2017

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This Series,’ Mastering the Virgin’, is Dedicated to

Robin, Alice, Lorie and Debra

who named it

And to Rob

who knew that Charlotte’s ‘Secret Name is

Jade-Eyes’ or ‘Jade’


Seven Years Ago


I see him cross the floor: a strikingly good-looking man with a shaggy mane of blond hair.

. overdue for a cut….

I’ve seen him around here before, several times. He never has any problems finding willing partners and seems to be with a different one every time. Watching him from across the room, I’m interested to see his technique….

He lounges by the bar, with a glass of wine he’s been sipping at for the last twenty minutes, showing no signs of finishing it.

Now, there’s a man who’s waiting for action and has no intention of taking too much alcohol on board.

He scans the room. Several women, and some couples too are very obviously eyeing him up. He has no shortage of choice.

Still curious, I angle myself to get a better view of his face, so that I can follow his eye.

He’s watching a strawberry blond at one end of the bar, and a tall, well matched and attractive couple at the other. Both are casting an eye back at him and he’s clearly welcome whichever way he chooses.

His gaze sweeps past me, hovers and then drifts back as he realizes I’m watching him. Then he grins and shakes his head apologetically.

Damn, He thinks I’m gay….

Better set that one right.

I’m about to head across to talk to him when he makes up his mind, strolling over to the couple he was watching.

She is very attractive in a bubbly, bouncy, brunette kind of way; not my type, but I’m interested to see what comes next. The guy she’s with is an obvious Dom, in a dark suit, clean white shirt and polished shoes. He’s a snappy dresser and the brunette very much defers to him.

As the blond man strolls over, both smile, seeming to know him. I can’t pick out their words across the bar, but their body language says it all, and the three head for…. for where? Ah, yes, one of the larger viewing lounges.

The bed inside is enormous, easily able to take a dozen couples, but right now, the threesome have it to themselves. Blondie sits on the edge of the bed while the couple…. what?

The Dom sits beside Blondie, nodding the brunette to stand in front of the pair of them. Then, instructing her to turn with the twirling of a finger, he gestures to Blondie to take over.

The blond man stands, smoothly moving upright to stand over the woman. He’s tall, though not particularly so, perhaps a shade shy of six feet, but he is powerfully built; broad shouldered and narrow waisted. Certainly, he looks and moves as though he works out, not in the overbuild-the-muscle way, but of the I’ve-a-job-to-do-and-need-a-body-that-works sort.

He takes the woman at the shoulders. She’s all smiles, clearly very happy for him to do whatever he wishes, and as he stoops to kiss her, she leans in, contouring herself to him while his hands roam her; her waist, her tits, her ass.

Then one hand reaches around to the fastening at the back of her dress. One-handedly he slips the small button free, gliding down the zipper, and although she has her back to me, I see the wriggle of her hips as she moves to accommodate him.

He glances up, sees me watching, then smiles and drops me a wink. He says something to her, a question on his face, before she nods and he turns her by the shoulders to face me while he slips the dress from her shoulders. Her Dom doesn’t seem to mind, sitting back with a voyeuristic smile as Blondie displays the woman to me.

Trying to stay casual, I lean against the wall, sipping at my own wine as the display unfolds. But my cock is twitching as the dress falls to the ground. She’s wearing nothing underneath and has the figure to get away with it. Cupping a breast with one hand, Blondie runs one hand down her belly, heading south with the other. Her face has the glazed expression of growing arousal and her lips are parted.

Am I just a voyeur for this? Or will I be able to….

Abruptly, the Dom stands, grabbing the woman by an arm and pushing her down onto the bed. He flips her onto all fours, pulling her ass up to display her pussy. Blondie says something, head-pointing at me, but the Dom snaps an obvious ‘No’.

Blondie turns to me, shrugs an apology across the room and then returns his attention to the woman.


I could stay and watch the rest, but my pants are tight and I want to do more than spectate. As I turn away, there’s a curvy little redhead standing close, looking at up at me.

“Hi, I’m Jeannie.”

“Hello, Jeannie.”

“I’ve seen you here before. You like to take charge, don’t you?”

“I do, yes. Is that what you had in mind?”

“You like it rough too. I saw you last week, with that other girl. You paddled her good.”

My voice dry. “If you saw that much, then you saw that I didn’t get any complaints either.”

She grins, then turns, walking away, but as she’s about to round the corner, she glances back at me, her eyes full of invite. Knocking back the remains of my wine, I follow her.

She settles in another of the public rooms, the viewing ports filled with shadowy faces. Lying on the couch, giving me the eye, she arches back, legs slightly akimbo.

I stand over her, looking down. She seems to have a taste for submission….

. or why would she have invited me?

And why would I disappoint her?

…. Watching her, I undo cuffs and buttons, stripping off my shirt, then kick off my shoes. “You like it rough too, then?”

She grins again, flips over and presents her be-pantied backside. Sitting by her, I push up her skirt past her waist, stroke her thighs, gauging her reaction. She’s panting already, ready to be fucked. I’ll be happy to oblige; my cock is pushing hard inside my pants.

I slap her across the ass, over her panties and she gasps, but pushes her pretty derriere back towards me.

Tugging down her panties, I slap again, then slide a couple of fingers between her legs. She’s nicely wet, but her cheeks could be a bit pinker, so I give it to her again, this time aiming for a real sting.

She yelps and judders. “What are your safety words?” I ask.

“Bambi and Thumper’ she replies

Where the fuck did she gets those from?

Nevertheless, I swipe across her skin once more, and now she’s really beginning to bloom. The heat of her reddened skin warms my hand as I rub at a spot, then slap again, and again.

My cock’s ready to burst out, so I unzip, shrug off my pants, and kneel between her legs.

She likes it rough?

Let’s give her what she wants….

I jam my knees between hers, forcing her legs wide, exposing her red and glistening pussy, pushing a couple of fingers inside. Pumping her a bit, I enjoy her wet heat and the wriggling of her hips. Then I angle to scrape at her inner wall and she yells. She seems to be enjoying it, and she’s making some good noises as I work her up.

