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Kirsty Elliot

Copyright 2017 By K.E


First Edition

Published By K.E Publishing

All rights reserved

No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means – except in the case of brief quotations embodied in articles or reviews – without written permission from its publisher.

This is a work of fiction. Any similarities pertaining to real characters, places or events is purely coincidental.

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Crouching down in my red bottom heels, so that I can see myself in the mirror that leans against my double bed, I play with my long dark brown hair. Thick waves of hair fall over my eyes as I comb my fingers through it before it bounces back into place. I take a few pictures with my smartphone and bite my bottom lip. Peering at my naked reflection through my chocolate locks, changing my pose slightly with every snap as I become more fervent with it. When I’m done, I launch myself onto my bed and upload the best pictures, excitedly, to my used knickers profile with the caption “Creamy Knickers for sale” and add a link to my website. Then wait.

5 minutes later my phone starts vibrating in my hands with notification after notification.

Pantysniffer-69 likes your picture!

Terry_loves_tits likes your picture!

J-Smith likes your picture!

After 30 minutes of waiting for a promising comment on my photograph, I realise I may be waiting a while so I get dressed into some tight jeans and a brilliant white vest top and then go shopping in the morning sun. Checking my phone every half hour as it vibrates every so often with like-notifications. I eventually get tired of looking and get carried away spending cash I haven’t got in the main high street. That is until 3 hours and 15 likes later, a comment is posted.

Mr.Black commented on your picture!

@Mr.Black are you free this weekend? Inbox me!

For a moment my heart pounds out of my chest. The thought of meeting someone is exciting but that’s not what I have in mind. I’d never meet a stranger from online. I’m not totally stupid. I’m free this weekend but I’m going anywhere near him. For fuck sake all I want is a bit of extra cash and a flirt, why don’t people just buy my fucking nasty smelly knickers so I can get off on it? I check out his profile anyway and it’s mysterious to say the least. His profile picture is a man dressed in a dark tailored suit from the neck down and he’s holding a whip. Hmm, too cocksure for me. I love a dominant man but not an absolute show off. Dismissing his request I carry on with my shopping, treating myself to a black silky bra set with matching stockings.

The thing I love most about shopping for underwear in department stores is the reaction on the shop assistants face when I ask if they sell lube. Especially when it’s a guy- I’m mischievous like that. And when I shop in lingerie stores and they pass me the sumptuous paper bag with their logo splattered allover it, I also get a kick out of watching mens’ reactions as I swing it casually, strutting my way through the shopping centre. One time I remember a guy spilling his latte down his sweater as I strolled past. His girlfriend turned to see what he found so fascinating and was confronted with a well practiced “shock-face” from myself. I wanted to tell her, he’s no good for her but she responded by scowling in my direction. Some girls just like being second best I suppose.

I arrive home around dinner time with a bag full of sexy knickers as well as my silky bra set. Very pleased with my purchases, I try the silky black lingerie on as I wait for my chicken tikka meal to warm up in the microwave. Wow, it looks fantastic under my dim bedroom lamp and fairy lights. I spin around in the mirror and take a few more snaps of my new lingerie, pouting my full lips in my new fire engine red lipstick.

Beep, beep. Ting!

The microwave is finished and I’m famished. It seems all the shopping I’ve done today has given me an appetite. Being cautions, I throw on a robe, protecting my sexy purchase from spillage’s and head through to the kitchen of my first floor apartment. I pour myself a glass of rosé wine and serve up my favourite curry.

Sitting in my comfy armchair, my legs wrapped under my body, I eat, drink and watch a reality dating TV show. The concept of the show is about a woman who dates five guys then pick her favourite two, who then have to battle it out for a final date. I know it’s all entertainment but just watching it makes my chest pang with jealousy. I want to be wined and dined for the night by Mister Right but I’m just too picky. I’ve tried a few blind dates but everyone of them bored me to death. The reason I sell my used knickers online is not only for the cash, but to satisfy my sexual needs with no strings attached. I’m 27 now and I’ve had one boyfriend which lasted 11 months. I ended it because he was morphing into my dad. Boring bastard. Perhaps I wasn’t meant to be in a relationship.

Slouching into the soft sofa with a full stomach, I attempt to finish my wine. Sipping it coolly I reach for my phone. Hmm, Mr.Black has left a comment, but on my website this time.

Mr.Black: The weekend?

Jesus this guy is determined. I reply.

Knickers.From.Heaven: What about the weekend?