My cock’s ready for action and my balls are tight. She turns to look over her shoulder as she hears the rip of foil, then sings out as I spear her hard.

Fucking her deep, ramming home, I hilt myself inside her. It’s got to be hurting her, but she doesn’t call her safe-word and she’s screaming her arousal as she tries to both escape and embrace the pounding I’m giving her

I settle into a rhythm; a hard slap across her butt, then another, and while she’s still in mid-yelp, I fuck her again, pistoning in for two or three thrusts before withdrawing and giving her ass another swipe.

I’m getting close, but I want her to come first, so as I slam into her, I reach around, rubbing at her clit, which is as hot and wet and swollen as her pussy, erect and sensitive.

“Bambi!” she yells, and arching backwards, she jerks into orgasm, trying to buck. I hold her tight at the hip, still pounding into her, but relax a bit on her clit, just winding circles around it with a finger. Her cunt pulsing around my shaft, she clenches at me and my own climax is coming. As she screams “Thumper!”, I release her clit and drop over her as I come myself, shooting hard as my cock and root and balls shudder and pulse.

I pull out of her with a final slap on the butt. She yelps, but turns back to me, smiling. “Thanks, er…?”


“Thanks, James.”

“You’re welcome, Jeannie.”

“Perhaps I’ll see you again.”

“Perhaps.” I nod.

“Next week, maybe?”

Shaking my head, “I’ll not be here next week. Another time, perhaps.”

“I’d like that.”

She pulls her clothes into a bundle and heads out in the direction of the showers.

As I pull on my pants, heading for the showers myself, Blondie’s there at the end of the aisle, watching.

How long was he there?

He grins and winks at me again, then turns and walks away.


Seven Years Ago


He’s here again, the tall, dark-haired Dom I saw giving Jeannie a hard time….

Not that she didn’t enjoy it….

I’ve not seen him for a few weeks, but he’s there propping up the bar again with a wine glass in his hand.

He’s barely drinking though….

Watching what’s going on….

Might as well say Hi….

I order a beer, then amble across to lean back against the bar nearby and nod a hello to him. He acknowledges it with a tilt of his glass.

“Not seen you for a couple of weeks.”

“No,” he agrees, sipping his wine, “I don’t live in the area. I travel here on business every so often.”

“Oh? Where’s home then?”

He takes a large mouthful of his wine….

Stressful question?

“Wherever I hang my hat, really.”

Odd reply….

Time to break the ice….

I offer my hand. “Michael Summerford.”

He accepts it with a sharp, business-like tug and a brief smile. “James Alexanders.” There’s a short silence; the kind where strangers are angling for a suitable topic of conversation, then “You’re local yourself, then? Here regularly?” he asks

“Me? Oh, yes. Born and bred in the area. And yes, I’m here, or at one of the other clubs two or three times a week.”

His brows arch. “No.… um…. regular girlfriend, then? No Mrs Summerford?”

I shake my head. “No, I like to keep things uncomplicated. My life’s too busy for….” I make air commas with two sets of fingers…. “…. relationships.

“How’s that, then? The too busy part?”

Is he actually interested...? Or just being polite?

“I run my own business. It’s building up nicely, but I work every hour God sends to keep it on the rails. You know how it’s been since the Crash.”

He nods. “Oh, yes, I do know. So, what do you….?”

His question is cut off by the arrival of Chloe.

Chloe and I are old friends, in the ‘Fuck, have fun and leave it at that.’ sense. And she’s a looker, with a good figure that she keeps in trim by working out hard at the gym. And given that I get the benefits, without ‘complications’, I’m happy for her to use my facilities at the Centre.

“Hi, Michael.” she says, sashaying across the dance-floor, wearing her ‘Fuck Me’ smile. “Nice to see you again. Want to play?”

“Oh, I think so. Would you like a drink first?”

“No, I’ve had a couple already. I’m looking for a bit more right now. Or,” she glances at James, “am I interrupting something?”

“Not at all,” he says, forestalling my attempt to disentangle myself and take up Chloe’s offer without embarrassment, “we were just chatting. Go enjoy yourselves.”

His face very straight, he eye-points me at Chloe.

Very decent of you….


Chloe does rather a good striptease; it’s her speciality and I know she enjoys exhibiting herself as much as I enjoy the show. And of course, whoever’s in the viewing galleries gets the benefit too.

I lie back on the bed, watching her peel off a skin-tight lycra dress to reveal that’s she’s wearing a g-string underneath and no more, unless you want to count her earrings.

Her figure is good, not spectacular, but because she’s fit and toned, she still looks great and with her medium-large tits, she doesn’t need a bra either. She’s quite dusky-skinned, some variety of South-American I think, and her nipples are dark and brown against the coffee of her breasts. As she sways and shimmies for me, a crowd is gathering outside the viewing port, enjoying her performance and my cock is nudging awake.

She’s an uncomplicated soul is Chloe, and I know she doesn’t stand on ceremony, so I stand to quickly strip off, then sit again, patting the bed next to me.

Undulating onto the sheet, she lies on her back, knees slightly parted. The invite is clear, and, I can’t help but notice, she’s giving the audience a view of her pussy. She enjoys an audience does our Chloe.

How to play it….?

I kneel up and across her, straddling her waist, so my shaft’s on offer if she feels like wrapping her mouth around me. I’m sure she will. It’s just a matter of when.

. spilling over your tongue while you look up at me with those big brown eyes….

She’s colouring up nicely, her skin pinking and sheening with perspiration. And as I play with her nipples, sucking at one while I pinch at the other with thumb and forefinger, she quivers under me, the tremble in her muscles transmitting through to my thighs.

Time to up the game a bit….

Wonder how wet you are? Let’s find out….

Reaching behind me, I probe between her legs, inching between her labia to her clit. She’s nicely wet, whimpering beautifully as I play with her, flicking with the pad of a finger at her sweet spot. Working her clit with one hand, a nipple with the other, my angle’s a bit awkward, but I know she likes it….

But it’s not quite right, is it….?

…. I sense that I’m not quite hitting the mark with her. She’s enjoying herself, but her arousal’s not ramping up as I’d like.

What’s missing?

“What is it, Chloe? Am I doing something wrong?”

She hesitates.

Yes…. I’m doing something wrong….

“Don’t worry. Tell me. I’ll not be offended. My ego will cope.”

Tell me…. Then I know for next time….

I smile to reassure her. If I’m missing something, I want to know what. “Come on, out with it.”

“I’d like you to be a bit rougher.”

“Rougher? You’ve never asked for that before. I didn’t know you liked….”

“You’re lovely, Michael, but sometimes a girl likes a bit more….” She swallows her words, then, “It’s quite nice to be, um, manhandled a bit.”


“You want me to knock you about?”

I’m about to back off. I’m really not comfortable delivering that kind of thing, but as I hover over what to do….

Don’t want to disappoint the girl….

And my cock aches….

…. I see that out in the viewing gallery is James. Having watched his performances, I know he has no trouble giving a woman as much heat as she wants. They usually scream their safety words before he gives up.

I bend close by her face, keeping my voice low. “Chloe, how do you feel about having two of us? That guy you just met is out there, and he loves that sort of thing.”

Two of you?”

“Yes, two.”

She smiles and arches. “That’s kind of kinky.” Her words sound as though she’s protesting, but her body language says otherwise.

“Having sex in front of an audience, and asking a man to rough you up isn’t exactly vanilla.”

She pauses, sucking at her lip then, “Why not? It sounds really sexy.”

I kiss her cheek. “Good Girl. Now, stand up and bend over the bed.... No, this way, I want him to see your ass.”

I look back out at the viewing gallery, picking James out of the crowd. I make a slapping motion over Chloe’s ass and a ‘come hither’ sign to him.”

He glances either way at the gathered audience, then points at himself, the question on his face.

I nod. Yes, you.

As I unlock the door, James strolls in, hands in pockets, a smile playing around his eyes, and I re-bolt the door behind him. He gazes down at Chloe, towering over her. She, her face pressed sideways against the bed, looks back up at him, her expression alternating between curiosity, anticipation and worry.

Wondering if you’ve bitten off more than you can chew?

Perhaps you have….

“Chloe, this is James. James, this is Chloe. I think the two of you would enjoy getting to know each other.”

He stands looking down at her, very casual but every inch the Dom. “Hello, Chloe.” He’s not smiling, exactly, but there’s a softness around his eyes. “Nice to meet you.” And now, in this situation, I notice the deep, rich tone to his voice; the kind that makes women wet in their panties.

“Hello, nice to meet you too…. Sir.”

His eyes briefly meet with mine, then he sits beside her, stroking her displayed butt. “What are your safe-words, Chloe?”

Straight to the point….

“May I use yellow and red, Sir?”

“Ideal.” He’s looking her over. “Show me yourself, Chloe.”

“Show myself?”

“Yes, show me yourself. We’ve not met before and, while you have a very nice ass, I’d like a better look at you. You were showing everyone a few minutes ago. Now… show me…. on your knees. We both want to see you.”

She rolls over, kneeling up on the bed and looking a little uncertain, but a flush is rising over her skin again, and she’s sweating. She cups her breasts, playing with the nipples, which crinkle and pebble.

As she performs, James stands, checking out one of the wall-racks, and extracts a flogger from the choice available. Leather-made, the tresses are soft and velvety, and in the hands of someone who knows what he’s doing can deliver anything from a love-kiss to a lashing.

Chloe glances at him, nervously….

This is what she wanted….

He trails the flogger tails over her shoulders and she shivers, pausing.

“Did I tell you to stop?”

“No, Sir”

“Then carry on.”

She resumes her work on her nipples. James glances towards me, raising a questioning brow.

Lower.” I say.

“You heard him, Chloe. Michael wants to see more. Start working your clit.”

She’s dripping with sweat now, her lips parted, and as James draws the soft tresses along her spine, her pupils widen. But her fingers glide to the vee of her thighs, sliding inward.


Fuck, I’m gonna shoot if I’m not careful….

. Get some fucking self-control, Man….

“Open your lips with one hand.” instructs James. “Play with your clit with the other. We want to see what you’re doing.”

I’m getting a little uneasy on my feet. James glances towards me, then briefly down at where my pants are straining. His lips twitch as his eyes flash to mine.

He flicks at the girl with the flogger, frisking it over her spine. Clearly, it doesn’t hurt her….

He does know what he’s doing with that thing….

…. and she shudders, whimpering.

“Down on the floor, Chloe; on your knees.”

Without a word, she obeys him, kneeling down onto the thick floor mat.

Do I want her to kneel for me?

No, not really….

But fuck, it’s hot watching him make her do it….

He meets my eyes again, knotting his hand into her hair. “My friend here wants his cock sucked. Let me see that mouth of yours doing its job.” He pushes her face towards me as I offer her my cock. I really, really want to put it somewhere….

My shaft twitching as her lips part, she laps her tongue around the head, licking at the ridge. Locking eyes with James, he sucks in a smile as he watches her, before she takes my cockhead fully into her mouth and I fling my head back, eyes closed, hands clasped behind my neck, lost in the sheer pleasure of having a beautiful woman kneeling for me and giving head.

Should I let go. Watch her swallow?

No, don’t come yet…. She comes first.

I open my eyes again at James' voice. “On all fours now, Chloe. Let us both at you.” Compliantly, she falls from her kneeling position onto her hands, but slowly, taking me with her as I drop to the floor too, James still with his hand in her hair, controlling her.

“Michael, do you want to go any deeper?” he asks, his tone as though Chloe isn’t present to listen or have any say.

“No, I’m fine.”

What would he have done if I’d said yes…?

He continues to trail the falls of the flogger over her skin. It’s still a caress, a kiss of her skin with the suede-like leather, but there’s something in his eyes that tells me that’s about to change. His eyes meet mine again; only for a second, but he’s holding his whip-hand back, warning me of what’s coming. Hastily, I pull out from between Chloe’s teeth.