Within seconds he replies.

Mr.Black: Are you free?

Knickers.From.Heaven: No.

Mr.Black: Are you sure about that?

Knickers.From.Heaven: Absolutely! If you want to buy knickers please check out the knickers tab! Have a great day!

As you can imagine, sometime I get the odd person who insists on wasting my time. Ultimately, I sell knickers to kinky men with a panty fetish and I get off on the fact that they want them. As I play with my pussy I imagine them at work, inhaling my odour as their cocks’ get hard, perhaps even getting caught doing it. This, Mr.Black shows no signs of a serious transaction. I’ve been doing this for two years now and you can just tell who the time wasters are. Mr.Black may even be a woman, a wife even, of one of my kinky panty buyers. That has happened to me too.

Forgetting about Mr.Black, I scroll through the pictures I took when I arrived home and posted the best one to my profile with no caption but a sexy devil face instead.

One of my three regular panty buyers, Chad.The.Man, inboxes me immediately with an order. He is the sweetest and sexiest guy ever. He’s single and lives in the States. If I was going to meet anyone it would be him. We have great conversations and he makes me laugh, a lot. I complete his order and go to bed smirking, my pussy throbbing from our sexy chat. But I refrain from playing as I want to save my stickiness for his knickers tomorrow night when we do our video call.

At 7.30am I wake up. Stretching my curvy body in my warm and cosy bed. It’s Saturday, the day I volunteer at the care home my nan is in. She has dementia, every time I turn up there she says the same thing, “Ooo, You’re a pretty girl. Have you met my son? He’s handsome you know!” It makes me giggle every time but then a wash of sadness soon follows and I reply by saying, “I’d love to meet him one day.” All the while knowing that he’s my late uncle and there’s no chance of meeting with him ever again. My nan is my only living relative. Jimmy died 3 years ago in a car accident and my mum died the same year of heart failure. My life hasn’t been the same since.

Following my morning routine I check my phone for notifications. There’s a few likes on my recent post update from last night and a notification from the finance app I use for my website. Mr.Black has sent me a present!

This usually means that the person has sent me some cash via a “Spoil Me” tab on my website. This allows people to send me a little extra cash for my services and it’s very much appreciated and helps enormous with my bills and my side photography project. Hmm, someone is trying to get my attention. Opening the app with sleepy eyes, I yawn and prop myself up in bed. My new balance is £2,000 - what the fuck!

Scrambling out of bed, I jump up excitedly, punching the air and squealing as quietly as I can without alarming the neighbours. I dance around the round, spending my new cash surprise in my head. Then Mr.Black clouds my thoughts. What does he want for £2,000 anyway? Oh fuck, I might have to give it back.

Grabbing my phone from my crumpled bed, I type a message in response to Mr.Black’s generous gift.

Good Morning, Mr.Black

Thank you for your pleasant surprise this morning! What is it that you want in exchange for your gift?

Knickers.From.Heaven x

He replies an hour later.

Good morning,

I’m glad you you like the gift. I want you to go shopping, obviously. Buy a dress and heels for our date tonight.


Hmm, is this guy serious? How the fuck does he know my real name? Who on earth does he think he is? I’m not a fucking prostitute. I reply.

Hey there,

Who’s Kylie? Thank you for the offer but I’m rather busy this evening. I can refund your cash immediately or we can sort something else out. I don’t meet strangers from the internet, sorry about that.


He doesn’t respond straight away. I get on with my day as planned and make my way to the care home, checking my phone every now and then for his reply, knowing that I have £2,000 burning a hole in my pocket.

Nan is being mischievous with, Billy, one of the residents today. Every time they clap eyes on each other it’s like they just met and then flirting starts all over again, from hello. He has dementia too.

Lunchtime has arrived and Nan is talking about past times. I find myself lingering on every word she says about the old days, wishing I could rewind time back to when Mum was around and Nan had a sound mind. Nostalgia kicks in and then I’m in a bubble, back in the 90’s, feeling loved and cared for.

After lunch, we watch TV in the communal area. We manage to enjoy two black and white classic movies together. She’s humming the theme music, her delicate voice lulling me to sleep as I snuggle into her shoulder. Knowing that I’m leaving soon I savour every moment, recording a short video to add to my memory collection. It’s time to leave. Kissing Nan goodbye always breaks my heart as I know she won’t be around for very much longer. As I exit the double doors into the downpour, my mind crashes back down to earth with a bump, bursting my bubble in the process. I run towards the bus stop, covering my wavy hair with a magazine. My phone starts to vibrate against my thigh and as I attempt to pull it from my jeans pocket, heavy raindrops seep through the fabric, making the task currently impossible. Shit, why didn’t I check the weather forecast? It was sunny this morning.