“Ass up, Chloe.” he says. “Head down.”

He flicks the tails at her butt. It can't possibly hurt her, again a lick rather than a lash; a warning only, but her eyes fling wide and she gasps. He follows up with another stroke, harder this time as it streaks across her skin. She whimpers, but still she arches and presents herself.

Now James brings it across her hard. She yells and trembles, but still doesn't try to pull away. Scarlet stripes line her previously creamy ass and her pussy is glistening, a trickle running inside her thighs. James pauses, eye-pointing me downwards and I sit on the floor beside her, reaching in from the front to play with her clit as, her head flung back, she moans and wails.

James reaches into his pocket, pulls out a packet and, ripping the foil in his teeth, pulls his cock from his straining pants. Fitting the condom, he drops to his knees between her legs, roughly pushing her feet further apart, and plunges deep in.

Leaning into her, he pumps her hard as I work her clit. Her build-up to climax is unmistakable and as she ramps up her arousal, her howls grow louder.

And she comes, her face and shoulders dropping to the mat as she screams and struggles. James is gripping her hard by her still upraised ass, and I work her clit until she finally screams ‘Red! Red!”

My own cock straining, I don't want to wait any longer. Her mouth is still open as she yells and thrashes through her orgasm. I stand, pull her up at the shoulders again to kneel upright in front of me, and shove inside.

It’s sheer heaven. Her wails are muffled as I push the ridge of my cock head back and forth over the wet heat of her lips and tongue. I’m going to blow quickly.

James is close too, kneeling upright behind her as he fucks her from behind. His eyes move between his own cock pumping her, and mine in her mouth. Our eyes meet and he grins, and uncontrollably, so do I.

His eyes squeezing closed, with a groan, he bends forward, his hands resting on her back as he shudders into her. Only a moment or two later, I spurt and spill, shooting a salvo over her tongue and then another over her face as I pull away a little to let her breathe and swallow. And I get a final slug into the back of her mouth as she takes me again, sucking hard.

Gasping, I pull free. James is doing the same, grabbing a roll of tissue and wiping the sweat from his face. He tosses it down to Chloe and me, then sits on the bed, trying to zip himself up.

I join him, pulling her up and to me by the shoulders, giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks, Chloe. That was great.”

“Anytime, Michael. That was fantastic. And thanks too, um, James, is it?”

He nods, not smiling at her, but his eyes are crinkled. “Yes, James.”

“It's a shower, and a beer for me.” I say. “Want to join us, Chloe?”

“No, thanks.” she says. ” I’ve got the boyfriend out there. He’ll be wanting his turn now.”

Sure enough, there’s a man waving to her from the viewing galleries. “You should have said. He could have joined us.”

“No, he just likes to watch me get fucked.”

“Fair enough. Another time then?”

“My pleasure.” she grins, collecting her clothes together and pulling them on.

As she leaves, I turn to James. “Fancy that beer?”

“Sounds good.” he says, swiping a hand through his hair. “Shower first though, I think.”

“How about a shower and a swim?”

“They’ve got a pool here?”

“No, not here.”



We stroll in through the front entrance of a large sports and leisure centre. The entrance lobby is heaving with people.

“Just one sec.says Michael. “I’ll do a quick check that I’m not needed anywhere.” He walks across to a door signed ‘Private. Staff Only’, sticks his head through and after a few seconds returns. “Nope, everything’s fine.”

He looks around at the mass of people around us. “It’s late night opening tonight, being Friday, but the doors will be closing in half an hour. Do you feel like a sauna first? The pool will be a lot pleasanter when the crowds have moved on.”

“Good idea.”

“The changing rooms are over there,” he points. “I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

In the changing rooms, I strip to a towel and am looking around for the saunas when Michael reappears with a couple of cans. “Nothing better than a cold beer with hot steam.” he grins. “One of Scandinavia’s great contributions to civilisation.”

The sauna’s real, with hot coals and a water bucket with a ladle. And as the steam hisses and splutters, the cold beer slides down like the proverbial nectar.

“This is your business then?” I ask. “You own it?”

“Well, kind of.” he shrugs, then smiles disarmingly. “I look after it for the bank. You know how it is.…”

“Of course; still you look to be doing okay. It’s pretty crowded out there.”

He becomes more animated. “I get plenty of custom, plain footfall past the door and signed up clients, gym memberships and suchlike. I’ve put in a lot of work, but,” he shrugs, “I’d really like to expand. The building next door is for sale, but you know how it is getting finance from the banks these days.”

“Oh, yes. I know about that too.”

I look around at the throng of customers: young men, working out and displaying tribal tattoos down their calves, skinny kids in swimming costumes, teenage girls showing off sprouting figures and middle-aged women trying to slim down over-blown bodies.

Is he this busy all the time?

And he can’t get finance?


We sit across from each other over a vinyl topped cafe table, with a coffee apiece, looking down over a swimming pool.

“So, um….” starts Michael, “Have you done that before?”

I pause to choose my words, then settle for keeping it simple. “Which part?”

“The ‘sharing’ part. I can see perfectly well that you’ve had plenty of practice at the rest of it.”

I suck in a smile. “In fact, no I haven’t.”

“Mmm.” He swirls his coffee around the cup. “Feel like doing it again sometime?”

“Yes, I rather think I do.”

“Mmm.” The coffee gets another swirl, then, “I can see what you enjoy, the whole Dom thing, and why you would enjoy it. But it always amazes me that they like it, the women.”

“Not all do, but I don't get many complaints.” Now I swirl my coffee. “And what do you like?”

He grins. “Women.”

I snort a laugh. “Yeah, I get that.”

“So, what brings you to the City?” he asks. “You said you don’t live here? You just visit? Are you a travelling salesman or something?”

“Not exactly. I’m a consultant engineer. There’s a huge project coming up here in a few years’ time, the City renovation. I’m trying to get my foot in the door early.”

“And how do you do that?”

“By making myself useful and available. When they start putting out tenders for the work, I want them to think of my name. It’s a long shot, and it’s long-term; it could take years, but if it works, the payoff will be huge.”

“Good luck to you then.” He tips his coffee at me in a small toast.

“Thanks. So, tell me about this expansion you want to do?”

He stares ruefully into his plastic cup. “Like I said, the building next door’s up for sale. If I bought it, I could open extra facilities; squash courts, extra halls for training classes, you know to sort of thing, yoga, dancing, even some of the cosmetic stuff; hairdressers, nail extensions, beauticians…. All the luxury extras that people blow their spare cash on. There’s a big demand in the area for space and facilities, but I can’t meet that demand. I’m forever getting inquiries about using the facilities I’ve already got from clubs and schools, sometimes even the big hotels who want to offer a package to their guests. It’s only a matter of time before someone else comes along and sets up as competition, then I’ll have lost the chance.”

Here we go….

“As it happens, I’ve got some cash lying around that’s earning nothing where it is. If you’re interested in having an investor, we could talk about it.”

He looks at me over his glass, his expression flat. “James, I’m not talking about a few hundred or even a few thousand. Have you seen the price of property around here?”

“Yes, I have. I’ve occasionally looked at buying an apartment in the City, given my long-term plans, so I have a very good idea of how much you’re talking about.”

He stares at me. “And that’s the kind of cash you’ve got ‘lying around’?”

“It’s supposed to be my pension, but it’s doing fuck-all in the fund it’s in. And I’m not planning on retiring anytime soon. I enjoy what I do far too much.”

“Right…. Gotcha….” He sucks in his cheeks, thinking.

“Let me put it this way.” I say. “If I put up the cash to buy the building, can you afford to fit it out?”

“Oh, yes. That’s no problem at all. I’ve got a lot of stuff in the basement that I’ve picked up from auctions and bankrupt stock over the years. equipment, fittings, furnishings….”

“Waiting for better times?”

“Exactly. The building work’s minimal and it’s already got decent electrics and plumbing. It’s a refitting job, not a complete refurb.”

“Have you got audited accounts for your business to date? Projections? Costs? Business plan?”

“Of course, I have. Um…. do you want to talk about this now? Or have something to eat and we’ll do it back at mine?”

As I look around, several pairs of staff eyes are watching us. “Yes, I think somewhere more private would be a good idea?”


Back at Michael’s apartment he turns the key and waves me in. “Make yourself at home.” he says. “Sorry it’s a bit small, but there’s only me and I like it that way.”

“No visiting girlfriends?”

He sniffs. “Just the family occasionally. I like to keep my strings untied, and the apartment not looking as though I’m trying to invite anyone into my life. I use the clubs and keep it…. informal.”

We send out for takeaway. Leaving Michael to tap at a keyboard, bringing up his accounts, while I pay the delivery boy, I return to find him ‘Hmmming’ over the screen. “It’s up to date to the end of last month.” he says. “You know your way around the software?”

I take a quick look at the screen. “Yup, I use it myself for my own book-keeping.”

He waves me onto the chair. “Help yourself then. If you want to query anything, I’ll be in the middle of the prawn crackers over there.”

The accounts are straightforward enough. It’s not as though I have to check out stock lists or turnover. What is completely clear is a healthy pattern of growing numbers of clients, money reinvested as capital equipment and a lack of unnecessary borrowing.

“You’ve never been overdrawn?”

“I spend money I have. Not money I don’t have. I don’t mind paying out on a mortgage, but I’m blowed if I’m paying the kind of fees they demand on bank charges and overdrafts.”

“Yes, sensible enough.”

After an hour, I sit back, considering. He looks worried. “Hey, if you’ve any doubts about any of that, I’ve got all the till rolls, receipts, everything.”

“No, I’m not worried at all. It looks good to me. On the strength of what I’ve seen, if you’d like to do it, in principle, I’m happy to invest. We can discuss detailed terms separately.”

“Hey, that’s great.” He hesitates. “There’s just one thing to clear up before we get down to brass tacks… sorry, two things.”

“Which are…?”

He holds up a finger. “One, if I am able to pay you off early, I have the option to do so?”

“Fine, no problem.”

“And two…. You don’t want to be involved in the management, do you? Have you any experience in…?”

“No and no. I’m an engineer, not a manager. I have zero interest in the day to day running of the business. That’s your job.”

“Good.” He offers me his hand and we shake, then “You know, I’ve got a bottle of malt I was saving for an occasion like this.”



Some hours later, the level of the bottle has dropped considerably.

“So, you’re by yourself, working the clubs. What happened to your wife?” I ask, then as his face falls, wonder if I should have.

He takes a swig of his whisky. “We weren’t what you could call compatible. I didn’t realise how much so until our daughter left home for University, then she couldn’t get away from me fast enough. Twenty odd years of marriage and she was gone, just like that.”

Oh, crap. I really shouldn’t have asked….

“Oh…. Sorry, I shouldn’t have….”

He shrugs and takes another glug of his drink. “It’s not your fault, is it? You’ve nothing to be sorry for. You’ve had the sense to keep yourself single.”

“Do you see your daughter?”

“No. Marlene took all the money, but told Georgetta that I was refusing to pay any maintenance. I’d gone for a clean break and paid her off all in one go, but Georgie doesn’t speak to me now. I pay her University fees. Perhaps one day she’ll come round.” He looks glum, playing with the glass. “She’s happy in her new life I think. No need for her to pay for the sins of her parents.” Another mouthful of whisky. “Now I live unencumbered.”

He starts to stand. “I’d better be getting back,” he says, “while I can walk straight….”

Too late….

“…. Thanks for your hospitality.”

“Where are you staying?” I ask, trying to steady him with my hand on his elbow.

“The Imperial.”

Not a good idea. You’ll get mugged or robbed or run over in the state you’re in….