I can see the bus coming. I make a dash for it, splashing in puddle after puddle until I’m totally soaked. The driver stops and waits for me. As I get on the bus and the he greets my thanks with a smile, then I slouch onto the first seat available, prising my phone from my pocket before exhaling with a deep breath. I have a missed call from a withheld number. Hmm, great it could have been important. Nah, it’s probably a commercial call anyway.

I’m back in my apartment, clothes drenched and my hair dripping onto my new cream rug. I use a plush towel to dry off and strip down to my underwear, covering myself with my robe as I potter around the apartment. After I grab dinner the time approaches 8.30pm, I change into a sexy red mini dress and matching stockings so that I’m ready for my prearranged video call with Chad.The.Man. Pouring myself a glass of wine for that extra bit of Dutch courage, I prop myself up at the end of the bed, settling the laptop between my legs. The radio is on in the background, classic.fm to calm my nerves – it’s been an emotional day for me. As I relax, Mr.Black clouds my thoughts.

I’ve been so focused on Nan today I’ve barely had time to think about what Mr.Black wants. What are his motives? And why hasn’t he responded yet? A loud thud on my front door snaps me from my reverie.

Opening the door, a tall man wearing a tailored suit stands in the communal hallway of the apartments. My eyes climb his chest until they reach his big brown eyes and striking face. He has dark stubble and a prominent nose – gorgeous in fact. My heart skips for a few moments.

“Can I help you?” I ask.

“Yes, I’m looking for You.”

“For what reason? How did you get in here?”

“To take you out, of course. I let myself in”

He leans in towards me, kissing me on the lips. I think I know him. I’ve seen him before somewhere. I recognise his suit and tie. My mind is foggy but I’m eager to know him more. I have an overwhelming sensation taking over my body. I want him. I close my eyes and kiss him back before pushing him away.

“How dare you.”

“Kylie, I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long. Please don’t spoil it,” he says, grabbing my hand and pulling me into him.

“I don’t even know you.”

“But I know you and I can’t get enough of you. Your selfies tease me everyday. I just had to meet you and tell you how much I want you.”

“Are you Mr.Black?” I ask nervously.

He nods then scoops me off my feet and carries me through to the bedroom. I don’t protest. My arms are around his neck as he carries me and I stare up at him submissively, hypnotised by his authority. For some reason this feels so right.

“I want you so bad,” he says as he slides his fingers along my cheek until his hand is tangled in my hair.

“You don’t know me,” I whisper.

“I know enough.”

We end up on the bed. My heart pounding hard in my chest. Why am I letting this happen? I should stop this nonsense! But I can’t. He is gorgeous and I’m in the mood. No harm is being done. We kiss, rolling around on the bed. He grabs my arse and pulls me into his crotch. My downstairs is melting and starting to leak. Oh fuck, I want him. I end up straddling him on the bed. He whips his jacket off and then I start to unbutton his shirt. He works out, a lot, his muscular torso is evident to that fact. Fuck, this day couldn’t get any better. I bite my bottom lip and run my hands gently over his smooth and warm skin. I loosen his black silk tie, pulling it to the side of the bed and drop it onto the floor.

“Just so you know, I’m doing this of my own accord. I can’t be bought.”

“Who said anything about being bought? I didn’t. I know a lot about you and everything I know makes me want you all the more,” he whispers and pulls me down on top of him.

We kiss slowly and tentatively. His hands trace the arch in my back as I stick my peachy behind out. Lord knows how he figured out where I live. But I have to say, for now, I don’t care, I’m glad in fact. I feel like all my Christmases have come at once. My body is tingling with anticipation. I grind my pussy down on him, feeling the expensive fabric of his slim-fit trousers rubbing on my sensitive clit through my red lace thong. Oh god, I need him inside me.

“Kylie,” he whispers in my mouth between kisses.

“Yes,” I reply with bated breath.

“You’re truly beautiful, will you be mine?”

Oh fuck this is too hot. Not wanting to break the spell I reply, “Yes, yes.”

“Strip for me.”

I do as I’m told and find myself slow dancing at the end of the bed.

“Do you like what you see?” I ask.

“You know I do, I wouldn’t be here otherwise.”