“The Imperial? That’s right across town. It’s too far to walk at this time. Why don’t you sleep in the spare room for the night? You’ll enjoy the walk more in the morning when you have a clear head.”

“Um, that’s a very good offer. If I’m not in the way, yes, I would like that. Thanks.”



I wake to the smell of coffee. Staring at the ceiling for a moment, I try to line up enough brain cells to remember where I am.

Oh, yes….

Pulling on my pants, I head for the bathroom. Michael is already up, doing something in the kitchen. “Morning.” he calls. “Breakfast?”

“Sounds good, thanks.”

“If you’ve got a hangover, you’ll find something in the bathroom cabinet.”

“Thanks.” In fact, I don’t have a headache, but I am a bit woozy. Michael serves me with plenty of coffee and orange juice. “Omelette?”

“I don’t want to be in the way. I need to be getting on.”

“Me too. I’ll be out of the door in fifteen minutes, but it’s as easy to make omelette for two as for one.”

“Thanks, then.”

Over breakfast, he says, “So, how do you want to play it, with the investment? You’re the one with the money, so the ball’s in your court. I assume you would be wanting security of some kind?”

“The building itself would be the security.” I ponder for a moment. “Are you free later today to visit the agent with me? We can go through the motions of a viewing on the building, but then put in an offer to get it held for you; stop anyone else buying it from under you. Then we can talk to the lawyers about the paperwork.”

He beams. “Sounds great. What are you looking for on terms?”

“Interest payable at 2% over base. That gives me a return and you some leeway. How long are you looking for?”

“How does five years sound? With an option to pay back early if I can?”

“Fine. Deal. The lawyers can dot the i’s and cross the t’s.”

And we shake hands, Michael looking inordinately pleased as he downs his breakfast.

“Mmm…” he mumbles, through a mouthful of egg. “How long are you in town?”

“Just for a week this time. Why?”

“Thought you might like to visit the Club again. There’s a cute little blond who turns up there regularly mid-week. And she’s dropped a few hints about which way her tastes run.”

“Really? Sounds interesting.” I smile. “And you think we might….?”

“Mmm…. Yes, I think we might.”


Three Years Ago


In the Club again, James leans back against the bar, all nonchalance. “You never have any problem pulling them in do you.” he comments. “Women throw themselves at you. I’ve lost count of how many I’ve seen you with.”

Well, that one over there’s looking at you.”

His eyes scan the room. “Where?”

“Over there. Tall girl, long dark hair, rather a large nose.”

“Ah, yes. Got her.” James tips his glass to the woman who is very obviously checking him out. “I don’t think that’s a large nose. Well defined, yes, but not large. It just makes her look a little…. Venetian.”


“You’ve seen Klimt’s paintings?”

“Ah, yes, I get you. Yes, she does look a bit like that.”

The woman has locked eyes with James. She’s not bad-looking at all, with a decent figure and strong features. She wouldn’t be for a man who likes them small and dainty, but I know by now that James, for all his Dom inclinations, likes them feisty. A strong woman simply stirs his appetites.

A glass of wine in one hand, she makes her way across the room, zeroing in on James, who waits, sipping at his own drink.

“Hello.” he says, as she arrives, a smile on his eyes, not reaching his mouth.

“Hi,” she replies, “I’m Debbie.”

“Hello, Debbie. I’m James, and my friend here is Michael.”

“Are you…. waiting for someone?” she asks.

“We are, yes….”

“Ah.” Her face falls. She looks disappointed.

He continues, “…. but we didn’t know who she would be. Might it be you?”

“Ah….” She smiles and nods. “It might at that.”

“There’s just one thing….” he continues.

“Oh? And what’s that?”

He jerks his head sidewise at me. “We come as a pair.”

“Is that right?” She turns her attention from James and looks me over, seeming to like with what she finds. “Is that right?” she repeats. “I think I can live with that.”


We walk her to the Dungeon, James beside her with his hand resting on the small of her back, just enough to ‘possess’ without straying into ass territory.

She walks beautifully, with an upright bearing and poise, using her height in a way that many tall girls don’t. I like that. And because she holds herself well, it makes the most of her figure. It’s not spectacular, but, so far as I can see while she’s still dressed, she’s lean and firm; ‘handsome’ probably describes her well.

We stand, James behind her, me facing her. She’s dressed very simply, at least from what we can see right now, in a plain ‘little black dress’. James rests his hands on her waist as she looks up at me, her lips parted in invitation and I lean in to kiss her, only lightly for now. I want to get the measure of the girl.

She smells sweet and flowery, some perfume I think, but not what I had expected of her. I’d thought she would opt for something deeper and more musky. Still, it suits her and as she opens her mouth to mine, I run my tongue over her lips, enjoying the feel of her soft warm flesh on mine.

“Any No-Nos?” Debbie?” I ask.


“There’s two of us and we enjoy…. a lot of things. Is there anything you don’t want to do? Or for us to do?”

“I’m not keen on anal.”

“That’s fine.” comments James. “That still gives us an option at either end.”

Her eyes roll. “What are your safety words, Debbie?” I ask.

“Why? Am I going to need them?”

“You are if you let him near your ass.”

“Fair warning.” Sucking in her cheeks, she looks away.

“Yellow and Red.” says James. “Yes?”

“Yes, Sir.”

I smile at her “Sir.” James has no difficulties getting subs to recognise his status.

James sweeps her body with his hands, flat with his palms at first, but then with his fingers digging in, playing her. As he digs into the soft nape of her neck above her dress-line, her breath catches in my mouth and I glance over her shoulder at him.

He knows the signal and moves to the top of her dress zipper, tugging a little first, to make it clear what his intentions are. Debbie doesn’t protest and after a second or so, he slides the zipper down, the dress opening at her shoulders. He slides his fingers inside, pushing it out and down past her black lace bra, waist and matching black panties.

She’s chosen her underwear well. The bra makes the most of her breasts, and the panties are cut high at the leg, dipping a little to the stomach and emphasising her long legs, undoubtedly one of her best features.

She steps out of the dress, still in her high heels and underwear, looking me in the eye, although James still looks down at her.

He reaches around her, his hands cupping her breasts, squeezing and fondling. “I’d like to see more than that.” I say.

“Easily arranged.” he comments.

He unclips her bra, slipping it off her shoulders and away, then re-cups her breasts, thumbing at the nipples as he presents them to me.

Debbie is flushed, her skin gleaming with a fine sheen of sweat.

James leans in, close to her ear. “Ever had two together before, Debbie?”

“No.” She shakes her head, eyes a little glazed.

“First time for everything then.”

I stoop to suckle on her nipples, James hands sliding down to slip fingers inside her panties at the front, dipping in as he tests her.

“Mmm...” he comments. “Wet already. I guess you’re enjoying the idea of two men fucking you.” He catches my eye. “Bend her over the bench….”

He swats at her ass. It’s not hard, a glancing swipe, testing her reactions I think. She gasps but her pupils are wide and she quivers.

He swats again, harder this time. Again, she shivers, and he follows up by plunging fingers into her pussy. And now she moans.

His eyes crinkle. “Yes, very wet now. You like that don’t you, Debbie?” And now he brings his hand across her ass again, this time hard, with an audible slap of skin on skin. She yelps and struggles, but it’s reflexive, not a serious attempt to get away.

I’m stripping off. It’s time for some action, and my cock agrees.

Jeez…. but that looks hot….

He pushes inside her with one hand, finger-fucking her slowly, to a steady pace. With the other hand, he reaches around to her clit, working at her with a couple of fingers. She’s moaning uncontrollably, juddering and jerking as he works her.

I stand, my cock brushing against her face, streaming pre-cum over her skin as, eyes glazed, she licks it from her lips, her mouth barely open. I’m so hard, I ache. My balls are tight and hot and my shaft is pulsing to my heartbeat.

“Are you going to suck, or does he face-fuck you?” asks James.

Her mouth opens, properly this time. I’m rock hard and squeeze my cockhead over her lips.

. Ah…. that’s good….

“How do you feel about being fucked both ends at once, Debbie?” I ask, 

James swats at her again. “Open up wider, Debbie. Michael wants his cock sucked. He doesn’t expect to have to do all the work.”

Her eyes roll up to meet mine and I grin as I push my shaft in deeper.

James leaves her for a moment, strolling off behind me while I push the ridge of my cockhead back and forth between her be-lipped teeth. She's being a good girl, her tongue swiping over the head itself and licking away my stream. Her eyes widen at the view of something behind me and I smile to myself, wondering what James has pulled from the racks; a flogger probably. He occasionally uses paddles or crops, but generally prefers floggers. I think he enjoys the contrasting ways of using one; trailing falls over the skin on the one hand, and lashing them hard enough to leave stripes on the other.

As he positions himself behind her again, her eyes roll as he trails the tresses along her spine, from the nape of her neck down past the small of her back to her tailbone. 

He's very good at what he does, flicking the very ends of the tips across her shoulders and flanks, not enough for pain but causing a frisson which shivers through her skin, like a horse with a fly.

“Hold off a minute will you, James. Don’t want you startling her while I’ve got my valuables between her teeth.”

He backs away from her but catches my eye for a moment and I hastily pull my cock from her mouth. Her eyes follow me questioningly then widen in shock as the tails sting across her butt. I'm not fool enough to put my cock in her mouth right now, but I stroke myself over her face as again, the lash kisses her skin.

And now she yells.  His expression intense, nonetheless James is smiling at the eyes, bulging at the front of his pants.

He glances at me. “You ready to go? Want this end?”

“I do, but the Lady should come first.”

James nods and steps aside, waving me in where, leaning over her, I press myself against her, docking myself against her pussy, but I don’t penetrate. It’s delicious; the feeling of her impending heat, the promise of her tight cunt around me….

Don't want to come too soon….

She’s quivering and trembling, her breathing rapid and shallow. Gently I reach around fingering heated and saturated flesh, her clit hard and erect.

She judders and bucks, but I keep up my work, massaging her bud between finger and thumb. She begins to moan, then wail. Her climax is coming fast and I’m having trouble holding on myself.

James looks at me. “You about ready to blow?”

I’m gonna erupt in a minute….


And with that, I slowly sheath myself, all the while working her as I hilt myself, ball-deep in her pussy.

James pushes at her mouth. “Open wide again, Debbie.” She obliges, but he doesn’t penetrate, simply rubbing his streaming cock at her, stroking himself into her as he watches me.

She’s wailing and howling, all out of control, but to help her along further, I push a finger into her ass, wriggling it around a bit.

And she comes….

And you said you didn’t like that….

Her pussy clenches around me, pulsing and clutching. The noises she’s making are amazing; a kind of long drawn out howl as she strains her face upwards, mouth open, eyes squeezed closed. I keep up my tripartite assault on her libido; filling her cunt, and working her ass and her clit ….

“Stop!” she screams. “Red! Red!”

I release her clit and asshole. She’s still trying to scream; still in mid-orgasm, but now her mouth is plugged by James’ cock. He’s not thrusting hard, just easing in and out, his gaze alternating between her face and where I’m filling her at the back.

Our eyes meet as we fuck her together, and as her cunt makes one last grab at me, I come too, spurting hard.


Later, sharing steam and a beer in the sauna, I say. “That loan you gave me….”

Will he be unhappy about this?

He’ll be making less out of the deal….

“Mmm? What about it?”

“I can pay you back now.”

He pauses, beer can halfway to his mouth. “Already? A year early?”

“Yes, a year early. Is that alright by you?”

“Alright? Of course it’s alright. Michael, I’m delighted for you. I know how much work you’ve put into making your business work. It’s good to see you getting the payback.”

“Great.” I ladle more water over the coals.

This day’s just getting better….

“Fancy a swim after this?” I ask him. “Close up the pores.”

“Sounds good to me.”

One Month Ago


Still stretching and yawning, I make a pot of coffee and flip open my laptop to check the morning’s email.

Will it have come?