He strokes his bulging crotch, licking his lips seductively.

“Leave the thong on,” he demands, his voice smooth and dark.

Snaking my body to the floor and back up again, I raise the hem of my red mini dress and then peel it from my curvaceous tanned body. I wear no bra and my breasts spring free. He gasps in delight, his eyes trained on my generously big and natural chest. Wedging my foot onto the dressing table I carefully roll my stockings down, one at a time, staying focused on my charge.

“Mmm, even better in the flesh!”

“You think so?” I ask and blush a rose pink.

“Absolutely,” he whispers.

I crawl onto the bed and undo his zip and unloosen his belt. Tugging the tight trousers from him. He watches me intently. His beautiful brown eyes following every move I make. I feel shy around him but I know I shouldn’t be. He might take advantage. He accommodates and lifts his bottom from the bed so that I can pull his trousers off more easily.

“Look at what you have done to me,” he says, as he nods with one raised eyebrow then looking down towards his goods.

“Wow, you are pleased to see me.”

His face lights up with a cheeky grin.

“Come and climb on it.”

He pulls his hard cock from his tight underwear and I bite my bottom lip as I coyly try to hide my excitement.

“Can I taste you?”

“Mmm, you’re hungry!”

“I am,” I whisper, leaning over, my breasts brushing up his thigh. And then he’s in my mouth. His cock is hot in my mouth and I slide my tongue down his shaft gently as he watches.

“Fuck you’re hot!” He moans. “Mmm, take all of me.”

He lightly presses my head down as I take all of his big hard cock in my mouth. And in slow motions I repeat the cycle, sliding my curled tongue around his throbbing cock right to the tip and then back down again. He loves it. He can’t tear his eyes away from me as he removes my stray hair from his line of sight. I pick up the pace and suck him a little faster, he almost explodes.

“Mmm, fuck baby, slow down. We are not making a porn film. Come here, I want to make love to you. Slowly.”

My body flushes with goosebumps. Make Love? Oh fuck. I hope he’s not teasing me. His actions tell me he is serious.

He scoops me up under my arms and I fall on top of him. He rolls me onto my back and separates my legs with his thick thigh.

“Yes, make love to me,” I whisper.

“Do you want me?” He asks.

“I don’t want you, I need you.”

“I’m all yours.”

He holds my face between his warm hands as he guides his hard cock between my pussy lips and then pushes himself inside of me. We gasp together as he slides inside of me. Deeper and deeper he pushes inside of me until he’s balls deep. He sucks my bottom lip and then nibbles it amorously. I close my eyes, my vagina pounding on his swollen joy that is wedged firmly inside of me. I rock my pelvis slightly as the anticipation slowly starts to kills me. Mmm – I feel so stretched. My pussy clenches around him, drawing him closer.

Slowly he pulls out and then he’s in me again. I cry with ecstasy as his pace quickens. I reach for his back, tying my arms around his huge frame and glide my hands over his strong physique. Oh fuck, I’m on the cusp of exploding as I feel every ripple of taut flesh. His hands maneuverer around to my ass, squeezing between between the mattress and my pertness. He groans as he plucks my thong, wrapping it around he fingers.

He has my ass in the palms of his hands and tightens his grip as he fucks me harder and harder, his nose nuzzled into the crevasse of my tingling neck. I feel his breath against my skin, warm and tantalisingly hair raising. Waves of pleasure slosh around inside of me, leaving me breathless and desperately wanting more. He whispers in my ear, “cum for me.” He grinds pleasingly into my wet and sticky pussy and I pant, opening my mouth wide as the overwhelming feeling of my climax takes over my whole body.

“Oh fuck,” I gasp.

“Cum for me baby,” he says, his voice calm and alluring.

I orgasm.

“I love you, he whispers.

I’m taken by surprise and tell him I love him too. I do love him and then the orgasm starts to fizzle as the chime from my expected video call wakes me from my dreaming. I’m bewildered but I’m smiling.

Oh shit, I was dreaming. Wow what a vivid dream that was. I’m still panting, out of breath with a fuzzy feeling coursing throughout my body which makes me feel like jelly. I slide my hand into my thong and my fingers are met by a puddle of my joy. I smile to myself. If only…

It’s later in the evening and finally Mr.Black replies to my earlier message.

Hello Kylie!

So you didn’t buy a dress and heels for our date tonight? You’re naughty. I prefer your birthday suit anyway, however you will need to get dressed for our date. Meet me at The Temple at 10pm.


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