If I get that contract, I’ve cracked it….

I scroll through quickly, checking first to see if anything has come in from Haswell….

No joy.

I mutter to myself and gulp down some coffee.

All that work.

If it doesn’t pay off….

There’s the usual other stuff; a screeching letter from Marlene for more money; she can go to Hell. If she can’t control her spending, it’s not my fault. She’s had all the money I ever agreed or was required to pay her. If she thinks I’m paying any more for her to keep her live-in lover available, she can forget it.

A letter from Georgie about her university fees; invoice attached….

Jeez…. Working for a doctorate now. Well done, Little Girl. I’m so proud of you….

I log on to my bank account to settle the invoice immediately. No need for Georgie to pay the price for her mother’s behaviour….

Two minutes later, the invoice is paid and I stare glumly at the remaining bank balance.

Ah, well. Can’t do much about it other than keep working….

What else has come in?

Advert for Viagra…. Into the junk box….

As if I needed it

Sales pitch for penis extensions…. Junked….

Not too much need for that either….

Where the fuck do they get my address from?

A once in a lifetime opportunity to make a fortune buying shares in an oil refinery in Nigeria…. Junked….

Must set my Spam filters to a higher level….

I scroll through endless garbage, deleting most as I go along, then pause and scroll back.

What did I just see?

Subject Line: “Auction of Girls. All Willing. All Beautiful….”

What the Fuck?

“…. Visit our site to see our collection of over thirty beautiful girls all available for auction….”

I scroll down, reading with a mixture of fascination and disbelief.

“….. Starting Bids….”

The starting bids are for serious amounts of money. What are these girls selling exactly?

I read on….

“…. All the girls are fully consenting as per their individual contracts….”


I scan through the photos, but none of them really catch my eye. I know a dozen girls at the Club who are just as attractive and who enjoy ‘playing’ with me and Michael for no more than a drink or two and fun of doing what we do. Why would I want…?

It’s not as though I have that sort of money to throw around anyway….

I’m reaching to delete the message when something catches my eye; a pair of vivid green eyes set in a pale, perfect face amid a sea of red hair.

The girl is stunning….

I click through to read her details.

“Charlotte. Age: twenty-two. Five feet eight. 135 pounds. 38, 22, 36. Interests…. not listed. Background…. not listed. Virgin.


This girl?

How can a girl who looks like this, conceivably be a virgin at twenty-two? Men must lie at her feet.

It’s just got to be a con….



. but what if it isn’t…?

The image of the girl, of Charlotte, stays with me through the day. As I work, it drifts through my mind; those incredible eyes.

Wonder if the photo’s been touched up?

Taking a coffee break, I open the message again, clicking through to see if I can learn anything I missed the first time, but no, there’s nothing more

Perhaps I should check out the Auction House? See if it seems kosher?

I’ve nothing much on tomorrow. I could take an hour or so out of the schedule to call by….

I sip at my coffee.

Then I sip it again. Why not?

You can’t afford it….

Doesn’t hurt to look though….


“Good morning, Sir. How can I help you?”

The woman on reception is outrageously fat, middle-aged, and judging by her sour expression, has forgotten what it ever felt like to be young.

Please don’t let age turn me into that….

“I’m enquiring about an email you sent to me, advertising an auction. I wanted to see if it’s genuine?”

“Which auction is that, Sir? We run a wide variety of sales.”

“This one.” I offer her my print-off.

“Ah, that one.” She glares at me over her spectacles. “Mr Chambers handles enquiries on that particular…. event. I’ll go get him for you.”

Thank God for that….

No way do I want to discuss…. anything…. with that woman.

After only a minute or so, she returns, scowling, with a man of about my own age. “Good morning, Sir. Would you like to come this way, please. We can talk more privately in the office.” He shoots the woman a toxic glance and she subsides, then sits.

As he leads me through, I say, “Really, I just wanted to check if it is genuine, and not some internet hoax or swindle.

“No, Sir. It’s quite genuine. although I’ll grant you, it is a little unusual.” He waves me to a chair. “If you would like to register, we’ll need some details from you. You understand that we need to take precautions on behalf of the girls involved. There is also a $1,000 deposit to attend the auction, whether that be in person, by proxy or by internet.”

A thousand dollars?

“That’s quite a deposit.”

“Yes, Sir. We set it high to discourage the voyeurs and other riff-raff. You can imagine what kind of people we might be getting through the door if we didn’t restrict the audience to genuinely interested potential buyers.”

“And is the deposit returnable?”

“No Sir, although, should you make a purchase, it will be deducted from the final bid price. The remaining deposits are paid fifty per cent to the house, and fifty per cent to the girls. We use it to provide medical services and.... any required certification.”

“Certification? Such as?”

“A clean bill of health….” He pauses. “…. Virginity.”

“So, you don’t just take them at face value? The girls, how much do you know about them?”

“The girls are all fully consenting. We interview them first and ensure that they understand what they are signing up for. We do not accept any girl who does not have a good grasp of the English language. Neither do we accept any girl who does not seem fully to understand what may be expected of her.”

He takes off his glasses, and stares at the ceiling, polishing the lenses with a tissue. “As you can imagine, what some of the bidders want from the girls, can be fairly…. exotic…. and they’re willing to pay for it, but the girls have to be clear about what they are agreeing to.”

He puts his glasses back on. “We do encourage the girls to show their true personalities. Not all our clients want the same thing. For example, Donna here,” he flips open a brochure, flicking to a page showing a short, busty blond, “is a dominatrix. I understand that she intends to appear at the bidding wearing something in vinyl and leather.”

He sniffs and issues a small smile. “I’m sure you get my drift, Sir.”

“It’s hard to miss. And what about the contract with the girls? What does it cover?”

“Each contract is personalised to the girl. They each have different, um, assets, to sell to gentlemen, and sometimes ladies, of different tastes. We interview them to see what they have to offer. Some of the girls, for example, are interested in art, or movies or literature. We have clients who are looking for what you might call a courtesan, who want an intelligent conversation with the girl.

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